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  1. A Monárrez

    A Monárrez17 timer siden

    Stupid people

  2. Wennyx CZ

    Wennyx CZ18 timer siden

    Who heard a dog? 2:59

  3. Ariane Calado

    Ariane Calado18 timer siden

    1:51 the dog save the man 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Daniela Mondragon

    Daniela Mondragon18 timer siden


  5. Käÿčø Bří

    Käÿčø Bří18 timer siden

    3:02 I hate this gurl

  6. Twilight sparkle BTS

    Twilight sparkle BTS18 timer siden

    Don't "break" danse in the house.

  7. TottalyAShrimp

    TottalyAShrimp18 timer siden

    That first clip u gotta be honest that chair went vroom vroom speed

  8. Twilight sparkle BTS

    Twilight sparkle BTS18 timer siden

    Don't train instead of pool 🤣.

  9. Phantom

    Phantom18 timer siden

    Not gonna lie the only reason I'm here is because it's 3am and I need something to do while I eat pizza.


    KREWZ PUNCH18 timer siden

    This isn't the Olympics. Highschool right?

  11. Mr.Mask Maker

    Mr.Mask Maker18 timer siden

    That Croc popping up like "HEY YALL"

  12. Rayyan Hasan

    Rayyan Hasan18 timer siden

    22 30 31 32 33 34

  13. Tom Read

    Tom Read18 timer siden

    Lee mac?

  14. András Szautner

    András Szautner19 timer siden


  15. Virtual Gerbil

    Virtual Gerbil19 timer siden

    That cat though

  16. Adam Moreno

    Adam Moreno19 timer siden

    2:11 😂😂😂😂 I thought I was the only person who said that word but nope XD

  17. Eric Zozio

    Eric Zozio19 timer siden

    1:51 now I understand what's the point of this gear in roblox

  18. Core i9-9900K

    Core i9-9900K19 timer siden

    *2:32** some people may not look retard but they are*

  19. Eric Zozio

    Eric Zozio19 timer siden

    3:41 who opened the broken door?

  20. John Western

    John Western19 timer siden

    Pricks really?

  21. The One

    The One19 timer siden

    Here, I’ll machine them out

  22. HaZe

    HaZe19 timer siden

    I am dead 1:54 😂👌

  23. anibaldk

    anibaldk19 timer siden

    13:00 W.T.F.

  24. ANIME rocks

    ANIME rocks19 timer siden

    The kid at - 5:39 iz done wid life he's like fuckit

  25. Arnulfo Moreno

    Arnulfo Moreno19 timer siden

    Y’all going to ignore how thicc she was? 6:09

  26. Sharkeyes 980

    Sharkeyes 98019 timer siden

    My pet hate is dickheads who don't put the clips on the end of the bar, so all the weights fall off😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  27. Arnulfo Moreno

    Arnulfo Moreno20 timer siden

    “RICHAARRRD” 😂 0:05

  28. Paul Murphy

    Paul Murphy20 timer siden

    Ok the first one when they put cheese on there cat yea that wasn’t nice and my cats been bleeding and I’m getting worried she’s in labour so ima not do that

  29. Sarah Simmons

    Sarah Simmons20 timer siden

    2:34 who flinched

  30. Sara Zagrabska

    Sara Zagrabska20 timer siden

    Ma niee skoncz nic nieeee pewna nieee

  31. FSRC

    FSRC20 timer siden

    *_Jeepers Creepers_*

  32. The One

    The One20 timer siden

    3:00 who tf does she think she is

  33. BoB Barker

    BoB Barker20 timer siden

    Jeepers Creepers..... that asshole wasn't using his Peepers.


    ANKESH GAURAV20 timer siden

    0:26 the funniest video i've seen in a while...😂😂😂😂😂

  35. War pig hammer Jr

    War pig hammer Jr20 timer siden

    To person that let little dog run. Into door . Fuck you bitch

  36. The Raven

    The Raven20 timer siden

    0:37 awww so cute~ *later at **0:47* NOW THAT'S WHAT YOU CALL MOUTH MOUTH!

  37. The Raven

    The Raven21 time siden

    9:17 that's the most rarest creature that i ever seen

  38. CE Song

    CE Song21 time siden

    10:04 a normal day in Vietnam

  39. Alex P

    Alex P21 time siden

    1:12 🐶 “BOMBS AWAY”

  40. Spam Mail

    Spam Mail21 time siden

    7:36 Ummmmm. Is he dead?

  41. The Last Rebel Show

    The Last Rebel Show21 time siden

    I hate people that are scared of bugs.🕷🦟🦗🐞🦂🕸

  42. Isaac kent

    Isaac kent21 time siden

    2:41 Is that Lee Mack, or Lee Macks doppelganger ?

  43. Mark Pierce

    Mark Pierce22 timer siden

    Bruh this woman laughs like a dying duck. 3:38

  44. Radarski BGLE

    Radarski BGLE22 timer siden

    2:26 😂😂😂

  45. Semyon Cher

    Semyon Cher22 timer siden

    I can't laugh because I feel the pain.

  46. The Best Tik Tok Compilation 2020

    The Best Tik Tok Compilation 202022 timer siden

    "its a good day to have a good day"

  47. Necessary _Bee

    Necessary _Bee22 timer siden

    She told him wash the meat dude use soap. Dude dumb as hell. He take everything literal

  48. jdb114

    jdb11422 timer siden

    So will more people die of stupidity than COVID-19?

  49. The Best Tik Tok Compilation 2020

    The Best Tik Tok Compilation 202022 timer siden

    nice video thank you for the share

  50. Leeber Gruber

    Leeber Gruber23 timer siden

    4:40 5:50 14:50

  51. MrEmolinho123

    MrEmolinho12323 timer siden

    2:50 why they wearing scam office clothes at construction

  52. Christoph Isser

    Christoph Isser23 timer siden

    1:14 was that landon cloes??