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  1. 陈文辉

    陈文辉10 timer siden

    When can the fire be put out completely? The fire has been burning for nearly half a year.

  2. Eddy Spreitzer

    Eddy Spreitzer10 timer siden

    Stupid lady risked her own life and caused the bear to live 3 extra painful days.

  3. Nicholas Clark

    Nicholas Clark10 timer siden

    He is definitely on drugs. He can't keep still when he speaks.

  4. Ryan Blubaugh

    Ryan Blubaugh10 timer siden

    I would love more than anything is to sit and have a good conversation with Mr Nigel.

  5. Patje Joma

    Patje Joma10 timer siden

    Nigel is sooooo right!!!!

  6. Елена Бегиль

    Елена Бегиль10 timer siden

    Зацеловала бы,! Обоггрела бы!! Лишь бы выжили. Не надо так на меня смотреть! Животных люблю больше, чем людей . Посмотрите в их глаза! И этим всё сказано. Точка.

  7. e1n3r

    e1n3r10 timer siden

    There is no climate change... xD

  8. The Bob Loblaw Show !

    The Bob Loblaw Show !10 timer siden

    Lmao. Greatful work helping those cute lil guys

  9. tom li

    tom li10 timer siden


  10. Jesse Miller

    Jesse Miller10 timer siden

    There is not enough money to help the animals! The crime minister needs his vacation, the senators need money to buy stocks in corporations that damed up the rivers, which would have prevented most of these fires because they literally dried out thousands of acres, and own water that they privatized. WHICH IS ACTUALLY AGAINST THE AUSTRALIAN CONSTITUTION! Why have no Aussies sued those senators is beyond me.

  11. Shelley E

    Shelley E10 timer siden

    The koalas are so cute!!!

  12. Gregory Collins

    Gregory Collins10 timer siden

    Meant to say, he made it sound!

  13. Richard Frith

    Richard Frith10 timer siden

    The loss of lives in ww1 ww2 ... 🤔is why we have the society we have,, great honourable brave men of steel,,, who gave there lives for freedom, and democracy .. these were taken out of our country’s BLOODLINE and the morals principle and values unfortunately died with them, they were not there to teach there children or grandchildren how to act,,,,and how to be a man is lost

  14. Tom Hill

    Tom Hill10 timer siden

    Good to see Theo interviewing for the sun ,does it well. NIgel is a Legend ,has given the UK It,s freedom

  15. Gregory Collins

    Gregory Collins10 timer siden

    Nigel quoted Harry Patch the last surviving Tommy, but Harry said, the politicians should go in a room with guns and sort there issues out, he also said, war is organised murder nothing less. I agreed with a lot of what Nigel said, but he was not entirely correct, he made sound that people joined up willing, yes, fueled by the propaganda, then there was the forced conscription! I know a 90 year old man who served in ww2 his family suffered the heartache of loss of family members and friends who died in ww1, they hated the very name of butcher Earl Haigh!! Perfectly portrayed by John Mills in Oh what a lovely war.

  16. B Jizzle

    B Jizzle10 timer siden

    Nelson from The Simpson's HAAAHAAAA

  17. Eddy Spreitzer

    Eddy Spreitzer10 timer siden

    Bear died a painful death 3 days later.

  18. About Studies

    About Studies10 timer siden

    2:15 so cute and innocent.

  19. Marcie Livingston

    Marcie Livingston10 timer siden

    wth did Emily have another baby

  20. Calebs Closet

    Calebs Closet10 timer siden

    What is that a kangaroo squirrel? A kangarel

  21. Raizel ace

    Raizel ace10 timer siden


  22. 太空人

    太空人10 timer siden


  23. kay doyle

    kay doyle10 timer siden

    Don’t care about Hollywood... these people are the real heroes

  24. Faizan Manzoor

    Faizan Manzoor10 timer siden

    Yum. Just like the natives eat it. Rare Koala

  25. lostmangos

    lostmangos10 timer siden

    There little furry bodies all injured 🙁🙁😭

  26. Jasmine Devereaux

    Jasmine Devereaux10 timer siden

    Our precious animals 😢

  27. Wolf Blitzer

    Wolf Blitzer10 timer siden

    Stay in your history, there will never be an empire again, bye.

