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  1. Roman Aclef

    Roman Aclef4 timer siden

    Flex is absolute class. Neutralized those two tw.ats and defused the situation without even breaking a sweat. Hands down the most coherent and persuasive member of the Stand.

  2. Bhai Log

    Bhai Log4 timer siden

    It seems Mark is now less aggressive on Man utd and Ed.

  3. tony Mulreid

    tony Mulreid4 timer siden

    I think we need “jonesy “ in the team, the mans a colossus. He schooled those tranmere rovers players. Getting his form back now he’s going to be big for the run in.

  4. Chris Tuttle

    Chris Tuttle4 timer siden

    Sinickle but still, I can't wait for the transfer window to be closed again and you will see we won't have him still. Looking forward to watching that video.. United are too Incompetent.

  5. Anthony Heath

    Anthony Heath4 timer siden

    Slimpoonani who's that ?

  6. Quewin Nicholson

    Quewin Nicholson4 timer siden

    Carabower cup 😂😂

  7. EpicDonutGirl

    EpicDonutGirl4 timer siden


  8. kosar fatih

    kosar fatih4 timer siden

    Why juons again put bailly

  9. Hidden Agenda

    Hidden Agenda4 timer siden

    No surprise most of the comments don't know who this actually is. If you went to away games in the past you would be aware maybe note so much now even though I still see him now and again. Maybe brighton or huddersfield was the last time I saw him when someone collapsed in the stands he was waving the paramedics up. This man is a legend among some circles of the United hardcore support, others may not regard him as that. The fact is he was there through it all front and center during the bad times and the good and you have to give him respect for it either way. He's been there and done it all.

  10. michael boakye

    michael boakye4 timer siden

    Haha but we got to make up our mind with this our team right now we cant beat man city

  11. Sergio Danvers

    Sergio Danvers4 timer siden

    Jovic doesn't have problems with real Madrid lol he's been unlucky and why would real Madrid loan out their second striker?

  12. M Hassan Gatuso

    M Hassan Gatuso4 timer siden

    Put wan bissaka one of back 3 and dalot in the wing back

  13. Skynic Gaming

    Skynic Gaming4 timer siden

    Just put grant in striker

  14. Harlem Jvmvicvn

    Harlem Jvmvicvn4 timer siden

    We losing no matter what tatic we try less it's 9 at the back 😭

  15. Roberto lopiano

    Roberto lopiano4 timer siden

    Olivier Giroud

  16. Deano Jackson

    Deano Jackson4 timer siden

    He's signing lol tomorrow

  17. * Toastdawg *

    * Toastdawg *4 timer siden

    RIP Mamba

  18. DS Rai

    DS Rai5 timer siden

    If Utd don’t sign Fernandes what do the fans think about top four?

  19. SirSilver1968

    SirSilver19685 timer siden

    The way Utd dominated Tranmere is exactly how City will dominate Utd on Wednesday, thats the difference Utd are a championship side at best.

  20. Donny Singh

    Donny Singh5 timer siden

    Hey Shaggy have some faith

  21. Donny Singh

    Donny Singh5 timer siden

    Hey Shaggy have some faith

  22. Steve Woodford

    Steve Woodford5 timer siden

    We won't sign him it's all bollocks

  23. telephonic

    telephonic5 timer siden

    What a treacherous traitor this guy is.

  24. Oo oO

    Oo oO5 timer siden

    City don't need to attack

  25. MrDaciasandero

    MrDaciasandero5 timer siden

    Confidence is a bit higher...nothing to lose 1-1 though

  26. levi parris

    levi parris5 timer siden

    Man united is a joke now big time.... Sorry lost all faith in us

  27. Alix Lawrence

    Alix Lawrence5 timer siden

    In modern football most sides who play a DM play 3 at the back, full backs push up and DM drops back to sweep in front of the 2 cb leaving 3 at the back and every else attacking. I don't mind 3 at the back but not 3 cb, 2 cb and 1 talented passer like Neves in DM dropping back making a 3rd cb in possession can work

  28. martin peters

    martin peters5 timer siden

    Utd will play 10 behind the ball and lose 4-0. Park your bus, park your bus man utd...

