Also Fitz
Also Fitz
Also Fitz

Welcome to my second channel! A place for deleted scenes, livestream highlights, and any other extra stuff you won't see anywhere else.

  1. Mark Gaming

    Mark Gaming21 minutt siden

    Pokiman3:we need to talk HOUR AFTER HOUR I DONT GIVE A FUCK

  2. Chris Coul

    Chris CoulTime siden

    Wait, stop talking a moment I need to go make another drink.

  3. Pain Zane

    Pain ZaneTime siden

    Watching this on acid is great 😂

  4. KIng Day

    KIng DayTime siden

    Lmao franklin made another Channel

  5. xboxboyzac

    xboxboyzac2 timer siden

    What game are they playing/where can i find it

  6. Taetakerongo Brooking

    Taetakerongo Brooking2 timer siden

    its stuck at 3 mill tf

  7. Caprie Sun

    Caprie Sun2 timer siden

    6:23 😭🙏

  8. Sizza FN

    Sizza FN2 timer siden

    Why is everyone saying that mini lad ruined the mood?

  9. Racinq

    Racinq3 timer siden


  10. Teemu

    Teemu4 timer siden

    My love of ryan is growing and i now want to hear the phone call Manager: hey dude i need a wheel My guy: what kind Manager: expensive My dude: will do

  11. e@garrison

    [email protected]4 timer siden

    Petition for PewDiePie and Fitz for Minecraft gameplay

  12. Jorge Isaak

    Jorge Isaak6 timer siden

    My life goal is to be as hot as Fitz.

  13. MR.ECHO901

    MR.ECHO9016 timer siden

    Now as of 12-10-19 official Franklin has 92k subs

  14. Big pp Man

    Big pp Man7 timer siden

    As a siege gamer this hurts me

  15. BlueDude

    BlueDude7 timer siden

    *Jewnothan Joestar*

  16. Julian

    Julian12 timer siden

    9:38 Sounded like my dog when I accidentally step on his paw If you press the time stamp a bunch of time it kinda sounds like Mario lol

  17. Dalton Crow

    Dalton Crow12 timer siden

    Bois, we did it

  18. ben_ the_fren

    ben_ the_fren13 timer siden

    Dope outro music

  19. Daniel Stone

    Daniel Stone13 timer siden

    how dare you kill that sheep

  20. Eddie Spears

    Eddie Spears13 timer siden

    Outro song??

  21. sabastian harding

    sabastian harding14 timer siden

    Anyone ever realize every video is ‘deleted scenes’

  22. SirFlairCity.44

    SirFlairCity.4414 timer siden

    Hmm I remember the last clip of Toby, as bob Hilton, saying “I’m not into bondage.” Why the change?

  23. xSoporific

    xSoporific16 timer siden


  24. Elliott Sanderson

    Elliott Sanderson17 timer siden

    Dairy had a little pear

  25. A _

    A _18 timer siden

    I just want zuckels to play with them 😂😂

  26. Mr. Retard

    Mr. Retard18 timer siden

    I hate that i know where that cow girl is from

  27. Nextblood

    Nextblood18 timer siden

    Bro I’m so fucking stoned right now let’s go

  28. MaFrixx zu Hamburg

    MaFrixx zu Hamburg18 timer siden

    Sieg heil means hail victory in german

  29. HYRIZE

    HYRIZE18 timer siden

    Pls part 3 <3

  30. ELISA rama

    ELISA rama19 timer siden

    piano starts playing

  31. MGKeith 24

    MGKeith 2419 timer siden

    I accidentally laughed in class brah I’m crying 😂🤣😭

  32. Howesenberg Films

    Howesenberg Films20 timer siden

    officialfranklin currently sits at 92.4k subs

  33. amogh amatya

    amogh amatya21 time siden


  34. wg

    wg21 time siden

    I itched my balls to this video.

  35. Danel Howell

    Danel Howell21 time siden


  36. Cas

    Cas21 time siden

    I play on europe and... yes...this is the people you play

  37. Alexander Nakamura

    Alexander Nakamura21 time siden

    "B-but I'm not black" "I don't wanna CREASE!" Still fucking funny lmaooooo

  38. Jim Halpert

    Jim Halpert21 time siden

    Dude if you’re going through a hard time in life, just watch some fitz. It puts a smile on my face and it feels good

  39. Jason Landis

    Jason Landis23 timer siden

    Fitz: wot you haven't heard of youtooz Me: stoop stoop

  40. Jac Ng

    Jac NgDag siden

    fucking alina man

  41. Big Whipz

    Big WhipzDag siden

    If you teach a parrot to say “I give consent” you can legally have sex with it

  42. AssassinPryyde

    AssassinPryydeDag siden

    fitz’s arms are longer than my life span

  43. Ethan Gayman

    Ethan GaymanDag siden

    At 1:32 quite is misspelled 😂

  44. Karl Wollerman Gaming

    Karl Wollerman GamingDag siden

    That song in the beginning?

