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iPhone 11 is Boring AF

iPhone 11 is Boring AF

3 måneder siden

The $279 MacBook Air KILLER!
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An AMD Ryzen... Mac?!
  1. Iraklis Panagiotopoulos

    Iraklis Panagiotopoulos2 minutter siden

    Win 10 is good enough though. I don't see why build a hackintosh anymore

  2. peter Frey

    peter Frey5 minutter siden

    Love how you mimic the apple product, by criticizing it. As if you could have done it earlier without apple. I wonder why you didnt? Wait until that superUltramega Mac will become standard. Plus not sure if pros are have time to play Kids building their game computer for production. Why using Mac os. Cannt you build a fantastic over the top Mac killing Mashine with windows? Are you building it Just because you can without any real utility. Just because you are soooo Fantastic? Do something on your own with your technological knowledge. Share it with us Noobs. Make us smart. Try to do something with a purpose without comparing it to mac. if you dislike theyr strategie. Service, Speed, reliability, easy to use, quality Name one brand or product that has it all. Apple has most of it across all items product. As for reliability, it is electronics.

  3. superdaddys69

    superdaddys696 minutter siden

    Great build! Beautiful work. Congratulations! 👏👏👏

  4. raikoh05

    raikoh0510 minutter siden


  5. mischa chillak

    mischa chillak12 minutter siden

    How loud is this machine?

  6. twoUTF

    twoUTF12 minutter siden

    3950X plz

  7. Emperor Sulu

    Emperor Sulu14 minutter siden

    Why does this channel’s logo look like goatse?

  8. torontoguy1097

    torontoguy109715 minutter siden

    I think you are amazing but this is the ugliest hackintosh I have ever seen.

  9. Calle Söderberg

    Calle Söderberg16 minutter siden

    Lovely vid as always - just can't get over the early-teenager-gamer look with all the RGB lighting.

  10. agdgdgwngo

    agdgdgwngo18 minutter siden

    Apple not using AMD just confirms my suspicion that they are arbitrarily selected years in advance. You'd think every mac would have Ryzen seeing as they're all about content creation and energy efficiency. Apple don't deserve AMD

  11. John Brosan

    John Brosan25 minutter siden

    Definitely test the 3950X Can't wait to see that!!

  12. Jon Feuerborn

    Jon Feuerborn29 minutter siden

    3950x please.

  13. EB Lou Lou

    EB Lou Lou30 minutter siden

    Can you do a video on how to install hakintosh using vanilla step by step pleaaaaaseee

  14. aa311

    aa31133 minutter siden

    3950x build please.

  15. Schöner Wissen

    Schöner Wissen33 minutter siden

    3950x now, pretty pleeease?

  16. o c

    o c53 minutter siden

    is there a good chance we can use a nvme to sata conveter as for storage on these older macbooks?

  17. Xynos Tasos

    Xynos Tasos55 minutter siden

    Do it, but use Threadripper 3970x instead!

  18. Boas Schowalter

    Boas Schowalter57 minutter siden

    Does thunderbolt work in Mac os

  19. James Hersee

    James HerseeTime siden

    I have that case!

  20. Aaron Hall

    Aaron HallTime siden

    If you are having issues getting your hands on a 3950X let me know.

  21. charles sanson

    charles sansonTime siden

    I feel dumb every time I watch your videos, if you slowed down a bit I might understand better. Have you ever included your labor costs in your builds? Also the time it took to unpack, build then install, test software. Buying off the shelf saves a lot of time and aggravation.

  22. Ben van Broekhuijsen

    Ben van BroekhuijsenTime siden

    Beatiful build, a shame you crippled it with Apple software... :D

  23. Желязко Пехливанов

    Желязко ПехливановTime siden

    Watercooling is not that expensive if you know what you are doing. It is expensive when you order it from "special" sites

  24. Maciek Zmijewski

    Maciek ZmijewskiTime siden

    Unfortunately I/O is very poor and we have to use dongles for even simple accessories :( I can't forgive apple ditching SD card reader!!!

