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It's a (404) Thing

It's a (404) Thing

5 måneder siden

It's a (212) Thing

It's a (212) Thing

7 måneder siden

  1. Ibukun Daniel

    Ibukun Daniel5 timer siden


  2. Samantha Iemma

    Samantha Iemma5 timer siden

    Why do I ship Grayson and Adrienne

  3. Kay C.

    Kay C.5 timer siden

    Never heard of the Dolan twins...They weren't funny...Of course Kevin was funny and made it worth watching...The dancing coaches and African American laughing dancer was entertaining too

  4. Kristal Santoro

    Kristal Santoro5 timer siden

    this whole video made me laugh, but i’m trying to be super quiet because everyone in my family’s sleeping but it’s very hard to be quiet.

  5. Taylor Ellis

    Taylor Ellis5 timer siden

    I need a movie with y’all. Lmao

  6. M H

    M H5 timer siden

    Y’all I died when Kevin said “Poe toint” instead of “toe point”😂😂

  7. isabella. A

    isabella. A5 timer siden

    As a Latina this was very confusing to watch and I love that

  8. Ka Na

    Ka Na5 timer siden

    When is the rock gonna workout with you

  9. Rodney Jackson

    Rodney Jackson5 timer siden

    I frickin love Gina 😂😂😂

  10. kasie brown

    kasie brown6 timer siden

    Ethan needs to get into dancing 😂 I didn’t think he had moves like that

  11. BoomerBegay _101

    BoomerBegay _1016 timer siden

    When is Dwyane Johnson gonna be on here

  12. A Soft Pillow

    A Soft Pillow6 timer siden

    👋 👋 🤜🤚 👏

  13. Money Blue

    Money Blue6 timer siden

    Nobody: Me in my head: what the shi*

  14. Melissa Hertzberger

    Melissa Hertzberger6 timer siden

    Now I want nuggets lol

  15. MsJessica1902

    MsJessica19026 timer siden

    Yay Ethan!!!!

  16. Generation Sensitive

    Generation Sensitive6 timer siden

    Is he gonna have random NO-gosrs on all season or are the celebrities gonna come on

  17. Alex_ 13

    Alex_ 136 timer siden

    Whay does Grayson’s jacket remind me of Brendon Urie’s gold jacket 😂😂

  18. KRōck

    KRōck6 timer siden

    “I’ll take my god bless you’s back”

  19. JJ Slawiak

    JJ Slawiak6 timer siden

    did anyone else hear at 13:05 Kevin say "poe toint" when he meant to say toe point lmao

  20. Hamida Adel

    Hamida Adel6 timer siden

    its like watching Frankenstein make love HAHAAHHAAHAHAH

  21. Denise Boriqua

    Denise Boriqua6 timer siden

    Lol lol

  22. Kyrah Kwarteng

    Kyrah Kwarteng6 timer siden

    Ethan's hair grows long after a month My hair grows half a centimeter in a month Wtf is happening?!

  23. NON. YUN.

    NON. YUN.6 timer siden

    This was my favorite!

  24. William Hanke

    William Hanke6 timer siden

    omg that rhondo promo was so good. I have to re watch it.

