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It's Time To Move On...

It's Time To Move On...

2 måneder siden

Ethan and Grayson AFTER SURGERY
The Search For Our New Pet


11 måneder siden



11 måneder siden

Surprising Fans At Their Houses!!
#AskEthanAndGrayson 4


År siden

Bye For Now

Bye For Now

År siden

Types Of Fans

Types Of Fans

År siden

Bloopers 2017 !


2 år siden

  1. Adam I

    Adam I11 sekunder siden

    James Charles and Grayson were being so awkward

  2. Hey

    Hey20 sekunder siden

    Ayo Kansas checkkk🌝🤟 👇👇

  3. naenae

    naenae47 sekunder siden

    where my stl/kansas city fans at?

  4. Sophia lewis

    Sophia lewisMinutt siden

    Okay but I really want to do this now.

  5. Melissa Eastman

    Melissa EastmanMinutt siden

    Love this! Cant wait to see summer trip addition too!

  6. Zeke Stopping

    Zeke Stopping2 minutter siden

    Anybody want to join a chat group and I hype each other’s instagram pics. Comment username below lol

  7. Ashley Martinez

    Ashley Martinez2 minutter siden

    “vegan apple “

  8. Natalia Mesfien

    Natalia Mesfien3 minutter siden

    Ayyyee I live in NJ

  9. Jessa Martin

    Jessa Martin4 minutter siden


  10. Hannah Marie

    Hannah Marie4 minutter siden

    You both look so tired at the end of the video

  11. matea sahagun

    matea sahagun4 minutter siden

    Okay but the camera man is 🤤😍

  12. Finn Keenan

    Finn Keenan4 minutter siden

    Add a compostable bathroom

  13. Fatyma Indi Serrano

    Fatyma Indi Serrano5 minutter siden

    Grapeson 🍇

  14. Hannah Whitaker

    Hannah Whitaker5 minutter siden

    Kentucky people don't only eat fried chicken 😂

  15. Reverse Sin

    Reverse Sin7 minutter siden

    Why do they look so similar to eachother

  16. pixie

    pixie7 minutter siden

    This series would be something else. If they let us decide where they should go next.

  17. Arys sings

    Arys sings8 minutter siden

    the thing i fond weird was that grayson loves tiny homes but is claustrophobic (yes i knoe i spelled that very wrong)

  18. Keila Castillo

    Keila Castillo8 minutter siden

    Yes it was November and Colorado got snow

  19. Mackenzy Rose

    Mackenzy Rose9 minutter siden

    Y’all should go to Canada 🇨🇦. That would be fun

  20. ava niles

    ava niles9 minutter siden

    you should travel to boston Massachusetts or Dracut

  21. haylo xx

    haylo xx10 minutter siden

    was anyone else not mesmerized at that camera zoom?

  22. Baby Jimin

    Baby Jimin10 minutter siden

    This made me miss the sister squad Las Vegas road tripppp

  23. Preslie Young

    Preslie Young11 minutter siden

    who else thinks they should try to visit all 50 states

  24. Haven Staples

    Haven Staples11 minutter siden

    Or get a battery powered heater or a battery powered generator or just a regular generator that you can put on the back of your vehicle

  25. cam m

    cam m11 minutter siden


  26. SnowBridge

    SnowBridge11 minutter siden

    The Dolan twins freaking out about ice on the road. 😟 People who live in the Midwest 😏

  27. madison mercedes

    madison mercedes11 minutter siden

    ethan is up before grayson..WHATTTTTTT. that never happens lmao. proud of u Ethan!

  28. Andie Lynn

    Andie Lynn12 minutter siden

    "that's clout"

  29. Breanne Forest

    Breanne Forest12 minutter siden

    Watching this in Canada.. 19F is -7C here. Maaaaaan try coming here when it’s -20C to -40C for 5 months straight

  30. Cari Martinez

    Cari Martinez12 minutter siden

    is cile a e-boy

  31. Haven Staples

    Haven Staples13 minutter siden

    You guys need a propane mr. heater that are used in tents they work really well my family has used them for years

  32. LewseeAhh

    LewseeAhh13 minutter siden

    I thought u were gonna cook food instead of buying fast food

  33. marianny martinez

    marianny martinez13 minutter siden

    2017: "thank you for those edits but they make me comfortable" ~ Grayson 2018: "yea that's because you haven't watched porn all day"~ ethan says to grayson

  34. Mick Bailey

    Mick Bailey13 minutter siden

    can I please teach you guys how to rock climb????

  35. Melinda Goh

    Melinda Goh16 minutter siden


  36. Theresa Grosscup

    Theresa Grosscup17 minutter siden

    Some rest stops have showers for over the road drivers. I wouldn’t consider that cheating.

