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  1. Kimberly Valle

    Kimberly Valle6 sekunder siden

    Boy I thought that person was a girl

  2. Pika Chu

    Pika Chu27 sekunder siden

    If I saw her in real life, I would assume im inside sims

  3. Elle Free

    Elle FreeMinutt siden

    Marry me please

  4. israel maldonado

    israel maldonadoMinutt siden

    Hey kourt you want to ruffle your sisters feathers tell them your changing your name to kourtney kar lol and say this im a powerhouse on my own lol

  5. Erin Brittain

    Erin BrittainMinutt siden

    Normally I’m not INTO drag (like I support it but I never really look at it and go OH MY GOD THAT IS SO COOL) but this whole aesthetic IS SO FUN

  6. Randomname

    Randomname2 minutter siden

    okay sis you stunning no need to go so hard

  7. Nini Z.

    Nini Z.2 minutter siden

    So pretttyyyyyyy 😍

  8. Zeke Stopping

    Zeke Stopping2 minutter siden

    Anybody want to join a group chat that hypes each other instagram pics

  9. Agustina Rojas

    Agustina Rojas2 minutter siden

    She's such a pure and sweet person

  10. Mariana Braga

    Mariana Braga3 minutter siden

    i NEED these purple lens

  11. Melanin Honey

    Melanin Honey3 minutter siden

    His impressions are spot on 😭😭☺️❤️

  12. dokess Ezeaka

    dokess Ezeaka4 minutter siden

    So is he A REAAALLLY dramatic drag queen?

  13. Isabella Hiller

    Isabella Hiller4 minutter siden

    Why do I have this weird wish to rewatch The Vampire Diaries??????

  14. stella :}

    stella :}5 minutter siden

    She is a queen!!!! Ive never heard of her but I think I love her!

  15. Kim Jeon

    Kim Jeon5 minutter siden

    She very beatiful 😊💔🌹🌹

  16. Liza_vealey

    Liza_vealey5 minutter siden


  17. Paige C

    Paige C5 minutter siden

    What an extraordinarily creative and talented being good god

  18. Samantha Elizabeth

    Samantha Elizabeth6 minutter siden

    he has great skin. very baby smooth

  19. Star Rae

    Star Rae6 minutter siden

    The amount of likes on this comment is how many times she said stunning

  20. Averee Peffer

    Averee Peffer6 minutter siden

    Make up routine!! Eye cream Moisturizer Foundation Powder Concealer Blush Contour Highlighter Eyeshadow Eyeliner Eyelash curler Mascara Well in your eyebrows with the mascara Lips

  21. gcldenlion

    gcldenlion7 minutter siden


  22. EosHeliosSelene

    EosHeliosSelene7 minutter siden

    Mildly reminds me of a fab Ursula look

  23. fr3dricks0n

    fr3dricks0n9 minutter siden

    She definitely wont name the baby OJ

  24. Ale Rome

    Ale Rome9 minutter siden

    Tenia que ser hombre🙄🙄

  25. pierre35800

    pierre3580010 minutter siden

    Surely the best actress to play Samus Aran in a Metroid Movie. Let's see if Nintendo is really serious about this project ;)

  26. Katy s

    Katy s10 minutter siden

    Your do beautiful. Don't ever change.

  27. Juan Gonzalez

    Juan Gonzalez10 minutter siden

    That was awesome! She’s awesome!

  28. Veronica Rios

    Veronica Rios11 minutter siden

    are those their own restroom? I love it lol😻 maybe an in between with her brows look look better but wow I’m surprised I thought full brows were good on everyone 🙊😬

  29. Nalani Love

    Nalani Love11 minutter siden

    She looks like iggies alien twin

  30. N Y

    N Y12 minutter siden

    You still beautiful .👍🌹

  31. Noor Fatima Jaffar

    Noor Fatima Jaffar13 minutter siden

    This was therapeutic

  32. Eyge Hrhr

    Eyge Hrhr13 minutter siden

    Now she becomes rendi dirty mind useless

  33. Cheryl Rose

    Cheryl Rose13 minutter siden

    I like both thick and thin brows

  34. Angelina Santiago

    Angelina Santiago14 minutter siden

    I didn’t know I needed tho till now

  35. KirdinRosa Mikaelsen

    KirdinRosa Mikaelsen15 minutter siden

    What's wrong with Taylor's hair??

