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  1. Tarik C

    Tarik CTime siden

    OMG I'm so amazed I'm crying hes blind and look how good he is💓💓😭😭

  2. Skatts NDO

    Skatts NDOTime siden

    I hope the seconds guys mum sees that ...

  3. Crystalfury X

    Crystalfury XTime siden


  4. Fik Desta

    Fik DestaTime siden

    1912: I thought Ray Jessel was coming with another version of Theory of Relativity or trying to imitate me but not.

  5. Asteris Xatzhleontiadhs

    Asteris XatzhleontiadhsTime siden


  6. Elisha Ponty

    Elisha PontyTime siden

    You know what Mel. Here in the Philippines MELON ka lang 🤭😂

  7. jessica chhom

    jessica chhomTime siden

    GOD BLESS 😭💚😟

  8. Logic Pro For Life

    Logic Pro For Life2 timer siden

    Doubt there homeless anymore after this

  9. Judith Mitchell

    Judith Mitchell2 timer siden

    I'm not that into this one

  10. Xavier Yarroch

    Xavier Yarroch2 timer siden

    the first guy was amazing and Mel and the other girl just don’t have a good taste for music

  11. charlie ugly

    charlie ugly2 timer siden

    every one was perfect

  12. alemon22

    alemon222 timer siden


  13. sweet-like-hxney

    sweet-like-hxney2 timer siden

    Wait, is she twelve or eleven?

  14. charlie ugly

    charlie ugly2 timer siden

    the first one singing was beatiful

  15. Ashley Parham

    Ashley Parham2 timer siden


  16. nasos lahanas

    nasos lahanas2 timer siden

    Shin Lim proves that the ones who reveil the magic tricks are not doing bad but good. The great ones like him always go further and come up with new abilities. Even if someone explains how this is done Shin Lim is so fast and talented.

  17. GatchaLater!

    GatchaLater!2 timer siden

    When you can’t even do that with your mouth open 😂

  18. Karima Cuthbert

    Karima Cuthbert2 timer siden

    the homeless ones are most talented ones

  19. Eagle1

    Eagle12 timer siden

    Oh please, this is such bullshit. We're supposed to feel sorry for them and give them tons of money after they chose a life of not working, living off government money, taking drugs and probably stealing. Sorry, I don't buy it. Unsubscribed.

  20. Carmella Byrd

    Carmella Byrd2 timer siden

    Okay so Mel pissed me off with her comment for the first guy, and the second guy that got kicked out by his mom is heartbreaking. Like why not support your child’s dreams??? Look at him now 🙏🏽

  21. Ğ Ĕ M Ĩ Ń Ĩ

    Ğ Ĕ M Ĩ Ń Ĩ2 timer siden

    All this time I just realized Terry crews was behind the family..

  22. gggameing Squad

    gggameing Squad2 timer siden


  23. Keli Junior

    Keli Junior2 timer siden

    God please look down on your children and bless them. So beautiful and moving. Respect from my heart to all of these people.

  24. Lee Peek

    Lee Peek2 timer siden

    Ze 1st one is not homeless

  25. daniel lane

    daniel lane2 timer siden

    The old guy had me laughing the most

  26. UYC

    UYC2 timer siden

    They are all great but the first guy was amazing 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  27. ገrዶ ላይve

    ገrዶ ላይve2 timer siden

    The fifty one is look like albert enistein

  28. Deborah Kelley

    Deborah Kelley2 timer siden


  29. jessica ArmyBlink

    jessica ArmyBlink2 timer siden

    That was epic

  30. rosella Esther

    rosella Esther2 timer siden


  31. MrDavidelliottjr

    MrDavidelliottjr2 timer siden


  32. Hayat Malik

    Hayat Malik2 timer siden

    Love you BTS

  33. Kara Collins

    Kara Collins2 timer siden

    These judges Mel and that other idiot ... assholes.. what have they ever struggled for?? These rich a holes make me sick!!!

  34. Javonn Jones

    Javonn Jones2 timer siden

    I'm actually seeing people comment who's here in 2020 the video was posted 4 days in 2020

  35. Mikael Holmgren

    Mikael Holmgren2 timer siden

    So incredibly beautiful!