  37. Hunter K.

    Hunter K.17 minutter siden

    This new content is just amazing.

  38. Tiana H.

    Tiana H.18 minutter siden

    “If you don’t know where Kentucky is because you’re not from America... neither do we” LMFAOOOO WHY WAS THAT SO FUNNY Edit: it was around 26:30

  39. Big Jooferd iii

    Big Jooferd iii18 minutter siden

    Why do I have so much haters

  40. Preslie Young

    Preslie Young18 minutter siden

    they look so much happier

  41. Wendy King

    Wendy King19 minutter siden

    But now you guys have to go back to LA

  42. Ella Coates

    Ella Coates20 minutter siden

    Please do a summer series!!!

  43. castilloga

    castilloga21 minutt siden

    Did he just say "vegan apple" ? Um

  44. DOMTG

    DOMTG21 minutt siden

    Looked like a Kanye song 💀

  45. Brenley Stegenga

    Brenley Stegenga21 minutt siden

    when they realize they’re gonna have to drive back to cali ahahah😂

  46. Nici gibson

    Nici gibson21 minutt siden

    lol "I think we are just awful at sharing" " thats not my fault at all, im a perfect teamworker"

  47. abrahim abdulah

    abrahim abdulah21 minutt siden

    Why aliens only show up in USA

  48. Gabrielle Kamaka

    Gabrielle Kamaka21 minutt siden

    the fact that they thought about the environment with their soap🥺

  49. Audrey Johnstone

    Audrey Johnstone21 minutt siden

    "I got this vegan apple" Grayson Dolan everybody

  50. Isela love

    Isela love22 minutter siden

    *"I want a Dolan sandwich!"* -Kyle 2019

  51. -horizon avenue-

    -horizon avenue-23 minutter siden

    imixedmywhitewithblacksoitturnedgrayandihadnomorewhitesoiusedthenextbestcolour. try to figure *that* one out. (hint: 7:45) OwO

  52. Madelin Backes

    Madelin Backes23 minutter siden

    They are so from LA😂 Driving with icy roads aren't that big of a deal just chill it out.

  53. Eulogy of the 90s

    Eulogy of the 90s23 minutter siden

    Bs you guys are at a hotel every night

  54. XxWolfey xX

    XxWolfey xX24 minutter siden

    I watched thought the whole video

  55. Taylor Duginski

    Taylor Duginski24 minutter siden

    grayson: hey siri siri: mhm me: 😳

  56. alina patel

    alina patel26 minutter siden

    the song tho HAHAH

  57. Payton Davis

    Payton Davis26 minutter siden

    Y’all should’ve come to Florida it’s still 90° down here

  58. Chloe Scherman

    Chloe Scherman27 minutter siden

    i miss the sister squad so much :’(

  59. Cj Lainhart

    Cj Lainhart27 minutter siden

    I live in Kentucky :)

  60. rain cats and dogs

    rain cats and dogs28 minutter siden

    And they were roommates

  61. Melanie Bradley

    Melanie Bradley30 minutter siden

    Correct me if I’m just being stupid, but don’t they have to drive all the way back??😂😂

  62. Reese Minich

    Reese Minich30 minutter siden

    “I don’t wanna get f*cking abducted! Let’s go” ~Grayson Dolan 2019

  63. jason telles

    jason telles31 minutt siden

    I live in Nebraska 😔 but it’s ok stradman has gone to our capital 🥳 but I’ve driven to New York with the family as a ROADTRIP!!! Congrats

  64. KT

    KT32 minutter siden

    its smart they did this in no nut november

  65. Junior Fuentes

    Junior Fuentes32 minutter siden

    Give me a yaas for the guy that have the free shower

  66. Bryana Means

    Bryana Means32 minutter siden

    what abt driving back to la?

  67. Kailee Nyman

    Kailee Nyman32 minutter siden

    I really want to know what the gas bill was to fuel this van across country.

  68. Carsteroni

    Carsteroni33 minutter siden

    tInY HoMe vaN

  69. Camila Jenner

    Camila Jenner34 minutter siden

    stfu ethan your favorite gift to give was emma's

  70. Emily Castaneda

    Emily Castaneda37 minutter siden

    They were on the road many hours?And they didn’t go to Bucee’s once😒🤍

  71. Vicki Cornell

    Vicki Cornell37 minutter siden

    I had no idea roads could ice over 😂

  72. MelloBts

    MelloBts37 minutter siden

    Ethan actually woke up before Grayson, I’m really surprised Also the fact that they were in the state right beside mine is just-

