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Believing Etika | TRO

Believing Etika | TRO

5 måneder siden

The Dr. Phil Problem
My BEST Songs Of 2017
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Model Citizens

2 år siden

A Trip To North Korea
How to WIN An Election
Vote for...?

Vote for...?

2 år siden

  1. Sage -

    Sage -3 timer siden

    Commmeee onnn it’s been a week tro! The anticipation is killing me

  2. Blue team John, Fred, Linda, Kelly

    Blue team John, Fred, Linda, Kelly3 timer siden

    Corrupt small government. 😡

  3. Mike Beeman

    Mike Beeman3 timer siden

    Does he still get revenue from videos? how will he make a living

  4. James Plimpton

    James Plimpton3 timer siden

    He basically got railroaded, and stripped of his civil rights. They don't want people having guns these days.

  5. Maruchan Nuudle

    Maruchan Nuudle3 timer siden

    I watched smosh in like 2010. Who the hell are these guys hahaha

  6. Crøss.

    Crøss.3 timer siden

    Yo get that bird nest off your head and stop praying on vulnerable girls. Deadass looks like someone smothered peanut butter on your head. You disgusting excuse of a human being. Fuck austin bruh

  7. S S

    S S3 timer siden

    Ok FPS RUSSIA was one of my favorites. Funny as hell and really cool guns from around the world without a lot of facts and stats. His one big mistake was not reading the “signs”. He and his friend have a gun channel. Automatic target for the ATF, that’s what they do. He must have known this but ignored it. His friend is then killed with a gun, no suspect found. The ATF and FBI go into a hot sweat, that’s what they do. He ignores this and continues his gun channel AND plays with drugs. It doesn’t matter what the amount is, drugs are the easiest thing to be busted on. He ignores all the storm clouds and “signs” and continues his life like nobody’s watching him, when several police and government agencies are doing just that. It’s what they do. Had he stopped the channel stopped his drug activity and taken his guns and money to another state he would be a rich free gun owner today. For some reason he just didn’t see what was happening around him. A word to the wise, cops never forget. They believed he had something to do with the murder , if they didn’t like his gun ownership the ATF would be on him like stink on shit. It had nothing to do with guns or dope, it was the murder. I don’t know who did it but I think the cops believe he knows,...........

  8. Scooter 2kool

    Scooter 2kool3 timer siden

    This channel sucks.

  9. Jerry Robitaille

    Jerry Robitaille3 timer siden

    It's ironic that the guy who says we all need to have weapons to protect themselves is killed by said weapon and couldn't protect himself with his weapons.

  10. Homeslice Slices

    Homeslice Slices3 timer siden

    Keemstar is the worst type pf person. Like no joke. He thinks he is something he's not and sadly that's gotten him rather far in utube world. Sad world we live in when people with as ugly a soul that keemy has can make it in this world. The old guy runescape gamer for one. Besides all hate keemy spreads to kids. He isnt a real reporter and never will be. Hes just a drama queen that thrives on drama, other people's downfalls. Even his voice when he speaks, you can hear the hate.

  11. Wally Blackler

    Wally Blackler4 timer siden

    I heard the way he got caught with vaping oil through the mail THC

  12. Zerzayar

    Zerzayar4 timer siden

    Gee, stop bouncing that pictures! I get sick from it!

  13. Del Fam

    Del Fam4 timer siden

    *Prison justice system - Ju dream system*

  14. Ty Gom

    Ty Gom4 timer siden

    Onision is a clown. And not the joker.

  15. Nathan Lizarraga

    Nathan Lizarraga4 timer siden

    2:05 I'm sorry but he lost major respect for that

  16. Hambone Be cracken

    Hambone Be cracken4 timer siden

    He went to prison, did he get raped?

  17. ØRīGīNāL RāYCHēL

    ØRīGīNāL RāYCHēL4 timer siden

    TurboTax: Your chances of being audited are low.... IRS: But never zero

  18. Crøss.

    Crøss.5 timer siden

    I believe that kids channels should be monitored by actual human NO-gos admins. Robots do not understand pedophilia and humans will do a better job monitoring that kind of content. Because I do believe that the bots see the comments but don't see it as a pedophilic comment, they see it as another channel spotting something funny and pointing others in that direction like other content comment sections. This guy, as he is going for the jugular, wants to be known as a youtube hero who is fighting off pedophilia like mista gg and chris hansen. However, as he is bringing awareness to this situation, he is also using this to his personal gain..

