Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez

NO-gos is an American video-sharing platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. Three former PayPal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim-created the service in February 2005. Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion; NO-gos now operates as one of Google's subsidiaries.



2 måneder siden

Justin Bieber Why

Justin Bieber Why

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The Weird Side Of Amazon

The Weird Side Of Amazon

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Help Let Me Go

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SLIME (Music Video)
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Mr. Worldwide

2 år siden

  1. Emma Flora

    Emma Flora14 timer siden

    I am officially a Greg just turned on notifications 😁😁

  2. Liam TDM

    Liam TDM14 timer siden

    Me:writes hate comment Carter:wow thanks for the comment!

  3. Raine Cloud

    Raine Cloud15 timer siden

    11:32 sand gets sold in the mafia. It's not that scary, motherfuckers just need a nice looking pond.

  4. Shiro Shiro

    Shiro Shiro15 timer siden

    *the animation is literally hideous and the lip sync makes me want to jump out of a 2nd story window- and the voices are so hard to understand* This film hurts me

  5. MySabreTooth #1

    MySabreTooth #115 timer siden

    He slapped them with legal

  6. EXO Angel

    EXO Angel15 timer siden

    Let me guess adam and his dad are hunters

  7. Vytautas Kovalick

    Vytautas Kovalick15 timer siden

    Why is jaystaition always shouting at 3 am

  8. Ashley Brockington

    Ashley Brockington15 timer siden

    jump in

  9. The Tiny Dancer In Your Hand

    The Tiny Dancer In Your Hand15 timer siden

    also i did some research and justin's mother is named pattie. mallette's her maiden name. also pattie had justin at 18 not 17. if she had justin while she was 17 he'd probably be a miscarriage or severely ill because of her drug addiction

  10. Arekkusu vuairanto

    Arekkusu vuairanto15 timer siden

    Ahh dolphin man

  11. ILikeNike

    ILikeNike15 timer siden

    Better than Justins

  12. ShipaDhipa

    ShipaDhipa15 timer siden

    I’m the 5.600.001 viewer

  13. Aiden Voorhees

    Aiden Voorhees15 timer siden


  14. Baby Peanut

    Baby Peanut15 timer siden

    As someone who lives in Philadelphia, I can assure you, we beat the crap out of that robot

  15. The Tiny Dancer In Your Hand

    The Tiny Dancer In Your Hand15 timer siden

    steve killed the witnesses too

  16. Juliana Lea

    Juliana Lea15 timer siden

    "Hey I'm a baby and I really liked this video"

  17. Awesome GamerPro

    Awesome GamerPro15 timer siden

    Me when I saw the pennies.I smell pennies

  18. ꕥThe Teamꕥ

    ꕥThe Teamꕥ15 timer siden

    The first one looks like the little demon guy is just covered in tar

  19. Titan Slayer

    Titan Slayer15 timer siden

    The way this man ends his videos is hilarious! One minute, he’s talking, another minute, the music starts to play, and the end screen pops up. And your just thinking, “welp, I guess the video is over.”

  20. Elthegamer 220

    Elthegamer 22015 timer siden

    Everything here is hunting mean. Make the shitty children videos stop

  21. Eloise Mar

    Eloise Mar15 timer siden

    i just realized i watched danny react to jake paul reacting to ricegum reacting to jake paul.

  22. Totally not Sunny

    Totally not Sunny15 timer siden

    Wtf is a prankster freind also His hair is like 3 inches high

  23. Graciecat915 yeee

    Graciecat915 yeee15 timer siden

    Yo its one of my fav kids from it!

  24. Cottonee

    Cottonee15 timer siden

    Aw, babyface danny!

  25. *That_Gamer_Stardust*

    *That_Gamer_Stardust*15 timer siden

    OKAY IT'S OFFICIAL There's no hope. This movie is fricken SCARY AF.

  26. Sofie Olson

    Sofie Olson15 timer siden

    Lol watched this movie when I was younger and it actually freaked me out and I had a nightmare that I couldn’t breathe because I was drowning

  27. TheDisguisedCreeper

    TheDisguisedCreeper15 timer siden

    S P L O O S H

  28. AJ TRIP

    AJ TRIP15 timer siden

    They've said before that Waiting by the Phone is for "entertainment purposes only" so this is basically professional wrestling. You know is scripted but you watch/listen to be entertained by it. And maybe if you get real good into it you hope it's real.

