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Jon Batiste: "PRINCE"
The Weeknd: ''Heartless''
Mood Mix with LL Cool J
Lady Antebellum: "Ocean"
  1. Stephan Lenting

    Stephan Lenting8 sekunder siden

    ph +1

  2. Magnus Wurzer

    Magnus Wurzer9 sekunder siden

    the rhyming was a bit uncalled for

  3. Bryan Johnstone

    Bryan Johnstone14 sekunder siden

    Sees fake pop up, instinctively goes to close it.

  4. Jasmin Has

    Jasmin Has18 sekunder siden

    Did anyone notice that last bear after the P from TRUMP falling coz he doesn’t have a letter to hold 😂somehow that makes me LOL so hard...

  5. Plant Maven

    Plant Maven45 sekunder siden

    Dobbs died his hair? Even worse.

  6. Beau33

    Beau3346 sekunder siden

    Why can’t Barr just blow up! He looks bloated.

  7. charles stuart

    charles stuartMinutt siden

    The problem with Trump he doesn't know right from wrong - and I doubt he ever did.

  8. IamScythed

    IamScythedMinutt siden

    I live for the intro of every Meanwhile.

  9. aeon lincoln

    aeon lincolnMinutt siden

    "I'll have that sidearm, sir" "You mean this sidearm!?"

  10. Aubergine Machine

    Aubergine MachineMinutt siden

    That doesn't sound like us. Ha ha ha ha ha etc. Great writing and timing. Been keeping an eye on you these last 54 years, the most foreign of all nations, strategically creeping and slithering along our southern border, and this latest "president" or something, just, wow. Humour is more succinct than the press, and Reducto over there ("SHRINK GUN!") he's chronicling it appropriately,

  11. Barbara Kennedy

    Barbara Kennedy2 minutter siden

    Barr looks like Ralphie grew up and found out that Santa Claus is fake.🎅

  12. Marius Thefaker

    Marius Thefaker2 minutter siden

    Who else thinks Lou Dobbs owns a Trump doll... a life size Trump doll... a life size, anatomically correct Trump doll?

  13. Robert Smith

    Robert Smith2 minutter siden

    If you think about it for just one second, Trump and his cronies are The deep state.

  14. Adam Tak

    Adam Tak2 minutter siden

    Please post more of Jon Batiste and the band. This was really good.

  15. X X

    X X3 minutter siden

    the president is a low-life

  16. Mai Mariarti

    Mai Mariarti3 minutter siden

    They should add one more article. For being the dumbest, most unqualified, most illiterate pathological liar president, USA has ever had.

  17. Shirley Banks

    Shirley Banks3 minutter siden

    To Nancy Polanski/ Democrats... Yes ! ... We Can ...

  18. Krissy Gaines

    Krissy Gaines3 minutter siden

    Colbert is a riot😂😂😂

  19. Bruce  Swearingen

    Bruce Swearingen4 minutter siden

    Barr is M oscows A ttorney G eneral A. lso Trumputin Prison 2020

  20. david huff

    david huff4 minutter siden

    Da da is Doo Doo

  21. Crispy Black

    Crispy Black4 minutter siden

    I want that sweater!

  22. Lucretia Bailey

    Lucretia Bailey4 minutter siden

  23. Carlos Gaytan

    Carlos Gaytan4 minutter siden


  24. W N

    W N4 minutter siden

    The only deep state that exists is how deep that triple chin on Barr is! Fat-ass....reminds me of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen from Dune.

  25. Nunyo Bidness

    Nunyo Bidness4 minutter siden

    I 💩 while watching this

  26. Therry KEASBERRY

    Therry KEASBERRY4 minutter siden

    ladies and gentlemen: here you have the president of the United States, may God help you🙏🙏

  27. Furkan Turfanda

    Furkan Turfanda4 minutter siden

    His cult is vehemently defending him, they blame Democrats for being "out to get him." How do you fight such willfull ignorance?

