Taylor Swift - Lover

Taylor Swift - Lover

3 måneder siden

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  1. Shikha Sharma

    Shikha Sharma17 sekunder siden

    Selena singing!

  2. tea._addict

    tea._addict4 minutter siden

    Taylor: Spelling is fun! People with dyslexia: yeah...

  3. oi hayun

    oi hayun5 minutter siden

    I'm crying ok

  4. r n

    r n7 minutter siden

    Gwelaaakkk 🔥🔥🔥😭❣ I LOVE YOU POOOLLLLL 😭🔥❣❣❣❣❣

  5. Christatharte

    Christatharte9 minutter siden

    sooo cuteee 😘😘😘

  6. MY QUEEN ima give my dumass opinion cause

    MY QUEEN ima give my dumass opinion cause10 minutter siden

    Love this song!!!!!

  7. Ayimi Taku

    Ayimi Taku13 minutter siden

    She is love❤️❤️❤️

  8. Sanjana Ojha

    Sanjana Ojha13 minutter siden

    Taylor I can relate this totally .The same thing happened with me and in the end I realized that he never loved me or her or anything .

  9. Paul Parker

    Paul Parker15 minutter siden

    Two words. Brilliant Performer.

  10. Andrea dos Santos

    Andrea dos Santos17 minutter siden


  11. Mae Tumabiao

    Mae Tumabiao17 minutter siden

    I can't believe she'll be turning 30 in few days..

  12. Akshay gaikwad

    Akshay gaikwad17 minutter siden

    2020 ?

  13. Marquis SanCesarus Erwin-Kurt MEYER

    Marquis SanCesarus Erwin-Kurt MEYER20 minutter siden

    DINASTIA COOPER pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Izuaan Abdul salaam

    Izuaan Abdul salaam23 minutter siden

    The most expensive mansion in New York

  15. Moussa Camara

    Moussa Camara24 minutter siden


  16. SHH music

    SHH music26 minutter siden

    really nice production in this song should be NO1 this Christmas

  17. Julii

    Julii27 minutter siden

    Kto grudzień 2019?😁😏😏😏

  18. Izuaan Abdul salaam

    Izuaan Abdul salaam28 minutter siden

    This song should have a music video

  19. Jeremy Fickle

    Jeremy Fickle30 minutter siden

    Definitely not one of my favorite TS songs, but this video is iconic

  20. Annabeth Chase

    Annabeth Chase31 minutt siden

    Golden Globe goes to Taylor Swift

  21. Lea Lončar

    Lea Lončar32 minutter siden

    Okay but Tik Tok

  22. Rhome Flores

    Rhome Flores33 minutter siden

    Red Era, the time where Taylor starts to evolve. From country to pop. Hope she will release at least one are few new country singles. Miss the acoustic guitars and the violins. 😅

  23. Aljal Channel

    Aljal Channel33 minutter siden

    2:46 Selena Gomez?

  24. Rebecca Duncan

    Rebecca Duncan33 minutter siden

    This is about Matt after my divorce. He is the one I was always looking for. He saw the real me that Richard couldn't.

  25. Chirag Taneja

    Chirag Taneja34 minutter siden

    Ohh man when she says I love you !! We love you too Taylor !!

  26. cauê nogueira

    cauê nogueira36 minutter siden

    0:59 starbucks?


    FNF CLAN STREAMS37 minutter siden

    just kidding i love this song😍😍😍💕💖😊👍👏🐱‍👤

  28. NothernItaly 1983

    NothernItaly 198338 minutter siden

    I was younger when I used to listen to this song now I’m that teenage girl...

  29. Daleth Santana de Moraes

    Daleth Santana de Moraes38 minutter siden

    Primeira vez que eu a ouço, mas é muito bonita 🥰


    FNF CLAN STREAMS39 minutter siden


  31. Dohers

    Dohers39 minutter siden

    It's like every Christmas song cliche blended together to make a bland flavourless paste of a song. I hate the fact that I will have to hear this every year as it will be included on christmas playlists ad infinitum

  32. yushra yushra

    yushra yushra41 minutt siden

    I don't know what to say...

  33. Rebecca Duncan

    Rebecca Duncan43 minutter siden

    I have never seen this one! OMG I love it!

