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  1. Okurr

    Okurr12 timer siden

    These free-range parents have never experienced what awful people there are in the world. I remember how many creeps I ran into as a child and how if my parents weren’t so vigilant, something awful could have happened to me. Pedophiles are everywhere. A little 3 year old near me was just recently abducted, raped, and killed. It’s just not worth it to me to let my children run around unsupervised. I love them with all my heart and until they’re a lot older, stronger, and wiser (later teenage years), I won’t ever let them wander around alone. My responsibility as a parent is to protect my babies from harm.

  2. Lauren Youngblood

    Lauren Youngblood12 timer siden

    she said “oh well” if her child breaks their arm I-

  3. last_womann

    last_womann12 timer siden

    Both sides are awful for kids. The best parent is an authoritative parent, statistically. Actually listen to your kid and let them listen to you. Communication is key.

  4. PuppyTube

    PuppyTube12 timer siden

    I'm 30 and I still get ass whoopings lol. My mom tells me you're never too old to be straightened up

  5. Exotic Cats

    Exotic Cats12 timer siden

    My mom used to spank me super hard when I was four, like she used half of her strength to all of it and I never found out what I did wrong. I just stopped doing things near her.

  6. Shanna Mays

    Shanna Mays12 timer siden

    Everyone freaking out over the term trained... I mean you train them to sleep alone, train them to use utensils, train them to use a toilet and wipe their ass, train them to sleep through the night, train them to speak etc etc.... You absolutely train children.

  7. Melanie

    Melanie12 timer siden

    here come all the damaged people in comments talking about “my parents beat me and I turned out fine!” No, you need years of therapy.

  8. youdontknowme

    youdontknowme12 timer siden

    there's no privilege in not 'training' your child

  9. Stormxy_ Skiies

    Stormxy_ Skiies12 timer siden

    Just from this intro it seems like the "train the child" guy sees kids like dogs

  10. Daniel Nunes

    Daniel Nunes12 timer siden

    You can be free ranged and strict. These parents need a balance.

  11. Missing Legs

    Missing Legs12 timer siden

    Nothing, and I mean nothing annoys me as much as bad parents!

  12. Young Nas

    Young Nas12 timer siden

    There is a difference between a spanking and child abuse, remember that,

  13. David Schmoyer

    David Schmoyer12 timer siden

    But Seriously. "Enjoying your kids" is not what a parent is supposed to do. You need to help them become the best versions of themselves. Which of course, is fun and rewarding. But everything in life is not just having fun at the that particular moment. Kids can't see future consequences, which is WHY they have parents...

  14. Josiah

    Josiah12 timer siden

    "I try to be as biblical as I can when it comes to parenting" Yeah 3 out of 5 of those children are going to grow up to resent him.

  15. Just A Kpop Fan

    Just A Kpop Fan12 timer siden

    To a certain extent , they both have a point.

  16. J.D

    J.D12 timer siden

    I'm gonna say it if no one else is: Free-range parenting is a white privilege.

  17. Thabo Kgwele

    Thabo Kgwele12 timer siden

    Who else's parents also think you're being disrespectful when you prove them wrong in a discussion/argument?

  18. nick

    nick12 timer siden

    I think that someone can find a healthy balance between being strict when necessary but also being relaxed. It really depends on the type of person who they are raising.

  19. Definitely not the Question

    Definitely not the Question12 timer siden

    Free range children just taste better.

  20. sheepgray08

    sheepgray0812 timer siden

    8 children? Dear God....! Respect to that woman

  21. Marte

    Marte12 timer siden

    Spanking your kids is never okay. If you aren't able to teach a child a lesson without turning to violence then don't have a child.

  22. Darren Richterich

    Darren Richterich12 timer siden

    Kids with free range parents end up like Eric Cartman

  23. Justin

    Justin12 timer siden

    Spanking is good when your child is way out of line, but if you teach your child what they should not do and what to do then you wouldn’t have to spank your kid in the first place

  24. MT_Sinhuesos - Minecraft and Brawl Stars

    MT_Sinhuesos - Minecraft and Brawl Stars12 timer siden

    😬 training children I already don’t like the first guy

  25. uwu thepansexualediter uwu

    uwu thepansexualediter uwu12 timer siden

    I think they only talked about equality around boys and girls. I think there olso must be equality to non-binarys and genderfluids etc, because there are tot only to genders... So I don't understand why they only talk about "the two genders" male and female.

  26. Supreme Leader ‘

    Supreme Leader ‘12 timer siden

    Spanking your child dont mean is disciplining is js simply a child abuse there is so many ways to teach them a lesson but using pain is never okay


    BLAKE DA GREAT12 timer siden

    I don’t agree with giving kids free reign to do whatever they want it has to be boundaries set in place....

  28. Midnight’s Sun

    Midnight’s Sun12 timer siden

    Bruh free range is just child neglect tbh

  29. meri

    meri12 timer siden

    Americans are wild... Where I'm from, kids go to school alone at age 6/7 and it's completely normal

  30. Grace Elizabeth

    Grace Elizabeth12 timer siden

    Man I’ve never been this early

  31. OpacityChris

    OpacityChris12 timer siden

    Is...Is that a *racist undertone* I smell?