  28. Charnene Mayne

    Charnene Mayne4 minutter siden

    Banana hole or mobile glory hole?

  29. Richard Baker

    Richard Baker5 minutter siden

    Just for your information. I regularly put reactions below the Fox videos, in order to reach out to their viewers. Here is just an example of the reactions I get (some have been edited, and these are not the worst yet!): ME: Dear Friends of Fox: is the stock market more important for you than your health care, the education of your children or a sound environment? How many millions have you invested? R1: Dear Richard, who did you beat, your wife, kids, parents, new born, nuns? How many have you done this. R2: DEAR LIBERAL PIG..TIME TO PUT U.S. CITIZENS FIRST IN OUR OWN COUNTRY..TIME TO REMOVE ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS..THEN REMOVE ALL U SAD LEECHING LIBERALS R3: Dear commie: your tongue is stained with boot polish. Pay for your own health care, educate your own kids, and the environment is fine and had endured far more than men can do to it. You're too much of a coward to kick in your neighbor's door to steal from him, so you hire men to do it on your behalf. Your tongue is so stained with boot polish it is useless. Your dark age ideology isn't progressive. Don't feel alone though. The friends of Fox are in the same boat with you on that one.

  30. Ramon Guzman

    Ramon Guzman5 minutter siden

    Now let's investigate the investigators of the orangenal investigation. The oranges of the investigation is an Orange asset sitting in the Oval office.

  31. bryant roberts

    bryant roberts5 minutter siden

    Barr is the knock off version of Peter Griffin( just as dumb too) lol

  32. Plant Maven

    Plant Maven5 minutter siden

    I want that sweater.

  33. Mr. Polo

    Mr. Polo5 minutter siden

    Who else could use a little bit of snow today? Let it snow, let it snow, let it snowwwww!

  34. FlameAdder

    FlameAdder6 minutter siden

    Well there goes the budget for the week

  35. Cancun American

    Cancun American6 minutter siden

    We're going to learn more about being a Trump. Certain laws don't matter & can be broken based on GOP privilege. Helloooo "Republican" party! The *USA* is what it is. 😕 🇺🇸 *Do You Remember when a simple Blow-Job was turned into an impeachable offense?* President Clinton was charged with Obstruction & Lying to Federal Authorities. *BTW,* the only *Collateral Damage* that was done was the damage to that Blue Dress! I still can't believe that Monica kept that DAMN Blue 👗🤢. Anyway Donald is taking a Shit on the American Flag and wiping HIS ASS with the American Constitution, daily. Here's a little something that I would like to remind ALL of you about... *MORE FACTS & CRIMES* 🧐 *Hookers & Porn Stars not included.* ORDERING THE LANDING of Government Planes🇺🇸✈️ at tiny airports in Ireland/Scotland to refuel *& personnel MUST stay at HIS private property to collect the money from Tax Payers* is a serious crime. One night for Pence was $200k+ for Donald's bank account. 🤫 *Mike Pence did The Don a "Favor". THEREFORE, Pence needs to **#WalkThePlank** too. He put over $200k into Donald's pocket just in one night. How many more nights did Mike Pence take part in those crimes?* •GuiltyStealingTaxDollars✓ *Pocket Money* ⛳🏌️‍♀️ Trump's "Family Business" is charging you (if you pay taxes🤨) for every single golf getaway. $110,000,000+👀 *Check for yourself* ... *KEEP IN MIND* DJT 🤡👀 3 Wives & Multiple Porn Stars Trump University *shutdown.* Trump Foundation *fraudulent.* *Personal Lawyer* in prison... *Campaign Manager* in prison *Campaign Co-Manager* Jailed! 🤔 Heyyyy, where are Donald's Tax Returns?! #HidingShit *___________&_______________* ROGER STONE, Michael Cohen, Mike Flynn, Bijan Kian, Rick Gates, Paulie Manafort, Georgie P. etc. *The Mueller Report Convictions* 😯 •RobertMueller• Registered Republican✓ *IMPEACH & CONVICT* 🇺🇸 #EmolumentsClause *CULT45GOP* 🇷🇺 *Cheers from Cancún México* 🇲🇽🌴🍹🇲🇽

  36. D Saint

    D Saint6 minutter siden

    Ed Harris....still hot!

