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Do All Adoptees Think the Same?
Do All Veterans Think The Same?
15 Men Compete for 5 Women
16 Women Compete for 6 Men
6 BTS Fans vs 1 Secret Hater
Do All Gay Men Think the Same?
Do All Muslims Think The Same?
6 Vegans vs 1 Secret Meat Eater
Do All Latinos Think The Same?
Should You Watch Porn?

Should You Watch Porn?

7 måneder siden

Do All Men Think the Same?
Do All Teens Think the Same?
  1. Chris Lih

    Chris Lih10 sekunder siden

    Jesus the back girl and Mimi are ducking idiots. So is the other girl

  2. Mr Bwfi Man

    Mr Bwfi Man22 sekunder siden

    I think they’ve chosen the absolute wrong males rights activists for this, especially that incel in the yellow hoodie

  3. George Yosefindo

    George Yosefindo23 sekunder siden

    Great job guys, This kind of conversation is needed to open our eyes to what is happening. the more often this kind of communication is established it will be very beneficial for both sides.

  4. HotBurger122

    HotBurger12225 sekunder siden

    Women: equal rights! Also woman: men’s don’t deserve anything and we should be first

  5. Saantiago Resendiz

    Saantiago Resendiz54 sekunder siden

    I love Mimi !!!!!!

  6. Royde e

    Royde eMinutt siden

    It would be funny to see these women burn

  7. Amelia Cunningham

    Amelia Cunningham2 minutter siden

    This is kind of sad. I feel like you can tell he has been not supported or loved enough. Send love to everyone

  8. Seth Cotton

    Seth Cotton2 minutter siden

    he didnt deserve melissa from the beginning

  9. Daniel Taylor

    Daniel Taylor2 minutter siden

    Lmao I'm Dan and I work as dan the water man - yep he seems like we should listen to him

  10. Allisa Carter

    Allisa Carter2 minutter siden

    marcus makes me really straight bruh😅🥵

  11. brambedkar59

    brambedkar592 minutter siden

    2:53 It's a f**king book, written by some guy. Just like Quran or Gita. Just read it like a story book or something.

  12. ThePortraitArt

    ThePortraitArt3 minutter siden

    talk to my self: breath just breath don't get frustrated. The patience of the scientists were amazing tho. Meanwhile the other side, going back to their house, driving in cars built and tested on scientific theory, using their cellphone/orbiting satellite and a million other things that wouldn't be possible without the same process that has proven earth is not flat for hundreds of years =/

  13. Les Sneaky

    Les Sneaky3 minutter siden

    “You’re telling me there’s levels of legality?” Yes, they’re called misdemeanors and felonies.

  14. Ivar Losna

    Ivar Losna3 minutter siden

    Listening to all the "rehabilitation" kids makes me want to vomit. Make that old lady a judge.

  15. Sh0n

    Sh0n3 minutter siden

    anyone who did watch like 2 rounds, then pick the mole then jump straight right at the end part.

  16. Something Someone

    Something Someone3 minutter siden

    Yes they are.

  17. devinngeorge

    devinngeorge3 minutter siden

    Transman is not a male though rolls eyes

  18. Kimberly Elma

    Kimberly Elma3 minutter siden

    ewww he’s the worst??? most of the girls he eliminate we’re great and almost all of them did not want to be picked by him

  19. Abduallah elsayed

    Abduallah elsayed4 minutter siden

    She literally just learned the word fallacy and tried to use it😂

  20. Isaiah Cryer

    Isaiah Cryer4 minutter siden

    Jason cool, but why is he on every other episode?

  21. blu_took_shots

    blu_took_shots4 minutter siden

    Long haired blonde guy sounds like the mouse mafia boss from Zootopia

  22. Ashley isnt on the Internet

    Ashley isnt on the Internet4 minutter siden

    In january 2017 my sister was murdered. My father was found guilty of this murder. I had no help, and the people i thought i could trust made me hospitalized for a month. Things they said- I wish you were killed instead, life would be easier without you I dont wanna be friends with you, you might murder me Stay away, you might be possesed by your dad, i dont wanna die Hopefully youll see the same fate as your sister. Nobody wants you here. I have a variety of mental issues. Autism being one. I dont know why people said these things. I just know its my fault. I drank disinfectant. My mom found me on the floor, foaming out my mouth. I was in the hospital for a month getting it flushed out of my system. Nobody has apologised. Stray kids kept me company. I met them. They cried when i told the truth. Chans words changed my life. Thank you stray kids.

