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The official NO-gos channel for Clash of Clans. Develop your strategy. Build your defenses. Attack your enemies. Conquer. Did somebody say Hog Rider?

Clash of Clans: A Clashmas Tale
  1. Night raptor fury

    Night raptor furyMinutt siden

    Don’t forget returning ice wizard

  2. Bumbleli Gaming

    Bumbleli Gaming2 minutter siden

    When you’re only th9 but is watching this😂

  3. Warning Self Promters

    Warning Self Promters3 minutter siden

    Pro gamers: I am finally a max town hall 12! It took me years *SuperCell: Wait, there’s more!*

  4. برينسس brenss

    برينسس brenss5 minutter siden

    معقولة ماكو ولا عربي 🙁🙁

  5. Inverted Shadow

    Inverted Shadow6 minutter siden

    (Descriptions for level 5 TH defence) Th12: Giga Tesla Th13: Giga Ferno Th14: Clan Castle Carry - When an enemy is in range, the town hall will deposit additional reinforcements Th15: Hyper Heroics - New Hero, Goblin Prince, defends town hall to the last breath! Upgrades to level 20 with gold. Can be used in attacks, targets resource buildings. Constantly summons goblins. (Also have to complete goblin campaign to unlock hero) Th16: Hero Helpers - All heros are immediately summoned to the th when it is in danger! Th17: Destructive Defender - Unleashes a multitude of attacks against the opponent, resulting in a final explosion that deals 1/3 damage to all units Th18: Mega Minefield - The th lays explosive mines at random before the start of the attack. The mines may be anywhere in building zone, centralised at th. Mines deal 1/2 damage to 6 enemies max, per mine. 15 mines Th19: Battle Battalion and Troublesome Teslas - All cannons are equipped with teslas, TH regains troop reinforcement defences. Th20: Wild Wizardry - Town hall grows arms, legs, gains sentience and telepathically announces its distaste of goblins. Joins Lieutenant Hammerman in the great Clash Crusades.

  6. Mehmet Ekiz

    Mehmet Ekiz7 minutter siden

    Türkiyeden oynayanlar beğensin sayımızı bilelim 😉

  7. Giovanni Flores

    Giovanni Flores7 minutter siden

    This game has turned into pay to win 😒 I've been TH11 for 4 yrs because I dont buy gems to upgrade

  8. Dozen456

    Dozen4567 minutter siden

    Plzzz make the map bigger we cant fit everything and even when we do it doesnt look pretty if the map got 3 tiles more all the way around problem would be solved.

  9. DaBoss

    DaBoss7 minutter siden

    My cat doesn’t like onions.

  10. Saquib Shaikh

    Saquib Shaikh8 minutter siden

    amazing update lovely😍😍😍😍

  11. Lamsyahalam Alam

    Lamsyahalam Alam8 minutter siden

    Nice Good. Semoga upgradenya nggak terlalu lama nunggunya. Thanks supercell

  12. YouTube Commenter

    YouTube Commenter8 minutter siden



    KIRA KARAM10 minutter siden

    Кто с какого года на *NO-gos*

  14. User420

    User42011 minutter siden

    Wtf wall price update. Fix it or delete this game!

  15. Said

    Said11 minutter siden

    Искали русский коммент? Вы его нашли!

  16. OoF

    OoF13 minutter siden

    2019: Town Hall has Inferno 2029: Town Hall has another Town Hall in it.

  17. Rad *

    Rad *16 minutter siden

    when is the season 3 for clash a rama here ?

  18. Matthew Taylor

    Matthew Taylor17 minutter siden

    Damn supercell really be sucking off the max th people they can’t release one freaking update that can be enjoyed by every other th, these updates only effect the people who credit card spam this game lmao

  19. Fantom L.G.A

    Fantom L.G.A18 minutter siden

    خربتو اللعبه صارت ممله رجعو الدردشه العالميه 👎

  20. Silvan Sherzad

    Silvan Sherzad18 minutter siden

    what about builder base

  21. apple pie

    apple pie18 minutter siden

    th 13: Releases NO-gos: Look it's the new th 12!!!

  22. Leonel Lining

    Leonel Lining20 minutter siden


  23. Comic Games

    Comic Games20 minutter siden

    Ça vient de là la cage goblines !!


