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Joining The SIDEMEN...

Joining The SIDEMEN...

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YouTube Rapper TIER LIST!
Miniminter Feat. Randolph

Miniminter Feat. Randolph

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Filming The RED ALERT Music Video
  1. HeapAss420

    HeapAss4206 timer siden

    Sick man

  2. Rexversal

    Rexversal10 timer siden

    18:00 👍

  3. WorgenatorWoW

    WorgenatorWoW10 timer siden

    A serious lack of sheesh adlibs on this one

  4. ARIKX

    ARIKX11 timer siden

    The instrumental hits HARD!!!!

  5. Mychal Baker

    Mychal Baker11 timer siden

    And his sweater like 2k you hatin just be real

  6. sn0wy w0lf0

    sn0wy w0lf011 timer siden

    randolph: i might go easy on you vik: i got your mom twerking for my rupees simon: the last time you nearly died like this was when you crashed your tt harry: your eyes are in different postcodes

  7. Mychal Baker

    Mychal Baker11 timer siden

    Decent? That was fire 🔥

  8. Nan Dad

    Nan Dad12 timer siden

    Yo! That song is f lit!!!!! JJ and Logan should make a track together ! Make it happend !!!!

  9. Sohaib

    Sohaib15 timer siden

    When you realize after reacting to the Sidemen songs that you weren't in them ft. *Randolph*

  10. jayda

    jayda19 timer siden

    My brothers name is Messiah 😂💀

  11. Nathaniel Dowdy

    Nathaniel Dowdy19 timer siden

    Victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech victory speech

  12. Zero'sPride

    Zero'sPride20 timer siden

    I really don't like Randolph but some of his music is fire

  13. Lyndale1213

    Lyndale121321 time siden

    Please for the love of god get canes next time ask for extra crispy and try the canes sauce

  14. Wireless

    Wireless22 timer siden

    This song slaps

  15. Rory S-V

    Rory S-V22 timer siden

    We need a music video for this @Randolph

  16. Aric Accetta

    Aric Accetta22 timer siden

    bruh i'm sorry but logan had hard disses, sorry you don't understand nothing personal


    BIG DAWG HD22 timer siden

    In n out is like on of the best burgers bro

  18. Bryson Briggs

    Bryson Briggs23 timer siden

    Gosh these Canadians just playing but bruh AB is one of the best wide receiver in the nfl when he used to be in the nfl wide receiver catches the ball

  19. Infin It 8

    Infin It 823 timer siden

    @ 3:37 - 3:58 is me before I make a beat lol

  20. Real Time

    Real Time23 timer siden

    I hate this reaction tbh u know nothing abt the disses so u wouldn’t rly understand this

  21. Poke Trainer

    Poke Trainer23 timer siden

    12mil views but 834k subs, if u think he's good at rapping then subscribe.

  22. DissGodd 2

    DissGodd 2Dag siden

    i didn't even know randoplh was a person, after the KSI beef

  23. Nate Riffle

    Nate RiffleDag siden

    Lol this guy needs to do some research before reacting to things he doesn't know much about.

  24. shafnizkhan deen

    shafnizkhan deenDag siden

    You sucks bro the song is lit

  25. Myeyes0nly

    Myeyes0nlyDag siden

    I just hate that the guitar play throughout the whole song and I sounds so off beat

  26. Go Away

    Go AwayDag siden

    bruh half the songs were hidden disses that if you know some information about ab you would be impressed even the shirt logan was wearing is a diss i am not that much of a fan but i have to give credit where credit is due and the was a good song

  27. Oscar Molinero

    Oscar MolineroDag siden

    This song is better than any song from Randolph

  28. Dank_Memer

    Dank_MemerDag siden


  29. Dank_Memer

    Dank_MemerDag siden


  30. Wampaton

    WampatonDag siden

    Your fake

  31. hayden stockwell

    hayden stockwellDag siden

    And also I wanna start NO-gos but I know I want make it and be subs lol 😂

  32. hayden stockwell

    hayden stockwellDag siden

    Yo Randolph Mr Barret or Chris Barret is my maths teacher and when I fount out that he knew you I was happy because I don't know I was just happy 😂

  33. ElLUS1VE GTG

    ElLUS1VE GTGDag siden

    Jj’s forehead is looking bigger than usual. No, just me?

