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The official podcast of Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3productions.

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  1. Beautifully Blazed

    Beautifully Blazed8 timer siden

    You ruined his life because you went on live and we heard everything and then his felony arrests for heroin and Xanax possession charges came out! That’s how you ruined his life I’m pretty sure the Prosecutor has seen those lives Trisha!!! So nice back peddling Trisha!

  2. Ashlyn Williams

    Ashlyn Williams8 timer siden

    I find the obvious love hate relationship to be SO amusing

  3. Floating High

    Floating High8 timer siden

    Not to advocate too hard, but give del taco's 'epic cali beyond burrito" a chance. I can crush 3 of those big boys.

  4. Kay Valenti

    Kay Valenti8 timer siden

    With how shocking trisha is as a person, for me, the only time my jaw has ever been dropped listening to her was when she said that the beatles copied elvis. Like what?

  5. Maria Batres

    Maria Batres8 timer siden

    Who is the guy who shot her

  6. jasmine

    jasmine8 timer siden

    I love to see trisha on the podcast again I love how nice you are to her and it seems like you care for her and have compassion. I love trisha and she is a person just like you and me. Great podcast

  7. HookSet Tv

    HookSet Tv8 timer siden

    What I love about him is how humble he is.

  8. Early Cuyler

    Early Cuyler8 timer siden

    You owe sam Hyde 5k loser. the way you did him and the boys you ripped was undesirable!

  9. Tannistha Paul

    Tannistha Paul9 timer siden

    You just wasted my first 30 mins.....now come on, get in the topic

  10. Aalan FluX

    Aalan FluX9 timer siden

    The utmost delusion. Trisha is the biggest compulsive liar that craves attention. The fact that she's on the podcast is extending the bit way past a healthy point.

  11. Heather Laaman

    Heather Laaman9 timer siden

    I’m so happy she came back. I’m watching the whole thing! Cry laughing over the vaccination conversation!

  12. Savannah Hutto

    Savannah Hutto9 timer siden

    Who knew that Ethan could bring out the best version of Trisha... lmao

  13. Perpetual Boner

    Perpetual Boner9 timer siden

    You guys just treated him like wallpaper and kept him on for half an episode just to get rid of him for an intern, lmao. He worked on that hat for a long time and the podcast treats him like he's just some random guy from the front page of reddit.

  14. Pleasegodkillme

    Pleasegodkillme9 timer siden

    Weird to think that people youve been fans of for a while would probably refer to you as a dog just cause they wouldnt stick their weiner in u

  15. Pauline Reefer

    Pauline Reefer9 timer siden

    Congrats ,even though this is an old video

  16. Enoltra

    Enoltra9 timer siden

    Well, I ate lunch while watching, not a good choice :))

  17. Shoenice Official Channel

    Shoenice Official Channel9 timer siden

    pow ! look at my h3h3 badge ! everyone like this comment !

  18. Toallín-Lumostark

    Toallín-Lumostark10 timer siden

    I think Trisha lies sometimes for attention (being trans and some suspicious stories) but at the end of the day she is entertaining and hilarious, so I'm all for that.

  19. Rebaz 202

    Rebaz 20210 timer siden

    Can anyone pass me the discord link

  20. Alexander Smart

    Alexander Smart10 timer siden

    Am I crazy or is that Trisha's right nipple 😕😂😂 19:21

  21. The Biggs Show

    The Biggs Show10 timer siden

    Trisha: yeah she was eating pickles on their date in the limo. No clue why, but I laughed out loud so BAD at work

  22. Nunya Biness

    Nunya Biness10 timer siden

    Skip 4:36 to 11:48 (pregnancy, dog shirt) And 1:48:45 to end (pics and outro)

  23. Sam K

    Sam K10 timer siden


  24. nan0

    nan010 timer siden

    Ethan has men apply to get aids the show. Can't wait. 🤢

  25. Sugar

    Sugar10 timer siden

    Most of her stories are lies so obvious

  26. megi

    megi11 timer siden

    Social media is disconnecting us, because we dont appreciate nor grow real relationships with real people. We just focus on some fakeass relationships with people online, with hounderds of friends and followers but when we go out in the real world, then you see a problem. So many facebook friends but no one to laugh with about childhood memories with a beer. Think about it

  27. Brelle Hawthorne

    Brelle Hawthorne11 timer siden

    What is going on here?? Who is this guy??