  29. Wonder Child

    Wonder Child5 timer siden

    United win against a league one team no one: united stand: oles at the wheel, a brilliant win against barcelona today onwards and upwards from here

  30. Araav Singh

    Araav Singh5 timer siden

    I want us to get thrashed so people see more of what is wrong with man utd

  31. SirSilver1968

    SirSilver19685 timer siden

    City will play Utd off the park like last time and UTD will be Citys Tranmere

  32. C Bradley

    C Bradley5 timer siden

    Bruno will be a Utd player by Friday... say no more

  33. ash Murphy

    ash Murphy5 timer siden

    We wont get Bruno banta club.

  34. Ben Matheson

    Ben Matheson5 timer siden

    This formation is because we are short of forwards and we wont buy anyone.

  35. jonny cope

    jonny cope5 timer siden

    We tried sorry see you in the summer 👍🏻

  36. Wet Lettuce

    Wet Lettuce5 timer siden

    Why tf did I get a notification for this 15 seconds ago when it was posted 4 days ago. Fucking NO-gos

  37. S Lindsey

    S Lindsey5 timer siden

    Ole is playing for a draw at best, if he plays loose in the back we could easily go 3 nill down by half.

  38. mark cunningham

    mark cunningham5 timer siden

    I think they shud be resting sum of the better players which are few.. As wolves Sunday need a rest

  39. Devante 1995

    Devante 19955 timer siden

    The board is needs to go why has this Bruno deal stretched all month. Useless!

  40. A K

    A K5 timer siden


  41. Red Rebel

    Red Rebel5 timer siden

    It aint happening, it never was!

  42. vikash g

    vikash g5 timer siden

    replacing jones with a decent CB, matic with a carrick type DM, lingard with a Fernandes or Maddisson type AM. the tactic will work... or 4-1-4-1 going 4-1-3-2

  43. RochaMusic X

    RochaMusic X5 timer siden

    Variations of 4 4 3 or 4 4 2 are always the best formations also attacking 4 5 1 well planned out can be super hard to hold and beat.

  44. Devante 1995

    Devante 19955 timer siden

    The first week of January Fernandes, Cavani and CDM should've been in OR atleast 2nd week. GLAZERSOUT WOODWARDOUT city are gonna embarrass us.

  45. Adam McKenna

    Adam McKenna5 timer siden

    I think United could win the FA cup and I’m looking forward to the draw tonight

  46. I'amKing Of The 2010's

    I'amKing Of The 2010's5 timer siden

    I dont care, I don't care about Solskjaers United.


    DRGUKIINAUGANDA20165 timer siden

    Lingard has signed a new contract, his wages have been doubled. This comes after his goal and after Mino Raiola failed to find him a buyer.

  48. Devante 1995

    Devante 19955 timer siden

    Why didn't bailey play against tranmere? The guy needs to get game time asap he is better than Jones and Lindelöf.

  49. Mercurial the spectre

    Mercurial the spectre5 timer siden

    Yeah thats such a historical win against a top team i feel so proud for our united players especially for our lingard as he showed how he could be in the same class with the likes of messi or cr7.

  50. grandad33

    grandad335 timer siden

    Yet again this is on MATT JUDGE the guy is a fucking disaster.

  51. Bossman1 Bossman1

    Bossman1 Bossman15 timer siden

    I would rather get Charlie Austin than slamani


    KYLE O'BRIEN5 timer siden


  53. Sam Taiwo

    Sam Taiwo5 timer siden

    RIP kobe💔💔

  54. Ryan Skeffers

    Ryan Skeffers5 timer siden

    Your predictions are always wrong

  55. RTL

    RTL5 timer siden

    Pep is having sleepless nights wondering how he will counter Lingard.

