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  1. Dawn Saboley

    Dawn Saboley7 timer siden

    I really love the video, but I wish you would have refrained from profanity as this disqualifies it from play during class.

  2. Amine Abdelkani

    Amine Abdelkani7 timer siden

    "Time to turn off the lights" *s t a m p*

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    Francisco 17 timer siden

    5:04 n theme?

  4. Xainfinen

    Xainfinen8 timer siden

    4:13 Enter General Winter!

  5. Tommy G

    Tommy G8 timer siden

    Just like the democrat party now, they can’t take it when they lose a election, hate towards republicans, Antifa going around attacking people because you support republicans

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  7. kobi 24

    kobi 248 timer siden

    can't wait for WW3

  8. Allis-Chalmers B-10

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    (Laughs like schoolgirls eating cake)

  9. Mitch Mitchell

    Mitch Mitchell8 timer siden

    FYI: 8:27 "Despite taking parts of *Maine*".

  10. The slayer

    The slayer8 timer siden

    Europeans got issues

  11. Chubbs

    Chubbs8 timer siden

    Where was this video when I did ancient Chinese history in yr7

  12. Kevin Dorr

    Kevin Dorr9 timer siden

    Slavery was an issue, but NOT the reason for the war, the Charleston situation started over Tax Tariffs. The whole war started over taxes, slavery is just a scapegoat that most modern DEMS use to demoralize the now republican southern states.

  13. Tea_Tae

    Tea_Tae9 timer siden

    Jin dynasty...Bts Jin....

  14. SSSTriple Kids

    SSSTriple Kids9 timer siden

    good job

  15. Irena Zolotova

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  16. Daniel MacDonald

    Daniel MacDonald9 timer siden

    I would love to see a video about the English Civil war now.

  17. PartTimeNoob

    PartTimeNoob9 timer siden

    Its not possible that this video isn't inspired by "The history of the entire world, I guess" by Bill wurtz

  18. Night Owl Ramos

    Night Owl Ramos9 timer siden

    John Lennon 😂😋

  19. Ben There

    Ben There9 timer siden

    Can we see vietnam next?

  20. Aproopto F

    Aproopto F9 timer siden

    Why don't you make a video about Greece

  21. SQURLES In Squares.

    SQURLES In Squares.9 timer siden

    Hitler then decided to kill millions Which angered his father, who punished him severely.

  22. Makkara Tiski

    Makkara Tiski9 timer siden

    Next winter war please!

  23. challenging caylem

    challenging caylem9 timer siden

    If slaves really wanted out do something on porpuse to stay home then use “The UnderGround Railroad”.

  24. Manisha Bangera

    Manisha Bangera10 timer siden

    Can u do a video on India Revolution against British

  25. Mohammad Al Barry

    Mohammad Al Barry10 timer siden

    7:34 was even sillier

  26. Mohammad Al Barry

    Mohammad Al Barry10 timer siden

    at 7:32 was silly

  27. Mehdi Fatnassi

    Mehdi Fatnassi10 timer siden

    Do à story about stalin plz

  28. Roblox Weeb

    Roblox Weeb10 timer siden

    Lets see the Roman Empire next

  29. DrPizka

    DrPizka10 timer siden

    sounds like democrats haven't changed a bit since that time. Speaking of leaving the union when the results don't fit them.

  30. mooonlight

    mooonlight10 timer siden

    Britain don’t be jerks to the Germans also Britain’s Blocks all food Sorry for my bad English

  31. Dragon Hunter

    Dragon Hunter10 timer siden

    I'm pretty sure that was a Lotr reference with lincoln by the fire brazier

  32. Allice Yi

    Allice Yi10 timer siden

    I love your videos and even the random ads

  33. vanta black

    vanta black10 timer siden

    "im gonna kick your ass" "Send that to the colonies" "But your majesty your hand writing is bad are you sure about that?" "JUST DO IT" "Hes gonna lick my.." "....Gross"

  34. Leo Pre

    Leo Pre11 timer siden

    Cyka bltay

  35. danijel Mađer

    danijel Mađer11 timer siden

    26:43 martha again

  36. danijel Mađer

    danijel Mađer11 timer siden

    18:36 martha

  37. Agastya B Khare

    Agastya B Khare11 timer siden

    Friend of the people:best revolutionary:squeaky!

