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  1. Dominic Sims

    Dominic SimsDag siden

    Gary Cahill was great how he kept trying and Rooney

  2. Dan Sivyer

    Dan SivyerDag siden


  3. strongraycool44 :D

    strongraycool44 :DDag siden

    I think Kamara’s one is the best by a light year.

  4. Nav

    NavDag siden

    Benteke's is underrated, the power and technique on that is incredible

  5. Lekara Neenwi

    Lekara NeenwiDag siden


  6. Albert Graham

    Albert GrahamDag siden

    Rooney Rooney

  7. Thomas Muller

    Thomas MullerDag siden

    Where is De Bruyne’s?

  8. Menames Susan from Asda

    Menames Susan from AsdaDag siden

    First thing that came to mind when i so the title was Rooney

  9. Chief-1983 W

    Chief-1983 WDag siden

    Where was Ali Jahanbakhsh against Chelsea.

  10. Chris Bergin

    Chris BerginDag siden

    andy carroll one for me was amazing

  11. A L A

    A L ADag siden


  12. Xavi Mace

    Xavi MaceDag siden

    Ali vs Chelsea???

  13. Dean McEvoy

    Dean McEvoyDag siden


  14. Jack Richards

    Jack RichardsDag siden

    These are not the ‘greatest’ overhead kicks in the PL, they are the only overhead kicks in the PL

  15. David Cunningham

    David CunninghamDag siden

    I swear you guys made a video like this already?

  16. Karlos Jeffers

    Karlos JeffersDag siden

    I know it’s not Prem and that my country was on the losing side...but Ibrahimovic’s overhead kick against England will remain the 🐐 for the rest of time! 😅

  17. Tone

    ToneDag siden

    Andy Carroll all day long

  18. Kebab Wrap

    Kebab WrapDag siden

    Nothing beats wazza’s overhead kick vs city

  19. ur dad

    ur dadDag siden

    Rooney's video basically

  20. Frazer

    FrazerDag siden

    Next Video Best Tap ins

  21. Sub to Bradyy

    Sub to BradyyDag siden

    Adebayor and Suarez pure shithousery 😂

  22. Austin Williams

    Austin WilliamsDag siden

    R.I.P Kobe🐐🙏

  23. t golding

    t goldingDag siden

    Cavani is coming to Chelsea, the premier aint ready.

  24. FGFR6

    FGFR6Dag siden

    You know the drill: Premier League Striker Legends Version 1. Rooney 2. Henry 3. Ronaldo 4. Tevez 5. Suarez 6. Aguero 7. Bergkamp 8. Shearer 9. Torres 0. Bendtner

  25. OfficialNoorUlHassan

    OfficialNoorUlHassanDag siden

    Rooney's was by far the best. That's the only reason this video exists ❤🙌

  26. Ramunas Kuzminskas

    Ramunas KuzminskasDag siden

    R.I.P Kobe Bryant❤️😭

  27. Hugh Thompson

    Hugh ThompsonDag siden

    Something about seeing an overhead kick just feels awesome lets be honest

  28. Trankenade

    TrankenadeDag siden

    While I can't even score a penalty..

  29. Demon

    DemonDag siden

    Lampards cross was such a hit and hope type of ball

  30. Abz Thebaddie

    Abz ThebaddieDag siden


  31. Callum Lynch

    Callum LynchDag siden

    Good vid

  32. Christopher Camacho

    Christopher CamachoDag siden

    I didn’t realize Pablo Mari was that good to be top 5 defender in the world lol

  33. Jukie

    JukieDag siden

    R.I.P Kobe😭❤

  34. George Crayton

    George CraytonDag siden

    Graziano pelle

  35. HR9

    HR9Dag siden

    Emre Cans.

