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Top 25 Rookies of 2019
Breaking Down the MVP Race
  1. J. MOORE

    J. MOORE38 minutter siden

    I'm a simple man I see Lamar Jackson on a thumbnail, I wipe sweat off my screen

  2. Juan Lopez

    Juan Lopez39 minutter siden

    I am calling it near name for Marshawn Lynch is mass destruction

  3. SnowFlow 90

    SnowFlow 9039 minutter siden

    Give this fast Italian kid more play time

  4. Aaron Parasi

    Aaron Parasi39 minutter siden

    Lamar counts as a non quarterback.

  5. Auguste Piccard

    Auguste Piccard40 minutter siden

    Landry the dodgeball mvp

  6. Tony Martino

    Tony Martino41 minutt siden

    Landry got them hands

  7. Peter Lee

    Peter Lee41 minutt siden

    Skip Bayless where u at?

  8. Zach Harris

    Zach Harris42 minutter siden

    cameron heyward is a beast…never really watched him until this

  9. Joshua Branson

    Joshua Branson42 minutter siden

    To the AFC defense They had a RB WR and a QB for this game

  10. codypennington17

    codypennington1743 minutter siden

    LMAOOOOO Lamar can’t hit any shots all he can do is run! Hahahahaha

  11. Mar Hendu

    Mar Hendu44 minutter siden

    I still can't believe they had a Superbowl in New York. They were lucky the the weather wasn't bad.

  12. Eternal Being33

    Eternal Being3344 minutter siden

    Always remember the 5 D's of Dodgeball Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge

  13. Adi

    Adi44 minutter siden

    I bet this guy is going to be a hall of famer just watch

  14. Freaky Ty

    Freaky Ty45 minutter siden

    Mahomes #15 like a steph curry football QB!!

  15. Jonathan Blaze

    Jonathan Blaze45 minutter siden

    The greatest pass of all time. The situation and accuracy. Eli is still not a HOFer though.

  16. Lennox

    Lennox45 minutter siden

    god why was he so close with the bengals

  17. RTM

    RTM45 minutter siden

    bring this back next year

  18. Joshua with Heaven's Best Carpet CleaningLLC

    Joshua with Heaven's Best Carpet CleaningLLC46 minutter siden

    Philip by far is my favorite running back!!

  19. ronie ashley

    ronie ashley46 minutter siden

    The best football player ever. Period

  20. Lucky M

    Lucky M46 minutter siden

    Didn’t show the guys Edwards 45 yard run that got called back by a bs hold

  21. Hunter Does Madden

    Hunter Does Madden47 minutter siden

    Watching this video now is hilarious

  22. Ancienne Belgique

    Ancienne Belgique48 minutter siden

    The field goals are my favorite highlights

  23. Chris Hall

    Chris Hall48 minutter siden

    I love Gatorade

  24. I like food

    I like food48 minutter siden

    I still want tua over burrow

  25. Steven Sawyer

    Steven Sawyer49 minutter siden

    Why would they choose Patterson to do this 😂😂

  26. Travis Callahan

    Travis Callahan49 minutter siden

    1:45 but then Russ comes up with this strike through the hidey hole. I know that's not what he said.

  27. Bianca Hutsell

    Bianca Hutsell49 minutter siden

    I watch this video on replay! This was so iconic

  28. Richard Pilhofer

    Richard Pilhofer49 minutter siden

    "it is... Caught by Tyree"

  29. Briankitis

    Briankitis50 minutter siden

    Sean Mcvays face = priceless

  30. Jesus Zavala

    Jesus Zavala50 minutter siden

    Prove that tom is getting old

  31. Bit Ray

    Bit Ray51 minutt siden


  32. elliott gomez

    elliott gomez52 minutter siden

    Adams never crossed midline he had at least inch of green

  33. Mark Vargas

    Mark Vargas52 minutter siden

    When y’all thought falcons were gonna win lol

  34. Sundincubus

    Sundincubus52 minutter siden

    I haven't watched a Pro Bowl game on TV since 2005. I don't get why some are so excited about the Pro Bowl? It's just a glorified "pre-season" game made up of all the players picked by the 32 NFL teams. It's like WWE, --the game is made up of flashy players but never serious. It's like watching the 32 teams having a joint practices.

