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I'm a Dad now!

I'm a Dad now!

16 dager siden

Who KILLED Santa?!

Who KILLED Santa?!

Måned siden

Let's Talk

Let's Talk

Måned siden

I ALMOST LOST in Pokemon Sword!
Pokemon SWORD : DanTDM Edition!
I'm a FISH!

I'm a FISH!

2 måneder siden



2 måneder siden

The UNFAIR Minecraft Door..
Fortnite CHAPTER 2 is AMAZING!
Becoming #1 in PAPER.IO!

Becoming #1 in PAPER.IO!

3 måneder siden

Reacting to MINECON Live 2019!
I'm Releasing A MOVIE!

I'm Releasing A MOVIE!

4 måneder siden

I ESCAPED in Granny 2!

I ESCAPED in Granny 2!

4 måneder siden

ME vs 100 ANGRY Ragdolls!
I had a Minecraft DREAM..
GRANNY 2 is out NOW!

GRANNY 2 is out NOW!

4 måneder siden

25 Ways to DIE in Minecraft..!
Pokémon Masters is BEAUTIFUL!
  1. PurpleVomit

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  2. ;; -

    ;; -7 timer siden

    Bro this is giving me such nostalgia

  3. Christy Vickers

    Christy Vickers7 timer siden


  4. Midnight Sun

    Midnight Sun7 timer siden

    Dan: Let's punch these animals to get them low (hopefully) Me: Just use a splash potion of poison, please I beg you

  5. IglooMan

    IglooMan7 timer siden

    Hey sisters 👋

  6. FishyNinja

    FishyNinja7 timer siden

    Why not grim

  7. abhay karthik banda

    abhay karthik banda7 timer siden

    dan: a cat wont stay in place me: have u thought of making it sit??

  8. TeaCindique -

    TeaCindique -7 timer siden

    Dan 2012: NEVER EVER GOING TO THR NETHER Dan 2019 & 2020: NeThEr tRaNspOrTaTiOn sYsTeM

  9. i like pink pink

    i like pink pink7 timer siden

    i feel really old, who remembers dan with his natural hair jesus and the old lab 😭😭😭

  10. Rbx Bagel

    Rbx Bagel7 timer siden

    What 😮

  11. SUPΞRSS2104 ™️

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    See chat at 15:45

  12. Laylah-Bug

    Laylah-Bug7 timer siden

    You made this a day before my birthday.. ;-;

  13. Randomly Lychee

    Randomly Lychee7 timer siden

    Woah Dan just rejected a wandering trader! NO-gosrs spent episodes and days to find him.l guess he is really lucky.

  14. TBNRgroddzilla

    TBNRgroddzilla7 timer siden

    *fisting a wither* Mojang: WHAT DID U DO

  15. Mia Courtney

    Mia Courtney7 timer siden

    Congratulations Dan! I am so happy for you

  16. BattleBot 24

    BattleBot 247 timer siden

    DO YOU HAVE 9 0 M I N U T E S

  17. john ryan

    john ryan7 timer siden

    Dinnerbone or Grumm

  18. Everything Gamez

    Everything Gamez7 timer siden

    daunted peed his pants

  19. Skywalker Playz

    Skywalker Playz7 timer siden

    2020 anyone

  20. meh _

    meh _7 timer siden

    The 1.5k fans rioting over bones the dog

  21. me playz

    me playz7 timer siden

    In the next video go back to your villager friend

  22. zeex Minecraft

    zeex Minecraft7 timer siden

    Oh dan you don't know simple 1.13 Minecraft physics

  23. Crystal Crawford

    Crystal Crawford7 timer siden

    You are on live tv on the channel Disney XD

  24. No one and Mr bird

    No one and Mr bird7 timer siden

    He have a kid NOW

  25. Wilksy29

    Wilksy297 timer siden

    Dan: let me introduce you to bones Grim: am I a Joke to you Dan: oof I forgot about you

  26. Xx-Nicky-xX

    Xx-Nicky-xX7 timer siden

    Guys i ehhh i Think that 4:07 Was a DAB i know don’t look at me that Way but i Think dabbed in 2020

  27. Mia Sophia

    Mia Sophia7 timer siden

    Dantdm: so when we wake up (1:53) Me:WAIT WHAT!?

  28. LSM Lemurr

    LSM Lemurr7 timer siden


  29. Brittany Mcconkey

    Brittany Mcconkey7 timer siden

    I am in 2020

  30. untypical gam3r

    untypical gam3r7 timer siden

    3 stages of anger and the 4th stage sadness

  31. ANIMIE-tion!

    ANIMIE-tion!7 timer siden

    Hi! I come from 2020 :) how’s the past?

  32. Sameh El Ganzoury

    Sameh El Ganzoury7 timer siden

    dan legit pulled the biggest jah-bait in history

  33. Sarah Rossi

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  34. MemeR YT

    MemeR YT7 timer siden

    I thought he will name the dog to Grim

  35. Elo Pranno

    Elo Pranno7 timer siden

    Call 911 who would do this why you murder me

  36. シSʟʏᴛʜᴇʀɪɴWᴏʟғGᴀᴄʜᴀシ

    シSʟʏᴛʜᴇʀɪɴWᴏʟғGᴀᴄʜᴀシ7 timer siden

    I personally believe in ghosts 🤫👻

  37. Emme Shouse

    Emme Shouse7 timer siden

    Dan: let's draw some pug butts Me: Hahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣 Dan: there arms are a little chunky Me: BUHAHAHAHAHHA

  38. Vision Flix

    Vision Flix7 timer siden

    I don’t think he knows about the controversies

  39. Awesome All-Rounder

    Awesome All-Rounder7 timer siden

    9:10 he dabbing while drowning

  40. brendan callaha

    brendan callaha7 timer siden

    Thorns II is great

  41. Peyton Jenkins

    Peyton Jenkins7 timer siden

    I am level 215

  42. Mirian Hernandez

    Mirian Hernandez7 timer siden

    Why don’t you make vacation island vr ??

