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  1. Junky Plunjy

    Junky Plunjy6 timer siden


  2. Roi Taylor

    Roi Taylor6 timer siden

    This is why people are losing jobs !

  3. Trap Town HNH

    Trap Town HNH6 timer siden

    Awesome video,Keep it up! Would you like to be NO-gos friends? :]

  4. Roi Taylor

    Roi Taylor6 timer siden

    Biden 💖

  5. Trap Town HNH

    Trap Town HNH6 timer siden

    Quite good video, awesome! Would you like to be NO-gos friends? :]

  6. Trap Town HNH

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    When is your next video? :D Keep it up! Would you like to be NO-gos friends? :]


    Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD6 timer siden

    It's just sad that none of the front runners seem like the great politicians that there deluded supporters say they are. It doesn't even look like they are willing to work with each other any more. Just personal attacks.. American politics is just lost doesn't look like anyone can fix it.. Yawn..

  8. RocknDave

    RocknDave6 timer siden

    Hell yeah, sign me up! Better than cashiers judging you for not having healthy food and stuff. Cashier is a crappy job anyway.

  9. Kealan Hobelmann

    Kealan Hobelmann6 timer siden

    This is really awesome! If anyone is looking for more info on foster care in Philly, you can find a ton of info at

  10. Trap Town HNH

    Trap Town HNH6 timer siden

    Great stuff :) Would you like to be NO-gos friends? :]

  11. Trap Town HNH

    Trap Town HNH6 timer siden

    Fantastic video! Keep it up! Would you like to be NO-gos friends? :]

  12. Nathan Songer

    Nathan Songer6 timer siden

    Bus stop Betty

  13. misithe11

    misithe116 timer siden

    love it.

  14. Luna Moonfang

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  15. Zero Cool

    Zero Cool6 timer siden

    Fucking snitch 🤣

  16. Gman4MF

    Gman4MF6 timer siden

    Hmm Amy is so hot 🔥🖤

  17. Ayesha Khan

    Ayesha Khan6 timer siden

    You can never have enough seasoning.

  18. John Edward Jones

    John Edward Jones6 timer siden

    Not an Amazon fan. Have'nt purchased anything from them in 15 yrs. However I like anything that gets me out of any store faster. "Fast Check-Out" lanes were a plus but even there it often isnt fast. Many issues at my local Meijer and Kroger.

  19. homer simpson

    homer simpson6 timer siden

    this guy should be a professional chef

  20. Connie

    Connie6 timer siden

    When I used DevaCurl products, it burned like fire. I thought I had gotten a counterfeit product from Amazon. When it happened with the product I purchased from Ulta as well, I knew something wasn't' right. My scalp had scabs all over and was burning and itching. My ears even crusted over in the back. It was a nightmare. Here is my Amazon review from two years ago.

  21. Anna Decker

    Anna Decker6 timer siden

    OZZY, DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU GOING WHEN YOU DIE.? UP or down....PRase darkness fun is here , on Earth, but after you more fun, are you repent?

  22. Gilbert Flores

    Gilbert Flores6 timer siden

    How about coupons? This is stupid ! They just want your money.

  23. Kathy W.

    Kathy W.6 timer siden

    Just like his mother, he's letting them know that he does not need their funky little royal title to be a royal.

  24. forever grateful

    forever grateful6 timer siden

    The sad and regretful look in her eyes when the interviewer said, " weren't faithful, you betrayed the relationship..." in 5:23

  25. tough nut

    tough nut6 timer siden

    She should be in the Olympics in Tokyo

  26. yng_ Gio

    yng_ Gio6 timer siden

    Even the way gordon talks is Full of flavour

  27. Taylor Made

    Taylor Made6 timer siden

    Ozzy could defeat the disease himself! Run run.

  28. John Edward Jones

    John Edward Jones6 timer siden

    Harry has always shown determination, compassion and marching to his own tune. Good wishes to Harry and his family. His courage is inspiring.

