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Making a Beat with TOBI

Making a Beat with TOBI

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  1. jamaicanpotatoes

    jamaicanpotatoes5 timer siden


  2. Luke Trukki

    Luke Trukki5 timer siden

    The reason y we say mini minter wrong sometimes is because the English language there is different ways to say different words lik red and read

  3. Sebastian De La Rosa

    Sebastian De La Rosa6 timer siden

    Y'all picked the worst flavors

  4. Rock

    Rock6 timer siden

    Bruh you don’t get a burger from KFC

  5. Alan Fuad

    Alan Fuad6 timer siden

    0:34 *Rainbow six?*

  6. Denbray On Xbox

    Denbray On Xbox7 timer siden

    I may be late but who else is American and doesn’t know what squirt is, is it an off brand Mello-Yellow or something?

  7. Skrooba

    Skrooba7 timer siden

    i feel like I've seen this whole video before

  8. Harry Salisbury

    Harry Salisbury7 timer siden

    3:50 year 7 music

  9. Teluson

    Teluson7 timer siden

    FOr the people hyping in n out its straight SHIT the burgers are meh its overrated as fuck and i actually threw up so. if you like In n Out you must LOVE sausage water

  10. Kyran Lockhart

    Kyran Lockhart8 timer siden

    And two years later here they are with a full song on helium

  11. 3z

    3z8 timer siden

    Why couldn’t they put talia’s reaction to it

  12. Jaimi Mack

    Jaimi Mack8 timer siden

    Fortnite lol

  13. Colin Lawson

    Colin Lawson8 timer siden

    Randy repping forest. RESPECT haha

  14. the REMISS

    the REMISS8 timer siden

    @randolph, can you make a video for getting into making beats? like what akai keyboard you're using and what not? would fully appreciate that as i want to try it out during quarantine.

  15. kushal curry

    kushal curry8 timer siden

    losing subcribers cuz u changed ur name nah.......losing subscribers cuz u never chhanged ur lane. i think this is where he got blasted into pieces

  16. Lazar Cendic

    Lazar Cendic9 timer siden

    Your wifes husband is your best man im confused. That means you are your own best man that is maried to your best mans wife?

  17. A Tragedy

    A Tragedy9 timer siden

    8:24 What did you just say?

  18. MatchdayFootball

    MatchdayFootball9 timer siden

    Miniminter the new eminen

  19. Jacob Casling

    Jacob Casling10 timer siden

    Sunny D is still a thing in the uk btw

  20. Harry Chappell

    Harry Chappell10 timer siden

    Ksi is actually really good at pretending to have a conversation on the phone

  21. thetwoladz

    thetwoladz10 timer siden

    the crowd was dead when quadeca entered

  22. Bachelor_x 97

    Bachelor_x 9710 timer siden

    This beat is nice with it.

  23. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon10 timer siden

    Simon: "I get so gassed I see him (JJ) get gassed" 🥺🥺🥺

  24. aola wili

    aola wili11 timer siden

    Randolph puts out reactions faster then the artists put out the songs 💪

  25. Vaibhav Thalanki

    Vaibhav Thalanki12 timer siden

    Why can I hear game of thrones theme

  26. Andrija Buric

    Andrija Buric12 timer siden

    He is still at 9.7 mil lmao

  27. becky davies

    becky davies12 timer siden

    i’m early for once

  28. Mark Hanna

    Mark Hanna13 timer siden

    Thank god I’m not the only that doesn’t understand anything about American foitball

  29. Nixs Army

    Nixs Army13 timer siden

    simon and randolph be like we are on helium Me: so helium is a new sort of drugs

  30. I'mFrostbite

    I'mFrostbite14 timer siden

    can someone please tell me what program he is using?

  31. Santiago Beertsen

    Santiago Beertsen14 timer siden

    Randolph cheated on Laura on Ksi vs Logan

  32. Kevin Jimmy Johnson Wang

    Kevin Jimmy Johnson Wang15 timer siden

    Shaq has a restraunt?

  33. Kyle Burns

    Kyle Burns15 timer siden


  34. WB

    WB15 timer siden


  35. [URF] ItsJustTan

    [URF] ItsJustTan16 timer siden

    This is gonna be a banger can't wait for the song 🔥

  36. alex mellor

    alex mellor16 timer siden

    Im sorry but am i the only one that thinks the sample that he used was fucking clapped. Sounds like shit, the rest of the beat was fire tho

  37. Dylan Browne

    Dylan Browne16 timer siden

    I'm in ,lockdown bird as hell I listen to this and I'm dancing all around my room

  38. Johann Aqill

    Johann Aqill16 timer siden

    Bro this song is actually good wtf

  39. sadjo barry

    sadjo barry17 timer siden

    Ngl this isnt rlly uk drill

  40. Neelima Sharma

    Neelima Sharma17 timer siden

    He is talking so much

  41. Refined Zen

    Refined Zen17 timer siden

    It's not UK drill but still sweet

  42. ComedyRole6

    ComedyRole618 timer siden

    “It’s over. You’ve lost your pedigree.” Oh. Oh shit that really didn’t fucking age well.

