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Thank you

4 måneder siden

Trying Lip Art On My Boyfriend
I did something to my hair
  1. Lola Patterson Cima

    Lola Patterson Cima4 minutter siden

    Normal people on the weekend: watches movie relaxes Kristine on the weekend: Collects cat hair

  2. Kelpie

    Kelpie4 minutter siden

    My dog tries to eat her loose hair when I brush her, too, lol...

  3. Makayla M

    Makayla M6 minutter siden

    She really has lost it.

  4. Emily May

    Emily May6 minutter siden

    Took me forever to figure out that she said "decal"

  5. Just Me Sarah

    Just Me Sarah11 minutter siden

    Just realised how much Cristine changet

  6. Squid Tea

    Squid Tea12 minutter siden

    My cat tries to eat me if I try to brush him... He hates it. ❤️

  7. Lady Bluejayy

    Lady Bluejayy14 minutter siden

    My cat allergy is acting up just watching this video.

  8. FruitBasketyay

    FruitBasketyay15 minutter siden

    I feel like Jenna Marbles would enjoy this video.

  9. Emily Scheib

    Emily Scheib16 minutter siden

    Doing a spinal tap for bone marrow, we can tell you don't come from a healthcare background 😆

  10. Anna Reese

    Anna Reese19 minutter siden

    Actually, my kitty developed a little bald patch as a result of an allergic reaction to a flea medication 😂😂😂

  11. Дима Авениччи

    Дима Авениччи21 minutt siden

    She managed to do it both cute and disgusting

  12. Shant Arakelian

    Shant Arakelian21 minutt siden

    Troom Troom: ShOvE a BaNaNa Up YoUr AsS... ItS nOt A pRoBlEm AnYmOrE...

  13. Joelle Jansen

    Joelle Jansen24 minutter siden

    How does one go to a cat cafe and *not* adopt all the cats?! HOW?!

  14. Stephanie Olivarez

    Stephanie Olivarez26 minutter siden

    wow she didnt include holo in her list of things she needs in life... fake

  15. heart squad

    heart squad29 minutter siden

    Oh my holo god it's working!!!!???!?!? 🤯🤯🤯

  16. Shant Arakelian

    Shant Arakelian29 minutter siden

    They are actually Armenian!! 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲

  17. y

    y30 minutter siden

    Just made tea

  18. Arianna Justino

    Arianna Justino30 minutter siden

    Try a heat changing gel polish or gel polish I general. I am curious if it’s just like glue with color, Sorry 😂

  19. Kyoko Oyabu

    Kyoko Oyabu30 minutter siden

    That white nail polish is the next new product from Holo Taco?😳💖

  20. Adele Pandatree

    Adele Pandatree30 minutter siden

    I was six when you uploaded that video

  21. Dem playz

    Dem playz31 minutt siden

    *trypophobia w a r n i n g*

  22. Maryam Ahmed

    Maryam Ahmed34 minutter siden

    I can't stop watching this.

  23. Camo_mou

    Camo_mou35 minutter siden

    Okay... I just looked when this was released. It has been two fucking years. I remember when this came out. I... what?

  24. Mika Rvll

    Mika Rvll35 minutter siden

    Did you remember when Cristine said Ben's name like...a normal person? This video is (G)old

  25. Lissa Salem

    Lissa Salem35 minutter siden

    Cristine: *goes to a cat cafe* can i brush your cats? Cat cafe staff: oh yea that would be awesome they definitely need a brushing! Wow what a service! Cristine: one condition tho - i wanna keep the hair 😏 Cat cafe staff: ............

  26. lightningfury

    lightningfury37 minutter siden

    Ben is so cute in this. "Do it again! Do it again!" He's so genuinely delighted.

  27. Mrs Calypso

    Mrs Calypso38 minutter siden

    Well that montage (and the whole video) made me understand why my bi brain thought it would be fitting to dream of cristine in a nsfw setting 🙃 she is a gorgeous, honest person, inside and out, good job brain 😄

  28. Helena Blachut

    Helena Blachut43 minutter siden

    Literally no one: Christine doesn’t know how to throw a good punch

  29. Ry uhiforgot

    Ry uhiforgot44 minutter siden

    “they’ve got ads!” *gets ad* me: 😑 *slow claps* me: well played Christine👏🏿 i hope i spelled that right i didn’t bother to look cuz i would have to re type :/

  30. kawaii Lolita leprechaun

    kawaii Lolita leprechaun50 minutter siden

    I call my grandma nanny

  31. Atif Rahman

    Atif Rahman50 minutter siden

    lol i was the horse girl 3 years ago

  32. A C

    A C51 minutt siden

    Cristine: normal nail art is boring, I NEED holo Nail sunny: *makes the most intriguing nail art ever* Cristine: no