  23. K G

    K G4 minutter siden

    So people who have been able to exercise their right to choose abortion want to deny others that choice?

  24. MyGuyWiFi

    MyGuyWiFi4 minutter siden

    *AS FAR AS PRACTICALLY POSSIBLE* of course. I have to say I find it funny that often people who talk about privilege are people who have it and yet still choose to exploit animals... Don't use someone else's situation to excuse your actions.

  25. Les Sneaky

    Les Sneaky5 minutter siden

    Unarmed my ass. Black felon needs to own up and lay off CNN.

  26. GABGOL7

    GABGOL75 minutter siden

    PORTUGUES?!?!? WTF!!!

  27. Don't Mess Up My Tempo

    Don't Mess Up My Tempo5 minutter siden

    I thought the mole was obvious this time because he said he first identified as a lesbian, so clearly he was into girls

  28. Don't Mess Up My Tempo

    Don't Mess Up My Tempo5 minutter siden

    I thought the mole was obvious this time because he said he first identified as a lesbian, so clearly he was into girls

  29. Rob Disco

    Rob Disco5 minutter siden

    The most hilarious part ."Are N.A.S.A. scientist trustworthy"? Those guys ran up there like 3 puppets. Its like they are trying to forcibly push an agenda or there Phds will be stripped from N.A.S.A. and the flat earthers are looking likr the well educated ones I cant say i believe the earth is flat but i can tell you i have enough intelligence not to believe N.A.S.A After the whole Stanly Kubric deal wow lol.... That jus goes to show you how strong of a hold the education system has over its willing participants. Like they will help shovel disinformation down our throats and fuck the scientific method You were told in school dont think for your self go off of the theory that i present.......ummmm no i form my own Hypothesis i dont need your min to think for me im independently capable of getting it wrong myself thanks but no thanks sorry but not sorry yolo. watch my channel to see what all in this crazy head

  30. Zakary Mandley

    Zakary Mandley6 minutter siden

    The assumption that you cant expect the cops to help so you take matters into your own hands is straight up vigilantism. It can be incredibly amoral though and the idea of being able to ignore the justice system in its entirety to bring death to someone or harm to even the score is very dangerous and irresponsible at its core almost regardless of severity.

  31. Wind

    Wind6 minutter siden

    Women do get more attention but, it is just shallow/skin-deep a lot of the time.

  32. Oleksandr Yaakov

    Oleksandr Yaakov7 minutter siden

    These people are not well versed islamically. Islam prohibits the LGBTQ+ community. Let's not bend the divine laws for personal biases.

  33. TheDrawer

    TheDrawer8 minutter siden

    Lmao Candice is married for 30 years and her husband is 30 bruuh obvy

  34. Kayla K

    Kayla K8 minutter siden

    Sour patch kids are vegan though 🤦🏼‍♀️

  35. Maqalx Beats

    Maqalx Beats8 minutter siden

    Derrick about to replace Erin in the upcoming comment sections😂

  36. John Connor

    John Connor8 minutter siden

    “It’s hard for me to list all of them right now”.....typical liberal statement, meaning they can’t list any examples.

  37. Vlad Cioca

    Vlad Cioca8 minutter siden

    Min 11:30, you can hear the music from the guy in the back 🤣👍

  38. n

    n9 minutter siden

    they have to make a remaster

  39. Sylvester Schøier

    Sylvester Schøier9 minutter siden

    Brandon he sucks

  40. jeffreyboonev

    jeffreyboonev10 minutter siden

    Knew he'd pick her just on the look they gave each other in the swipes

  41. Starry 304

    Starry 30410 minutter siden

    i knew haley isnt straight cause i watch teens react haha

  42. Ch1mVk00k Jams

    Ch1mVk00k Jams10 minutter siden


  43. Weapon1 ISF

    Weapon1 ISF10 minutter siden

    To answer your question YES!!!!!

