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  1. O S

    O S34 sekunder siden

    why this niga exactly like clOwnLE GUNNA

  2. Peter Adegbola

    Peter Adegbola58 sekunder siden

    Girouds scorpion kick is disrespected too much

  3. KMF

    KMF3 minutter siden

    Rooney RVP Rooney Jerome Townsend

  4. HempyHomer

    HempyHomer3 minutter siden

    Rooney bicycle kick?

  5. Jonathan Bishop

    Jonathan Bishop3 minutter siden

    best night of my life :-)

  6. Anmol Bhatia

    Anmol Bhatia4 minutter siden

    Ramsey vs Fulham should be there in part 2

  7. Olivia Butler

    Olivia Butler6 minutter siden

    To this day not sure how Payet's Free kick flew up and then came back down lol 😂

  8. Rinkima Zote27

    Rinkima Zote278 minutter siden

    Son ?

  9. SmcT

    SmcT9 minutter siden

    Love Rafa! Liverpool legend

  10. Hugh Mungus

    Hugh Mungus10 minutter siden

    Ranieri got them 1st

  11. Jason Forde

    Jason Forde13 minutter siden

    Thank you Preston Leeds 11 points clear come on you beauttyyy

  12. Abdullah Asif

    Abdullah Asif13 minutter siden

    They all are so happy

  13. siradams

    siradams14 minutter siden

    Why do they all happen against man city😂?

  14. Sha 007

    Sha 00718 minutter siden

    Dele Alli's goal against Crystal palace??????

  15. Louie Hill

    Louie Hill18 minutter siden

    When the commentators said noble I thought they said no ball

  16. Luck

    Luck19 minutter siden

    A few months ago city battered Watford 7-0. Now these pundits are saying man cities days are numbered... pundits haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about and that’s coming from a chelsea fan

  17. Louie Hill

    Louie Hill19 minutter siden


  18. Fletcher Keaton

    Fletcher Keaton25 minutter siden

    Sorry Rafa, what?

  19. Lionel Joel

    Lionel Joel26 minutter siden

    Hazards goal against west ham

  20. uncoolrunnings

    uncoolrunnings28 minutter siden

    None of these goals would have counted if they had VAR back then...

  21. David Cottrell-Jones

    David Cottrell-Jones29 minutter siden

    When you look at that AC Milan team it shows how incredible it was that we managed to win!

  22. Ahmed Nuur

    Ahmed Nuur29 minutter siden

    Son is good player thanks

  23. elderberry666

    elderberry66630 minutter siden

    "Newcastle used to win in the past" Haven't won the league since 1927 and last won the FA cup in 1955. Big capacity stadium and an overly aggressive fanbase doesn't make a big club.

  24. Tanmay Kate

    Tanmay Kate32 minutter siden

    Matic's goal against Crystal Palace and Mkhitaryan's scropion kick goal needed in Part 2 👍

  25. A.O. Miknell

    A.O. Miknell34 minutter siden

    Mad io

  26. Knut2701

    Knut270134 minutter siden

    What happened to the shearer goal v everton?? The commentary made it for me.......SHEAREEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRR!!!!

  27. Ahmed Nuur

    Ahmed Nuur36 minutter siden

    Vardy is funny boy

  28. MrSupasheva

    MrSupasheva37 minutter siden

    I've always liked this guy. He's a proper gentleman

  29. Nehal CM

    Nehal CM39 minutter siden

    why did he say he beat man united when he didn't?

  30. Headboy

    Headboy42 minutter siden

    Fascinating. This should be a regular programme.. maybe it is, I don't watch a lot of Sky.

  31. Dennis Luts

    Dennis Luts44 minutter siden

    Dont get deluded now, pepe looked like a championship player in the first 60min

  32. E Man.

    E Man.45 minutter siden


  33. Count Basi

    Count Basi46 minutter siden

    Milan had a crap keeper but the back 4 - wow.