  37. blueberries rasberries

    blueberries rasberries6 minutter siden

    Another Trump record for Guinness Book of Record: Trump is the MOST BOASTFUL LIAR ever in this planet.

  38. 森田. Morita淳一郎 Junichiro

    森田. Morita淳一郎 Junichiro6 minutter siden

    🇯🇵🤮. 🌎🤝🇺🇸⏫⭕️

  39. Drew Sutton

    Drew Sutton6 minutter siden

    Not believable. Lou Dobbs doesn't even have 1% of Stephen's rhythm and grace.

  40. Al69BfR

    Al69BfR7 minutter siden

    And we all know, that the FBI is a far left group of social justice warriors, who - together with the Dems - try to conquer the world.

  41. Mindy Dunn

    Mindy Dunn7 minutter siden

    Wow, loving the vib Jon Batiste lays out. Thank you

  42. SUPERIOR meh

    SUPERIOR meh7 minutter siden

    Love seeing him shine

  43. Michelle Trefethen

    Michelle Trefethen7 minutter siden

    Wow you guys are really fooled....

  44. Trapped In Time

    Trapped In Time7 minutter siden

    You can see Stephen Colbert soft-spoken trying to manipulate the interview in regards to politics when asking a question on how a roll relates to the political times. Hey if i talk quietly enough while i squeeze i can get this to go in my political direction 😂 Ed Harris is a pro though and answered that question without stepping on anyone's toes Republican or Democrat. This unfortunately is the one thing I cannot stand about Stephen Colbert and I'm very liberal but you can see it coming from a mile away when he does it. He just oozes far left and manipulation, Don't get me wrong he puts on a good show but people need to pay attention.

  45. Toma Calin Stanescu

    Toma Calin Stanescu7 minutter siden

    We need more Rhyming Colbert :)

  46. kenna163

    kenna1638 minutter siden

    Don't try to reuse the Cartoon President animation, Stephen!!

  47. Nick Scott

    Nick Scott8 minutter siden

    That mask was a little *too* good

  48. Geo H

    Geo H8 minutter siden

    yaba dabba do

  49. thejanusproject32

    thejanusproject328 minutter siden

    Oh daaaaaaaang, the sister of Black Widow?!?

  50. Peter J

    Peter J8 minutter siden

    Barr: "One aspect of the IG report I do disagree reality.....!!!"

  51. Brainstormer623

    Brainstormer6239 minutter siden

    I both loved and hated this.

  52. kenna163

    kenna1639 minutter siden

    Wait are more US Muslims naming their children Mohammed or are hipsters doing it?

  53. syllahk

    syllahk10 minutter siden

    More than the Moscow pee-pee tape, I would love to see the video Trump must have of a very underage male sitting on Sen. Graham’s face. Does anyone remember Trump accusing Sen. Cruz’s father of being involved in President Kennedy’s murder? I wonder who sat on HIS face?

  54. D J

    D J10 minutter siden


  55. John Marshall

    John Marshall10 minutter siden

    Barrgermeister Meisterbarrger.

  56. mary jones

    mary jones11 minutter siden

    loved that book, ty ms pugh and mr colbert.

  57. Michael Pieseeno

    Michael Pieseeno11 minutter siden

    Strangest thing is how all of the bs that was implemented by OBAMA is now being placed on Trump. These people really believe removing him will solve their issues. Instead it just made sure he's going to be reelected.