  36. August 25th

    August 25thDag siden

    Legit watching emre cans over head kick this morning

  37. Doggy RH

    Doggy RHDag siden


  38. Kevin Cleary

    Kevin ClearyDag siden


  39. spitfire976

    spitfire976Dag siden

    Everyone makes mistakes

  40. Robert Olaru

    Robert OlaruDag siden

    Rooney 🐐

  41. Ere Gudd

    Ere GuddDag siden

    Sky producer: I know it's gonna take a bit of time to cut and edit but could you upload our programs on NO-gos. Sky social media editor: done.😶

  42. Sky Sports Football

    Sky Sports FootballDag siden

    Which do you think was the greatest overhead kick goal? Let us know!

  43. hax27

    hax27Dag siden


  44. Shamrock Rovers Fan TV

    Shamrock Rovers Fan TVDag siden

    Do a loi celebrations

  45. Grandson Little Billy

    Grandson Little BillyDag siden

    I can see this signing leading us gunners to the premiership next season. c'mon gunners let me hear those bullets being fired!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Daniel Macleod

    Daniel MacleodDag siden


  47. FeedNathan23

    FeedNathan23Dag siden

    I know it's a good gesture and good sportsmanship to put the ball out when a player is injured but it's not compulsory that is up to the ref to decide to stop the play or not and if he doesn't blow his whistle the game is still on.

  48. Rod Rosenquist

    Rod RosenquistDag siden

    Like to see lots of arsenal

  49. C.crissy. T

    C.crissy. TDag siden

    Bad loser Neville

  50. C.crissy. T

    C.crissy. TDag siden

    Liv er pool,

  51. Mohamed Hassan

    Mohamed HassanDag siden

    Transfers are a revelation as ever.With players still in contract.January will always be a difficult.For Clubs and Players alike

  52. Jed Trently

    Jed TrentlyDag siden

    2:10 there's a kid who must be about 10 or 11 going on like he's gonna go knock him out, sit down and finish your shreddies lad

  53. Kieran Bennett

    Kieran BennettDag siden

    I wish cantona was at the end when the music just goes silent, he's there staring around.

  54. Don Master

    Don MasterDag siden

    I understand the fan’s frustration and I think it’s right on and if they support each other like soldiers and bond on this journey together they can it together but they have to be together I just believe burning people or murder is a solution and it would be one of the worst scenes in football if they go down that route! It’s rebuilding process oles got the bricks he needs someone to help with the muck (Keane) and now he needs to put it up all together then he needs someone to point it and make it the finished article

  55. Ay Slim

    Ay SlimDag siden

    Well done Ade top quality debut

  56. TichyTerminator

    TichyTerminatorDag siden

    watching this in 2020 still shaking my head... :(

  57. Douglas Christie

    Douglas ChristieDag siden

    Leaving on the 75th minute. Should have stayed at home so some cnut who wanted a ticket could have gone to the game

  58. ItsBarclay

    ItsBarclayDag siden

    Surprised Callum Paterson isn’t featured in this. He could have a montage himself.

  59. E7_GOO3ER3OY

    E7_GOO3ER3OYDag siden

    Imagine if augero just skies that goal

  60. Mark Thomas

    Mark ThomasDag siden

    To me messi is still the best of all time he's a more rounded player a more of a team player .

  61. Big Boy

    Big BoyDag siden

    Roy Keane is a classic Mourinho player

  62. Theophilus Akhimie

    Theophilus AkhimieDag siden

    Rumours said the pablo mari deal has collapsed. Just saw this on ESPN.

  63. Jessica Doherty

    Jessica DohertyDag siden

    How did Coll’s ore score

  64. Kino

    KinoDag siden

    I’m cold I’m cold Mari Mari

  65. Jessica Doherty

    Jessica DohertyDag siden

    How did villa score a frowning 😀😀😀

  66. CYP0

    CYP0Dag siden

    As before, Henry’s hand misplaced by a few inches. Now we all know what the Sky boys do backstage.

  67. Charles Friel

    Charles FrielDag siden

    Way Liverpool are going they could try again next season 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  68. MDAC1012

    MDAC1012Dag siden

    Where are the birds?

