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Flo Milli | 5 Second Songs
Faouzia | 5 Second Songs

Faouzia | 5 Second Songs

3 måneder siden

Baby Quiz with Baby Ariel
  1. Nefeli Gallou

    Nefeli Gallou5 timer siden

    2:02 they're so cuteeeee❤❤❤💕💋

  2. Lilja S

    Lilja S6 timer siden

    Dixie 21 Charli 22

  3. Tracy Maclene

    Tracy Maclene6 timer siden

    why do i see jungkook on tony😣

  4. Roki Bg

    Roki Bg6 timer siden


  5. e m m a

    e m m a6 timer siden


  6. Joeys channel 2009

    Joeys channel 20096 timer siden

    I can’t get enough of these two 🥰

  7. Maria Fernanda

    Maria Fernanda7 timer siden


  8. Maria Fernanda

    Maria Fernanda7 timer siden


  9. Sara Cuccaro

    Sara Cuccaro7 timer siden

    Come ci sono capitata qui?

  10. birly lol

    birly lol8 timer siden

    Literally tony keeps cheating XD

  11. sufea

    sufea9 timer siden

    1:19 omg

  12. Лейла Яруллина

    Лейла Яруллина9 timer siden

    Мне страшно я тут одна русскав

  13. Janice Nipales

    Janice Nipales9 timer siden


  14. Czékmány Tímea

    Czékmány Tímea10 timer siden


  15. • Tøma •

    • Tøma •10 timer siden


  16. Slime Queen

    Slime Queen10 timer siden

    Charlie stoll the renigad

  17. Unicorn Magic

    Unicorn Magic11 timer siden

    Exploiting teenagers relationship for views...nice one.

  18. Gastón David Acevedo

    Gastón David Acevedo11 timer siden

    Hjkti gh dsc

  19. CØLORZ

    CØLORZ11 timer siden

    Omg i love trippie redd😂😘

  20. _Zinna Z

    _Zinna Z13 timer siden

    Tony: said 🚁🚁🚁🚁

  21. Matt Anderson

    Matt Anderson14 timer siden


  22. Like_mf_tim

    Like_mf_tim14 timer siden

    Why didn‘t chase do renegade at the end ....that would have been perfect

  23. Ellis Hague

    Ellis Hague14 timer siden

    When yellow hearts came on I said "my buttcheeks jiggle when I fart"

  24. Jennifer 205

    Jennifer 20515 timer siden

    🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁 I'm sorry I had to🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁

  25. Konnor Yeager

    Konnor Yeager16 timer siden

    He’s 18 she’s 15

  26. Joe Y. Mora

    Joe Y. Mora17 timer siden

    I love this premise of celebs chilling with their superfan. Please make more soon!

  27. Diana Rodriguez

    Diana Rodriguez17 timer siden

    Wow so funny I love tik Tok and Charlie dameliooo

  28. julius dogta

    julius dogta17 timer siden

    Dixie is too damn pretty

  29. rita holdorff

    rita holdorff17 timer siden

    Who else came to the comments to see if the music purposely stopped playing or if ur phone was glitching out 🙃

  30. DARK MOON 1234

    DARK MOON 123417 timer siden

    I got it after 1 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 you still here it still goes look 0000000000 and all the i did

  31. Jerilyn Highway

    Jerilyn Highway18 timer siden


  32. Esmeralda Ortiz

    Esmeralda Ortiz18 timer siden

    But it ain’t no “tiktok lyric” it’s literally a song that was played on the radio first.

  33. Weener Orian

    Weener Orian19 timer siden

    So large of a room containing so little talent

  34. riley :]

    riley :]20 timer siden


  35. Roberto Barbosa

    Roberto Barbosa20 timer siden


  36. Camila Zúñiga

    Camila Zúñiga20 timer siden


  37. lol_brooke vxbes

    lol_brooke vxbes21 time siden

    Am I the only one dying at 1:09

  38. Holly Gabriella Murphy

    Holly Gabriella Murphy21 time siden

    ok but this is cute

  39. Fwacck

    Fwacck21 time siden

    why dose this 2 min long with 130k likes. BOI

  40. Spacdfn

    Spacdfn22 timer siden

    "And were playing Stealing a girls dance for clout"

  41. Lourdes Morocho

    Lourdes Morocho22 timer siden

    That reminds me of gigi

  42. ttv_nathan123 345

    ttv_nathan123 34522 timer siden

    Chace: will u be my valentine Charlie doing renagade

  43. Judit Garcia De la Rosa

    Judit Garcia De la Rosa22 timer siden

    I love tony 💘💘

  44. Subliminal Messages TV

    Subliminal Messages TV23 timer siden

    Ever seen a plank of wood trying to dance?

