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  1. Alastair Y

    Alastair Y11 timer siden

    Yes and why not swap Jones for Varane, Dan James for Mbappe and Mata for De Bryune whilst you're at it!

  2. Raheem Watt

    Raheem Watt12 timer siden

    This Sanchez slander needs to stop. He’s been out of form just like many of our other players like lingard and pereira but he’s better than them. The wages are high but I do think he will be a good squad player next season as he will have better players around him e.g. Bruno and pogba(not the one embarrassed by mourinho).

  3. MAX playz_YT

    MAX playz_YT12 timer siden

    Leave lingard alone bruh if we never got him (and rooney) we would have only won the europa league with these players he is the reason we got the fa cup

  4. Chuk kirk

    Chuk kirk12 timer siden

    The funny thing is if they can find a way to sort out his wages alexis would be great for bvb. The German league is exactly his pace.

  5. thomson723

    thomson72312 timer siden

    Sanchez for Ighalo!!! Shanghai could afford his wages.

  6. csutton140784

    csutton14078412 timer siden

    My god will u sort these adverts out! Every 5 mins popping up. If it carries on it’s not worth watching! So fucking annoying

  7. Joe Dias

    Joe Dias12 timer siden

    rewatched this.. brilliant banter...

  8. Giorgio B

    Giorgio B12 timer siden

    LIngy's not good enough to play for Dortmund.

  9. Cowboy Mike

    Cowboy Mike12 timer siden

    Sent sanchez to china, qatar, USA, russia, they could afford him and boost their leagues.

  10. football access

    football access12 timer siden

    Where would lingaard play

  11. Sean

    Sean13 timer siden


  12. fred the red 73

    fred the red 7313 timer siden

    ed could get sancho for around 85 mil, but will be offering 120 and sanchez just to get rid of him lol

  13. Paul MacDonald

    Paul MacDonald13 timer siden

    The great thing for United is that both Sancho and Werner are playing in the German League which will finish soon with only 6 games to go. This means for us that we can start negotiating transfers with them/clubs before the official transfer window as their league will be finished.

  14. Paul MacDonald

    Paul MacDonald13 timer siden

    The great thing for United is that both Sancho and Werner are playing in the German League which will finish soon with only 6 games to go. This means for us that we can start negotiating transfers with them/clubs before the official transfer as their league will be finished.

  15. ingsve

    ingsve13 timer siden

    A problem with Bellingham is that the idea to get him and loan him back to Birmingham does not work since he is too young to be loaned out. So he would have to stay at United and play U-23 football and hope to get a shot at the first team. Dortmund probably has an easier path for him to the first team.

  16. Cheshire Red UK

    Cheshire Red UK13 timer siden

    Pogba.....full of attitude and not good for the keep him on the bench new contract or no it's not good news if he stays bin him off.

  17. Gejamugam Latsoomanam

    Gejamugam Latsoomanam13 timer siden

    Still hoping this season gets voided just so we can stop Liverpool from winning the title

  18. Zekiel Iraoya

    Zekiel Iraoya13 timer siden

    I rather get cammavinga than Jude Bellingham cammavinga is better jude Bellingham is just overrated

  19. Unkle Kai

    Unkle Kai14 timer siden

    Premier league return 17th June like you mentioned mark ✊🏾✊🏾

  20. King Tomo720

    King Tomo72014 timer siden

    Would be 80 and Sanchez it somehow happened

  21. Tyrone Williams

    Tyrone Williams14 timer siden

    No chance in hell that Borussia Dortmund would be foolish enough to swap a young, dynamic, and exciting winger, for a has been who has lost all his pace, no chance. More chance of me being a cast member in Peaky Blinders.

  22. Solomon Agbonmere

    Solomon Agbonmere14 timer siden

    In my own opinion, Sancho is extremely overrated. I have watched his game for a while now and frankly don't see what all the fuss is is one thing to perform in Germany and a totally different world in the premier league. we cannot afford to sign another inconsistent player into this team as we littered with his type already..we need top performers who perform on a consistent basis

  23. Eric Polese-Lopez

    Eric Polese-Lopez14 timer siden

    He'd make SUCH a difference

  24. Keith Lim

    Keith Lim14 timer siden

    Don't try too hard, it's not going to happen....

  25. Gavin Parker

    Gavin Parker14 timer siden

    What about Sanchez swap for Ighalo? Could pay his wages and I think Ighalo would reduce his wages to play for utd.