  29. Ashen One

    Ashen One6 timer siden

    Look at his house 🏰

  30. Sheila Campbell

    Sheila Campbell6 timer siden

    The reason they have given for associating 'just call me Harry' with this speculative reporting has confirmed that it is the truth that a "pure heart thinks pure thoughts" and out of the "heart the mouth speaks" In Scotland today at the conference Harry is still a working royal, therefore the moderator should be "on the ball" and addressed him in the custom that is correctly used for working royals. It was ignorant to ask him how he was to be addressed, but because the press has fed polluting misinformation into the public space, even people who should know better are confused. To Harry's benefit, it was the opportunity to be ahead of the confusion before March thirty-first and all the media mania that is being stored up for that date. "Just call me Harry" was his response. Good for you Harry and going forward NEVER trust the media, even if they are not from the UK they suck the 'mother's milk' are contaminated with the leaven/yeast/fungus of False News Appearing Real in their reporting of all news concerning you and your family. Honest reporting is very unpopular these days because people have become addicted to the dishonest news with the media's version of MSG added for embellishment.

  31. Jenn Tj

    Jenn Tj6 timer siden

    So many retail store closing down because of amazon means alots people lost job , not just them property owners loosing tenants , malls are weekdays half empty

  32. Hans Solo

    Hans Solo7 timer siden

    Automation and AI will do the job faster and efficiently. Cashiers and baggers not needed. Just like cassette tapes and cds. Obsolete.

  33. mary loo

    mary loo7 timer siden

    MashaAllah such Amazing girls

  34. Sharon Fain

    Sharon Fain7 timer siden

    Harry gave her strict instructions not to show up at Invictus as she’d left an flown to California after being caught lying to Prince Harry an Queen Royal biographer had given all this to them as his research before putting book together caused a major issue I’m thinking they have removed the video showing her flying 9000 miles to repair damage an he’s told her no don’t come and if you locate the video you will see the old Harry place his finger on her nose pointing I told you don’t show up this isn’t about you this is important to me he chewed her out from then on no wrapping body around him like a snake and he tried avoid hand . She’s certainly was worried that day trying to get back in his good graces I guess she did eventually!

  35. Shinobi 91

    Shinobi 917 timer siden

    There goes your jobs.

  36. Gone Crazy

    Gone Crazy7 timer siden

    it simply breaks my heart what this father had to go through.... Make justice as simple as crime. Let the father have his way with him. simple as that.

  37. Shirley Beaverly

    Shirley Beaverly7 timer siden

    On the line386 is jealous slimatha

  38. Jessie Daniels

    Jessie Daniels7 timer siden

    Yes Great Harry . Not so call (letters)..

  39. Shauna The Amazing

    Shauna The Amazing7 timer siden

    I’m scared

  40. Sarah Wangui

    Sarah Wangui7 timer siden

    Run Madison ruuuuuunnnnnnn

  41. papa pie

    papa pie7 timer siden

    Harry is a former British soldier and he is a lot tougher than most people think. He is the real deal and is always Prince Harry to me. He's a blood Royal so even though he asked the audience this morning to refer to him just as Harry, he will always be the People's Prince to me. He has his mom's special spark💝💝

  42. Devin Walsh

    Devin Walsh7 timer siden

    Michael Sthhhran

  43. Clarence Mczeal

    Clarence Mczeal7 timer siden

    Nice story

  44. Travis forsythe

    Travis forsythe7 timer siden

    I'm confused! If you need a liver to live. How was he able to give his liver to her?

  45. nitakate 49

    nitakate 497 timer siden

    Bullshit they shouldn't have had that sentence. Father fucked them

  46. Shawn Erickstad

    Shawn Erickstad7 timer siden

    Stopping 8 of 10 goals, I think she meant to say shots lol

  47. blue peter

    blue peter7 timer siden

    Michael, does everything he sees... Does not realize a man should not do everything a women does... It does not look right....

  48. Barry Goldwater

    Barry Goldwater7 timer siden

    Mind control social programming trash

  49. Jezza Us

    Jezza Us7 timer siden

    Incredible acting performances, Mackay especially.

  50. Sikru

    Sikru7 timer siden


  51. Vitória Carvalho

    Vitória Carvalho7 timer siden


  52. iridefast1

    iridefast17 timer siden

    Sober bars? Don’t they call them coffee shops.

  53. Gigi Stoker

    Gigi Stoker7 timer siden

    Roman, so cute. So adorable.