  28. nash al- nash

    nash al- nash10 timer siden

    Iranian people messed up

  29. Bandolero HAS

    Bandolero HAS10 timer siden


  30. Passion Creativity

    Passion Creativity10 timer siden

    Seeing this makes me so happy that humanity isn't lost totally

  31. đại ca

    đại ca10 timer siden

    love koala

  32. Billy Maulana

    Billy Maulana10 timer siden

    I love helicopter

  33. Adam Carter

    Adam Carter10 timer siden

    Just teach the koalas how to fight fires. boom problem solved.

  34. Bene C

    Bene C10 timer siden

    well done everyone thanks for the care you ae giving them stay safe

  35. Darrell Chia

    Darrell Chia10 timer siden

    African children: Am I a joke to you

  36. Elshabarty

    Elshabarty10 timer siden

    Poor sweet animals 😪 and may God help the Australian people amidst all this devastation

  37. _ _Banksy

    _ _Banksy10 timer siden


  38. Bandolero HAS

    Bandolero HAS10 timer siden

    Great Job 👌👍👏

  39. A J

    A J10 timer siden

    Considering how red trump always looks, I can imagine him as Sith Lord Darth Trump and these are the first storm troopers.

  40. not the popular view

    not the popular view10 timer siden

    The back pedaling has started earlier than I thought...brexit reality and lies starting to bite even before the 31 January.

  41. addictiveaussie

    addictiveaussie10 timer siden

    Fair Dinkum people need to lighten up. A few fireworks on NYE and people lose their #@%$ because fires which occur just about every decade in Australia and so everything else has to stop. Oh and man made global warming is a load of C^%P

  42. bruce mendoza mendoza

    bruce mendoza mendoza10 timer siden

    The baba kangaroo back there and then the terrified lady with the drop bear

  43. Marco Matias Maty

    Marco Matias Maty10 timer siden

    No time for pranked,, 👎

  44. Christina C

    Christina C10 timer siden

    The behaviour of the Sussexes and their announcement on Instagram that they were leaving the Royal family sounds like an attempt to set up a rival court, albeit in another country. They think that they can make mega millions with their Sussex Royal brand but I don't understand how they can retain Royal as part of their brand after leaving the Royal family. They lost my regard completely when they used a documentary about their trip to Africa as a pity party for themselves. Their behaviour is messy and grubby.

  45. AA SS

    AA SS10 timer siden


  46. my fluffy persian cat هلا Noora 77 jojo ._.

    my fluffy persian cat هلا Noora 77 jojo ._.10 timer siden

    God bless you people to help these beautiful animals watching the video from united arab emirates

  47. GoonerKIRK

    GoonerKIRK10 timer siden

    What about emus??

  48. Beth Burnett

    Beth Burnett10 timer siden

    My prayers go out from all of us from Orlando Florida God bless you all

  49. Wallon Mcwoolworth

    Wallon Mcwoolworth10 timer siden

    Farage is a bell

  50. A Ward

    A Ward10 timer siden

    The vet is my dad! He is still over there as I type this.

  51. Der Kafkaeske

    Der Kafkaeske10 timer siden

    It’s not my kind of humor but it’s his car and his sign We’re not a dictatorship

  52. Pazusky

    Pazusky10 timer siden

    It is a pity that our image of the world wars is increasingly influenced by Hollywood. But probably it's also better if we don't know exactly what it was really about. This way we have a clear friend-foe image.

  53. Deborah Robertson

    Deborah Robertson10 timer siden

    Excellent interview. Thank you so much. More please.

  54. TY808 BEATZ

    TY808 BEATZ10 timer siden

    Give everyone helping the animals medals true hero’s!!!