  19. Kris_Kun93 Uw7

    Kris_Kun93 Uw75 timer siden

    Jaja its justanopinion

  20. Sofie D

    Sofie D5 timer siden

    i dare you to take a shot every time that kid says 'bro'

  21. AyoPanchito

    AyoPanchito6 timer siden

    It took you 30 minutes to explain where he is

  22. Scythela

    Scythela6 timer siden

    love how she thought the 9 year year old army was made of REAL 9 year olds, i'm dying

  23. babyplaze

    babyplaze6 timer siden

    These horrible manipulative lying cunts should be forced to visit kids dying in hospitals with kidney failure. Fucking scumbags.

  24. MrFuriousX

    MrFuriousX6 timer siden

    lol...funny how some tubers cover stuff on the tube......while others cover the tubers stuff......on the tube....... Tube is turning into high school... Think I liked it better when it was just weird stuff and ufo' I watch OX for entertainment....OX's life not my entertainment...

  25. Claire Robertson

    Claire Robertson6 timer siden

    Waiting patiently for ep 2 (hurry up!) 😂

  26. Wat

    Wat6 timer siden

    This guy hung out with Wings of Redemption. nuff said

  27. babyplaze

    babyplaze6 timer siden

    Very interesting video, I always wondered what happened to FPS Russia.

  28. Dyodoleu

    Dyodoleu6 timer siden

    Gamer community in a whole is a complete shit hole of everything that one think of to be an asshole about and they usually combine it all, sexism, racism, lgbtqphobia, xenophobia, ableism, etc. what else is new 🙄

  29. Magicalindigo Adult

    Magicalindigo Adult6 timer siden

    He is mentally sick all about money she’s needs a brain

  30. Tuollaf

    Tuollaf6 timer siden

    No one is safe from drama. Even fallout lore channels

  31. Oskar Fjørtoft

    Oskar Fjørtoft7 timer siden

    Well. Now i understand why 13% of the world is starving

  32. 9 LizaDay

    9 LizaDay7 timer siden

    Why aren’t these bimbos home submitting to hubbie and whacking babies with plastic hoses??????

  33. Matt Loomis

    Matt Loomis7 timer siden

    You ramble on to much 💯💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯

  34. Phillip Roc

    Phillip Roc7 timer siden

    a 21 year old now, remembers dial-up? dial up was already not being used before you were even a toddler if Im not mistaken lol.

  35. Olaf T.

    Olaf T.8 timer siden

    Hits kinda hard. I remember watching Smosh and the others in the early days of YT in my teenage years. When all the 3d Effects started etc. Sad, how things turn seeing this now after years

  36. Alisia Montes De Oca JMB

    Alisia Montes De Oca JMB8 timer siden

    That was great! I saw him eat the pineapple pizza, and he hates it! Although the editor made it funny and over his face said things to the nature of I love this, it's the best things someone came out with! I hate pineapples, so I wouldn't even touch it if I had a NO-gos channel and hit 200k. I have tried apple pizza in sort of the same challenge as he did. It was over my success, and well, it tasted like an apple pie with cheese on it. Not bad, but I won't eat it again. TRO is the realist. He is insecure about his looks, when he is actually cute! This is how so many of us are. It's unfortunate that we live in a world where it is so judgmental on appearances, but if I was him, I would hold my head up high because he is TRD (THE REAL DEAL) ! I hope in the future he doesn't opt for plastic surgery, but if he does, I will still think he is a wonderful human being. He just doesn't need it, and perhaps in his childhood years was made to think he wasn't attractive although everyone around must see that he is. Anyways, that is my opinion.

  37. 1stPCFerret

    1stPCFerret8 timer siden

    Oh God! Dat ACCENT!! Having shared a house with a Byelorussian man and his Crfimean wife, I know what accents from that part of the world should sound like, and _this isn't it!_

  38. Jack Aufenhand

    Jack Aufenhand8 timer siden

    Fuck you pineapple on pizza is good.

  39. Knate

    Knate8 timer siden

    You don't fuck with cats

  40. skinjob2

    skinjob28 timer siden

    Stop calling 'that' a Documentary. It's not a Documentary when you commission, produce and control it yourself. It's then called a series of PR films.