  54. Independentsoul

    Independentsoul7 timer siden

    I love her!!!!❤️

  55. Sophia H

    Sophia H7 timer siden

    That's my kind of store ♥️♥️♥️

  56. Anne Mélanie

    Anne Mélanie7 timer siden

    On vous aime Harry❤❤❤ vous êtes notre prince du peuple, notre prince de coeurs et surtout notre prince du MONDE. 😍😍😍❤❤❤

  57. Maggie Osasere

    Maggie Osasere7 timer siden

    JUST call me HARRY! WAOOOOOOW! That is great of him. Is the ppl's prince HARRY.humble and adorable guy. I wonder what the backward British monarchy , tabliods, presenters , RPS, R. ROTAS ETC will say now. Backward ancients fools. Royal experts we are waiting for ur stupid analysis.GOD BLESS YOU HARRY AND UR WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL YOUNG HOUSEHOLD. LET THEM SAY ' PPL WILL ALWAYS TALK!👍👍💪💪✌✌✌✌😍😍😍👏👏🙏🙏👪👪👪💜💙💓💖💞💘❤💋💚💚

  58. Mini Bike In Palm Springs

    Mini Bike In Palm Springs7 timer siden

    George Stupidcommunist has been lying about President Trump almost four years now. GMA is a show for mouth breathers and welfare queens.

  59. Patrick DE GUZMAN

    Patrick DE GUZMAN7 timer siden

    He takes private flights and will take more private flights as millionaire commoners. What a hypocrite.

  60. Danny Schaeffer

    Danny Schaeffer7 timer siden

    Damn it its cute as hell

  61. Vic Jones

    Vic Jones7 timer siden

    Burger to die for indeed...Especially if you like eating raw beef in the middle :/

  62. Michele M

    Michele M7 timer siden

    Praise the Lord for matching these two up: new Mom and beloved son. This venture is rare, and it would be so wonderful if many, many more teens were mentored, embraced, and adopted. 💕🏘🙏 You can see that the love and admiration is mutual, and I love that Dakota even got his very own pup, and a Grandma that's on-board. Lots of love & bonding in that home and family.

  63. vino rocha69

    vino rocha697 timer siden

    Michael looks like Robin very much....creepy

  64. Ronald Joseph

    Ronald Joseph7 timer siden

    Seems the Windsors are RACIST PIGS and no one seems to take them on....

  65. Seth Kinstle

    Seth Kinstle7 timer siden

    now they're trying to overtake walmart. it's giant versus giant in this grocery store show down

  66. Estefani Bowen

    Estefani Bowen7 timer siden

    I can’t help someone with an item??? Doesn’t that sound weird like omg no I can’t help you old lady because then I’ll be charged sorry bye

  67. noemi la79

    noemi la797 timer siden

    Technology is taking jobs away 🤔

  68. Seth Kinstle

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  69. EdrianJustine

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  70. Estefani Bowen

    Estefani Bowen7 timer siden

    13 hours a year doesn’t even sound that bad lmfao

  71. Dragon Altair

    Dragon Altair8 timer siden

    Oh my god. He could just make a videocall if he is SO worried about the environment.

  72. Truth Hurts

    Truth Hurts8 timer siden

    Its Funny Harry does not seem to care but the media is dragging it out every day. Get over it people, talk about dirty deeds Prince Andrew for once or the other royal members going through a divorce.

  73. Ontheline38622911

    Ontheline386229118 timer siden

    BOO BOO BOO 👻GO AWAY YOU HYPOCRITE FOOL!! How dare you show your face after all that you and your trashy hypocrite cheap vulgar wife did to our queen!!

  74. Manohar Patil

    Manohar Patil8 timer siden

    Hand that bastard to the Dad.... Let his pains ease out.....

  75. Isabel Vasco

    Isabel Vasco8 timer siden

    Prince Harry his our Prince we love you 😍

  76. Bubbles

    Bubbles8 timer siden

    He will always be a Prince because he was born a Prince. He may not use the word Prince but because of his lineage he will always be a Prince.

  77. cforbes54

    cforbes548 timer siden

    I go see him every day!! True legend!!!

  78. Maggie Edwards

    Maggie Edwards8 timer siden

    Harry ?Harry? Will always be prince Harry to me relinquishing your royal title cannot change your birth right 🇬🇧🧐

  79. Moore Trevor

    Moore Trevor8 timer siden

    Princr Harry is the real Royal, not those puppets.

