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  1. Anders Johansson

    Anders Johansson15 minutter siden


  2. Anders Johansson

    Anders Johansson18 minutter siden

    Watch out, terminators! Sarah is back!!!

  3. TranceParadise

    TranceParadise18 minutter siden

    1:14 is Naval Base Point Loma in San Diego. Check on Google Maps. Thank me later.

  4. BJB

    BJB21 minutt siden

    PLEASE DON'T BE WOKE!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. CurseTail Productions

    CurseTail Productions31 minutt siden

    Keanu reeves

  6. Ki-Pat Tao

    Ki-Pat Tao32 minutter siden

    Oh' I love your sense of irony' Patrick.

  7. Drimi HQ

    Drimi HQ35 minutter siden

    The music is Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones if anyone's wondering.

  8. Julian 12214

    Julian 1221436 minutter siden

    They reanimated it for us. There really are some good people in this world.

  9. Zackpetro Playz

    Zackpetro Playz41 minutt siden

    Key & peel here

  10. George Tarasidis

    George Tarasidis45 minutter siden


  11. iceberg789

    iceberg78959 minutter siden

    best pilots never get promoted ...#PILOTFORLIFE

  12. Just Döner

    Just DönerTime siden

    Ich gucke denn flm sowas von auf englisch. Julien Bam passt einfach nicht als Sonic

  13. jose piquer

    jose piquerTime siden

    Just skip to 02:08

  14. Niki Flazy

    Niki FlazyTime siden

    2079: the bieber

  15. Gian Louis

    Gian LouisTime siden

    I always wondered how the Mission Impossible and The Incredibles theme songs sound so similar till I found out that they have the same director which is Brad Bird

  16. Purvesh Gholap

    Purvesh GholapTime siden

    Not gonna lie, but this movie gave me the best 4dx experience in theatres.. damn this movie was intense

  17. Chasity Olsen

    Chasity Olsen2 timer siden

    Hope this is in 4D

  18. Po Zaid

    Po Zaid2 timer siden

    KAWASAKI NINJA H2R carbon ..................the true Iron Horse ....manifestation and representation of the wild horse once lived on earth...................once again ROAR for the existance horse and superbike...

  19. Patrycja Sharma

    Patrycja Sharma2 timer siden

    I am going to see this

  20. ARTLE inc

    ARTLE inc2 timer siden

  21. ARTLE inc

    ARTLE inc2 timer siden

  22. Shawn Gifford

    Shawn Gifford3 timer siden

    Should be renamed Terminator.. this movie SUCK. AND EXPLAINS WHY IT WENT TO THE DOLLAR MOVIES FAST.......WAY TO F A MOVIE UP....

  23. Norb Lisinski

    Norb Lisinski3 timer siden

    Looking forward to seeing this.

  24. Caio Leandro

    Caio Leandro3 timer siden

    What does he say when he's playing baseball? "And the ??? is Sonic, and ??? also Sonic".

  25. Dorian

    Dorian3 timer siden

    Detective Pikachu Sonic the Hedgehog What’s next

  26. gaurav kumar

    gaurav kumar4 timer siden

    Top gun 2 No time to die Wonder woman 2 Black widow Summer of 2020 would be awesome

  27. Fathan Robbiansyah

    Fathan Robbiansyah4 timer siden

    I Hope Kaz and Mr Lawrence not written this movie.

  28. Veronica Micu

    Veronica Micu4 timer siden

    that moment you knew that the teenager was dora-

  29. 오율평

    오율평4 timer siden

    "Mom's necklace" Kills me every time.

  30. V. Sriram Sundar

    V. Sriram Sundar5 timer siden

    Am I the only one who wanted to see a refresh of the first trailer with the new sonic design?

  31. Drama 561

    Drama 5615 timer siden

    I will see this just out of respect to the studio for listening to the fans. Thank you @paramount

  32. Ryan Olivier

    Ryan Olivier5 timer siden

    I saw a drone flying in the one scene, and the admiral is saying how pilots are going extinct. I'm calling it, this will have the same plot as Ace Combat 7. Pilots proving they're better than drones.