  56. Jack Hudson

    Jack Hudson5 timer siden

    Mark is fucking lying when he says he hasn’t seen anyone hoping United would lose. Utter lies from a man who literally makes his crust off of United commentary

  57. NoGodButOne

    NoGodButOne5 timer siden

    Stupid youtuber ..... gone are the days of united ... get a hobby

  58. Sean Hayes

    Sean Hayes5 timer siden

    Dead right about eeking it out till the end of the window to avoid having to sign another player on top of him - if he even comes at all. Said that myself ages ago that they’ll stretch it out - if it even happens. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all just fake and pretending to even want him just to shut us all up and have us speculating before deliberately ending up with nobody.

  59. Vijaya Anand

    Vijaya Anand5 timer siden

    So you're saying 3 at the back never worked for chelsea?!!

  60. Kieran Epsom

    Kieran Epsom5 timer siden

    Is it me or is the lip sync always slightly our makes the videos hard for me to watch tbh

  61. jono walker

    jono walker5 timer siden

    We're going to win 3-1 *surprised pikachu face* Lingard Martial Green wood

  62. TIMBALA kamp

    TIMBALA kamp5 timer siden

    Do you really think man city has the need to put a nail in the coffin with a body in it who is dead for 6 years

  63. Ameer Khan

    Ameer Khan5 timer siden

    Revolution needed

  64. Horse Sense

    Horse Sense5 timer siden

    Thankfully, United have players like Jones, Rojo, Lingard, Bailly, Matic, Sanchez, Dalot, Pereira and F-Mensah to take them up to 7th place.

  65. Ameer Khan

    Ameer Khan5 timer siden

    Revolt revolt revolt!!!

  66. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu5 timer siden

    competent board made me laugh

  67. Trevor Cross

    Trevor Cross5 timer siden

    I hope and pray he dont play Jones h e could,nt keep up with Tranmere attackers he just brings them down

  68. jono walker

    jono walker5 timer siden

    YOU were a centre back!? lmao! Mate you'd get killed! Especially by a 6ft 6 forward like me 🤣

  69. Sainava Modak

    Sainava Modak5 timer siden

    We can't got one player and inter are basically buying a new team. Shambles

  70. Prashant Hariharan

    Prashant Hariharan5 timer siden

    There were speculations that paco alcacer from Dortmund is unhappy about his playing time in Dortmund , he should be a good signing , but never heard any news of utd being linked to him


    OXYMORON5 timer siden

    Lingardinho still young give him a time

  72. RTL

    RTL5 timer siden

    Ole is going to park the bus and if we draw 0-0 or lose 1-0 he'll come out and say "this shows the boys are improving" The rebuild is working, give him time. Blah blah the same old pattern we've been in for 9 months. His press conferences really annoy me now.

  73. Michael MeyerStarr

    Michael MeyerStarr5 timer siden

    Frankly I'd like to see Shaw given another chance at CB. I think it might be a good fit for him and anyone is better than Phil Jones.

  74. arubaconga

    arubaconga5 timer siden

    What the hell is wrong with the Executives and present owners of Manchester United. This activity again shows who are responsible for the present condition of United. Pogba should have been sold already. Bruno Fernandes ( MF ) and Sancho ( Winger ), and Jovic ( Striker / buy him ).

  75. Sayberiya Official

    Sayberiya Official5 timer siden

    Bruno Fernández on his way to United and the deal is done ✅

  76. Ian Frater

    Ian Frater5 timer siden

    You got some real plonkers up there lad. Come down to London and support the Arsenal.

  77. Yassin Hani

    Yassin Hani5 timer siden

    Guys and girls don’t get too excited please City will score more than 2 and we will not score

  78. Crystalblade

    Crystalblade5 timer siden

    Dalot? Gomes? Greenwood?