  29. Pizzaslice LSH

    Pizzaslice LSH15 timer siden

    I’m eleven and offended

  30. Landyn plays Stuff

    Landyn plays Stuff15 timer siden

    I liked the vid right when he sed. GREG

  31. Alex Schaal 2

    Alex Schaal 215 timer siden

    23:48 Danny's face is priceless

  32. Danielle Pollet

    Danielle Pollet15 timer siden

    these hacks look so goofy and dumb.

  33. Alexxx Starrr

    Alexxx Starrr15 timer siden

    A FleEt

  34. Tom king

    Tom king15 timer siden

    300 mil... that's 9 zeros... 9 zeros = I billion. I'm not defending this kid I'm jus sayin

  35. Abby Piercey

    Abby Piercey15 timer siden

    the frog actually barked in the end of the movie like wtf

  36. Mia Sahornie

    Mia Sahornie15 timer siden

    Those babez aint loyal dawg

  37. THE BigBirdSand

    THE BigBirdSand15 timer siden

    He's the new Elvis Presley.

  38. sorrowless77

    sorrowless7715 timer siden

    I'm binging these so hard, laughing my head off. Quality content!

  39. Avery White

    Avery White15 timer siden

    I remember reading the book and watching this movie in elementary school.

  40. Mrs. Clause

    Mrs. Clause15 timer siden

    Kill my husband, please.

  41. Thecringelord

    Thecringelord15 timer siden

    Yeah that isnt a boyfriend. Yikes.

  42. 100 subs with no video Maybe?

    100 subs with no video Maybe?15 timer siden

    Epic Shirt Danny

  43. Claudi S.

    Claudi S.15 timer siden

    If you're as sick of not knowing how the alien prank ends as I was then here ya go: no-gos.info/video/1K9_q4exsqp-y2Q.html :)

  44. Mimi Sauerhafer

    Mimi Sauerhafer15 timer siden


  45. Ruby Sk8te

    Ruby Sk8te15 timer siden

    im sorry but the main girls acting is a bit cringy

  46. Aries Del Bosque

    Aries Del Bosque15 timer siden

    Oh man I'd love to see his reaction to The Thirteenth Year 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  47. LikaBoss 2334

    LikaBoss 233415 timer siden

    I love this low budget movie lol.

  48. Holy Kitte

    Holy Kitte15 timer siden

    1:07 Oh no the look on his face....

  49. Sharky Naomi

    Sharky Naomi15 timer siden

    I imagined the people being the celebrities on the screen and it makes it so much weirder

  50. ITS Zenith

    ITS Zenith15 timer siden

    So Santa suggests that the man takes off his clothes and leave him naked in the snow?

  51. Kawaii Mess

    Kawaii Mess15 timer siden

    Nice shirt :>

  52. Pegleg Payton

    Pegleg Payton15 timer siden


  53. Username —10145

    Username —1014515 timer siden

    is no one going to talk about the outro?

  54. [AnonymousGacha]

    [AnonymousGacha]15 timer siden

    The color hair hack is the real plot line of "Gathering Blue"

  55. Alex Smith

    Alex Smith15 timer siden

    So your not lying or making real videos.

  56. Mr. Mozzarella

    Mr. Mozzarella15 timer siden

    Whats up Danny! It's me Greg.

  57. CheyCraftyEye Gaming

    CheyCraftyEye Gaming15 timer siden

    6:12 2020 be like

  58. Leo LL16

    Leo LL1615 timer siden

    love dat shirt. ratatoing

  59. AmbrynX

    AmbrynX15 timer siden

    Be careful kid, you might get slapped by legal.

  60. Danielle Loxton

    Danielle Loxton15 timer siden

    is it just me or at the beggining did he say from english

  61. Makenzie Kitty

    Makenzie Kitty15 timer siden

    Plz react to the killer bean movie lol😂

  62. Isaac Heppner

    Isaac Heppner15 timer siden

    Why is this so good

  63. no

    no15 timer siden

    but santa isn’t real

  64. Joel Ferrier Brown

    Joel Ferrier Brown15 timer siden

    i think the word might be ocean. or something like that

  65. Riptide

    Riptide15 timer siden

    I am actually a good swimmer plz don't use my blood for healing bc I am a snob

  66. Cornelius

    Cornelius15 timer siden

    If I had a penny for everytime they said “bro”... I’d still be poor but they do say “bro” alot

  67. Tommorrow Today

    Tommorrow Today15 timer siden

    My favorite rewind so far was 2016

  68. Kokona Haruka

    Kokona Haruka15 timer siden

    Turned on notifications am I Greg yet ?

