1. dik2bik

    dik2bik8 timer siden

    Sounds like such a sweetheart

  2. Juggling Taxi Famous

    Juggling Taxi Famous8 timer siden

    Ariel Helwains MMA Show John Kavanagh interview abut Conor McGregor, I know he want’s to fight Khabib, I think Khabib should fight at T 170 . I apologize John Kavanagh, got a little exited, me to it only in respect.. Just like John said take a risk, I did that day with John.

  3. Rishikanta Moirangcha

    Rishikanta Moirangcha8 timer siden

    The next fight is conor vs khabib

  4. SuperAzeone

    SuperAzeone8 timer siden

    DC versus Nganou.. And winner fights Stipe...

  5. ben banks

    ben banks8 timer siden

    Win or lose the Diaz bro’s are gangster as fook, the real BMFs

  6. millhouse313

    millhouse3139 timer siden

    22:50 omg look at them thighs

  7. millhouse313

    millhouse3139 timer siden

    I think all fighters, or most fighters are very fragile. She’s such a peach, I just wanna give her a hug.


    ADIL MEHMOOD9 timer siden

    Oh boy, did that backfire

  9. Jose Arache

    Jose Arache9 timer siden

    wow..... that's crazy you have not seen Rocky.... I have not met a person who have not watch rocky wow.... my Kids has watch rocky not the 5th that was horrible!!! lol

  10. Kevin Hernandez

    Kevin Hernandez9 timer siden

    DC go away

  11. millhouse313

    millhouse3139 timer siden

    Most feminine fighter ever. Smoking hot fighter.

  12. Johnsthen Reyes

    Johnsthen Reyes9 timer siden

    Jorge masvid Love to see you mop the floor with Connor... in May for my birthday

  13. heathy

    heathy9 timer siden

    Ariel hit on a great point there showing that video, shows a lot.... I see great things for McGregor in the future ONCE AGAIN!!!!

  14. seeriu ciihy

    seeriu ciihy10 timer siden

    I love this humble and appreciative side of Conor

  15. Joseph William

    Joseph William10 timer siden

    Michael apprehensive with Daniel waving his fingers about.

  16. Jas Kaur

    Jas Kaur10 timer siden

    Something sexy about jorge 🙈

  17. Bella Rose

    Bella Rose10 timer siden

    Jorge will win for sure

  18. Motion Kraft

    Motion Kraft10 timer siden

    Conor does not deserve this(Khabib) match and Dana knows it. It's good for the money, the PPVs and the ratings, though. And that's why Dana gave Conor someone he thought he could beat. He knows what would have happend, had he put him against Masvidal instead.

  19. john smith

    john smith10 timer siden

    Everyone KO's JDS... lol...He should have retired long ago.

  20. Todo

    Todo10 timer siden

    the posture difference christ

  21. Scott Hafele

    Scott Hafele10 timer siden

    Nate beat him twice in my view so pointless fighting third time

  22. Dale Desroches

    Dale Desroches10 timer siden

    119 👎?

  23. very good bad boy

    very good bad boy10 timer siden

    Conor should fight fighters that came from win not losses.

  24. Matthewlh

    Matthewlh10 timer siden

    For some reason I think he might have a chance against khabib I don’t know why... The rematch will be the biggest fight and if the fighter Connor and not the business Conor comes out he’s in for a real shot

  25. Gaming and Animation channel

    Gaming and Animation channel10 timer siden

    Dc calls stipe a sore loser lmao the irony.

  26. E K

    E K10 timer siden

    He predicts deez tings


    EVP PARANORMAL SCIENCE11 timer siden

    All these khabib nut huggers in the comments , every dog has his day and he will lose eventually

  28. j o

    j o11 timer siden

    Ariel loves dc so much



    ????? 1:33 ? december? ????

  30. kadeishere

    kadeishere11 timer siden

    This title sounds like a porno

  31. Mitchell Powell

    Mitchell Powell11 timer siden

    lol scorpion my dude to me and my daughter play mortal combat 11. I was front row at ufc fight night 166 or was a good one

  32. Ylorken

    Ylorken11 timer siden

    I prefer this version of McGregor than what he showed the past 2 years.

  33. Patrik 006

    Patrik 00611 timer siden

    i don't like to see Nate Diaz fight i like to see the fight with Justin reason why Justin is good with wrestling if he likes to fight with khabib is a good test for Conor

  34. It's Alright

    It's Alright11 timer siden

    RDA needs to go back to LW. His counter-wrestling is absolutely abysmal.