    CRAZY FEED27 minutter siden

    Не хуя не понел,но было интересно,🧐

  25. Limax Primo

    Limax Primo29 minutter siden

    Finally town hall 13 has come. I'm playing from 2017. I hope guys will enjoy with this update.

  26. Aaron García

    Aaron García29 minutter siden

    Yo la verdad no entiendo nada pero esta genial

  27. منوعات واحد كيمري HD

    منوعات واحد كيمري HD30 minutter siden

  28. LDC

    LDC31 minutt siden

    Insane update so excited. Just upgraded my th13 I'm out farming loot

  29. Ernesto Flores

    Ernesto Flores34 minutter siden

    The most useless addition of coc after lavahounds, barbs and archers

  30. MrLegendary01

    MrLegendary0134 minutter siden

    Too bad 80% of the players won’t be able to experience any of this for like 3 years.

  31. Sw1ft1s _

    Sw1ft1s _34 minutter siden

    Are yall deadass

  32. Steve The Boss

    Steve The Boss37 minutter siden

    What's with the video gameplay lag?

  33. juu juu

    juu juu39 minutter siden

    When you are still th9

  34. Thefoxiestmonster TFM

    Thefoxiestmonster TFM40 minutter siden

    “Upgrade now” Ok... *is TH8*

  35. ZE Steven__

    ZE Steven__41 minutt siden

    We need more clash a rama

  36. محمد الامين الوسيله

    محمد الامين الوسيله43 minutter siden

    يلي بيحكي عربي يضغط لايك

  37. Galilea Palafox Ahumada

    Galilea Palafox Ahumada43 minutter siden


  38. J J

    J J44 minutter siden

    any tamilians here? Level 14 clan la join pannanumna reply pannunga

  39. Tag King

    Tag King45 minutter siden


  40. Mohit Verma

    Mohit Verma46 minutter siden

    Who is here after introducing th13?hit like to tell me

  41. LeeTheUnicorn

    LeeTheUnicorn46 minutter siden

    That's rad

  42. Florian Eder

    Florian Eder46 minutter siden

    I love the game

  43. Golibjon Yatimov

    Golibjon Yatimov47 minutter siden

    Hello. Please return global to recruit people is very difficult. And the game got boring. Please RETURN GLOBAL. Who agree click like thank you.

  44. AwkwardGamerRN

    AwkwardGamerRN51 minutt siden

    Oh what fresh hell is this?

  45. kishore mondal

    kishore mondal51 minutt siden


  46. LA MAMI

    LA MAMI53 minutter siden

    Simplemente hermoso!!!

  47. Nouredeen baba

    Nouredeen baba53 minutter siden

    iam still townhall lv 9 😭😭😭😭💔💔🇱🇾🇱🇾🇱🇾

  48. Nikma Khoiriyah

    Nikma Khoiriyah56 minutter siden

    TH 13 🤤yg dri Indonesia & Main COC mana suaranya😂

  49. ONLiNe OYunCu

    ONLiNe OYunCu56 minutter siden

    Abi mk kocam ama biraz 8. Kb lerde 9. Kebelerede bisey getirin mp

  50. Beytullah Yıldırım

    Beytullah YıldırımTime siden


  51. Bikash Mandal

    Bikash MandalTime siden

    This is poor update for T11 and below player.. They are demotivated about this update

  52. Ajeh Oxs

    Ajeh OxsTime siden

    Hadiah medalinya terlalu sedikit

  53. Sun Shine

    Sun ShineTime siden

    Is there going to be a townhall 14, 15,16,

  54. Anil Thampi

    Anil ThampiTime siden

    So glad I stopped playing coc a year back

  55. qsay iii

    qsay iiiTime siden


  56. Danilo breeel

    Danilo breeelTime siden

    I think this is best update ever OMG

  57. Snake Ais

    Snake AisTime siden

    No No No. 👎

  58. Juan C.

    Juan C.Time siden

    Fe so cool

  59. Свара [Games]

    Свара [Games]Time siden

    Тоже зашёл найти русский комент ?)

  60. Elias Stöcker

    Elias StöckerTime siden

    nice Update

  61. John Wick

    John WickTime siden

    Hey clash of clans please my account of th12 has been banned for phishing attempts i just wanted to recover my old account anyone can help please

  62. Inked Heart

    Inked HeartTime siden

    Please release clash a rama season 3



    Global cat😞

  64. GabrielGiovanni

    GabrielGiovanniTime siden

    Geez, does this ever end?

