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Our Birth Story | Mr. Kate
Our Baby's Nursery Reveal!
  1. Mikylla Chua

    Mikylla Chua6 minutter siden

    Austin looks pissed off

  2. pxtrxcxa jxy

    pxtrxcxa jxy8 minutter siden

    imagine if ace family let Mr Kate do their whole house wooww.. if only sOmEonE didn't just go ahead and do whatever they wanted lmao

  3. sarai guerrero

    sarai guerrero20 minutter siden

    i like her hair here

  4. Princess Rm

    Princess RmTime siden

    4:27 why would that piece of sculpture be in a kids room

  5. Lina Dutches

    Lina DutchesTime siden

    Beautiful as always. Love all your energies you guys are amazing

  6. Liam Danaher

    Liam Danaher2 timer siden

    I love to desine to!! I'm a kid and would love to go on kid v kid.

  7. シʙ ʀ ɪ

    シʙ ʀ ɪ2 timer siden

    I think that it’s just so rude for Austin to decorate the house. They were putting so much work and effort into making their house look nice while taking care of a baby. It’s so sad to me because Catherine was so excited to see what it would look like and Austin really ruined that for Catherine and the viewers.

  8. Ruby T

    Ruby T2 timer siden

    If my clients did this to me i wouldve had an attack

  9. steve harveys mustache

    steve harveys mustache2 timer siden

    notice how excited catherine is now look how austin is..

  10. Days with the Daph

    Days with the Daph2 timer siden

    not trying to sound rude like im insulting you for doing this but what is the reason for the blindfold?

  11. Femmigirlz

    Femmigirlz3 timer siden

    Beautiful job 👏💕🌸💕🌸

  12. Totally Random

    Totally Random3 timer siden

    I know this isn’t the time for this, but I’ve been binging Mr. Kate and Kate is just so beautiful. Sorry but she’s sooo pretty ahhh

  13. Totally Random

    Totally Random3 timer siden

    I’m getting second hand embarrassment from when he broke the bed lol

  14. B F

    B F3 timer siden

    I think Elle is on the spectrum.

  15. Sarah bearah

    Sarah bearah4 timer siden

    Joe’s skills really shined in this episode

  16. Sarah bearah

    Sarah bearah4 timer siden

    Omg I love it! Great job

  17. Official Idiot

    Official Idiot4 timer siden

    14:03 😂 lol ewww

  18. Meshia D

    Meshia D4 timer siden

    I hope you guys know how blessed and talented you are, you honestly know how to target ever customers style and nail it right on the head amazing god bless....💙

  19. xnikolaxvs

    xnikolaxvs5 timer siden

    I think the black piano was wayyy nicer!

  20. Adeth Limas

    Adeth Limas5 timer siden

    :O oh my

  21. Hannah Seery*

    Hannah Seery*5 timer siden

    The start made me laugh soo much😂😂

  22. Debbie Rosa

    Debbie Rosa6 timer siden


  23. Dr. Prerna Vashisht

    Dr. Prerna Vashisht6 timer siden

    It seems to be way cheaper than other makeovers

  24. Amanda Maund

    Amanda Maund7 timer siden

    Im an interior designer but i was curious of my %ages. Makes sense everything that came up! Nailed it right on the head! So thanks for the confirmation! Being exposed to everything in this industry makes it so difficult to choose and was struggling since i liked everything this test was really helpful! 45% Farmhouse/beachy 27% Minimalist 18% Bohemian 9% Industrial Inlove this! Im moving into my first apartment and basically starting over so im excited to do some shopping! Peace and Love, Amanda Maund

  25. MeganChristensen23

    MeganChristensen237 timer siden

    Check out my closet on Instagram megan.rose.closet

  26. DudeDoo1 FORTNITE

    DudeDoo1 FORTNITE9 timer siden

    Gooooooooood job

  27. Jasmine Vineyard

    Jasmine Vineyard9 timer siden

    You guys are so awesome; keep up the awesome work and spreading creative weirdness. 💜☺️🤪


    FAST FIT AFRICA10 timer siden

    i want that painted mirror, looks so good

  29. kago Tagang

    kago Tagang11 timer siden

    Your baby is toooo cuutteee (灬♥ω♥灬) God bless the little angel.

  30. Maureen Reinhart

    Maureen Reinhart11 timer siden

    Every decorator talks about full-length drapes ...I have old fashion radiators in front of my windows...what do I do then?

  31. kitten30

    kitten3011 timer siden

    My uncles have this really successful company in Washington dc that does exactly what you guys do. They are a couple that designs rooms and houses just like you, and I know first hand how hardworking and demanding this job is, that's why loving it is so important

  32. Kaylah Simone

    Kaylah Simone11 timer siden

    Y'all are already such loving and intentional parents! Moon is blessed to have you two. Congratulations on your beautiful baby!!!