  34. Olerilwe Ntsie

    Olerilwe Ntsie48 minutter siden

    I need a part 2 desperately

  35. Marcjames Whelan

    Marcjames Whelan50 minutter siden


  36. Filix

    Filix50 minutter siden

    Егор Крид

  37. Okan IRuzK

    Okan IRuzK54 minutter siden

    Damn emre can, didn't know he can play like that

  38. Junior Balls

    Junior Balls55 minutter siden

    Thankyou Rafa. Legend 👍

  39. Joseph Kirby

    Joseph Kirby56 minutter siden

    I think, tbh, out of all the ideas being floated out there, he'd honestly be the worst choice. Granted, that's not to say he'd get the worst results, or is the worst coach, I just think that all the factors that go into decisions like these don't favour him. Like, at least what is usually seen with interim/new coaches, regardless of their quality, the players quality, the fixtures, etc. is immediate bounce-back. We've seen it recently with Jose at Spurs and the new Everton guy. These guys manage to inspire the players enough to have them play well, and get results, at least first time round. It's inevitable that Ljungberg will be compared to Ole, at the club I support. Regardless of what you think of Ole as a manager, or whether he was or is the right choice, he at least had the benefit of that amazing run of not just results, but performances. Remember, it won't be just results that get managers sacked, it's performances. Poch at Spurs just led them to the CL final, not so long ago. But he's gone, likely because the team seemed to give up (also a factor no doubt was Jose's availability). If only results mattered, David Moyes should still be at United, cos his problem was not winning the main games (opposite of Ole haha). But that was when I saw players not care. Emery needed to go because the players were playing really awful. Simple as. The difference is, Ljungberg didn't get results straight away. And even now he has, the performance for the majority of the game was as bad as it had been. Giggs wasn't given the job after Moyes, with what, 4 games of 3 wins and a draw? They need to do the same here. In my opinion.

  40. tob

    tob57 minutter siden

    Class man, class manager, legend

  41. Nu'man Azami

    Nu'man Azami57 minutter siden

    So according to Rafa, Gerrard was at fault because he could not cope with the pace of Milan's counter attack. Xabi was alone as the holding with 2 slow defenders in the back. Kaka, Schevcenko and Crespo was too quick too skillful on the counter. Gerrard of course as a box to box midfielder, would not be able to run back every time. If Milan was more conservative and held more possession it would've work, but they play to Liverpool's lineup weakness knowing Gerrard would not be able to recover fast enough if they play on the counter. Ultimately Carlo Ancelotti destroyed Rafa's tactics in the first half. However in the second half, when Hamman came in, Liverpool was calmer, Gerrard knew he can run upfront knowing Hamman and Xabi behind him. When he scored the first goal, Milan looked a bit shocked, we can see they did not read Hamman coming in as a sub and they looked rattled not knowing what to do next. It was the perfect storm to knock Milan off their feet. An then Smicer scored, Xabi scored then the rest is history.

  42. thomas roberts

    thomas roberts57 minutter siden

    This bloke speaks so weird. Rafa’s English is good though.

  43. Eoghan Brennan

    Eoghan Brennan58 minutter siden

    Carlo Ancelotti

  44. Josef Gartside

    Josef GartsideTime siden

    Betting ads banned!!!

  45. king Goliath

    king GoliathTime siden

    Never knew I wanted match analysis 14 years later

  46. Jeffrey Razzouk

    Jeffrey RazzoukTime siden

    TAA is a 20 year old lad who just turned 21, living his dream, a liverpool home boy. Just won the champions league, had the wonder assist in liverpool's remontada against barca. He needs to focus on his defense, but that's easier to learn than the passes TAA is showing every game.

  47. Papa Romeo

    Papa RomeoTime siden

    Leicester are not winning the pl no one is except Liverpool Klopp will not bottle a second run like this, the team has too much indepth, this is the best Liverpool side have ever seen in my life they don’t even need a new player I’m still more worried about city than I am with Leicester

  48. Kayondo Thomas

    Kayondo ThomasTime siden

    Jamie Vardy WTF!! Superb

  49. Dogs Of War

    Dogs Of WarTime siden

    Absolutely love Benitez, he was sooooo good to us (Newcastle). Gem of a man, gem of a manager.

  50. Витя Русский

    Витя РусскийTime siden

    😆😅😂Retarded sheep have no ability to see just how rigged and bent football is, everything is staged. Lizzie knows her cattle will remain willfully ignorant due to parasite genetics😉🖕

  51. Headboy

    HeadboyTime siden

    Good man.

  52. barth TS20

    barth TS20Time siden

    Rafa he a good move for arsenal

  53. Alex Anderson

    Alex AndersonTime siden

    That Payet FK is soooooo clean 😍😍

  54. Sleeping Warrior

    Sleeping WarriorTime siden

    Why did Nevile snub Schmeichael? Did they not get on?

  55. christopher brown

    christopher brownTime siden


  56. Khalid M.u-20

    Khalid M.u-20Time siden

    Wtf No CR7 gools

  57. collins wekesa

    collins wekesaTime siden

    Di Maria's effort against Leicester?

  58. AS B

    AS BTime siden

    Bruce had it all set up everyone knows Bruce is a crap manager

  59. Hari Sankar

    Hari SankarTime siden

    Have to feel sorry for Rafa.. Great fans & shitty owners at Liverpool... Great fans & shitty owners at Newcastle...

  60. CheeseSteak17

    CheeseSteak17Time siden

    Why is the judge's voice muffled lmao

  61. Aman K.

    Aman K.Time siden

    Gravesen, you were way over your head at Real Madrid.

