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Haschak Sisters
Haschak Sisters

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Madison - 19 // Gracie - 17 // Sierra - 15 // Olivia - 14
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Måned siden

Will it Waffle!?

Will it Waffle!?

2 måneder siden

We'll Buy Anything You Spin!
Sierra's NEW Room Tour!

Sierra's NEW Room Tour!

7 måneder siden

Haschak Sisters - HUSH

Haschak Sisters - HUSH

7 måneder siden



9 måneder siden

I Wanna Dance!!!

I Wanna Dance!!!

9 måneder siden

Haschak Sisters - Girl Power
  1. Kitty Unicorn4

    Kitty Unicorn46 minutter siden

    Who else thinks they should cover Finnese or Senorita

  2. Carrie Newton

    Carrie Newton6 minutter siden

    Theres three words to describe this rainbow party and dance!

  3. Kitty Unicorn4

    Kitty Unicorn47 minutter siden

    ❤️❤️love u girls

  4. Carrie Newton

    Carrie Newton10 minutter siden

    Atty batty catty datty etty fatty gatty hatty zatty snd other attys can you come up with more cause i forgot loads probly

  5. Sİ

    25 minutter siden

    why were boys yelling they were born by a GİRL .-. i love it a loooooot

  6. Océane Jacquet

    Océane Jacquet32 minutter siden

    Je vous adore même si vous êtes englaise❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. C and A chezmuffin gaming 56

    C and A chezmuffin gaming 5647 minutter siden

    Today is the 9th of December omg throwback

  8. Nicky Grant

    Nicky Grant59 minutter siden

    I love the haschak sisters I’m there biggest fan and play your songs every day nonstop

  9. mali coco xd

    mali coco xdTime siden

    Ist hier jemand deutsch 🍁

  10. Joey Gajewski

    Joey GajewskiTime siden

    This is offensive to boys

  11. arianne lorenna

    arianne lorennaTime siden


  12. Mark games636 and football

    Mark games636 and footballTime siden

    Take those glasses off because your clapped EEEEEEE funny yeah

  13. kà Tia

    kà TiaTime siden

    Haschak sister Love you😘❤

  14. It'sAnnika Fallyn

    It'sAnnika FallynTime siden

    " Lets all wear denim and not tell Madison"

  15. Maya Keys

    Maya KeysTime siden

    This is so cheesy its not even a proper song

  16. Assya El Ouafi

    Assya El OuafiTime siden

    Les filles j'adore vos vidéos

  17. Brian HL

    Brian HLTime siden

    why do i actually really like this song.

  18. Isaac Aduenin

    Isaac AdueninTime siden

    I love you guys

  19. tofa

    tofaTime siden

    Team sacie won

  20. frizzle031206

    frizzle0312062 timer siden

    What is up your hair Oliva

  21. frizzle031206

    frizzle0312062 timer siden

    I love slumber parties

  22. frizzle031206

    frizzle0312062 timer siden

    Do it with me!!!! NOW

  23. Lilianna Bíró

    Lilianna Bíró2 timer siden

    Azért😮 csúfolják😨 mert☺ siera😃 sokkal😉 szebb😊😊😊

  24. frizzle031206

    frizzle0312062 timer siden

    I an your your biggest fan not her

  25. mavis Adu

    mavis Adu2 timer siden

    Why does this have more views than subscribers?

  26. Paris Pan L C

    Paris Pan L C2 timer siden

    High heel:Madisona

  27. Nehla Roy

    Nehla Roy2 timer siden

    Isn't this sexist

  28. Lola Howard

    Lola Howard2 timer siden


  29. Jennifer Greely

    Jennifer Greely2 timer siden

    I feel bad for Olivia her own sister betrayed her xx

  30. Joggy Dedig

    Joggy Dedig2 timer siden

    This is the fact

  31. Joggy Dedig

    Joggy Dedig2 timer siden

    I just wanna it that colourful cake looks delicious 😙😙😘❤❤❤

  32. Juliana Gil

    Juliana Gil2 timer siden

    Sigo preguntándome... Porque no solo les pegaba 🙄

  33. abou bamba

    abou bamba2 timer siden


  34. HowToMineCraft

    HowToMineCraft2 timer siden

    Wiktoria.kanecka England wisbech door number 30!

  35. Ani Lopez

    Ani Lopez2 timer siden


  36. Maria Topuz

    Maria Topuz2 timer siden

    I love you 😙😘😘

  37. Suzy Jerald Okuka

    Suzy Jerald Okuka2 timer siden

    i like art

  38. Fionna Johnny

    Fionna Johnny3 timer siden

    Im late but I'm from St LUCIA 🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨. Im 10

  39. Kara Klusman

    Kara Klusman3 timer siden

    I am watching in December 9th of 2019

  40. Kara Klusman

    Kara Klusman3 timer siden

    Really I am a Tom boy

  41. ريفان الماجد

    ريفان الماجد3 timer siden

    l like the the song l love

  42. Royale KING

    Royale KING3 timer siden


  43. Rimanta Staugaityte Murphy

    Rimanta Staugaityte Murphy3 timer siden

    O my gosh

  44. Emily Porritt

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  45. Abelle P

    Abelle P3 timer siden

    omg yas

  46. Fernanda Bananal

    Fernanda Bananal3 timer siden

    Love music

  47. maja Živec

    maja Živec3 timer siden

    Team sacie

  48. Ruby Sharma

    Ruby Sharma3 timer siden

    Hi girls love u. I am just here to tell yoi that tomorrow is my birthday. I feel very happy if u all will wish me. Cause i am really sad. My birthday date is 10 December. I hope my favourites will wish me. Love u

