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2019, in 6 minutes

2019, in 6 minutes

22 dager siden

How an opera gets made
The first movie with CGI

The first movie with CGI

2 måneder siden

Why Turkey is invading Syria
How American CEOs got so rich
Why the US drinking age is 21
The right way to kill a fish
  1. NUKE

    NUKE10 timer siden

    Because he is smarter than every single being in the planet

  2. BroTheHentai 14

    BroTheHentai 1410 timer siden

    They don't matter, it is very simple.. you are wasting your time

  3. Mango

    Mango10 timer siden

    when faced with problems that seem impossible to fix average humans feel overwhelmed and either pray that everyone else can do it or deny it because it forces us to change our lavish lifestyles.

  4. BroTheHentai 14

    BroTheHentai 1410 timer siden

    They don't matter, it is very simple.. you are wasting your time

  5. Jesucristo Salvador

    Jesucristo Salvador10 timer siden

    This channel is named as one of the spanish political parties.

  6. Abdulmajid Salleh

    Abdulmajid Salleh10 timer siden

    5:10. Yeaaaaah that’s not weird at all

  7. ohmyyorm

    ohmyyorm10 timer siden

    Everyone is wearing makeup now including foundation. It's not good for the skin

  8. Christophe de Dinechin

    Christophe de Dinechin10 timer siden

    All this is perfectly consistent with one world view, Christianity. But of course, Vox prefers to conclude that our brain does it.

  9. Bravis the Grand Strategist

    Bravis the Grand Strategist10 timer siden

    *"Memes are the propganda of the Internet"* the most boomer thing ever said in the history of boomers

  10. Renza

    Renza10 timer siden

    Yeah.. I cannot go through a day without trying for *"SOME REASON"*

  11. KrystalGhost

    KrystalGhost10 timer siden

    I cry every time I see someone else cry.

  12. Vijith Naik

    Vijith Naik10 timer siden

    I'll cry when hate me

  13. E Irving Diaz

    E Irving Diaz10 timer siden

    Blame it on the poorer countries.

  14. Wilson S

    Wilson S10 timer siden

    Tea is a helluvadrug son!

  15. Quilt

    Quilt10 timer siden

    I appreciate the entire "history of the mars obsession" that 90% of the people watching dont care about. Now give us the actual content of the video.

  16. Thijs van Gisbergen

    Thijs van Gisbergen10 timer siden

    They should dig canals


    EIMAN GAMING10 timer siden

    I always cry i also cry when im crying

  18. Lalrinnunga Chinzah

    Lalrinnunga Chinzah10 timer siden

    Bring back memories

  19. M4NT1S M4NT1S

    M4NT1S M4NT1S10 timer siden

    This is made by boomers to try help boomers understand zoomers, but this just makes them bigger boomers

  20. hopeman returns

    hopeman returns10 timer siden

    Just don't cut the onions and you won't cry :)

  21. Bravis the Grand Strategist

    Bravis the Grand Strategist10 timer siden

    4:55 they're toxic and cancerous needs to be destroyed by fire. If you make memes to sell something you are truly the worst most devious human, bad day to you sir!

  22. Curtis Lee

    Curtis Lee10 timer siden

    It’s like every time a new clown is introduced to the world in a movie or something, a killer clown rage happens

  23. Azooz Abou Saad

    Azooz Abou Saad10 timer siden

    Skadoodle 61,000 dollar awp skin

  24. Skeleton Plays

    Skeleton Plays10 timer siden

    Nerds where are you I can’t see you

  25. Mike

    Mike10 timer siden

    No wonder the U.S. balance sheet is getting worse year by year. The debt comes from continues bad investments like this. How much more can government contracts steal from regular tax payers and their retirement plans?

  26. Reduxhut

    Reduxhut10 timer siden

    This is a reference ITS MEME TIME

  27. Nimu

    Nimu10 timer siden

    I feel like a Boomer watching this video

  28. Electro Wizard

    Electro Wizard10 timer siden

    Now i know how you cry, *Something that i can never do* T-800

  29. Patrick Tuohy

    Patrick Tuohy10 timer siden

    Stop playing God!!!!

  30. John Sandiego

    John Sandiego10 timer siden

    One place has too little water, the other has too much.

  31. Jaimy 1205

    Jaimy 120511 timer siden

    This is actually a really enjoyable video ❤️

  32. Meowdy Partner

    Meowdy Partner11 timer siden

    Talk about setting a good standard for the rest of the video by having an awkward breakfast scene with buzzfeed people Now I'm really interested in the rest of it!

  33. Alfred Pennyworth

    Alfred Pennyworth11 timer siden

    Not a fun of Vox in general but this vid was real done.

