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  1. Farouk Mukhtar

    Farouk Mukhtar7 timer siden

    Do you prefer this over the MacBook Pro?

  2. Jose Antonio

    Jose Antonio7 timer siden

    The amount of radiation going to pass thru peoples head is staggering..

  3. Kevin Antony

    Kevin Antony7 timer siden

    Us creators who do stop motion animations will definitely need that camera...

  4. Ariz Kamal

    Ariz Kamal7 timer siden

    In case if anyone feels lag or stuttering while using their galaxy buds then they can just go to battery optimisation usage and turn bluetooth off in that.

  5. AquariuzDiva

    AquariuzDiva7 timer siden

    Just got this off Mercari... Do I need it no but I got it for $26

  6. isaac renteria

    isaac renteria7 timer siden

    Marques brown lee more like “ dark ass brownie “

  7. Frankieworld

    Frankieworld7 timer siden

    2020 iPad Pro is slower then the 2018 iPad Pro. Benchmark it and you’ll see what I mean.

  8. Thinh Phat Nguyen

    Thinh Phat Nguyen8 timer siden

    Wtf is going on with NO-gos??? :)))) Suddenly one day: “Hey, do you want to check out MKBHD as a kid?”

  9. Trique Exum

    Trique Exum8 timer siden

    Fuck these governments lets burn 5g down to the ground as they build them and destroy all the phones with 5g fuck this shit

  10. Monsieur Saintvil

    Monsieur Saintvil8 timer siden

    Watching this in 2020 on my S10.... 128GB sd card in 2014 was insane.

  11. Mr Robber

    Mr Robber8 timer siden

    I dont know why i am watching this,i am broke

  12. fatima s

    fatima s8 timer siden


  13. H. Michael Heuser

    H. Michael Heuser8 timer siden

    Do you think this is a taste of what's to come camera wise for the OnePlus 8? I have been pretty disappointed with the OnePlus 7T photos and video...

  14. John Malkovich

    John Malkovich8 timer siden

    Cringe when you needed to hear a click how old are you again?? Lol geeeessseeee

  15. Brad Lewis

    Brad Lewis8 timer siden

    Promotional Cameo Videos Q: What is the difference between a Promotional Cameo video and a personal Cameo video? A: A Promotional Cameo video can be used to promote a company/organization/product on the company’s website and Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. You can see the terms specific to Promotional Cameo videos here. A personal Cameo video can be used only for personal, non-promotional, and non-commercial use. You can see terms for personal Cameo videos here.

  16. Splash Wave Beats

    Splash Wave Beats8 timer siden

    Great video!

  17. gary mann

    gary mann8 timer siden

    Do US carriers work with this phone?

  18. Bogdaj

    Bogdaj8 timer siden

    S7 is a legemdary phone. Is was so perfect when it came out. I kinda miss the home button

  19. Mustang Guru

    Mustang Guru9 timer siden

    Average subdivision will have 2 to 3 of these receiver transmitters, camera, and microphone on each street.

  20. Acromatic

    Acromatic9 timer siden

    5 April 2020 recommended this video

  21. Kween jade

    Kween jade9 timer siden

    I was wondering why u looked younger and then realized it's cuz this was posted 8yrs ago lol..great content as usual.

  22. 228anonymous

    228anonymous9 timer siden

    iPhone Windows laptop Google drive/gmail yea i'm not stuck in an ecosystem, but gd it's so frustrating trying to keep my life synced and clutter free. It seems easier to just get sucked into one and hope that company doesn't screw me over...

  23. Sam Williams

    Sam Williams9 timer siden

    Anyone else's Google Home or Assistant get set off? edit: Anyone watching in 2020 long after Ara got canceled?

  24. sugar daDDy

    sugar daDDy9 timer siden

    Yeah 12gb ram But 256gb storage Snapdragon 855+ 4500 mah 65W charging -> 33min (0-100%) Dolby speakers HEADPHONE JACK not that nice but 64mp quad cameras Super amoled 90hz display But most importantly Poco phone budget ~ *Realme X2 Pro*

  25. Kevin18251

    Kevin182519 timer siden

    Anyone after coronavirus?

