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Introducing FaZe Swagg
Meet FaZe Teeqo

Meet FaZe Teeqo

5 dager siden

Meet FaZe H1ghSky1

Meet FaZe H1ghSky1

15 dager siden

Meet FaZe Temperrr

Meet FaZe Temperrr

Måned siden

Secret Santa: FaZe Clan Edition
Introducing the New FaZe....
Meet FaZe Orba

Meet FaZe Orba

4 måneder siden

FaZe Clan Halloween Challenge
FaZe Clan Makes A Wish

FaZe Clan Makes A Wish

5 måneder siden

Farewell FaZe ZooMaa

Farewell FaZe ZooMaa

6 måneder siden

FaZe Clan vs. 5th Grader

FaZe Clan vs. 5th Grader

6 måneder siden

Meet FaZe Rug

Meet FaZe Rug

6 måneder siden

Meet FaZe Cizzorz

Meet FaZe Cizzorz

7 måneder siden

FaZe Sway vs. FaZe Mongraal
FaZe Clan Dodgeball Challenge
FaZe Mongraal vs. FaZe Clan
Introducing FaZe Mongraal
FaZe Jarvis vs. FaZe Sway
Introducing FaZe Nickmercs
Nickmercs Joins FaZe Clan

Nickmercs Joins FaZe Clan

10 måneder siden

FaZe Clan Arm Wrestling Challenge
FaZe Sway HANDCAM Gameplay
  1. G brar Gurubakhash

    G brar Gurubakhash2 minutter siden

    Holy shit I got so happy for some reason when he said Calgary Alberta

  2. Airdox

    Airdox3 minutter siden

    CEO of clickbait

  3. King Muse

    King Muse5 minutter siden

    Just noticed there is no Black American in Faze

  4. Airdox

    Airdox16 minutter siden

    FaZe Cizzorz: I've lived here for 30 years His age: 22

  5. ZKorpion09

    ZKorpion0916 minutter siden

    why is Teeqo scared to visit Australia?

  6. Monoreach Lim

    Monoreach Lim20 minutter siden

    I feel like Teeqo is so toxic

  7. TrustAprtz

    TrustAprtz25 minutter siden


  8. Asher Tulupman

    Asher Tulupman33 minutter siden

    One thing missing it’s the g fuel

  9. Miguel Almeida

    Miguel Almeida35 minutter siden

    Who’s watching this in 2020, just to remember the gold times !? I’AM

  10. Jethro Heylen

    Jethro Heylen42 minutter siden

    Who s next faze K3? xD

  11. Correct my grammar Clown

    Correct my grammar Clown52 minutter siden

    Miss these montages

  12. Andrew Jacoby

    Andrew Jacoby56 minutter siden


  13. Gator 1245

    Gator 1245Time siden

    My classmates and me can do over 50 of chin ups in fifth grade

  14. Alexander Modin

    Alexander ModinTime siden

    6:00 That was black night bruh

  15. MichaelGameplay

    MichaelGameplayTime siden

    What's the song and congrats swagg

  16. Jamie PRENTICE

    Jamie PRENTICETime siden

    Jarvis is hard shiver my timbers

  17. AlbertXD.

    AlbertXD.Time siden


  18. Big Pop

    Big PopTime siden

    He has my brithday


    RIZZY IS BACKTime siden

    Faze kay: Bro I'm so hot Right now Me: I'm still hot that's how I got ure girl

  20. Soupy

    SoupyTime siden

    9 years later never loved a team so much

  21. Victor Labrador

    Victor LabradorTime siden

    His fukin voice bruh

  22. Fireball Inc.

    Fireball Inc.Time siden

    FaZe K3?

  23. shy2k

    shy2kTime siden


  24. Solared

    SolaredTime siden

    “Go straight and then take a right” but points to his left 😂😂 55:56

  25. ali ahameed

    ali ahameedTime siden

    deja de reclutar por favor😞

  26. x2man_bossgaming

    x2man_bossgamingTime siden

    Who is that

  27. ThySlumpy

    ThySlumpyTime siden

    I’m gonna call it who’s joining next. K3 Korean Savage. If it is him can y’all subscribe to me

  28. syr_Neptuneツ

    syr_NeptuneツTime siden

    Best faze member recruit since 2017

  29. bonitamel85

    bonitamel85Time siden

    My weight is 259

  30. Elias Heinonen

    Elias HeinonenTime siden

    Swagg is so fucking cracked

  31. Zilsos

    ZilsosTime siden

    What song is that

  32. Hsjsjshdhd Skskdhdjd

    Hsjsjshdhd SkskdhdjdTime siden

    I fucking knew it !!!

  33. War Fighter01

    War Fighter012 timer siden

    with a pad... lets see him with a keyboard and mouse and no aim assist....

  34. Sauxy Debow

    Sauxy Debow2 timer siden

    Los santos Vespucci beach?

  35. ye ye

    ye ye2 timer siden

    Did jev get invited?