  34. Tanya Watkins

    Tanya Watkins43 minutter siden

    Can't understand why people dislike the song it's awesome ... maybe they just don't like taylor😑😑.....merry Christmas to you all🎄🎅🎅🎅

  35. Alonso Tantachuco Romero

    Alonso Tantachuco Romero47 minutter siden

    Golden Globes here We GO !!!!!🐱

  36. Kristi 29

    Kristi 2952 minutter siden


  37. 野沢雅子

    野沢雅子56 minutter siden


  38. yushra yushra

    yushra yushra56 minutter siden

    This is how many ppl was thinking about their 1st CRUSH during listening to this song... l l l

  39. Sua Mãe

    Sua Mãe57 minutter siden

    "my reputation never been worse so" that line aways got me

  40. yushra yushra

    yushra yushraTime siden

    I realized now that I should do a cover of this... *With my dying pig voice*

  41. Iffi saleem

    Iffi saleemTime siden

    Masterpiece ❤️❤️

  42. Brady Hart

    Brady HartTime siden

    Tay tays whole story is in this performance; she fought for this too!

  43. Seraphine Intan Bak

    Seraphine Intan BakTime siden

    1:39 No offense but the borwn hair girl looked like she was wearing a wig ;-;

  44. Mexican Engineer

    Mexican EngineerTime siden

    Look for "Shrek it off "

  45. Grace Mackey

    Grace MackeyTime siden

    Who else is playing this song on repeat non-stop???

  46. Sarah Papes

    Sarah PapesTime siden

    so we all just gonna pretend shes live singing this whole thing?

  47. steph pete

    steph peteTime siden

    I was watching the white queen . The series plot is about a reigning in 1435 and marriages forced about women leaving in the castle in London England cz the have to marry someone older who can be their uncle and already married with kids nothing special no love to come in their lives or any real marriage that lasts a lifetime. My fav movie is Queen Elizabeth I do not know why and I can watch French but I prefer English series & films for some reason there was another called La Reine and I watched it in French I love it . There is always the statue of Queen Victoria passing by Sherbrooke or the McGill campus . I was reading an article that the granddaughters of Queen Victoria were canonized I have to back to the sheet and refer their name to you ill keep that in mind

  48. Robert S

    Robert STime siden

    Vocally, she may not be the best but she's a genius songwriter 👏

  49. TR T

    TR TTime siden

    amazing song

  50. Stephanie Bickerton

    Stephanie BickertonTime siden

    I love this song

  51. 50,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos

    50,000 Subscribers With 0 VideosTime siden

    *I'm here in December. Are you?*

  52. Teresa Cortez

    Teresa CortezTime siden


  53. Rosina Jefcoate

    Rosina JefcoateTime siden

    Why did you call this song Lover?

  54. steph pete

    steph peteTime siden

    in the malls they have plenty of designs and plenty of copies of them tons of variety everything can go out of style but how u get art numbered is another story. I asked myself this all day by the way this song has been playing on my radio non-stop me & my pet must of heard it a billion times apart from your album on cd-rom

  55. Mariam Shazard

    Mariam ShazardTime siden

    This video kind of cringe

  56. Josh Hutch

    Josh HutchTime siden

    Watch this song become the Christmas theme song in the next 3 or 4 years..like All I want for Christmas is you

  57. sonali Verma

    sonali VermaTime siden

    You can't avoid taylor's song.. She's is love!!!

  58. João Guilherme Sousa

    João Guilherme SousaTime siden


  59. Isabella Watkins

    Isabella WatkinsTime siden

    Omg awww❤️❤️❤️

  60. Rosina Jefcoate

    Rosina JefcoateTime siden

    I love you so much! I wish I could see you in person! I love all you'r songs I now all of them!! My sister loves you too! Do you have a boyfriend if you do can you tell us how you got together and what s his name!😘😘😘😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩😻😻😻😸😸😸😺😺😺🤓🤓🤓

  61. steph pete

    steph peteTime siden

    a song to become one and unite us all -one ceremony

  62. steph pete

    steph peteTime siden

    you begin with forgiveness & choosing to move on with forgiveness without Jesus there is no life just regression

  63. Brad Chuck

    Brad ChuckTime siden

    Wow this song deserved the nomination it got

  64. steph pete

    steph peteTime siden

    Jesus is gorgeous

  65. steph pete

    steph peteTime siden

    im 34 and many time I feel I am traveling back in time like im 26 but not 22 not yet there

  66. Chris Saari

    Chris SaariTime siden

    This young Lady has come a long way and has worked hard for her Music and for her Fans. I hope she keeps it real forever and has a Great time while she's writing and performing. Be Happy, Be Loving, Be Real.