  26. Daisuke Young

    Daisuke Young9 timer siden

    How often do you see a NO-gosr who made it big that still has his 1st uploads on his main channel?

  27. dayzdukes

    dayzdukes9 timer siden

    I have the iPad Air 1 . I think it’s time to upgrade. This video helped !

  28. S

    S9 timer siden

    When I heard sponsored video,I just stopped watching..

  29. MhdZki

    MhdZki9 timer siden

    Blame YT algorithms. why sudddenly on my main page....

  30. UdoSan

    UdoSan9 timer siden

    Hey guys. Need your help. I don’t have a notebook, just a 2013 IPad 😅 Now I‘m thinking of getting a notebook or the new IPad Pro in combination with the new Magic Keyboard coming out in may and a mouse. I’ve to admit that I love the Ipad so it’s a little hard for me to look at things rational. I also need to write texts and essays on Word for my studies. Especially my Bachelor thesis in June. Would you recommend the new IPad for studies working with Word? Thanks for your help and stay healthy. Greetings from Germany :)

  31. Omar Rojas

    Omar Rojas10 timer siden

    NO-gos: hey wanna check how it all started ? Me: who is dis ?

  32. Upneet Kaur Mair

    Upneet Kaur Mair10 timer siden

    Ipad Entry- Done- like, subscribe, instagram follow. Reason for getting ipad- I am an International graduate student from India at The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, I am an Artist doing Master's in Fine arts,To be honest, I have never owned an ipad or a laptop, I would rent laptops from university to get work done and at this quarantine time I borrowed laptop from my friend. It would be a huge help for me in my studies. Thankyou. ❤️ Hope to hear from you.

  33. Average Boi

    Average Boi10 timer siden

    Jesus christ the only thing giving me cancer are the comments


    TANAY BHOMIA10 timer siden

    Wallpaper !! anyone

  35. Jackson Bivens

    Jackson Bivens10 timer siden

    I just switched to T-Mobile from Cricket and traded in my iPhone 6s for this. And I LOVE IT! This phone is beyond magnificent. It's perfect for any Google users.

  36. Ed will

    Ed will10 timer siden

    I wonder what all you morons are gona say 5 years from now when 5G is jus another part of our everyday lives ....

  37. Umar vip

    Umar vip10 timer siden

    12 year old video

  38. Amazing Heartbreak

    Amazing Heartbreak10 timer siden

    So we would have to cut down all trees to to endorse phone signals

  39. Dona Deen

    Dona Deen10 timer siden

    U use a red camera??? Echh

  40. Cornell Waters

    Cornell Waters10 timer siden

    🚗 Thank You!

  41. Peter McGill

    Peter McGill10 timer siden

    Subscribed :)

  42. MiniRacc

    MiniRacc10 timer siden

    why was this JUST recommended to me💀💀💀💀

  43. thetonebox

    thetonebox10 timer siden

    Damn, ya'll actually FAILED high school physics AND biology, that's incredible.

  44. Mathew Chen

    Mathew Chen10 timer siden

    The US planted the CoronaVirus in China back in Nov 2019 to bring down the Chinese economy / Huawei, while the select few of US / EU sold off stocks just before the market crashed

  45. Allie Wonders

    Allie Wonders10 timer siden

    I want to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! Thank u to ALL the people questioning, resisting, and spreading the news regarding 5G! The elites are nothing if the masses will not allow these changes to happen. Thank you!!!

  46. Kupalzification

    Kupalzification10 timer siden

    5G will make you sick Conspiracy “Theories” brought me here, and waiting for those people to comment and reply to me this is my solid proof of 5G is dangerous?

  47. Nixon Apun

    Nixon Apun10 timer siden

    Will you still recommend Pixel in 2020?