  26. Woody Wood

    Woody Wood15 timer siden

    United have allegedly offered Dortmund 100million for Sancho or, as an alternative, Alexi Sanchez and 120 million. This info is golden.

  27. Be No

    Be No15 timer siden

    Interest rates are super cheap right now. Big tech giants borrowing trillions right now.

  28. Jake Peart

    Jake Peart15 timer siden


  29. Indigo Allen

    Indigo Allen15 timer siden

    Hope Pogba swap deal with Madrid really goes on, i mean we would have such a damn good squad and incredible depth. Madrid offered a bunch of player that include Odegaard and Brahim Diaz, which is incredible bc Diaz has an anti-united clause. Hope we get them both, then we would have Rashford - Odegaard - Martial - Greenwood - Diaz - Gomes - Bruno - Chong - Sancho, everything perfectly balanced and an amazing young depth. DJ would go on loan for his better🙄. We would receive money anyway so, fair enough Madrid, what a proposal....

  30. Sam D

    Sam D15 timer siden

    I feel this is disrespectful to Dortmund who were almost challenging for the Bundesliga title. Lingard wouldn’t replace anyone at Dortmund’s midfield. I mean even Gotze isn’t considered important anymore. Pereira and Lingard should be looking at decent mid table clubs.

  31. Harry Hewitson

    Harry Hewitson15 timer siden

    1:43 Mark knew back then

  32. Nohman Ahmed

    Nohman Ahmed15 timer siden

    id love that rip there hand off for that deal by why wud BVB do that deal makes no sense sancho n grelish if we sell a few of our own maybe a cdm

  33. Adidjah Clarke

    Adidjah Clarke15 timer siden

    Why don't we swap Sanchezfor Ighalo?

  34. Buttcheek

    Buttcheek15 timer siden

    The prem is coming back June 17th

  35. Go Boting

    Go Boting15 timer siden

    Sanchez will be better with a good midfield, he has always been a player that takes a fast attacking approach and he never got that at United.

  36. Robel Tadesse

    Robel Tadesse15 timer siden

    Coutinho would be a brilliant signing for Newcastle 🤷🏾‍♂️

  37. AnnoyingAshley

    AnnoyingAshley15 timer siden

    Would swap Sanchez him with igahlo in a swap deal

  38. Lendra

    Lendra15 timer siden

    Premier League returning on June 17th i hear 👀🔴

  39. Santiago Barrientos

    Santiago Barrientos15 timer siden

    Mark, do you think United could use pulling out of signing Bellingham and open up the path for Dortmund to sign him to leverage a move for Sancho?

  40. Krishan Merdono

    Krishan Merdono15 timer siden

    Sell sanchez to china or swap him for a good chinese player in china because players get big wages in china

  41. ManOne dj

    ManOne dj15 timer siden

    United need only one signing.. Mbappe.. That alone and united will be challenging

  42. Keeanu Stokes

    Keeanu Stokes15 timer siden

    We need to challenge for the league next season or liverpool will go for number 20

  43. Krishan Merdono

    Krishan Merdono15 timer siden

    Sancho 80mil, Partey 50mil, Gomes for Bellingham, Mata and Bailly for Werner. People have completley forgot about swap deals.

  44. Ryan Allen

    Ryan Allen15 timer siden

    If we get Sancho....does James move so subs? If we got rid of lingard/peirara then that leaves room on the bench

  45. Tee Mill

    Tee Mill15 timer siden

    "I don't like Haaland, he's a Norwegian Lukaku...." FFS lad 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  46. AlteredReality

    AlteredReality15 timer siden

    Sancho for Sanchez? ..... I think Dortmund would rather swap him for a packet of hobnobs than Sanchez.

  47. Bluetac Onwallpaper

    Bluetac Onwallpaper15 timer siden

    I know the ethos of The United Stand, but is there any point giving oxygen to news outlets who are touting utter rubbish? Honestly, it turns me off watching the rest of the video when the lead story is debunked in the first five minutes.....just some feedback.

