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How Corvette Killed Ferrari
Elvis shot a hole in this car.
  1. nayanmalig

    nayanmalig10 timer siden

    Compassion is greater than love

  2. mk garing777

    mk garing77710 timer siden

    0:12 UFO

  3. Dej Mug

    Dej Mug10 timer siden

    awesome series, lots of sweat, new info and laughs

  4. I know you're right, but

    I know you're right, but10 timer siden

    So, the licenses needs to be reduced by companies/organizatione like F-1. Nurburgring stopped organizing F-1 as per your videos for the same. They have to reduce it.

  5. Chris G

    Chris G10 timer siden

    1:29 Did this man just dis Halo reach

  6. Review Master

    Review Master10 timer siden

    Forgot 350z nismo

  7. blackcountryme

    blackcountryme10 timer siden

    I'm glad the tyrell got in, I always thought that was a Lola tbh, and the transit van. That MK1 was the best shape of that van, sadly no longer made in England, but somewhere else, where the wages are peanuts.

  8. zrboii

    zrboii10 timer siden

    I miss james


    KAOS REAL10 timer siden

    36:00 great scene ‘just go for it’

  10. Annapurna Parida

    Annapurna Parida10 timer siden

    I'm proud of my boys gonna touch 3 million soon

  11. ninja dragon

    ninja dragon10 timer siden

    Think you should do an up to speed on the seat cupra! attempt nr.1

  12. Got memes?

    Got memes?10 timer siden

    s line, r line amg line, they are the most laughable things on the road, a perfect example of riced from the factory.

  13. Stephen Miller

    Stephen Miller10 timer siden

    California is shitty because of you're states politicians and boat load of taxes that feeds their pockets.

  14. Mr. VeereSan

    Mr. VeereSan10 timer siden

    james is becoming more and more sad i wish that audience member came back

  15. Alecktz

    Alecktz10 timer siden

    the kia soul is realy cool :)


    INTELLECT JOE10 timer siden

    Too bad that’s grade 5 hardware 🤦🏽‍♂️

  17. Tom Miller

    Tom Miller10 timer siden

    Petition to have an Up to Speed on James

  18. Pieter tje

    Pieter tje10 timer siden

    Hou forgot to mention the OPC

  19. Richard Hopkins

    Richard Hopkins11 timer siden

    The biggest lion on record weighed just shy of 800 pounds

  20. Howler

    Howler11 timer siden

    i live about 3 hours away from the green hell, never been there, but it's on the bucket list to drive a lap, either in a car or on a motorcycle, might happen this summer but i'm just not sure if i could take the financial risk.

  21. Hani

    Hani11 timer siden

    Mitsubishi Pajero/Montero :(

  22. Jamar Quvious

    Jamar Quvious11 timer siden

    sweet. an iconic american truck... now made by mexicans in mexico.

  23. Levi Vlijm

    Levi Vlijm11 timer siden

    Donut how can you let this man go!

  24. Yoshiaki Uematsu

    Yoshiaki Uematsu11 timer siden

    I think an evo lancer or a wrx sti is a good idea cuz it can goes fast and anywhere

  25. moises benhamu

    moises benhamu11 timer siden

    Let’s go bro come to Spain let’s fight

  26. S2 신칸센 JR

    S2 신칸센 JR11 timer siden

    where is autorail bugatti

  27. tydosify

    tydosify11 timer siden

    that downpipes gonna explode so much stress banging it without heating

  28. Kris Shine

    Kris Shine11 timer siden

    Definitely had the most interesting Mclaren there

  29. Radio 9000

    Radio 900011 timer siden


  30. Nice Fishy Fishing

    Nice Fishy Fishing11 timer siden

    Ford Festiva

  31. John Bailey

    John Bailey11 timer siden

    Hand built M's in germany and ONLY Ford RS's that's this old guys verdict oh and I worked on both in the 70's

  32. M3 CS

    M3 CS11 timer siden

    WRX's make that sound because of the unequal length headers. The FA20 WRX does not sound ANYTHING like a predecessor let along the 2019 STI which still has the EJ257 from 2004.

  33. Sean Goulden

    Sean Goulden11 timer siden

    Eddy are you okay?? Nolan snapped😂

  34. Lyndon  Cobb

    Lyndon Cobb11 timer siden

    Crazy how I literally almost broke my neck turning my head to look at a typhoon in somebody's driveway the other day it was for sale and I was like wtf is that? Now I know and it looks 🔥🔥🔥

  35. Christoph B.

    Christoph B.11 timer siden

    James, let me tell you as a german guy: you always get me when you try to speak german. I love it. Keep it.

  36. Flash

    Flash11 timer siden

    stop speaking german....please....stop it.