  36. Tim is cute

    Tim is cute2 timer siden

    Alex should of won 100%

  37. Darnell Davis

    Darnell Davis2 timer siden

    This is the fucking guy from twitter isn’t it

  38. Mudalib Abdurahman

    Mudalib Abdurahman2 timer siden

    faze kay 1v1 me bro

  39. Ledgerr

    Ledgerr2 timer siden


  40. supGads

    supGads2 timer siden

    best trickshotter FaZe ever had

  41. Zen Kalms

    Zen Kalms2 timer siden


  42. QxDark _

    QxDark _2 timer siden

    Good addition

  43. Gage Riecken

    Gage Riecken2 timer siden

    Great edit he’s just kinda shit

  44. Anthony Enriquez

    Anthony Enriquez2 timer siden

    All this stuff is an average day of COD for me. The only reason he got introduced is because of his following.

  45. Branden Collins

    Branden Collins2 timer siden

    Dis mans cant roast for nun😂😂😂

  46. YnXg LoVe

    YnXg LoVe2 timer siden

    Such a beast ong

  47. Alberto Almonte

    Alberto Almonte2 timer siden

    Rain is the goat

  48. Daniyal GD

    Daniyal GD2 timer siden

    Thumbnail:faze swaygraal

  49. Fricid

    Fricid2 timer siden

    Swagg I’m top ✌🏽

  50. Lil Tecca

    Lil Tecca2 timer siden


  51. Dominic Peterson

    Dominic Peterson2 timer siden

    Been watching swagg for years. Never put two and two together for him joining a clan. Big up swagg

  52. Thomas Heck

    Thomas Heck2 timer siden

    This man got the nickmerks cam

  53. Spxrit

    Spxrit2 timer siden

    why does everyone hate banks? i don’t understand

  54. ClassDestroyer2 Fortnite

    ClassDestroyer2 Fortnite2 timer siden

    Yes sir

  55. ExOtIc Zordrex

    ExOtIc Zordrex2 timer siden

    Where’s rugs number

  56. Muhammad Amirul

    Muhammad Amirul2 timer siden


  57. Dino FN

    Dino FN2 timer siden

    Where do martoz live

  58. Georgie

    Georgie2 timer siden

    they couldn’t bring Kopitar or Doughty? At least Kempe is a beauty

  59. killera80 pro

    killera80 pro2 timer siden

    can i enter your clan?

  60. Mayhem

    Mayhem2 timer siden

    let’s gooo 🔥🔥🔥

  61. midzero

    midzero2 timer siden

    Temper or orba

  62. microfun b

    microfun b2 timer siden

    Finally, this one is not fortnite

  63. Colin Foy2.0

    Colin Foy2.02 timer siden

    I have been watching him since his infinite warfare vids he has really evolved from then. Love to see him in FaZe. Welcome swaggXbl

  64. Gutta 2x

    Gutta 2x2 timer siden

    pick up k3 too

  65. Nathan Mortier

    Nathan Mortier3 timer siden

    Faze sway

  66. Lil King

    Lil King3 timer siden

    He is a 𝔤𝔬𝔞𝔱 𝔫𝔬 𝔠𝔞𝔭

  67. Info for anything

    Info for anything3 timer siden

    Song is called Howling by Cartoon ! Your welcome just leave a 👍

  68. Info for anything

    Info for anything3 timer siden

    FaZe, if you kick him for not uploading everyday, we know the reason 👀

  69. Juan Deras

    Juan Deras3 timer siden

    I don’t like faze member just kick him out

  70. Landon Tilley

    Landon Tilley3 timer siden

    get swagg in dat bitch

  71. hebi

    hebi3 timer siden

    every time banks daps someone up, take a shot

  72. Brian Galo

    Brian Galo3 timer siden

    Kay is gonna win

  73. MB Business

    MB Business3 timer siden

    Congrats Doozy! Well well deserved

  74. XD_Cookies !!

    XD_Cookies !!3 timer siden

    Bro respect to swagg he be putting do much work into gaming and it all adds up to this moment he deserves it more than anyone no doubt

  75. kamui kyo

    kamui kyo3 timer siden

    anyone else notice the amazing naruto music at the end

  76. aveerz

    aveerz3 timer siden

    Welcome home faze swagg 🙏we happy to see you in faze 🔥

  77. Brittany Watts

    Brittany Watts3 timer siden

    Ophra side is in faze???

  78. Carli Haznedari

    Carli Haznedari3 timer siden

    Faze clan is it true that to live in the Faze clan you need to be 18 .. pls respond

  79. JusT NeXo

    JusT NeXo3 timer siden

    Yo what’s the name of the song and who’s it by????

  80. Tsertsvekss

    Tsertsvekss3 timer siden

    Do Faze Testy

  81. HAPPY Shark

    HAPPY Shark3 timer siden

    I’m calling the number EDIT: it still works

  82. HAPPY Shark

    HAPPY Shark3 timer siden

    I’m calling the number