  58. Iron Fan

    Iron Fan11 minutter siden

    I'm not gay, but DAMN, Carell lookin WICKED, son! O.O No wonder he had that whole hullabaloo about him being a grey fox or w/e that was, couple years ago. \o/

  59. Honeya Fun

    Honeya Fun11 minutter siden

    haha :D

  60. Melinda Fagerström

    Melinda Fagerström12 minutter siden

    Adam Schiff gonna be on on Thursday?! My heart just stopped 😍

  61. paula spears

    paula spears12 minutter siden


  62. Anthony Quesen

    Anthony Quesen13 minutter siden

    military and federal non elected government agents have way to much power and have abused it historically. there's no precedent to believe this couldn't or is not happening. I mean look at cointelpro or any other of the numerous atrocities that the government has committed without informing the people. the history of the cia spreading false news stories during the start of the vietnam war to justify it... it's not like they are trustworthy... at least not any more trustworthy than trump. not all "conspiracy theories" are in the same category. epstein didn't kill himself.

  63. Roelof van der Merwe

    Roelof van der Merwe13 minutter siden

    I love how the Deep State has all this power, and yet wasn't powerful enough to successfully rig an election in their favour :P It's a bit of a conundrum, no?

  64. W N

    W N13 minutter siden

    Lou Dobbs should be ashamed of himself for his display of treasonous unprofessionalism. Why don't he go present on Alex Jones? That is the level of credibility displayed today. This guy is a white prepper crackpot. Is there some form of genetic defect in White American males that result in such mental disorder?? Look across the line of these bozo the clowns of pseudo journalism!! And more trying to jump in on the bandwagon.....this resembles all the grifters cashing in as tele-vangelists, men of god. Gimme your money, and I'll get you an appointment with God! Maybe it's the fact that these guys all suffer trauma from infant circumcision of their small 5" erect penises! Scarred and inadequacy insecurities.

  65. BeachBum

    BeachBum13 minutter siden

    OMG, Barr Is a Decorative Gourd! But I wouldn't put him on my porch, maybe in jail!!

  66. helena maria

    helena maria13 minutter siden

    This girl rocks!!! We will hear a lot about Florence! Excellent actress, great personality, Iove her.

  67. M NOP

    M NOP13 minutter siden

    Colbert.... no one is watching patriots have control

  68. Ayen zzz

    Ayen zzz14 minutter siden

    Honestly, that sweater is hilarious, Walmart shouldn't have to apologize over that

  69. True Black Knight

    True Black Knight14 minutter siden


  70. stone1andonly

    stone1andonly15 minutter siden

    I think the bigger conspiracy is who is giving Lou Dobbs & Rudy Giuliani their hair dye.

  71. jim bob

    jim bob15 minutter siden

    Impeachment is still not enough.

  72. Creator Sama

    Creator Sama16 minutter siden

    Straight pride in not a thing that's needed because if it was y'all would be pretending to be gays to hide your heterosexuality in fear of what your parents would think it your boss or your government. Nobody pretends to be gay because they feel safer that way. They pretend to be straight.

  73. Sara Pulford

    Sara Pulford16 minutter siden

    🇬🇧 Donnie will HATE that cartoon 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  74. Ayen zzz

    Ayen zzz16 minutter siden

    The question we struggle with "Jon Batiste or Guillermo?"

  75. russ collins

    russ collins16 minutter siden

    russian in Wh today souded just like the repubs. talking points made me want to vomit

  76. Cody Heron

    Cody Heron17 minutter siden

    Oh it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas right now 😂

  77. CaptEoNinja83

    CaptEoNinja8317 minutter siden

    I thought Halloween was over, I'm scared!

  78. Stalemate Bread

    Stalemate Bread17 minutter siden

    Ok hold up are we just going to let them get away with rickrolling everyone?

  79. malik franklin

    malik franklin17 minutter siden

    I just love Stephen Colbert....he is naturally a very funny man N he just enjoys himself on the stage

  80. Daniel Normand

    Daniel Normand17 minutter siden

    I liked it so much I had to listen to it a second time.