  48. Abdul Kamil

    Abdul Kamil15 timer siden

    I love that mark said pl potm bruno Fernandes and world cup winner Paul pogba 🤣🤣🤣

  49. Red Stunner2222

    Red Stunner222215 timer siden

    Angel Gomez is going to surprise everyone next season Mark my words

  50. Darren Kavanagh

    Darren Kavanagh15 timer siden

    That would be perfect deal

  51. Jonas Söderlind

    Jonas Söderlind15 timer siden

    "Coutinho should go to Arsenal, not a top 5 club in England" :D

  52. Harshit Jain

    Harshit Jain15 timer siden

    These transfer rumours are getting more nd more ridiculous .. I read them every day thinking this is the most hilarious news i have heard and next day i stand corrected .. Literally this sanchez swap was really funny to read

  53. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman16 timer siden

    Bloody hell mark, your milking these ads init

  54. Lexo Cool

    Lexo Cool16 timer siden

    We should get 100mil plus Sancho from Dortmund for Sanchez swap😊 sounds fair to me!

  55. KingSultanTV

    KingSultanTV16 timer siden

    United should take advantage of this pandemic and sign Sancho 80mill, Bellingham 20mill, Werner 40 mill, Camavinga 35 mill, and Malang Sarr(contract ending this summer and will be free). sell players like lingard, perrera, Jones, rojo and Smalling to get Camavinga money.

  56. Eric Mureithi Kimutai Koech

    Eric Mureithi Kimutai Koech16 timer siden

    Sancho for Greenwood on loan

  57. Mario G

    Mario G16 timer siden

    Sanchez will not go to China considering they’re not a dog friendly country. His dogs would probably end up being kidnapped. Also Mark you’ve mentioned that United don’t want the crap players that Juventus or Real Madrid have to offer so why would Dortmund take our crap?

  58. Anay K.B

    Anay K.B16 timer siden

    Seriously though we can loan Dean Henderson for free as part of the deal. Their goalkeeper has been out of form. Dean gets more experience at a champions League club and we can compare DDG and Henderson more thoroughly in the next season. And Sancho's price is considerably reduced.

  59. Gainmaker 5000

    Gainmaker 500016 timer siden

    Do you never get sick of talking about Jadon Sancho? About 70% of the videos over the last few months are related to him.

  60. Louis Bonfield

    Louis Bonfield16 timer siden

    We should not loan sanchez and give him the pleasure of regular football we should put him in the reserves all season or he can leave

  61. Mad Ting

    Mad Ting16 timer siden

    Liverpool shouldn't be signing anyone this summer after they tried to abuse the furlough scheme. They're clearly skint if they have to abuse the benefits system.

  62. Ashis Bhowmick

    Ashis Bhowmick16 timer siden

    Ed Woodward has a golden chance to change our situation but i doubt it

  63. Jackson Murphy

    Jackson Murphy16 timer siden

    It was Mourinhos fault about Sanchez

  64. Louis Bonfield

    Louis Bonfield16 timer siden

    Apparently raiola and dortmund have a good relationship so lingard could be part of the deal

  65. Darryl Dolan

    Darryl Dolan16 timer siden

    100m for sancho or 120m with Sanchez for sancho 😂

  66. Wasim Ahmed

    Wasim Ahmed16 timer siden

    Dortmund owner ain’t disabled am sure he wont take sanchez😂ur trading lile 30 goals and assists a season for like 10 max

  67. Phil Muspratt

    Phil Muspratt16 timer siden

    Utter drivel on Inghalo wanting 300k a week to play for United. Clueless

  68. Jaf2k7

    Jaf2k716 timer siden

    I dont know why Mark believe if we sign Ighalo we have to pay him £300k per week. Carrasco and Witsel were both on a huge wages - returned to Europe and signed for teams who would not be able to give more than 100k a week. If we sign Ighalo we would pay him 130k a week.

  69. ben cassell

    ben cassell16 timer siden

    I think mark your forgetting if we swap Sanchez for Sancho plus £50 million we could also give him a signing on fee of like £8 million instead of paying him 400k a week, that way there not tied down to a paying him a lot and flops there also

  70. Ashaba Vincent

    Ashaba Vincent16 timer siden

    Lingard is going no where. He has had some challenges but he is staying. Period!!!

  71. Matthew Williams

    Matthew Williams16 timer siden

    Werner would be wasted at United I can see him staying in Germany for one more year

  72. Dara OS

    Dara OS16 timer siden

    For Bellingham pereira swap plus 7.5mill

  73. Pat Cow

    Pat Cow16 timer siden

    Alan pardew also said there was alot of talent in France for cheap how did that go

  74. Denzel Crocker

    Denzel Crocker16 timer siden

    When Sancho goes Dortmund will just find another great talent with the potencial to become world class like they always do. Or Reyna will get his place.