  44. Battsie

    Battsie10 minutter siden

    That guy who was the person I was least suspecting

  45. Eva Marie

    Eva Marie10 minutter siden

    Candace was like 30 year w my husband also candace he 35

  46. jiml40

    jiml4010 minutter siden

    Well I’m not a Flat Earther but I also don’t believe NASA discloses everything they have learned using taxpayers money

  47. 동영릴리

    동영릴리11 minutter siden

    Im i the only one who was like “MMH that one’s gay” straight from the bat because i felt no gayness radiating from that dude. I have a gaydar that is accurate most of the time

  48. Zakary Mandley

    Zakary Mandley11 minutter siden

    That dude just wants to hate cops. His hate is inescapable

  49. Gina Lenetti

    Gina Lenetti11 minutter siden

    32:05 eyeballs or... eye discs?

  50. EyesOnFireSetToPanicAtTheWhiteChapel

    EyesOnFireSetToPanicAtTheWhiteChapel11 minutter siden

    Flat Earther: Bible sais earth is a clay circkle and circle = disk Me: 🌎A Reference List of all 58 Globe Earth Verses in the Bible. This is just a reference list. The list contains the verse and the word that means globe or a meaning that describes a globe. There actually may be more than 60 globe earth verses in the Bible. I've confirmed 58 so far. 1.🌎Genesis 1:3-5 - earth's first rotation 2.🌎1 Samuel 2:8 - תבל 3.🌎2 Samuel 22:16 - תֵּבֵל 4.🌎1 Chronicles 16:30 - תֵּבֵל 5.🌎Job 26:7 -- the earth's suspended position in space 6.🌎 Job 26:10 - חוּג 7.🌎Job 37:12 - תֵּבֵל + הָפַךְ + מֵסַב + אֶרֶץ 8.🌎Job 38:14 - earth's rotation 9.🌎Psalm 9:8 - תֵּבֵל 10.🌎Psalm 18:15 - תֵּבֵל 11.🌎Psalm 19:4 - תֵּבֵל 12.🌎Romans.10:18 - γῆ + οἰκουμένη 13.🌎Psalm 24:1 - תֵּבֵל 14.🌎Psalm 33:8 - תֵּבֵל 15.🌎Psalm 50:12 - תבל 16.🌎Psalm 89:11 - תבל 17.🌎Psalm 90:2 - תבל 18.🌎Psalm 93:1 - תֵּבֵל 19.🌎Psalm 96:10 - תֵּבֵל 20.🌎Psalm 96:13 - תבל 21.🌎Psalm 97:4 - תבל 22.🌎Psalm 98:7 - תֵּבֵל 23.🌎Psalm 98:9 - תֵּבֵל 24.🌎Proverbs 8:26 - תבל 25.🌎Proverbs 8:27 - חוּג 26.🌎Proverbs 8:31- בתבל 27.🌎Ecclesiastes 1:6 - global weather system 28.🌎Wisdom of Solomon 6:24 - Apocrypha - κόσμον 29.🌎Wisdom of Solomon 7:17 - Apocrypha - κόσμον 30.🌎Wisdom of Solomon 9:3 - Apocrypha - κόσμον 31.🌎Wisdom of Solomon 9:9 - Apocrypha - κόσμον 32.🌎Wisdom of Solomon 11:17 - Apocrypha - κόσμον 33.🌎Wisdom of Solomon 11:22 - Apocrypha - κόσμος 34.🌎Wisdom of Solomon 13:2 - Apocrypha - κόσμον 35.🌎Isaiah 18:3 - תֵּבֵל 36.🌎Isaiah 24:4 - תֵּבֵל 37.🌎Isaiah 27:6 - תֵּבֵל 38.🌎Isaiah 34:1 - תֵּבֵל 39.🌎Isaiah 40:22 - חוּג 40.🌎Jeremiah 10:12 - תֵּבֵל 41.🌎Jeremiah 51:15 - תֵּבֵל 42.🌎Sirach 24:5 -- Apocrypha - γῦρον + ἐκύκλωσα (κυκλεύω) 43.🌎Matthew 4:8 - κοσμου 44.🌎Matthew 24:14 - γης + οικουμενης 45.🌎Luke 4:5 - οἰκουμένη 46.🌎Luke 17:30-34 - 2nd Coming seen on both sides of the earth 47.🌎Luke 21:26 - οικουμενη 48.🌎John 15:19 - κόσμος 49.🌎Acts 17:6 - οἰκουμένη 50.🌎Acts 17:31 - οἰκουμένη 51.🌎Hebrews 1:6 - οικουμενην 52.🌎Hebrews 2:5 - οικουμενην 53.🌎1 John 4:14 - κόσμος 54.🌎Revelation 3:10 - οικουμενης + γης 55.🌎Revelation 12:9 - οικουμενην 56.🌎Revelation 16:14 - γης + οικουμενης 57.🌎Revelation 13:8 - γης + κοσμου 58.🌎Revelation 17:8 - γης + κοσμου (taken from a catholic fb page)