  73. neeyah lewis

    neeyah lewis38 minutter siden

    "we're guys in a van" Grayson Dolan 2019-

  74. Nini Banini

    Nini Banini38 minutter siden

    I love the seried guys. It makes me happy to see you happy and for once ENJOY making videos. The last videos that you used to make on your couch felt forced. One constructive critism: you should've shown the other struggles like how you made dinner/food in the nature, go to the bathroom (dont need to show all the details but u know what I mean) etc.. you know stuff that every human can relate too and are doing on a everyday basis. Otherwise I love the new you's!!! Thank u for still uploading videos 😉

  75. Lianna Palko-DiStefano

    Lianna Palko-DiStefano40 minutter siden

    Should’ve gone to MD or VA there’s no crazy weather there ever

  76. Chelsea Roberts

    Chelsea Roberts40 minutter siden

    A little offended you called Kentucky a “random” state 😅😅

  77. Leah Tessier

    Leah Tessier40 minutter siden

    greyson- so i slept for 20 minutes today... Ethan- Kyle Kyle Kyle stop stop stop greyson- so i slep- Ethan-0sidfhg ouyghsbdfiygaoybf;oiughughvhdbl Greyson- back to what i was saying i slept- AD FOR OXI-CLEAN

  78. Wicked Vibrations

    Wicked Vibrations40 minutter siden

    Wow. I might actually subscribe! This was a good video

  79. Jakayla Allen

    Jakayla Allen42 minutter siden

    I feel like they cold've driven longer and it would've taken a shorter time if they didn't take so many stops. I mean each person didn't drive for very long and if they drove for longer it would've taken so much less time. Instead of them all resting a going to sleep they shouldve just take sleeping shifts

  80. Beastly Dawgz

    Beastly Dawgz42 minutter siden

    Ethan if you get a call you can press the off button once it will stop the noise press it twice it will stop the noise and not show for you but still show for the caller

  81. Hira Mahmood

    Hira Mahmood42 minutter siden

    Where did the camera man sleep

  82. Cassie Jones

    Cassie Jones43 minutter siden

    Is anyone going to say that for once Ethan was up before Grayson

  83. Elizabeth Fleming

    Elizabeth Fleming43 minutter siden

    y’all should have drove through Texas it’s been in the 80s still

  84. missbriteyes

    missbriteyes43 minutter siden

    That made me sad for mom when they said they lived on the other side of the country. I have a 1 year old and I'm so attached to him, I hope we have a strong bond always and I never have to lose him out of my life in that way. She cant even just come visit regularly 😥 That would Make me so sad.

  85. Camila Jenner

    Camila Jenner44 minutter siden

    okay did anyone else see ethan's face with the note like what if he thought it was a love note from her and she was going to tell him how she feels about him

  86. Sadie arrie

    Sadie arrie44 minutter siden

    Where does the camera man sleep?

  87. Kai Guzman

    Kai Guzman44 minutter siden


  88. mackenzie n

    mackenzie n44 minutter siden

    this is one of my fav videos

  89. Tori Darling

    Tori Darling45 minutter siden

    Driving from Texas to Ohio next week and uh.. didn’t really think about weather 🥴

  90. CALI’S Music

    CALI’S Music46 minutter siden

    I live in Colorado and I would love to meet you! Sorry about the rodes where I live in Colorado they suck so bad!

  91. Samanda Deharte

    Samanda Deharte46 minutter siden

    This is the only van I wanna be in 😌

  92. Lianna Palko-DiStefano

    Lianna Palko-DiStefano47 minutter siden

    Too sketch to drive? It’s not even snowing people drive in that all the time

  93. Suhani Hota

    Suhani Hota47 minutter siden

    Police Officer: "Are you transporting any large amount of drugs?" Ethan: "No, I'm just going to go see my mom in New Jersey!" lmaoooo

  94. Sydney Brooke

    Sydney Brooke47 minutter siden

    I’d love if y’all came to Nashville.. I’ve been a supporter for years & have been dying to meet y’all<3

  95. Joselin Zamorano

    Joselin Zamorano48 minutter siden

    The 13th is my birthday so could you wish me happy birthday (my name is Joselin)

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    GamingWithAz48 minutter siden

    Let’s get me to 100 subscribers!🖤👍

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    ava niles48 minutter siden

    YOO IM MAD EXCITED THERE GOING TO NEW JERSEYYYY its not where i live but its close

  98. ALEXANDRA1234444 TADEO

    ALEXANDRA1234444 TADEO48 minutter siden

    Vegan apple

  99. abagail faith

    abagail faith48 minutter siden

    i literally live in ky wtf

  100. cOrBeAn BeSsOn

    cOrBeAn BeSsOn48 minutter siden

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