  28. Sarah S

    Sarah S11 timer siden

    So is Eddy going to come through with that date Trisha audition?

  29. Max Macmurray

    Max Macmurray11 timer siden

    Also, as an introvert, being recognized by random people would either be terrifying for me, or it would take all the pressure off making a good first impression and would be the ultimate ice-breaker.

  30. jenika bfghgf

    jenika bfghgf11 timer siden

    Papa bless 🙌🙏

  31. Lee lee 82

    Lee lee 8211 timer siden

    She’s just a liar ....end of !!! Nitemare she is .... but funny ...

  32. xs0ulLess

    xs0ulLess11 timer siden

    Terrorising Ethan Klein with pictures of gazebos LOL

  33. Morten Solli

    Morten Solli11 timer siden

    how is he?

  34. Missoe

    Missoe11 timer siden

    1:01:47 - sponsored by Mac Donald's, Eat fast, taste good

  35. Patrick McDonald

    Patrick McDonald11 timer siden

    1:03:09 why hila have to cook us like tht 💀

  36. SumGuy NamedJamie

    SumGuy NamedJamie11 timer siden

    I kind of......want Trisha to ruin my life aye.

  37. fly

    fly12 timer siden


  38. Bradi Stannard

    Bradi Stannard12 timer siden

    I should not have watched the ghost part at night wtf

  39. 박도리생방송

    박도리생방송12 timer siden

    H3:K-Pop 팬들이 미친거 같다 라고 누가 그랬던것 같은데 미국 노래는 좋긴 한데 너무 시시해요 미국 유튜버들은 전부 이상한것 같아요ㅠ

  40. Dusty _Lusty

    Dusty _Lusty12 timer siden

    개개인의 취향이지만 비판은 하되 비난은 하지말았어야지 🐗쉑긔

  41. Coffeejingler

    Coffeejingler12 timer siden

    literally can't listen to Trisha talk, if shes gonna be a regular on the show then :*(

  42. John Daly

    John Daly12 timer siden

    For whatever reason I went from not being able to listen to Trisha speak to fully actually loving her as a guest on these podcasts. The power of the fupa is real

  43. Ghoulie

    Ghoulie12 timer siden

    When she said larry david wasn't funny I was out!!! lol

  44. Bert Jete

    Bert Jete12 timer siden

    Trisha is like the antithesis of the H3 podcast. Which directly correlates to comedy gold when you guys interview her. Love it! It's hilarious! 🤣

  45. Cara Montes

    Cara Montes13 timer siden

    when Hila said thank you for Ethan when Trisha complimented his “shorts” 😂😂

  46. Jade Lynn

    Jade Lynn13 timer siden

    Ethan hahahah “NDAs work when you’re doing business not when you go to someone’s house and you’re doing drugs and they’re shooting a gun at your head” Trisha: “ohhh”

  47. chiesa thio

    chiesa thio13 timer siden

    this podcast gonna get slam dunk by demonetized bot like shaq's dunk in 90's

  48. Advocatus Diaboli

    Advocatus Diaboli13 timer siden

    "67% of the global population under 50 has herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1). Fifty percent to 80 percent of U.S. adults have oral herpes. According to the National Institutes of Health, about 90 percent of adults have been exposed to the virus by age 50. Once infected, a person will have herpes simplex virus for the rest of his or her life. Although cases of HPV are not formally reported in the United States, available data from the CDC indicate that at least 75 percent of the reproductive-age population has been exposed to the sexually transmitted HPV. In most cases, your body can produce antibodies against the virus and clear the virus within one to two years. Most strains of HPV go away permanently without treatment."

