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5 Gamers vs 1 Fake Gamer

5 Gamers vs 1 Fake Gamer

2 måneder siden

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  1. julia peach

    julia peachTime siden

    The people denying that he’s being sexist look like this: 🤡

  2. Kyle Hayes

    Kyle HayesTime siden

    As a conservative, I feel choosing lady cage as a representative was a bad idea. She isnt of sound mind.



    the lady cage person is crazy. that is i no way an accurate representation of conservatives or conservative African Americans as a whole... there are obviously crazy people in any subsection of society.

  4. Yue Xianzi

    Yue XianziTime siden

    50-60-100k that can barely survive....

  5. Jacob Nichols

    Jacob NicholsTime siden

    Way to get some goobers for the conservative side

  6. NB

    NBTime siden

    I'm no atheist but this religion talk is cringey af

  7. Thandekile Luvo

    Thandekile LuvoTime siden

    If you're a men's rights activist you should fight AGAINST toxic masculinity. So yes, i agree with Mimi , its just a response to women protecting and promoting their rights!

  8. caroline

    carolineTime siden

    monica geller looks good

  9. Mikayel

    MikayelTime siden

    Blaire White would put everyone in their places

  10. Dakota Loven

    Dakota LovenTime siden

    10:07 by denying this situation happens you are literally proving his point that the metoo movement is a good thing in theory but it falls apart when you start blaming innocent people or denying other peoples stories no this HAS happened several men in this movement lost their jobs their families their educations because of an accusation that was later proven false matress girl is a good example she claimed rape for weeks to the point he was black listed from any school in the area lost all of his friends and was branded a rapist only for a video tape to come out showing her as a fully willing participant of the sexual contact and proving it was rape and still he wasnt given school back his friends didnt come back still branded a rapist and nothing happened to her no punishment for destroying his life


    PRINCE LESSTime siden

    they shud ask to recite any surah. omg

  12. md faiz

    md faizTime siden

    Phoebe vs Ross .... On the matter of evolution 😂😂😂

  13. linas bujauskas

    linas bujauskasTime siden

    how can ivan have a girlfriend with those teeth

  14. Kimone Ryan Yudkoff

    Kimone Ryan YudkoffTime siden

    Those pro-life dads are already bad parents.

  15. Dru's Edits

    Dru's EditsTime siden

    6 high schoolers and 1 secret middle schooler

  16. thegreat bambino

    thegreat bambinoTime siden

    Short answer. Yes. Long answer. Please, for the love of God yes.

  17. The Osthir Bangali

    The Osthir BangaliTime siden

    You can tell who is wright when they introduce themselves. P.S. why are those flat earthiers so arrogant?

  18. Celebrijay

    CelebrijayTime siden

    The one with the cold sores should've been clocked first round 😅

  19. jonathan foster

    jonathan fosterTime siden

    I just cant unhear the guy saying "ekspecially"

  20. cameron baldwin

    cameron baldwinTime siden


  21. Mark Minor

    Mark MinorTime siden

    youd be surprised to find that there is a lot of lady cage type blacks walking around that vote democrat.

  22. Natania __

    Natania __Time siden

    The white lady is getting on my nerves she thinks she’s all that and doesn’t let the rest of them talk or let them say there believes

  23. Nathan B

    Nathan BTime siden

    That one lady pissed Christy off and it was game over from there😂

  24. talia b.

    talia b.Time siden

    saying your points calmly and in a controlled manner doesn’t change the fact that you stand with a belief system that’s literally killing people

  25. Cdogmaximilian

    CdogmaximilianTime siden

    17:00 This moment was directed by M Night Shamalan

  26. Philimon Aemere

    Philimon AemereTime siden

    The cringe 😭😭😭

  27. Meghan Mackenzie

    Meghan MackenzieTime siden

    as a conservative im saying pls block out lady cage... fr

  28. Mines Fornow

    Mines FornowTime siden

    Lol did u win?? Looks down and to the left..... good

  29. Bethany Smith

    Bethany SmithTime siden

    Lady cage should of not been there

  30. Chase Brooks

    Chase BrooksTime siden

    6 valedictorians and 1 dropout. Or 5 and 2

  31. J

    JTime siden

    How about children and adults?

  32. 〉x Tasha x〈

    〉x Tasha x〈Time siden

    That whole interaction at 16:00 was savage

  33. Stycie Stephen

    Stycie StephenTime siden

    Question(No offense): Do all of people who've agreed to come to Jubilee Spectrum are paid?

  34. Siniša Cikoš

    Siniša CikošTime siden

    3:39 i've been in the same situation as her , feelin' you sis

  35. Callan Williams

    Callan WilliamsTime siden

    John was right, if people want to come into the USA get the papers be legal, don’t illegally come to the us and expect to be able to be treated the same because your illegally here. And I’m not reading any comment or crap you give me!

