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  1. jeed00000 68

    jeed00000 683 timer siden

    First time I rode my crf 80 my dad was on the back and he didnt realize I already rode 85s with my mates and he was like release the clutch slowly and add acceleration I gave it a race start dumped the clutch and left him standing in the middle of the field

  2. Joe Sigl

    Joe Sigl3 timer siden

    The PT Cruiser turbo is kinda cool too.

  3. JCChaconJr

    JCChaconJr3 timer siden

    I had an '85 Mustang GT that is still my favorite car ever. Kept it 15 years until the ugliness of Fox body hatchbacks reared its ugly head - rust at the rear of the roof where it meets the hatch lid. :( On the bright side, my next vehicle was a '99 F-150 that I enjoyed the heck out of too, but I cried the day my Mustang drove away after selling it. FWIW, the engine still roared like a Lion. 15 years of synthetic oil changes and regular carb rebuilds made sure of that.

  4. olivier Bourrée

    olivier Bourrée3 timer siden

    "If you don't love me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best" - Renault 5 Turbo

  5. Jerret Stallworth

    Jerret Stallworth3 timer siden

    Who wrote this? 🤦 Lol

  6. nike12000

    nike120003 timer siden

    One of the most touching everything you need to know ever!

  7. DUduru dUu

    DUduru dUu3 timer siden

    Every car part I order says “Not for use in California” tuff man

  8. leo16sea now

    leo16sea now3 timer siden

    The lil John ref tho😂😂😂

  9. Bondedwithpotatoes007

    Bondedwithpotatoes0073 timer siden

    This could have been done easier. Colin McRae > Tommi Makinen

  10. Daryn Amoros

    Daryn Amoros3 timer siden

    Only experience doing anything other than front engine is driving my 76 super beetle. Problem is that was for like five minutes. Now it's currently in pieces as we resto mod it.

  11. Jesus Himself

    Jesus Himself3 timer siden


  12. SergeantMoetz

    SergeantMoetz3 timer siden

    You made a big mistake: The M5 Touring acutally never came with a manual gearbox in Europe from the factory. They were all equipped with the unreliable SMG transmission. US buyers could actually choose between the SMG or a manual 6 speed transmission in the sedan. So basically Europe got the cooler bodystyle but the US the arguably better transmission.

  13. Alec Foerster

    Alec Foerster3 timer siden

    Whatever happened to the black guy who used to drive two cars and say which one he liked more?

  14. petros pago351

    petros pago3513 timer siden

    7:13 greek guy


    ALL THINGS TO ALL MEN3 timer siden

    Soooo, horses in the back?

  16. george p

    george p3 timer siden

    What's with the wrinkled Jean button up shirt??? Lol

  17. One Italian Boy

    One Italian Boy3 timer siden

    James: mo powa baby Nolan: mo toke

  18. macc68

    macc683 timer siden

    You lost me at "your a Miata lover".....

  19. Ursirius

    Ursirius3 timer siden

    I gotta call BS. How many kamikaze pilots lived. NONE that's why they called them kamikaze.

  20. Aharon ben Avram

    Aharon ben Avram3 timer siden

    Evo better out the box

  21. Mystery Man

    Mystery Man3 timer siden

    Then i wait those futuristic car become normal sense. Normal car become cheaper then i buy.

  22. nike12000

    nike120003 timer siden

    You always have so much energy telling these story’s please dont stop doing them!

  23. Jikkity Juice

    Jikkity Juice3 timer siden

    e46 BMW, great cheap cars you can find everywhere.

  24. cholakof

    cholakof3 timer siden

    u will store it at garage buddy.. simple as that

  25. raymon navarrete

    raymon navarrete3 timer siden

    Who killed your gold fish

  26. MrRaven8er

    MrRaven8er3 timer siden

    Agree with LAB DISASTER - "Mo Toke" needs to be a t-shirt :-D

  27. Chad Wilson

    Chad Wilson3 timer siden

    Can you, next, discuss the placement of the electric motor internally versus in-wheel for electric vehicles?

  28. Jasper Lilienfeld

    Jasper Lilienfeld3 timer siden

    Because the engine is transversely mounted you could probably stick a 848cc or 970cc Morris Mini Cooper S engine in it. Wouldn't be period correct anymore but it would a fair bit faster. Only problem is that ripping an engine out of a classic mini would be sacrilegious to that community but also finding one wouldn't be easy.

  29. Paul Queripel

    Paul Queripel3 timer siden

    That's not a Miura engine, that pic had a separate gearbox.

  30. Daniel Lavespere

    Daniel Lavespere3 timer siden

    Ooouuu. I see a motorcycle in the beginning 👀

  31. Hard Rice

    Hard Rice3 timer siden

    My first car was a 1974 VW Super beetle.(Rear engine rear wheel drive) Being a dumb highschool student I would actually drift it in the snowy parking lot at 5am before school started (handled okay but super easy to over steer) jump to senior year and a few cars later got a Mazda rx7 front/mid engine (still a rotary) and it was great at handling and being balanced unless it was low on fuel it was still high prone to oversteer and spinning. So pretty interesting car choices lol.

