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congrats ksi

congrats ksi

2 måneder siden

i lost

i lost

3 måneder siden

Countdown to KSI vs. Logan Paul 2
My Final Message to KSI

My Final Message to KSI

3 måneder siden



4 måneder siden



5 måneder siden

A Love Story.

A Love Story.

6 måneder siden

I'm out.

I'm out.

7 måneder siden

rip maverick

rip maverick

7 måneder siden

Another one...

Another one...

7 måneder siden

We Arrested a VIOLENT Criminal
I fell in love.

I fell in love.

8 måneder siden

Transforming Myself Into My Dog


9 måneder siden

replacing kong...

replacing kong...

10 måneder siden

i miss you kong

i miss you kong

10 måneder siden

my favorite roommate gets a car
r u going to coachella? (song)
rip kong

rip kong

10 måneder siden

the end of maverick...

the end of maverick...

10 måneder siden

thinking about youtube...

thinking about youtube...

11 måneder siden

i lost $25,000 in 25 minutes...


11 måneder siden

  1. jerika1866

    jerika1866Dag siden

    Do you do tick-tock

  2. RDS xLegxndz

    RDS xLegxndzDag siden

    4:57 that hurts 😞

  3. KnightYT

    KnightYTDag siden


  4. Mxrvell Babe

    Mxrvell BabeDag siden

    I miss Logan's old Apartment, Kong and Maverick so bad. 💔

  5. Hiba Sirelkhatim

    Hiba SirelkhatimDag siden

    I feel so bad for ginger

  6. Girish Kumar

    Girish KumarDag siden

    Bro buy an other parrot !!

  7. Noob_ Od

    Noob_ OdDag siden

    I cried it's so sad when shes look at logan when hes going away 🤧🤧🤧🤧

  8. Francisco Alvarez

    Francisco AlvarezDag siden

    8:50 lol

  9. Mark Trovato

    Mark TrovatoDag siden

    Dude you need to take that dog back home man.

  10. Caitha Dolezal

    Caitha DolezalDag siden

    I’m sorry this has happened to you guys and I don’t want you to be sad RIP Kong The Savage

  11. Heihdi

    HeihdiDag siden

    Bro just look at the sub titles 😂😂😂😂

  12. Caleb McGuire

    Caleb McGuireDag siden

    Logan: ain’t nobody harder than me Also Logan: 0-1

  13. Rasanthn Ramesh

    Rasanthn RameshDag siden

    your like david dobrik because you make short vlog now .

  14. Mike Wells

    Mike WellsDag siden

    Sooo what are you gonna do with the dog? Like I guess I’m confused, are you going to take it home soon, like 4 months is a long time to not go check on her

  15. Grimlo360ck13

    Grimlo360ck13Dag siden

    Just buy a ranch

  16. Jan Aramis

    Jan AramisDag siden

    When you realized this useless piece of sht has more views than your actual favorite song.. lol

  17. Emily McGuire

    Emily McGuireDag siden

    4:45 *ouch* 😭💔

  18. Isaac Contreras

    Isaac ContrerasDag siden

    I like the Beatles music

  19. Dawnson.

    Dawnson.Dag siden

    she has a tattoo on her butt it is a cherry

  20. Code uojared

    Code uojaredDag siden

    9 hours? 2.2 mil views this man is popping off

  21. Michia Meraz

    Michia MerazDag siden

    Get the dog back she not a bad dog it just called a guard dog and how could you just let her go like😥🐶


    LSNGA GOASTDag siden

    Who wants him to adopt ginger

  23. Penelopedinkledong S

    Penelopedinkledong SDag siden

    4:23 *Monster Drink advert courtesy of the sun...*

  24. Techy Tech

    Techy TechDag siden

    Goddamn.... Make your vlogs long pleeesssssss

  25. Elias Fuller

    Elias FullerDag siden

    How could any one hate this song 🚫 🧢

  26. Scopido

    ScopidoDag siden

    Now we just need Jake Paul to mature

  27. Qhortez James

    Qhortez JamesDag siden

    This is catchy!

  28. Kwylie Inman

    Kwylie InmanDag siden

    Ok but like them two would be cute together

  29. Rosa Hercules

    Rosa HerculesDag siden

    Is it kong

  30. Lucy McNulty

    Lucy McNultyDag siden

    She’s absolutely not a bad dog. Dogs are never morally bad, they’re innocent. She just wasn’t trained well enough and part of that blame is on you.

