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How To Warm Up Your Voice
ANJOCAINE - Little Light

ANJOCAINE - Little Light

9 måneder siden

  1. Ayu Mnis

    Ayu Mnis17 minutter siden

    Thank you for react...Lyodra God bless you

  2. arthemis kd1

    arthemis kd120 minutter siden

    Lyodra 13 years won competition in Italy. oh title NO-gos: sanremoJunior 2017, World Finals - A3, Lyodra Margareta Ginting, Indonesia - "Dear dream" or this link.

  3. rudy wijaya

    rudy wijaya50 minutter siden

    Super Super Super Amazing

  4. Fifi Afifah

    Fifi AfifahTime siden


  5. j kanopi

    j kanopiTime siden

    Lyodra is Amazing 16 years old. Thank you for react her.

  6. Msy Meylani

    Msy MeylaniTime siden

    Thanks for reaction lyodra

  7. 12 1 Y 0 S T G

    12 1 Y 0 S T GTime siden is a band called "Ony and Friends". Thanks for your nice reaction. 🙏

  8. MR _

    MR _Time siden

    She doesn't usually sing like that, she's more of a powerful belter actually. And she can do whistle too. Her vocal abilities and her stage act are pretty impressive for a 16 yo girl.

  9. Putri Simamora

    Putri Simamora2 timer siden

    Diluar digargai bngt,di indo,,dihujat habis2an,,gemesh ma org di indo,,yg kebanyakan suka drama2

  10. rei yan

    rei yan2 timer siden

    Lyodra ❤️


    ALLISA WHITE3 timer siden

    Thank you for react LYODRA she is 16 years old ... and please react too LYODRA - INTO THE UNKNOWN LYODRA X JUDIKA - THE PRAYER

  12. matumbable

    matumbable3 timer siden

    Чувак, представляю как ты охереешь когда Цоя послушаешь :)

  13. Uncle Sam

    Uncle Sam3 timer siden

    Wow! Loved that song you performed and you did it great. Any link of that? By the way, that's talented Indonesian singer with the amazing vocal prowess.

  14. Granier lionel

    Granier lionel3 timer siden

    J'ai pas été impressionné par la performance, c'était théâtral à certains moments et le final elle avait l'air pressé que cela se termine ! Peut-être que c'est pas sont registre musical ?

  15. Trap Town HNH

    Trap Town HNH3 timer siden

    Great video! Keep it up Would you like to be NO-gos friends? :]

  16. Jilted Generation

    Jilted Generation4 timer siden

    Единственная, кто достойнейше перепело Цоя! Словно новую кровь влила в песню! Гагарина - молодчина!

  17. Дарья Тырданова

    Дарья Тырданова4 timer siden

    My Sun, look at me. My palm has turned into a fist. And if there's powder, give me fire. Like that!

  18. Евгений Сакович

    Евгений Сакович5 timer siden

    this song is not this artist, it was written much earlier, here is the original artist the first performer of this song is Viktor Tsoi

  19. YouSurf 2

    YouSurf 25 timer siden

    Good, I found your channel again. You analyze high male vocals. On Monday Feb 24th 2020, a singer named Todd Micheal Hall was on and did FOREIGNER - JUKE BOX HERO, and did it well in rock vibe, high end. Give ita listen. He is 50 yrs old singer, last known to be the fifth singer of "RIOT V". He has ventured out of Rock also........ NO-gos link.

  20. qwertyuiop

    qwertyuiop8 timer siden

    Please react to shila amzah

  21. ceferina almine

    ceferina almine8 timer siden

    Try to watch your face sounds familiar that boys

  22. ceferina almine

    ceferina almine8 timer siden

    Hi good day to you if it's ok with you to react marcilito Pinoy on GGV REMOTE CHALLENGE YOU WILL BE AMAZED THANKS

  23. Amalia Enriquez

    Amalia Enriquez8 timer siden

    thank you sir for reacting marcelito..

  24. Amalia Enriquez

    Amalia Enriquez8 timer siden

    yes anjocaine,its good to be true.someone who listen nearly to go insane ....laughing ...then amazed & at the end of the performance who watching him left speechless/stating .lol!

