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EXO 엑소 'Obsession' MV
SuperM Premiere Event

SuperM Premiere Event

2 måneder siden

SuperM Group Trailer

SuperM Group Trailer

2 måneder siden

SuperM Trailer : TAEMIN

SuperM Trailer : TAEMIN

2 måneder siden

SuperM Trailer : KAI

SuperM Trailer : KAI

2 måneder siden

SuperM Trailer : MARK

SuperM Trailer : MARK

2 måneder siden

SuperM Trailer : LUCAS

SuperM Trailer : LUCAS

3 måneder siden

  1. Anita Orphanita

    Anita Orphanita19 sekunder siden

    34, 685, 721

  2. Sehun Maknae

    Sehun Maknae46 sekunder siden

    Entah brp kali hp w ngehang gara2 terlalu obsesi sm inie

  3. Blueberry Cheesecake

    Blueberry CheesecakeMinutt siden

    In my opinion 'Obssesion' is one of EXO'S best comebacks! CHANGE MY MIND

  4. Chenel Reza Eca

    Chenel Reza EcaMinutt siden

    Exo is the best😙😙😙😙

  5. Carolina velasquez

    Carolina velasquezMinutt siden


  6. Dana Valentina Rubio Pardo

    Dana Valentina Rubio Pardo2 minutter siden

    moje cuco con esta canción ... me fascina como EXO muestra esa masculinidad. Es el grupo que mas he amado junto a Shinne.

  7. Novitaeveline

    Novitaeveline2 minutter siden

    5.5 M again eriii

  8. F M

    F M2 minutter siden

    WinWin and Taeil.thoooo... And omg taeyong is sooo fcking handsome

  9. John Mark Beltis

    John Mark Beltis2 minutter siden

    nice one

  10. Hasnawati Azis

    Hasnawati Azis2 minutter siden

    NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream apa semuanya sama cuman dibentuk grub2 bgtu atau memang beda orgnya jg ?

  11. Chenel Reza Eca

    Chenel Reza Eca2 minutter siden

    Exo saranghae

  12. جـود 97

    جـود 973 minutter siden

    ترا المشاهدات بدأت ترتفع يعني بليز بدون ايموجي بليززززز

  13. Karry Collins

    Karry Collins3 minutter siden

    Yess finally! Im here for it😭💖

  14. voz angel

    voz angel4 minutter siden


  15. sri puspita

    sri puspita5 minutter siden

    Baekhyun 😭❤️❤️

  16. F M

    F M5 minutter siden

    WinWin a whole cutie

  17. exo exo

    exo exo5 minutter siden

    JAN 2021 - I'm WAITING Patiently........

  18. Andrew Zhu

    Andrew Zhu6 minutter siden


  19. Suga Boga

    Suga Boga6 minutter siden

    Honestly came back bc this song came on my mind and to see so many sad comments is literally disgusting especially when I see ppl using someone’s death for LIKES 🤢🤮 just enjoy the creation they made enjoy what she did when she was alive you don’t have to be stating that MULTIPLE TIMES trying to get likes I-😪🤢🤮

  20. Kpop._. Kingdom

    Kpop._. Kingdom6 minutter siden

    I love how Heechul is mainly the one who looks female in the group and I love that He is more beautiful than me💜🥺 ELF for Life

  21. Saah Suketto

    Saah Suketto7 minutter siden

    EU NÃO CONSIGO PARAR DE ASSISTIR...SCRR ;;----; que homem velho...que homem...

  22. mrspacman65

    mrspacman657 minutter siden

    Yeah they still on billboard ! so eat your heart out ,they are doing wonderful ,We Love you SuperM ♥️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  23. Sophia Sulistiowati

    Sophia Sulistiowati8 minutter siden

    Hate super m

  24. voz angel

    voz angel8 minutter siden

    Bienvenido 245M 245.007.475

  25. Kpop_tr4shcan Z

    Kpop_tr4shcan Z8 minutter siden

    *when monster is the best era and obsession is a legend*

  26. Sophia Sulistiowati

    Sophia Sulistiowati9 minutter siden

    Sm yown pls delete super m

  27. Siti Januba Adawiyah

    Siti Januba Adawiyah9 minutter siden

    my sunshine😭😭

  28. voz angel

    voz angel10 minutter siden


  29. TwIcE RiNg

    TwIcE RiNg10 minutter siden

    WoooooooooooW arab e-xol

  30. Anita Orphanita

    Anita Orphanita10 minutter siden

    34, 677,420

  31. da ni

    da ni11 minutter siden

    guys don't use emojis

  32. Razan Haismawi

    Razan Haismawi12 minutter siden

    بتجننو كثيير حبيتها♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  33. Razan Haismawi