  31. Lux Allure

    Lux AllureDag siden

    She’s a big dog and she a natural protector find some one with a ranch or some acreage I gaurantee she’ll love it and the right family will love her like she should be loved not tied up to a dog house like that😒

  32. Ethan's wwe channel!!!!

    Ethan's wwe channel!!!!Dag siden

    Rip macrick 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  33. Ajay Rana

    Ajay RanaDag siden

    5 Mins of vlog, The starting 3 minutes were super funny with funny edits and crazy humour and I laughed so much. The last 2 Minutes made me cry. These vlogs are taking me to the roller-coaster of emotions ❤️ I'm loving these vlogs ❤️ Thank You Logan ✊🏻

  34. Summer

    SummerDag siden

    Awe! She wants to go home 😢 he should have had Cesar train her. Hope she comes home soon.

  35. Michael Hayes

    Michael HayesDag siden

    You are gay

  36. Jose 99

    Jose 99Dag siden

    9:53 when I saw that it said Verizon and the WiFi connection I realized that the video is fake because I’ve traveled to Paris and other countries so you get a different service

  37. Mushtabo Mukhammad

    Mushtabo MukhammadDag siden

    why dont u take the mastiff to your ranch?

  38. Miles Leung

    Miles LeungDag siden

    Go find airrack and let him be in your team.


    MIKEL ARTDag siden

    Poor ginger 😢

  40. Rahul Wickramage

    Rahul WickramageDag siden

    This video was torture

  41. Sebastian Sandoval

    Sebastian SandovalDag siden

    Knowing Logan Paul through vine to NO-gos, seeing him talk to that bird in this video almost made me cry because that relationship he had with maverick meant so much to him as he grew up.

  42. pEARL

    pEARLDag siden

    2020? Miss this

  43. MARSッ G4DSON

    MARSッ G4DSONDag siden

    *And then people say we don't follow ksi's OpiNioN*🤕🤞😂

  44. Amy Lou

    Amy LouDag siden

    You bought a aggressive breed and now you don’t want it to act aggressive. Idiot.

  45. Heidi Gavrilovic

    Heidi GavrilovicDag siden

    Why would you go see the dog then leave for months like what

  46. Michael Estrada

    Michael EstradaDag siden

    Damn when he is talking to the parrot. That nostalgia.

  47. Trix Stix

    Trix StixDag siden

    no offense, your kinda mean for leaving that poor dog, its been 4 months

  48. Payton Sadler

    Payton SadlerDag siden


  49. Kaleb Kennedy

    Kaleb KennedyDag siden

    Yo I’ve low key been a fan of Logan for years and when he was talking about maverick that hit me right in the feels

  50. Supreme Kai

    Supreme KaiDag siden

    My only question is, why? Why date your brother's exes even if it's not serious, you get plenty of women

  51. Preston Crabill

    Preston CrabillDag siden

    No animal can replace kong this new dog is Kong 2.0 btw rip Kong😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  52. Mariyah Smith

    Mariyah SmithDag siden

    Or don’t cheat

  53. Boy wonder 1999

    Boy wonder 1999Dag siden

    You don’t deserved ginger

  54. Vicious_F1amez

    Vicious_F1amezDag siden

    this cool

  55. Alexlilsavage 69

    Alexlilsavage 69Dag siden

    Next video: “meeting the guy that killed my career”(meets KSI)

  56. Kyo Po

    Kyo PoDag siden

    0:52 jackass version 2

  57. Camila Tan

    Camila TanDag siden

    Rip Maverick ;-; I feel so bad for Logan :(

  58. Deepanshi Saxena

    Deepanshi SaxenaDag siden

    I love to see ginger in your vlogs like kong... she is a beautiful dog

  59. Anthony Valencia

    Anthony ValenciaDag siden

    Did I just enjoy a Logan Paul vid? I think so....

  60. Glitched Vipex

    Glitched VipexDag siden

    RIP Maverick 😪🦜🦜🦜🙏

  61. luke keeling

    luke keelingDag siden

    This is what happens when you dont do your research on your breed. U cant except the dog to know what u want them to act like they were bred to protect. It's in there DNA to broke at people approaching. You have to be the one who can turn it off. This is dogs such as pitbull rottweiler dobermans are looked at as "mean dogs". No. It's the bad owners who dont know how to train and how to be the alpha. Do I think Logan is a bad owner no. But I do think the Tibetan massive was a poor choice. Yes. Logan if u decided u cant keep her bc you are unable to care for her the way she needs then I would suggest that but please do your research of the potential adopters. Make sure they have experience. That's all . Logang rocks

