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  1. Lexis Niles Gero

    Lexis Niles Gero8 timer siden

    Definitely felt Ashby burp 😂

  2. Shivanand Shukla

    Shivanand Shukla8 timer siden

    When I saw Jaxon and Carson together ,I knew that it's going to be awesome😍😎

  3. john fook

    john fook8 timer siden


  4. Schulzeey

    Schulzeey8 timer siden

    0:34 that’s what she said

  5. Chicken Nuggets

    Chicken Nuggets8 timer siden

    Lol I can buy all of the sweets from the local sweet shop and the onion soup from a French restaurant and I would pass on the stew coz I hate seafood I can buy the pie and the tart from the local bakery so I would win and eat that cake easy win

  6. NoName98

    NoName988 timer siden

    1:20 these people definitely aren’t fun at parties

  7. random sht

    random sht8 timer siden

    Am filipino 👍👍👍👍👍

  8. Maria Garcia

    Maria Garcia8 timer siden

    BOY MEETS WORLD OMG I loved this <33

  9. The nightmare

    The nightmare8 timer siden

    Give them pytogira or i will gamhso your mana😂😊😂

  10. Nick Jenkins

    Nick Jenkins8 timer siden

    I've seen those weird sponge Bob videos they say pepper athosund times

  11. Lola Esan

    Lola Esan8 timer siden

    The black dad is too funny 😂😂😂

  12. Audrey Cullen

    Audrey Cullen8 timer siden

    sorry but it’s the Patronus Charm not the Patronus Spell..

  13. Bo N Son

    Bo N Son8 timer siden

    "THIS IS SO AUTO TUNES" me:the beatles are not auto tuned

  14. All Watching

    All Watching8 timer siden

    I get mentally ill from watching this video. When the part where the younger girl that's on my right and on her left the one who says this is good when it's the SAME CAKE. Like how it go bad to good then good again from the same cake that hasn't been touched but her like I feel like I'm mentally challenged

  15. Anton

    Anton8 timer siden

    lol i just looked at the comments to see if there is anything about brandon and jordan and there are no other comments hahah

  16. Fshy Sway

    Fshy Sway8 timer siden


  17. T_N_T

    T_N_T8 timer siden

    Wow I don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with a ranking of the MCU movies more

  18. fredvlees pet

    fredvlees pet8 timer siden

    super differtent top 40 back than

  19. Surina Martinez

    Surina Martinez8 timer siden

    React to Bad bunny

  20. Zero the Gamer

    Zero the Gamer8 timer siden

    1v1 me scrub

  21. 1000 SubsForFootball

    1000 SubsForFootball8 timer siden

    Bruh either you eat all the food or you wait for the winning dish

  22. JT 20825

    JT 208258 timer siden

    When Brandon didn't know who made Highway to Hell I hit my head on the wall repeatedly

  23. Sup it’s Delia Idk

    Sup it’s Delia Idk8 timer siden

    100%. Jordan 1% woah so impressive

  24. Student Justin Salinas

    Student Justin Salinas8 timer siden

    You should’ve shown the rocky stairs

  25. T_N_T

    T_N_T8 timer siden

    Am I the only one who thinks Black Panther is way overrated

  26. Queen Starbucks_lovern

    Queen Starbucks_lovern8 timer siden

    Mikeaela looks like Sssniperwolf or am I seeing things

  27. Dead Chanel

    Dead Chanel8 timer siden


  28. Tymari vlog’s Griffin

    Tymari vlog’s Griffin8 timer siden

    I can go to gen 7

  29. tati Guerrero

    tati Guerrero8 timer siden

    I'm Mexican 🇲🇽

  30. Tommy Sanconte

    Tommy Sanconte8 timer siden

    Sheila sabe! El Google traductor NO ES BUENO!

  31. Curious Human

    Curious Human8 timer siden

    I never know names

  32. Lola Esan

    Lola Esan9 timer siden

    “Is it Opposite Day”💀😂

  33. 「aléatoire Mizore」

    「aléatoire Mizore」9 timer siden


  34. LeifY_crown •

    LeifY_crown •9 timer siden

    Why does all the food look nasty af

  35. Kristian marvi Engay

    Kristian marvi Engay9 timer siden


  36. timomastosalo

    timomastosalo9 timer siden

    Jaxon been so calm earlier, kind of took this episode.

