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Top 10 F1 Car Launches

Top 10 F1 Car Launches

2 måneder siden

Top 10 Barrel Rolls in F1
  1. Miguel espinal Méndez

    Miguel espinal Méndez28 minutter siden

    Thatsss too long of time, fast were the Ferrari team when Schumacher enter the pits, they lest than 3 sec.

  2. kirchheimer jungs

    kirchheimer jungs32 minutter siden

    Get the guys money?

  3. Douglas Ferguson

    Douglas Ferguson32 minutter siden

    how come there is so many slams in the wall? Seems like a lot of sloppy driving.

  4. Victor Dornelas

    Victor Dornelas33 minutter siden

    Em Mônaco e com F1 de câmbio manual e Senna, isso sim era Formula 1.

  5. Matt Prior

    Matt Prior33 minutter siden

    Bottas on Hamilton was better than Hamilton on bottas

  6. ALLEX tavares

    ALLEX tavares35 minutter siden


  7. 6061jordan

    6061jordan38 minutter siden

    Very good driver not totally onboard with what he said about button being so close to the owners of the team. The last 6/7 races of the season Button was getting big results in the McLaren and Kmag was absolutely no where.

  8. Very Obvious m8

    Very Obvious m839 minutter siden

    1:23:40 - What a dumb statement. Of course he wants it. He wants to yeet his meat. It's his whole name and thing. -_-"

  9. Rodel the Outcast

    Rodel the Outcast42 minutter siden

    It's sad we didn't see any jimmy highlights

  10. ELLIS D

    ELLIS D43 minutter siden

    My Forza club captain I think could give them all a good race possibly even beat them all. He's fast and clean TXR SHADOWSPUR I may have spelled his tag wrong but go and check the Forza leader boards.

  11. Alexander Hausladen

    Alexander Hausladen43 minutter siden

    Just yesterday I watched the highlights of the Monaco Gp 1996 here on NO-gos and I was amazed at the onboard recordings by Coulthard why his helmet looks so similar to that of Michael. Now I know the answer :)

  12. Radim Ziegler

    Radim Ziegler44 minutter siden

    You know shit is hitting the fan when Vettel curses german.

  13. Jamie

    Jamie45 minutter siden

    Senna is a life saver lol

  14. Ygor Santos

    Ygor Santos49 minutter siden

    00:47 que lindo

  15. The Joe Cobra Youtube Channel

    The Joe Cobra Youtube Channel50 minutter siden

    Alonso is a monster of f1 and a lot of people don't understand how great of a driver he is. I do hope he comes back to f1 in somehow. I would love to see him win that 3rd championship but time is running out fast.

  16. death_ensemble

    death_ensemble51 minutt siden

    Basically, its harder to race on a virtual "simulator" than on real circuits with real cars. Look at all those crashes. Also, i speak for everyone who plays videogames and also drive in the reality, even if only during track days: you all know that to be on the tarmac is not even critical as one could imagine by only playing real simulators (assetto corsa, iracing and so on). Racing for real is not that difficult. "Put a monkey on a f1 car".........(40 years ago)......imagine now

  17. H. L.

    H. L.52 minutter siden

    I just got more into F1 and all until the first pitstop I thought this was real. (Had to re-read the title)

  18. Pug

    Pug52 minutter siden

    Even my printer is a better computer than lando's PC.

  19. konnie turay

    konnie turay54 minutter siden

    For this race the FIA cheated for the silver arrow if it the red they will say it was racing incident but for silver arrow hey gave 10sec fia is fake

  20. Nani Tounsi

    Nani Tounsi54 minutter siden

    Imagine si une voiture sortait du pit

  21. Radim Ziegler

    Radim Ziegler55 minutter siden


  22. _LoxFox_

    _LoxFox_56 minutter siden

    0:44 and that's *Shoomacca* wtf

  23. NBL1VE

    NBL1VE57 minutter siden

    Thats fast. I cant enen do that in the game. Cant drop below 1.44 :(

  24. Berty P

    Berty PTime siden

    I literally can't see any reason why ii is a 25%

  25. Lúcio Tavares

    Lúcio TavaresTime siden

    The fastest pilot!

  26. Jake Davis

    Jake DavisTime siden

    RIP verstappen

  27. Ethan Roberts

    Ethan RobertsTime siden

    F1 Singapore 2017 was better than F1 Spanish Gp 2016

  28. Emir Buçukcu

    Emir BuçukcuTime siden

    Ede dswc reqa fsac rwq gfe yds goosdco

  29. Jorge Alcácer

    Jorge AlcácerTime siden

    Fun race, it doesn't usually happen in Monaco Very sad the breakdown of Alesi's car I still have a recording of this race in VHS tape😆

  30. Nikke Tse

    Nikke TseTime siden

    a Renault and a Williams back on podium. i thought i went back to the 90's.