  55. Gandharv Mohan

    Gandharv Mohan10 timer siden

    2:00 Old man scratching his ass is enjoying so much XD

  56. Retro Girl in a Modern World

    Retro Girl in a Modern World10 timer siden

    Please everyone take responsibility for the environment cut down on car usage go out walking to the shops etc if you can and they are in walking distance (unless you have a health issue off course). For example my shops are 15 mins away and some shops are 30 mins walk away from me I just walk to the shops . I do not own a car as I live in a city and can walk or get public transport such as a bus or train. Make sure you organise your rubbish for recycling. Try to reduce or stop the amount of plastic wrapped foods that you buy maybe go to local markets/grocers that sell fruit and veg loose rather than packed up in plastic. This will mean that companies will have to produce items that have no or little plastic. Also be careful with items you own like clothes nick nacks, look after them and then when you do not want them or need them any more you can sell them or donate to charity so someone else can use and enjoy them instead of being put into landfill. If you have a mobile phone keep it until it no longer works.We have to take responsibility each and every one of us not just our leaders who really need to start being adults and care for out beautiful planet. it is everyones responsibility. And be kinder to each other many societies have adopted narcissistic tendencies let adopt empathic tendencies instead. We need to try to reverse and stop this pollution and damage as they say over a billion animals sadly died if we keep on doing this to the planet it might mean that a billion people may end up suffering like those animals due to different climate change circumstances.

  57. Joanna Moore

    Joanna Moore10 timer siden

    Loved Boris !bloody annoying interviewer

  58. 1hourOfLove

    1hourOfLove10 timer siden

    KOALAS are such cool, laid-back animals. I'd like to invite all of them over to my place to chill on the sofa & eat chips and drink strawberry soda.

  59. Ozzy Mandias

    Ozzy Mandias10 timer siden

    It takes a certain kind of mindset to take this buffoon seriously

  60. earl williams

    earl williams10 timer siden

    The people that caused World War One are still causing wars all over the world through their offspring ? And they are all part of the establishment ,, General Haig should have been put in front of the firing squad ? Murdering old bas....d ,, and the British and French establishment decided to carve up the whole of the Middle East between them ,, thus causing all of the current troubles in the Middle East ?

  61. Erraticlee Me

    Erraticlee Me10 timer siden

    Australian Government allowed this disaster to occur due to the fire accelerates in the approved cloud seeding program, and years of spraying this poison over the entire country.., its happening world wide

  62. Tupi Guarani

    Tupi Guarani10 timer siden

    Haarp in action?

  63. spent 1

    spent 110 timer siden

    this guy got away with murder for about 3 hours...

  64. desertaxe

    desertaxe10 timer siden


  65. stoufer2000

    stoufer200010 timer siden

    Merde-ock helped cause this

  66. Charlie Andrade

    Charlie Andrade10 timer siden

    those are some big ass carrots

  67. David Joyce

    David Joyce10 timer siden

    You can't blame them for not wanting to be associated with organised peadophilia.

  68. ScorZz_TV _

    ScorZz_TV _10 timer siden

    This is extremely silly as the carrots may fall on koalas heads and knock them out 😡💔

  69. Baldwin xu

    Baldwin xu10 timer siden


  70. 666

    66610 timer siden


  71. Untrepid One

    Untrepid One10 timer siden

    the perfect harmless joke.😊

  72. Audrey Kennedy

    Audrey Kennedy10 timer siden

    God bless those people. Those animals are not just getting care but also love. They look content. ❤


    MOBIZEN MOBILE UPLOAD10 timer siden

    Real Hero. 😢

  74. Marly T

    Marly T10 timer siden

    Bless these poor suffering animals. None deserve such a terrible fate, but thank God there are kind people there to try and ease their suffering

  75. meghana gattu

    meghana gattu10 timer siden

    Well 👍done... Proud of u... For saving animals

  76. buzz magister

    buzz magister10 timer siden

    I don't agree with his politics , but I am impressed with his knowledge on WWI . I can see why people listen to him .