    Razan Haismawi12 minutter siden

    love love love♥♥♥♥♥♥

  34. Romikha Tobing

    Romikha Tobing13 minutter siden

    Big Luv❤❤❤

  35. Jasmine Situ

    Jasmine Situ13 minutter siden

    the fact that winwin had to learn two choreographed versions of this song... what a talented man we stan

  36. Perla Rubí Macedonio Jiménez

    Perla Rubí Macedonio Jiménez13 minutter siden

    Haechan :3 omg

  37. Andrew Zhu

    Andrew Zhu13 minutter siden


  38. Bere Martinez

    Bere Martinez13 minutter siden


  39. estefania 7w7 L

    estefania 7w7 L15 minutter siden

    Quienes son estos ? 🤔

  40. Suga Kookies on my Taeble

    Suga Kookies on my Taeble15 minutter siden

    1:54 I’m mark when im running a marathon and Im about to cross the finish line with my family watching me

  41. Yuza Dani

    Yuza Dani16 minutter siden

    Dont forgot to vote for NCT dream Https://

  42. Maire

    Maire16 minutter siden


  43. istrinya jaehyun

    istrinya jaehyun17 minutter siden


  44. Maire

    Maire17 minutter siden


  45. Ni Made Artamiasih

    Ni Made Artamiasih17 minutter siden

    Sehun 😘😘

  46. kirpadroid 00

    kirpadroid 0017 minutter siden

    0:58 that’s the sound when you gain experience in Minecraft!!

  47. Melcjay

    Melcjay18 minutter siden

    Catchy ++

  48. Melcjay

    Melcjay18 minutter siden

    X exo

  49. veXollie L

    veXollie L18 minutter siden

    Let's go get 40m for the dance practice of LOVE SHOT me: I don't think so

  50. Dede Romdoniah

    Dede Romdoniah19 minutter siden

    Kesini lagi everyday guys💓💓

  51. 김지성

    김지성19 minutter siden

    규현이에게 미움을 샀습니다

  52. سكرتيره عزرائيل

    سكرتيره عزرائيل19 minutter siden

    I LovE Exo😍😍😍

  53. Eri L

    Eri L20 minutter siden

    امنيتي اقعد من النوم والقاها صارت 35

  54. Alexandra Muñoz

    Alexandra Muñoz20 minutter siden

    Quiero ver el dance practice, vamos exol Fin del comunicado.

  55. Vita maudy

    Vita maudy21 minutt siden

    Streaming terus exo-l ❣️

  56. Eri L

    Eri L21 minutt siden

    تصبحون على خير لان تعبت @[email protected]

  57. Vita maudy

    Vita maudy22 minutter siden

    I don't think so

  58. ثملة -ستان

    ثملة -ستان22 minutter siden

    بنات تخيلن الحض يستعدل ويجوز ايكسو ستتهم للمدرسة مدرسين كاي رياضيات سوهو فيزياء تشانيول عربي سيهيون دين (شلون مدارس بس تدبر ) بيكيهيون اجتماعيات شين انكليزي بالنسبة إلي ابات بالمدرسة ARAB EXO

  59. Agus Kurniawan

    Agus Kurniawan22 minutter siden

    D.O AND KAI 😻😘

  60. sarastyaning putri

    sarastyaning putri22 minutter siden

    ada sebutan koya :)(koyo)

  61. jazmin 1998

    jazmin 199823 minutter siden

    6M gooo!!!!!! STAN WAY V 💕

  62. Nurul Oh

    Nurul Oh23 minutter siden

    Lets get 35 guys ! Fighting

  63. dani suho

    dani suho23 minutter siden

    our vi*ws count going up so slowly :(

  64. ElpeloperdidodeD.O

    ElpeloperdidodeD.O24 minutter siden

    Where is the support for this comeback???? Let's put more effort for reproduce the song...EXO deserves the best support possible!!! Figthing EXO-L!!!!