  37. Vic Gluth

    Vic Gluth11 timer siden

    Bro come back to snap chat we miss you more power baby

  38. Comet 1310

    Comet 131011 timer siden

    Rear bumper delete pls

  39. Omar Perez

    Omar Perez11 timer siden

    If your reading the comments while the video is playing feel free to add Instagram @calistarinvasion me and, a few buddys are starting a California crew if you already own a b15 or looking to own one feel free to look us up. We started the pg just a few days ago but all Nissan Sentra welcome or if your looking to own your own. Where helping to get a Sentra community in norcal,cencal, also down south cal if any questions before you jump into to your first b15 feel free to ask questions.

  40. Money Mark

    Money Mark11 timer siden


  41. Eric Williamson

    Eric Williamson11 timer siden

    or you could have a 20+ year old car that looks like junk

  42. solen18

    solen1811 timer siden

    I thought this about the audoban damn. The audoban would be a good video

  43. King T

    King T11 timer siden

    Roadkill on Donut media?

  44. Jimmy White

    Jimmy White11 timer siden

    All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

  45. Charlie Wolfe

    Charlie Wolfe11 timer siden

    2:39 Lewis Hamilton? 🤣

  46. Natanael Alexandru

    Natanael Alexandru11 timer siden

    As much as I like and watch Donut I've disliked this lmao

  47. Korvstroganoff

    Korvstroganoff11 timer siden

    3:05 morgz if he was a car guy haha

  48. metaphysicalgraffiti

    metaphysicalgraffiti11 timer siden

    I'm not even a car guy, but I can watch this shit all day.

  49. Boone Docker

    Boone Docker11 timer siden

    I owned 3. Drove them out in the Northern Rockies in some of the worst weather you can imagine. More than once, it came through for me. Just never buy one with power windows, unless you never want the windows open. The 300 6 cylinder with a 4 speed granny was my favorite.

  50. Homepro 31

    Homepro 3111 timer siden

    this video is just a fail . you talked about the m performance cars but you didnt mention that real M cars like the m3 and the m5 are still performance cars


    ATOMIC BOMB11 timer siden

    Spoilers gotta be next

  52. Oliver B.

    Oliver B.11 timer siden

    I appreciate the effort you put into zer German Sprache, danke, ja, Schnitzel.

  53. Kaleb Preston

    Kaleb Preston11 timer siden

    Roundabouts are everywhere in Kansas

  54. seavseabsean

    seavseabsean11 timer siden

    I really appreciate the shiner bock in the cooler when referencing Texas

  55. metaphysicalgraffiti

    metaphysicalgraffiti11 timer siden


  56. ABK Special Projects

    ABK Special Projects12 timer siden

    In the UK we now have “ST line” 🙈

  57. JESSE OH

    JESSE OH12 timer siden

    Is it still for sale?

  58. Alex MC

    Alex MC12 timer siden

    Although I’ve watched this video multiple times I can’t get over that engine 😳

  59. frisianmouve

    frisianmouve12 timer siden

    For major dutch city centres it's this: Car: look out, there's bikes coming from the left, right, front, center and back and no you can't go there because it's a one way street, as well as that one and that section is closed off completely for cars so you'll have to walk the last bit if you can even find a parkins spot Bike: yeah

  60. Vincent Chal

    Vincent Chal12 timer siden

    Hate this car Paul Bernardo had one when he was kidnapping girls.

  61. super seven7

    super seven712 timer siden

    Ferrari's first engined car🤔😂😂

  62. zebenzui reveron chavez

    zebenzui reveron chavez12 timer siden

    Ford van 😍🇮🇨

  63. Henry Discipline

    Henry Discipline12 timer siden

    It isn't safe, tough in it's day, things have moved on. It hasn't saved any lives either, it's called risk compensation.

  64. Ej2004RC Ej-sans

    Ej2004RC Ej-sans12 timer siden

    I can sum up his car in one emoji 🔥

  65. Liam Blackbeard

    Liam Blackbeard12 timer siden

    I live in UAE so Dubai Abu Dhabi and there is supercars

  66. Andrew Keener

    Andrew Keener12 timer siden

    I love and work in the Washington, DC metro area. I've found that public transportation isn't that bad. It requires pre-planning, but I don't get sweaty or pay for the upkeep on a car. I don't drive. Also, Nolan, how long had that pizza slice in your car? If it was me, I would've left it. I agree ... Hawaiian pizza is good. But pinnapple pizza with extra cheese is delicious.

  67. The Un-Known Musician

    The Un-Known Musician12 timer siden

    NFS vibes 😃😂

  68. al3rgen

    al3rgen12 timer siden

    All this only prove, being radical in moto sports is not good, you will spend a lot of money, hours, work to make new car, to only get banned after one race, because other teams will cry - uu this is unfair, it has too much advantage... ;(

  69. Shaved Alpaca

    Shaved Alpaca12 timer siden

    Sooo, when we getting Suzuki and BMW motorcycle VVT

  70. Gianne ッ

    Gianne ッ12 timer siden

    This what made me a Car Guy as a 13 y.o. tho...