  37. christine j

    christine j9 timer siden

    i would do these but the problem is... *we don't have a microwave*

  38. Curious Human

    Curious Human9 timer siden

    I only knew lavender town, because it was the only place that I knew had creepy music

  39. Art by Eddy

    Art by Eddy9 timer siden

    "That's it????"😂😂😂😂😂

  40. It’s Karissma

    It’s Karissma9 timer siden

    The fact that they didn’t know the porridge from Mulan from the second the scene started...

  41. 25Mali15

    25Mali159 timer siden

    1:23 she sound like Siri

  42. Molly Cherry

    Molly Cherry9 timer siden

    Imagine you did another video about kinda like this but Matt Stonie was in that would be so funny!!!

  43. Southernblonde1310

    Southernblonde13109 timer siden

    Faith is just a delight.

  44. Simon Riley

    Simon Riley9 timer siden

    I would trade anything just to have a cool granddad like Rock

  45. bbtank3000

    bbtank30009 timer siden

    I'm 32 and this comments section is making me feel it. Seems like a lot of people here know Christy for Kim Possible and not Even Stevens. Any chance there are people here that remember "So Weird"? Or even older that remember Spellbinder and Ocean Girl?

  46. infearable

    infearable9 timer siden

    Id only listen to the rock music so i dont know most of these

  47. Soft drinks ?

    Soft drinks ?9 timer siden

    Carson for the win!!!!!!!!

  48. ethan ledesma

    ethan ledesma9 timer siden

    I just watched zombies 2 last night

  49. Maggie Miller

    Maggie Miller9 timer siden

    They all feeling bad for each other because the other one can't have the cake. But the real fools is us because we get NONE of it

  50. music 12024

    music 120249 timer siden

    I love the boy wearing a brown checkered shirt, he’s open to any food and give an respectful opinion🥺❤️ Meanwhile the boy in stripes just hates every filipino food🤣

  51. Huascar Gonzales

    Huascar Gonzales9 timer siden

    This is a gamer moment bruh😐😐😐🤬🤬😀😀😃😂😂😄👌👌🤘🏾👌🤘🏾👌👌👌🙏🏿💄

  52. Blake_The _VIP

    Blake_The _VIP9 timer siden

    The killerz is not pure rock lmao

  53. Vale208

    Vale2089 timer siden

    When they’re saying rice pudding they mean arroz con leche? Cause arroz con leche be EVERYTHING

  54. Parker Cary

    Parker Cary9 timer siden

    And also shoutout to the guys from dead meet love there stuff

  55. Parker Cary

    Parker Cary9 timer siden


  56. freddy plays roblox

    freddy plays roblox9 timer siden

    4:41 Elsa Kinney mouse ears on ary

  57. Parker Cary

    Parker Cary9 timer siden

    Jesser is a g

  58. Parker Cary

    Parker Cary9 timer siden

    Jesser is a god

  59. Robert Gordon

    Robert Gordon9 timer siden


  60. Southernblonde1310

    Southernblonde13109 timer siden

    Yeah, suck it, Kyle. 😂

  61. Michael Roman

    Michael Roman9 timer siden

    Who else likes how they pick states rather than countrys

  62. axcel axset

    axcel axset9 timer siden

    Why Muslims touching a dog?

  63. Chellekathrynnn

    Chellekathrynnn9 timer siden

    Why she say “Bo-bat-tin” like that???

  64. Marissa Kelly

    Marissa Kelly9 timer siden

    How do you even get on the channel?

  65. Semli Santy

    Semli Santy9 timer siden

    To infinity and beyond se traduce en español al infinito y mas alla no, si no antes.

  66. Sharina Satriananta

    Sharina Satriananta9 timer siden

    Is it me or eric looks like post malone

  67. A L F R E D O

    A L F R E D O9 timer siden

    Fun Fact This Was The First Video I’ve Watched From You Guys.