  31. alfox

    alfoxTime siden

    3:58 the video image

  32. Rmn Snk

    Rmn SnkTime siden

    “Eclairs are sold out” said desert chef

  33. BloodHuntress99

    BloodHuntress99Time siden

    charles leclerc totally pulled off a lewis hamilton this whole race

  34. David Ej

    David EjTime siden

    Charls won like a boss 👍🏻

  35. Orange Peel

    Orange PeelTime siden

    Mansell should have been a triple world champion

  36. mclaren Alonso

    mclaren AlonsoTime siden

    Schumacher eri...e rimarrai una Merda!!

  37. Fettah Eker

    Fettah EkerTime siden

    How the hell did they not know a circuit where they races 300 laps

  38. Alduin

    AlduinTime siden

    Roses are red Violets are blue Alessandro Nannini, did not win the 89 Japanese Grand Prix

  39. Jakob

    JakobTime siden

    LOL it didn't fit the event "backland" that unknown Lundgaard took the spotlight from their big star Leclerc, so better penalize his ass.. But he is danish and coming from a country that is almost synonymous with being the world's least corrupt nation, so he needs to mature and be so-called "culturally enriched".

  40. Nathan Koay

    Nathan KoayTime siden

    Fake No drifting

  41. MattStuff

    MattStuffTime siden

    Mark: Multi 21, seb Seb: WATER

  42. Charles Phillips

    Charles PhillipsTime siden

    Another decent video ruined by ridiculous music

  43. Alessio Fabbri

    Alessio FabbriTime siden

    Tonizza, it’ James

  44. Alessio Fabbri

    Alessio FabbriTime siden

    Micheal, it’s James...

  45. nukio

    nukioTime siden

    Brutta gara oggi per nu macher

  46. Supercar Lover

    Supercar LoverTime siden

    Formula 1 forget this Sebastian Vettel in Russian GP GIVE ME A F****** V12

  47. Chad Moodley

    Chad MoodleyTime siden

    3:00 yeah right taking pictures of cars

  48. BFB-DanceySteve

    BFB-DanceySteveTime siden

    35:50 you know he says this to the Mrs in bed.... 😂 Classic

  49. Gianne ッ

    Gianne ッTime siden

    Lando has the best set up...

  50. Shockwave

    ShockwaveTime siden

    Can't wait to see this battle on Netflix

  51. Xeakpress

    XeakpressTime siden

    Im not sure why they didnt send him to the sister team its clear he still has incredible talent and put in results in the red bull i think swapping him and Alex would have been better for everyone

  52. Yohann Gallaron Gaming

    Yohann Gallaron GamingTime siden

    if you breake you might have more energy..

  53. tiger saux

    tiger sauxTime siden

    We can now include: - Giovanazzi Race Leader in Singapore - KUBICA P10 GERMANY and a couple other guys who got a podium

  54. John Bad

    John BadTime siden

    Senna - immortal.....

  55. grombs

    grombsTime siden

    Alright never mind 2022 it is

  56. Кирилл Гуфайзен

    Кирилл Гуфайзен2 timer siden

    Absolutely Incredible race!

  57. Willie Pete was here

    Willie Pete was here2 timer siden

    We start 1-2 and we crash 1-2

  58. Hamish Souter

    Hamish Souter2 timer siden

    this sucks, no sense of urgency, No Thrill of real Life, and reeks of Nepotism His Brother...really. youtubers really? isn't this official F1? Where is the actual Field why not 100% damage?..lame

  59. lava2131

    lava21312 timer siden

    Why did lando didn't play this game I wonder🤔🤔🤔

  60. FunkyGaming HD

    FunkyGaming HD2 timer siden

    4:10 hahah this guy hates something

  61. Liam Price

    Liam Price2 timer siden

    Can't believe that stray tyre that fully knocked over that photographer once isn't on there, that was terrifying to watch live

  62. Ionut Tudorica

    Ionut Tudorica2 timer siden

    Now it's the perfect time to bring back Maldonado

  63. Tzeff's Main Channel

    Tzeff's Main Channel2 timer siden

    This is a very memorable video! :D Question: HOW does one drive official F1 2019 cars in F1 2019??? (These guys on the video did it!) I can only choose my own custom-painted cars! :-s EDIT: I am *Dutch (*Max Verstappen.."fan") but I want to see Charles Leclerk become champion in less than 5 years!!!

  64. James Sharpe

    James Sharpe2 timer siden

    I first watched this when I was 10 years old. An absolute joy to watch again, thanks.

  65. Brian Curry

    Brian Curry2 timer siden

    1:16 is one of the coolest shots I've ever seen

  66. Tihomir Bacic

    Tihomir Bacic2 timer siden

    *They predicted it*

  67. Sagi1984

    Sagi19842 timer siden

    Hamilton....what a pussy....dangerous driving 😂😂😂 thats racing you pussy