  71. Cherry Poppins

    Cherry Poppins12 timer siden

    mitsubishi raider / dodge dakota

  72. Mulluckbrot

    Mulluckbrot12 timer siden

    the streets look exactly like here in germany

  73. Ammageddon89

    Ammageddon8912 timer siden

    Your german wasn't that bad ^^

  74. Zvonimir Škvorc

    Zvonimir Škvorc12 timer siden

    What about duramax?

  75. Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith12 timer siden

    the editing of his body is creepy af. lmfao

  76. G Cäprïce

    G Cäprïce12 timer siden

    Cartels do love them, hes not lying lol

  77. Дејан Петковски

    Дејан Петковски12 timer siden

    Hahaha Noob . Try to learn manual transmissions in Yugo 45 and then tell us that is fun to drive manual :D

  78. Rob w

    Rob w12 timer siden

    those blue shades are fire

  79. [GD] loli

    [GD] loli12 timer siden

    i wasnt born in the 90´s but dam the rap was way better back then

  80. CrazyGriff 108

    CrazyGriff 10812 timer siden

    I love the American v8

  81. Ivan Espinoza

    Ivan Espinoza12 timer siden

    Best series

  82. 2010HarleyDynaFXD

    2010HarleyDynaFXD12 timer siden

    How much you guys put in a 350Z it wouldn't be worth it I'd rather buy a old Mercedes E55 AMG for about the same price of a modified Nissan lol.

  83. Maimo Moline

    Maimo Moline12 timer siden

    A supercharged plane hell yeah

  84. Donnie johnson

    Donnie johnson12 timer siden

    This is quality gear head content

  85. Mihail Dimovski

    Mihail Dimovski12 timer siden

    I got to tell you seeing cops being clueless and complete idiots like this is awesome

  86. Jimmy Tambo

    Jimmy Tambo12 timer siden

    So what I got from this is that we need a new race car with 4 front wheels, 4 rear wheels, massive wings, and gigantic vacuum. We may be able to crush 5 minutes on the nurburgring

  87. De 1h

    De 1h12 timer siden

    Not gonna lie this was a rollercoaster for even us viewers. I love all of donut! Thank you for getting ke hyped and warning me about some things and helping me with others. Especially helping me choose my first fun car:))))) thx up to speed

  88. Hassan Khan

    Hassan Khan12 timer siden

    Man I love your videos. :) You're the best at what you do. See you at the nurburgring!!!

  89. Pope Ocelot

    Pope Ocelot12 timer siden

    A bit more explanation about the foam. Yes it helps with some of the more difficult fires, e.g. fuel or oil fires, but it also makes the water 'wetter' which basically means it helps the water to not evaporate, and the foaming action helps to smother the fire more effectively. You turn foam on and it's like you have about 3 times the amount of water because you need far less of it to accomplish a given effect.

  90. Warrior the Pleb

    Warrior the Pleb12 timer siden

    no merch with '#unknownvariable' on it oorrr?? :(

  91. DjHippy136

    DjHippy13612 timer siden

    Is that a Supra!?

  92. Dave E.

    Dave E.12 timer siden

    Half ass the builds and they act angry and surprised... Well entertaining to watch at least

  93. Christopher Borden

    Christopher Borden12 timer siden

    In the video where the Cadillac test vehicle is driving, there is some words painted on the road. Whats the significance and importance of the words?

  94. M24 Shot

    M24 Shot12 timer siden

    38:24 nice supra in the back

  95. Jun Kitami

    Jun Kitami12 timer siden

    I would not actually force indcut any cars that doesn't need it tho, especially JDMs. The problem with JDM vs USDM cars like the Mustangs and Camaros or Chevelles is that these US market cars are built around the biggest engines the factory has thus its easy for these chassis to take in more parts even if you have a small engine. However, JDM cars are always built smaller and the engine comes as an afterthought (sort of) and due to Japan's roads being smaller, their car chassis are often smaller which meant that by having a bigger engine in a already small framed car, you don't have space to do anything else. Due to force induced JDMs already having turbos/superchargers onto them already, changing it to a bigger ones are often doable and not that tough than sticking stuff that shouldn't be there, in it.

  96. Luis Orozco

    Luis Orozco12 timer siden

    I was hoping to see savage geese in this

  97. Cutch GTI

    Cutch GTI12 timer siden

    I thought even the 2003 350z’s cane stock with like 270hp???

  98. Michael Williamson

    Michael Williamson12 timer siden

    Why does low car not have enough holes in the hood? Waste thru hood

  99. Brohdi Stubbs

    Brohdi Stubbs12 timer siden

    Nissan hard body d21

  100. Rodrigo Cortes

    Rodrigo Cortes13 timer siden

    Trackhawk was definitely a top choice