  25. Alexander sabliro

    Alexander sabliro9 timer siden

    The last part is just like an explosve

  26. DeSs Show cs:go

    DeSs Show cs:go9 timer siden < hi from Russia, you should lister this!! =))

  27. человек хороший

    человек хороший9 timer siden

    Original. Viktor Tsoy & "Kino" Russian legend.

  28. raraa Lcyakuzi

    raraa Lcyakuzi10 timer siden

    I hope who anyone reaction for Ernie Zakri & Syamel no matter solo or duet get million views.please up rating.Thankyou for reacting Ernie Zakri kubersuara. Ps:i have request can you mentioned Ariana Grande to reaction dis because Ernie adore her so much tq.

  29. Dy Dy

    Dy Dy10 timer siden

    Thanks react 😙

  30. Миша Кальгин

    Миша Кальгин11 timer siden

    Polina Gagárina)

  31. rahadyans arsya

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  32. Nazmi Bin Sarkawi

    Nazmi Bin Sarkawi12 timer siden

    Rock singer ... huh. Check out our Rock Band: Search, Wings, May, Azlan & the Typewriter etc. Solo: Aweera, Black Khalifah etc Metal Bands: XPDC, Cromox etc

  33. Непутёвый Рыболов

    Непутёвый Рыболов12 timer siden


  34. ilze

    ilze12 timer siden

    Marcelito can sing any song in any voice. Go to his channel. You will see what I mean 😁

  35. Erika Freebird

    Erika Freebird12 timer siden

    Love this you g girl. I would love a reaction video to the singer/songwriter/musician Jerry Reed singing Amos

  36. ilze

    ilze12 timer siden

    Magic, pure magic ‼️

  37. Димон Леб

    Димон Леб12 timer siden

    Hi Chris, take a look at this videos : Дария Ставрович «Круги на воде» or Дария «Нуки» Ставрович «Zombie» . Im think, shes brilliant.

  38. G

    G12 timer siden

    Hey man react to Arthur Gunn from American Idol auditions as well.

  39. Norman Victorino

    Norman Victorino13 timer siden

  40. Liza Thompson

    Liza Thompson15 timer siden

    can you check out Regine and Catriona collaboration of Arianna Grande's hits , ie, if it's available there! thanks

  41. THE F0UR

    THE F0UR15 timer siden

    Can u reaction this song... Malaysia song...Sooo deep song...

  42. Marat Shaydullin

    Marat Shaydullin15 timer siden

    Here's that comment in English from a Tatar dude you're looking for :-)

  43. Pokemon Kuning

    Pokemon Kuning18 timer siden

    Ku Bersuara (I'm Speaking Out) sees the 27-year-old singing about being used and tricked by her lover, who promised her the world. As she launches into the chorus, Ernie decides she will stay silent no more. The idea of the song is about women who have been bullied or discriminated in any way and they want to fight back because they can’t stand it anymore -The Star (12/03/2019)

  44. nur syima

    nur syima19 timer siden

    ramai negara luar react ernie.. tgk bertapanya mereka hargai bakat ernie drpd juri malaysia

  45. Pablo drummer

    Pablo drummer19 timer siden

    really? Devin Towsend is not here?

  46. мир всему миру

    мир всему миру20 timer siden

    Я после Димаша зашел Полина ❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥 Обожаю ееё Рок✌ Круто она только эту песню исполняет

  47. Valerie Danna

    Valerie Danna20 timer siden


  48. DaRk HoRsE

    DaRk HoRsE21 time siden

    This version is a little less powerful but I think its due to its not in studio...She is older here and so the voice is much more in control..when she was nine...not sure why that version just throws you to the mat...any one?? Ms Angelina

  49. Damir Almakaev

    Damir Almakaev22 timer siden


  50. Damir Almakaev

    Damir Almakaev22 timer siden


  51. TL

    TLDag siden

    Nice reaction! But you missed out on her "subtile" message at 1:41. Just listen to the lyrics, and watch the camera turn to Simon.. Love it! :D

  52. tiad

    tiadDag siden

    Cool headphone. Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro? But there are better, too. e.g. Audeze LCD-2. Don’t you use a headphone amp? .. good reaction.