  41. Alisia Montes De Oca JMB

    Alisia Montes De Oca JMB9 timer siden

    The makeup industry is huge! As far as watching them, it's not my cup of tea, but I do enjoy watching Jeffrey Star from time to time, but not for his beautiful face (that looks good without any of the glitz and glam), but for his personality and his tattoos! Still, to each his or her own. When it comes down to what each individual likes, I guess it's there own preference. I happen to like people who have convictions and own up to their own mistakes without faking the tears. We do know the difference.

  42. Alisia Montes De Oca JMB

    Alisia Montes De Oca JMB9 timer siden

    Wow, they all viewed this video! TRO you made it! That dream house you wanted so badly is right around the corner, and I for one, can't wait until you finally move in!!

  43. Siesta ElMuerto

    Siesta ElMuerto9 timer siden

    Your videos are like 60% waffle

  44. Ecce Porfirium

    Ecce Porfirium9 timer siden

    are you milking for 1 milion or youre going to give us part TWO TODAYYYY PLEASE I NEED ITTTT ;_;

  45. Bernice Panders

    Bernice Panders9 timer siden

    Well, apparently I (& several million other people) have unknowingly viewed ch*ld p*rn on NO-gos... Wow, I guess I gotta be more careful what viral clips play on my feeds! 😬😬😬

  46. LanokirX

    LanokirX9 timer siden


  47. Taylord

    Taylord9 timer siden

    I gotta at least agree that circumcising a child is wrong. I think a person fails as a parent when they force an unnecessary surgery on their child to mutilate healthy tissue. They're reason doesn't matter or whether they believed it was for the best. If they actually did some research on this then they'd see there is more medical evidence showing the harmful effects than there are for "potential" benefits (because even today there are no proven benefits. Long story short, Its your kids body, it should be your kids choice

  48. dejuanna Alexander

    dejuanna Alexander9 timer siden

    She was going through MK Ultra programming

  49. BENCH

    BENCH9 timer siden

    J aubrey repping my boy nayz' beats heavy in this video. Respect

  50. dejuanna Alexander

    dejuanna Alexander9 timer siden

    Know something was definitely wrong here she's landed in the hands of the elite and she has no way out.

  51. Jens

    Jens9 timer siden

    Damn bro is the onision and chris hansen situation going in the future parts?

  52. Afonso Borges

    Afonso Borges10 timer siden

    I feel sad for fainted having to read those tweets, damn, that must suck

  53. Alisia Montes De Oca JMB

    Alisia Montes De Oca JMB10 timer siden

    I have been watching a lot of TRO's videos, and I'm blown away at how far he has come, but I'm definitely not surprised. Wait, I think that was an oxymoron. What I mean is, he published this in less than a month and it has over a million views! Considering I saw a video on the man behind The Right Opinion, i find him to be such a smart, kind, and when all is already uploaded, he knows how to let it all out and go out dancing! Another reason why I think this lad is such a down to earth, but at the same time a genius! Without further adieu, on to the next video!

  54. Words by Kasey

    Words by Kasey11 timer siden

    Mr. Keem is a toxic individual who only speaks out when it benefits him lmaooo

  55. glassy28

    glassy2811 timer siden

    13:35 who is she? Does she have a NO-gos channel?

  56. airindiana

    airindiana11 timer siden

    Do mattv2099 a hilarious channel that’s sitting dormant like a ghost ship

  57. Erupi

    Erupi11 timer siden

    this vid feels like that part of the movie where all the good guys appear one by one in order to stop the big bad evil guy

  58. Caustic Soda

    Caustic Soda11 timer siden

    My grandmother taught me if something needs advertisement especially constant advertising it’s crap. Missioning is advertisement. It’s the longest running constant advertisement

  59. K L

    K L11 timer siden

    He is just a thoroughly unlikable person.

  60. Michael LaVoie

    Michael LaVoie11 timer siden

    My educated guess on the matter is the murder was done by 2 - 3 people with badges. A premeditated murder by some not-so-stupid killers. They knew what they were doing an left no evidence, took the surveillance system, took a few guns to make it look like a burglary, Keith was sitting down like it was a business/professional situation with (ATF, FBI). A guy in front talking to Keith while another stood behind him and executed him. Thats why their are zero leads. Plus Kyle gets busted with some bogus drug charges.

  61. Mandon

    Mandon11 timer siden


  62. amit dalah

    amit dalah11 timer siden

    i dont think the problem was the historical inacurasy but how the games main focus was a strong female lead and it was evident that was the only thing they cared about.