  68. NoteWorthyYT

    NoteWorthyYT9 timer siden

    Please do try not to eat “Friends” food!

  69. Eshan Garkhedkar

    Eshan Garkhedkar9 timer siden

    7:50, oh shit he got you there 😂 😂

  70. Danielle Detterline

    Danielle Detterline9 timer siden

    I would have been SO MAD if I made it all the way through. The onion soup, steak and kidney pie and the tart is all I need in life. I’m not a cake person.

  71. Fanatica Feax

    Fanatica Feax9 timer siden

    “He was a smoker, he deserved to die.” OH MY GOD??

  72. maymuna raj

    maymuna raj9 timer siden

    Dionte got some beef with alberto or sumn🥴😗😆👀👀

  73. Penguinn

    Penguinn9 timer siden

    if I was in there I'D LOSE I LOVE DUMPLINGS!

  74. Mrdarkside505

    Mrdarkside5059 timer siden

    When you know Green Day going to be in this

  75. Jaleel Carter

    Jaleel Carter9 timer siden

    5:40 slid her ass...

  76. Wan Adlin

    Wan Adlin9 timer siden

    what do you mean infinity war is better than endgame,endgame is better than infinity war!

  77. Tarika Vishwas

    Tarika Vishwas9 timer siden

    Mine is Why Don't We and Shawn Mendes

  78. Elysya Garcia

    Elysya Garcia9 timer siden

    “it’s not bad it tastes exotic like a swamp”😂

  79. Pickle_Man08

    Pickle_Man089 timer siden

    1:56 this isn’t as hard as I thought it would be 8:16 that was harder than I thought it would be *_huh?!_*

  80. Ida Melien

    Ida Melien9 timer siden

    They should have one of the reactors in on it, so the other one felt like he/she were going crazy or dreaming tho😂 this is the kind of shit I dream about. Confusing stuff

  81. José Carcagnolo Neto

    José Carcagnolo Neto9 timer siden

    It's not Filipino, it's tagalo!!!

  82. ain fvllenanqel_

    ain fvllenanqel_9 timer siden


  83. Analee Javinez

    Analee Javinez9 timer siden


  84. J0HN NADRA

    J0HN NADRA9 timer siden

    I’ve lost faith in humanity 😒


    ATHENA I AM9 timer siden

    Sophie and Sydney are every mood

  86. Oisín Moran

    Oisín Moran9 timer siden

    10:42 The only answer I take is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

  87. Audrey Odom

    Audrey Odom9 timer siden


  88. JoshJazz01

    JoshJazz019 timer siden

    “I get like 10% of the flavor when i smell it- I’m good” 😂

  89. amethyst playz and random stuff

    amethyst playz and random stuff9 timer siden

    i like sour,spicy,and vinegary things so i would probably like the sour cakepops

  90. Hami Rahmanian

    Hami Rahmanian9 timer siden

    9:49 the moment she realizes what has been done to her mother

  91. JWallerArt

    JWallerArt9 timer siden

    Fries - small thin Chip - chunky Wedges - wedge shaped

  92. Shadow Wolf Corey

    Shadow Wolf Corey9 timer siden

    Third one seems a bit cheating, the passage used wasn't even about food let alone Fleur's favorite dish.


    MIGHTYKNOWN9 timer siden

    I feel like I’ve heard the spit out the bone from wwe 2k19 jukebox

  94. Kayla Kattah

    Kayla Kattah9 timer siden

    Old town road by lil nas x and billy ray cycrus

  95. wubba

    wubba9 timer siden

    Netflix: “Are you still watching?” Someone’s daughter: 5:15

  96. Nero Grove64

    Nero Grove649 timer siden


  97. The Star is Green

    The Star is Green9 timer siden

    This is stupid

  98. Diego Cantillo

    Diego Cantillo9 timer siden

    What the hell were The Charels????

  99. Deathrow 2017

    Deathrow 20179 timer siden

    That is not a steak and kidney pie

  100. Joshua Merrell

    Joshua Merrell9 timer siden

    5:05 Me too.