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What's Inside A Human Ear?
Why Some Men Go Bald

Why Some Men Go Bald

2 måneder siden

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What's Inside A Clam?

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  1. Katherine Sanabria

    Katherine Sanabria13 timer siden

    My toe hurts and it itches now so i think i now why my tow hurts and my toe is red and purple bc my toe hurts

  2. Mustache Cashstash

    Mustache Cashstash13 timer siden

    my dad, all my uncles, my grandfathers were and is bald and my older brother is thinning too. about to hit 27, still no signs.

  3. W. Kamara Njoku

    W. Kamara Njoku13 timer siden

    Batman is virus-man

  4. Ahmad Abdelwahed

    Ahmad Abdelwahed13 timer siden

    So I have to rely on garlic for now

  5. Charkit

    Charkit13 timer siden

    I've already seen the scene in Ice Age 3.

  6. redstonerory

    redstonerory13 timer siden

    I have what looks like popcorn ceiling but it’s a decorative pattern

  7. iRate News

    iRate News13 timer siden

    This shit made me itch

  8. Radwulf Eboraci

    Radwulf Eboraci14 timer siden

    Maybe developed countries should stop letting big pharma dictate which diseases they are going to work on. Because those decisions are based on the 'profitability of the research'.With these diseases in particular cold/flu, there is a lack of motivation because there is a never-ending profit stream in NOT having a cure.


    PEPITO GRILLO14 timer siden

    hola soy diabetico y un nutricionista me recomendo este libro , la verdad es que me valio de mucho y me enseño habitos de comida muy saludables tanto especificos para diabeticos como para aplicarlos a demas dietas. Lo recomiendo :)

  10. Flora Robbins

    Flora Robbins14 timer siden

    I think was more easy to create the virus then the vaccine for that virus

  11. free lance

    free lance14 timer siden

    i want to know how many % live or die after the drop ?

  12. Gustaaf Argoan

    Gustaaf Argoan14 timer siden

    Must be sponsored by the CCP.

  13. Mohammed. B

    Mohammed. B14 timer siden

    What’s wrong with the lakes being fish-less ?????

  14. Cabin In The Forest

    Cabin In The Forest14 timer siden

    Hey no don't do that

  15. Airport Documentaries

    Airport Documentaries14 timer siden

    Fastest way is to terminate everyone with covid 19 symptoms

  16. brown power ranger

    brown power ranger14 timer siden

    F*** do you all keep talkin about economy don't nobody give a s*** about no motherfuking moneyand I hope if anybody survive if we survive from this that's all stop making people famous cuz look at all these rich people and I don't see them nowhere buying hazmat f*** a mask we need hazmat suits all of us everybody and I'm rich people got the money and they just sitting on that shitt I would never support no artist know sports athlete Superstar and no kind of way ever again if I live through this no more famous people they said f*** us so f*** you

  17. Yes_ Fahym

    Yes_ Fahym14 timer siden

    Super earth: Ahhh all finished, now I can wait for life to develop and take care of it. *Sees human spaceship in distance* *confused screaming

  18. Kíra Tóth

    Kíra Tóth14 timer siden

    Who where bit on the hand where lucky, my grandma's dog (both of them is died, the dog and my grandma) bit me on my FACE and I almost died too.

  19. hazel.

    hazel.14 timer siden

    I couldve lived a normal happy life without knowing these shits have sex on my face and don't even pay rent

  20. dennis bryan

    dennis bryan14 timer siden

    Next pandemic

  21. Ridwaan Fu'aad

    Ridwaan Fu'aad14 timer siden

    The moral of this video: Since flying is the best way that Bats prevent them selfs from acquiring the Viruses, we as humans should also start flying

  22. Eyenet2u

    Eyenet2u14 timer siden

    Covid-19 is an inexpensive silent military coup collectively conducted by all IMF members Central Banks in perfect harmony with their weaponized mass media LED screens (Lies Emitting Diodes). Our owners at the IMF have decided that this WWW3 shall be "A War On AIR" then they quickly & brilliantly enacted their pre-planned harsh and permanent martial laws on every planation ( they own. Please accept and obey these simple facts so that your daily anxiety levels will be much more manageable.