  69. ThisAustIn

    ThisAustInDag siden

    Don't get me wrong, technically it's brilliant but aesthetically I'm not a fan of Danny Rose's goal vs Arsenal

  70. Maxx Viintage

    Maxx ViintageDag siden

    Basically destroying the whole mindset of Bruno for this nonsensical nonesense of this whole thing, started in summer now in January, should have had this done already like liverpool or other clubs signing before transfer windows... You absolute stingy United owners and woodward... You damaged the player before he has even signed... Good job...

  71. Ross The Boss

    Ross The BossDag siden

    To answer the title ; THE FANS

  72. Sunshine

    SunshineDag siden


  73. Shaun Twed

    Shaun TwedDag siden

    Start: 3:32 1st B: 14:16 2nd B: 37:47 Final B: 47:52

  74. skitskot

    skitskotDag siden

    Carragher is right

  75. Global Empire

    Global EmpireDag siden

    Keith Chegwin looked well here 😂

  76. Coz Paynes

    Coz PaynesDag siden

    Supposedly, the deal fell through and he's on way back to Brasil.

  77. A A

    A ADag siden

    HE WAS RIGHT......!!

  78. Luke McGrory

    Luke McGroryDag siden

    Arsenal going for cheap option again? Imagine my shock

  79. Bradley Gaming

    Bradley GamingDag siden

    arsenal and Pablo Mari talk is interesting

  80. khaild du preez

    khaild du preezDag siden

    this lady breathes funny when she speaks, like she's running out of breathe. huge gulps of air to start her sentences.

  81. Danny Chilton

    Danny ChiltonDag siden

    Garbage editing!!!

  82. T Chowdhury

    T ChowdhuryDag siden

    29:00 Bruno Fernandes & ManU

  83. dazmane

    dazmaneDag siden

    How dare you not put Le tissier in this ,have you lost ya mind !!!

  84. محمد عبداللہ

    محمد عبداللہDag siden

    Neville has just seen two games of Spurs. He is noone to comment on it.

  85. TheBradders1993

    TheBradders1993Dag siden

    Danny’s gotta go if others ain’t fit I rate Tammy don’t think he got experience to lead the line

  86. buttplugs and mastadons 1988

    buttplugs and mastadons 1988Dag siden

    He knew

  87. waz 312

    waz 312Dag siden

    Watching that team in claret and blue running around a pitch separated from their once noisy passionate fans by an athletic track just looks like a bunch of impostors calling themselves West Ham. I am not a Hammers fan but it still breaks my heart seeing this happen to a team so rich in history. I’m sorry to admit to this but I kind of relish the thought of them going down this year just so they could serve as an example of how modern football's so-called progress could backfire financially on a team as well.

  88. newcomen23

    newcomen23Dag siden

    The deal is broken down it was on a transfer news feed...🤔 standard for us

  89. Jamieob3107

    Jamieob3107Dag siden

    The no eye firmino one?

  90. Ben L

    Ben LDag siden


  91. Ryan Williams AFC

    Ryan Williams AFCDag siden

    Justin why are you still shy come on bro 💪🏿

  92. Rajat Y

    Rajat YDag siden

    Thats the problem with united: the shift of priorities from football to getting the bottom line

  93. Ben L

    Ben LDag siden

    He's fucked off back to Brazil. Only Arsenal can lose a player after he's flown in for a medical... Wow

  94. Euan Harrison

    Euan HarrisonDag siden

    Jeff’s got maaaad Jack Nicholson vibes sometimes

  95. u.a.

    u.a.Dag siden

    Catalonia isn't a country, catalonia is Spain.

  96. Abhishek Dhar

    Abhishek DharDag siden

    Roy would fit right in the army, as the Drill sergeant.

  97. tgoon 90

    tgoon 90Dag siden

    Deals not off. It’ll just go down to the Friday as usual with Arsenal.

  98. scar l

    scar lDag siden

    Eriksens last goal 😢

  99. RDR Films

    RDR FilmsDag siden

    Well done Ade glad to see your getting ya big break 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  100. Henry Wilkins

    Henry WilkinsDag siden