The Epic Rap Battles of History is a video series created by Nice Peter, epicLLOYD, Dave McCary, and Maker Studios.
Banner photo by Adam Hendershott

  1. Hermione Granger

    Hermione GrangerMinutt siden

    Evil one wons.

  2. Rafanana007

    Rafanana0073 minutter siden

    Benito Mussolini V.S Nicolae Ceacescu ( Battle of the dictactors killed by his own people)

  3. Erick Robles

    Erick Robles7 minutter siden

    The Munsters vs The Addams Family

  4. Tom Hayes

    Tom Hayes8 minutter siden

    Just here for my daily watch, don't mind me 👌

  5. oxehorn

    oxehorn9 minutter siden

    The Pennywise performance is so fucking impressive. Great song!

  6. PuppiesBiteMyFeet

    PuppiesBiteMyFeet9 minutter siden

    "Call me Ed Sullivan, Shoot you from the waist up." That one sort of flew in under the radar and scored a stealth hit.

  7. x._keerti _x

    x._keerti _x17 minutter siden

    Pennywise won😈❤

  8. Ryan Davis

    Ryan Davis17 minutter siden

    Charles bronson vs Charles bronson!

  9. JakeWan River

    JakeWan River19 minutter siden

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate that ERB put the actual Musk Tweets in the background @ 1:50. I mean...that's a small thing but it lends creedence to Zucks verse. I love these little asides.

  10. McKenzie Fitzgerald

    McKenzie Fitzgerald19 minutter siden

    brah. Boba Fett won. Not saying that because he's my favorite person ever. But I think he roasted Deadpool why worst. So yeah.

  11. M.D.Metal

    M.D.Metal23 minutter siden

    Fredrick the Great: Rips Ivan to shreds and peaces out. Ivan saved the rubles on the garotte wire, but Fred busted his flute off in Ivan's ass first.

  12. Liir I.

    Liir I.23 minutter siden

    "jack Nicholson played you just fine but lately your cast has declined. Jared Leto came out looking like he was Tekashi 6ix9ine" That sealed that for me 😂

  13. TheRealGod /J.B.

    TheRealGod /J.B.24 minutter siden

    i think pennywise won that battle

  14. P N

    P N27 minutter siden

    I've always liked ERB, but the joker jab using Heath Ledger's death was honestly distasteful. I will never censor any sort of comedy, but for a channel who celebrates roles, actors, historical people and so on, the Heath Ledger just not alright. Good for you on being succesful with it, however, but this is where the longtime love for ERB ends.

  15. Enzyl

    Enzyl29 minutter siden

    I know a perfect beat for a future battle! Eve of war part 2 by anno domini beats:

  16. tim vs appleboi

    tim vs appleboi30 minutter siden

    Rick Grimes

  17. Lariah Mason

    Lariah Mason33 minutter siden

    Do Alexa Vs Siri

  18. Thisnamestillsucks

    Thisnamestillsucks33 minutter siden

    They did a great job with the voices, holy hell.

  19. Lariah Mason

    Lariah Mason34 minutter siden

    This helped because I’m doing a project on cleopatra 😂

  20. Aaron O'Niel

    Aaron O'Niel34 minutter siden

    Wolverine is the winner

  21. Megan Kibler

    Megan Kibler37 minutter siden

    F*** you Joker

  22. Ian Schrom

    Ian Schrom38 minutter siden

    Jay and Silent Bob versus Bert and Ernie

  23. Park Tamaroon

    Park Tamaroon38 minutter siden

    Trump hot back hard! He was winning. I was worried till Abe rode in and took it.

  24. Megan Kibler

    Megan Kibler39 minutter siden

    I have 99 Red Balloons b**** and I dare you to take one

  25. skhturner

    skhturner39 minutter siden

    Disney employees used to refer to Disneyland Paris as Mousewitz. This soon became known to higher management and anyone saying it would be fired... so they changed it to Duckau

  26. Brennan Cook

    Brennan Cook39 minutter siden

    i say joker won

  27. king crack221

    king crack22140 minutter siden

    Pennywise wins 👌👌👌👌

  28. TheAnonymousShade

    TheAnonymousShade42 minutter siden

    I feel like this was really close, but penny wise edged the win out just a bit. Honestly there should be a part 2 for this one

  29. YTP: LIFE

    YTP: LIFE43 minutter siden


  30. Megan Kibler

    Megan Kibler44 minutter siden

    Who votes Pennywise because I think Pennywise is the best and he's pretty much better then the Joker

  31. Luuk de Voogd

    Luuk de Voogd46 minutter siden

    0:13-0:39 me in a normal mood 0:40-1:06 me on the brink of pure anger 1:07-1:40 me when having an pure anger attack

  32. Mikhail Ashley

    Mikhail Ashley48 minutter siden

    J.K Rowling VS R.L Stine Billie Eilish VS Bob Marley Dr. No VS Dr. Evil Captain Hook VS Captain Jack Sparrow Ninja Fortnite Streamer VS Bobby Fischer

  33. Дебилушка

    Дебилушка49 minutter siden


  34. Naruto Facts

    Naruto Facts51 minutt siden

    ,,ask robin if I drop bars'' I felt this shit line

  35. Nick Moxley

    Nick Moxley52 minutter siden

    Shrek vs Grinch

  36. ali aslan

    ali aslan52 minutter siden

    Snoop dogg....THEY GOT SNOOP DAWG!!