  35. Nejmudin Workicho

    Nejmudin Workicho11 timer siden

    icant measure houw ilove you habib respect

  36. Verde Voda

    Verde Voda11 timer siden

    Bisping stings like he should

  37. Nejmudin Workicho

    Nejmudin Workicho11 timer siden

    you are Mohammed Ali the 2nd/Re-birth of Mohmmed Ali Much respect Khabib

  38. Roman Kresne

    Roman Kresne11 timer siden

    Meanwhile Khabib is cutting from 190 to 145 just to choke small guys and being undefeated :D

  39. 1SirGrandMasterMrKINGRobertMichael CrofootGod1

    1SirGrandMasterMrKINGRobertMichael CrofootGod111 timer siden

    Dear Class, one thing that I love about/re Faber is he has good sportsmanship consistently if not just always..he love his opponent and he shows respect and love after the combat, whether he wins or loses. It reminds me of Master Chuck Norris' very important lesson your opponent. In 10 Commandment Way I Teach to love your neighbor as yourself always, regardless of all always, and in my Art we always win with love. And love in this Teaching is not necessarily romantic love of course, but just basic love. And Class, Master Chuck is/would be so proud of Faber for that, man..........real love CANNOT be corrupted, ever. Bowing out to Mr. Faber nice work at School holmes, preciate it aroaa.😇👍✌✊🎇🌈📀💽💾📜🔒🔐

  40. pablo escabar

    pablo escabar12 timer siden

    The way you fucked conor, his yelling until now. You fucked conor career, respect, fan following and most important his wife got impressed by you. Thats irish girl

  41. Kiter Jess

    Kiter Jess12 timer siden

    Humble guy I like him, that’s refreshing

  42. Eetswa

    Eetswa12 timer siden

    Khabib is stupid not to fight McGregor again even if it’s an easy win. The publicity you’ll get would be almost double the first fight, and it would positively effect his future fights with more PPVs. After Tony Ferguson win or loss another McGregor fight would top of the legacy and bank account

  43. Sonja Wolf

    Sonja Wolf12 timer siden

    Connor lost because he wasn't training proper

  44. tommaso Mark

    tommaso Mark12 timer siden

    Where is Whittaker vs Yoel 2?????

  45. Jay T

    Jay T12 timer siden

    Didn't they break his orbital.

  46. James Mostert

    James Mostert12 timer siden

    Everyone wants to fight Connor because it’s the most bank win or loose ..

  47. DiZzY

    DiZzY12 timer siden

    Bc if he looses to usma he won’t get the money fight with Connor

  48. Alessandro

    Alessandro13 timer siden

    yoo kno wah` ah meein doood ?!

  49. moo 1

    moo 113 timer siden

    What masvidal really saying is he does not fancy his chances against usman so instead wants conor so when he gets beat from conor the money he made from the fight will b worth the loss 🤣🤣

  50. DH DG

    DH DG13 timer siden

    Yeah well it's cause he realized how bad he sucked so he started juicing to keep up with everyone else.

  51. I made you read this.

    I made you read this.13 timer siden

    Tony the type of guy to make 1 minute soup in 59 seconds.

  52. James Mooney

    James Mooney13 timer siden

    Delusional mistake to not respect Connor more than that

  53. Brandon Dyer

    Brandon Dyer13 timer siden

    Who else was staring at that beautiful rack on that woman?? Who is she??

  54. Clark

    Clark13 timer siden

    Wow wow wow Its the rock

  55. Trey Made

    Trey Made13 timer siden

    I’m sorry but Connor is going to make him look like the easiest fight lmao this dude doesn’t have the same level as a nasty fighter as McGregor and cowboy is more better fighter than him I think

  56. Sion Davies

    Sion Davies14 timer siden

    Conor would boot him back to kimbo slices backyard

  57. Bob Charlie

    Bob Charlie14 timer siden

    The undisputed.

  58. Eduardo E

    Eduardo E14 timer siden

    HERMOSA !!

  59. Sungazer

    Sungazer14 timer siden

    Regarding Khabib - I allways felt that Khabib must be on some kind of endurance enhancing drugs.... It seems unlikely, that he naturally posses all that stamina and energy.... What do you guys think?

  60. Here's Why

    Here's Why14 timer siden

    Well spoken! The fight with Colby would be a fun fight I kinda give the edge to Colby but I would love to see that fight

  61. Shane Ess

    Shane Ess14 timer siden

    DC should shut his stupid mouth. He brushed off Stipe HARD after their fight. He can hangout and wait his turn

  62. Chris Macy

    Chris Macy14 timer siden

    I hope Conner demolishes this dude

  63. don

    don14 timer siden

    Colby will destroy Chiesa

  64. Sungazer

    Sungazer14 timer siden

    Stay humle and respectful Conor! It suits you so well... Respect!

  65. Fascino93

    Fascino9314 timer siden

    Say what you want about him but even Chael's on edge around this guy.