  33. a3211858

    a32118585 timer siden

    2019 sonic ❌ 2020 sanic ⭕

  34. Andrew S

    Andrew S5 timer siden

    When I heard they killed John Connor and replaced him with a girl I terminated my plan to watch this movie. 🔥💲🔥🎬🔥

  35. Dave Balberona

    Dave Balberona6 timer siden

    The movie is not perfect but i can say its good and entertaining.. I dont know why most of the comments are throwing hate..

  36. Ruli Surya

    Ruli Surya6 timer siden

    So who is the enemy this time? Rogue russian air force?

  37. Ryan theblaziken101

    Ryan theblaziken1016 timer siden

    I’m pretty sure Gary got kidnapped by the old lady who tried to eat him in the episode”have you seen this snail”

  38. CK Boulevard

    CK Boulevard6 timer siden

    Where is Optimus Prime, and starscream?

  39. Guy Dallaire

    Guy Dallaire6 timer siden

    WHY and HOW the Tomcat at the end? O_o

  40. My Vantage Point

    My Vantage Point6 timer siden

    They better named next installment as Mission Impossible : Imagine Dragons

  41. 菊池東

    菊池東6 timer siden


  42. Camoleon

    Camoleon7 timer siden


  43. wotchthiz

    wotchthiz7 timer siden

    I'm pretty sure he's actually flying the birds. And I'm pretty sure the pilots named at least one stunt he created after him.


    DABEARS GAMING7 timer siden

    If the dogs died I want the humans dead too

  45. Dwi ahmad Riski

    Dwi ahmad Riski8 timer siden


  46. Tiffany Hayley Rameen Hayley

    Tiffany Hayley Rameen Hayley8 timer siden

    I advice that nobody under the age of 7 should watch CRAWL..

  47. Top Gun Full Movie HD 1986

    Top Gun Full Movie HD 19868 timer siden


  48. DJ MYstIC

    DJ MYstIC9 timer siden

    1% normal comments 100000% 9 yr Olds:- 2019 2020 *mEmEs*

  49. STG Official

    STG Official9 timer siden

    Before:Hedgehog the Sonic. After:Sonic the Hedgehog.

  50. Caio Albuquerque 2

    Caio Albuquerque 29 timer siden

    what is the music at 1:22

  51. Wout Berkhout

    Wout Berkhout9 timer siden

    lijkt me echt een kut film

  52. Yash Kundan

    Yash Kundan9 timer siden

    I'm waiting for WORLD WAR Z SEQUEL

  53. MrJack8700

    MrJack870010 timer siden


  54. cays케이스

    cays케이스11 timer siden

    So cute yay

  55. Prakash Rogland

    Prakash Rogland11 timer siden

    Pls dubb in tamil

  56. Teddygalbis

    Teddygalbis11 timer siden

    SJW piece of crap. Pass.



    What a garbage movie stop stealing peoples money thats why i love piratebay😆

  58. Alex Mwangi

    Alex Mwangi12 timer siden

    It would be awesome if they introduce the chaos emeralds and maybe the other hedgehogs

  59. NSX- 320

    NSX- 32012 timer siden

    I was waiting for the TERMINATOR war movie 2029, where the original Kyle Reese came from . War which a bit have shown in first two films Terminator 1 Terminator 2 . But I was deceived again, for the fourth time .

  60. Bit man

    Bit man12 timer siden

    What happens to John Connor?

  61. Nathan Case

    Nathan Case12 timer siden

    Sonic already doing better in the movie business than Mario.

  62. Hollywood Hindi

    Hollywood Hindi12 timer siden

    It looks they have copied indian marathi movie named Aga Bai Arechya concept where a lead actor hear evreything what women think or say in their mind..

  63. Vishal Samudrala

    Vishal Samudrala12 timer siden

    It’s rated PG.

  64. Sky Lee

    Sky Lee12 timer siden

    baby so cute

  65. PukiFee Neemo

    PukiFee Neemo12 timer siden

    2019: *SATONIC* 💩👿 2020: Sonic! 😍💙

  66. shivam agrawal

    shivam agrawal13 timer siden

    what the fuck... priyanka chopra is no where

  67. Cody B.

    Cody B.13 timer siden

    2019 - Sanic 2020 - *Classic Sonic the Hedgehog*

  68. coolbuddydude1

    coolbuddydude114 timer siden

    Isn’t a Captain in the Navy , a Colonel ? Why is it bad being Captain?

  69. Garage Masters

    Garage Masters14 timer siden

    Mihaly's back on the throttle boys!