  36. Dara Ruano

    Dara Ruano15 minutter siden

    She is IGGY


    SON OF STRAIGHT COUPLE15 minutter siden

    In the circu I saw a clown with the same make

  38. Maria Arenas

    Maria Arenas16 minutter siden

    I love this 💘

  39. Junie

    Junie16 minutter siden

    Boring people.

  40. Just Peach E.

    Just Peach E.17 minutter siden

    I’ve never seen her before, but I’m in love. She’s so fashionable and amazing- Edit: and she’s so original and funny and beautiful I’m obsessed- Edit2: I THOUGHT SHE WORE A MASK BC HER SKIN IS SO SMOOTH AND BEAUTIFUL BUT ITS CONCEALER OH MY GOD-

  41. Maryssa H

    Maryssa H18 minutter siden

    Purple Jefree Starr reminds me of idk why lol...

  42. Tara Thelen

    Tara Thelen18 minutter siden

    Wow prince looks so chill and Paris look amazing and a heavy metal fan and they like Mötley Crue sweet kids wish I could meet them

  43. grayson 30

    grayson 3018 minutter siden

    Stunning 👁👄👁

  44. kimbro slyce

    kimbro slyce19 minutter siden

    praise her confidence!

  45. Chocolate Cosmos

    Chocolate Cosmos20 minutter siden

    aw come on man! link her social media

  46. kk y

    kk y20 minutter siden

    no-gos.info/video/zNmBZGarzNholaM.html gogo

  47. James Edwards

    James Edwards20 minutter siden

    This. Just this.

  48. Hayley Gordon

    Hayley Gordon21 minutt siden

    She makes me so happy 😊

  49. Sanika Bharvirkar

    Sanika Bharvirkar21 minutt siden

    I'm a manchester alien don't hate me

  50. Odie CD

    Odie CD21 minutt siden

    Such irrefutable talent!

  51. Amy Smith

    Amy Smith22 minutter siden

    Her eyes are super uneven? One is much much lower than the other, it's all I can see lol

  52. ninja blender

    ninja blender22 minutter siden

    She’s such an actual person. A lot of celebrities today fake it, but she’s so genuine

  53. Grandma Coraima

    Grandma Coraima22 minutter siden

    I kept falling in love with her more by each minute! I couldn't believe it because I hardly like ANYONE. She's truly living, not giving a f*ck. Such an interesting person.

  54. Lexx Ghost

    Lexx Ghost23 minutter siden


  55. Каролина Витковская

    Каролина Витковская23 minutter siden

    The people of the vouge and all What around it should to visit psychiatric

  56. Mat BQ

    Mat BQ24 minutter siden

    X lo menos una traducción para los que no entendemos inglés

  57. GlamGirlTiff

    GlamGirlTiff24 minutter siden

    Love Auntie Chaka!!! Gorgeous Woman and so full of positive energy ❤️❤️❤️💖🤗

  58. Julia Muszko

    Julia Muszko25 minutter siden

    What a Godess????


    ANIME BARBIE25 minutter siden

    I love her skin and she’s gorgeous 😍I wanna meet her 😭❤️

  60. Biancakiki_rebelquin 89

    Biancakiki_rebelquin 8926 minutter siden

    She looks like a purple version of iggy azalea 👇🏻 if you agree

  61. Don’t Mess Up My Tempo

    Don’t Mess Up My Tempo27 minutter siden

    If I met her in real life...boy I would be terrified 👹 the eyes💀😟

  62. Hannah Ruthy

    Hannah Ruthy27 minutter siden

    Beautiful alien

  63. Pandas RC00L

    Pandas RC00L28 minutter siden

    “Of course I’ve got really bad asthma because...I’mma diva.” True queen right there!💕☺️

  64. its funnier in enochian

    its funnier in enochian28 minutter siden


  65. _lexie _marie_

    _lexie _marie_28 minutter siden

    Her voice is so soothing

  66. Kirsten Shipman

    Kirsten Shipman29 minutter siden

    Does anyone know why Anna has pencils and the black pens in a cup on her desk?