  23. Muhammad Ashkar

    Muhammad Ashkar14 timer siden

    You guys are so dumb, he misses the catches on purpose to put emphasis on how important spiraling the ball is. It’s an obvious flop and it’s easy to tell he misses it on purpose if you know anything about football 🙄

  24. rodropoop

    rodropoop14 timer siden

    I love clams

  25. J T

    J T15 timer siden

    ask the 5G towers

  26. worldwide clips

    worldwide clips15 timer siden

    This is no joke I became sick yesterday out of no where and it's scary safe everyone

  27. Mary

    Mary15 timer siden

    You can never contain life. This video is just evidence of the existence of God. God, the engineer, the creator, the designer. Wow! How complex and beyond other worldly is his wisdom and knowledge. We of course didn’t come from apes. 😂😂😂😂. And I bet these microorganisms didn’t evolve from another animal or creature. There’s got to be some Being that’s in control of this function that we call life.

  28. Bonnie Kerr

    Bonnie Kerr15 timer siden

    Down playing the seriousness, is one of the many reasons the virus spread so far, so fast. And many people died. It’s not mild. Some people have milder symptoms, but medical experts have said those symptoms are not mild.

  29. Burning Godzilla

    Burning Godzilla15 timer siden

    Uhhhhhhhh the largest dinosaur was 60 meters tall

  30. J Lyck

    J Lyck15 timer siden

    I have never been lectured by a bat on the subject of sonar! Just so you know.

  31. tufail ahmed

    tufail ahmed15 timer siden

    Not authentic video ...if the first human being born in africa then why there is not a single oldest civilization is in africa ,america australia ..all oldest and anciet civilization are in the centre ,, india ,persia egypt china perisia ,rome greeks and middle east .

  32. Zestea

    Zestea15 timer siden

    As someone who caught this bullshit, I gotta say they were super on point it kind of annoyed me. I waited 7 days to go to the hospital which really was a bad idea lol

  33. Jason Smith

    Jason Smith15 timer siden

    Can anyone explain the lack of people in the hospitals. Because this is HUGE and it needs to be explained right now. Covid 19 is NOT nearly as dangerous as you think it is.

  34. Edward T.

    Edward T.15 timer siden

    Government Contractors rushing medical vaccines. Can't see what could possibly go wrong! I will take my chances without.

  35. Last mod anything you know on minecraft

    Last mod anything you know on minecraft15 timer siden

    What happened did someone eat Pee ? 😫

  36. umesh mane

    umesh mane15 timer siden

    Bruce Wayne - before corona (I’m batman) Bruce Wayne - after corona (quarantine & disappear for 8 years ) 😂

  37. AB

    AB15 timer siden

    Im Chinese. We have to eat this beacuse it makes our micro penis bigger by 1 milimeter

  38. AB

    AB15 timer siden

    Im Chinese. This video is making me hungry

  39. bruno olausson

    bruno olausson15 timer siden

    You Will not find Andy whales here and its a dolphin on the picture

  40. Mikurr

    Mikurr15 timer siden

    Ok the mask won't protect you HOWEVER the CDC now advises you to wear one because of asymptomatic transmission

  41. Texan Football Houston

    Texan Football Houston16 timer siden

    Man I had a cold before so I want to get check out never know

  42. FreeRadical09

    FreeRadical0916 timer siden

    The witch hunt shouldn't be against bats, it should be against sexually insecure Chinese people who eat animals like bats in hopes of increasing their pp size, against the farmers of said animals for wet markets, wet market owners and the Chinese government who not only tolerates but incentivize such establishments.

  43. Laura Allen

    Laura Allen16 timer siden

    Mule size?....Miniature mule MAYBE

  44. John Fox

    John Fox16 timer siden

    Right now the whole state of Georgia is covered in like 2 inches of pollin which causes all the same symptoms. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  45. Peggy T

    Peggy T16 timer siden

    I LOVE popcorn-type ceilings (don’t love asbestos of course). Smooth ceilings make the acoustics of a room terrible! Echoing and reverberation are annoying for people with normal hearing, but can be devastating for people who have hearing loss.