  70. JL D

    JL D14 timer siden

    Retiring at 33 years as a Colonel with a few meaningful combat awards is nothing to sneeze at....

  71. Sandra Weeks

    Sandra Weeks15 timer siden

    2019: Sonic 06 Sonicman 2020: Sonic the hedgehog

  72. WWF 1992

    WWF 199215 timer siden

    Sonic 2019 Gangsta's Paradise Sonic 2020 Super Sonic and Blitzkrieg Bop

  73. D Confused

    D Confused15 timer siden

    Damn Russions think they own the world. Or do they?

  74. nightwishnemo

    nightwishnemo16 timer siden

    What's with all these retarded Koreans? Are these repressed Asian lesbians or Asian bots? It just blows my mind.

  75. Sarah Widodo :D

    Sarah Widodo :D16 timer siden

    2019: Rating this movie a one star 2020: Actually I’m rating this a five star

  76. Johann Ortiz

    Johann Ortiz16 timer siden

    Im still hoping to see Jim Carrey bald that is going to be hilarious

  77. juntjoo nunya

    juntjoo nunya16 timer siden

    Okay I just watched that first scene, paused to comment, and I'm glad that monster snatched that stupid kid. He/she couldn't have tried harder to get her/his family killed and whatever the f was going on with them they just shook their finger at him/her for almost making noises. I woulda duct taped it's mouth then smacked the crap out of it. They better not recover it(sry can't tell it's sex) later on in the movie.

  78. best wishes

    best wishes16 timer siden

    Tom is washed up. The old fk. Should retire!

  79. Wafi Hartono

    Wafi Hartono16 timer siden

    That is one hungry gator

  80. Pineapple Marshmallow

    Pineapple Marshmallow17 timer siden


  81. Sabrina_Playz 123

    Sabrina_Playz 12317 timer siden


  82. boat tv

    boat tv17 timer siden


  83. Sabrina_Playz 123

    Sabrina_Playz 12317 timer siden

    Lol I love this one but no offense to the other one but it was creepy ;-; YAY THEY MADE A NEW ONE

  84. The Alex Applewhite & Brian Garner Channel 2.0

    The Alex Applewhite & Brian Garner Channel 2.017 timer siden

    2019: horror movie 2020: superhero movie

  85. Emilio Bello

    Emilio Bello17 timer siden

    The beggining may make people think this is based on true events

  86. Judah Cochrane

    Judah Cochrane17 timer siden

    Russia 🇷🇺 has better pilots

  87. Thor Odinson

    Thor Odinson17 timer siden

    Keanu tumble weaves:wake the fuck up,sponge.we got a snail to find

  88. Yoshi Yuno

    Yoshi Yuno18 timer siden

    2019 sonic: *exists* 2020 sonic: Yo. Who dat boi. Who him is-

  89. Help_MEz4

    Help_MEz418 timer siden

    Hillenberg didn’t want this

  90. Edith Dlp

    Edith Dlp18 timer siden

    I prefer Salma in dark brown hair.

  91. Tayeb Mohammed

    Tayeb Mohammed18 timer siden

    Shall I watch this movie???

  92. James Pesce

    James Pesce18 timer siden

    What is that driving the boat?

  93. Anne Langton

    Anne Langton18 timer siden

    😢😢😭😭 Gary missing That sad

  94. eddie lemus

    eddie lemus18 timer siden

    1:26 really spongebob? -.-'

  95. Kayla Schulz

    Kayla Schulz18 timer siden

    That's a firefly you dumbass

  96. Rocio Goodwin

    Rocio Goodwin19 timer siden

    This movie was by far the worst movie tiffany has ever been in, didn't laugh once and i cringed way too many times. Tiffany haddish was doing the most and why do they think she's funny portraying her as a ghetto uneducated black woman who just did time in prison?? I couldn't even finish watching it🤦🏻‍♀️

  97. yeetfan2020 usa

    yeetfan2020 usa19 timer siden


  98. Stormborn

    Stormborn19 timer siden

    God I absolutely love those three movies :D I want so many more!!! (Just don't kill anyone of the main characters, their deaths spoil movies like these - to me).


    UH OH STINKY19 timer siden

    I Can’t wait to see this movie!!!!!!!

  100. Dylan Matthews

    Dylan Matthews19 timer siden

    The most F words in any movie