First We Feast
First We Feast
First We Feast

For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.
We dive headfirst into the delicious world of Japanese comfort cooking. Hosted by NO-gos star and anime pro Reina Scully

  1. I Like Jokes

    I Like JokesDag siden

    Conspiracy Theory: Sean only uses this show to expand his celebrity friend circle. #theyallbecomebestfriends

  2. CurlyLocks

    CurlyLocksDag siden

    You have to bring dave franco to do this

  3. sloths McCain

    sloths McCainDag siden

    I got a snickers ad before a snickers presented hot ones, coincidence? I think not.


    ENYGMAHDag siden


  5. Blake Passino

    Blake PassinoDag siden

    Why is Zac's face so puffy

  6. Jack Piccoli

    Jack PiccoliDag siden

    Would be cool to have David Goggins on the show

  7. Lui Lo

    Lui LoDag siden

    12:07 leo burnt waffles.😅

  8. Jonathan Richert

    Jonathan RichertDag siden

    Gotta have Mike Stud on the show

  9. Victoria Guerrero

    Victoria GuerreroDag siden

    There’s no one like Shia....he’s just an amazing person. I can watch him talk all day, and watch him with out a t-shirt. ☺️

  10. Scotty Van Reeth

    Scotty Van ReethDag siden

    Did anybody notice how swollen his face looks?!

  11. jay mcmillan

    jay mcmillanDag siden

    That was great!!!

  12. CurlyLocks

    CurlyLocksDag siden

    He was soo good in the ted bundy film. 🔥💕

  13. Car Stuff

    Car StuffDag siden

    What movie role did he put on weight for?

  14. Asdfjkl Aflj

    Asdfjkl AfljDag siden

    what a dude. love steveo

  15. sisterofpersephone

    sisterofpersephoneDag siden

    I love how he didn’t plug an upcoming project at the end, when asked, “tell us what you’ve got going in your life.” Instead he philosophized a little bit and I loved that. Bigger picture! Biggest picture!

  16. Jasmine Scorse-chen

    Jasmine Scorse-chenDag siden

    his ears went instantly red after one of those wings man damn

  17. Trucker Baty

    Trucker BatyDag siden

    If Henry Cavill ever retires as “Superman,” I think Zac would be a good replacement.

  18. Zack Mukensturm

    Zack MukensturmDag siden

    Wow this was awesome truly great!

  19. Aej 18

    Aej 18Dag siden

    He is such a cool guy and super sweet 💙❤️

  20. Da King of Y E E T

    Da King of Y E E TDag siden

    Franku taste level: w h i t e

  21. Joanne Belonio

    Joanne BelonioDag siden

    I fell inlove with him all over again 😭❤️

  22. momishka7

    momishka7Dag siden

    Good to know Zac is not just a pretty face! sweetie!

  23. Ayeshahaha Anwar

    Ayeshahaha AnwarDag siden

    at 14:58, do yall hear her "woa" echo lmaoaoao

  24. Kimberly Morales

    Kimberly MoralesDag siden

    Total beast eating those wings CLEAN THE BONES!!!

  25. Damon Miller

    Damon MillerDag siden

    Got drunk at your kid's 5th birthday what a POS put down the liquor it's poison

  26. maxton borges

    maxton borgesDag siden

    How much they pay you to say qubi They’re trying to make that a slang term so bad el oh fooki el

  27. Satheesh Azhagarsamy

    Satheesh AzhagarsamyDag siden subscribe pls

  28. Cc Cc

    Cc CcDag siden

    Tom Holland & Ryan Reynolds. edit: imhandsome

  29. Nick Buckshot

    Nick BuckshotDag siden

    This guy basically chills with celebrity's and eats wings for free I think

  30. Karmina Rivera

    Karmina RiveraDag siden

    I love Russell!!!!

  31. Lashawn Craig

    Lashawn CraigDag siden

    I swear to God sac Efron better not get fat he's not but he better not get fat I don't know y I care

  32. DC

    DCDag siden

    next up, Hilary Clinton

  33. Spyros Dr

    Spyros DrDag siden

    What girls do in sleepovers : OMG Adrian is so hot!!! What boys do : 26:16

  34. Kyle Bushey

    Kyle BusheyDag siden

    he is going home and drinking a hole carton of milke

  35. Her Name

    Her NameDag siden

    Great episode. Love the editing and zac seems downt to earth. Was smiling through most of it (:

  36. Phil Eberhardt

    Phil EberhardtDag siden

    Terry is a really cool and good hearted guy. Great episode

  37. Another One

    Another OneDag siden

    Is Zac putting on pounds for some kinda role?