  33. Shiva, the chef Chandar

    Shiva, the chef Chandar11 timer siden

    Shane needs ur help desperately

  34. Shiva, the chef Chandar

    Shiva, the chef Chandar11 timer siden

    Pls do Shane Dawson!!!!

  35. Miss Sarra

    Miss Sarra13 timer siden

    You guys are so inspirational. I love designing and decorating rooms 😊😊😊😍😍😍 hopefully I can get the confidence to start my own NO-gos 😊😊😊

  36. Miss Sarra

    Miss Sarra13 timer siden

    Hate the ace family 😒😒😒😒 so bloody rude !!!!!!!!!

  37. eyesofivy

    eyesofivy13 timer siden

    *door clicks in white privilege* Kate :WoW

  38. eyesofivy

    eyesofivy14 timer siden

    Mr Kate : gentrification who?

  39. eyesofivy

    eyesofivy14 timer siden

    Mr. Kate : appropriation who?

  40. eyesofivy

    eyesofivy14 timer siden

    *rude* acting like a baby who can’t handle spiders *not rude* creating spaces where they can live

  41. eyesofivy

    eyesofivy14 timer siden

    I will never follow mister Kate for this whole way they treat their viewer

  42. Annika Vermeulen

    Annika Vermeulen15 timer siden

    Kate’s baby is soo cute and adorable

  43. Hajra ekj

    Hajra ekj15 timer siden

    Are these free makeovers?

  44. iicami

    iicami16 timer siden

    if they don't give my room a makeover imma cry.

  45. Sherlynn Tan

    Sherlynn Tan16 timer siden

    Ngl liza is all of us when we hear OMGWACO's theme song :')

  46. Luluulul

    Luluulul16 timer siden

    I hate the DIY so much, whhhyyyyyy? It destroys the whole room

  47. Niwal

    Niwal17 timer siden

    who thinks that Mr Kate should redecorate Alishas room to her current style?

  48. SilvrCat

    SilvrCat18 timer siden

    Awesome and awe inspiring

  49. Ashley Sarah

    Ashley Sarah18 timer siden

    Oh my gosh those 3D flowers!

  50. Josabed Alcala

    Josabed Alcala18 timer siden

    I think it’s funny that they say “shmall” cuz my boyfriend and I always say “shmeat” when we talk about meat lol

  51. Josabed Alcala

    Josabed Alcala18 timer siden

    (Ugly ac unit) lol

  52. Leah Karren

    Leah Karren19 timer siden

    i love how real joey and kate are, like they’re such bosses how they run their own business (and are freakin amazing at it), they are SO professional and good to work with (even when the client isn’t), and then also are wonderful parents 😭 i love you guys

  53. Squidneythe Squid

    Squidneythe Squid19 timer siden

    It concerns me how much of an impulse spender this family is, I don’t even care about them, but I am worried about the future of the girls, especially with college.

  54. Josabed Alcala

    Josabed Alcala19 timer siden

    Joey “You also have to taste it to see what flavor...” Kate “Joey no” 😂😂

  55. Stephanie Esparza

    Stephanie Esparza20 timer siden

    So watching this video I noticed how much your “designing skills” have changed or evolved and I think it would be super cool for you and Joey to do a reaction video to one of your old old videos 😊

  56. Anita Mlem

    Anita Mlem21 time siden

    Oh my gosh, this made me cry 🥺. I’ve been binge watching you guys for the past week and I’m finally watching the video of Moon’s birth. You are so strong Kate. Both you and Joey. It’s wonderful how Tess was there to help. What a genuine family & love 💕. Can’t wait to watch him grow 🥺🧸

  57. Ian Munro

    Ian Munro21 time siden

    You should design a hole house please 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  58. Sarah Watkins

    Sarah Watkins22 timer siden

    Okay wait they got that big house and the girls share a room?

  59. sheila turner

    sheila turner22 timer siden

    Wow!!! What a wonderful and great job!!!!😀😀😀😀❤️

  60. Amaris Renae

    Amaris Renae22 timer siden

    God bless her she is AMAZING! and God bless y’all for blessing her.

  61. Mama Bee

    Mama Bee22 timer siden

    this is so impractical for kids , sorry but no no no

  62. Mama Bee

    Mama Bee22 timer siden

    i cringed when you painted the wooden rocking chair WHY

  63. Alivia Bays

    Alivia Bays23 timer siden

    Awww I love moon so much he is so cute ☺️

  64. emily pacheco

    emily pacheco23 timer siden

    Literally dalia messed up her curtains and the words on her wall weren’t neat at all. The only thing Jordan had bad was the fact that they couldn’t guess the age!!!!!