  35. Will Snap

    Will Snap52 minutter siden

    Andrew Luck is too nice for this league

  36. Kirk Jennings

    Kirk Jennings52 minutter siden

    Yooo we shoulda seen this coming tony is definitely is alternative ego and has completely taken control of his body 😂😂

  37. KC GamesYT

    KC GamesYT53 minutter siden

    Damn can't wait just this a few more months and I will be able to use this in madden

  38. Will Quesnell

    Will Quesnell54 minutter siden

    Thank you for this friendly 2020 reminder NO-gos

  39. Gavin Gutierrez

    Gavin Gutierrez55 minutter siden

    DK was one I don’t know why it’s even a question he proved that he plays like a stud he’s gonna be the number 1 receiver one day js watch

  40. David Rogers

    David Rogers55 minutter siden

    Talking Heads

  41. Qubert Scott

    Qubert Scott55 minutter siden

    I really want the chiefs but I think the 49ers are gonna win

  42. Samuel I

    Samuel I56 minutter siden

    Wow.. Jarvis Landry was on 🔥🔥🔥

  43. Tyler Prince

    Tyler Prince58 minutter siden

    Lamar sucks lol

  44. Harpoon_Bakery

    Harpoon_Bakery58 minutter siden

    where is this at, they were all freezing, i thought that it was always in Hawaii....i have been proven wrong. That quitter Andrew Luck is not there , seems fitting.

  45. Ville Hämeenniemi

    Ville Hämeenniemi59 minutter siden

    praying for ab

  46. Roddy F.

    Roddy F.59 minutter siden

    so many misses?

  47. Barry _Macokinher

    Barry _Macokinher59 minutter siden

    Anyone else think they screwed over the AFC they gave them a wr a rb and a qb

  48. Rob K

    Rob K59 minutter siden

    Pretty good for a RB

  49. Leo Pertman

    Leo PertmanTime siden

    We all agree lamar should win

  50. Serendip

    SerendipTime siden

    Slay needs more time on the JUGS

  51. Ahrs32

    Ahrs32Time siden

    They’re trying so hard to make the pro bowl as exciting as the nba all star weekend and they’re just failing miserably

  52. Raihan Hilmy

    Raihan HilmyTime siden

    i think ravens needs to sign landry to replace lamar

  53. Dog nation

    Dog nationTime siden

    Please what is the song at the start

  54. Steve Pereira

    Steve PereiraTime siden

    Some where perfect some where horribly wrong

  55. Ke'J Reed

    Ke'J ReedTime siden

    thinking about how great AB would be if he would just stfu

  56. Jo Bckts

    Jo BcktsTime siden

    All He knows, is Football. Can coach Defence, tomorrow.

  57. Micah Pediford

    Micah PedifordTime siden

    Thumbs Up 👍 if you think they should make this is a serious part of the ProBowl. They take it so seriously 😂

  58. brea m

    brea mTime siden


  59. Iroh sang

    Iroh sangTime siden

    I wanna see more of these!

  60. xNBAChamp

    xNBAChampTime siden

    Pats beat both.

  61. Edward Olivas

    Edward OlivasTime siden

    2 years later patty would be going to the super ball

  62. Room156 Drone Vids

    Room156 Drone VidsTime siden

    I missed this I don’t have the Ocho channel.🤣

  63. Spid3y4hire

    Spid3y4hireTime siden

    The most dead ive ever seen it

  64. Micah Pediford

    Micah PedifordTime siden

    “If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball.” -Patches O’hoolihan

  65. walking dead

    walking deadTime siden


  66. 211 pirate

    211 pirateTime siden

    Big reason I’m a lions fan. He deserved a higher rating and a Super Bowl.

  67. Steve Pereira

    Steve PereiraTime siden

    U got it right on the bengals part

  68. Sean Cunningham

    Sean CunninghamTime siden

    David Akers gave the greatest draft selection roast in NFL history

  69. Barbara Schmitt

    Barbara SchmittTime siden

    Those were the days .... just day dreaming 🤗

  70. TheTDRecorder and Animator2009

    TheTDRecorder and Animator2009Time siden

    I went to this game.