  25. madi grace

    madi grace7 timer siden

    6:05 🥰

  26. HAKSII boy

    HAKSII boy7 timer siden

    'Lil nugget' wtf????🤣🤣🤣

  27. CocoBeanSwizzle

    CocoBeanSwizzle7 timer siden

    The black woman laughing was me the whole time

  28. Fun Sports & Tips

    Fun Sports & Tips7 timer siden

    Does ken know how to be a doctor I bet he messes up on every surgery

  29. Destiny Wayne

    Destiny Wayne7 timer siden

    They really did Kevin dirty with giving him the tallest girl there😂😂

  30. Fun Sports & Tips

    Fun Sports & Tips7 timer siden

    Kevin Dropped a new game called balls

  31. Abbigale Dukes

    Abbigale Dukes7 timer siden

    You can tell how uncomfortable the twins are

  32. peachesandpoets

    peachesandpoets7 timer siden

    Leslie laughing at him at the dressing room took me down

  33. Kayleigh

    Kayleigh7 timer siden


  34. Manster man

    Manster man7 timer siden

    I watch this video because of the Dolan twins I'm a personal fan

  35. Tumen Odnuud

    Tumen Odnuud7 timer siden

    Mongolia!!! 🇲🇳🇲🇳🇲🇳

  36. Reginald Haywood

    Reginald Haywood7 timer siden

    He isn’t funny! Sorry

  37. Maryland B&R

    Maryland B&R7 timer siden

    Don’t say it.... Don’t say it don’t say I don’t need no tan😂😂

  38. Alice Blyn

    Alice Blyn7 timer siden

    This was literally the best thing I have seen all day😂

  39. tmae76

    tmae767 timer siden

    "It's like watching Frankenstein make love" I died laughing!

  40. peachesandpoets

    peachesandpoets7 timer siden

    All the Wayans fine as hell

  41. IM QUIX

    IM QUIX7 timer siden

    I love that ladies laugh 😭😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  42. Ruby Sigaran

    Ruby Sigaran7 timer siden

    Ethan was low key really good lol

  43. Ginger Koehler

    Ginger Koehler7 timer siden

    I ship Ethan and his partner

  44. Mirage Jones

    Mirage Jones7 timer siden

    I laughed so hard I farted

  45. nope

    nope7 timer siden

    Why is grayson looking at kevin like that tho lmao 12:39

  46. nope

    nope7 timer siden

    but like ethan looked so fucking great bruh

  47. IM QUIX

    IM QUIX7 timer siden

    Ethan is really good at dancing

  48. Jewell Smith

    Jewell Smith7 timer siden

    the black girl is so me

  49. Fun Sports & Tips

    Fun Sports & Tips8 timer siden

    China coronaviris Karate chop to the neck

  50. Mike M

    Mike M8 timer siden

    These 2 definitely have a movie coming

  51. BTS BTS

    BTS BTS8 timer siden

    HHAHAHA why david moaning so much

  52. Darron Cunningham

    Darron Cunningham8 timer siden

    Ethans face at 7:02 when Kevin said I’m loose😂

  53. kevin laurence japay

    kevin laurence japay8 timer siden

    Hahaha that "Oscar's " question hahahaa.

  54. K B

    K B8 timer siden

    Why is Boss always out of breath ?

  55. Patrick Gonzaga

    Patrick Gonzaga8 timer siden

    This is bullshit, this needs to be longer! I had a lot of fun!

  56. นัน รักดอกไม้

    นัน รักดอกไม้8 timer siden

    like and thank you

  57. นัน รักดอกไม้

    นัน รักดอกไม้8 timer siden

    like and thank you

  58. chding zuure

    chding zuure8 timer siden

    lol that girl who painted their abs on their abs is lucky.

  59. Natasha Soko

    Natasha Soko8 timer siden

    After that back to back workout Kevin: " it's okay, it's just legs you'll get new ones"

  60. Ms. LaKiesha Chavon DeLoatch

    Ms. LaKiesha Chavon DeLoatch8 timer siden


  61. Kenneth Videos

    Kenneth Videos8 timer siden

    You would think that just by watching someone do ballroom dancing that it's easy until you try it harder then it looks😂.

  62. Mei Joy

    Mei Joy8 timer siden

    10:20 help!!

  63. Robert Vonn

    Robert Vonn8 timer siden

    I think when ronda rousey lost her intimidation power, she no longer had that advantage against the other fighters

  64. Jennifer Hollowell

    Jennifer Hollowell8 timer siden

    I love Kevin Hart! He's always comical. I think Kevin & Will pherrell should do a show together, there definitely wouldn't be a dry eye watching them, just sayin!!❤

  65. emery hicks

    emery hicks8 timer siden

    i feel like kevin and gina should have been together. her sense of humor and his match and their height match more

  66. PhonecollectorYT

    PhonecollectorYT8 timer siden

    This line is real

  67. Maya

    Maya8 timer siden



    RRja.co8 timer siden

    They are so bad at dancing that it’s funny 😂

  69. Usui Minato

    Usui Minato9 timer siden

    This guy Keegan like Jimmy Kimmel except his hair. Are you guys notice that or just me?😐