  34. noam and co be like

    noam and co be likeDag siden

    "iiim from texeees, I can do egg cents" 😂

  35. Neon .Z

    Neon .ZDag siden

    I swear almost every word Simon says could be followed by ‘title of my sex tape’

  36. Neon .Z

    Neon .ZDag siden

    The fact Americans have a Whole Ile dedicated to Oreos says alot

  37. Oscar Prescott14

    Oscar Prescott14Dag siden

    I actually enjoyed this song ngl

  38. ツYonimon

    ツYonimonDag siden

    5:04 I love how Randolph calls a nan "it"

  39. Matti Cook

    Matti CookDag siden

    Next 1 to comment fucked there teacher a boy 1

  40. Mairis Dzirkals

    Mairis DzirkalsDag siden

    Why you using it from Latvia, im fdim Latvia

  41. Mohammed Bafakih

    Mohammed BafakihDag siden

    This guy deserves more subscribers and viewers

  42. Gamin' For Fun

    Gamin' For FunDag siden

    Simon please become a rapper . ur actually sick

  43. DamagingDdl

    DamagingDdlDag siden

    Hardy’s is better then Carl’s JR.

  44. RoarTalentz

    RoarTalentzDag siden

    Man's talking like he's a Grammy winning rapper 😂😂😂 bum

  45. CM Modding

    CM ModdingDag siden

    Challenge for you, full song, no plugins 😜

  46. The Specialist

    The SpecialistDag siden

    Good song but I like manchild better

  47. Outcast Monkey

    Outcast MonkeyDag siden

    Hey Randolf not gonna lie your music is amazing and the only reason im subscribed to the side men is because i ran into you and they pretty chill haha naw they dope haha but you music is great please don't stop bro you smash it everytime bro thanks for the music

  48. hervey medina

    hervey medinaDag siden

    TIMEOOOUUTTTT did ya just disrespect Jay Z 😐

  49. tematariki wairama-whitu

    tematariki wairama-whituDag siden

    tobi and manny are sick brothers 4 life

  50. chill_skater999

    chill_skater999Dag siden

    “Vikkstar fuckin bitches that turned you down”

  51. FatDoodlePuff

    FatDoodlePuffDag siden

    If youre gonna react to Scotty Sire start with Take Me Away

  52. Yusonera 0000001

    Yusonera 0000001Dag siden

    he says he wants to look at the screenshot but be honest, you wanted to look at that girl

  53. Varion Mori

    Varion MoriDag siden

    Hell yeah bro you came a long way from a mafia game way back lmao

  54. Scott Durrant

    Scott DurrantDag siden

    Randolph this is complete fire bro. Ps keep up with the pokemon shit. Love it.

  55. m1_.g

    m1_.gDag siden

    So what, what he wears it’s his decision what he wears

  56. OvalMaster

    OvalMasterDag siden

    This beat is just insane I luv it I luv it

  57. Charles Shell

    Charles ShellDag siden

    My problem is that all people that are friends of jj seem like they feel the need to hate him because jj did

  58. Justin LaRuffa

    Justin LaRuffaDag siden

    Why would u review this knowing nothing about the guy he is dissing so u dont understand the lyrics and not waiting till it's been out for a bit and it's a late reaction

  59. Quincy Greer

    Quincy GreerDag siden

    Does Randolph have something on his face?

  60. Goat plays

    Goat playsDag siden

    alright I'm starting here autoplay take the wheel

  61. Tom Carns

    Tom CarnsDag siden

    it seems im spending my whole life watching videos between your two channels HAHA

  62. Medusa

    MedusaDag siden

    U need content bro...

