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  1. Laz C

    Laz C2 minutter siden

    I love kelechi. I've never understood the hate. He's hilarious .

  2. Clive Mclean

    Clive Mclean4 minutter siden

    That cry cry Ty

  3. FabioBio D'Emilio

    FabioBio D'Emilio4 minutter siden

    Ancelotti just been sacked by Napoli after the CL match played tonight. As Italian and AFC fan, I wish we'll get him immediately! He's a top manager with huge experience in top clubs, he knows well the premier league and CL. Would be good for us, get him now!

  4. steve johnson

    steve johnson6 minutter siden

    troopz found his car

  5. Mohamed AlDoub

    Mohamed AlDoub8 minutter siden

    Best show in aftv.. direct honest and formative

  6. JustMyThoughts

    JustMyThoughts9 minutter siden

    They blatantly tried to bully Robbie on Talksport while pushing an agender that AFTV is toxic, has a negative objective and Robbie just does it for financial gain like Simon goes to work for free. They asked Robbie to come on the show for controversy how ironic. Glad to see he shut that hypocritical, dinosaur and FAILED club owner down, all of his points were full of contradictions. Not an Arsenal Fan but its clear to see AFTV has set the bar for FAN TV.

  7. Conny Johansson

    Conny Johansson9 minutter siden

    We have a rightback that is really good but he is on loan. lol

  8. Cheesetoast31

    Cheesetoast3110 minutter siden

    No you do not have arsenal back. West Ham is complete shit. Arsenal fans will be angry again after this weekend. If arsenal beat city, then you can answer this question

  9. 5thDawg

    5thDawg10 minutter siden

    Did you know Arsenal won a game for the first time after 8 years from being behind at half time. Freddie Lumberjack a legend.

  10. Promise Okereke

    Promise Okereke11 minutter siden

    This channel is not fun when they win 🤦🏿‍♂️

  11. 5thDawg

    5thDawg12 minutter siden

    Top 4 is back on for this small club

  12. MrDingers100

    MrDingers10012 minutter siden

    Anyone would think Arsenal beat Barcelona at the Neu Camp the way they are celebrating this win - it was WEST HAM UNITED FFS Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  13. Jagdeep Dhaliwal

    Jagdeep Dhaliwal14 minutter siden

    That ham roll should have gone to the one disgusting man city fan.

  14. Shak mckenzie

    Shak mckenzie15 minutter siden

    Has ty got something wrong with him?

  15. PooBrainHorse

    PooBrainHorse17 minutter siden

    Fair play to Lee taking a break from his busy schedule he surely has at this time of year with his canvassing for the Brexit party.

  16. Kwan Adrian

    Kwan Adrian18 minutter siden

    Tell Troopz to shave his beard off as part of the forfeit! COME ONE!

  17. Panda Da

    Panda Da18 minutter siden

    This guy just turned into a better version of Kelechi

  18. mark Willmore

    mark Willmore20 minutter siden

    Lee looks like he has done 30 stretch solitary

  19. Ricardo Espinoza21

    Ricardo Espinoza2120 minutter siden

    These two show that they bleed Arsenal, nice to see them happy and laughing together

  20. mark Willmore

    mark Willmore21 minutt siden

    Never thought I see an aryan brother Hood and crips sitting down to talk about football

  21. Harganator

    Harganator23 minutter siden

    Love the Kevin Campbell show! Been waiting ages for this episode! Lee couldn't have put it better, for the last 10/11 years I've felt like we have been conned. The board may as well have renamed us to 'Almost FC' because we always seemed to be a couple players missing from a real title challenge!

  22. South London’s finest B

    South London’s finest B25 minutter siden

    The judge loves a bit of hugo boss 🤣👊🏾👊🏾

  23. Amila Bakar

    Amila Bakar26 minutter siden

    Troopz:-The team is *back again!!!!* Against city :-Loss 4-0

  24. Conny Johansson

    Conny Johansson27 minutter siden

    the big problem is that we as a club seems to think that top 4 is a god damn trohpy. And another huge problem is signing players like Pepe. Im not trying to throw him under the bus because he was fantastic and could possibly be that for Arsenal as well. What i mean is that we needed defenders and for his pricetag we would have gotten some real high quality defenders. And that has been the same story since forever. buying strikers and midfielders like we where going to play 0-6-5 or some retarded shit like that. A good offense wins games, yes. But a good defens wins titles.

  25. kinghailz786

    kinghailz78627 minutter siden

    Ty laughing like a kid on Christmas morning

  26. Chef Aggie

    Chef Aggie30 minutter siden

    Ask your uncle what Pakslaag means troopz

  27. njclondon2009

    njclondon200931 minutt siden

    playing the ball out the back got pochetino sacked. mourinho instantly stopped it.

  28. travis bickle

    travis bickle32 minutter siden

    there was a huge fight after that united and city game between some salford lads and cheetham hill lads. it was quite brutal

  29. Jamie Sturgess

    Jamie Sturgess32 minutter siden

    7:29 proof ty is a robot

  30. Nathan M

    Nathan M33 minutter siden

    No fan in their right mind would take Arteta over Poch.. when is this board going to stop playing about?