  51. Casper Wierenga

    Casper Wierenga11 minutter siden


  52. Kyrie Clutch GOATving

    Kyrie Clutch GOATving11 minutter siden

    This Palestinians are in trouble since the Zionist wants an all Jew Israel

  53. Craig Martin

    Craig Martin12 minutter siden

    Born again virgin is a joke lol

  54. Blue Beetle

    Blue Beetle12 minutter siden

    Ally is pretty cute, her husband is a lucky man

  55. esmael aliman

    esmael aliman12 minutter siden

    In islam as a muslim in our religion the earth is round! Even the atmosphere and their level of atmosphere was mention there! The lady think she knew all the religions in the world wtf! Here in Philippines we have a saying ' never argue with a moron cause you will never win or convince them! Because their brains cant understand it

  56. Eusouanacarol

    Eusouanacarol12 minutter siden

    Body language is importante! Marcus made a no sign with his head when he said "im gay", he literally said no kkk. And when there were four (including him) he was the only one who voted for the game to end, so...

  57. Andy Mitchell

    Andy Mitchell12 minutter siden

    Fuck you

  58. The Busbys

    The Busbys12 minutter siden

    What do the bullet points mean about the people? Obviously the first one is their star sign ...

  59. shuffls2010

    shuffls201012 minutter siden

    Seems like a nice guy.

  60. Very Vennie

    Very Vennie13 minutter siden

    Did she said kyouku? 😂

  61. Caley Blythe

    Caley Blythe13 minutter siden

    He messed up his story and thats what gave him away. He did come out 3 times. First time as a lesbian before the transition. Second as trans. Third as actually straight now that he is a guy. It was too much of a stretch to say lesbian then gay

  62. Lauren Green

    Lauren Green13 minutter siden

    Bald guy calls out toxic masculinity, as he portrays himself as a toxic man.....

  63. tarozama

    tarozama13 minutter siden

    Jubilee, these are great vids. if your tempted, please stay true to fair and open dialog. Thanks for being willing to talk about these issues. AND NOT PICKING SIDES !

  64. Marvel is better Than DC

    Marvel is better Than DC13 minutter siden

    “Men should not be apart of the conversation” tell that to the men in Row v Wade. It’s the mans kid too dumbass feminist.

  65. KattielovesHearts ;D

    KattielovesHearts ;D14 minutter siden

    You can tell in the beginning there is slot of stigma

  66. Akieem Webb

    Akieem Webb16 minutter siden


  67. LooseBoltsYT

    LooseBoltsYT16 minutter siden

    44 second in. Marcus is the straight one. His body language gives it away when he says “I’m gay”. He also shook his head “no”

  68. Rebecca Johnston

    Rebecca Johnston16 minutter siden

    I don’t trust some medical professionals as I understand it’s different for someone who at the time was a child but it was the fact when I was talking to a physiatrist and they listened more to my mother than me ? And my mum isn’t the best at understanding my feelings aha

  69. Steph Triplett

    Steph Triplett16 minutter siden

    Is someone going to tell her college doesn't hand you a better life? I have a bachelor's degree but work retail and live paycheck to paycheck. 🙃

  70. Júlia S

    Júlia S17 minutter siden

    Caralho, cadê os BR?

  71. M O O N S T R U C K

    M O O N S T R U C K17 minutter siden

    and then there's derrick......

  72. Ijeoma Akams

    Ijeoma Akams17 minutter siden

    The idea that you can be in AMERICA but can’t talk about race baffles me. America is a melting pot isn’t it... imagine we were all the same and bland and didn’t talk about our interesting differences-most of which are derived from culture and race...

  73. SirYoMo

    SirYoMo17 minutter siden

    Ball earther you mean normal

  74. Dillon Cruise

    Dillon Cruise17 minutter siden

    Yall did mowha dirty

  75. MyGuyWiFi

    MyGuyWiFi18 minutter siden

    Not buying someone something is certainly not a forceful act and ffs guys who are these forceful Vegans you speak of? Nobody is forcing anyone to be Vegan but many people are (at least by increasing demand) forcing blades into the throats of animals, forcing them to die, etc!