  62. Nouer Uz-Zaman

    Nouer Uz-ZamanTime siden

    Whata the point now ..they should have down this in the semi final ..shitty england team which cant win against big teams in big tournaments

  63. dev76164

    dev76164Time siden

    One of the most underrated managers.

  64. Eggmanjames

    EggmanjamesTime siden

    Where is asmir begovič’s goal?

  65. Hari Sankar

    Hari SankarTime siden

    *Carra and Rafa* *Liverpool Legends*

  66. Razaa Ahmad

    Razaa AhmadTime siden

    Newcastle fans have entered the chat

  67. Sibasis Mohanty

    Sibasis MohantyTime siden

    There should have Hazard's goal against Arsenal.

  68. #FordeHaveMercy Newcastle United

    #FordeHaveMercy Newcastle UnitedTime siden

    More of this content!

  69. iGF99

    iGF99Time siden

    The godfather

  70. R S

    R STime siden


  71. Eggmanjames

    EggmanjamesTime siden

    I better see Crouchies goal

  72. Daniel Reilly

    Daniel ReillyTime siden

    Way cry

  73. Daniel Wheatley

    Daniel WheatleyTime siden

    Notice how he didn’t say Chelsea fans 😂😂😂

  74. Owerhu Solomon

    Owerhu SolomonTime siden

    Arsenal Fans here's a manager, oh and ancelotti got sacked yesterday

  75. Fifa 20

    Fifa 20Time siden

    He was a great manager for Newcastle

  76. Mike Freeman

    Mike FreemanTime siden

    The instant fix is sort the defence out?

  77. Forrtnite Funny

    Forrtnite FunnyTime siden


  78. keelan playz

    keelan playzTime siden

    Rafa is a class manager

  79. Max Edwards

    Max EdwardsTime siden


  80. Antony D'Andrea

    Antony D'AndreaTime siden

    Completely on Leeds side here. They don't have to kick it out.

  81. Frank Morris

    Frank MorrisTime siden

    Not really he just stated the obvious

  82. Henry Noone

    Henry NooneTime siden

    Giroud scorpion kick ?

  83. Rezwan Randy

    Rezwan RandyTime siden

    Rooney scored so many long shot goals which is hard to select...a true legend

  84. Tarnveer Singh

    Tarnveer SinghTime siden

    Carlo Ancelotti would be one the best managers in Arsenal history

  85. Les Francis

    Les FrancisTime siden

    Everything rafa is saying is the same message we had banged into our heads over n over n over again when we were growing up . I would of thought that was basic to everyone .

  86. Rezwan Randy

    Rezwan RandyTime siden


  87. Robbie-10-76 Baker

    Robbie-10-76 Baker2 timer siden

    Leicester won a very poor Premier League with 82? Points. Would never happen. Hasn't happened and never will again



    Unbelievable video, I enjoy it to much .... Most Advantageous part is 1:00. *I upload one dance, Please check it out and tell am I good* 💟 💟 💯

  89. Alfie Kennedy

    Alfie Kennedy2 timer siden

    Rafa actually would be perfect for Arsenal. He would immediately solve the defensive issues and he would not find it difficult to get the best out of the attacking options such as Aubameyang, Lacazette and Pepe

  90. Mustafa Hussain

    Mustafa Hussain2 timer siden

    This guy has been scoring since I was in Nursery, I am now 21

  91. Eddy Kane

    Eddy Kane2 timer siden

    Sky: How long will it take you to fix a team like Arsenal. Rafa: Ive done this in one week.

  92. Jack Bloom

    Jack Bloom2 timer siden

    Surely have to have David Luiz vs Fulham in part 2

  93. Patrik Struna

    Patrik Struna2 timer siden

    Just wanted to see Vardy's screamer :)

  94. shiv .s

    shiv .s2 timer siden

    Jamie, it’s time you go into management, mate. You can do it. You will be very successful.

  95. Freddie huse

    Freddie huse2 timer siden

    Cisses is the best

  96. Ibrahim Ali

    Ibrahim Ali2 timer siden

    im feeling old

  97. Akshay Gala

    Akshay Gala2 timer siden

    If this part 1 i am wondering what on earth would be in part 2??😁

  98. iSlipperz

    iSlipperz2 timer siden

    Where’s David Luiz’s strike against Fulham in 2013? 🤔

  99. Nyal Shahid

    Nyal Shahid2 timer siden

    U can tell they saved the best till last

  100. Syed Illyas Aljunied

    Syed Illyas Aljunied2 timer siden

    If/when Klopp leaves, I'd have Rafa back in a heartbeat. He was massively undermined by H&G in his last few years at Liverpool. I think he can lead us to league titles with the backing of FSG