  67. Alexias Rei

    Alexias Rei29 minutter siden

    Okay but why am I in love with her voice?? It's so calming...I can listen to it for hours

  68. Bonjour Yên!

    Bonjour Yên!29 minutter siden


  69. Mickaella Cee

    Mickaella Cee29 minutter siden

    She doesn’t need any makeup. She looks better without it 🤷🏾‍♀️

  70. Paula Prysko

    Paula Prysko30 minutter siden

    What is the highlighter she used ! Please

  71. krittyp

    krittyp30 minutter siden

    I'm already in love!

  72. AJ McCormick

    AJ McCormick30 minutter siden

    Is no one going to talk about the fact that Hayley Williams was the executive producer

  73. Patricia Broderick

    Patricia Broderick31 minutt siden

    Always glamorous!

  74. Jaydon James

    Jaydon James32 minutter siden

    4:34 I’ve never heard a noise like that before😹😹

  75. leevina jini

    leevina jini33 minutter siden

    i really like the fact how the people outside are all minding their business and not staring.

  76. Angela

    Angela36 minutter siden

    After all that her face is still clear??

  77. Jessica S

    Jessica S36 minutter siden

    This woman does not age.

  78. JasmineSkyy

    JasmineSkyy38 minutter siden

    I loved her first met ball pregnant look

  79. zowie Simmons

    zowie Simmons38 minutter siden

    She still has the Elena chuckle thank god!

  80. Melody Navarro

    Melody Navarro38 minutter siden

    I want to be her in my next life

  81. ava !

    ava !39 minutter siden

    god she is gorgeous.

  82. Boston_Mama

    Boston_Mama39 minutter siden

    I want more birch ❤👏👏👏 love love loved this one!

  83. A.J Vycious

    A.J Vycious39 minutter siden

    i love how loving and expecting grandma is!!

  84. Dica Thorne

    Dica Thorne41 minutt siden

    Loving her personality and style, i need more of her!

  85. Jazmin Rodriguez

    Jazmin Rodriguez42 minutter siden

    This would be a badass movie!!!!! Her whole alien story.....

  86. Gabriella Flores

    Gabriella Flores42 minutter siden

    when she stuck her fingers in her nose i felt that

  87. JasmineSkyy

    JasmineSkyy42 minutter siden

    Kim is so nostalgic and sentimental

  88. Rakel handmade

    Rakel handmade42 minutter siden

  89. Amy Young

    Amy Young43 minutter siden

    Dark under eye circles are for the most part hereditary. Look at your relatives. Of course fatigue and dehydration do make it and everything else worse. Seems like too many potions slathered on the skin, however Nina’s skin is lovely. Who knows

  90. Cheyenne Colin

    Cheyenne Colin43 minutter siden


  91. Casey Terry

    Casey Terry43 minutter siden

    You want the definition of mentally insane this is where you go, very strange individual

  92. ninja blender

    ninja blender44 minutter siden

    5:17 we’ve spotted a former color guard lmao

  93. Jane Xoxo

    Jane Xoxo45 minutter siden

    i really really love her

  94. Daisy Mcclanahan

    Daisy Mcclanahan46 minutter siden

    I love that bread purse she has that's so cute ❤️

  95. doti m

    doti m47 minutter siden

    You are gorgeous 🌈❤️

  96. Rebeca Aviz

    Rebeca Aviz49 minutter siden


  97. Elina Kennedy

    Elina Kennedy49 minutter siden

    I love Juno's vibe, I can't describe it, it's amazing! 💕

  98. Jane Xoxo

    Jane Xoxo49 minutter siden

    i really wonder why she called her pimple „sTefAniE“

  99. Bianca Tan

    Bianca Tan50 minutter siden

    This is the kind of grandma who u cannot and will not say, "ok boomer" to

  100. Hannah Roscher

    Hannah Roscher51 minutt siden

    Her Jennifer Coolidge voice sent me 💀💀💀