  77. Usman Khan

    Usman Khan10 timer siden

    Dropping food for animals is a good deed. Those who are dropping bombs on humanity must think of it....

  78. Siân

    Siân10 timer siden

    Good interview

  79. Anahuf0 Ankica Huf

    Anahuf0 Ankica Huf10 timer siden

    Thank goodness for all you wonderful people who are rescuing and helping these beautiful unique animals 😇🙏🙏😔😩💕

  80. Christina C

    Christina C10 timer siden

    The behaviour of the Sussexes is very poor form - hypocritical, narcissistic, selfish, spiteful, silly and badly advised.

  81. Martin doyle

    Martin doyle10 timer siden

    E.u is sinking. Let's get off the ship's greed and unpbacked currency is bringing it down

  82. YECE ACS

    YECE ACS10 timer siden

    A cuantos 🐫🐪🐫🐪 masacraron???😭😠

  83. Str8t FIRE

    Str8t FIRE10 timer siden

    Oh boo hoo. Who would still live in a place where all you get is harsh words and racism everyday. She’s not a slave to the royal family, she can leave if she wishes and i commend Harry for securing his wife and understanding the danger and what’s going on.

  84. Lexi San Diego

    Lexi San Diego10 timer siden

    I hope that those responsible for harming the koalas burn in hell.

  85. Patrick Tuohy

    Patrick Tuohy11 timer siden


  86. Victor S Film

    Victor S Film11 timer siden

    227 дураков

  87. Sivakumaran SELLIAH

    Sivakumaran SELLIAH11 timer siden

    God bless you amen

  88. Jez I AM

    Jez I AM11 timer siden

    It's simple, I've been there myself. Harry is not in a happy marriage. I don't think they love each other as they make out. That's my opinion based on my own experience of my ex-marriage and the marriages of others I've seen who've ended up divorced. When a person gets married and they change into a unhappy, different person than what you love and remember them for, that's when you know they aren't in a happy marriage, so yes, I'd say Meghan is the common denominator here.

  89. helena hoyos

    helena hoyos11 timer siden

    thanks to these amazing people!!! ❤️😍👍🏻🌏🌎🌍

  90. arielatomhc

    arielatomhc11 timer siden

    Oh wow you saved 2 kolas what about the other billion.

  91. moss FTD

    moss FTD11 timer siden

    Free real estate kill all the animals so thay can build there .. kid's being born now will never see these animals in the wild when there In there 30s

  92. William Bell

    William Bell11 timer siden

    Love the thumbs up Nigel goes to show people can be nice you’re a top bloke

  93. Kerisha Nayager

    Kerisha Nayager11 timer siden

    I wish I was in a position to just fly there and help these gems 😭😭❤️

  94. Sarthak Bansal

    Sarthak Bansal11 timer siden

    Old school revolutionary war musket line type beat

  95. soumya sharma

    soumya sharma11 timer siden

    How tiny legs they have 😢😭

  96. Shift Happens

    Shift Happens11 timer siden

    500+ Million birds, reptiles and mammals have died a horrendous death in New South Wales area 😩

  97. mike leslie

    mike leslie11 timer siden

    I can see them thinking.. do i get to take this basket thing home with me when i heal? Its kinda nice..

  98. Keith Parker

    Keith Parker11 timer siden

    Paths of Glory is the film to watch on WW1. I would say it is the only true anti-war movie.

  99. Keith Parker

    Keith Parker11 timer siden

    Germany is the heart of darkness. It should have been wiped off the face of the earth in 1945. It has no right to exist.

  100. mohsen bugemskii

    mohsen bugemskii11 timer siden

    You’re telling me 2 missiles hit that plane and it wasn’t destroyed in the air?? You’re telling it managed to still fly that distance afterwards? Give me a break. Fake news