  53. Ani Zhu

    Ani ZhuDag siden

    please check out his cover of secret love song on wish bus..thanks🙏

  54. OblakoLive

    OblakoLiveDag siden

    Бляяя, ну и нахуя она свои связки так закрыла? Такого ужасного исполнения не ждал от нее. У нее есть лучше версия, где она поет в "полный" голос. А не вот это вот все, что она держит в горле между связок. Тьфу

  55. Rg Graan

    Rg GraanDag siden

    I like your shirt

  56. Miao Xiao

    Miao XiaoDag siden

    For this song, the lyrics are very important.

  57. Rg Graan

    Rg GraanDag siden

    Check Rizal Underground, sabado nights

  58. Rg Graan

    Rg GraanDag siden

    Check Roses cover by KZ on MYX


    CHERYL KURUCZDag siden

    Thank you for your reaction to Dimash and I look forward to your next reaction! God Bless from a Dimash Dear in Lakewood, Washington USA

  60. Загородный дом. Управление. House manager

    Загородный дом. Управление. House managerDag siden

    Чувак даже не преподаватель вокала. Кто заплатит - тому он и похвальбу исполнит на своем канале. А где его мастер-классы по вокалу, а не просто дифирамбы? Так и я смогу наболтать о том, кто заплатит больше. К примеру, о том, какой великий математик, скажем, Филипп Басков или там Аркадий Киркоров

  61. Adam Meoradam

    Adam MeoradamDag siden

    Banyak Juri professional luar negara puji suara ernie zakri amazing excellet .aku tak faham juri malaysia pekak badak kot

  62. Geist derStunde

    Geist derStundeDag siden

    Hello Chris, please listen Angelinas last performance on AGT with the song: "Someone loved You" . Masterpiece, so incredible! Thank you!

  63. Татьяна Косынко

    Татьяна КосынкоDag siden

    Госпадам иностранцем и не в домёк то,что это не просто песня,это гимн тех кто отдал свою жизнь за Родину,за Россию,за нас с вами.... А Полина Королева ,она Королева ..... Какая стать,какая мощь,она воплощение Самой России....👍👍👍🧡💛💚💙💜❤💐💐💐👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠

  64. Emma najemudin

    Emma najemudinDag siden

    Sadly she didnt win....

  65. Loida Corales!

    Loida Corales!Dag siden

    Nice reaction.

  66. Goldex

    GoldexDag siden

    Ларин против (американская версия)

  67. Hatori Sachiyo

    Hatori SachiyoDag siden

    Let's all hit FBE next, guys 😆

  68. Tomcio Paluch

    Tomcio PaluchDag siden

  69. Mari Tighe

    Mari TigheDag siden

    Is it just me or is Dimash over rated eh said no one EVER ... my god he blows my mind and I have to thank him for 're igniting my passion in music.... bravo Dimash

  70. Jules De Vera

    Jules De VeraDag siden

    How would you react if two diners at the next table in a Manila restaurant sang acapella like this? Bianca Camille Lopez is far, far better than Regine Velasquez by a million miles, joined by tenor Sam Malaki singing "Light of a Million Mornings" composed by Sandi Patty. Super Tenor & The Wonder Soprano

  71. Rostislav Penek

    Rostislav PenekDag siden

    You should listen to the original by Kino

  72. Muhammad Khairul

    Muhammad KhairulDag siden

    try reaction rock legend Malaysia Awie wings... thank

  73. Norlie Remy

    Norlie RemyDag siden

    U can see that outsider do the video reaction for KU BERSUARA song, they appreciate this song a lot better than our jury.

  74. haz ett

    haz ettDag siden

    "Aku Cinta - AJL Version"

  75. Yazid Shoaidi

    Yazid ShoaidiDag siden

    Hi Bro you may react to Malaysian top singer Name : Siti Nurhaliza duet with Whitney Houston with song name "Memories" live concert mv

  76. YouSurf 2

    YouSurf 2Dag siden

    A 50 yr old rocker did a high range FOREIGNER song on THE VOICE (USA) last night... go check it out. You will love it as a fellow colleague of him. PS: are you at all a Sharon den Adel fan???/Within Temptation (Netherlands)

  77. YouSurf 2

    YouSurf 2Dag siden

    you did not re check the black and white younger version of I PUT A SPELL ON YOU??????