  32. AlaskaWhale OceanEyes

    AlaskaWhale OceanEyes12 timer siden

    From what i see on NO-gos, it seems to me like Americans make a conflict out of everything. In my country it‘s not a big of a deal when you let your children go somewhere alone, or if you spank them.

  33. Hannah Bell

    Hannah Bell12 timer siden

    I can’t even express how much that girl pisses me off, she interrupts is passive aggressive and doesn’t try to see the other sides point she just pushes her own

  34. The Gunters Adopt

    The Gunters Adopt12 timer siden

    I missed middle ground. Honestly you need to have a balance of being strict and being free. Because it's important that kids develop independence but also know there are house rules that need to be followed and children need to learn respect. But also some parents also need to respect their kids as well.

  35. MK7001

    MK700112 timer siden

    I wish my mother hadn't spanked me as a kid, or made me go go bed without food. I feel like that only made me act worse because I resented her every time she did this, I didn't understand how she could treat me that way. All that compared to when I got adopted where they had different types of punishments (Like timeouts, Not using certain toys, etc).. You can be strict without hurting your children or scaring them into behaving.

  36. EDIN

    EDIN12 timer siden

    Most problematic teenagers in my community usually have strictest parents whom didnt allow them to do anything through their childhood

  37. henry baughan

    henry baughan12 timer siden

    im a pretty chill person at most things but flat earths really pss me off

  38. Eloise

    Eloise12 timer siden

    we need to see a *do all strict parents* or *do all free range parents* think the same?

  39. Kelsey Whipple

    Kelsey Whipple12 timer siden

    There should be ab in between of both a free-range and a strict parent. You have to have both

  40. ScorgeBSK

    ScorgeBSK12 timer siden

    Train is a wrong word...discipline is more like it.

  41. ScorgeBSK

    ScorgeBSK12 timer siden

    Train is a wrong word...discipline is more like it.

  42. aida jasmin

    aida jasmin12 timer siden

    I'm sorry but when I think of a trained kid I think of an animal. U don't train kids u train animals if uk what I mean

  43. tHaT BiTcH lOl

    tHaT BiTcH lOl12 timer siden

    Please DON'T TRAIN ur kids

  44. Kalinka A

    Kalinka A12 timer siden

    "train"????! Insane

  45. driven Animal

    driven Animal12 timer siden

    here's a real question do black people think the term black is the correct term for their ethnicity when it was given by those who enslaved their ancestors ? considering black is a very devaluing and triggering word to the human brain , along with being labeled a skin color thats not really a skin color . seems weird but thats just me.

  46. XxMikeyplaysxX 0

    XxMikeyplaysxX 012 timer siden

    Sad they didn't mention the international Space Station going around the earth

  47. E M

    E M12 timer siden

    I feel like I'd be in the middle, not-free range or strict.

  48. Natey Greaty

    Natey Greaty12 timer siden

    Break their arm... OH WELL 🤷‍♂️

  49. Celeste Jackson

    Celeste Jackson12 timer siden

    Strict parents make sneaky kids and that’s a fact 🙃🙃

  50. Ida Williams

    Ida Williams12 timer siden

    As a child of strict parents I want y’all to know: it sucks. My entire teenage years were horrible and I spent most of it depressed and alone. At 18 I still don’t know what freedom is and when you spank your kids they don’t end up hating the action that led to the punishment but the person who is physically abusing them.

  51. Thabo Kgwele

    Thabo Kgwele12 timer siden

    If your child isn't hurting themselves or anyone else, why should you care what they do?

  52. Eloise

    Eloise12 timer siden

    how are children going to become independent if you don’t give the, independence?

  53. Green

    Green12 timer siden

    I just started watching and I already dont like hal

  54. Gemma Marie

    Gemma Marie12 timer siden

    Ik i just got here but already i want to say they need a balance of both honestly bc it’s not so much about controlling your kids but trusting them to make the right decision esp when we gir crazy ADULTS in this world ( as well as brazy children)

  55. Baked Potato

    Baked Potato12 timer siden

    Oh boy here we go again.....

  56. Simon Fetwi

    Simon Fetwi12 timer siden

    Everyone talking about the intro

  57. Pentti Kottarainen

    Pentti Kottarainen12 timer siden

    "whats the worst thats going to happen? Break an arm? Oh well" actually no. Its not the worst that could happen, and your kid breaking an arm shouldn't be just "oh Well"

  58. Kay Marie

    Kay Marie12 timer siden

    “Training” isn’t the right word in this situation; it’s how you RAISE them.

  59. afiza aulia

    afiza aulia12 timer siden

    I disagree all religion says the earth is flat...😕

  60. Trufflez

    Trufflez12 timer siden

    Why are people just now mentioning spanking and putting it under the category as harsh? Why wasn’t this brought up when I was three lmao?

  61. Kennedy Tactical Concepts

    Kennedy Tactical Concepts12 timer siden

    Nobody: Erin: I'M A VEGAN!