  46. It's a Sports Life

    It's a Sports Life16 timer siden

    no, vaccines aren't gonna help

  47. Mateo Reyes

    Mateo Reyes17 timer siden

    What do you mean about 2 & a half

  48. Sauske Uchiha

    Sauske Uchiha17 timer siden

    I didn’t even pay attention to the video, I was only to the comments lmao

  49. reob12

    reob1217 timer siden

    Dr Ann sort of reminds me of Temperance Brennan from Bones

  50. Magnificent Idiot

    Magnificent Idiot17 timer siden

    Help I forgot what dad's breast milk tasted like

  51. Arnold Guisa

    Arnold Guisa17 timer siden

    Just bring a knife.

  52. Tealquoise arts

    Tealquoise arts17 timer siden

    1:57 British girls: em movin to mahs!

  53. Magnificent Idiot

    Magnificent Idiot17 timer siden

    "Human babies are kind of... pathetic" **shoots a random pregnant woman with a beretta 92fs in the stomach**

  54. The Secret of Keto

    The Secret of Keto17 timer siden

    By following these methods, I have already lost 32 pounds since January 27, 2020 ... starting with 270. Leto is not just a diet, for me it is a life-saving lifestyle! I'm going for the next 30 pounds!

  55. Abhilash Thomas

    Abhilash Thomas17 timer siden

    So in short, we are screwed!?

  56. undiaseraparasiempre

    undiaseraparasiempre17 timer siden

    Please God help us.... 🙏

  57. Atlantic revenence

    Atlantic revenence17 timer siden

    Destroy the chinese communist government... maybe that will work... just sayin

  58. jonathan zach

    jonathan zach17 timer siden

    this should be on CNN, instead of all the useless stuff they are feeding is

  59. Miss Vega

    Miss Vega17 timer siden

    So I have a 50% chance of surving? I'm diabetic and I'm not sure if I understood this or not. So basically I just have to check my sugar and put insulin....?

  60. Mehri Shafeghat

    Mehri Shafeghat18 timer siden

    all countries around the world, should spend more money on health and science instead of militarry. the real war is here.

  61. Karan Bharwad

    Karan Bharwad18 timer siden

    Me: Mom whats more painfull than giving birth to a baby? Mom: Realiasing that the baby is you. Me:😢

  62. apiece ofdirt

    apiece ofdirt18 timer siden

    Well I know if I get it I’m screwed. I quit smoking January 1 but regardless that won’t help me at all. I should’ve listened to my parents years ago.

  63. TehPwnerer

    TehPwnerer18 timer siden

    The Science Insider graphics team doesn't know the difference between a pancreas and a liver.

  64. Juan Leal - Miami Beach Luxury Real Estate

    Juan Leal - Miami Beach Luxury Real Estate18 timer siden

    Sarah Ives is my hero!

  65. Arun Nair

    Arun Nair18 timer siden

    How about... you know... stop storing animals? Maybe if we do that we won't come in contact with them

  66. Dani L

    Dani L18 timer siden

    the thumbnail "what if marathon?"

  67. Tired Potato

    Tired Potato18 timer siden

    That hump one got me laughing. My dog constantly humps our younger one. We think it’s because she is trying to establish dominance. Now the younger one pees when older one sniffs her.

  68. Troy Molina

    Troy Molina18 timer siden

    In short incest.

  69. Regnif Will

    Regnif Will19 timer siden

    Dont blame the bats,,its a conspiracy between china and America,dont you get it,its a coverup between two nations,it was genetically made in the 🧪 lab..then tested it then begun to spread..

  70. okinawapunter

    okinawapunter19 timer siden

    Ivermectin may work. It's very cheap.