  63. Bearly Alive

    Bearly Alive12 timer siden

    I only watch old drama cause it's better than this Mukbang/Makeup 'tea' shit

  64. Blue Coyote

    Blue Coyote12 timer siden

    "General discharges are given to service members whose performance is satisfactory but is marked by a considerable departure in duty performance and conduct expected of military members." He would have been required to acknowledge all actions as explained by his unit commander as to why he was being recommended for this type of discharge. Basically the under honorable conditions part says you owed up, but you still buggered up. A general discharge is often a substantial concern in regards to civilian life. It can be decided based on actions if you are eligible for the GI Bill or other programs that require an honorable discharge. So don't go touting that it still says honorable bit, because it's not really.

  65. breetoldyouso

    breetoldyouso12 timer siden

    I'm gonna be real, if your "criticism" videos include speculating on someones mental health as a point against them, there is absolutely no reason that they should have to listen to you. None. I'm actually pissed off.

  66. Jojo Caitlin

    Jojo Caitlin13 timer siden

    How dare you not be a vegan, you hate animals.... rips down their habitat...

  67. Sedit T

    Sedit T13 timer siden

    I worked at a company that built yachts where the owner bought the fucking company just so we could build him a hundred million dollar yacht... then just because he is greedy he bought every yacht company he could in the surrounding area then drove them all into the ground because... he was a plastic surgeon, dafuq did he care about yacht companies...

  68. Fer Das Führer

    Fer Das Führer13 timer siden

    all part of the plan. jewish record labels love kids!

  69. Bekah Davis

    Bekah Davis14 timer siden

    Did I hear Primink there?? Pretty sure I did

  70. John Allison II

    John Allison II14 timer siden

    See I've done a lot of research into psychological manipulation and cults as well as human body and facial language. He looks so dull no matter what he's talking about. It's really amazing that he's able to get away with all of this bullshitery.

  71. Jojo Caitlin

    Jojo Caitlin14 timer siden

    Huh ironic how hellbent he was on Shane being a predator but is now being investigated by the FBI for being one himself. I sense projection. Also hi gg 😁

  72. John Allison II

    John Allison II14 timer siden

    Is this the same onision that writes trashy books?

  73. Lily Zoe

    Lily Zoe14 timer siden

    I really like the music used in j aubrey’s section

  74. Antigone

    Antigone14 timer siden


  75. alfredo diaz ramirez

    alfredo diaz ramirez14 timer siden

    Things were never the same after he came back in 2014, something felt off idk 😐

  76. Thomas Morton

    Thomas Morton15 timer siden

    Call me a jerk buuuuuuuuuuut I don't feel sympathy for her

  77. Squidney Sun

    Squidney Sun15 timer siden

    Your voices calms my anxiety SUBSCRIBED

  78. skittles

    skittles15 timer siden

    As a 14 year old person those stories make me sick, I feel so bad for those girls

  79. Paul Rondezca

    Paul Rondezca15 timer siden

    Hey, it's got both Mista GG and Internet Historian innit. Might as well watch

  80. Belis Breckenridge

    Belis Breckenridge15 timer siden

    She never struck me as "sounding black" but she does seem like she has a very low IQ. She struggles to pronounce words correctly for one, and she doesn't quite understand biology

  81. Vance Mckeon

    Vance Mckeon15 timer siden

    ive never seen a bigger shill for gucci in my life.. hes like a walking talking product placement add...

  82. Star Dew

    Star Dew15 timer siden

    I bet u money that a secret CIA operative killed him and framed kyle for the murder through posting a theory on the internet

  83. Danielle Newhouse

    Danielle Newhouse16 timer siden

    "We're quitting... turn on the notification bell"

  84. Rogue, Internet Man

    Rogue, Internet Man16 timer siden

    whoa it me 43:22

  85. methecat

    methecat16 timer siden

    As a cat mama, I can’t speak to the experience of having a dog, though a lot of my friends have dogs so I’m around them a lot, but one thing that has been made abundantly clear to me is that the relationship between owner and pet is a sacred and beautiful thing. The kind of love that exists between owner and pet is one of the purest and truest things I’ve ever encountered, and the thought of someone taking that love and devotion and twisting it into something as ugly and horrible as what Brooke did to her dog is despicable. My cat is one of the greatest things in my life, and I can’t even think about something happening to him that would cause him pain for a moment because when I do I start crying. He is my best friend, but he’s also my responsibility. Brookes dog is her responsibility, and she abused it. She has no right to be in charge of any life, let alone the life of such a loyal and dependable animal. She does not deserve her dog, she doesn’t deserve fame, and she doesn’t deserve kindness. She is disgusting.