  25. whiteandnerdytuba

    whiteandnerdytubaTime siden

    Google truck specs before saying nonsense like 14k is more

  26. kasa

    kasaTime siden

    For 6k you can get ridiculous RTX Titan system with something like i9-10980XE, and you still have money left to get best components for rest of the stuff. Or you could go for RTX 2080 ti SLI for same price if you just want ultimate gaming performance. Same goes for AMD system. You could get absolute beast of an productivity machine for 6k.

  27. Christopher Woods

    Christopher WoodsTime siden

    DEFINITELY do a follow-up with the latest Ryzen! Excellent vid, I remember building my first Intel Hackintosh and it was a PITA (and it never truly worked properly) - I haven't built another one for a while but this video is making me want to :>

  28. Olivier Dols

    Olivier DolsTime siden

    i dont think a button on the front of the car would be so nice

  29. Greenmeanie91

    Greenmeanie91Time siden

    DO IT!

  30. noneed4me2

    noneed4me22 timer siden

    Do it!

  31. killerman105

    killerman1052 timer siden

    3950x Plz

  32. Moth Monma Poppa Bobba Fett Mane III

    Moth Monma Poppa Bobba Fett Mane III2 timer siden

    I love it when creators say "and you can watch it Here!" and point to nothing in the corner of the screen

  33. TingTingin - Fortnite Battle Royale

    TingTingin - Fortnite Battle Royale2 timer siden

    Suttle burn love it 6:28

  34. Allony LLC

    Allony LLC2 timer siden

    Get the the 3950x and a 3970x. :) threadripper!!!!!!!

  35. Aniket Sharma

    Aniket Sharma2 timer siden


  36. netgod3com

    netgod3com2 timer siden

    DO IT!

  37. Kevin Pazirandeh

    Kevin Pazirandeh2 timer siden

    Forget the 3950, give me the 3970!

  38. Dave Venson

    Dave Venson2 timer siden

    3950x please!

  39. Oyuncu Adayı

    Oyuncu Adayı2 timer siden

    Or you can simply use arch linux to pass through your macOS and use bootcamp to passtrough your games on windows and use another virtual machine to emulate android on windows to use android apps :)

  40. Michael Washington

    Michael Washington2 timer siden

    Ryzen Shine! I love it haha!

  41. João Lyra Araujo

    João Lyra Araujo2 timer siden


  42. Mr11ESSE111

    Mr11ESSE1112 timer siden

    now imagine 3960x&3970x and that cpu-s litterally shit on any imac

  43. Grendel _

    Grendel _2 timer siden

    A lack of a dedicated break pedal? No thanks... If that electronic toy will have a hiccup on a step downhill, there will be a lot of poop to covering the dead bodies.

  44. Mr11ESSE111

    Mr11ESSE1113 timer siden

    i love when (naive) peoples tell that imac pro are for proos ., for pro fools obviously

  45. Mr11ESSE111

    Mr11ESSE1113 timer siden

    new ryzen& threadripper PC for 4000-5000$ basically shits on every apple i mac which costs 10000-15000+$

  46. Gustl Schnitzelmoser

    Gustl Schnitzelmoser3 timer siden

    I care and I made it to the end. It's always funny when Americans speak fake German btw :-)

  47. Per Sørensen

    Per Sørensen3 timer siden

    Yes, Yes and yes. 😊

  48. SeGa32xXx

    SeGa32xXx3 timer siden

    Definitely would love to see how the new Ryzen chip performs in the "RyzenShine". Perhaps so by side with the new Mac Pro upon it's release, if possible.... hopefully no last minute delays from 🍎, although that's doubtful since they're just building computers (finally!) And releasing them....not "engineering" trash cans.... Funnily enough, the one person I ever new to have one had started dating a girl who had asked him, upon first entering his room why he would even bother putting a garbage can in his room when it's so small lol.