  31. deadman25us

    deadman25us35 minutter siden

    Just curious does anyone remember that Saliba is in next season? I know that doesn't help now but that is a quality Back coming in he and Chambers might tighten things up

  32. Sand_Deep_Fighter

    Sand_Deep_Fighter35 minutter siden

    I'm 5'6", I'll be Torreira's translator.

  33. brookie73

    brookie7336 minutter siden

    if Kevin saw your behaviour against southampton he would never speak to you again Lee. You know it and I do. You are a yob. Nothing more

  34. azizrampage

    azizrampage37 minutter siden

    10.54 well donewell donewell donewell donewell donewell donewell donewell donewell donewell donewell donewell donewell done

  35. Nick Achilleos

    Nick Achilleos39 minutter siden

    Livz is the you know what i mean man and this man is do you understand man lmao

  36. Ryan Farhat

    Ryan Farhat39 minutter siden

    We need Max Aarons & a young CB

  37. David Hickling

    David Hickling40 minutter siden


  38. S4FY44N

    S4FY44N43 minutter siden

    Anyone else just replaying at 1:33 😂

  39. em beez

    em beez45 minutter siden

    Lee Judges - "Aubangyang" 👀

  40. An Electrician

    An Electrician47 minutter siden

    I want Arsenal FC to establish a question time platform every 3 months. So that the fans can have a Q&A session with the club. All football fans should demand this from their club.

  41. jjviolator

    jjviolator47 minutter siden

    12:42 "Show me bobs and vagene!"

  42. Karlos Deadloss

    Karlos Deadloss49 minutter siden

    can't put into words how bad it feels to be a West Ham supporter..I'm 51, remember Upton Park so well, what a great place it was win or a soulless goldfish bowl..Arsenal will be back, but we look doomed..sorry for the negative vibes, it hurts sometimes...

  43. Raoul Fulgos

    Raoul Fulgos49 minutter siden

    Xhaka 7...if this is the standard we expect from a cm at Arsenal then rip. And then they can’t wait to rip on ozil

  44. Steven

    Steven49 minutter siden

    Ancelotti in?

  45. shko12

    shko1250 minutter siden

    I looked for the jamaican fan from Canada ! Too bad he didn't react to this one haha!

  46. SirAntoniousBlock

    SirAntoniousBlock50 minutter siden

    The cultural ethos of defending has gone from the club, Wenger destroyed it with his caviler attacking philosophy.

  47. Roof Garden

    Roof Garden51 minutt siden like 3-0 on got the walk of shame..

  48. Antoni Timotius

    Antoni Timotius51 minutt siden

    aliko dangote in...

  49. gladiatorscoops

    gladiatorscoops52 minutter siden

    It would be bloody amazing in the January window to get in Aarons from Norwich for competition for Bellerin. Get that Upemecano deal done, and bring in Dacoure to strengthen our CM.

  50. An Electrician

    An Electrician53 minutter siden

    I want Arsenal FC to establish a question time platform every 3 months. So that the fans can have a Q&A session with the club. All football fans should demand this from their club.

  51. FIFA

    FIFA54 minutter siden

    Simon Jordan is a c^nt pass it on ...

  52. Saola2107

    Saola210755 minutter siden

    Troopz is glazed as in this

  53. FIFA

    FIFA56 minutter siden

    Love Kelechi!! ♥️♥️

  54. Lebo Mazi

    Lebo Mazi56 minutter siden

    Can't wait to hear "he got the starting 11 wrong " on Sunday

  55. Andy Francis Bangkok Chit Chat

    Andy Francis Bangkok Chit Chat58 minutter siden

    Good one Robbie

  56. An Electrician

    An Electrician58 minutter siden

    I want Arsenal FC to establish a question time platform every 3 months. So that the fans can have a Q&A session with the club. All football fans should demand this from their club.

  57. SirAntoniousBlock

    SirAntoniousBlockTime siden

    They hope they can ride out the storm and keep Freddie on the cheap just like they hoped they wouldn't have to pay Unai off.

  58. Bru Ski

    Bru SkiTime siden


  59. Meyrick93

    Meyrick93Time siden

    Nice to see one of the young lads get an interview

  60. SirAntoniousBlock

    SirAntoniousBlockTime siden

    They are 5 massive questions Kev.

  61. Bru Ski

    Bru SkiTime siden


  62. caca yang

    caca yangTime siden

    Expect arsenal to beat city and then come to lose to everton the following week. Its their identity now

  63. paul Widdowson

    paul WiddowsonTime siden

    U don't need big names in defence you just need 4 people who can defend

  64. Derek Barton

    Derek BartonTime siden

    24:20 why is OK for people on this channel to throw things out there?! White man can't say nothing!! Ya big jobbieeee 🙊

  65. the artful dodger

    the artful dodgerTime siden

    Happy for Claude because that man suffers watching that team.