  65. Melonhead

    Melonhead24 minutter siden

    Everytime I watch this I still act like I'm seeing it for the first time.

  66. daniels mama

    daniels mama24 minutter siden

    Such a amazing song🥰🥰...WAYV deserve world’s attention 💯 ,army noona loves you ❤️❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  67. Felicia Aurora

    Felicia Aurora24 minutter siden

    Merry Christmas 🌲🎅✨❤️❤️

  68. sarastyaning putri

    sarastyaning putri24 minutter siden

    kamu memanggilku nastar

  69. B villalpando cd9 exo bts

    B villalpando cd9 exo bts24 minutter siden

    Vamos por 35M

  70. Cotton Kim

    Cotton Kim24 minutter siden

    I want them I want them

  71. Suho Leader

    Suho Leader25 minutter siden

    Lets beat monster!!

  72. li hanci

    li hanci25 minutter siden

    EXO Take the flower road

  73. Vita maudy

    Vita maudy26 minutter siden

    I wan't you i wan't you wan't you i wan't you i wan't you wan't you

  74. ثملة -ستان

    ثملة -ستان26 minutter siden

    صباح الخير واخيرا قعدن ARAB EXO

  75. Devi Rahmadhani

    Devi Rahmadhani27 minutter siden

    Semuanya ganteng banget tapi satu yang buat aku Lay aura nya keluar 😎😍

  76. Bobohu04

    Bobohu0427 minutter siden

    I miss him so much , i Hope you're fine, i will Always be There for you kyungsoo 😭❤️ Dec.2019

  77. Athena Maxima-1

    Athena Maxima-127 minutter siden

    Quiero ver mi dance practice EXO-L!

  78. Bobrok Berotak

    Bobrok Berotak27 minutter siden

    TY is my bias

  79. Norah

    Norah28 minutter siden

    11Dec2019 Kangin oppa i really miss you 😞😭❤️ Suju OT11 ❤️😭 احبكم للابد وهذي الاغنيه احبها ، اشتقت لكانغن 😭💔

  80. erica cadavicio

    erica cadavicio28 minutter siden

    Its my friends phone and i'm using it just to watch this hahahhha exo or should i say x exo paved the way hahahahha i love them so muuuch ❤😍

  81. Vita maudy

    Vita maudy28 minutter siden

    Shut up in go away

  82. Maugecita Maugecita

    Maugecita Maugecita29 minutter siden


  83. هد وش

    هد وش30 minutter siden


  84. Atang Sutisna

    Atang Sutisna31 minutt siden

    It so amazing

  85. Caroline Gordon

    Caroline Gordon31 minutt siden

    this is the cutest mv i have ever watched.........

  86. this is xx

    this is xx32 minutter siden

    Touch me tease me feel me up....

  87. li hanci

    li hanci32 minutter siden

    EXO stay together

  88. Ashwak Samatar

    Ashwak Samatar32 minutter siden

    There are no words to describe how much I love Ten's part.

  89. caring-is-creepy

    caring-is-creepy33 minutter siden

    This video satisfies my bisexuality massively.

  90. Devi Rahmadhani

    Devi Rahmadhani33 minutter siden

    Miss you bgt😍😍❤

  91. na th

    na th33 minutter siden

    why i never saw people talking about this instrumental version of we go up????? IT IS SO GOOD PLEASE RELEASE IT

  92. Nabila Bovan

    Nabila Bovan33 minutter siden

    Aku sayangku chanyeol

  93. exo baekhyun

    exo baekhyun34 minutter siden


  94. X Chanyeøl

    X Chanyeøl34 minutter siden


  95. saja yixing 91

    saja yixing 9135 minutter siden

    سويت فيديو لتشان شوفوه حبابات يجنن

  96. OBSESSION Album

    OBSESSION Album35 minutter siden

    34,662 6:53am

  97. Devi Rahmadhani

    Devi Rahmadhani35 minutter siden

    Rindu bgt mereka yang ini😍😍

  98. Andrew Zhu

    Andrew Zhu35 minutter siden


  99. i stoled Jimin’s jams

    i stoled Jimin’s jams35 minutter siden

    *when jungwoo looks better then the actual rose.*

  100. na kim

    na kim36 minutter siden

    JAESUK oppaaaa my ULTIMATE BIAS 🤧😭 i miss youuuuu