  45. you are legally ill

    you are legally illDag siden

    8:12 best clip ever

  46. Bryden Turcotte

    Bryden TurcotteDag siden

    What’s the intro beat at 1:38

  47. monsterman1237

    monsterman1237Dag siden

    Ho, dini

  48. HueManSoel

    HueManSoelDag siden

    00:00 Humble Intro Of Everyone Coming To Age in a world of distractions & pointlessness. Might as well chill. Bigup Fitz. Manly mf

  49. Actual Retard

    Actual RetardDag siden

    This is worse than Carson's video with pokeman3, so you know I killed my self about 5 times using nothing but critikals amazing fleshlight technique of fleshdoku

  50. kev26holt

    kev26holtDag siden

    Fits created Big Brain

  51. Mister Listerine

    Mister ListerineDag siden

    I played this a ton in elementary, if the card starts with a lower case word then its obviously typed

  52. Moonrise Howler

    Moonrise HowlerDag siden

    7:37 I felt my man's disappointment

  53. Wholesome Mutt

    Wholesome MuttDag siden

    "rElOaD bItCh" Im wheezing 😂😂😂

  54. pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

    pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosisDag siden

    that first joke by fitz was also a norm macdonald joke! these guys really like norm macdonald huh?

  55. kirb

    kirbDag siden

    Bitch i eat an entire pizza everyday and i dont gain one pound or get sick

  56. Big facts

    Big factsDag siden

    That's the cheese from Ratatouille

  57. Ibraheem alubede

    Ibraheem alubedeDag siden

    4:26 I think the boys don't know that they had an iraqi fan C:

  58. Hector Adriano

    Hector AdrianoDag siden

    7:23 I spy with my little eye

  59. Kenistry Marsh

    Kenistry MarshDag siden


  60. Omi People

    Omi PeopleDag siden

    I’m only a minute in and I already ship it

  61. DeadBoyGrim

    DeadBoyGrimDag siden

    Did callmecarson get his wheelchair by Friday though?

  62. vanukas

    vanukasDag siden

    M A K E S E N S E ? !

  63. Jessie’s vlogs

    Jessie’s vlogsDag siden

    Jacksepticeyes sweet Irish ass

  64. God

    GodDag siden

    3:07 what did fits say that was so bad?

  65. I post a lot of videos

    I post a lot of videosDag siden


  66. TimeForStreaming

    TimeForStreamingDag siden

    fitz when you sad moarning i was dead hahahahahahaahahahah

  67. MrDepressed

    MrDepressedDag siden

    I like how during the Eminem joke Fitz casually rushed with an awp and kills everybody

  68. Raph

    RaphDag siden

    I just sold my soul for Dry steak

  69. Frankie Platou

    Frankie PlatouDag siden


  70. Poppy Cat

    Poppy CatDag siden

    Y’all get yer fixins

  71. ヅBloo

    ヅBlooDag siden

    Ha sucks to you it hit 7 million views

  72. Mochi Bear

    Mochi BearDag siden

    am i the only kpop lover that realized the intro music is Heroine By Sunmi 😌🤣🤣

  73. Specsh

    SpecshDag siden

    What game is this? Where do I get it?

  74. FaiDZz_karma iOS

    FaiDZz_karma iOSDag siden

    I think I’ve watched this video three times now and I only just realised he voice crack at the start of the video

  75. JaxPlayz

    JaxPlayzDag siden

    More of this game :D

  76. HamPrince

    HamPrinceDag siden

    8:19 I can't believe I actually recognize the art style and game. It's an unfinished nsfw game called Breeding Season. Don't ask me why I know. Just take your information and go.

  77. Bored Again

    Bored AgainDag siden

    Is this what having friends is like

  78. KoKean Sugoi

    KoKean SugoiDag siden


  79. Eyeless Jack

    Eyeless Jack2 dager siden


  80. Péter Nagy

    Péter Nagy2 dager siden

    I would win becouse fitz and also fitz would kill eich other and i would be the only one who would remanimg

  81. Bob The Legend

    Bob The Legend2 dager siden

    The vids are basically just Fitz stuttering

  82. C - Pock

    C - Pock2 dager siden

    Your the sharpie to my cravings

  83. Abigail

    Abigail2 dager siden

    4:43 *John Mulaney has left the chat*

  84. Jack Flynn

    Jack Flynn2 dager siden

    6 minutes in and they are shittalking my name

  85. Paragon227

    Paragon2272 dager siden

    0:02 all I could think of was “HUH HUH HAAAAAAAAAAAH”

  86. Brick Chang

    Brick Chang2 dager siden

    Why is no one talking abt Kim John-un

  87. GoldnGreen Media

    GoldnGreen Media2 dager siden

    carly comes home one day and Spencer's tying a noose

  88. - RAIZETU -

    - RAIZETU -2 dager siden


  89. Chris Dadd

    Chris Dadd2 dager siden

    Swagger got bars fr

  90. Kairi Cisneros

    Kairi Cisneros2 dager siden

    Future ref: 3:42

  91. ItsThatSimple

    ItsThatSimple2 dager siden

    “Who sold out Anne Frank?” Me: Jew Jew

  92. I have a micro penis, Anyway

    I have a micro penis, Anyway2 dager siden

    0:30 : (

  93. Eliseo Leija

    Eliseo Leija2 dager siden

    The only mess up thing about "Jew Jew's bizarre adventure." was that it was actually a adventure and it was bizarre.

  94. sad cannibal

    sad cannibal2 dager siden

    The dry soup is called sopa which is basically a mexican spaghetti

  95. AffableAussie

    AffableAussie2 dager siden


  96. Aidan Kravitz

    Aidan Kravitz2 dager siden

    Ainsley needs his children back

  97. Caroline Cockrell

    Caroline Cockrell2 dager siden

    When the opening clip has a Whataburger cup in it and you are currently drinking a milkshake from Whataburger

  98. Angel Lopez

    Angel Lopez2 dager siden


  99. Fortnite sucks

    Fortnite sucks2 dager siden

    2 stubs 4 nubs

  100. KXOT1C angel

    KXOT1C angel2 dager siden

    Fitz is a father figure