  33. Alex C

    Alex C52 minutter siden

    I wouldn’t be able to do this since my cat is hairless 😖

  34. JG 100

    JG 10052 minutter siden


  35. Adrija Brazickaitė

    Adrija Brazickaitė56 minutter siden


  36. xCheolyx

    xCheolyx57 minutter siden

    cristine is the cat lady we all aspire to be

  37. Adrija Brazickaitė

    Adrija Brazickaitė58 minutter siden


  38. spidermiss2426

    spidermiss242658 minutter siden

    What is bad about this is I've considered buying this book for years. I believe it is still on my Amazon list saved. (At the time, I lived on a 5 acre property with many feral cats outside)

  39. Adrija Brazickaitė

    Adrija Brazickaitė59 minutter siden


  40. Valentin Farrah

    Valentin FarrahTime siden

    "Are you watching this while your supposed to be doing homework" No I'm watching this while I'm supposed to be doing my school work... I'm not such a great student lol

  41. Janai Gariety

    Janai GarietyTime siden

    Everytime she goes to the cat Cafe I get insanely jealous I want to go to there

  42. HarleyQuinn22

    HarleyQuinn22Time siden

    Cats do go bold My cat is bolding and going gray/more white (he's black and white)

  43. Diyanah Ismail

    Diyanah IsmailTime siden


  44. Toccara Maskell

    Toccara MaskellTime siden


  45. signe winding munch

    signe winding munchTime siden

    Do you stil have that benana nail polish

  46. fleuics

    fleuicsTime siden

    The way Cristine says eczema is so funny to me, as a british gal i normally say it like ex-zma or ex-zema.

  47. Caroline Ruby

    Caroline RubyTime siden

    You need to adopt the kitty that gave you a little nose boop!!!

  48. Little Wolf Taima

    Little Wolf TaimaTime siden

    I've been doing this for 8 years. I make purses, sculptures, realistic portraits on canvas etc out of both needle felted and wet felted cat (and dog) hair. I do not cheat by blending in wool. I started out with my cat's hair until I had to rehome him when I was made homeless. I will make custom items from your pet if you mail me the their hair or I'll use whatever I can get from a groomer. Help a struggling artist who has been dealing with domestic violence, repeated sexual assault, modern slavery and a boatload of other lifelong trauma. The only reason I am not still homeless is that I accepted a $5 an hour job doing manual labour outside all day including late nights because it comes with a little shoebox room to stay in.

  49. Himadri Mudgal

    Himadri MudgalTime siden

    I love you mom and dad! I just love how they do light-hearted and fun stuff and then they also do reflection time with simplynailogical and dad.... It really motivates me

  50. Kerri Lomas

    Kerri LomasTime siden

    3:06 me when I go to the pound and ask if I can get the cow but my parents say no Yes I want the cow, she is soooo sweet

  51. Sno

    SnoTime siden

    Rescuing a cat! ...or dog.

  52. Catarina Carvalho

    Catarina CarvalhoTime siden please watch these

  53. Emily Scheib

    Emily ScheibTime siden

    Zyler saying holooooo is really too much 😆😻

  54. Robyn Palfrey

    Robyn PalfreyTime siden

    Your chanel should be simplygonecrazy

  55. Upgrade

    UpgradeTime siden

    "Elsa could never" -Simply 2019~2020

  56. Poisonous Perppermints

    Poisonous PerppermintsTime siden

    Do this but polish mountain

  57. Michal Streak

    Michal StreakTime siden

    This was a literal comedy 😂👏🏻 “ you want some more information for your brain” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  58. jillian rose

    jillian roseTime siden

    to answer your question; cats can’t go bald but they can develop bald patches. bald patches can be caused by the cat being anxious or stressed where the cat is essentially over grooming itself causing it to develop bald patches. over grooming from fleas can also develop bald patches. and as cats get older some will have their fur grow in thinner which can also result in bald patches. i hope this answered your question lol

  59. Kaja Jacobsen

    Kaja JacobsenTime siden

    Had the worst day today (i get bullied) but Them i came Home watch this video and now im happy❤️❤️

  60. cindy coss

    cindy cossTime siden

    Animal shelters also have animals that aren't cats and dogs. Many have small animals (hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc.) Some even snakes.