  48. Briony Smith

    Briony Smith11 timer siden

    make a whats on my Mac/Macbook please

  49. feralshad0w

    feralshad0w11 timer siden

    What is the the current mid-tier phone you recommend for stock/near stock andorid? I like the concept of android one, but seems I would have to give up a lot for that this year.

  50. Hasan Wilson

    Hasan Wilson11 timer siden

    You sellout

  51. Weegee Gaming

    Weegee Gaming11 timer siden

    "Welcome to my first video!" Well, it certainly won't be his last!

  52. Cozumel Ty

    Cozumel Ty11 timer siden

    Yo wait was that a Salt and Pepa tape I saw? LOL.

  53. Richard Burney III

    Richard Burney III11 timer siden

    How about doing retro tech story about the BoomBox? And Get LL Cool J to talk about it.

  54. YANZ

    YANZ11 timer siden

    But does it lie flat on my desk???

  55. Achilles _Christ

    Achilles _Christ11 timer siden

    I just shaw a video of him from 2009 damn. looks like he is another person

  56. Kass Kouï

    Kass Kouï11 timer siden

    I’ m only 25 y.o (born in 95) and i played Atari, NES, Gameboy, Sega... and all of those were huge in my childhood (late 90’s and early 00’s). I don’t know why.. concidering that they were release in 80’s and 70’s .. I can’t beleave we were this late in Morocco back then.

  57. AggiePride4life

    AggiePride4life11 timer siden

    So this is basically where 4G was in 2009/10.....

  58. NC Styles

    NC Styles11 timer siden

    They need to build them in Mexico. To make the model 3 more affordable. $40K is too much. $25K should be the target!

  59. saeed flores

    saeed flores11 timer siden

    Fuck 5G

  60. mhcroak

    mhcroak11 timer siden

    And you don't have COVID -19 ha ?

  61. cam

    cam11 timer siden

    Wears a Apple Watch but uses a Samsung 🤔🧐

  62. Revolution Road

    Revolution Road11 timer siden

    5G is pointless, useless and DANGEROUS!! Don't use it!

  63. Ken Wats_ _ _

    Ken Wats_ _ _11 timer siden

    5G yes which it heats up your body's molecules and yourselves which makes you have a temperature and give you like flu-like symptoms and the covid-19 the cause of it 5g too much radiation

  64. Mita Mare

    Mita Mare11 timer siden

    Yes you're right about speed but its more than that.

  65. Peter Wiles

    Peter Wiles11 timer siden

    Vert informative video, thanks.

  66. Sl Tech

    Sl Tech11 timer siden


  67. Geoff Hach

    Geoff Hach11 timer siden

    Good choice choosing to do this video in particular on a Samsung phone.

  68. J.P Sensational

    J.P Sensational11 timer siden

    No one really has 100% fact that 5g is harmful

  69. epicface999

    epicface99911 timer siden

    youtube algorithm: 2009: nope 2010: nope 2011: nope 2012: nope 2013: nope 2014: nope 2015: nope 2016: nope 2017: nope 2018: nope 2019: nope 2020: *y e s*

  70. Athena Fausset

    Athena Fausset11 timer siden

    He constantly calls the Chromebook and the stylus weird. Does he have any other word choice?

  71. N J

    N J12 timer siden

    Thought you were gonna say something with saying.

  72. N J

    N J12 timer siden


  73. Ralph Hoskins

    Ralph Hoskins12 timer siden

    Mortal Kombat on sega genesis,,, does not say the names of t fighters,,,, or have the arcade uppercut sound effects....,why did they add sound effects that weren’t in the game?? Is this fake news??? Lol

  74. Max

    Max12 timer siden

    Can someone buy me an iPhone 11 if you do, you might get a lollipop later.

  75. Emmanuel Mensah

    Emmanuel Mensah12 timer siden

    With 5G, wouldn't a VPN be obselete?

