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  1. Ash

    Ash32 sekunder siden

    "it's killing him"

  2. Alex Cedeno

    Alex CedenoMinutt siden

    this is in my recommended and big bird died yesterday...

  3. Chelsea

    ChelseaMinutt siden

    7:19 - All the yes, my dude.

  4. Italo Emmanoel

    Italo EmmanoelMinutt siden

    I'll blame you when that happens

  5. emptygms

    emptygmsMinutt siden

    Hi my name is T Rhetts

  6. SuperHeroR

    SuperHeroR2 minutter siden

    It always feels like Rhett and Link are on the verge of break up. I really hope it never happens, though.

  7. Madmaximus

    Madmaximus2 minutter siden

    for a lie detector test, they sure went off on alot of tangents and conversation lol

  8. Wolfemane X

    Wolfemane X2 minutter siden

    I want to see MrBeast and Chandler on this channel

  9. Jordan Taylor

    Jordan Taylor3 minutter siden

    Rob is LITERALLY my favorite person

  10. Dika Vinci

    Dika Vinci4 minutter siden

    Funny enough Spartans all had beautiful hair, women were also able to get high status due to well.. sadly their husband death. It would grant them all their money and they would take another husband. do that a few time and you may very well be one of the most powerful person in their society because of your money.

  11. Jaden N. Hernandez

    Jaden N. Hernandez4 minutter siden

    why does rhett look like he just got out of a cave lol

  12. Casey Cooper

    Casey Cooper4 minutter siden

    Sheppard and Locke? Lost fans?

  13. crocketmeow

    crocketmeow4 minutter siden

    I really don't think not-see glasses would improve vision...

  14. Levente Czelnai

    Levente Czelnai5 minutter siden

    Listening to his voice is like smoking a good cigar.

  15. The VanderMeers Vlog

    The VanderMeers Vlog7 minutter siden

    Can I get a beard? Can I get glasses? Two minutes later.... I really like rhett and link!

  16. GC TORZ

    GC TORZ7 minutter siden

    bro rhetts kid goes to my middle school

  17. Mason Maliwauki

    Mason Maliwauki7 minutter siden

    I think it's not so much Link looking like Maddow but Maddow looking like a man.

  18. jonas

    jonas8 minutter siden

    that retired police officer was on point xD

  19. A M

    A M8 minutter siden

    "Nothing wrong with looking like Rachel Madow" "I've determined that that was a lie."

  20. Ben Williams

    Ben Williams9 minutter siden

    This voice is giving me some serious, "small grooves at a level six, with deeper grooves at a level seven" vibes

  21. Kenneth Videos

    Kenneth Videos9 minutter siden

    Happy cotton candy day daddies😂😂😂😂.

  22. glegely

    glegely10 minutter siden

    I know this is for fun, but please don't buy in to the BS that polygraphs detect lies. They absolutely DO NOT! They are merely a scare tactic to pry confessions out of people. If ever asked to take a polygraph and have an option, ALWAYS refuse!

  23. whatiwasgoingtosay

    whatiwasgoingtosay10 minutter siden

    How did I not know Jamie Lee Curtis was married to Christopher Guest?

  24. LAKALWAN •

    LAKALWAN •11 minutter siden

    I see some ADELE vibe on her. Like being herself and authentic and natural with zero drama. Lover her personality. ♥️

  25. Wes Hansen

    Wes Hansen11 minutter siden

    The polygrapher guy was hilarious

  26. DRthirdLEGGED

    DRthirdLEGGED12 minutter siden

    Rhett: are you a cop? Cop: retired. Rhett: should have told me earlier.

  27. st0rts .97

    st0rts .9713 minutter siden

    Lou was great. Just jumpin in like "its killin em" got me every time

  28. Kelvin

    Kelvin14 minutter siden

    Each year her smile got bigger

  29. kimkeyy

    kimkeyy14 minutter siden

    the entire glasses segment was hilarious

  30. Laura Hervàs Serra

    Laura Hervàs Serra14 minutter siden

    oh god, the discussion on the beard and the glasses cracked me up😂

  31. greenspringvalley

    greenspringvalley14 minutter siden

    McQueen is a cool guy who acts while staying cool.

  32. Andrej Nikolov

    Andrej Nikolov15 minutter siden

    Rhett is like Link's older brother. Makes a lot jokes about Link, doesn't like when Link is doing it, being serious a lot, teasing him but you can clearly see that in his heart he would do anything for him.