  45. Wdwlover101 Lovelife

    Wdwlover101 Lovelife23 timer siden

    I want Why Don’t we on here

  46. luli Aljadah

    luli AljadahDag siden

    I love them

  47. Melana Homer

    Melana HomerDag siden

    Just the fact that Charli can hold Lil Huddy😢😮💕

  48. Lindsay Shepherd

    Lindsay ShepherdDag siden

    i literally love tony🥰🥰🥰

  49. Molly Fergusson

    Molly FergussonDag siden


  50. Lara. aa

    Lara. aaDag siden


  51. Marija Karapandza

    Marija KarapandzaDag siden

    Ajme ljepotee

  52. Arliah Bowkett

    Arliah BowkettDag siden

    Hi first

  53. Name name Lol NaMe

    Name name Lol NaMeDag siden


  54. Lamyae Lachka

    Lamyae LachkaDag siden

    Secenddd watcher🤪❤

  55. Ana Carolina

    Ana CarolinaDag siden

    Me notaaaa

  56. jugando con ainnara y sofia

    jugando con ainnara y sofiaDag siden


  57. Liv H.

    Liv H.Dag siden

    First omg

  58. gtrable S

    gtrable SDag siden

    Spit on it

  59. alexander lammers

    alexander lammersDag siden

    Dixie looks cuter than charli

  60. Gracie McCay

    Gracie McCayDag siden

    This is the funniest thing ever 😂❤️

  61. Roxi Gonzalez

    Roxi GonzalezDag siden





  63. Bone,s Bone,s

    Bone,s Bone,sDag siden

    Since nobody said it helicopter 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁 🚁

  64. conni :h

    conni :hDag siden


  65. Dirk Vermant

    Dirk VermantDag siden

    Every video ther is a sond glitch

  66. Kermit the Frog

    Kermit the FrogDag siden

    Tony is so cute🥺💞 AHH MY HEART❤️

  67. true crime

    true crimeDag siden

    Whoever edited this did a bad job lol

  68. Núbia Souza

    Núbia SouzaDag siden

    Alguém Do Brasil?!🇧🇷❤️

  69. IJ13 Yt

    IJ13 YtDag siden

    What the fuck is with the audio my iPhone doesn’t cut out and they have actual equipment Jesus

  70. Алёна Московская

    Алёна МосковскаяDag siden


  71. Алёна Московская

    Алёна МосковскаяDag siden

    1:09 omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  72. Алёна Московская

    Алёна МосковскаяDag siden

    0:45 😍😍😍😞

  73. Keoma༄ _14

    Keoma༄ _14Dag siden


  74. Piesełkowa 112

    Piesełkowa 112Dag siden


  75. Hi bye Why

    Hi bye WhyDag siden

    Spit on it

  76. Just Jaliyah

    Just JaliyahDag siden

    I love them❤️💙❤️

  77. Mildute Karecksite

    Mildute KarecksiteDag siden

    Sau sau good😘

  78. Madisyn Torrenti

    Madisyn TorrentiDag siden

    Why do I know more tik tok sounds than actual tik tokers

  79. mads

    madsDag siden


  80. Ruqayya Khalil

    Ruqayya KhalilDag siden

    So like I they might be home schooled but like chase is a senior and Charlie is a Sophomore in HS 😂that’s like whole 2 years apart

  81. Juley

    JuleyDag siden

    It's soooooo nice.It's soooooo cool.😉😉😊

  82. Margelys FloresP

    Margelys FloresPDag siden


  83. Yogita Yamini

    Yogita YaminiDag siden

    Am i tje only one who doesnt hear sound on 2:12

  84. Jaz Simonovski

    Jaz SimonovskiDag siden

    *I sailed away to *CHINA** China??? That’s where the corona virus is ;^;

  85. Archana praveen

    Archana praveenDag siden

    They are the only fun people in the hype house

  86. Fanhaja Ramasimahavola

    Fanhaja RamasimahavolaDag siden

    1:53 charli hit it after dixie say you didn't hit it 😂

  87. Ra Ra

    Ra RaDag siden


  88. Anonymous

    AnonymousDag siden

    He looks better when he was 13,he looks like a drug addict now😂

  89. Keyarrah Jenkins

    Keyarrah JenkinsDag siden

    Is it me or Tony looks a lil different in this video?

  90. Legendary Noob

    Legendary NoobDag siden

    I didn’t really like Charlie and I watched one video and she’s pretty funny


    SOFA YASAKOVADag siden

    1:08 when my boyfriend doesn't look at me


    CHESKA GEREZDag siden

    I thought my headphones are broken😒

  93. Just a Mexican

    Just a MexicanDag siden

    Bro this dance is soooo ez like this aint dancin like stfu this makes me wanna die

  94. Love you dad Ibarra

    Love you dad IbarraDag siden

    There so cute together they should be couples

  95. Cassidy Rodriguez

    Cassidy RodriguezDag siden

    charle d amelio your the best tiktok star in the world

  96. Honey Gummy

    Honey GummyDag siden


  97. Project Light

    Project LightDag siden

    Charli flooding!!

  98. Arts and Crafts by Tasfia!

    Arts and Crafts by Tasfia!Dag siden

    I was laughing when the music stopped and they still keep on going

  99. Jasmin Mares

    Jasmin MaresDag siden

    1:20 Awwww❤ I can tell he really likes that hug❤

  100. denise cv

    denise cvDag siden

    Tony is so cute 😍