  43. Sotiris

    Sotiris7 timer siden

    Remove Peppa pig shirt!!!!!!!!!!! plz 😀

  44. Juny Mertilus

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  45. Brett Crane

    Brett Crane7 timer siden

    I was hoping he would name the dog Grimm

  46. becky Ashwood

    becky Ashwood7 timer siden


  47. becky Ashwood

    becky Ashwood7 timer siden

    How do you make a bone eolf

  48. YouDontGetFreePizza69

    YouDontGetFreePizza697 timer siden

    the triangles are doritos

  49. WeirdoZZ

    WeirdoZZ7 timer siden

    Im watching this in the hospital and it's giving me a good laugh

  50. Itz_lazy Pižžâ

    Itz_lazy Pižžâ7 timer siden

    When he said “Well you did used to be a which” I thought he said something different then which 😂

  51. Orelia Mulamba

    Orelia Mulamba7 timer siden

    0 0 0 00000000000o the surrounding countryside and I am

  52. BRIGHTt_blackout0729

    BRIGHTt_blackout07297 timer siden

    Dan... You could've just a made a potion of poison... *FACEPALM*

  53. Emme Shouse

    Emme Shouse7 timer siden

    Lol yeah keep drawing them!!!!

  54. Vanja B.

    Vanja B.7 timer siden

    1)dan congrats for completing minecraft 2) why didn't you name the dao grim??!!

  55. Holly Mraz

    Holly Mraz7 timer siden

    so cool i love you

  56. SavageKiller

    SavageKiller7 timer siden

    Name the dog Grim

  57. wak lu

    wak lu7 timer siden

    DanTDM next time you play granny

  58. ElectricCreep444/ EC444

    ElectricCreep444/ EC4447 timer siden

    plz play fnaf 2 and 3 (both original and vr)

  59. VK Gayathri

    VK Gayathri7 timer siden

    Get well soon

  60. Creator Studio Classic

    Creator Studio Classic7 timer siden


  61. Ecliqse

    Ecliqse7 timer siden

    this video popped up on my recommended and i immediately got hit with all these memories and im amazed that it was over 3 years ago. i had always loved dans videos and watched every one i remember my favourite one wasnt a mod review but he was in a plane and crash landed on an island and there was this secret scull structure lol.

  62. Luigi The Wolf

    Luigi The Wolf8 timer siden

    I thought you was gonna name your dog grim

  63. Twurly Tammy

    Twurly Tammy8 timer siden

    Tammy in night 2: IT’S A BOY!!!!!

  64. Blu Engineer

    Blu Engineer8 timer siden

    What if this is a movie

  65. Twurly Tammy

    Twurly Tammy8 timer siden

    It’s not bonnie it’s toy bonnie

  66. Dolores Hernandez

    Dolores Hernandez8 timer siden

    Dan there is a NO-gosr that wants to chat about baby’s

  67. RoBlox person

    RoBlox person8 timer siden

    What happened to roblox

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    Sleep Less8 timer siden

    play hello guest

  70. RoBlox person

    RoBlox person8 timer siden

    It's a very low chance you will do if you can I would Appreciate that

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  72. Daniel Reeves

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  73. Itz_lazy Pižžâ

    Itz_lazy Pižžâ8 timer siden

    I’m surprised it’s not would you rather sour edition

  74. Joe Voboril

    Joe Voboril8 timer siden

    just saying the dark guy are called the thing it is stupid i read it in a book and i can tell you what happen

  75. Nightcore Night

    Nightcore Night8 timer siden

    Omg I am happy for you

  76. Juan Rosario

    Juan Rosario8 timer siden

    *chanting* SAVE TDM SAVE TDM

  77. T4G M30W

    T4G M30W8 timer siden

    After hearing this my right brain hurts because it was a very good song

  78. Bagus Putra

    Bagus Putra8 timer siden

    Maybe the wife died from the car crash on the neighbors date and the cildren was fighting and the girl died because the boy pushed her off the roof and the neighbor had to buried them both and the neighbor locked the boy in the basement for his punishment and the boy become the demon thing and thats my theory BTW your video is great keep it up Dan.

  79. William Farro

    William Farro8 timer siden

    name the dogs boney,boney jr.,and boney ll

  80. Brendon Stebbins

    Brendon Stebbins8 timer siden

    Liar it's Xbox one 0:52

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    Bruh why not name him grim i'm dead inside why Bones? im sad

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    can u play xbox more plz

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    have you ever gotten any stricks .and if you have tell me how many

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    This is almost Trayarus.EXE

  85. Fleur Kreuk

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    Play Roblox ninja legends

  86. Miss Gutla

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    “Is your character male?” I don’t really know *20 seconds later* “is your character a girl?” NO!

  87. Ahsan Chaudhri

    Ahsan Chaudhri8 timer siden

    Me and my cousin made a world for months it was amazing but data got corrupted and all was lost

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    Just dance 2017 WHAT ABOUT JUST DANCE 2020?!?!?!

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    I’m reliving my childhood 🥺

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  92. Wolf Goddess

    Wolf Goddess8 timer siden

    It should of been Grim

  93. Death Dragon

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    Press F to pay respects to Skinny RIP Skinny It was the best cat that every lived in Minecraft Hardcore

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    Jackson Dianatkhah8 timer siden

    Congrats I am a huge fan I am so happy for you

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    The vid is cool also that is one of my fav games so ya.

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    name them grim 1 grim 2 grim 3

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    Dans vocabulary: Meteor:asteroid Rocket:missiles

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    2 0 2 0?

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