  62. Inesa Khachaturiani

    Inesa Khachaturiani12 timer siden

    "spanking your kids is fine lol. I turned out fine!" --someone who absolutely did not turn out fine

  63. Sam C

    Sam C12 timer siden

    there’s being lenient and there’s being careless🤷🏻‍♀️

  64. yung._.midorya

    yung._.midorya12 timer siden

    Bro im so early wtf

  65. Kezyah Asied

    Kezyah Asied12 timer siden

    4 views ? 12 likes... NO-gos's drunk again

  66. Eloise

    Eloise12 timer siden

    training children... yikes

  67. Blacklion

    Blacklion12 timer siden

    The lady letting her kid ride the subway at 9 yrs old is just straight up reckless and irresponsible.

  68. amxore_ xox

    amxore_ xox12 timer siden

    Strict parents don’t realize how many disorders and fear that it causes to their child.

  69. Thabo Kgwele

    Thabo Kgwele12 timer siden

    When I hear "free range" I just think of chicken lol.


    BLAKE DA GREAT12 timer siden

    Talking to your children only does so much..... what happens if they don’t listen and repeat the same thing


    HHSMCJROTC12 timer siden

    The girl at the end gets it!! She read the message about preferring to be white and said that resonated with her younger self then said now that she’s grown she can’t relate. She said maturity has allowed her to see her ethnicity as a positive thing not as a vice. Beautiful message!!!

  72. jasmania

    jasmania12 timer siden

    I think a mix of both (free range and strict non abusive) is healthy for a child.

  73. lee ainsworth

    lee ainsworth12 timer siden

    When they said ‘free range’ i thought that they were talking about chickens

  74. all complations

    all complations12 timer siden

    My phone is at 1% and I'm taking this opportunity to say that we can all agree that this channel ha

  75. Mackie Brown

    Mackie Brown12 timer siden

    Lenore isnt a serious person in general tho 😂 i like her outlook on life

  76. xBlythexTHExMAD x

    xBlythexTHExMAD x12 timer siden

    5:56 " the internet has played an important role in conforming my veiws on this topic" all the flat earthers step forward "well thats the problem" Im dead 😆😆😂😂😆😆😵💀👻

  77. Amarion Muldrow

    Amarion Muldrow12 timer siden

    It’s benefits of both is you don’t they will run over you! And if you do it may look bad and they might fear you! What do you think🤷🏽‍♀️

  78. Ahmed Shousha

    Ahmed Shousha12 timer siden

    What the fuck is a free range parent and do they relate anyway to free range chickens?

  79. Zari

    Zari12 timer siden

    kids with strict parents wya?

  80. Yara II-//

    Yara II-//12 timer siden

    Please do flat earthers vs scientists again with different people because last time there was literally no middle ground lmao

  81. uglygal

    uglygal12 timer siden


  82. Thabo Kgwele

    Thabo Kgwele12 timer siden

    "I don't wanna train a child" "But I do" Lol

  83. Eloise

    Eloise12 timer siden

    helicopter parents are toxic. end of discussion

  84. Blessings Hamandishe

    Blessings Hamandishe12 timer siden

    In all honesty it doesn't matter, if the child is mentally and physically in the best place then teach the way u teach if not, then your obviously doing something wrong

  85. Blacklion

    Blacklion12 timer siden

    Training a kid is not the same as trading a dog and all of you snowflakes know that. Literally majority of us were trained to act like decent human being whether or not u wanna call it “training” is irrelevant.

  86. Zari

    Zari12 timer siden

    Free range kids gang wya

  87. Sam RH

    Sam RH12 timer siden

    I’m not a parent but I don’t believe in physical punishment for a child nor letting then get away with something they have done wrong. I think it’s predominately based on the relationship with the child and parent as well as respect.

  88. Ineffaceable

    Ineffaceable12 timer siden

    In my opinion when I see kids who aren’t disciplined fail to learn what’s wrong from right

  89. Spirited Away

    Spirited Away12 timer siden

    One of the many things I like about Jubillee Is that they really listen to their audience and come up with such great ideas.

  90. Riri’s Life

    Riri’s Life12 timer siden


  91. Zari

    Zari12 timer siden

    early people gang wya


    FEARLESS LUNATIC12 timer siden

    Spanking is never ok bRuH

  93. 10,000 subscribers with 0 videos

    10,000 subscribers with 0 videos12 timer siden

    Kids are epic!


    BLAKE DA GREAT12 timer siden


  95. tillman davis

    tillman davis12 timer siden


  96. golfhead

    golfhead12 timer siden

    popular kids vs unpopular kids in high school

  97. James Knoflicek

    James Knoflicek12 timer siden

    A great way to wake up by watching this

  98. ArvakInfinite

    ArvakInfinite12 timer siden

    Spanking your children makes them fear you. Why would you ever want your child to be afraid of you?

  99. Sandy Tayna

    Sandy Tayna12 timer siden

    My mom was strict. Felt like i was in prison. I hated it!!!! I would never raise my kids this way but they will get their ass kicked if they bring disrespect!

  100. ThisChannel IsM3h

    ThisChannel IsM3h12 timer siden

    s pe e d