  66. Daniel Bonner

    Daniel BonnerTime siden

    Until they’re racist bullshit stops 🔥🔥🔥 bun batty bwoy ...yea I said it FOH

  67. Adel Graish

    Adel GraishTime siden

    Xhaka 777777 lol wow You guys are so generous This guy deserves a 0 for his nasty passes all going to west ham players

  68. Qasim Ansari

    Qasim AnsariTime siden

    Pochettino? He didn't win anything! He's a loser.

  69. the artful dodger

    the artful dodgerTime siden

    Game changed when Cresswell went off as Pepe only came into it when Cresswell got injured. West Ham were dreadful and Arsenal were poor upto that point.

  70. Sailing Bug

    Sailing BugTime siden

    Wobbie Wobbie we won Wobbie We won Wobbie. The first half, wiv his correct starting 11, was dwedful, I should be mannger Wobbie. FFS you beat West Ham you muppets. Shitty will smack your backsides and knobhead DT will be back on Fweddie case again.

  71. Qasim Ansari

    Qasim AnsariTime siden

    Guys, no top manager is going to come. Why would they? We are a top 6 side in need of a new direction. Arteta is my option. He's going to be a great manager. Let's make it happen at Arsenal.

  72. amari ebbin

    amari ebbinTime siden

    U can't have open fan opinions and try to stop racism it's an oxymoron in itself

  73. Harshvardhan Ande

    Harshvardhan AndeTime siden

    6:08 is what we came for...

  74. saheed soleye

    saheed soleyeTime siden

    Is the board are going to back you ever they appoint in transfer market bc that it where our problem lies,bc our club doesn’t have real quality players we have one or two that is it and sick and tired of kronkes

  75. Ahitos Ali

    Ahitos AliTime siden

    Finally, good to see you winning and see a lot of smiling faces...

  76. Ayodele Palmer

    Ayodele PalmerTime siden

    Wait until they lose the next match.

  77. Deepak David

    Deepak DavidTime siden

    Good win for us Robbie but it was West Ham so we must take this win with a pinch of salt. The serious tests are in the coming weeks.

  78. Mensah Mbro

    Mensah MbroTime siden

    He is right though...arsenals shd put big release clause on martinelli

  79. Tahir Usman

    Tahir UsmanTime siden

    Robbie and Troopz should alternate who brings up the games for the predictions.

  80. Zachary Craig

    Zachary CraigTime siden

    Best show on aftv

  81. Al Barney Global Logistics Agency

    Al Barney Global Logistics AgencyTime siden

    Never be deterred Robbie... Keep the flame burning

  82. Funnyman1175

    Funnyman1175Time siden

    Aftv out


    VIK MAGDANITime siden

    Troopz... i live in NY. See u at the pub bro

  84. Golden Boot

    Golden BootTime siden

    I thought that was the ex wba striker jason roberts lol looks exactly like him

  85. Up'D

    Up'DTime siden

    City gonna demolish what little confidence Arsenal has gathered.

  86. Simon Rodgers

    Simon RodgersTime siden

    2nd one Australia? 😂😂😂..... and 11.30 Man felt Arsenal winning was like him winning Nigerian Lottery. Looks gutted. 😂😂😂

  87. Az Raai

    Az RaaiTime siden

    Just buy Upamecano, Zaha, Nzonzi, Witsel and Dembele or Pogba and sell Xhaka, Mustafi, Torreira and Guendouzi in January. Any manager will do. U will see the difference. Even Auba wants new players coming in if he wants to extend his contract. No choice Josh, just spend £200m in January.

  88. trevord59

    trevord59Time siden

    This is the guy they say wants Arsenal to lose.

  89. annominas annominas

    annominas annominasTime siden

    Yid Army

  90. Adam Jones

    Adam JonesTime siden

    Max Aaron’s RB Lewis Dunk CB Carvalho or Zakira DM Grealish 🤞summer and Haaland to replace PEA 14 or Lacazette if they aren’t signing

  91. Reiss Sato

    Reiss SatoTime siden

    Best January signing - a new manager

  92. Donald Anderson

    Donald AndersonTime siden

    Man knows who to put on the thumbnail. Man knows.

  93. itiswhatitis 9

    itiswhatitis 9Time siden

    If the arsenal squad played like Liverpool They would get the biggest praise because of aftv. It's not aftv fault for team playing like shit

  94. Vahid Azemian

    Vahid AzemianTime siden

    the chemistry is not right with these 2. cambpell is a novice at this

  95. Delfrey Ajisal

    Delfrey AjisalTime siden

    Gunners Up

  96. Kyle Sekenski

    Kyle SekenskiTime siden

    Arsenal came back to win and Robbie lost a hella payday, blud.

  97. Moh_RF

    Moh_RFTime siden

    Russian bullshit

  98. Paul Rowe

    Paul RoweTime siden

    Ancelloti has been sacked (Would he be the right kind of Manager for our club).

  99. netweed09

    netweed09Time siden

    I hope Freddie starts Martinez from now. Tired of this Calamity Barca style stuff

  100. Raymond Yuen

    Raymond YuenTime siden

    Should get Troopz to do an ice bucket challenge for his forfeit. 😄