  38. New Neringa

    New NeringaDag siden

    Bryan and Joji are just not interesting what so ever, idk what's up with them on this channel so much. Just brain dead, no relation to food, no purpose, no talent. Pure bland and tasteless, the same goes for their music. Not a fact, just an opinion.

  39. Lethargic Panda

    Lethargic PandaDag siden

    I respect Sean for not mentioning Vanessa Hudgens when Zac asked how he knew that moms are the worst fans. For those who don’t know, Vanessa was on this show before and she revealed that moms were the worst fans during their High School Musical days.

  40. Danila Rodriguez

    Danila RodriguezDag siden

    Somone make a movie where Rob Lowe is the dad and Zac is the son.

  41. Mikelo Angelo

    Mikelo AngeloDag siden

    He wasn’t going to church, he had a rdv with weed man for sure.

  42. Ismi Ismi

    Ismi IsmiDag siden

    Get oitside... Zac noo

  43. Pittige Salami

    Pittige SalamiDag siden

    A celeb who is just a normal person. No weird manners of fakeness.

  44. Channel Jordan

    Channel JordanDag siden

    man zac was cleaning them wings major props

  45. dream317

    dream317Dag siden

    Why is dressed like a frat boy?

  46. Jacob Is A

    Jacob Is ADag siden

    Kelly Kapowski???? 🥵

  47. Seth

    SethDag siden

    I think he has a moratorium on mentioning Highschool Musical. It’s so big it’s weird they don’t mention it at all.

  48. ch1nastassia

    ch1nastassiaDag siden

    I love how he doesn't just take a small bite.

  49. 0NioN DuD3

    0NioN DuD3Dag siden

    I would love to see another episode of key and peele without doing with a rush.

  50. Dark Snow

    Dark SnowDag siden

    wait, he is.....normal *thats impossible*

  51. Po The Dragon Warrior

    Po The Dragon WarriorDag siden

    Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise or Ryan Reynolds??? All of them maybe...

  52. Scully Andrea

    Scully AndreaDag siden

    Chunky boy

  53. Mikko Merisalo

    Mikko MerisaloDag siden

    Yup, Its made of real Rudd...60 percent of the time, it works everytime😏

  54. Sasha Smith

    Sasha SmithDag siden

    He killed it!

  55. Adam Weidl

    Adam WeidlDag siden

    I hope mike stops smoking

  56. Zadid Kawser

    Zadid KawserDag siden

    Tryna get 10k subs before May 1st. Please help me achieve this goal.

  57. Hailey Cox

    Hailey CoxDag siden

    Back when Corona still got sponsors

  58. Vako st4r

    Vako st4rDag siden

    Handled it like a champ

  59. Grace Hampton

    Grace HamptonDag siden

    So am I supposed to read it as seen or Shawn

  60. MM

    MMDag siden

    My mind just can't accept that Zac looks so matured now. I still imagine him from HS musical

  61. Cain Halpin

    Cain HalpinDag siden

    I look forward to the insanity of this comment section a year from now

  62. Lucas Gregory

    Lucas GregoryDag siden

    Skye was the real star of this episode. lmao what a champ!

  63. noface

    nofaceDag siden

    get leo on the show pls

  64. no body

    no bodyDag siden

    i died when he said dont become famous so you dont have to be on this show.

  65. anon nico

    anon nicoDag siden

    zac efron and hugh jackman should be in a romance movie and pursue each other only vaguely related but just needed to get it out into the world

  66. Angela Walters

    Angela WaltersDag siden

    Shia reminds me of my brother. He is so aware and analyses so much while being so approachable yet gives that vibe that a truth is coming at any given moment.