  79. Callum Courtney Hart

    Callum Courtney Hart6 timer siden

    Manchester United are cash strapped. We are riddled in debt and have next to no money to bring in transfers and that's why olle won't be sacked because Woodward needs him to appease the fans. We really are a joke club now

  80. S L Jones

    S L Jones6 timer siden

    The Saudis are going to buy United its on

  81. ethan haigh

    ethan haigh6 timer siden

    Get in done tomorrow

  82. nephilim811

    nephilim8116 timer siden

    If you’d have done your homework you would know Tony O’Neil is not the guy to unite the fans. He’s not exactly respected among the different factions. It’s ironic that he doesn’t like the term red army when he was one of the hooligans behind the original red army back in the day. It looks like he’s been hired as a bodyguard rather than a person to unite the fans. In a week where Woodward has had a huge PR disaster, this could be TUS very own huge PR disaster. Good idea, wrong personnel, try again lads.

  83. Ryvz s

    Ryvz s6 timer siden

    uniteds coaching and mindset reminds me of that guy Wimp Lo from Kungpow. They taught him how to fight wrong and he thinks he is winning when he is losing.

  84. Dean Mo

    Dean Mo6 timer siden

    We are dead!!!!!!!

  85. SubjectRandom

    SubjectRandom6 timer siden

    I predict a massive City win, lets say at least 3-1. If Utd win it'll be a bloody miracle considering the current situation.

  86. Fazil Coc

    Fazil Coc6 timer siden

    ole's back at the wheel I guess

  87. Rebuild FC

    Rebuild FC6 timer siden

    If i had to choose Between Pereira and Lingard I would play with 10 men

  88. Carl Hamandishe

    Carl Hamandishe6 timer siden

    Why on earth are we not going for Eriksen at Spurs?

  89. Greenwood 54

    Greenwood 546 timer siden

    Move awb rcb lindelof centre cb and dalot rwb

  90. JT

    JT6 timer siden

    Newcastle under the crown prince will be better than us next season we will be a mid table team forever unless 500 mil at least isn't spent in the summer we need 6 players I'm not joking at least 6 players that's why 2 needed to be brought in, in this window, we are doomed we are skint otherwise what other reason is there for not bringing players in. Ole is lying saying there are funds available there's no reason why 2 of these so called loads of players want to join us, we are being blagged we are broke we don't even have a shirt sponsor,

  91. Fazil Coc

    Fazil Coc6 timer siden

    I don't think it will be 3-0. I am confident that man utd will win because we have Romero as the Goalkeeper and he is in good form. We have a good midfield. Even if we lose, we will lose it beautifully.


    OXYMORON6 timer siden

    I rather injured myself to face lingardinho "Zidane"

  93. Josh Knight

    Josh Knight6 timer siden

    We beat em earlier this season, really shouldn’t have conceded in that game either. A Derby is a Derby. The players should be up for it, if we get an early goal we can do it. Have the faith (even though they don’t really deserve it)

  94. Dan Smith

    Dan Smith6 timer siden


  95. parikshit jagtap

    parikshit jagtap6 timer siden

    Play van bissaka and we will be boaring again, and we will concede goals also.

  96. Jean Benoiton

    Jean Benoiton6 timer siden

    Just watched comedy ' black adder' same scenario with MU

  97. SB Media

    SB Media6 timer siden

    Woodward cant sign his name nevermind a player.

  98. SB Media

    SB Media6 timer siden

    Mark let bruno go it's not happening your frustrating your self and also others with it he ain't signing mate would have already been done time to face facts we are slowly getting worse as a club as a team

  99. Ahmad Farhan

    Ahmad Farhan6 timer siden

    Var penalty for united, still man city smash united..4-1 for city

  100. Kyle Robinson

    Kyle Robinson6 timer siden

    Rest in Paradise Black Mamba and Gianna 😢