  34. martini flips

    martini flips11 timer siden

    same question goes to anything why we spend money on clothes and sport stuff cause we like these things

  35. Nayanika Goyal

    Nayanika Goyal11 timer siden

    I loved it when they said the point is to maybe talk about beauty less!

  36. John Delaney

    John Delaney11 timer siden


  37. Driifty

    Driifty11 timer siden

    nobody asked

  38. hh y_n__s

    hh y_n__s11 timer siden

    오우 ㅆ 썸네일 보고 이상한 상상해버림

  39. so fetch

    so fetch11 timer siden

    In South Asia, we dont spend money on makeup until we are old enough to buy it ourselves. It is pretty common to not wear any makeup and roam around with naked skin. Actually, those who do have a full face of makeup with highlighter and eyeshadow get stared at here.

  40. Pamela Kelly

    Pamela Kelly11 timer siden

    Loved this video. This is something I think about a lot and have struggled with whether I think it's harmful or just a popular interest...but this really shows how so many women are not truly choosing to be so involved with these products and treatments out of pure interest. We're pushed that way. I really loved the honesty throughout from both of you!

  41. Tilak Raj Sharma

    Tilak Raj Sharma11 timer siden

    8:40 what if I wear glasses and can't see without them if I got dead can I able to see without my glasses.

  42. Sharon Petitto

    Sharon Petitto11 timer siden

    Vox is lame stream 4am cia talking points.

  43. Samesh Maharaj

    Samesh Maharaj11 timer siden

    The US is rapidly transforming into a Mexican/African country with everything that entails.

  44. Mr. Midnight

    Mr. Midnight11 timer siden

    I Cried watching this.

  45. irish doromal

    irish doromal11 timer siden

    This shows beauty bloggers has different opinions & views. it shows as well that what other uses might work only for that person but it doesnt mean that it will work for you! you better weigh your judgement but never do a comparison. Every human being is different!

  46. vishnu y

    vishnu y11 timer siden

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  47. Mc Grogi

    Mc Grogi11 timer siden

    Israel: selling weapon to Arab Arab: buy it and give it to terorist and attack Israel Israel:thats my weapon how dare u Arab:so i give it back to u *Joker Laugh* Israel:

  48. Pat Xaphakdy

    Pat Xaphakdy11 timer siden

    2020 is gonna be Australia’s bushfires

  49. The Abundance Of Comment

    The Abundance Of Comment11 timer siden

    I cry when I'm not good enough.......

  50. Oxytocin xo

    Oxytocin xo11 timer siden

    theyre noot noot

  51. Ulfa Syafreani

    Ulfa Syafreani11 timer siden

    Why one-eyed?

  52. Filip Hałas

    Filip Hałas11 timer siden

    Did you mean 7 failing states?

  53. Paint a Novel

    Paint a Novel11 timer siden

    I asked my biology teacher this and she said that it's just something we do... Very helpful, Mrs. Moglan.

  54. Magic 4L

    Magic 4L11 timer siden

    This question is so simple. It’s like why spend money on Alcohol and Cigarettes

  55. Дивергент Нигилист

    Дивергент Нигилист11 timer siden

    Left doesn't improvement of The USA that's why they prefer barvaric arabians instead of hard-working chinese Vietnamese .

  56. Ellie Bla

    Ellie Bla11 timer siden

    I love feeling fresh, feminine and pretty but I hate that often it's not about the feeling anymore but an external pressure to fit in. Sometimes I feel like "my" kind of femininity and beauty is "wrong" and not appreciated and that I need to change to be rewarded as a woman. But even though I struggle sometimes I refuse to give in completely to this pressure. There is so mucj more to us women...

  57. Khumo Thage

    Khumo Thage11 timer siden

    Cap. 🧢

  58. Ashish

    Ashish11 timer siden

    It would be weird but what if we put a VR to a child right from birth.

  59. Sarah Churchward

    Sarah Churchward11 timer siden

    This is scary and so so sad im in Melbourne

  60. archie parayre

    archie parayre11 timer siden

    If beauty culture is "hurting you", grow up

  61. Ted S

    Ted S11 timer siden

    I wonder if Stevie Wonder knew all this stuff when he created the song, or was he just making music? :)

  62. Vikas Uraon

    Vikas Uraon11 timer siden

    I cried 2 times from happiness and 7 times out of happiness, while watching this...(just wanted to share.. stats from India)

  63. ItzYuanPlayz- Gaming

    ItzYuanPlayz- Gaming11 timer siden

    True, when i try to get the prize, it always falls off and doesnt work.

  64. Delta Tango

    Delta Tango11 timer siden

    Everybody knows china can twist truth and form a baseless lie into a whole new level

  65. Sky Gaming

    Sky Gaming11 timer siden

    legends still says that moto moto is still in there

  66. Cuz ImBad

    Cuz ImBad11 timer siden

    What about league of legends😂

  67. Magic Vibrations

    Magic Vibrations11 timer siden

    Make them elevated! It creates a barrier from the road so it's not just an arbitrary white line being drawn between cyclists and cars.