  71. BmwM419

    BmwM419Time siden

    Kirk cousins the next drew brees

  72. Kyle Pope-Tryon

    Kyle Pope-TryonTime siden

    Did they air this on ESPN 8?

  73. Jesse Shapiro

    Jesse ShapiroTime siden

    CP in the hands comp🤔..... Didn't we see he has no hands when Brady threaded balls all season in his chest and never came up with them.....he had a 30ish% catch rate

  74. Jacob Lopez

    Jacob LopezTime siden

    Pats are ass

  75. Pete Gwinn

    Pete GwinnTime siden

    Ezekial and Odell on the same team would be god squad

  76. Morgan Monson

    Morgan MonsonTime siden

    Still watching in 2020 👀💯🎯 #gobirds

  77. BeastyBenTV again

    BeastyBenTV againTime siden

    Dame they are huge

  78. speed8119

    speed8119Time siden


  79. IceCold

    IceColdTime siden

    Did I miss something? Can someone fill me in on why michael Vick was there?

  80. intsoccersuperstar1

    intsoccersuperstar1Time siden

    That Santonio catch doesn’t get included in greatest catch of all time conversations enough.

  81. Nick Joslin

    Nick JoslinTime siden

    Great hands but bad head. He traded the remainder of his career for stupidity.

  82. Nico Emilio

    Nico EmilioTime siden

    Would of liked to see Trey White in this

  83. papa johns

    papa johnsTime siden

    Man the pro bowl gets worse every year🥱🥱😴

  84. Golden Clips

    Golden ClipsTime siden

    Everyone here to c what the SB might be like 😂


    VONN HIPPSTERTime siden


  86. Green Witch

    Green WitchTime siden

    If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball

  87. Im Jacob

    Im JacobTime siden

    It didnt even look like lamar was trying 😂

  88. joey

    joeyTime siden

    looks like refs got a call from above to let the chiefs win.

  89. Kevin B

    Kevin BTime siden

    Wish we could have seen how Brady would do, just out of curiosity.

  90. Marlyn Aballe

    Marlyn AballeTime siden

    Whenever I listen to her music, i realize that she became a very big part of my childhood. Lady Gaga is effortless. She's something. I just can't say the right words to describe her.

  91. Maurice

    MauriceTime siden

    I know lamar had a good season and can't argue giving him MVP but for real Russell is most VALUABLE player does the most with less and keeps team a float. My opinion he best QB in the lead right now

  92. James McMurray

    James McMurrayTime siden

    This isn't the 1st time Landry has won it. Search "Jarvis Landry wins epic 2v1 Dodgeball Battle"

  93. Charles Houghton

    Charles HoughtonTime siden

    Sometimes you just have to put the team on your back

  94. J Keeps

    J KeepsTime siden

    This is how you do it!

  95. Mystic Fuse

    Mystic FuseTime siden

    Is that DC young fly?😂

  96. Timothy Came

    Timothy CameTime siden

    And we have two what are they as a halftime show? LAST WEEKS NEWS PAPER IN THE BOTTOM OF A BIRD CAGE!!!

  97. Freddie Jahvez Rankín

    Freddie Jahvez RankínTime siden

    This shows how lamar jackson cant be accurate in the pocket , lol mobile Qb

  98. Danny Lancaster

    Danny LancasterTime siden

    Peyton pouting and throwing a fit blaming his receivers once again in the big game like a big baby, beautiful and amazing!

  99. Sam Johnson

    Sam JohnsonTime siden

    I think all four leagues need to add events and whatnot and get rid of the all Star games. Like for football bring stuff like the bench press back, for baseball they need to have catch and pitch comps and other things, NBA play horse and 21 add some rookie and sophomore challenges maybe, NHL could add things as well. Maybe shake it up and do minor league, g league or for the NFL practice squad bench players vs them in it that way the younger or worse players can try and show some stuff even though it's for fun. Players don't play in the game anyway and those who do don't be like Pete rose or others and blast a guy in the game. Now they show up play some plays chill and leave.

  100. Melvin Mitchell

    Melvin MitchellTime siden