  63. Kalen Morrison

    Kalen MorrisonDag siden


  64. Anthony Villagomez

    Anthony VillagomezDag siden

    Bruh. The reason kfc sucks in America is bc there is a better option. POPEYES

  65. Jake The Snake

    Jake The SnakeDag siden

    It’s bad luck of being on the cover of madden apparently so that’s why that’s a bar

  66. Seby 188

    Seby 188Dag siden

    This song bangs if u know bout AB


    ONMYOWNDag siden

    The drop is fucking insane

  68. Gigantic Gani7

    Gigantic Gani72 dager siden

    0:27-0:53 straight 🔥

  69. Billy Calder

    Billy Calder2 dager siden

    Did do your homework before the reaction otherwise how can anyone really trust in your other reactions this is why I go to crypt more.

  70. lil patternn

    lil patternn2 dager siden

    this songs trash lol

  71. ImHazed

    ImHazed2 dager siden

    Sweater is 2k.

  72. li wu

    li wu2 dager siden

    Cn felix comment

  73. ccio

    ccio2 dager siden

    Best one yet 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  74. Udu Ovraiti

    Udu Ovraiti2 dager siden

    One direction doesn’t exist anymore. It’s a good line. Shhh

  75. Simen Storøy

    Simen Storøy2 dager siden

    Randolph is smashing these reactions😂

  76. Mr. God

    Mr. God2 dager siden

    Frostbite cold feet was good

  77. Christopher brown

    Christopher brown2 dager siden

    Randolph is so underrated 🔥


    OVERLORD KING2 dager siden

    That metronome line hits different ngl


    INSANØTIC2 dager siden

    Random LGBT flag in background 🏳️‍🌈

  80. Spydexz

    Spydexz2 dager siden

    what is this software called ?

  81. Williams Zhang

    Williams Zhang2 dager siden

    I smell gunpowder over here

  82. Afridi Hassan

    Afridi Hassan2 dager siden

    Thanks man :p

  83. Alpay

    Alpay2 dager siden

    That sweater is like 2k lmao.

  84. Max YT

    Max YT2 dager siden

    This should have 1mil likes or more

  85. Shannon Louise

    Shannon Louise2 dager siden

    I died when Simon from inbetweeners popped up

  86. Speeding Rex

    Speeding Rex2 dager siden

    Big up brotherhood

  87. ExplorerK

    ExplorerK2 dager siden

    Who calls Jonah nick? Even his mum doesn’t

  88. Lil Guap

    Lil Guap2 dager siden

    Who buys pineapple gatorade

  89. Sandro Costa

    Sandro Costa2 dager siden

    My type of beat🔥

  90. Scotsplayz

    Scotsplayz2 dager siden

    U clearly already watched it and said everything he said

  91. SWAVY RQ

    SWAVY RQ2 dager siden

    Random kid on comments: Logan Paul creates a music video, wait that’s illegal Random kids Likes: 99999999999999999999999999

  92. Stephen Furr

    Stephen Furr2 dager siden

    Ab is Antonio brown

  93. Logan Jamieson

    Logan Jamieson3 dager siden

    Ur head bobbing was not to the beat and I was so annoyed 😂

  94. Adil Chaudary

    Adil Chaudary3 dager siden

    13:02 thank me later

  95. animeguy

    animeguy3 dager siden

    jonah vs randolph next boxing fight ?!!! ahaha

  96. Anaya Zahra

    Anaya Zahra3 dager siden

    I like ksi but good song

  97. HydroMisk

    HydroMisk3 dager siden

    Here after Sidemen 'Spill your Guts'

  98. Derik Renaud

    Derik Renaud3 dager siden

    Last 😀

  99. Pinkdaddy Cousin

    Pinkdaddy Cousin3 dager siden

    This song

  100. RAR productions

    RAR productions3 dager siden

    Why has this not got like views😂