  49. Igor Baydikov

    Igor Baydikov3 timer siden

    And what about Thunderbolt on this one?

  50. Andrez Cabara

    Andrez Cabara3 timer siden

    So, no CPU power management?

  51. Hrushikesh Gouda

    Hrushikesh Gouda3 timer siden

    Make a hack-mac with the latest threadripper!!! And 128GB RAM!!!

  52. DoObs

    DoObs3 timer siden

    Siri, iMessage, Facetime. Don't ever use those even when I use an Apple.

  53. ejonesss

    ejonesss3 timer siden

    did you know that you got a swastika in the routing of the pipes for the cooler?

  54. Suhail Khan

    Suhail Khan3 timer siden

    Do 3950x

  55. Mark Spengler

    Mark Spengler3 timer siden

    That’s an awesome build

  56. Daniel Flugt

    Daniel Flugt3 timer siden

    The fastest Mac is an A̶m̶i̶g̶a̶ AMD

  57. cartossin

    cartossin3 timer siden

    TIF doesnt increase pixel density and probably has no advantages over png.

  58. Qoostewin Sch'Kuen'Te

    Qoostewin Sch'Kuen'Te3 timer siden

    Or Linux / proton without the trash M$ spy.....

  59. ev3rest

    ev3rest4 timer siden

    Would love to see a follow up. Good job, Quinn

  60. TheBigAEC

    TheBigAEC4 timer siden

    Palpatine: DO IT

  61. Cipi SixZeroFour

    Cipi SixZeroFour4 timer siden

    Never bought apple... Never will.... Compared with PC's... Apple is for peasants

  62. Vijay Kumar Attri

    Vijay Kumar Attri4 timer siden

    This guy is MKBHD of cars.

  63. cartossin

    cartossin4 timer siden

    Alright you got your like. Stick a 3950 in there!

  64. Jeff Barbose

    Jeff Barbose4 timer siden

    Bitch, the Mac Pro isn’t even out until tomorrow. WTF happened to you?

  65. Akshat Jain

    Akshat Jain4 timer siden

    3950x please mAc GURU

  66. Jacob Roege

    Jacob Roege4 timer siden

    I've had my Model 3 for about 5 months now and I agree with everything you said! There are a lot of things wrong, but somehow I am still super happy driving this car and looooooove it! Wish it was sealed up a bit better for wind/weather. Paint is absolute crap, but I guess encourages me to take better care of it. Extremely comfortable and I hope many issues with the software will be updated eventually! Don't underestimate the effect of the cold on your range! It was a huge shock to me even though I expected it, just way more than I thought.

  67. Darko Sola

    Darko Sola4 timer siden

    Love the Commodore logo on a t-shirt. Wish Commodore was still present (with Amigas?)

  68. zeshan sarwar

    zeshan sarwar4 timer siden

    Yes please. Follow up with a 3950 hackintosh.

  69. Doug Backman

    Doug Backman4 timer siden

    A 3950x video would be nice, but it would be cool to see a 3990x blow away the new Mac Pro for 2/3rds the price in January!

  70. Cliff

    Cliff4 timer siden

    Yes please do a Ryzen 3950x 16 core, and show us how it plays with the highest graphics settings on Starcraft 2, Starcraft 2 is pretty cpu dependant especially the arcade game nexus wars one lane when it gets a heap of units on the screen (also I'm not interested in windows 10 macOS performs great on my Vega 64 for games.) Oh and if your feeling kind you could donate that Ryzen 3950x machine to me lol.

  71. Renato Fontes

    Renato Fontes4 timer siden

    Do the 3950x hackintosh! Or better yet, a threadripper hackintosh? 🙊

  72. Mohammed Hadjeres

    Mohammed Hadjeres4 timer siden

    Only idiots use appele products

  73. Dominique Richardson

    Dominique Richardson4 timer siden

    love the video would pay for step by step how to video on the hack mac with the new amd cpu....shame imessage and facetime doent work tho

  74. AllTrueIsHim

    AllTrueIsHim4 timer siden

    Dooo it.