  69. G O T H B I T C H

    G O T H B I T C H15 timer siden

    I love there channel tho 😭

  70. obrqap flarrow

    obrqap flarrow15 timer siden

    One time I was starting at the mirror for to long and I freaked myself out

  71. dogsoldier 3890

    dogsoldier 389015 timer siden


  72. LIY FRIS

    LIY FRIS15 timer siden

    1:21 wait a minute search it up most of the results are him

  73. John Lorenzo

    John Lorenzo15 timer siden

    Notifications on - am Greg

  74. Alex bippert

    Alex bippert15 timer siden

    I go to bed at 10 00 and I'm not a youtuber

  75. Pöncakæ

    Pöncakæ15 timer siden

    Notifications are on :D

  76. Derek Wolf

    Derek Wolf15 timer siden

    They call it a mo stet in the pond because... It’s a aligator

  77. Tallulah Talbott

    Tallulah Talbott15 timer siden

    I liked this movie

  78. Oculark

    Oculark15 timer siden

    Danny Gonzalez: New videos every second *C A P*

  79. Kitty Saya

    Kitty Saya15 timer siden

    One thing doesn't add up. How can they be purebred if there are no merman?

  80. Snail

    Snail15 timer siden

    We need to send a rescue team to bring spookly back to minecraft and away from these abusive vegetables

  81. Very Adorable Furret

    Very Adorable Furret15 timer siden

    i think the swat is the british FBI

  82. Laughing Taco

    Laughing Taco15 timer siden

    It’s funny because my friend is one of the side characters that isn’t really important but still it’s cool I guess

  83. Delilah Shea

    Delilah Shea15 timer siden

    why can't Hollywood leave Jack Grazers bones alone?

  84. Emerald PlayzRB

    Emerald PlayzRB15 timer siden

    Well can mermaids cure coronavirus? Idk but we gotta get us some mermaids to end the coronavirus

  85. Adriana Gallmeier

    Adriana Gallmeier15 timer siden

    The only time Bobby pins were "sharp" is during dance competitions and they literally stab your head because your hair isn't stable enough... and even then it wasn't that sharp oop

  86. Biggie Cheese

    Biggie Cheese15 timer siden

    These men just broke into dolphin mans house. He forgot to lock his door ad these men just came into his house

  87. karmas a devil

    karmas a devil15 timer siden

    This is what people do for a living.....

  88. Nieve Angeletti

    Nieve Angeletti15 timer siden

    "You're forgetting something... Your body is made of 65% water" has the same energy as that "actually, I'm 11, so shut the fuck up" vine

  89. zappuccino ・゚:

    zappuccino ・゚:15 timer siden

    I want to see a reverse bad boy challenge where they go from a “hot” bad boy, to a nerd lmao

  90. SPOON 89

    SPOON 8915 timer siden

    He looks like the son of Jake and Logan Paul, but he looks like he was dropped a couple of times

  91. Lindsey Dempsey

    Lindsey Dempsey15 timer siden

    the end though

  92. Qublex

    Qublex15 timer siden

    The Troxler effect is "peripheral fading" - when your eyes fixate on a certain point of an image for too long, everything your eyes aren't focused on starts disappearing. The Instagram account that said that isn't wrong. The fading can cause distortion to your face, resulting in some humanoid monster.

  93. Obed Schultz

    Obed Schultz15 timer siden

    22:45 beautiful, beautiful

  94. Josiah Young

    Josiah Young15 timer siden

    Shampoo shampoo let’s our hair

  95. Amber O'Neil

    Amber O'Neil15 timer siden

    I subscribed and have notifications on I'm greg

  96. Ghost 556

    Ghost 55615 timer siden

    General Shepard is acting like we are on a mission to stop makarov but he’s actually shooting me and roach

  97. j-joemama

    j-joemama15 timer siden

    In the beginning of their videos very fast it say it's fake in a disclaimer

  98. Maria Campos

    Maria Campos15 timer siden


  99. rachel chu

    rachel chu15 timer siden

    15:38 hugh jackman???!:2&@;

  100. Tala Keenan

    Tala Keenan15 timer siden

    i actually had a gym teacher like that -_-