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Top 10 F1 Onboards of 2019
  1. Echo Knight

    Echo Knight12 sekunder siden

    You think DHL had anything to do with it?

  2. Ghiaman1334

    Ghiaman13347 minutter siden

    Say what you will about the Haas team, but Grosjean is probably the only driver this season to recognise his own driving

  3. Ethan May

    Ethan May12 minutter siden

    "Not bad for a bunch of crips" HAHAHA!!! I'm pissing myself Daniel!!!

  4. Richard Tsutsa

    Richard Tsutsa22 minutter siden

    Hamilton challenging Leclerc at Italy should be here

  5. Night Monkey

    Night Monkey31 minutt siden

    Max brings spectacular in the race.. wheel to wheel.. the other racers like hamil and vettel are boring drivers and cashing only.... We want wheel to wheel race..

  6. Ace Of Spades

    Ace Of Spades31 minutt siden

    Global warming: Hold my beer

  7. [GD] RaffyJazzM

    [GD] RaffyJazzM32 minutter siden

    Verstappen hitted by raikkonen in turn 1 Verstappen: What is he doing Raikkonen: Hold my Beer

  8. Fヲタ

    Fヲタ34 minutter siden


  9. littlemasterchampion

    littlemasterchampion37 minutter siden

    1:27 look at Alex lol😂😂

  10. Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith46 minutter siden

    I'm going with Kimi on the Spa race Max Verstappen it was never on.

  11. Eli Soshi

    Eli Soshi51 minutt siden

    Let's hope Sean won't fail like Rio Haryanto

  12. com entator

    com entatorTime siden


  13. Wojtek Pietrzykowski

    Wojtek PietrzykowskiTime siden

    0:31 Williams passing a Mclaren

  14. James S

    James STime siden

    4:17 F1 is no longer PG

  15. thesleeper90

    thesleeper90Time siden

    I didn't see the Gasly-Max hug

  16. Yanti Phan

    Yanti PhanTime siden

    Albon at 1:27

  17. Оррин

    ОрринTime siden

    He hasn't yet listen Arianator's cover...

  18. Fkez_racing1

    Fkez_racing1Time siden

    flute theme is the best one by far

  19. Unknown User_97

    Unknown User_97Time siden

    Brendon Loses

  20. Vectro666

    Vectro666Time siden

    This was the least shit F1 season of the V6 era

  21. Samir Sadikhov

    Samir Sadikhov2 timer siden

    First 50 minutes was so boring... Enough with Brabham stories... TC should have asked more questions about modern F1 politics and his times rather than sticking to Brabham story for 50 minutes...

  22. Zach Lee

    Zach Lee2 timer siden

    Any driver in the top 3 teams: Vettel: *rams them* Also Vettel: what was he thinking?

  23. cryigo 01

    cryigo 012 timer siden

    That 2006 picture from Alonso at the 2nd question was not in brazil, it was in japan

  24. Bene Meier

    Bene Meier2 timer siden

    When the F1 Season is over: My Eyes are bwoken ! THEY ARE BWOKEN !!😭

  25. Maximilian Nguyen

    Maximilian Nguyen2 timer siden

    the flute theme is the most hilarious 😂

  26. Tamás Kozsup

    Tamás Kozsup2 timer siden

    Nr. 7 Stroll: “He came back like an idiot”, and he did the same :D

  27. John Bako

    John Bako2 timer siden

    No one: Daniel Ricciardo: *dog noises*

  28. Meng Kong

    Meng Kong2 timer siden

    what if I tell you Honda will ride Mercedes and Ferrari in the up coming year.

  29. Revolution

    Revolution2 timer siden

    Naught Albon

  30. David Shon

    David Shon3 timer siden

    George Russell deserves better

  31. yellow ducks

    yellow ducks3 timer siden

    “im hanging like a cOw” - Hulkenberg 2018

  32. TheCrowWitch Official

    TheCrowWitch Official3 timer siden

    i think this eyeview is the most accurated i have seen.

  33. Ayu.web

    Ayu.web3 timer siden


  34. Symon Simens

    Symon Simens3 timer siden

    Kimi: Some fucking idiot hit me completly, stupid people........ He hit me again the fucking same guy 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  35. KaDuWin

    KaDuWin3 timer siden

    What about Schumacher's 7 time champion? What about Fangios 4 time consecutive world champion wins? What about Senna's 1.5 qualifying time over Prost at Monaco? What about Jim Clarks 5 min lead win in the rain at Spa? What about Fernando Alonso youngest ever double world champion? What about Vettel youngest ever race winner and world champion? What about the 1997 identical triple pole qualifying lap times? (Since you wanna be biased, highlighting some driver's low points, such as ignoring Vettel's accolades and focusing on 1 penalty), lets call all the bigger records into the light. What about Hamilton holding an unmatched record for being involved in 3 cheating scandals within his first 5 years of racing: (2007 Spygate, 2009 Liegate, 2013 Tiregate). Not to mention Hamilton holding a record for being involved in arguably the largest cheating scandal in racing history in his 1st season (spygate). You can also make a record for how many times he cut pitlane and corners and got away with it. 😂 What about a record for Kobayashi, (most accidents in a career) or Martin Brundle (for most F1 races driven without a win)? What about the most DNF in a season due to engine failure (I guess highlighting any low points of Mercedes' manufacturered-hybrid era would be too much of a low blow these days). 😂 What about a record for the 1985 San Marino grand prix when nearly every car ran out of fuel? Record for most tire blow outs? We can go on and on. Lots of records to choose from. 😂😂 History is fun.