  33. Ashlynn Kilbourne

    Ashlynn Kilbourne15 minutter siden

    Aww, Rhett looked really sad during some parts Links test & that made my heart strings really pull for him. 😩😢

  34. purpleglitterize

    purpleglitterize15 minutter siden

    Link would be an amazing detective IMHO

  35. Mickey D

    Mickey D16 minutter siden


  36. Aneki

    Aneki16 minutter siden

    Why does the guy narrating sound like Rhett and link put together?

  37. Mickey D

    Mickey D16 minutter siden

    Rename to Link trying to get his best friend to say something nice about him for 10 minutes.

  38. Michael Louton

    Michael Louton17 minutter siden

    Thanks guy, that was too funny!

  39. Dmitriy Wyshisnky

    Dmitriy Wyshisnky17 minutter siden

    I dont know why, but i want a 13th warrior sequel

  40. Blake Moody

    Blake Moody18 minutter siden

    Rhett looks like homeless man, and link looks like the guy who is letting Rhett stay at his house till he’s back on his feet

  41. Haley Glinz

    Haley Glinz19 minutter siden

    Wish the video of the lie detector was actually moving to see when it spikes or not! Love anything with R&L though


    GOHOSTING19 minutter siden

    They did this already

  43. jonas

    jonas21 minutt siden

    dads of youtube

  44. Slim G

    Slim G21 minutt siden

    She get more confident about herself and ehat she doing, that make she looks like glowing but its because she is enjoying more than ever

  45. Blaise Leonards

    Blaise Leonards21 minutt siden

    Hands down the best lie detector test this channel has done lol

  46. 111spitfire1

    111spitfire121 minutt siden

    So... Nobody gonna mention that the footage of the lie detector keeps repeating itself at, shall we say, regular intervals/convenient moments in the interview?

  47. Yellow House

    Yellow House21 minutt siden

    Link: if I died, i would send my kids to you. I've known you for so long , I know you would act on my wishes and take great care of them. Rhett: *I would literally trade your life for beans*

  48. LoveJesusChrist lovejesus

    LoveJesusChrist lovejesus22 minutter siden

    He is so silly

  49. Austin Fish

    Austin Fish22 minutter siden

    14:21 I feel like not-see glasses would be a little counter-productive... I'll leave..

  50. lisa A

    lisa A23 minutter siden

    and that is the problem with this world, a bunch of followers!.

  51. @stxVR

    @stxVR23 minutter siden

    he said VCR

  52. Keilah Machelle

    Keilah Machelle23 minutter siden

    I've watched all them all three years now...I love her every time!

  53. Mickey D

    Mickey D24 minutter siden

    Link must really think Rhett hates his kids because this is the second time he's asked this in a lie detector test and was surprised last time too

  54. CzechParty

    CzechParty25 minutter siden

    Titanic sinking. Bear: I’ve actually experienced that my self.

  55. Rod Belding

    Rod Belding25 minutter siden

    Rhett let his beard get too long, he looks like some wild man now

  56. Guba

    Guba26 minutter siden

    gaga's lil monsters need to chill

  57. oyleslyck

    oyleslyck28 minutter siden

    14:22 - If they are "not see" glasses, what good are they? *ba-dum-tsh* Dad jokes.

  58. Abbey

    Abbey28 minutter siden

    Link tried to cheat, imagine that.


    THESLASHFIVE28 minutter siden

    Big bird: are you and Abbey dating? Elmo:

  60. jman415

    jman41529 minutter siden

    its nice to see a nice and not completely stern polygrapher for once :D he's got emotion!

  61. zakbirch

    zakbirch29 minutter siden

    Oh, I thought he said write her name in bird doo

  62. Ben Schwarz

    Ben Schwarz30 minutter siden

    lie detector tests are so BS why do people still make shows with them.

  63. Kameron Patterson

    Kameron Patterson31 minutt siden

    I dont think he knows Thomas Rhett's real name is Thomas Rhett aikens jr. His dad is rhett aikens

  64. Beyoncé T.

    Beyoncé T.31 minutt siden

    i love this 🥺🥺🥺


    THESLASHFIVE31 minutt siden

    Cookie monster: did you eat my cookies?! *sweats intensely.

  66. Payton Walls

    Payton Walls32 minutter siden

    Why does Rhett look like a deranged hobo in this


    JUDY ALAASY33 minutter siden

    Link: How many fingers am I holding up✌🏼? Rhett: foUr.

  68. John Secret Spirit

    John Secret Spirit33 minutter siden

    Are you actually a human inside a stuff costume?

  69. MysterySteve: The Pathetic Gamer

    MysterySteve: The Pathetic Gamer34 minutter siden

    I mostly just find them entertaining during GMM but not specifically funny. Here, they were hilarious.