  86. Thomas Morton

    Thomas Morton16 timer siden

    The Only Burgher I would pass on

  87. Rosso The'Crimson

    Rosso The'Crimson16 timer siden

    You thought that accent was real??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  88. Days Of Funder

    Days Of Funder16 timer siden

    Massive tidy edit man. Well done

  89. SolidSnnake

    SolidSnnake16 timer siden

    that was the greatest raid ad ive ever seen lmao

  90. Spawn Keeper

    Spawn Keeper16 timer siden

    So basically what your saying is that it's the state of Georgia's fault we lost FPS Russia........ Guys u thinking what I'm thinking? BURN GEORGIA!!!! JK JK don't wanna have to go to jail now 😂😂😂😂😂

  91. Pixels Wish

    Pixels Wish16 timer siden

    i love bitch hartmans work but i hate him like with dan Schnider i hate his pedophile foot loving self but i love icarly

  92. Pablo Escobar

    Pablo Escobar16 timer siden

    The reason why FPS Russia guy was in some WEIRD LEGAL TROUBLE? is because of his friend Keith the REAL CEO is (DEAD) that set off warning bells. he's got a smirk on his face talking about his friend being DEAD & talking about his friend having beef with other people. (BEEF)? the niga owns a special license to CARRY & BUY SPECIAL WEAPONS FPS Russia guy? something was wrong when you put the story together I know a killer when I see one. The guy got shot in the Head that tells you? that he had a conversation with someone (HE KNEW) a person that knows how to handle weapons? don't sell guns by himself & why would he? he's legal to (BUY SPECIAL WEAPONS) a person that get's shot in the head? & alone? that means? someone he (KNEW) is the person behind the GUN. if you are legal to buy guns? it's no secret to own weapons & (PROUDLY) show them off the guy was murdered & his NO-gos friend FPS RUSSIA? is the (TARGET) by the government & the purchase of drugs? just seal the deal. I love how criminals thinks they are smarter than the (BALANCE OF ORDER) & I'm not talking about the LAW I'm talking about the (BEYOND) when you break the balance of order? the creator of life? will wake up & will stop you because you have (BROKEN) the nature of ORDER not even the Devil himself has not won this game. I'm not religious but I do believe something in the universe will STOP you when you break the balance of order I always say a criminal is an insanity no matter how smart they think they are? they always seem to lose to the (BALANCE OF ORDER) no matter how evil you are? (YOU WILL LOSE) Now? (HIT THE RESET BUTTON) God has won so you need to try again because he has won over 9,999,999,999,+++ that's how many times you have (DIED) & bin convicted GUILTY :)

  93. Liz Pavoloka

    Liz Pavoloka16 timer siden

    Why do I have a vibe of like a mild seizure. I have family and friends with epilepsy and my one friend had really weird bouts of just like , idk staring off into space like she was off her bloody face . But yet she was sober? It turned to be a form of seizure. I don’t know of course I could be wrong and marina had just done a roll before the video.

  94. Guang Wei

    Guang Wei16 timer siden

    The government is the real problem.

  95. XO

    XO17 timer siden

    💛 Follow him on twitter @ OfWudan and instagram @ CobraTate His youtube channel - Dude is a king that guys want to be and girls want to be with 💛

  96. Jeb Ster

    Jeb Ster17 timer siden

    Obama had him murdered...just sayin'...

  97. William Woolhouse

    William Woolhouse17 timer siden

    About 46 minutes in. So the basic idea of his religion is to be your own God, and to do what makes you feel free. I'm not the most well versed, but I seem to recall that being very similar to Satanists. Hmm.

  98. NoTimeToExplain

    NoTimeToExplain17 timer siden


  99. Hold My Beer

    Hold My Beer17 timer siden

    DUDE SAVE PARTS 2 & 3 pending developments. Let everything develop before you tie a bow on it.

  100. WakeupGrandOwl

    WakeupGrandOwl17 timer siden

    Why has anyone believed Jeffree Star about anything? Shit is full synthetic.