  49. latvian girl

    latvian girl13 timer siden

    man.. every time i see that hat,that mint bright perfect colored hat,it is calling me😵why..why me??🥺i don't even wear bright🤷

  50. Ian Mayle

    Ian Mayle13 timer siden

    2:24:15 Honestly, Ethan's parents's story of how the two met was hilarious. I love how Ethan pauses for a moment when his dad mentions the age gap so we can process what was just said. Ethan's dad should have left the story to his wife for his sake, but I'm glad he didn't for our sake lmao.

  51. Emily Sanders

    Emily Sanders14 timer siden

    This might be my favorite episode. It was so comfy. I felt like I was just sitting with some friends, quietly listening and laughing along. I’ll probably listen to this again when I’m feeling lonely tbh

  52. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    Princess Consuela Banana Hammock14 timer siden

    I guess I’m the only one that thinks her being into girls is a lie because in her head, she thinks men would think it’s sexy and admirable. Just her demeanor when she answers. Hence to her not having any female friends. She says it as if a guy would wife her up because of it. Even if she is telling the truth I’d still feel the same way. I’m sure she finds it cute

  53. salvador gomez

    salvador gomez14 timer siden

    So Ethan has been calling his gut his fupa without even knowing it until now

  54. radhika menon

    radhika menon14 timer siden

    If you think India cant manage to contain a virus outbreak pls look up the Nippah virus outbreak and how we managed to contain that .

  55. Angel L

    Angel L14 timer siden

    “It was like avatar up in this bitch” 😂😂

  56. Nuriddin Azamatov

    Nuriddin Azamatov14 timer siden

    Who else is getting these nasty ass bacon add from Carl’s Jr while eating?

  57. Ali Babah

    Ali Babah14 timer siden

    i have autism because of vaccination

  58. Hannah Sears

    Hannah Sears14 timer siden

    Wow I can not stand his voice

  59. AnTeZiT

    AnTeZiT14 timer siden

    But Ethan,you are greedy?

  60. c c

    c c14 timer siden

    favorite trio

  61. Vassago Radio

    Vassago Radio14 timer siden

    Lol. Teddy Fresh is ‘our’ and the podcast is ‘my’ with Ethan 😅

  62. Your Name

    Your Name14 timer siden

    Ethan - What else haven't you monetized? *Trish in a month* - "watch me on the toilet"

  63. Lemon Kitty

    Lemon Kitty14 timer siden

    Everyone calls me insane when I talk about bohemian grove. I think how Christians and satanist are opposite, free masons and bohemian grove are in a way I think. It truly is a rabbit hole.

  64. Gee Bone

    Gee Bone14 timer siden

    They think fast food rots in 3 hours? This show without a guest is lowkey trash.

  65. nofosho

    nofosho14 timer siden

    1:28:28 'Can you imagine if someone from this ''Bachelor'' got me pregnant, that'd be crazy' '........................that'd be awesome' that's the single best moment in this entire podcast

  66. Please Use Soap

    Please Use Soap14 timer siden

    He's been removed

  67. Abdallah Ahmed

    Abdallah Ahmed15 timer siden

    Ethan, buy a membership to the FFM. Need dem tips to push dat merch

  68. Jacob

    Jacob15 timer siden

    i don't know why but I want to see Trisha and Shoe in a relationship i bet he would eat that fat p__sy maybe even literally... lol <3

  69. bnenomore

    bnenomore15 timer siden

    I'm sorry but Jason Momoa stomps Marlon Brando & Paul Newman. Especially in The Bad Batch

  70. Justin Desormier

    Justin Desormier15 timer siden

    Just realised that pewdiepie has great cleavage

  71. pogthehog

    pogthehog15 timer siden

    Theodore will have to listen to this in 10 years

  72. Klarissa Ann

    Klarissa Ann15 timer siden

    Have a feeling Onision was behind it...