  68. Andrew Hay

    Andrew Hay11 timer siden

    Why did you say 'could' so much? I thought the problem was clear as day? That's why the solution is immediately available. Right?

  69. 6JM6tube

    6JM6tube11 timer siden

    No sound...can you fix it?

  70. iced

    iced11 timer siden

    I’ve never wore makeup. I get really shy to go out with makeup id feel like it looks weird on me.

  71. Ed Barnes

    Ed Barnes11 timer siden

    Can you do a video on aboriginal bushfire techniques and how this could be an effective fire preventative technique

  72. Veekalp

    Veekalp11 timer siden

    never forget where you came from...

  73. Sasu Keks

    Sasu Keks11 timer siden

    I don’t feel pressured by society to wear makeup. It is the way I express myself and honestly I would go out without makeup if I don’t feel like wearing it. The only thing I do because of NO-gos tutorials is buying things which I feel are missing in my routine and are fun to try out. Of cause people are kinda pressured by society to look perfect but at the same time this video misses a whole group of people who are doing makeup for fun and expression

  74. peter jarrett

    peter jarrett11 timer siden

    The thought of eternity scares me

  75. ziya hajizada

    ziya hajizada11 timer siden

    16:12 His face kills me lol.

  76. Rajat Joshi

    Rajat Joshi11 timer siden

    "It is better for 10 guilty persons to go free than to convict one innocent person"

  77. Ron Charles M. Bondal

    Ron Charles M. Bondal11 timer siden

    The Nobel Peace laureate Suu Kyi has nothing to do to control Peace in her region HAHAHA!

  78. Lost/the Nickname

    Lost/the Nickname11 timer siden

    Some 1⃣ comes and claim that he have to pick up u.

  79. Johnny Torpedo

    Johnny Torpedo11 timer siden

    "Is raising standards bad? Find out with Vox."

  80. Grumitos

    Grumitos11 timer siden

    Abascal eres tú ?

  81. johnDon

    johnDon11 timer siden

    Solution: solar powered ships and rail travel

  82. StatchanaReborn

    StatchanaReborn11 timer siden

    Suomi mainittu! TORILLE!

  83. Noor Jeraq

    Noor Jeraq11 timer siden

    How many times I cried during this video | | | V

  84. Mahir Begic

    Mahir Begic11 timer siden

    I cry when I have fascicular muscle twitching so i guess that the one theory is correct

  85. Crispy Chicken Nuggets

    Crispy Chicken Nuggets11 timer siden

    I'm obsessed with memes: - Shows Boomer memes

  86. Göbekli Tepe

    Göbekli Tepe11 timer siden

    get the book "Death an inside story" by Sadhguru JV. its a first hand account of death

  87. RK7

    RK711 timer siden

    I don't remember crying in last six years

  88. LiQuidZ

    LiQuidZ11 timer siden

    Sad alpha boost noises

  89. Kriszt M

    Kriszt M11 timer siden

    We all been dead before birth.

  90. Applehead Defender

    Applehead Defender11 timer siden

    Friday is a meme

  91. pikachu

    pikachu11 timer siden

    Haber, para que traducen el título si el vídeo está en inglés, idiotas

  92. Ritu Bhatt

    Ritu Bhatt11 timer siden

    Such kind of a design doesn't work in case of countries like India where there's massive population and everybody wants to go first. It just leads to increased traffic congestion and waste of time.

  93. OMGgamer 2008

    OMGgamer 200811 timer siden

    wow im watching this while the views are equal to 2,829,000

  94. 게임하는정준

    게임하는정준11 timer siden

  95. Ahmed Shaharyar Ejaz

    Ahmed Shaharyar Ejaz11 timer siden

    We must prepare to survive Climate Change. It is too late to stop it now.

  96. Descendant Travels

    Descendant Travels11 timer siden

    Some people are just weak minded

  97. Jaco Roets

    Jaco Roets11 timer siden

    If you use Plato as a reference you are on the wrong track. Plato is the author of the “ going to heaven “ teaching which is not taught in the Bible.

  98. LAB_Curtis

    LAB_Curtis11 timer siden

    Juice wrld??

  99. harman bawa

    harman bawa11 timer siden

    We are only species who invent religions

  100. Daniel Petukhin

    Daniel Petukhin11 timer siden

    I think you did not phrase well the fact that humans are the only ones who cry of emotion. Animals do cry of emotion, mostly sadness but also from joy, however not from the emotional vastness that we do. Please, be more specific when you say things like that, because to people who don't know (and trust you) this will become a fact.