  62. jackson whitmore

    jackson whitmoreDag siden

    Respect ✊🏻

  63. Dog Training

    Dog TrainingDag siden

    5:06 got emotional

  64. Jead Max

    Jead MaxDag siden

    Fuck I didn’t realize he’s already filming a dead fish first vlog dead fish 💀💀💀

  65. Jazzie Noonan

    Jazzie NoonanDag siden

    The one direction line makes me sad

  66. PikachuBoii

    PikachuBoiiDag siden

    Can you plz show everyone in the house including Broley? I miss everyone that used to be in your house

  67. Jose Valdez

    Jose ValdezDag siden

    And plus that kid can fucking sing😊😊😊

  68. rien dicky

    rien dickyDag siden

    no respect for leaving the dog

  69. Mr. BlackAsian

    Mr. BlackAsianDag siden

    me when my dad goes 1 mile above limit 1:14

  70. Dawid Pierzynowi

    Dawid PierzynowiDag siden

    Copied from friz, thats a polish youtuber if someone doesnt know. He has english subtitles on videos and he has some videos with Gucci face Jacob

  71. Jose Valdez

    Jose ValdezDag siden

    Sometimes it is best to give that mid the chance 😊😊

  72. Ishmael Smile Lobo

    Ishmael Smile LoboDag siden

    That's a chow chow is it?

  73. Mr Clasher

    Mr ClasherDag siden

    My big goal is to achieve 200k epic subscribers milestone this year 👊

  74. Tristen Funk

    Tristen FunkDag siden

    I hate this video

  75. Kirsty Mcrae

    Kirsty McraeDag siden

    So sad to see her watch logan walk away.....u can feel her pain

  76. Mehdi Musawi

    Mehdi MusawiDag siden

    4:54 bruh that made me sad ☹️

  77. Aaron_the_llama

    Aaron_the_llamaDag siden

    HOW DARE YOU idc if she killed maverick that’s YOUR fault. it’s a dogs INSTINCT if there hungry they will eat especially an Over weight dog because they want to eat more than average you should not have left maverick and her in the same room or able to get to each other

  78. Sloothy_Games022

    Sloothy_Games022Dag siden

    WAIT MAVERICKS DEAD?!!! NUUUUUU! (Sorry I just click on random vids I don’t just watch one person) WHYYYYYYY

  79. NeXusS

    NeXusSDag siden

    ngl not a fan of logan put this is pretty fire

  80. Justin Heimen

    Justin HeimenDag siden

    I saw Lana get f by 4dudes

  81. CR7

    CR7Dag siden

    Logan 🖤



    Lana and Mike should make a couple channel

  83. The Random YouTuber

    The Random YouTuberDag siden

    For real for real thing, if you bring the dog home I will subscribe to your channel. Fucking dog Abandon-ER.

  84. Charlie Pierce Beats

    Charlie Pierce BeatsDag siden

    Damn I actually got kinda in my feels when he left the dog 😭 it looked like she wanted to come too 😢😢

  85. Its Ya Boi Xavi

    Its Ya Boi XaviDag siden

    I wonder what the lady would say when she found out Kong uh 🐶+🐗=DEAD

  86. Samrat Manna

    Samrat MannaDag siden

    Come on Logan bring Ginger Back ! Like who wants Ginger to be back so that Logan can see it.

  87. Ajeeth Hamza

    Ajeeth HamzaDag siden

    Hayden really is fucking amazing!.

  88. Mwai Enzo

    Mwai EnzoDag siden

    just found out I'm super extreme cause I'm 135

  89. Aditya Patil

    Aditya PatilDag siden

    Miss you Maverick :'(

  90. M0B C-137

    M0B C-137Dag siden

    what if he ate Maverick to become the next Maverick like since in some religions consuming is like obtaining

  91. Bryan_faist

    Bryan_faistDag siden

    You cant leave ginger like that man, you dont give up on your team

  92. Owais Khan

    Owais KhanDag siden

    2020 anyone?

  93. Mammoth Vlogs

    Mammoth VlogsDag siden

    I like how mike and Lana have a good relationship

  94. Flushy

    FlushyDag siden

    Anybody come back to hear this 🔥 diss track again?

  95. Dagar 7

    Dagar 7Dag siden


  96. Matthew Gimena

    Matthew GimenaDag siden

    To all the memers out there CYKA BLYAT!

  97. someone

    someoneDag siden

    why would you go there and leave her? that's messed up

  98. Marcus Haydden Raeper

    Marcus Haydden RaeperDag siden

    It better get that cayote for kong

  99. imaguywithaface

    imaguywithafaceDag siden

    I faking love y'all

  100. Noface

    NofaceDag siden

    Get a new 🦜