  36. Dylan Church

    Dylan ChurchTime siden

    Even though there’s only five, I feel like Kevin rounds it out perfect

  37. Isaac Galvez

    Isaac GalvezTime siden

    When Alisa said “Dwyane Wade’s DAUGHTER”🤦‍♂️

  38. Carlos Solorzano

    Carlos SolorzanoTime siden

    The way she said “HoMoSeXuAlS” at 15:50 in the background 😂

  39. Luvulia

    LuvuliaTime siden

    You can see the pain in the palestinian mans eyes.



    1:20 well she is clearly a bigot... she thinks your skin color determines how you think lol. what a clown

  41. trodat07

    trodat07Time siden

    Neither women seem quite sane. The conservative reminds me of a crazy cat lady and the Liberal sounds of Marxist psychopath.


    CLASH MASTER x3Time siden

    I’m a conservative but lady cafe needs to stop she making us look bad spitting out ye lyrics

  43. Ra bert

    Ra bertTime siden

    At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if Kevin is a smart young man if he's voting conservative which is ultimately going against some of those views of his that have common ground with the liberals. That's my biggest issue. Like yea I can agree that he's not a bad person, but if all the people he's voting for will do things that will discriminate against lgbtq+ people or other minorities then I think that supersedes what he thinks.

  44. MeJustAimy

    MeJustAimyTime siden

    11:46 i’m sorry but was this sly racism?? “and he payed for it too” wierd ass comment

  45. Næp Sæck

    Næp SæckTime siden

    Does Kia have a youtube channel? Cuz i’d watch it

  46. Johnathan Spencer

    Johnathan SpencerTime siden

    I like this

  47. Anna D

    Anna DTime siden

    That Asian girl is so foolish! I bet she believes in “white privilege” 🤔🙄😒😬🤦‍♀️

  48. # SnoFootball

    # SnoFootballTime siden

    This comes down to rights and equality also this is why Hilary lost the election just saying

  49. Manchester United

    Manchester UnitedTime siden

    "I'm an incel" maybe you wouldn't be if you stopped introducing yourself that way bro

  50. Lobster.sauce

    Lobster.sauceTime siden

    6:36 ... that’s what she said.. 😗✌️

  51. Pxllow Tom

    Pxllow TomTime siden

    She called Ivan timid but she’s a virgin lmao

  52. ForestWitch

    ForestWitchTime siden

    How is it working in time of pandemia? All those people in one place sounds a bit like a hazard. I like the idea of your videos though. I think dismissing someone's views just because they different to one's views became to much of a norm and your videos reminding how discussions, trying to understand each other and finding middle ground is crucial to go forward.

  53. QuaillyBirb

    QuaillyBirbTime siden

    That lady is the kind of person to call lgbt members alphabet people ://

  54. Ryan Dooley

    Ryan DooleyTime siden

    Apparently she hasn't seen the FBI statistics for 2019, police shootings caucasians were the most killed race.

  55. Nisaxbear

    NisaxbearTime siden

    Mans really said America is the best country in the world😂😂

  56. Your Man

    Your ManTime siden

    Dude in the gray hoodie sounds like faze blaziken

  57. Oscar Bejarano

    Oscar BejaranoTime siden

    People in this comment section are so damn delusional 🤦‍♂️

  58. snatch my wig

    snatch my wigTime siden

    14:45 i screamed Kevin does not like her

  59. I KingHornet

    I KingHornetTime siden

    Was here b4 Pewds

  60. Joseph B

    Joseph BTime siden

    0:22 yo that nose tho

  61. Nicole McDermott

    Nicole McDermottTime siden

    yas Hoboken new jersey !!!

  62. Fares Chouihi

    Fares ChouihiTime siden

    I can see PewDiePie reacting to this


    ASSS SDSSTime siden

    Another reason i believe they shouldn't have the death penalty is because people that have committed such serious crimes are happy to receive a death penalty, they would see it as an easy way out, some would rather die than live in a cell for the rest of their lives. We should leave them in their cells until they die.

  64. LeiseKrieg

    LeiseKriegTime siden

    a human can’t be asexual.

  65. Cookiecat .E

    Cookiecat .ETime siden

    Someone make this a gif NOW! 13:00 😂

  66. Wassuup

    WassuupTime siden

    I just wanna hug Ivan because i relate to hom so much. You deserve best!!!

  67. YC_Christian

    YC_ChristianTime siden

    Bro Judy is annoying asf

  68. JL MetaMix

    JL MetaMixTime siden

    I am 11:51 to this video, every time she opens her mouth i feel like im loosing brain cells.