  75. george dejeu

    george dejeu5 timer siden

    do one with the threadripper

  76. Dennis Bermal

    Dennis Bermal5 timer siden

    In a couple of weeks (or maybe days). They will gonna patch-up their OS's to not work in any other devices. Because, Apple! They will lose millions or even billions on this info alone.

  77. Matthew Califana

    Matthew Califana5 timer siden

    Very nice yeah Snazzy too .

  78. FGTech

    FGTech5 timer siden

    Please upgrade the CPU, I wanna see how faster this gets than an higher priced MAC!

  79. d.r paul89

    d.r paul895 timer siden

    put the r9 3950k in it when its out 16 core and 32 t boot at 4.7

  80. Peter Jensen

    Peter Jensen5 timer siden


  81. Necronic

    Necronic5 timer siden

    Do a price match $6000 PC and get one of the new 24 core or higher threadrippers if can be made to work, Then see how much value the overpriced macs with Intels chips are.

  82. Special❄

    Special❄5 timer siden

    Do the follow-up!

  83. Alin Farcas

    Alin Farcas5 timer siden

    YES 3950X !!! GO!!!

  84. AGaming

    AGaming5 timer siden

    Thx bro u saved my entire life

  85. Dr. C. S. Sharma

    Dr. C. S. Sharma5 timer siden

    Your videos are great . I have learnt a lot from them . Thank you very much. I have a humble request to make : please reduce your speech-speed . That’ll be a big help.

  86. Smarmy Fellow

    Smarmy Fellow6 timer siden

    hmmm. counting the seconds till Apple sues. 3 2 1.

  87. Alen B

    Alen B6 timer siden

    It would be negligent to not test the new 16 core Ryzen

  88. aaron brewer

    aaron brewer6 timer siden


  89. Chris Caswell

    Chris Caswell6 timer siden

    Spanish accent Quinn? Where did you serve?

  90. Yoshiiya Nishimura

    Yoshiiya Nishimura6 timer siden

    What about your build and installation makes iMessage/Facetime support not work? I'm running an all AMD build hackintosh as well and that functionality works fine for me.

  91. Zangeef Fangsteen

    Zangeef Fangsteen6 timer siden

    The #1 issue that needs to be addressed here is all Adobe apps not working due to the intense copy protection code they're using, which has an encrypted hardware ID database. No Photoshop and no Lightroom and no After Effects, etc, kind of kills the build for a content creation workstation.

  92. Mr. Jordan

    Mr. Jordan6 timer siden

    Six or seven times better than normal thermal paste but very risky

  93. Giovanni Cavallaro

    Giovanni Cavallaro7 timer siden

    Hey Hey... I own basically almost the same machine, but I couldn't manage to run Lightroom and Photoshop on OSX. Do these two software work on that machine? Can somebody confirm this? I was running a Vanilla installation of Mojave... :/

  94. Allen Mathew

    Allen Mathew7 timer siden

    We need a follow-up.. with 3950x, 3970x as well if possible...

  95. Darko Sola

    Darko Sola7 timer siden

    Hmmm, it would be interesting to see my threadripper on MacOS. Is dual boot working fine?

  96. mosak16

    mosak167 timer siden

    3950x please :)

  97. Mykolas Pinkevicius

    Mykolas Pinkevicius7 timer siden


  98. Alexander

    Alexander7 timer siden

    Do it.

  99. Mr J Puddin

    Mr J Puddin8 timer siden

    I bet you can't play 32bit games. I vote for osx on macbook pro and linux on desktop.

  100. Lewis Scott

    Lewis Scott8 timer siden

    Isn’t XMP intel only? Isn’t it called DOCP or something like that?