  73. Bridget Swart

    Bridget Swart15 timer siden

    Trisha's a Gemini and us virgos DO NOT want her associated with us. 🤷‍♀️💁‍♀️

  74. Jordan Bell

    Jordan Bell15 timer siden

    This never came up on my recommended. and I have notifications on.

  75. Travis H.

    Travis H.15 timer siden

    People need to understand, nobody is voting for Andrew Yang because he is a Democrat. They are voting for a Democrat because he is Andrew Yang.

  76. Bridget Swart

    Bridget Swart15 timer siden

    Hila is drop dead gorgeous in her own way and I think she as a person is so unique and I like how reserved she is. I also love her smile! 🥰 she's one of the very few genuine people on NO-gos and Ethan had a point she doesn't always agree with him but they are okay with each others opinions and I love them!♡

  77. Jenny Mattbäck

    Jenny Mattbäck15 timer siden

    I honestly got so annoyed at Trisha when she starts the whole OMG BUT IDK BUT OMG BUT IDK like, I get it if you're uncomfortable but just say so instead of skimming past things and just kinda bouncing back and forth and just all in all being a hoorrible conversationalist. Jesus😂

  78. 10ohHearts Gaming

    10ohHearts Gaming15 timer siden

    10 sec in fart

  79. Red Button TV1

    Red Button TV115 timer siden


  80. 10ohHearts Gaming

    10ohHearts Gaming15 timer siden

    0.10 sec in ilah farted

  81. Kekq

    Kekq15 timer siden

    Can't click away from these videos fast enough

  82. Ellie Strums

    Ellie Strums16 timer siden

    Felt bad for Trisha actually knowing what a vulva was and Ethan just going NO

  83. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker16 timer siden

    I'd love a Chris Delia and Erik from comment etiquette

  84. Iselder

    Iselder16 timer siden

    I love how Ethan never changes the way we talks or acts depending on who he talks to. He makes the same jokes in front of his good friends as he does in front of people like Papa Johns, Jake Paul and Elon Musk

  85. Kuchi Kopi

    Kuchi Kopi16 timer siden

    I think Cardi B just got super nauseous in that moment and almost threw up. I think that's why she stopped talking like that. Either that or a bee flew up her dress.

  86. Russkij Nemez

    Russkij Nemez16 timer siden

    Oh look,the Jew who make fun of everyone but cannot take it.

  87. Jonelle Lee

    Jonelle Lee16 timer siden

    Bring him back on the show 💛

  88. Reylin

    Reylin16 timer siden

    I want to hate her but I felt kind of bad for her at the end. Clearly she’s been through a lot of traumatic shit that she normalizes in her head.

  89. Pipe 1

    Pipe 116 timer siden

    Shane got that JAWLINE

  90. Ellen

    Ellen16 timer siden

    She never knows the details to her own life she clearly makes it all up

  91. Jeremy Gross

    Jeremy Gross16 timer siden

    Well, I WASN'T hungry...

  92. lifewithLill

    lifewithLill16 timer siden

    Okay hear me out... Post Malone and Trisha Paytas make it happen !!!


    JULIXNS _ TOXSICK16 timer siden

    dude Ian is like the most boring person ever after binging all these episodes.

  94. Starla Dawn

    Starla Dawn16 timer siden

    I love Trisha so much.

  95. TheFireIsOnFire

    TheFireIsOnFire17 timer siden

    No disrespect, but it genuinely seems like dunkey might have some sort of mental disability. He barely talks, and his wife seems to speak for him a lot.

  96. Drew's Daily

    Drew's Daily17 timer siden

    great show

  97. sethhh

    sethhh17 timer siden

    I wish i could watch this again for the first time

  98. Ellen

    Ellen17 timer siden

    You can always count on Trisha to come out with the most ridiculous comments ‘ wants to fuck Elvis’s corpse ‘ 🤦🏻‍♀️

  99. Shaelyn Travis

    Shaelyn Travis17 timer siden

    Trish and Hila as friends ❤️❤️

  100. Ron John

    Ron John17 timer siden

    When she dissed Seinfeld Hila's face 😐😐😐