  36. Shaun Levin

    Shaun Levin3 timer siden

    Alex albon literally walked by and he was like "meh who cares."

  37. Massive Tutorials

    Massive Tutorials3 timer siden

    pliz subscribe

  38. TheAzuncazunc

    TheAzuncazunc3 timer siden

    The tiny vamos gets me every time 😂

  39. Seeni Mohamed

    Seeni Mohamed3 timer siden


  40. Charles Leclerc

    Charles Leclerc3 timer siden

    Καλος καλος!

  41. Texas Patriot

    Texas Patriot4 timer siden

    That halo would piss me off

  42. Obi_Wan Shinobi.34

    Obi_Wan Shinobi.344 timer siden

    It sounds weird without hearing “Valtteri, it’s James”

  43. Brainard Jose

    Brainard Jose4 timer siden

    A good example of "in F1, it's the car not the driver". Any F1 driver will get that time, that's how fast that car (McLaren) goes. Still love the sport. I get it. It is great that constructors can battle. I wouldn't change it, but there's a part of me that wants to see all of the cars more even. How it is now does make the sport more epic, but I would say it's not a great indication of who the best driver in the world is. Love these guys tho, what a great decision for McLaren to utilize digital media in so many forms to promote the Team and F1 in general. Hint hint FIA!

  44. Revolution

    Revolution4 timer siden

    0:04 Bruh

  45. 1389

    13894 timer siden

    One more season of average racing, ahh the pinacle of technology, thats F1, cannot say the same about racing

  46. Killz Mysti

    Killz Mysti4 timer siden

    Who’s here after season?

  47. Sport Stacker.45

    Sport Stacker.454 timer siden

    F1 2019 Season montage: *Shows a Williams passing a McLaren*

  48. papliku

    papliku5 timer siden

    Right version - ♂Formula 69♂ - Official Theme Song

  49. S. T.

    S. T.5 timer siden

    As always one of the most boring races of the season

  50. Mario C

    Mario C5 timer siden

    7:51 Yeah that straightaway is just t e r r i f y i n g... I know it probably looks worse on camera, but it can't be that much better behind a visor! Every one of those men were ready to conceded to death and won instead.

  51. Seeni Mohamed

    Seeni Mohamed5 timer siden

    U should have done what u did in 2018

  52. Mike Hotere

    Mike Hotere5 timer siden

    George deserves a better car. His talent is just going to waste at Williams, i hope he gets a better seat in the near future.

  53. lizardywizard

    lizardywizard5 timer siden

    Hardly "The Chain" You werent needed and the idiots who allowed you to even attempt to replace such an essential element of the F1 brand deserve a further slap for not strangling your efforts at birth. No stars! You probably believe Epstein suicided himself too? You seem dumb enough! Sure, it isn't going to last decades but bless dodgy Bernie who must be loving just watching and waiting with all those gazillions u gave him. Bring back the Chain! And loud exhaust sounds too! Many of F1's new entertainment elements lack real ENERGY.

  54. Mario C

    Mario C5 timer siden

    Me, watching Vettle: "GODAMN again, man? Always your fault." *Sees it's Crashtappen he hit "Hm. Well now I just don't know..."

  55. Luiz Felipe Cerqueira

    Luiz Felipe Cerqueira5 timer siden

    This song is perfect for Formula 1! It's a hymn!

  56. Mario C

    Mario C5 timer siden

    Kvyat: "Aye yo F*** McClaren!"

  57. leoandsan

    leoandsan5 timer siden

    wait.... no Valterri it's James-impossible

  58. August Kasemaa

    August Kasemaa5 timer siden

    F1 should get all of them together to record an ultimate version of the theme.

  59. flame _

    flame _5 timer siden

    What about his GP-2 engine?

  60. Mitchell Kay

    Mitchell Kay5 timer siden

    0:13 instead of Bottas, they should have cut to the crowd

  61. Ludovik Saumur

    Ludovik Saumur5 timer siden

    The flute theme lmao

  62. Abel Ooi

    Abel Ooi5 timer siden

    Should add a link to the cover videos in your description so we can hear the full versions!