  65. Gusein_ Azimov

    Gusein_ AzimovTime siden

    Clash of Clans dead

  66. Kazi Samir

    Kazi SamirTime siden


  67. waLk Navy

    waLk NavyTime siden

    Coc: Town Hall 13 released! Me *still Cries in th9*

  68. Deiby Hernandez

    Deiby HernandezTime siden

    La nueva herue está mamadisima

  69. xd mrcrispy984 984

    xd mrcrispy984 984Time siden

    I really thought it said meet the yeet

  70. Dinesh Suthar

    Dinesh SutharTime siden

    Wow! What a look

  71. лёва килл

    лёва киллTime siden

    Когда ты русский и не понимаш👌

  72. Avinit Hossain

    Avinit HossainTime siden


  73. Ferid Abdullayev

    Ferid AbdullayevTime siden

    Meni bawa duwen kimse var😃

  74. Andrey Roenko

    Andrey RoenkoTime siden

    Very good job Supercell 👍👏👍👏

  75. llExcusesll

    llExcusesllTime siden

    I look at the comments and wonder how many ppl in the comments I have attacked

  76. Anonymous 27

    Anonymous 27Time siden

    th10 gang where you at?

  77. Anonymous 27

    Anonymous 27Time siden

    th10 gang where you at?

  78. فهد احمد

    فهد احمدTime siden

    منو عربي هنا يضغط لايك

  79. Anonymous 27

    Anonymous 27Time siden

    th9 gang where you at?

  80. حمودي ابن العماره

    حمودي ابن العمارهTime siden

    😱 جميييل

  81. Tyen

    TyenTime siden

    I love when my scattershot can be considered an absolute unit

  82. Grim2 7

    Grim2 7Time siden

    I like how that happened in one village raid

  83. سوفان Sovan Gaming

    سوفان Sovan GamingTime siden


  84. Informer MR K

    Informer MR KTime siden

    Awesome update 😊 😊

  85. الأمير التونيا

    الأمير التونياTime siden


  86. Vertuhan7

    Vertuhan7Time siden

    Давайте на русском я зыке тоже!!!!. А то я не хрина не понимаю

  87. IQ_SWAT-IRAQ __

    IQ_SWAT-IRAQ __Time siden

    So fast bruh i can't upgrade this fast holly molly

  88. silegend 44

    silegend 44Time siden

    Where is the practice of TH 13?

  89. Ryamin

    RyaminTime siden


  90. العراق الحبيب

    العراق الحبيبTime siden


  91. Dhamodharan Saravanan

    Dhamodharan SaravananTime siden

    I hate the update. The coins required to upgrade are doubled

  92. Bro Mo

    Bro MoTime siden

    I like all of you

  93. It's Akile

    It's AkileTime siden


  94. Its YaBoiJohn69

    Its YaBoiJohn69Time siden

    This game is back from the dead , I'm starting to like it now....



    Global chat

  96. Andrew Andrew

    Andrew AndrewTime siden

    Это конечно очень круто, но я только с месяц назад 11 ратушу взял, а играю уже много лет. Очень обрадовался, читая описание обновления, пока обновлялась игра, уже думаю: ну неужели, что-то добавили новое для меня, увы... Ребят, а как же новички? Неужели баланс никак потом не поправить? Ну или героя нового, ну почему с 13тх? Мне, чтобы с 11 до 13 дойти, нужно играть столько же, сколько я поднимал с 1тх до 11 тх. Очередная обнова для топов. И это круто, много знакомых уже давно ждали новой ратуши, приятно видеть обновления любимой игры, но для меня снова ничего нового...)

  97. NinZa ZerOx

    NinZa ZerOxTime siden

    Yeti From Nepal....

  98. Thê Gâmîñg Gàñgẞtêr

    Thê Gâmîñg GàñgẞtêrTime siden

    Awesome creations 😍😘

  99. Da3wa_IDF _Tawhid

    Da3wa_IDF _TawhidTime siden

    gg for new update is amazing

  100. Tmjon

    TmjonTime siden

    Congrats on 15M subscribers