  81. Roy Bright

    Roy Bright18 minutter siden

    Barr knows his days are numbered and he is doing all he can to make sure he still has job after Nov 2020 - America sort this out at the ballot box; you have utter clowns in charge of your country.

  82. Anandamoy Bandyopadhyay

    Anandamoy Bandyopadhyay18 minutter siden

    This is absolutely amazing! ❤️❤️❤️

  83. João C

    João C18 minutter siden

    Scat is shit.

  84. Rick Kolesar

    Rick Kolesar18 minutter siden

    So pure...reminds me of after hours at the Basin Street in Vancouver. 😄

  85. Joachim Schoder

    Joachim Schoder18 minutter siden

    So the report found no evidence of a conspiracy. Which is of course evidence of a conspiracy. What's the definition of a witch hunt again?

  86. Napoleon I Bonaparte

    Napoleon I Bonaparte18 minutter siden

    WH: Gets USMCA deal finalised House: <Brings forward 2 Articles of Impeachment> Also *WH: Confused screaming*

  87. niceguy217

    niceguy21718 minutter siden

    If anyone would like the link to the video at the time the song starts, to post on places..especially where the trumptrolls are out heavily, well here it is ;)

  88. Myriam Gapella

    Myriam Gapella18 minutter siden

    The time will come when those sad REPs will have to acknowledge the truth, it will be too late and they will be very sorry.

  89. TheReal008Zulu

    TheReal008Zulu18 minutter siden

    How did Trump choose to celebrate this noteworthy inclusion? He had a secret meeting with Russia.

  90. Kevin Votaw

    Kevin Votaw18 minutter siden

    jesus that thumbnail almost broke the fourth wall of my reality

  91. Iron Fan

    Iron Fan18 minutter siden

    You are a current c**t, Mr. Current President. Please do let the door hit you on your way out. Thx.

  92. The Ocean

    The Ocean18 minutter siden

    We - Muslims - should not commit sins publicly + we are humans so we commit sins .. this doesn't mean hypocrisy if you can understand that, Stephen.

  93. scott mcfadyen

    scott mcfadyen19 minutter siden

    Does anyone else think barr looks like the Anti-Thanos !

  94. asdf asdf

    asdf asdf19 minutter siden

    Lol Jester Shillbert needs to dismiss truths like pizzagate, Seth Rich and other evil corruption as a 'conspiracy' so that we buy standard MSM - The globalists 10 commandments 1. Thall not think for himself for we have blessed him with the perfect Progressive Doctrine........ Oh, when will the left figure you that CNN and Hollywood lie to you. Globalism is a business blueprint - and you are its atomised soulless economic unit. And, when the globalists get sick of the left they will expose of you without a care in the world. Join populism, nationalism and Trumpism. We are your friends, not Pedowood or Babylon 2.0

  95. True Black Knight

    True Black Knight19 minutter siden


  96. hellcat1988

    hellcat198819 minutter siden

    Oh come on now america. Brittan does pigs in a blanket SO much better. If there's one thing that we NEED from cultural appropriation, it's bacon wrapped pigs in blankets instead of bread.

  97. kodoxlucu

    kodoxlucu20 minutter siden

    That logic was....... :D "Prove me that you aren't cheating" "See, you have no proof that you aren't cheating, that means you are cheating by hiding the proof that you are a cheater" LOL

  98. Philosophy Gamers

    Philosophy Gamers20 minutter siden

    Stephen is really jabbing at people with divorced parents tonight. I get it, being poor is traumatizing and people can't love each other and suffer at the same time.

  99. Pamela

    Pamela20 minutter siden

    😅😂🤣🤣🤣 Those poor round-table participants! This is the businessman's "billionaire and very stable genius" explaining how to turn their biggest challenges into success and make it happen in life.

  100. Marc Kloosterman

    Marc Kloosterman20 minutter siden

    Remember that toilet story yesterday? I looked it up and came out on the White House channel. Listen to trumps rambling and-even worse-read the comments of his supporters: