First We Feast
First We Feast
First We Feast

For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.
We dive headfirst into the delicious world of Japanese comfort cooking. Hosted by NO-gos star and anime pro Reina Scully

  1. Mehwish Owais

    Mehwish OwaisDag siden

    Ty Burrell's taste buds are sociopathic...

  2. Josh Bleezy

    Josh BleezyDag siden

    You’re my Sherpa ❤️

  3. PigBenis

    PigBenisDag siden

    That echo literally made me laugh my ass off

  4. Richard Russell

    Richard RussellDag siden

    Chelsea look'n old.

  5. Rafa C

    Rafa CDag siden

    ..... and then Lana projectile vomited in elevator

  6. Allen Clinton

    Allen ClintonDag siden

    Now you will have to sit in the creek to take a dump. :()

  7. Aaron Moore

    Aaron MooreDag siden

    Awkward transitions between questions on Sean's part. It's freaking Will Ferrell man, yuck it up!

  8. canton Watkins

    canton WatkinsDag siden

    Khaled is a joke.

  9. tim hof

    tim hofDag siden

    The hound. The hound must face the chicken.

  10. Pelle Jofjell

    Pelle JofjellDag siden

    Gordon used upp a whole season of curse words in the first episod 😳

  11. Josh Bleezy

    Josh BleezyDag siden

    Get Julia back some time when she feels better, I for real love her and never get sick of hearing about Seinfeld lol.

  12. cccckxcckeo

    cccckxcckeoDag siden

    Lakieth Stanfeild on Hot Ones would be amazing

  13. Jay HHH

    Jay HHHDag siden

    In about an hour....

  14. Melissa Beardsley

    Melissa BeardsleyDag siden

    Keith for the try guys would be awesome on here

  15. craig males

    craig malesDag siden


  16. 2Truth4Liberty

    2Truth4LibertyDag siden

    If you are a guest who is prone to stomach ulcers WARNING you could bleed internally and die.

  17. Grenier Family

    Grenier FamilyDag siden

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  18. Victoria Nicole

    Victoria NicoleDag siden


  19. Andy Dolan

    Andy DolanDag siden

    This guy is a vocal virtuoso! Russell rocks!

  20. mepinxotolporro

    mepinxotolporroDag siden


  21. Atlas Marvel

    Atlas MarvelDag siden

    Finally a decent fucking guest. I haven't watched a single video since Steve Austin. All the guests have been shit since then.

  22. Dipika Shrestha

    Dipika ShresthaDag siden

    There is not a single episode in which the celebs doesn't say "that's a good question"...bravo

  23. Tyler Pierce

    Tyler PierceDag siden

    That Bilderberg Meeting chicken story fuckin' killed me.

  24. Samuel Nunez

    Samuel NunezDag siden

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  25. assbitchfucky

    assbitchfuckyDag siden

    Will farrell fucking sucks

  26. MrJfunk187

    MrJfunk187Dag siden

    Fuck I love Bill burr... I need to buy him a beer

  27. Lightroom Presets

    Lightroom PresetsDag siden

    Hello ! Is there anyone who like to be my youtube friend?

  28. Stacy W.

    Stacy W.Dag siden

    LOVE.THIS.F*CKIN.SHOW!!! 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  29. Colver

    ColverDag siden

    He’s that old now? Damn now I feel old.

  30. serina delmar

    serina delmarDag siden

    Try Dragon’s Blood at 6,500,000 scovilles 🔥 😂

  31. Mitchell Gardner

    Mitchell GardnerDag siden

    My go to hangover cure, scrambled eggs with hot sauce & half a gallon of milk. lol

  32. Jay HHH

    Jay HHHDag siden


  33. generation stupid

    generation stupidDag siden

    A. Maybe lose some weight u fat fuck B. No one likes ur trash ass music C. U clearly all talk D. Don’t sign up for a hot wing show just for some Notoriety for your shitty ass restaurant if u can’t take the heat u ignorant sack a shit E. *Fuck You Khaled*

  34. Shawn Wavy

    Shawn WavyDag siden

    Sean did you smell her seat after she left????

  35. Benno Zappenduster

    Benno ZappendusterDag siden

    He eats it with Megadeath and still drinks water! Ok, now what? When will the REAL hot stuff come? Do you have some capsaicin to spice it up a bit?

  36. no one

    no oneDag siden

    Get Norm Macdonald on this

  37. Yo momma

    Yo mommaDag siden

    Hollywood are the kings of illusions they’re using stunt double hot sauces for sure !

  38. P Turnin

    P TurninDag siden

    I swear, I’m so pissed off at my mom. As soon as she’s of age, I’m putting her in a home. If u know, u know

  39. Aly Perrie

    Aly PerrieDag siden

    Please bring Gerard Butler

  40. YourBoiDerek

    YourBoiDerekDag siden

    Can you guys do Lester Green aka Beetlejuice from the 90s please!!! He would be a great guest to the show! I BEG YOU IT WILL BE SO FUNNY!

  41. Hingle McCringleberry

    Hingle McCringleberryDag siden

    Sean It had to be an awesome moment cracking a beer with Stone Cold man...

  42. Lol Dab

    Lol DabDag siden

    Guys we need Keanu Reeves

  43. alana terrel

    alana terrelDag siden

    They wasting food eat all of the chicken

  44. Evan Ollen

    Evan OllenDag siden

    “But you have a punchable face”😭

  45. generation stupid

    generation stupidDag siden

    *who even likes Khaled anyways*

  46. David Sanchez

    David SanchezDag siden

    Get pewdiepie on the show

  47. Trollfaced Mario

    Trollfaced MarioDag siden

    So, uh. How many times did Ramsay say "fuck" or "fucking"? I lost count.

  48. GodzPossession

    GodzPossessionDag siden

    Man's not hot huh?

  49. Lol Dab

    Lol DabDag siden

    1:49 THE HECK!! GORDON

  50. Maximum Carnage

    Maximum CarnageDag siden

    Where my fellow Ontarians at?

  51. S.Perry

    S.PerryDag siden

    I love will.

  52. Jasime Ahmed

    Jasime AhmedDag siden

    Omg I was lmao😂😂😂

  53. Jacob Cooper VFX

    Jacob Cooper VFXDag siden

    Gordon.exe has stopped working

  54. James Bennett

    James BennettDag siden

    I think I would be funny to get Eddie Hall on the show. There hasn't been any strongmen athletes on here but think he would be a good overall guest. with at least one world record under his belt for a 500kg deadlift I feel he would have some good stories..

  55. Ryan S

    Ryan SDag siden

    Really like this show, but can I say again, the music is just awful.

  56. Your Aunty

    Your AuntyDag siden

    1 like equals to the number of times Gordon Ramsay said fucking hell

  57. Phirun

    PhirunDag siden

    Music name from beginning?



    Legends Will ferrel 🔥

  59. Andy Dolan

    Andy DolanDag siden

    Best interview ever! They both did an incredible job. Long live Steve-O!!!

  60. Jamie Anderson

    Jamie AndersonDag siden

    Klaus " Why did i do this !? " .... hahahahaha

  61. Anandhu A.B

    Anandhu A.BDag siden


  62. RAMBIT

    RAMBITDag siden

    MFW Sean and the team don't even need to approach potential guests for the interviews, the interviews actually allow the celebs to be human beings and stupid , hurtful and potentially damaging questions never get asked and often questions about obscure parts of their past which they had almost forgotten about are asked as well so it seems like a great environment for them to relax and be themselves. I mean the Will Ferrell interview was the most relaxed and genuine iv'e seen Will in quite a while

  63. digbick69 420

    digbick69 420Dag siden

    you need stevewilldoit

  64. Liam Static

    Liam StaticDag siden

    I've never seen will out of character

  65. Flaff

    FlaffDag siden

    I have da bomb at home it's f4#&in lethal.. I put a few drops on a baked potato once an was man down had cramps the lot 😂

  66. Lee Borders

    Lee BordersDag siden

    Smh a white boy with a show about chicken wings e everybody wants to be a nigga but no one wants to be a nigga.

  67. Dead Bear

    Dead BearDag siden

    I'm a simple man, I see Theo Von, I like it

  68. Keith Weaver

    Keith WeaverDag siden

    So I'm gonna baste everything in butter now. Bacon, salad, peach pie, etc.

  69. Stephen Ford

    Stephen FordDag siden

    That game show looks awesome. Cant wait to watch 🥵

  70. Stephen Ford

    Stephen FordDag siden

    We love you Will Ferrell ❤

  71. Michael Emberton

    Michael EmbertonDag siden

    Literally 3 seconds into the video and I'm rolling with laughter - LOVE <3

  72. Stephen Ford

    Stephen FordDag siden

    Step brothers : )

  73. Joe Sucher

    Joe SucherDag siden

    Why does cold stone sound like Arthur morgan😂

  74. B real

    B realDag siden

    Get Mike Tyson on this

  75. Hellosh Klosh

    Hellosh KloshDag siden

    This is one of the most entertaining episodes I’ve seen.... and still two more wings to go. 😂. He is suffer so much

  76. Ebony Courtney-Eman

    Ebony Courtney-EmanDag siden

    Casual glide over Lana's eating disorder ballet experience from her childhood

  77. flathead warrior

    flathead warriorDag siden

    I remember watching this right when hot ones began to blow up. The interview that got me into hot wing interviews

  78. KK

    KKDag siden

    This didn’t hit like I thought it would

  79. MoniFamLife

    MoniFamLifeDag siden

    I love Will Ferrell, he is so funny, love all your movies

  80. The181808

    The181808Dag siden

    I’ve actually tried some of this sauce, a dab on the end of a toothpick had me dying 💀 just continuous waves of pain for about 15 minutes and I’m a BIG fan of spicy food

  81. Kiah Aleyce

    Kiah AleyceDag siden

    I just wanna hug Shia he reminds me SO MUCH of my late god brother just honest and goofy and smart in his own Shia way. Emotionally intelligent and just love able.

  82. Shanetw

    ShanetwDag siden

    What’s the name of the background music in the beginning of the music?

  83. Mandy Huey

    Mandy HueyDag siden

    Claire: "what weapon would you take?" Brad: "wourdur"

  84. Lashonay Wiley

    Lashonay WileyDag siden


  85. samotsleumas

    samotsleumasDag siden


  86. Mike Deschamps

    Mike DeschampsDag siden

    Rogen is a pussy. Why didn't these two get the DA BOMB? The best part of each show


    THEREDBARON777Dag siden

    Machop and Machoke eating a meal

  88. harsh choudhary

    harsh choudharyDag siden


  89. Rama Gayatri Chukkala

    Rama Gayatri ChukkalaDag siden

    Does anyone think that Bts should be on this show

  90. Riael Kratek

    Riael KratekDag siden

    Netflix: Are you still watching? Somebody's daughter: 0:59

  91. Hingle McCringleberry

    Hingle McCringleberryDag siden


  92. jasi. McGairty

    jasi. McGairtyDag siden

    Get snoop dogg and Seth Rogen

  93. Munni Bear

    Munni BearDag siden

    Shaq gonna shit in your toilet from down town

  94. 10,000 SUBS WITH NO VIDEOS

    10,000 SUBS WITH NO VIDEOSDag siden


  95. Kolby Barnhart

    Kolby BarnhartDag siden

    Please get Steve Carell

  96. Tom White

    Tom WhiteDag siden

    ‘Dingo got my baby, what’s that from?’ He said it to Peyton Manning as Ron Burgundy 😂

  97. Gabrielle Gialelis

    Gabrielle GialelisDag siden

    Will Ferrell is my favorite ever 😭❤️