  37. Luuk de Voogd

    Luuk de Voogd52 minutter siden

    i'm using to learn for history

  38. Yesnog05

    Yesnog0553 minutter siden

    Who else came here after watching the new Ghostbusters trailer?

  39. LHSBigDan

    LHSBigDan53 minutter siden

    Frank Gallagher vs Rick Sanchez

  40. Albert Dunisch

    Albert Dunisch54 minutter siden

    All psychologists should rap

  41. Flame Draconic

    Flame Draconic56 minutter siden

    Krampus Vs Grinch please

  42. Wenzewanda umlaw

    Wenzewanda umlaw56 minutter siden

    I say Pennywise wins

  43. Robert Widdick

    Robert Widdick57 minutter siden

    "nobody's dying to play with the joker except heath ledger" :o

  44. ashish Jaiswal

    ashish Jaiswal57 minutter siden

    I think that Goku was the one who definitely one, he is da BOSS!

  45. Frank Styles

    Frank StylesTime siden

    I don't see how tf Pennywise won

  46. skhturner

    skhturnerTime siden

    The bit about Roosevelt waking up still roasted is based on a famous Churchill anecdote where a woman complained about him being drunk. His response: " My dear, you are ugly, and what’s more, you are disgustingly ugly. But tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be disgustingly ugly."

  47. Zolo Harris

    Zolo HarrisTime siden

    Tie, alot better than that other joker vs pennywise battle i saw

  48. Aaron O'Niel

    Aaron O'NielTime siden

    Roosevelt Destroyed.

  49. --

    --Time siden

    Did you manage to pull off the lazy eye by yourself or was that done in post?

  50. paul mc

    paul mcTime siden

    video was terrible, till sean saved it :).

  51. Alex Godwin

    Alex GodwinTime siden


  52. Yezper

    YezperTime siden

    The Grinch Vs Shrek, I wanna see a battle between the green and grumpy guys

  53. Michael Watkins

    Michael WatkinsTime siden

    Freddie mercury won

  54. Paulo Sousa

    Paulo SousaTime siden

    J. J. Abrams Vs J. J. Jameson PLEASE

  55. Samuel Weissenberger

    Samuel WeissenbergerTime siden

    Joker wins

  56. RedBunny DK

    RedBunny DKTime siden

    DO A happy death day vs pennywise

  57. Jamie Simpson

    Jamie SimpsonTime siden

    Should do joker ( heath ledger) vs Joker ( Jared Leto) vs joker ( Joaquin Phoenix)

  58. Mihail Zlatanov

    Mihail ZlatanovTime siden

    Can you make Leatherface vs Jason

  59. kikyoC

    kikyoCTime siden

    Wendy's frosty machine never broken, she wins

  60. Mary Musselwhite

    Mary MusselwhiteTime siden

    Anyone else notice Timothy?

  61. Reuben EditZ

    Reuben EditZTime siden

    Egsy (from kingsman) vs keanu reeves and johnny english comes in and destroys them both

  62. Damien Brandle

    Damien BrandleTime siden

    Amazing rap amazing production Next should be Eminem vs Tupac

  63. kikyoC

    kikyoCTime siden

    Joker won

  64. צור ליפשיץ

    צור ליפשיץTime siden

    It’s your best rap Batlle you should do Rasputin vs Stalin 2

  65. Tyler Ponce

    Tyler PonceTime siden

    "don't you lay a finger on my bat you little freak or I will spend a whole week knocking out those prickle teeth hehehe" -joker

  66. Sabre

    SabreTime siden

    Can we talk about how satisfying it was to hear “you’re a Land Rover, I’m a land expander, here to hand you your first lost Alexander”

  67. Fruitless Franz Ferdinand Shit

    Fruitless Franz Ferdinand ShitTime siden

    me in my biology exam: “no, no don’t do it-“ my brain: “and i’m spitting fire like i’m hot, hot SAUCE.”

  68. yazn channel

    yazn channelTime siden

    Trump is the type of a guy Who criticizes a pencil for writing in black

  69. Ian Fortuna

    Ian FortunaTime siden

    Please let these guys have a round 2

  70. RedBunny DK

    RedBunny DKTime siden

    Are u f**king kidding me with this blah blah blah i've half a mind to feed u both to my oversized i've heard more thoughtful discussion up in TMZ i like that part

  71. Reuben EditZ

    Reuben EditZTime siden

    Omg its ray william johnson

  72. grogdizzy

    grogdizzyTime siden

    Wtf? Magic: The Gathering is awesome. You lose just for that line

  73. Petar Milich

    Petar MilichTime siden

    Suggestion: Red and Kitty from That ‘70s Show vs. Hal and Lois from Malcolm in the Middle.