  70. Verónica Girald

    Verónica Girald34 minutter siden

    "Do you think that my grey streak makes me a silver fox?"-Link 😂😂😂😂 never think your grey streak is any less than glorious🙌

  71. James Bradford

    James Bradford35 minutter siden

    "Are you horrific racists who have a 90% white production company staff and at one point hired some brown people to throw on camera for awhile to try and repair your reputation, but then unceremoniously fired them all because you felt you'd sufficiently made over your image?"

  72. thieving

    thieving36 minutter siden

    i swear this came out already wtf

  73. Attorney Macro

    Attorney Macro36 minutter siden

    This had some of the best banter i've ever seen out of these two. The Beard and Glasses bit had me on the floor

  74. Hari Menon

    Hari Menon36 minutter siden

    at 8:19, i legitimately thought Link's reaction wasn't acting. Did he seem actually upset to anyone else, or is it just me?


    THESLASHFIVE37 minutter siden

    FBI: big bird you will taken a lie detector test. Big bird: oh yeah! Wait what's a lie detector test?

  76. Hari Menon

    Hari Menon37 minutter siden

    I personally LOVE Link's new haircut. It looks amazing

  77. Erika Baird

    Erika Baird38 minutter siden

    Why is David Dobrik so popular? I really can't understand it.

  78. Laurayne

    Laurayne38 minutter siden

    Nah Fam

  79. Hebah

    Hebah39 minutter siden

    So appearantly Rhett would choose beans over his soulmate Link, and Link gags for views lol

  80. Raven C

    Raven C39 minutter siden

    13:10 😂😂😂

  81. Paul Fuoco-Binette

    Paul Fuoco-Binette39 minutter siden

    Rhett's philosopher beard is looking FINE. I'll be Alexander and you can be ArisTHOTle bb

  82. Kat

    Kat40 minutter siden

    Y'all talking about the polygraph catching Rhett's lies, yet Link was the one recognising them first and the polygraph was just confirming??? They've known each other too well at this point!

  83. brandon wilson

    brandon wilson40 minutter siden

    Rhett: you ever get jealous of my beard? Link: no. Lou: he gets jealous.. 👀 Rhett: yea... I could tell cause he was nodding as he said it. 🙃 I died 😂😂😂

  84. Katie Marigold

    Katie Marigold41 minutt siden

    I'm not sure why, but this seemed more genuine and real than anything they have ever done. It's not so much the lie detector, but rather, the way they look at each other and act when approaching difficult subjects.

  85. Gracie O’Brien

    Gracie O’Brien41 minutt siden

    ‘Taro- Elton tried to commit suicide here’ Nice one Dexter 😂

  86. First Last

    First Last41 minutt siden

    Love seeing these guys popping up in random places.

  87. Nix

    Nix42 minutter siden

    -"Are you a cop?" -"I'm retired" -"Should have told me that earlier" LMFAO I WAS GONE

  88. Sir .Driken

    Sir .Driken42 minutter siden

    I liked Links old hair tho

  89. nihnox

    nihnox42 minutter siden

    I thought Jonathan was non binary

  90. MiNeCrAfT gamer_boiii 33

    MiNeCrAfT gamer_boiii 3342 minutter siden

    Who’s watching this when the actor that played BIG BIRD died R.I.P for ever in our hearts

  91. down low RnF

    down low RnF42 minutter siden


  92. Safiyyah Lyle

    Safiyyah Lyle43 minutter siden

    I wanna give her a hug ✨

  93. Madina Sariyeva

    Madina Sariyeva43 minutter siden

    Link is acting like he found out about Rhett’s “The Real World” deception 5 minutes before taking the test

  94. Justin Hubbard

    Justin Hubbard43 minutter siden

    Rhett looks like a character off Vikings.

  95. Hayle Lucas

    Hayle Lucas43 minutter siden

    *takes out picture of jonathan* me- JONATHAN

  96. Ronald Vargas

    Ronald Vargas43 minutter siden

    Wtf?? And Lady Gaga

  97. its noon

    its noon43 minutter siden

    Oh thank goodness im not the only one who thought link looked maddowish

  98. BlueBerry Cracker

    BlueBerry Cracker44 minutter siden

    Rest in piece Carrol Spinney.

  99. Brando Welgemoed

    Brando Welgemoed45 minutter siden

    That burn on Jake and Logan paul made then feel "oof"

  100. Al Elmasry

    Al Elmasry45 minutter siden

    This should not be done ... now I’m concerned about the continuity of GMM !