    KELSEY THERESA23 timer siden

    You’re so strong Kate! Moon is absolutely perfect! Congratulations to you and Joey on the birth of your healthy baby boy

  66. Shrek 123

    Shrek 12323 timer siden

    Did the ace family ever say thank you?

  67. Manal

    Manal23 timer siden

    Please more videos I am your new subscriber I love to see u guys decorate rooms or kitchen bathrooms everything it’s so fun

  68. Anita Mlem

    Anita MlemDag siden

    When they reveal her bedroom: Molly: OH MY GODDDDD! Also Molly: What does it look like? 😭😭😭😭

  69. Brette Baker

    Brette BakerDag siden

    And then they move in a week. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  70. anna

    annaDag siden

    I love how Kate is all about her work yet all about her son as well! She was drawing the butterfly wings while having moon on her so she could still have that sweet meaningful moment with him but also be working! They both are very genuine people and I live their sweet positive energy ❤️



    How could I get u guys to come over 😭

  72. Ammarah Khalid

    Ammarah KhalidDag siden


  73. Shannon Penix

    Shannon PenixDag siden

    I understand the frustration yall had because its time wasted. Everyone is beating down the ACE family...have yall ever bought a house and had to wait over a year for construction to be done?? If I waited that long I wouldn't want to wait a couple more months for the 2 main rooms of my house to be decorated!! Even if his decorating skills suck, he was just impatient and wanted them decorated.

  74. Evelina Morales

    Evelina MoralesDag siden

    Wait sooooo Catherine did her hair pink after this right? 🤔🤔 hmmmmm lol

  75. Samantha Kimberly

    Samantha KimberlyDag siden

    My favorite part was Joey trying to avoid hitting the birds and honking his horn 🤣

  76. mexbiuri

    mexbiuriDag siden

    LOVED THIS!....

  77. JCvideos xoxo

    JCvideos xoxoDag siden

    When I do that it goes really frizzy

  78. KMH

    KMHDag siden

    austin has got to be the most annoying person

  79. Li Rasmusson

    Li RasmussonDag siden

    I don't often say this, but wow!

  80. StardustDNA

    StardustDNADag siden

    Wow! Really got to hand it to Joey on this one with all that hard work! Looks nice. :) Also the camera person was able to be in the bathroom as well in the end, so lots of space!

  81. Sarah bearah

    Sarah bearahDag siden

    Well done!!

  82. Eliza beth

    Eliza bethDag siden

    Mr. Kate deserves to make way more money than the ACE family. They're so fake!

  83. Advin

    AdvinDag siden

    Does any one know the a good book on interior design or decorator ?

  84. Siena _thegirl

    Siena _thegirlDag siden

    You can tell kate is trying to hide her pregnancy so hard

  85. B H

    B HDag siden

    How do you send in a video and through where! I’m obsessed with you all!!!

  86. Zia Aranzanso

    Zia AranzansoDag siden

    I’ve been watching your vids for days now starting the day you guys did a makeover on elle’s and alaïa’s room. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN YOU GUYS BEFORE!!!! I learned so much from your vlogs. oh my god, I have a passion on interior designing too, i tried to design my milktea store but I dont know what happened , I just tried Lol. Anyway I’m a fan!i love your work! ♥️♥️♥️

  87. Monica W

    Monica WDag siden

    Please a dollar will help I got few days left !!! Please , my mom is my eveything and the only thing I got ....

  88. Mindy Diaz

    Mindy DiazDag siden

    Who is this? I need her in my life she is HILARIOUS!!!

  89. aanab Syed

    aanab SyedDag siden

    I think it's my favorite Chandler from mr kate

  90. S. B

    S. BDag siden

    Is it only me or she looks like Halsey!!!!!!

  91. Niamh H

    Niamh HDag siden

    I’m living for mr Kate’s sherbet hair it’s different to the other pink tones she’s had before

  92. Daily dose of Max

    Daily dose of MaxDag siden

    I named my dog after you because your so kind and sweet just like a dog

  93. Markisha Laquan

    Markisha LaquanDag siden

    The whole downstairs area looks so tacky lol

  94. Jazzy Jaz

    Jazzy JazDag siden

    This family is fake all around!!!!!! (ace)

  95. Audacious Day

    Audacious DayDag siden

    This place is mine now I’m moving in

  96. Natalie Olsen

    Natalie OlsenDag siden


  97. Sameera Faizy

    Sameera FaizyDag siden

    So stunning 😍

  98. Barbie Vee

    Barbie VeeDag siden

    Deserves over a million likes

  99. Jacc Jacc

    Jacc JaccDag siden

    Saw this on trending when it came out, refuse to watch any other videos and clicked off after the intro. I didnt know a youtube channel could pain me this much.

  100. Animal lover 17

    Animal lover 17Dag siden

    Did anybody else realize that Kates hair looks exactly like minetas hair from my hero academia Also sorry that I spelled minetas name wrong!