  38. Pradyumna

    Pradyumna11 timer siden

    After WWII, there was no such thing as diversity. Every single countries were unified in some ways.

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  40. 『Chibi Animationz』

    『Chibi Animationz』11 timer siden

    Hitlers dad: punishes him The backgrounders music: really happy tunes

  41. Bob Woodruff

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    Long live spaghetti Jeff!

  42. JFB

    JFB11 timer siden

    When you learn more about history on NO-gos than you did in History Class in High School.

  43. i think the case makes good sounds

    i think the case makes good sounds11 timer siden

    i just realized Hitler's story is every anime's antagonist's story, what the fuck omg

  44. Gr1nd0r

    Gr1nd0r11 timer siden

    Parisians back then: Easily agitated, bloodthirsty, paranoid assholes Parisians now: Yup, still the same

  45. Charlie Schönning

    Charlie Schönning12 timer siden

    his in hell

  46. lakshay

    lakshay12 timer siden

    SOrRy BuT MaH BaBy BoI DeiD CaUSE Of tHiS SceNe 2:32

  47. Dave Hallett

    Dave Hallett12 timer siden

    4 28 leaving a huge percentage of the population feeling angry and oppressed. Just like their slaves

  48. Reuben Chagas Fernandes

    Reuben Chagas Fernandes12 timer siden

    Portugal and Spain ?¿ I don't see them

  49. Brokestringz

    Brokestringz12 timer siden

    Bit unfair that Germany had to accept war guilt, didn't it happen in Serbia by Serbians... Germany was just backing up the bro

  50. Ben Kim

    Ben Kim12 timer siden

    Grant and Lee carrying each side, while others fuck it up

  51. Reuben Chagas Fernandes

    Reuben Chagas Fernandes13 timer siden

    If I want to watch oversimplified video if it's block how will I know u

  52. 4.8B Views

    4.8B Views13 timer siden

    Vietnam war would be cool to see oversimplified

  53. Link9058

    Link905813 timer siden

    Bottom line: Don't piss off America.

  54. Sefali Chowdhury

    Sefali Chowdhury13 timer siden

    The last part was highly emotional. I am not an American [ I am an Indian ], but tears came rolling down my cheeks.

  55. sr l

    sr l13 timer siden

    NordVPN does not work in China. I bought it for 3 years, and it was so fucking slow. And it did not refund.

  56. PowerOfThePick

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    Less chaotic Sam O’Nella

  57. Ben Siener

    Ben Siener14 timer siden

    This is why America is a republic and democracy is described as a wolf a lion and a sheep voting on who to eat for dinner.

  58. Ben Siener

    Ben Siener14 timer siden

    its almost as if they wanted their heads removed and then shoved up vrious holes.

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  61. Daniel Starkey

    Daniel Starkey14 timer siden

    3:55 Didn't realise Hitler was such a Belgian nationalist!

  62. FimWritersGroup

    FimWritersGroup14 timer siden

    Slavery would have eventually died out. I like Lincoln and all...but he did start the whole thing with denying states rights....unfortunately. However things happened the way they did. History <3

  63. Gates Woodring

    Gates Woodring14 timer siden

    Good Gods, what a nightmare.

  64. Ishan sharma

    Ishan sharma14 timer siden

    Who is that guy with the hat

  65. Rebecca ‘Scarlet’

    Rebecca ‘Scarlet’14 timer siden

    Difficult with dad attached to mother. Also my family. (All of the times I said this I meant on my dads. Side)

  66. SlowShi

    SlowShi14 timer siden

    ayo real shit if i watch this will i pass my history exam?

  67. Rebecca ‘Scarlet’

    Rebecca ‘Scarlet’14 timer siden

    That’s literally my family history. Wtf. Affairs,meanest to oldest sibling, generally mean. Omg


    GUILLERMO GAXIOLA14 timer siden

    I love your videos, very informative and oversimplified. I am still hoping for the day you make one on Mexico :( It is a very very VERY turbulent and overcomplicated history and in need, of some oversimplification jajaj here are some ideas: independence, 1st, and 2nd Mexican empires, Mexican American war (starting with Tex Mex war) or the Mexican revolution (everybody betrayed everyone) and a Mexican general invaded New Mexico adding some spice to the story, please??