  80. carolineupshaw

    carolineupshaw8 timer siden

    Love You Harry

  81. jordaine davidson

    jordaine davidson8 timer siden


  82. Chrissy Stewart

    Chrissy Stewart8 timer siden

    Bully is never ok We don't want this for nobody stop being mean to others It broke my 💔 I was bullied in school & have trouble interacting with people I'm against bullying I'm sorry it happen to Quanden He doesn't deserve this let's be kind to one another

  83. specialized500

    specialized5008 timer siden

    Not a good singer

  84. KD 68

    KD 688 timer siden

    She’s a great actress. Looking forward to the movie.

  85. alejandra lopez

    alejandra lopez8 timer siden

    I love it man versus animals thats dope

  86. Mara L

    Mara L8 timer siden

    She’s really good. But I wouldn’t have given that routine a ten if I was a judge. Close to it though.

  87. Millicent Evans

    Millicent Evans8 timer siden

    Great loss beautiful soul Prince Harry is very brave to speak his truth. And its nice to see how he has grown to be just like.his mother. It must of hurt him.a great deal its his mother you only get one and he was young back then. I am proud to know he is speaking about looseing his mother. How he felt deep down inside his soul. GOD BLESS HIM AND HIS FAMILY HIS MOTHER HIS WITH HIM AND HIS BROTHER SHE LOVED THEM SO MUCH. SHE IS FOREVER IN THEIR HEARTS. SHE IS GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN REST IN PEACE PRINCESS DIANA ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ QUEEN OF HEART'S ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  88. Weed Wizard

    Weed Wizard8 timer siden

    What a memory hole of an event. Shit is fishy as fuck and it’s so obvious the government agencies had some play in this.

  89. Daniela Zuniga

    Daniela Zuniga8 timer siden

    I don’t believe it! She crazy

  90. Promise Akanteh

    Promise Akanteh8 timer siden

    I could watch and listen and stay glued for days and won't be able to take a short break. Trevor you are awesome

  91. Chubi Del Rosario

    Chubi Del Rosario8 timer siden

    Tyra is crazy

  92. Gloria Bridges

    Gloria Bridges8 timer siden

    Many women and men marry for money, power, recognition, and security. SAD. This is hard to understand for most of us. How could you give up inner peace, your identity, and sometimes your self respect, for money? But it happens very frequently. WEINSTEIN is disgusting, yet he was brilliant in business, and could be powerful in his ideas. I wonder how many women he really sexually abused? You see this group against him now, but how many spoke up over the years and was ignored? Or maybe some suffered in silence. With his money and power, I think some women probably went to him ! Oh yes, women are capable of seducing men or using them for money. Same goes for men using women. I'm not a fan of Movieland, Oscars and all the lights and glitter. I've always found it entertaining but kept in mind, it's fantasy. Kind of like in school. You may have put in hours on a project, and it was great, but the rich kid gets the blue ribbon because of who he is. I know a lot of excellent actors, yet they don't win Oscars. So when WEINSTEIN says it's part of the game in Hollywood, he is not far from the truth. As for all this being secret until now, use your head. There were many who knew, turned a blind eye, or went along for personal gain.

  93. captainedc

    captainedc8 timer siden

    Arent all sexual advances unwanted unless it actually ends in sex ?

  94. Linda Flores

    Linda Flores9 timer siden

    What happened to her face😱

  95. hiddenuareand willremain

    hiddenuareand willremain9 timer siden

    This dude SOUND like BULLSHIT, CHYLE. 😡😡

  96. Spiritual Cosmetics

    Spiritual Cosmetics9 timer siden

    I think the idea of model land will work it’s nothing more than a luxury spa meets modeling training meets photo shot! I think the concept may work at America’s dying malls too! I hope modeland is a success! Tyra is a modeling legend!

  97. serabera0

    serabera09 timer siden

    Suzanne seems off in this video

  98. Sk Shakil

    Sk Shakil9 timer siden

    Wow nc aktingk

  99. Liliane Beeckman

    Liliane Beeckman9 timer siden

    Mensen die films of series met Jennifer niet bekijken, maar wel flashdance hebben gezien, herkennen haar meteen terug in bv. Taken. Hoe underated ben je dan. Een film, of serie met haar , hoe beperkt haar rol ook is, valt zonder haar en dat zal ook zo zijn bij de nieuwe serie the L word.

  100. Maridel Zamora

    Maridel Zamora9 timer siden

    I thought GMA in philippines