    ENGLAND TILL I DIE14 timer siden

    Will some1 tell MASVIDAL that BMF stands for BIG MONEY FIGHTS

  67. jamie riddicks

    jamie riddicks14 timer siden

    He never used to go on like this or dress like this.. They all copy connor

  68. Ibrahim Naser

    Ibrahim Naser14 timer siden

    What does he mean “I’m going to Baptize usman?” Lol Talk about an undertone

  69. Michael Gabucay

    Michael Gabucay14 timer siden

    he wants a big payday that's why he is running his mouth

  70. Grandma Ruth

    Grandma Ruth14 timer siden

    I like this dude. But Colby is a killer on the ground and on the feet. You can literally break his jaw and you wont knock him out.

  71. Zach

    Zach15 timer siden

    Chiesa seems in a good place mentally, and physically for that matter.

  72. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf15 timer siden

    Mike and DC together commentating was the best part of this UFC event they're funny AF

  73. MMA Fan

    MMA Fan15 timer siden

    I bet Ali touches khabibs sausage in the shower

  74. MMA Fan

    MMA Fan15 timer siden

    Ali’s dad is also his grandad

  75. Brianstorm

    Brianstorm15 timer siden

    bisping and dc were great

  76. RallyGodsPeople [RGP]

    RallyGodsPeople [RGP]15 timer siden

    Cormier's impartial commentator stock fell hard in this one. Double-eye-poke champ is triipin because he's scared to fight Jones again.

  77. Jimmy Mckraken

    Jimmy Mckraken15 timer siden

    He fought RDA he's a old fighter would of never did that to him in his younger days

  78. Flying Sourdough

    Flying Sourdough15 timer siden

    Freudian slip at 2:46 "Dived on him" . He was thinking about how Cerrone dived. This was a fixed fight

  79. Thomas Ledger

    Thomas Ledger15 timer siden

    Flying knee du du du du du du flying knee du du du du du du

  80. Justin Nardine

    Justin Nardine16 timer siden

    Dana’s waiting for a text from Connor right now and that’s not a lie.

  81. Khal Drogo

    Khal Drogo16 timer siden

    That BMF belt is a joke

  82. Shekinah95

    Shekinah9516 timer siden

    Enough of the Trilogies. They fought twice. Good enough.

  83. Lovetoall1432

    Lovetoall143216 timer siden

    I hate that Microphone

  84. Combat Central

    Combat Central16 timer siden

    What happend to Dustin Poirier?

  85. Yafav Ctgboy

    Yafav Ctgboy16 timer siden

    Khabeeb did miracles on this man

  86. farrellcityking1

    farrellcityking116 timer siden

    A walking nightmare

  87. Noel Leon

    Noel Leon16 timer siden

    Go for the gold Masvidal forget about Mctap’n

  88. Randy benton

    Randy benton17 timer siden

    Mac and Jorge won’t fight. They are headed different directions. Dana isn’t stupid. He will keep them apart on different paths.

  89. Shroud Immortal

    Shroud Immortal17 timer siden

    "Only 28 years old"? I've never heard anyone say that abut an athlete before. Weird.


    II AM POTATO17 timer siden

    Maybe if you didn't intentionally eye poke stipie he'd fight you. I wouldn't want to fight DC either if he fucked up my eyes like that

  91. Amber Abalama

    Amber Abalama17 timer siden

    The juice flowing through Jon!! The speed and power of some of those shots he was throwing, JUICE. I guarantee he wanted to break Vitors arm.

  92. Boges Malone

    Boges Malone17 timer siden

    I like this new commentator on the far left whoever that is. Good stuff

  93. David Walker

    David Walker17 timer siden

    Calm down Dana no one is taking away your hundreds of millions you steal off the top.

  94. Watcher

    Watcher17 timer siden

    lets keep it real, cormier never wanted ngannou

  95. Real Hitta

    Real Hitta17 timer siden



    WHITE LION17 timer siden

    I'm surprised everytime I see Anthony Smith and he's not in the fetal position. 👶🏽👶🏽👶🏽👶🏽👶🏽👶🏽👶🏽👶🏽👶🏽👶🏽👶🏽👶🏽👶🏽👶🏽👶🏽👶🏽👶🏽

  97. Daniel G.

    Daniel G.17 timer siden

    Every time Kevin gets hate, we see him jump back up. I'm pumped to see his next fight

  98. Luis Betancourt

    Luis Betancourt17 timer siden

    Miocic will not give this loser a title chance bc he doesnt deserve it! 👊

  99. BadBoy

    BadBoy17 timer siden

    JDS needs to stop fighting killers after killers.. fight fighters ranked 5 to 20.. get a few wins.. n then go from there.. my man is a legend though

  100. kmhuis

    kmhuis18 timer siden

    Ugh cowboys face is broken. Someone shoulder strike bisping to make his braindead mind realize it can break faces