  71. azDennis94

    azDennis9419 timer siden

    As someone with asthma since I was a baby, this legit has me paranoid on levels I thought weren't possible 😓

  72. jake smith

    jake smith19 timer siden

    who hurt you gurl? jesus.. i bet u dislike every panda video in youtube

  73. lânchánđời nguyễn

    lânchánđời nguyễn19 timer siden

    it's miniature cockroach but suck blood

  74. David Munoz

    David Munoz19 timer siden

    Why trust China when they’re the fuckers responsible for this

  75. Trash Babie

    Trash Babie19 timer siden

    You missed a myth, can dogs watch TV?

  76. Trash Babie

    Trash Babie19 timer siden

    Wait can they please explain why their a myth because I wanna know whyyyy lmfaoo Wait nvm

  77. A Random Guy

    A Random Guy19 timer siden

    why does my freezer not work

  78. Coremac

    Coremac19 timer siden

    If you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, you’ll realize how crazy this situation is and it’s mainly because what we’re pretty much doing is fighting natural selection herself. We’ve gained so much knowledge as a species that we’re technically fighting the forces of nature. It’s insane how far we’ve become and I don’t know how to feel about it. Either way I’m still proud of our scientist and medical workers for helping the rest of us with this pandemic.

  79. QTee

    QTee19 timer siden

    The treatment sounds like a much better option right now

  80. Crazy Diamond1

    Crazy Diamond119 timer siden

    They didn’t really explain how it’s healthier to have a kid in their 30’s more fitnesses? More energy? I live in NYC I’ve seen business women in there 30’s on the train. They do not look healthy. This is why guys with $$$ are marrying younger women.

  81. ReddSouljah

    ReddSouljah20 timer siden

    Not going to lie, I'm pretty scared.

  82. Cerulean Skigh

    Cerulean Skigh20 timer siden

    Refined carbs give me acid reflux.

  83. Chest Legend

    Chest Legend20 timer siden

    “I’ll have you know I stubbed my toe last weekend while watering my spice garden”

  84. Michael Menehem

    Michael Menehem20 timer siden

    Scamdemic cover for 5G coming online I showed my doctor the video below, and my doctor gave me an open ended medical letter in return stating that I am not to be subjected to any undue radiation. Which I then served upon those attempting to put their 5G sensors in and on my home. Stopped them cold. I also backed this up with Notice's of Liability (NOL's) to all parties as taught by the InPower movement. It does not matter if a man in a costume and imaginary title comes to you with a sheet of pulp with sigils on it. Grow a back bone and stand up for yourselves people. Video: Media Release - Ontario Doctors Warn of Rising Health Care Costs after 5G Roll Out InPower Movement

  85. Imdb Truth

    Imdb Truth20 timer siden

    We can't stay in our houses forever!

  86. he zhen

    he zhen20 timer siden

    I was thinking to push that THICC boi but my mom always told me not to get the blood on my hands and let someone else to do it

  87. Monarch and More

    Monarch and More20 timer siden

    We used to have a Goldfish named moby but we did none of this that I remember (except the attention) and he lived for almost 10 years. He was about a month until he turned 10. What could be the cause of this?

  88. shinigami ryuk

    shinigami ryuk20 timer siden

    Ooowwweee kokovvee

  89. eretamoza

    eretamoza20 timer siden

    What is that annoying noise in the background?

  90. Andy Dorannuu

    Andy Dorannuu20 timer siden

    You get some shitty disease

  91. Assorted Videos

    Assorted Videos20 timer siden

    Host has low volume then the guest is so loud...stupid editing

  92. A D

    A D21 time siden

    You might wanna check out audio compression and limiters. There are free plugins that you can use with free software. It would eliminate the issue of the sound from different sources being on different levels.

  93. SethLVCott

    SethLVCott21 time siden

    yo what’s the soundtrack at 0:23 Tell me

  94. Anthony Golez

    Anthony Golez21 time siden

    wait if our bones go bye bye in a centry why do we find bones from millions of years ago?

  95. Soumil Warang

    Soumil Warang21 time siden

    You will find unmarked MASS GRAVES in China....

  96. tip pinas

    tip pinas21 time siden

    10 to 15 years to get to market, sounds all the people dies ones they release the vaccine,