  63. Royal

    Royal6 timer siden

    Pure humanity and sportsmanship right there

  64. Luiz Campos

    Luiz Campos6 timer siden

    This is just Mega EPIC

  65. Peter De Gennaro

    Peter De Gennaro6 timer siden

    Verstappen is a spoilt little boy. I don't rate him that highly. But nice drive ya tosser

  66. Skept

    Skept6 timer siden

    As much as I don't like him as a driver, I really wanted to see some Grosjean radio's, his whinging cracks me up! Also would have been cool to hear Steiner shut down KMag in Canada haha

  67. PoIapopo

    PoIapopo6 timer siden

    4:10 ow

  68. hamad afridi

    hamad afridi6 timer siden

    Leclerc Hamilton in Monza was much better suited for number 10

  69. Ana Cristina Santos

    Ana Cristina Santos6 timer siden

    Senna correndo era massa Saudades desse incrível vencedor ele sempre será o melhor


    IDK BLAKE6 timer siden

    missing seb in russia "bring back the v12s"

  71. Questa è Benzinah

    Questa è Benzinah6 timer siden

    Flute is 55/5.

  72. 凌漪公主

    凌漪公主6 timer siden

    you journalists should recording this in an actual news studio, this, is too noisy

  73. 林逸展

    林逸展6 timer siden

    Flute version is the best

  74. Charles Leclerc

    Charles Leclerc6 timer siden

    This is the shittiest thing i have ever seen in my life , Who the hell plays video games ? Cant they practice their driving skills in real life instead of a 0/1 computing program ? Fucking ridiculous shit

  75. Gonza Benitez

    Gonza Benitez6 timer siden


  76. Luis Kachan

    Luis Kachan6 timer siden

    Thank u very much for not putting music on it!!!

  77. Adam Hupp

    Adam Hupp6 timer siden

    Lol that's unsafe af. You Ferrari fanboys need to stop bitching, your brand is shit

  78. Dreamy

    Dreamy7 timer siden

    Kubica is not a bad racer. Kubica and Hulkenberg deserve a seat in Renault not Ocon.

  79. Villanova kacan Kacar

    Villanova kacan Kacar7 timer siden

    gooood..force is strong with him

  80. che vabchici

    che vabchici7 timer siden

    Augbergine with its stupid speeches on the radio gets me sick.

  81. ForgedCarbon

    ForgedCarbon7 timer siden

    I'd take Lando and Smooth Operator. Or Kimi and Valtteri.

  82. Abdulrahman Al-Wahaibi

    Abdulrahman Al-Wahaibi7 timer siden

    My man victor👍👍👍

  83. mojoxtreme

    mojoxtreme7 timer siden

    I didnt appreciate how sick russell's was until i saw it onboard

  84. M T

    M T7 timer siden

    Hamilton is McLaren's last champion, not Alonso. Raikkonen is Ferrari's last champion, not Alonso. Hamilton stopped Alonso becoming McLaren world champion and has won titles with more than one team. Alonso has never been able to win a title in the 13 years Hamilton has been in f1 and has only won titles with one team, Renault, 14 seasons ago. 😎

  85. Aaron Gavin

    Aaron Gavin7 timer siden

    Can’t wait for drive to survive 2

  86. Kakatua

    Kakatua7 timer siden

    Why did the Mercedes have a red halo?

  87. Sinatrez

    Sinatrez7 timer siden

    Im sorry but that unforced spin from Vettel at Monza was fucking hilarious

  88. Arturo Ayestaran

    Arturo Ayestaran7 timer siden

    This is sure a better rewind than that NO-gos thing

  89. szewei85

    szewei857 timer siden

    Haha cool

  90. Rhys Benjamin

    Rhys Benjamin7 timer siden

    Is it bad I was expecting him to react to some of the older intros from the 1990s, the 2000s, and so on?

  91. Krass Steilgehn

    Krass Steilgehn7 timer siden

    i dont like kvyat.. he takes out other Drivers tooo often..

  92. L M

    L M8 timer siden

    this are not the best onboards. Indeed not!

  93. packers256

    packers2568 timer siden

    Can someone explain to me how this was the fastest lap for so long while Wikipedia says the fastest lap of the race was set by Rubens, and Rubens also won pole? Was this in early qualifying or something?

  94. Keven Guimarães

    Keven Guimarães8 timer siden

    I think you missed one name from the list of multiple champions. Who was it again...........oh right; SENNA!

  95. Sandowaldo 14

    Sandowaldo 148 timer siden

    4:46 Happy New year.

  96. Huey Freeman

    Huey Freeman8 timer siden

    That was a turkey choking on some Thanksgiving leftovers. Not a flute. 😂

  97. Ronaldo Da Silva Caviglioni

    Ronaldo Da Silva Caviglioni8 timer siden

    a RBR sempre fez pilantragem com o Ricciardo

  98. Alexander King

    Alexander King8 timer siden

    Bring on 2020...

  99. Gabriel Albuquerque

    Gabriel Albuquerque8 timer siden

    No one, absolutely no one: Sainz: AY... AAAYAYAYAY

  100. M Hilmy Fauzi

    M Hilmy Fauzi8 timer siden

    IRONIC 5 lol