  75. Eniyan Moorthi

    Eniyan Moorthi16 timer siden

    how about sanchez swapped for ighalo we can get rid of sanchez and get ighalo on a permanent deal

  76. Beast Mode

    Beast Mode16 timer siden

    Smalling to Dortmund ?

  77. Harjit Domeli

    Harjit Domeli16 timer siden

    Guys why can't man u sack alexis sanches cos he can't do his job in any other trade if u can't do your job u r fired.

  78. Alexual

    Alexual17 timer siden

    Sanchez is the highest paid player in PL history. ManU swap deals are so screwed. Arsene Wenger, he's done it again 🤣

  79. Red Arrow

    Red Arrow17 timer siden

    If a great player or manager wants to become a nobody he should join Man.U. Pogba, Sanchez, Mata, van Gaal & Mourinho are living proof. All were great.All died @ Man.U.

  80. BLOX CS:GO

    BLOX CS:GO17 timer siden

    Diaz, Vazquez, Odegaard and Rodriguez for pogba, imagine how long we would drag out that deal lol

  81. riqytheriqyboii

    riqytheriqyboii17 timer siden

    sanchez for ighalo lets goo

  82. Vágott vidik

    Vágott vidik17 timer siden

    SANCHez for SANCHo, ez for o

  83. Numero Uno

    Numero Uno17 timer siden

    Why Sancho want to join United?Are we qualified to UCL already?

  84. sameer hamid

    sameer hamid17 timer siden

    the answer is right infront of us......swap sanchez for ingalo

  85. mashherd

    mashherd17 timer siden

    Swap sanchez for ighalo. Shanghai have the money to pay sanchez wage. He will probably do well in chinese league and gain many fans. Ighalo has man utd in his heart. It's a smart move on our part

  86. Yan Hey

    Yan Hey17 timer siden

    united need to clear sanchez, lingard, pereira, smaling, matic, mata, jones, rojo, fosu mensah, gomes, chong n then build team

  87. 64 Ahmed

    64 Ahmed17 timer siden

    Ibrahim Sangare is the real deal

  88. Joel Johnson

    Joel Johnson17 timer siden

    offerring lingard and peirerra is like us getting offered rabiot

  89. fc arsenal

    fc arsenal17 timer siden

    Lmao deluded united still think they can get Sancho. Forget this deal finally. The guy will never go to your banter club

  90. 64 Ahmed

    64 Ahmed17 timer siden

    Wages arent written in the players' DNA , they should take a pay cut

  91. Karthi

    Karthi17 timer siden

    One year later Jose sacked Sanchez flopped massively Ole at wheels Some A hole roles in Ole lost his wheel Sanchez forced move to inter Utd slightly see light after winter transfer window Now there is no one who want to buy Sanchez Some how some way I still believe Alex will come good.

  92. Osman Thomas

    Osman Thomas17 timer siden

    United should terminate Sanchez’s contract

  93. Jizeal

    Jizeal17 timer siden

    Contihno will go to Chelsea

  94. Feras Mahmoud

    Feras Mahmoud17 timer siden

    Sanchez for Werner and we will pay Sanchez the difference between the two wages

  95. ben lennon

    ben lennon17 timer siden

    Marks gets offended when juve offer players that they no longer want for pogba, and then he wants us to swap lingard and pereira towards the Sancho deal, surely that's the same thing?

  96. Kamran Mahmud

    Kamran Mahmud17 timer siden

    Next season we singing " We got sancho,Paul pogba, and Fred" hopefully

  97. xpkx360

    xpkx36017 timer siden

    I dont see bvb taking lingy and pereira in sancho transfer. I think they rather have fred or scotty

  98. Zino TB

    Zino TB17 timer siden

    Why don’t we offer Sanchez to Shanghai shenhua in exchange for ighalo, they’re both on a lot of money a week both 31 and we get ighalo on 130ish a week at Utd

  99. Boss Panda

    Boss Panda18 timer siden

    I’ll take a packet of crisps for alexis

  100. Barrie T

    Barrie T18 timer siden

    Igalo cannot get back to China as they have banned all foreigners for the foreseeable future. I don’t see it lifting here in China until October or November they say so shouldn’t be a problem him staying