  32. David Michael

    David Michael3 timer siden

    So "they're equal, except the STI is still made so it wins". I mean, okay... even as a Subie owner I think this is a cop-out lol

  33. Jonny Mayne

    Jonny Mayne3 timer siden

    Hey you forgot Cyber Formula dude

  34. Noaahh Hoke

    Noaahh Hoke3 timer siden

    Dare I say mo power baby

  35. Jasper Lilienfeld

    Jasper Lilienfeld3 timer siden

    So they do away with pop up head lights for safety reasons but put a full size tire in the front of the car. If you get in a crash that tire is going straight through your face.

  36. Harten33

    Harten333 timer siden

    100% thought he was going to say "Well I'm here to tell you... All of that is true, get out while you still can."

  37. moist boi

    moist boi3 timer siden

    AMG is Asskicking made German

  38. guy fawkes

    guy fawkes3 timer siden

    What about that passenger seat hump that makes it insanely uncomfortable to ride in as a passenger? Definitely my biggest issue with the car

  39. Jeremy [ SpoiledNitrous Channel ]

    Jeremy [ SpoiledNitrous Channel ]3 timer siden

    Where's the Engine placement in a Tesla?

  40. Aditya Sawant

    Aditya Sawant3 timer siden

    This is so depressing

  41. Laard Quave

    Laard Quave3 timer siden

    Loti. . . . Kml nice Nolan. Nice

  42. hoopla

    hoopla3 timer siden

    07:08 My Bluetooth automatically disconnected...

  43. Alvar Urm

    Alvar Urm3 timer siden

    [email protected]%king stupid. Really stupid vid, thanks (y)

  44. Josh Williams

    Josh Williams4 timer siden

    Quite a good english accent actually

  45. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay4 timer siden

    ez kläpp

  46. Deano farid

    Deano farid4 timer siden

    Dinoco Blue

  47. Alejop1995

    Alejop19954 timer siden

    AR windshield? Wow! I drew a concept Ferrari car when I was about 12 with something like this! This is the motherf*cking future, baby

  48. Moodiepie Kings

    Moodiepie Kings4 timer siden


  49. Dallas King

    Dallas King4 timer siden

    Do an up to speed on the Chevy biscayne

  50. DBSbluedevil

    DBSbluedevil4 timer siden

    The most unreliable vehicle ever. And I just bought a 2001

  51. piratexxxking

    piratexxxking4 timer siden

    I swear they named the pokemon ho-oh because of the toyota century

  52. Sujay S

    Sujay S4 timer siden

    Superb! Thanks Nolan!

  53. Chase Alvarez

    Chase Alvarez4 timer siden

    bmw m3 e46 csl and m3 gts. damn you separate markets.

  54. RED S7VN

    RED S7VN4 timer siden

    Callaway Sledgehammer please!!!!!

  55. Diesel Guy

    Diesel Guy4 timer siden

    I don't understand why Chevy discontinued the Corvair. They could've just made it mid - engine if they wanted to keep a European feel.

  56. SaltireSkillz

    SaltireSkillz4 timer siden

    I have on of these in my dream garage along with a Skyline R34 😂😂

  57. Gregorio Nocco

    Gregorio Nocco4 timer siden

    i wonder how many of you have colorfull clothings. car are in black/withe/gray for the same reason we wear only those 3 colors (at least here in italy) literally rn how many of you are wearing a tshirt not in the black wihe gray gradient?

  58. Ranjodh Matharoo

    Ranjodh Matharoo4 timer siden

    Holly shit ho o is insane new fav luxury car

  59. kelan tuet iski tilille

    kelan tuet iski tilille4 timer siden

    i didnt hear colin mcrae

  60. H e H e

    H e H e4 timer siden

    But what if... Rear engine front drive?

  61. badchild2

    badchild24 timer siden

    How about the REALLY stupid idea of the Touch Screen in Cars! The engineer who thought this was a great idea should be castrated.

  62. Julian Skaj

    Julian Skaj4 timer siden

    24 valve Cummins in a Toyota Prius

  63. Abattoir Jonson

    Abattoir Jonson4 timer siden

    I love my rear engine bug

  64. Enrique Reyna

    Enrique Reyna4 timer siden

    this format is great

  65. Dylan Last Name

    Dylan Last Name4 timer siden

    So now you talk about the fu**ing beauty!!!!!!