  69. Morrison Somers

    Morrison SomersTime siden


  70. Anonymous Gamer

    Anonymous GamerTime siden

    That religious girl is so hypocrite. He is like, yeah, I'm a christian and I got pregnant with a dude twice my age. Well, I'm not religious, but as far as I know, you're not supposed to have sex outside of marriage, and it seems like she was getting the D without being married. So it's funny how she's religious only when it's convenientfor her.

  71. zoginatl

    zoginatlTime siden

    I‘m so sad for brandon 🥺 he was so cute! Also there are sour patches that are vegan.

  72. Ulvven

    UlvvenTime siden

    I Don't think the Liberal lady has been to Germany...

  73. Idek Hahhaha

    Idek HahhahaTime siden

    I have so much respect for those three women for keeping their cool because if I was in the same room as Derek I would have no filter.

  74. Matthew Tschannen

    Matthew TschannenTime siden

    😂😂 when you cant show facial expressions cuz now you have no control over your facial muscles and look like an older Steven Tyler

  75. Even Trømborg

    Even TrømborgTime siden

    By looking through this comment section, I have faith in USA’s future.

  76. Chinyere Amasiatu

    Chinyere AmasiatuTime siden

    The religion is perfect the people that follow it aren't...

  77. # SnoFootball

    # SnoFootballTime siden

    People who say you can’t become successful are those who haven’t themselves so in that case like these minimal wage workers should listen and not talk also your friends will predict your future

  78. Sara Schmidt

    Sara SchmidtTime siden

    This Is an amazing episode thank you ❤️

  79. Anna D

    Anna DTime siden

    Blacks should actually be on the conservative side (I mean I think everyone should) but the conservative side was the side that fought for the freedom of slaves, the were the side that had fought for there rights, it has always been the left/ democrats that were racist and want to segregate the people Also the black old guy was pretty cool 👍👌

  80. Joshua Clemons

    Joshua ClemonsTime siden

    I knew the blonde woman was a mole. She didn’t hide it very well.

  81. gabi stone

    gabi stoneTime siden

    Slaves weren’t taught. That was kind of the whole point, they didn’t know what they were going through was wrong. They just saw it as life. I hate that lady bruh. She’s spreading so much misinformation. I’m a liberal, I guess, and I love the way Kevin described his points. He was probably the highlight of this episode for me, as he was so respectful and looked at every side of everything. The older man and the liberals were unproblematic as well, but that freaking Lady Cage ruined this entire episode for me

  82. Theo Lamoure

    Theo LamoureTime siden

    I think feminism would gain a lot if it actually also cared about men's rights

  83. ItsDariel

    ItsDarielTime siden

    just waiting for pewdiepie to upload a video abt this

  84. Stewie-josh2002

    Stewie-josh2002Time siden

    2 MRAs, 2 feminists 1 angry woman who took the Asian mans words out of context and then theres derrick dont be a derrick

  85. Makulu

    MakuluTime siden

    Eat the rich

  86. Ouissal El Aroussi

    Ouissal El AroussiTime siden

    the end 💔

  87. robbedpigeon

    robbedpigeonTime siden

    Just realized pewdiepie is probably gonna watch this That's gonna be a good episode

  88. George 108

    George 108Time siden


  89. Doom King

    Doom KingTime siden

    justin do be a simp doe

  90. David J. Wallace

    David J. WallaceTime siden

    Nope not all middle schoolers are extroverts, I'm a highschooler now, and I was an introvert in middle school, I HATED talking to people, but I did do activities from my school so I had to learn why talking to people was important, so I can talk but if it came down to it, I would never talk to anyone, ever.

  91. Stycie Stephen

    Stycie StephenTime siden

    I want to be friend with Joseph. Will be not of pity. I just thought he's kind & very understanding.

  92. Chad MDZ

    Chad MDZTime siden

    They should've gotten someone like Candace Owens or Joy Villa than this lady here because she's not making any sense.

  93. deathbyalex

    deathbyalexTime siden

    All these unqualified people in the comments trying to diagnose people from the video lol

  94. Anna D

    Anna DTime siden

    I agree with the old black lady on a lot but the way she went about it was a little cringe 😅😂

  95. Aspi Wri

    Aspi WriTime siden

    Lmao ιχθυς doesnt mean what she said its just pisces in Greek.

  96. natt. alina

    natt. alinaTime siden

    Why does people care so much about private stuff

  97. Cark

    CarkTime siden

    I want Rick to be my dad

  98. Atithi Patel

    Atithi PatelTime siden

    Everybody watch Graham Stephan’s “my response to Jubilee. Do all millionaires think the same”. He was in the video but he really didn’t say anything. He gives a lot of insight and explains why he said agree/disagree when he did. He is extremely intelligent in terms of finance, he’s humble and all good things else. Please go watch him as a follow up to this video.

  99. snili cow

    snili cowTime siden

    I like the red shirt guy

  100. Skeptic

    SkepticTime siden

    Slavery isn’t something you just get over