  76. Nicolas

    Nicolas12 timer siden

    NO-gos recommendation for 2020

  77. Sherry Lock

    Sherry Lock12 timer siden

    Elon Musk wants to turn you into a biological android with his 5G net of satelites

  78. Mcwaff

    Mcwaff12 timer siden

    The biggest scam in history.

  79. Nyshita Cruz

    Nyshita Cruz12 timer siden

    Thanks for sharing. Good info. I’m sure the inconsistency will subside just like 4G and every iteration before it.

  80. Anibal

    Anibal12 timer siden

    For the porn industry 👍

  81. muainnudin masbor

    muainnudin masbor12 timer siden

    Ipad pro 2020 absolutely not same functioning as computer because didn't support Final Cut Pro. It's valuable for youtuber if can edit 4k 60eps video after record video. If it can edit a simple video maybe Ipad Pro can be assume as nomad computer. Ipad Pro is worthy if can use illustrator, photoshop and final cut pro for multitasking.

  82. deathtoy101

    deathtoy10112 timer siden

    iron man vibes

  83. Ideas in Minutes

    Ideas in Minutes12 timer siden

    If you have the money, go for it. But if you want a cheaper one. Xioami bikes are your best option.

  84. Anton Yeshchenko

    Anton Yeshchenko13 timer siden

    Can one map a macOS' trackpad-like pinch and zoom to this mouse's shortcuts?

  85. bob _

    bob _13 timer siden

    Woow. Thats great. Now we able to watch hd stream after 0.1 sec instead of 1 second. Great! For that on the otherside u get radiated all the time. Yummyy

  86. ソニックハイパー

    ソニックハイパー13 timer siden

    Imagine Linusing it

  87. Ma Boi

    Ma Boi13 timer siden

    39.000 dollar for cyber truck is cheap

  88. Michael Mbambo

    Michael Mbambo13 timer siden

    This feels like all they need is satellites and not radiating towers

  89. Darryl Correa

    Darryl Correa13 timer siden

    That's called an intro 😝

  90. Matthew Auffarth

    Matthew Auffarth13 timer siden

    I was definitely subbed to you and for some reason I wasn’t. I’d guess the unsubscribing thing is real

  91. Darryl Correa

    Darryl Correa13 timer siden

    Who's watching it in 2020😝

  92. itsSyKe YT

    itsSyKe YT13 timer siden

    Why was this on my recomendations

  93. The Immortal Sun-kun

    The Immortal Sun-kun13 timer siden

    Why is Apple still using LCD?

  94. The Immortal Sun-kun

    The Immortal Sun-kun13 timer siden

    Am I the only one who doesn’t see the blur on “everything” other than the face?

  95. Rayden

    Rayden13 timer siden

    Mate - how did you even source the Walkmen? They are so difficult to find and expensive

  96. Gy Ford

    Gy Ford13 timer siden

    5G will disrupt are cells

  97. Gy Ford

    Gy Ford13 timer siden

    What a mug buying a mobile phone costing how much ??? 🤣🤣 and your went a bought one !? Mate your all wrong in the head

  98. The Immortal Sun-kun

    The Immortal Sun-kun13 timer siden

    And people say Apple doesn’t innovate. I’m an Android guy, and I’m typing this on my brand new Xiaomi phone right now, but even I can recognize that Apple frequently changes the entire smartphone market, even today. Sure, they’re often behind in some aspects, like with the big notch they still keep using and also the massive bezels they were using for years prior to the iPhone X whilst Android phones were getting smaller and smaller bezels, but you have to admit that they do often revolutionize the smartphone industry, as well as other industries such as the smart watch and wireless earbuds industries. And, of course, Apple is to thank for the smartphone itself-at least the smartphone as we know it.

  99. AsusN N

    AsusN N13 timer siden

    Szybsza starość i śmierć to wciska nam 5G ludzie ta prędkości co jest starcza chcecie mieć szybszy net za przeliczenie zdrowia waszych dzieci i wnuków Jeżeli tak to macie świetny przelicznik 5G

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    nolight13 timer siden

    This video is the reason i unsubscribed from unbox therapy.