  67. Good morning

    Good morningTime siden

    Did she just call me poor?!

  68. steph pete

    steph peteTime siden

    Red I was reading in Russian and celtic cultures is the color of a spiritual bond & signifies courage ,passion & love ..the holy trinity Thank you for inviting me Taylor

  69. Kampf Kanickel

    Kampf KanickelTime siden

    1:31 Mitchell Modern Family

  70. Johnny Donny Cage

    Johnny Donny CageTime siden


  71. iWiley 93

    iWiley 93Time siden

    The guy she wrote this song about he is so so lucky!!

  72. steph pete

    steph peteTime siden

    I love listening to this song on my cd at home I feel a sense of freedom & release . I can put my personal sensations of freedom to blend with the song and when listen to this song I feel a greater freedom surfacing in reality in Taylor and she makes makes me feel one with her own sense of freedom

  73. Johnny Donny Cage

    Johnny Donny CageTime siden


  74. Daniela K

    Daniela KTime siden

    Congrats to Taylor for her Golden Globe nomination for this song! I hope you'll win Taylor

  75. Teresa Cortez

    Teresa CortezTime siden

    I was listening to this for the first time with a cat next to me sleeping being cute

  76. Arya Khochare

    Arya KhochareTime siden

    That is a very beautiful, playful and enjoyable childhood. Thnx for sharing it with us and thnx for making such a beautiful song. I loved it so much. This song goes into my all time favorites.

  77. Johnny Donny Cage

    Johnny Donny CageTime siden

    look around baby, I love you baby I'll see you tonight!- Mars

  78. Dheeraj Thakur

    Dheeraj ThakurTime siden

    I was not a fan of taylor but after listening this one ...i think I'm in love with her voice ..her music ...😍😍😘

  79. Амина Дугужева

    Амина ДугужеваTime siden

    Кто ещё кроме меня мог найти этот клип, благодаря видосу с танцующим шреком:)

  80. steph pete

    steph peteTime siden

    this is what I learned forgiveness

  81. Mr Nam

    Mr NamTime siden

    Merry Christmas, Taylor 😘

  82. steph pete

    steph peteTime siden

    thank you for sharing your sharing and mine become one

  83. Johnny Donny Cage

    Johnny Donny CageTime siden

    wish you were here Dragonsaurus!- Johnny

  84. Ali osman

    Ali osmanTime siden

    400M? Where is swifties❤️?

  85. Emr Berlin

    Emr BerlinTime siden

    Best christmas song released this year

  86. 매즈니컬슨

    매즈니컬슨Time siden

    Taylor is Taylor

  87. steph pete

    steph peteTime siden

    the memories do come back & he never does like there was no affection & never existed & nothing meant to him but Taylor I realized he was not for me and this marriage was a forced marriage

  88. Firdous Banu

    Firdous BanuTime siden

    Ooowww so sweet little superstar

  89. Morganne

    MorganneTime siden

    i think im a taylor stan now......

  90. meri djdmjd

    meri djdmjdTime siden

    Sov boyle yapilir

  91. Derrick Curry

    Derrick CurryTime siden

    🎈 ME

  92. Gerardo Díaz

    Gerardo DíazTime siden

  93. Jose Libres

    Jose LibresTime siden

    I'm crying

  94. Jesus Tovar

    Jesus TovarTime siden


  95. นิกกี้ มีหนวด

    นิกกี้ มีหนวดTime siden


  96. Bappa Paul

    Bappa PaulTime siden

    Spiders never sounded so cute before

  97. 翔ちゃん

    翔ちゃんTime siden


  98. Sa Vlo

    Sa Vlo2 timer siden

    9 December,20:36,from Russia (Ingushetia/06)

  99. Marek Cags

    Marek Cags2 timer siden

    I know some people cry with me. It’s reminiscent everyone. How a decade already passed by 🤍

  100. D P

    D P2 timer siden

    Wow, Taylor is so "WOKE"