  43. Mhamad Omar

    Mhamad Omar18 timer siden


  44. Yash Gamz and Skits

    Yash Gamz and Skits18 timer siden


  45. Chill Frog

    Chill Frog19 timer siden

    2020 AnYoNe?!!//!!???1

  46. cheesedog 6118

    cheesedog 611819 timer siden

    I didn't know he had a wife

  47. Joe Taylor

    Joe Taylor19 timer siden

    Anyone else realise how he used the boys choir for domain

  48. ViperZ

    ViperZ19 timer siden


  49. Shiv

    Shiv20 timer siden


  50. Denis Vesho

    Denis Vesho20 timer siden

    U can't have vocals and auto tune on a drill beat😒

  51. Aster J

    Aster J20 timer siden

    This better still be slated to be on the album

  52. ツ2Trix

    ツ2Trix20 timer siden

    Uploaded on my birthday

  53. DriII Wizard

    DriII Wizard20 timer siden

    Why did KSI make a tune with that neek Tion Wayne

  54. TR NightLight

    TR NightLight20 timer siden

    Still won

  55. Aiden Coghlan

    Aiden Coghlan21 time siden

    Song goes hard 🔥

  56. Paul Sidhu

    Paul Sidhu21 time siden

    No one can change my opinion. Both these guys can’t rap at all

  57. Solar FN

    Solar FN21 time siden

    He should’ve said “Yeah he ran Faster than he can”

  58. Toma Puliselic

    Toma Puliselic21 time siden

    Im from croatia

  59. Brysen Billie

    Brysen Billie22 timer siden

    Rip deli

  60. Pascal Mulvenney

    Pascal Mulvenney22 timer siden

    1:47 what is KSI doing?

  61. kevinsaven

    kevinsaven23 timer siden


  62. Zezo 2007

    Zezo 200723 timer siden

    Do a Pokémon song

  63. N M

    N MDag siden

    Wtf is squirt I have lived In the us for all my life and I have never heard of squirt

  64. Zadid Aziz

    Zadid AzizDag siden

    this video would've been so much more boring without JJ

  65. Pluif

    PluifDag siden

    I live in America and I’ve never heard of squirt lmao

  66. CS.Buildz

    CS.BuildzDag siden

    This is the hardest chill beat I've personally ever heard.

  67. Bishal Giri

    Bishal GiriDag siden

    dam he got a use a lid insted of a spoun

  68. Kilmaclad1 Kilmaclad1

    Kilmaclad1 Kilmaclad1Dag siden

    Any one watching this in quarantine in 2020

  69. Lil JJ

    Lil JJDag siden

    Ngl Randolph should defo do more vlogs

  70. yasio bolo

    yasio boloDag siden

    that might hate on him trying to hard might like that style. Maybe.

  71. Official YMSOT

    Official YMSOTDag siden

    Should produce beats

  72. Jor Broeder

    Jor BroederDag siden

    And now this man has a number one album...

  73. TheGringMan

    TheGringManDag siden

    the thing jj's holding is cereal not sweets 😭😭


    FINERBOYSDag siden

    What the fuck there's no ranch in the UK?

  75. Brallant P.

    Brallant P.Dag siden

    We got squirts!!?

  76. Brallant P.

    Brallant P.Dag siden

    We got Oreo mints!?

  77. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka HodanDag siden

    It's been 35 minutes since he's released the music video. Lighting reaction Randolph

  78. Will Lamb

    Will LambDag siden

    You should try and make your own synth on serum

  79. Durpreme_onps4

    Durpreme_onps4Dag siden

    Dis fire

  80. Billy Li

    Billy LiDag siden

    yo dis fire

  81. Ayaan Saddique

    Ayaan SaddiqueDag siden

    jj: why’s their balloons Simon and Randolph: because it’s a helium song Simons bar: balloons everywhere and I don’t know why

  82. Tiger

    TigerDag siden

    Randolph: I am gonna make a song without hearing it ! Beethoven: am I a joke to you ?!

  83. Kelly Yu

    Kelly YuDag siden

    Funniest vid Randolphs ever made

  84. Littlest Hobo

    Littlest HoboDag siden

    I find it so hard to watch these videos.. lol im sat screaming at the laptop and want to jump in and take over. Its made me download Ableton again, i tried years ago and it was really hard to navigate.. at the minute its 90 days free for live! all features.. so happy days :) dunno if thats what youre using here but looks like it.. you should try get a brand deal with them.. might work if youre doing these type videos..

  85. Iss_Karma

    Iss_KarmaDag siden

    You already people finna make gulag montage montages outta dis

  86. Amaan Syed

    Amaan SyedDag siden

    To funny

  87. Nuuts_Inmy _Buuts

    Nuuts_Inmy _BuutsDag siden

    Americans don’t buy the things they literally just bought

  88. Paradoxity Clan

    Paradoxity ClanDag siden

    3mil ppl watched it and he only on 887k subs what do u mean + Lets get him to 1mil

  89. Lewis Edwards

    Lewis EdwardsDag siden

    JJ and Quadeca dont need to be compared at all, Quad makes art, JJ makes memorable songs. They are not the same, we can appreciate them both.

  90. Lars Ramgren

    Lars RamgrenDag siden

    Banger vid KSI should spit to this beat

  91. Nexhati Sylejmani

    Nexhati SylejmaniDag siden

    Dooo plsss a remix with some one pls

  92. GHXST15

    GHXST15Dag siden

    compare this to jj's

  93. Abdus Sami

    Abdus SamiDag siden

    i thought that Nikki Benz was also starred in this video.

  94. Agent_ Donut

    Agent_ DonutDag siden

    his wife be like: /(0_0)/ AMAZING

  95. RaZoR

    RaZoRDag siden

    i rekon this is fire, but for you if you compare this to your music that you make normally then yeah its not the best, compared to my music tho its fire XD

  96. courtney laprade

    courtney lapradeDag siden

    simen low key got bars

  97. hunter darkt

    hunter darktDag siden

    Where it all began

  98. Rafael Tawfik

    Rafael TawfikDag siden

    track on fifa

  99. Joshua Van Deren

    Joshua Van DerenDag siden

    I don't know why, but I feel like Simon or Randolph will beef with KSI in the future 🤔