  67. Catalin Bobe

    Catalin BobeDag siden

    Jesus, Sean... Well I'll say this: from diction to composure, from research to the table and from the first to the last dab, Sean, and the crew, hats off. It seems i can't stop watching this show :))))) =)))) I know i'm just blabbing and stating the obvious, just don't mind me :)))

  68. SailorBleachNaruto

    SailorBleachNarutoDag siden

    What was the pink drink Gordon drank?

  69. Alissa Swearengin

    Alissa SwearenginDag siden

    Okay but his impression of Seth was oddly impressing 😂

  70. Taylor Tait

    Taylor TaitDag siden

    This was great, new respect for zac. I wanna see episodes with other youtubers tho, like the dudes who did dragonball abridged, or the punk rock MBA, calum von moger or the buff dudes.

  71. skorzo .::.

    skorzo .::.Dag siden

    Not trying to be rude but anyone else notice he's super thicc at the moment?

  72. Cmorecake 21

    Cmorecake 21Dag siden

    Sean an Nardwaur are the only people who ask question in interviews that have the guest genuinely thinking “how the fuck do you know that”

  73. Kado

    KadoDag siden

    He's the 10th person i heard say "it's not funny, why you laughing"

  74. Austiiee

    AustiieeDag siden

    His impression of Seth Rogan SENT MEEE 😂💀😂💀😂

  75. Mert

    MertDag siden

    he gets ugly day by day 😂😂

  76. Angela Walters

    Angela WaltersDag siden

    This was so relaxed. Great show.

  77. Pauline Ponders

    Pauline PondersDag siden

    And this is why I’ve always loved him. Pure genuine. His soul is rare to find in the crowd of fame.

  78. javier sanchez

    javier sanchezDag siden

    cool guy! greetings from Costa Rica, buddy!

  79. Bryce Brandt

    Bryce BrandtDag siden

    Pleasantly surprised with how much this made me smile. Good episode.

  80. GB123 456

    GB123 456Dag siden

    He’s delicious

  81. Inspekcja Pracy

    Inspekcja PracyDag siden

    Firing 500 staff, what a piece of shit.

  82. Noah Donovan

    Noah DonovanDag siden

    Why do I feel like zac effron had some sort of plastic surgery on his face? No hate, he doesn’t look fatter, but something looks off about his cheeks or something.

  83. SLAMSwan

    SLAMSwanDag siden

    Take care of your head and your heart. Love that, Zac!

  84. cutesywootsey

    cutesywootseyDag siden

    Love you Zac 💯👑💜🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥...big respect for taking on those wings like a boss!!!

  85. klumzyee

    klumzyeeDag siden

    Sean, if quarantine continues, please start making audio books

  86. Matti Mafiosi

    Matti MafiosiDag siden

    They should remake El dorado city of gold starring Zac Efron , Tom Holland & Zendaya the main 3 characters.. I want this movie to be made so BAD into a real life picture

  87. Brandon

    BrandonDag siden

    Recent reports are informing citizens that new york aren't testing for Covid 19 unless you need hospital treatment

  88. Isaac Alvarado

    Isaac AlvaradoDag siden

    He needs to sue his barber

  89. JeanGTech

    JeanGTechDag siden

    Keanu Reeves, Please!

  90. Abominable Showman

    Abominable ShowmanDag siden

    Arroyo Grande represents on wing eight!

  91. Eric Salcido

    Eric SalcidoDag siden

    Sean could you invite KARINA LUNA (@iamkarinaluna) as a guest?!

  92. ben nearing

    ben nearingDag siden

    Steve O seems too smart to have done all the stupid shit he did on jackass😂

  93. Kanye West

    Kanye WestDag siden


  94. J.C. Foss

    J.C. FossDag siden

    Lot of hand touching going on in this video

  95. Newton's Third Law

    Newton's Third LawDag siden

    That dad story was great. Also holy crap that seth rogan impression was spot on.

  96. David Gligorevic

    David GligorevicDag siden

    She is so fucking amazing hey, like one of the most genuine, yet paradoxically and oxymoronically masked. A true human

  97. Hoongkor Loke

    Hoongkor LokeDag siden

    Can we have MatPat on the channel plz

  98. name8895

    name8895Dag siden

    Get Drake on already

  99. Christian Myers

    Christian MyersDag siden

    That quibi commercial makes me want to cut my ears off and throw them in a garbage disposal....