  78. Виктория Сальниченко

    Виктория СальниченкоDag siden

    Хорошее исполнение! Я присоединяюсь к просьбе сделать реакцию и профессионально оценить исполнение данной композиции русской рок-певицей Дарией Ставрович (также известна как Нуки; рок-певица, композитор, вокалистка группы «Слот» ; 34 года). В 2014 году на неё покушался поклонник. Она получила ножевое ранение в горло. В 2016 году участвовала в проекте ГОЛОС. Её собственная песня КРУГИ НА ВОДЕ - Cover «Zombie» - НАСЛАЖДАЙСЯ! ПОЧУВСТВУЙ ВСЮ СИЛУ РУССКОГО ЖЕНСКОГО РОКА!

  79. YouSurf 2

    YouSurf 2Dag siden

    most always sings barefoot, Others have done this.. Jackie Evancho in concerts did it when young but covered up by gown length dresses.

  80. RIZA Mahmud

    RIZA MahmudDag siden

    You’ll be amazed of this singer (Calliph Buskers) performance from Malaysia. Malaysian please support. 🇲🇾🙌🏻 Another performance from #AJL (Anugerah Juara Lagu)

  81. YouSurf 2

    YouSurf 2Dag siden

    define VOCAL FRY............ I think Golden Buzzer hurt her as it put her on ice for a few weeks and we did not get to hear MORE of her talent until finale with Elton John song, a wrong choice song probably pushed onto her by Simon C or producers. She should have done Put a Spell on You or that Adele song. orother.

  82. YouSurf 2

    YouSurf 2Dag siden

    I need better speakers or get some headphones, but to me over the laptop speakers, at end with the woo hoos, it sounds as if she starts with high head voice then switches or ADDS ON a deep chest register........... Kinda like a two tone tuvan-throat singer can., yielding a multi voice choral effect.

  83. YouSurf 2

    YouSurf 2Dag siden

    LOL.... you keep saying 13 YO... probably only 11 at most in that video. Also, the BLACK and WHITE version, in studio, age 10,. is the crazy insane one.... GOTTA GO SEE IT.

  84. shima helmi

    shima helmiDag siden

    Weh suggest penyanyi rock kat dia. Macam awie. Aku takde link nak bagi 😅

  85. movement 148

    movement 148Dag siden

    Почему столько Цоев в зрительном зале?

  86. World Today

    World TodayDag siden

    U react to Dato Siti Nurhaliza collaboration withWhitney Houston...💪💪💪

  87. Din Zara

    Din ZaraDag siden

    React shila amzah please...

  88. King Fateh

    King FatehDag siden

    React to Shila Amzah - listen (cover)

  89. King Fateh

    King FatehDag siden


  90. Farrah's Dress

    Farrah's DressDag siden

    Чё у неё голос такой перекрытый стал?

  91. Роман О`ЗАВР

    Роман О`ЗАВРDag siden

    Интересно фигли она перед азиатами там кобенится?Да еще и не со своей песней.

  92. bingo redoble

    bingo redobleDag siden

    I prefer to listen to Marcelito's female voice than Sara Brightman's. Marcelito is au naturel while Sara 's voice is too cultured and trained. Just my opinion.

  93. Serdjan Amanaz

    Serdjan AmanazDag siden

    Another great reaction!

  94. Banana Music

    Banana MusicDag siden

    This not live opera 2 is his song his make his and that how he sing in real life is not live

  95. くたもらmisch kutamora

    くたもらmisch kutamoraDag siden

    Whoever exalts himself will be humbled.. whoever humbles himself will be exalted... from a street child to a famous global sensation

  96. ruikang zhang

    ruikang zhangDag siden

    Maybe you can try his our love, I think it’s your type

  97. Bobby Ocampo

    Bobby OcampoDag siden


  98. Abi Dhuhaa

    Abi DhuhaaDag siden

    I suggest that you check the performance of awie(wings) and amy(search) if you interesting in high note performance from rock bands. They're already old but can still sing in high note. Thanks for the reaction..

  99. Hope de la Cerna

    Hope de la CernaDag siden

    Did you also do reaction on his rendition of "Power of Love" on Wish radio? I've been looking for it. Thank you!



    Dunia mengiktiraf ernie tp bkn pada juri mlysia.