  61. Laura GA

    Laura GATime siden

    one thing!! apparently some cats don't tolerate bells in their collars because the noise literally drives them mad, bc they try to hunt it and can't really find it :( if yours are fine with it, alright, but it's something to note

  62. breezie bee

    breezie beeTime siden

    Cristine brushing the cats... Me... oh my goodness my allergies and I'm not even there 😂

  63. Lindi Lotter

    Lindi LotterTime siden

    1 Nail polish 2 Tea 3 Beyyyn 4 Cats What about Holo???

  64. Ada Grace

    Ada GraceTime siden

    🌸OMG don’t change for anyone else HATERS BACK OF you are beautiful nobody can say you are not🌸

  65. cindy coss

    cindy cossTime siden

    My indoor cats also hide in my house and sometimes get locked in the basement utility room. If they had collars maybe I could more easily hear when they sneak down.

  66. ola sweetener

    ola sweetenerTime siden

    Simply technologlical ???

  67. Nevaeh Roberts

    Nevaeh RobertsTime siden

    I looked at this and thought what the actual f*ck.........I need to watch it😂

  68. K Lowe

    K LoweTime siden

    Bless you for this kitty content!

  69. Paulina

    PaulinaTime siden

    Cristine u a crazy bitch, but I still love you <3

  70. angelfoodcake1979

    angelfoodcake1979Time siden

    Is that your bedroom? OMG that wallpaper!!! Where is that from?

  71. Leala-May Rice

    Leala-May RiceTime siden

    “Home” Christine: ho me

  72. larissa lol

    larissa lolTime siden

    you really should craft with human hair lol

  73. Lando Boi

    Lando BoiTime siden

    It reminds me of Jacklyn hills lipsticks

  74. Eleni Vrdi

    Eleni VrdiTime siden

    Cristine: Crafts with cat hair My allergies: *triggered*

  75. Sanni Salmela

    Sanni SalmelaTime siden

    so when can we expect the holo cat hair line launch?

  76. blue llama in the sun

    blue llama in the sunTime siden

    Does anyone else get a problem with the pixels at 4:39?

  77. Mariana Fernandez

    Mariana FernandezTime siden

    2:33 AAWWWWW

  78. MoonPrincess92

    MoonPrincess92Time siden

    Now you’re going to get fan mail of the fur of your fans cats

  79. Shinigami Trash

    Shinigami TrashTime siden

    They’re not even hacks 😂 it’s just like a weird unfunny soap opera 😂

  80. isieeeeee

    isieeeeeeTime siden

    cat bells can be really damaging and even anxiety-inducing to your cats! :(

  81. Hi Bye

    Hi ByeTime siden

    She says shes bad at stamping but honestly shes pretty good at it

  82. It'sBeth! !!!

    It'sBeth! !!!Time siden

    Cling film*

  83. Nalanzazu

    NalanzazuTime siden

    cats can loose their hair from stress 😬

  84. Iris James Smith

    Iris James SmithTime siden

    You could do any of those crafts and I'd be here for it

  85. Kendra McDougall

    Kendra McDougallTime siden

    what do you do with a sick chemist? well if you can't helium and you can't curium then you might aswell barium

  86. Leala-May Rice

    Leala-May Rice2 timer siden

    This reminds me of that lady that was addicted to eating cat hair on my strange addictions

  87. summer johnson

    summer johnson2 timer siden

    this video cured my depression

  88. Dani Doesyoutube

    Dani Doesyoutube2 timer siden

    If next video is I adopt 10 cats i wont be suprised

  89. Grace Thomas

    Grace Thomas2 timer siden

    you should come out with a gel line of nail polishes, even though they never dry. =)

  90. Sara McClung

    Sara McClung2 timer siden

    Look up Victorian Hair Jewelry. Not creepy at all....(Read sarcastically)

  91. Nadia Franklin

    Nadia Franklin2 timer siden

    My friend's cat started getting bald spots from being brushed too much. So I guess be careful of over grooming. But generally I don't think cats go bald

  92. Ashley Ramirez

    Ashley Ramirez2 timer siden

    “ho me” “ho-“ “h o m e” i never laughed so fuckin hard

  93. Huma Warsi

    Huma Warsi2 timer siden

    That pin thingy disturbed me deep...😶

  94. Hannah Weaver

    Hannah Weaver2 timer siden

    Anyone else waiting for her to adopt another cat?

  95. Kitt Kozy

    Kitt Kozy2 timer siden

    Funny about this is cats can't see color hues and saturations the way we can. they also cant see reds and pinks.

  96. Tricia Kim

    Tricia Kim2 timer siden

    Tbh I would have just snapped it off

  97. Charlette Sinclaire

    Charlette Sinclaire2 timer siden

    I see you representing the Teddy Fresh nation!!!!👌

  98. Megan Anderson

    Megan Anderson2 timer siden

    pet hair gives me anxiety, yet im still watching