  69. Themakeshiftman 9036

    Themakeshiftman 903615 timer siden

    anyone else see the woops sorry canada?

  70. Themakeshiftman 9036

    Themakeshiftman 903615 timer siden

    but i really am curious how 2 make a good quesadilla. my mom needs tips

  71. Tanuja Singh

    Tanuja Singh15 timer siden

    Make a video on indian revolution

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  73. A Noob

    A Noob15 timer siden

    I’m still wondering why he needs to learn walk cycles when his characters don’t have legs

  74. WoO cf

    WoO cf16 timer siden

    So the only reason why the modern world isn’t communist because US send billions to Europe

  75. Micah Cao

    Micah Cao16 timer siden

    and a sandwich that changed history.

  76. Hyperion

    Hyperion16 timer siden

    There's going to be a tax for that.

  77. consicedisc

    consicedisc16 timer siden

    i:ve learned more in this 30 minute video of history than 10 years of history class plus it was well put together Well done


    EL COMENTARISTA16 timer siden


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    Unknown User16 timer siden

    *Your shoes look delicious*

  80. Rod Cook

    Rod Cook16 timer siden

    Make one about the wild west

  81. Nice Guy

    Nice Guy16 timer siden

    Guns Ronald Reagan: *what did I hear?*

  82. Jose Salazar211

    Jose Salazar21117 timer siden

    The Bolshevik Revolution Oversimplified?

  83. consicedisc

    consicedisc17 timer siden

    citizens in the middle of the battle of bull run: *S P E C T A T O R M O D E*

  84. consicedisc

    consicedisc17 timer siden

    i dont like ads but that transition was incredible

  85. Scott Mills

    Scott Mills17 timer siden

    You forgot to mention Lincoln was going to sign a bill to send all blacks back to Africa

  86. Ariepourium

    Ariepourium17 timer siden

    What animation did you use? :)

  87. InfamousDarkLord / Natsu

    InfamousDarkLord / Natsu17 timer siden

    Vietnam war when

  88. Somaw

    Somaw17 timer siden

    Japan: Commits Pearl Harbor America: ight Japan: "hey Germany we attacked America" Germany: "you WHAT"

  89. Koalten Manz

    Koalten Manz18 timer siden

    If I had to guess what would happen if Germany won. So they will employ people in conquered areas roughly getting 5 mil. Then they could have lets say Russia war strats and attack USA. If they won germany will rule for decades and maybe a century

  90. Finn Griggs

    Finn Griggs18 timer siden

    Where is the Vietnam war oversimplified

  91. Ben Siener

    Ben Siener18 timer siden

    8:20 Chattanooga represent! The 423 baby. I live at the foot of Missionary Ridge(Its not Mission Ridge) and have grown up scavenging for old musketballs and other relics in Chickamauga Park. Even now you can find signs from the Civil War as well as Sherman's March to the Sea from Chattanooga to Atlanta to Savahnna in which basically everything was put to the torch in one of the first modern day examples of Total War. It is still said that it pushed the South 20 years behind the rest of the country and havent really ever caught up asides from Atlanta. Funniest thing about Lee is that he was himself anti slave but was a son of Virginia and felt it was his duty to fight for the south. Whitest Kids U Know has a funny skit about the assassination of Lincoln which shows the Boothe was just trying to watch the show and Lincoln was heckling the actors and the audience so he took a balpine hammer and hammered lincoln in the butt until dead. Its kind of "inmature" but its still funny in my opinion. Anyway, rambling over.

  92. Sterling Rice

    Sterling Rice18 timer siden

    Where was this video before my grade 10 history exam?

  93. Fleep Floop

    Fleep Floop18 timer siden

    The more I learn about Britain the less I can stand them tbh

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    15:55 Angry Modi xD

  96. Moussa Moussaoui

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    make more videos

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    Skeptical Gamer18 timer siden

    ....we got trolled 🤦

  98. BasicAsianBoii

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    Can you please do the Vietnam War

  99. David Henry

    David Henry18 timer siden

    Freedom toons: how mike bloomberg chould have won the American civil war

  100. Olay TT01

    Olay TT0118 timer siden

    This is hilarious. Appreciate the accuracy. You just gained a new subscriber!!