  66. Luis Mendoza

    Luis Mendoza4 timer siden

    Are we really watching a video about how wheels work?? People 4,000 years ago knew it

  67. Fragster

    Fragster4 timer siden

    I mean UNIMOG stands for Universal-Motor-Gerät! Super easy

  68. Vincent

    Vincent4 timer siden

    Spoon is going to be running 3 Spoons with Spoon engines. And on top of that, he just went into Spoon's and ordered 3 T66 Spoons with Spoon . . . And a Spoon system Spoon.

  69. ShedGaming

    ShedGaming4 timer siden

    that shoes on the car case, yeah thats a deep legal association thing. it was both protecting ferrari and the other guy. cuz if the dudes shoe sales went up after the post, those profits may actually be unlawfully earned under consumer laws due to false association.

  70. Kevin Nusywa Putra

    Kevin Nusywa Putra4 timer siden


  71. リバイアライアン

    リバイアライアン4 timer siden

    Tires are just like accessories..the most important part for Mazda Miata are the suspensions.

  72. tflspitfire

    tflspitfire4 timer siden

    The PT cruiser ... when america tried to build a fiat multipla

  73. Ahmad Hussain

    Ahmad Hussain4 timer siden

    Missed opportunity from both Mitsubishi and Subaru to turn this cars into electric sedans to compete against Tesla.

  74. Happy Times

    Happy Times4 timer siden

    i have a 4th gen Honda prelude vtec manual h22a 4ws was my first car an could never sell it ive owned it for 9 years ive owned skylines BMW fords mercs holdens Toyota v8s an trucks but you cant beat the sound or handling . Honda are so underrated people hate on them all the time an its cause they've never owned one

  75. RED S7VN

    RED S7VN4 timer siden

    The RUF Yellowbird with not a production car, never was a production car. RUF made just 29 Yellowbirds from 1987 - 1996, or 3.2 cars per year. in order for it to be a production vehicle they'd have to have manufactured 20 or more per year. Yellowbird was a 100% bespoke car. In fact there's never been a RUF production car.

  76. Joshua Thompson

    Joshua Thompson4 timer siden

    I’ve driven a Lamborghini Gallardo and a McLaren 570S around a track and the handling is insane. I have an Awd WRX wagon now and sometimes it wants to oversteer sometimes it wants to understeer but my fwd GTI was the same way. It’s all about the driver I think

  77. fil dip

    fil dip4 timer siden

    This was your best one yet. And have a science part like that every episode if you can. You guys are doing great!!! Much love from Macedonia!

  78. Dylan Haskin

    Dylan Haskin4 timer siden

    I learned to drive, and did my driving test with a Toyota 2.4D LWB truck or bakkie as we call them here in South Africa. Loved that thing

  79. Jacob Savoie

    Jacob Savoie4 timer siden

    Gotta love them big ole wangs!

  80. c00l3zt

    c00l3zt4 timer siden

    Nolan reminds me of the nerdy kid from the Magic school bus Haha

  81. Jonas Layic

    Jonas Layic4 timer siden

    James sounds a bit like Jack Black

  82. Lukas Mol

    Lukas Mol4 timer siden

    it Keeps your money, because you are insecure....

  83. Simon T

    Simon T4 timer siden

    Is only the way with the hydraulic pins called VTEC or all the other methods too?

  84. Raymond Irvine

    Raymond Irvine4 timer siden

    The 3 time... Back to back TO BACK

  85. syah017

    syah0174 timer siden

    I drove a fiat x19 before. its horrible

  86. Nathan Evans

    Nathan Evans4 timer siden

    Way too many cupholders? What is this man thinking?

  87. fil dip

    fil dip4 timer siden

    I lost it at the toilet paper part. That's good comedy!

  88. Hamidan Maksum

    Hamidan Maksum4 timer siden

    Have money: Rolls-Royce . . . . Have power & connection: Toyota century

  89. PenguinMan

    PenguinMan4 timer siden

    Who else paused at the explanation but didn’t read it

  90. Kevin Cobang

    Kevin Cobang4 timer siden

    low-key colors, try to blend in especially if you're using your whole speedometer

  91. Hagop Shishmanyan

    Hagop Shishmanyan4 timer siden

    I found donut media after i fell in love with Ronald Finger's Fierro revival project. And found ChrisFix from your channel. And found my love for cars from all of you. Thank you.

  92. 多々良長幸

    多々良長幸4 timer siden

    ドリフト黎明期の日本では サイドブレーキを使うのは下手糞でダサイ行為とみなされてたんだぜ・・・

  93. William Pallocchia

    William Pallocchia4 timer siden

    Thank u for doing 1 vid a day🇮🇹❤️🇮🇹❤️

  94. Xx_Stalinas_xX

    Xx_Stalinas_xX4 timer siden

    for a second i thought science garage returned

  95. ricky v

    ricky v4 timer siden

    Great video and thank you for finding ways to create content for us. Even with all the choppy-ness this was a great episode.

  96. j smits

    j smits4 timer siden

    Saw one of those when i was a year of 10 next to one of biggest mining digger in the world in germany.