  76. Sha Stumbaugh

    Sha Stumbaugh18 minutter siden

    I am surprised and happy that Joy Villa sat and listened to everyone’s points too

  77. Tendrillion

    Tendrillion18 minutter siden

    Gotta love how the whole comment section is using Derrick as a scapegoat.

  78. Calibrated

    Calibrated19 minutter siden

    What about the radical islamists? They’re not a part of us..... but yet they are there.... a part of them. The Palestinian has such a good soul. He would probably hack the heads off this comment section until his arm went numb.

  79. Daniel Gonzales

    Daniel Gonzales19 minutter siden

    Bible doesn't think the Earth is flat

  80. Freedom Justice

    Freedom Justice19 minutter siden

    They should put someone as equal as Derrik on the feminist side. An overweight blue haired man hating feminist with thick rimmed way farer glasses. If Jubilee really wanted to show all the different types of views from both sides they’d have done that.

  81. Lewis Greenard

    Lewis Greenard20 minutter siden

    “Do you think humans are at the top of the food chain?” Weird lady “I don’t think it’s a question weather humans are at the top” Yes it is, that’s literally what they asked

  82. Mason Bloomquist

    Mason Bloomquist20 minutter siden

    So honest question for those that disagree with the theory of a globular Earth, I have been to the southern hemisphere, I have seen that stars there are different and have a different pattern then the northern hemisphere. So why would the stars change as you move north/south along the globe, but not as you move east/west?

  83. Floral WAVE

    Floral WAVE20 minutter siden

    ALYSSA!!! Omg my friend is name Alyssa and she is always copying me I'm bout to unfriend her.

  84. Kiana Ku'uipo Peters

    Kiana Ku'uipo Peters20 minutter siden

    Marcus is the mole he said before he transitioned he was lesbian meaning hes into women

  85. tarozama

    tarozama20 minutter siden

    Patriarch is not evil because it's a patriarch, as much as all relationship are evil because of bad relationships.

  86. MyGuyWiFi

    MyGuyWiFi21 minutt siden

    Nobody goes Vegan for health and then for animals. They go plant-based for health and Vegan for animals. There is no health reason to not test on animals...

  87. Zero

    Zero21 minutt siden

    Is anyone else feeling that Chandler Bing vibe from the guy with the blue jacket?

  88. K B

    K B21 minutt siden

    Smh the Christians on here making us look bad. The Bible isn’t a science textbook from 21st century America

  89. Ivar Losna

    Ivar Losna21 minutt siden

    So, 5 white people, 1 brown and 1 black.

  90. belsange

    belsange22 minutter siden

    When you watch too much Jubilee videos so you don’t have to watch this one to know who’s the mole

  91. nameless

    nameless22 minutter siden

    It's now you hit them with the: Why are you Geh

  92. Jeremy Monteiro

    Jeremy Monteiro22 minutter siden

    Stumbled across your channel about a week ago... I can't stop watching your vids! You are doing great work here and I appreciate it very much!

  93. aled davies-williams

    aled davies-williams22 minutter siden

    I think my problem with the idea of toxic masculinity is the fact that feminist want men to change there personality to a feminine one but never change there own to meet in some middle ground, alternatively I agree men could be less objectifying but so could women men and women's personalities are always going to be different due to a biological difference so trying go make men women is nice to men, if you have to teach something e.g not toxic masculinity, it's not natural

  94. Jack K

    Jack K23 minutter siden

    Why is the dubbing off?

  95. W4rd3nclyffe

    W4rd3nclyffe23 minutter siden

    18:07 | Funny guy

  96. sakura

    sakura23 minutter siden

    I like how they just: “god, internet, old book, true, yes” and just don’t take in ANYTHING the scientists tell them seriously.

  97. tarozama

    tarozama23 minutter siden

    I learned respect for women from my mother, her expectation of me to become a man. Then I wonder, if the indecency of some men, weren't acquired by their mothers?

  98. Jade Hoffmann

    Jade Hoffmann23 minutter siden

    How about 1 smoker vs 6 non- smokers :)

  99. Richard Husky

    Richard Husky23 minutter siden

    Girl: I’m a norcal gurl Guy: I’m also a norcal gurl Me: *What kinda soyboyari is this??*

  100. Dosh Jovich

    Dosh Jovich24 minutter siden

    I like these videos a lot. Something that stands out to me is how everyone in them speaks every sentence like they're asking a question at the end