  49. Dope Box

    Dope Box3 timer siden

    Hey shoutout plssssss and also do u know someone named shalon laven

  50. Nelcheska Henriquez

    Nelcheska Henriquez3 timer siden


  51. Taylor Borchansky

    Taylor Borchansky4 timer siden

    Oliva won

  52. Samaira Kohli

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  53. wammy

    wammy4 timer siden

    🙂 :)

  54. Lovely Friday

    Lovely Friday4 timer siden

    Im here 2019 still love this song🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️

  55. Alexa Garcia

    Alexa Garcia4 timer siden

    Happy 13 birthday Olivia I love you and your sisters sooo much:) love you

  56. Mari Carrion

    Mari Carrion4 timer siden

    Si lees esto dale like # Celi

  57. Gilbert K

    Gilbert K4 timer siden

    Please we need new music video

  58. Gilbert K

    Gilbert K4 timer siden

    You Are best

  59. Gilbert K

    Gilbert K4 timer siden

    Happy birthay you Are my faforte Hacack sisters

  60. Gilbert K

    Gilbert K4 timer siden

    My fofrate pet is cat

  61. Ammara k.

    Ammara k.4 timer siden

    Omgggggggggggg seira was sooooooooo cute btw anyone in dec 2019

  62. Alberto Jose Pestana Cortés

    Alberto Jose Pestana Cortés4 timer siden

    i love you

  63. Narmeen Gull

    Narmeen Gull4 timer siden

    Love You NO-gos channel

  64. Ammara k.

    Ammara k.4 timer siden

    Anyone in 2019 december?

  65. Marluce Remigio

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  66. Afra Alawani

    Afra Alawani4 timer siden

    Me Shamma and my cousin Alya Love singing on your song

  67. Omar Alwaleed

    Omar Alwaleed5 timer siden

    Happy birthday Olivia 🎉🎂 I Love you 🎈

  68. Hailey Stone

    Hailey Stone5 timer siden

    Sierra is so pretty

  69. kairav moodley

    kairav moodley5 timer siden

    Aren’t girls supposed to act how they choose

  70. Mukudzei Gwainda

    Mukudzei Gwainda5 timer siden

    I hate that in this music video the older sister didn't choose Oliver


    NG BOON OON5 timer siden

    I....LIKE IT !!!!,

  72. Zainab Farooqui

    Zainab Farooqui5 timer siden

    they copied HRVY "personal" music video

  73. Fionna Johnny

    Fionna Johnny5 timer siden

    So sad I all the way in ST LUCIA 😥😭😭😭😭😭😭

  74. Not invite Years 2144

    Not invite Years 21445 timer siden

    Happy birthday Olivia!!!

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    Maribelle Hachache5 timer siden

    The girls are the best

  76. Llama Potato

    Llama Potato5 timer siden

    I want you to pick me up! Please! You’re all so great and it would be amazing to spend one day with y’all ❤️

  77. Van Nguyen

    Van Nguyen5 timer siden

    This is 2019 version of "daddy says no"

  78. Muggleborn girl

    Muggleborn girl5 timer siden

    Can't relate

  79. DonWilto Damus

    DonWilto Damus5 timer siden

    I loved

  80. Dawn Schlupe

    Dawn Schlupe5 timer siden

    I like to paint

  81. Dawn Schlupe

    Dawn Schlupe5 timer siden

    I love to bake

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    Van Nguyen5 timer siden

    "Boys are so Ugh" so true

  83. Zoe Doty

    Zoe Doty5 timer siden

    i love it




  85. A Clockwork Fangirl

    A Clockwork Fangirl5 timer siden

    I've just come back from not watching for a year and a half, and they have GROWN! So nostalgic💕💕💕 love the Hashack Sisters!

  86. Shiwa Haipinge

    Shiwa Haipinge6 timer siden

    Is he your boyfriend

  87. Anna Pecková

    Anna Pecková6 timer siden

    i write too

  88. Anna Pecková

    Anna Pecková6 timer siden

    yes. girls are just better

  89. Richard Shisia

    Richard Shisia6 timer siden

    I love pickles

  90. A Clockwork Fangirl

    A Clockwork Fangirl6 timer siden

    This is the opposite of what I act like. Guess I'm not a lady.

  91. Lil Rich

    Lil Rich6 timer siden

    I’m not gonna lie those flips that Chance did was totally amazing 😎🔥🔥💯

  92. Anna Pecková

    Anna Pecková6 timer siden

    dont bother anyone imagine if anyone would do that to you. instructive

  93. Cooky Cookie

    Cooky Cookie6 timer siden

    This is so true


    VIKRANT SORTE6 timer siden

    They just do lipsing

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    Anna Pecková6 timer siden

    from you the nicest song .

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    。• ᴗ •。 Ayumi6 timer siden

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    I love this so much from 2016 to 2019 wow


    SOMETHING6 timer siden

    Cool guys

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