  70. Nivea Ramirez

    Nivea Ramirez9 timer siden

    I seen the cover of the Dolan Twins on here and I had to click

  71. emery hicks

    emery hicks9 timer siden

    ahhhh graysons hair

  72. Genesis Serrano

    Genesis Serrano9 timer siden

    Ethans partner Gina is high key a whole mood lol 😂

  73. Majay Prebynski

    Majay Prebynski9 timer siden

    Ok but Kevin is like two feet shorty than his dance partner the height difference is so funny

  74. Atito

    Atito9 timer siden

    Help ya boy out man 8:01 isn't that that one dude from got talent? 😂😂😂 I swear it's him

  75. Victorhea Tongi

    Victorhea Tongi9 timer siden

    Why does the blonde kid irritate me so bad?

  76. Joseph Vinson

    Joseph Vinson9 timer siden

    This video had me laughing to hard he made them get spray on abs lol


    JOSEPH GUOBADIA9 timer siden

    Harry 😂😂😂😂

  78. Kaytlin Hogue

    Kaytlin Hogue9 timer siden

    I think Tina has a crush on Kevin like whaaaaaaaaat???

  79. jimmy dickson

    jimmy dickson9 timer siden

    Audition... I swear I’ve seen that thot on casting couch 🤣

  80. Jocelyn Haro

    Jocelyn Haro9 timer siden

    I thought Ethan shaved his head?

  81. MichaelS.

    MichaelS.9 timer siden

    Tiffany is the queen of laugh 👑☺️

  82. Maya LaBorde

    Maya LaBorde9 timer siden

    I know this was not made recently because 1 - Ethan's hair is not shaved 2 - They would be social distancing 3 - CARONA!!!!

  83. Xxsupremekidxx

    Xxsupremekidxx9 timer siden


  84. iNight Flight

    iNight Flight9 timer siden

    I have so much respect for her boyfriend.

  85. Avan

    Avan9 timer siden

    Hello everyone! I know I’m not the only one feeling stuck right now but the last few days I have felt depressed and my mom said her coworkers were down so I wanted to do something to cheer everyone up. So I made a video of everything we accomplished in the last decade to make everyone smile. But I didn’t stop there. I wanted to give everyone hope when it feels like there was none. So I made a motivational video on top of it. I hope it cheers everyone up and gives people strength. Check it out on my NO-gos and spread the love ❤️

  86. Ana's Life

    Ana's Life9 timer siden

    ok but like ethan did so good

  87. Hamna

    Hamna9 timer siden

    When I was a kid I’d used to give that foot massage for free to my dad 😂

  88. obehi ufuah

    obehi ufuah9 timer siden

    I’m convinced some of yall are uneducated. IT WAS PRE RECORDED. Ethan’s hair is gone now! This was filmed before the documentary.

  89. melissa ann

    melissa ann9 timer siden

    LOLOL -- I was waiting for someone to actually pick Kevin Hart up and throw him in the water.

  90. Alicia Chamir

    Alicia Chamir9 timer siden

    Gina was so funnyyyy😭

  91. Cassidy Mullins

    Cassidy Mullins9 timer siden

    He’s so short competes to her

  92. Elle Waudby

    Elle Waudby9 timer siden

    I cringed with laughter 💀💀😂😂

  93. Ka Vue

    Ka Vue9 timer siden


  94. Jameea Gibbs

    Jameea Gibbs10 timer siden

    “How did she get him to remember all of this” because she’s black😂

  95. Sharon Salces

    Sharon Salces10 timer siden

    I'm so Proud❤️

  96. Cee Jay

    Cee Jay10 timer siden

    I don't think anyone makes Kevin laugh as much as Tiffany.

  97. I knew you would respond

    I knew you would respond10 timer siden

    Kevin dancing was sooo funny. Homegirl laughing took everything to the top, her laugh was from the gut.

  98. Aaron Fuller

    Aaron Fuller10 timer siden

    Really Kevin? Your doin this now driving around interviewing comedians?😅😭😩😩