  74. *Space Rays*

    *Space Rays*Time siden

    "Fine, you wanna be like that? Die then! The whole world loved you, but you were my friend!" Broooo 😢😢😢😢

  75. MrJamesy Boi

    MrJamesy BoiTime siden

    Like for Pennywise Reply for Joker

  76. Jonathan Rodgers

    Jonathan RodgersTime siden

    Check out my rap of Trump Vs. Biden: Donald Trump: Alright, Joe, if this how it's gonna be. I'll rap against you, so America can see. Can't get America on track, you Dems can't see straight. Your eyes are red bloodshot, from all the liberal hate. All you dems are the same, "Here take another gun". But whatever you do, stay the hell away from my son. How you've even gone this far is way beyond me. Which is one thing you won't be, in twenty-twenty! Calling children cockroches, playing with your leg hair? That's a nice "Creepy Uncle Perv" vibe, you got going there. While you're out there having wet dreams by the pool. Remember, letting children on your lap is just not cool. I'm a business tycoon, you're just a creepy old man. Who's living off the shadow, of Mr. "YES WE CAN"! You think America's behind you, with all that pitty-petty drama? Do us all a favor, Uncle Joe & go run home to 'Joe mama! Joe Biden: Yes, this is how it's gonna be. We've had enough, it's time to pay your fee. Oh, I'll have America eating from my plate. By the time you see the polls, it'll be too late. We're all the same, huh, well so are the rich. I'll sow America back like Betsy stitch by stitch. Oh, I'll have the polls, & they'll slap you in the face! Come, twenty-twenty, you'll see who's won the race. (Trump interupts): Did you mention race again, I thought that wasn't your style! Mr. Bloodshot Pennywise, Stephen King Green-Mile. (Biden reacts) Your incoherent babble, makes little to no sense. Just like your tax-payers funded Mexican fence. Well, I don't call women fat pigs, or say I'll grab 'em by the kitty. If they ban you from Twitter, that'd be such a pitty. "I forgot what I was saying, a five year old walked by. Don't hit the buzzer yet, give me one more try. "Oh, wait, this is live, you can't edit that out." Well, that might interfere, if I have any clout. For your information, Obama specifically said no. He won't endorse me, so would you let that go. You call me the creep, you took advantage of your power. Holding Miss America every year, up inside your Trump Tower. So while we're both here, I'm just gonna say. Everything you say is a lie, have a nice day.

  77. Sabre

    SabreTime siden

    This video is the reason trump won the election

  78. Sabre

    SabreTime siden

    This video is the reason trump won the election

  79. Capture the Sky

    Capture the SkyTime siden

    Wendy's is the winner

  80. ajc2006UK TheMoonLord22

    ajc2006UK TheMoonLord22Time siden

    Brois johnson vs jermey corban

  81. How About No

    How About NoTime siden

    I feel as if joker won, as for my suggestion may I suggest: Thanos vs King bowser

  82. Thomas Bailey

    Thomas Bailey2 timer siden

  83. pxrxy

    pxrxy2 timer siden

    'Drooped the hammer on you harder than I bitch slapped Hitler' I just realised, after several years, they were referring to the hammer and sickle of the Soviet flag.

  84. shlime

    shlime2 timer siden

    should have had rackaracka

  85. Роман Димчишин

    Роман Димчишин2 timer siden

    Give my this bit please!

  86. Andrea Dobos

    Andrea Dobos2 timer siden

    Robin Williams only calling out stuff the others mentioned themselves is kinda sweet and also in keeping with him being the one to bring up how hard comedy can be.

  87. leandrofga13

    leandrofga132 timer siden

    Sun Tzu o muerte

  88. Jason Smith

    Jason Smith2 timer siden

    Loki vs Mr Mxyzptlk. Nice Peter could pull off being Loki and Lloyd can play Mxy. xD

  89. Bryce Stelling

    Bryce Stelling2 timer siden

    Nobody: Freddy: B I T C H

  90. robo shredder124

    robo shredder1242 timer siden

    skrillex won

  91. bekloppter vollidiot

    bekloppter vollidiot2 timer siden

    1:29 number fifteen

  92. Pizza_ delivery

    Pizza_ delivery2 timer siden

    Joker definitely won

  93. t3h3r3ee

    t3h3r3ee2 timer siden

    Winnie the Pooh vs. Yogi Bear

  94. BAMikeyD

    BAMikeyD2 timer siden

    Salvador Dali vs Banksy

  95. Ryan McLemore

    Ryan McLemore2 timer siden

    No one mentioned the subtle sniff after the strap on line?

  96. Creepy Andy

    Creepy Andy2 timer siden

    Mussolini vs mao zedong

  97. Alfiere Imperiale

    Alfiere Imperiale2 timer siden

    This is one of my favourites ERB battles, and one of the ones that I rewatch the most... it's too good, people, just too good!

  98. Adude601

    Adude6012 timer siden

    2:49 We live in a society. Joker wins. Gamers rise up.

  99. aidan swartz

    aidan swartz2 timer siden

    burger king is better than mcdonalds even at the rap.

  100. [ᴄ.ᴀ.ғ.] ᴛʀᴇᴇ

    [ᴄ.ᴀ.ғ.] ᴛʀᴇᴇ2 timer siden

    Kim is not fat enough