  36. DawnStar

    DawnStar2 timer siden

    I'm not crying,,,,,,

  37. JimmyJokerstreamer702

    JimmyJokerstreamer7022 timer siden

    Katy Perry looks stupid

  38. Javonn Jones

    Javonn Jones2 timer siden

    You know you did good when Simon defends you

  39. JimmyJokerstreamer702

    JimmyJokerstreamer7022 timer siden

    what a perfornance

  40. fairy spicy

    fairy spicy2 timer siden

    i hate how people always think dance has to be super explosive to count as eye catching and entertaining. true dancers and lovers of art will know that dance like this is so RAW and uncovers all types of emotions. they are many different styles of dance, not just the one with a bunch of flips and tricks and big movements.


    SALMAN KHAN FAN2 timer siden

    2nd guy make me cry😓😓😓

  42. Kara Collins

    Kara Collins2 timer siden

    That was awesome!!! Wow!!! Fantastic.. when a song can make you feel something inside it’s good...

  43. cellinie ali

    cellinie ali2 timer siden

    good dancers.. very

  44. Phylanda Brown

    Phylanda Brown2 timer siden


  45. jessica ArmyBlink

    jessica ArmyBlink2 timer siden

    Wow 😍😭

  46. joe sotelo

    joe sotelo2 timer siden

    I am trying to figure out Hidei and Spice girls real credentials here. Simmon is the most experience and capable one to give critique and honesty. Absolutely one of the purest and realest person to sing in the competition that Simon adored..

  47. jessica ArmyBlink

    jessica ArmyBlink2 timer siden

    I remember her from Germany's got Talent

  48. The rule maker

    The rule maker2 timer siden

    Mel B. : there is a difference between singing in the subway and the stage And i don't think you're quite there yet. Ofcooooourse , because in the subway the voice is pure No mic and no voice enhancer. Unlike you mel B , what you use in the stage is only pure shit. Autotune voice enhancer. Because You can't sing.

  49. Aka Txny

    Aka Txny3 timer siden

    That’s right Simon

  50. saruni James

    saruni James3 timer siden

    Simon lam Like u am Tanzania people welcome Tanzania if like American go talene touch like ok

  51. anaafi priscilla

    anaafi priscilla3 timer siden

    Yes I can do it 🙌🙌

  52. mayu Kalburgi

    mayu Kalburgi3 timer siden

    The Great "V Unbeatable" ✌

  53. George Williams

    George Williams3 timer siden

    Foolish people

  54. K Trill

    K Trill3 timer siden

    Heidi shouldn't even be allowed to have an opinion that first guy killed it

  55. wargrave tv

    wargrave tv3 timer siden

    Around the world its rare for a woman can mimic celine dions voice... damn he is a man with celine dions voice ameicas got talens is bias if he doesnt wins for sure

  56. Isabella Taylor

    Isabella Taylor3 timer siden

    Kodi is an inspiration❤❤😭😭

  57. Arone Persaud

    Arone Persaud3 timer siden

    Mel an an d other thing they call a judge the fine skunt need a dick in them stink mouth

  58. _mattyf157_ On IG

    _mattyf157_ On IG3 timer siden

    Number 5 🤣🤣🤣😱

  59. Tony Drizy

    Tony Drizy3 timer siden

    I now see why they won Poland got talent that performance was flawless and spectaculars.

  60. Quarks123

    Quarks1233 timer siden

    the number 3 tho. Never excpected that. Pure chills.

  61. Nagaraju Yenagandula

    Nagaraju Yenagandula3 timer siden

    Simon is correct

  62. EviethecracragirlXD

    EviethecracragirlXD3 timer siden

    The jukes are Horner all the two girls were spiking nonsense the 1 man was grate

  63. annabelle valak

    annabelle valak3 timer siden

    my favourite Zhavia love you mwah

  64. BandHful

    BandHful3 timer siden

    That first guy...HOLY SHIT 😯❤

  65. Laith Fadi

    Laith Fadi3 timer siden


  66. SuperLordoftheflies

    SuperLordoftheflies3 timer siden

    Boogie Storm getting Golden Buzzer ...The New 8th Wonders of the World Including Simon Cowell

  67. Alison Reid

    Alison Reid3 timer siden

    In Tears...WOW!!!!

  68. Atif Tak

    Atif Tak3 timer siden

    This Was Epic...

  69. NottoxicI Am toxic

    NottoxicI Am toxic3 timer siden


  70. Larry Bradley

    Larry Bradley3 timer siden

    I would have thought the first guy sang professionally at some point, his range and pitch are damn good!

  71. SG55HA TM

    SG55HA TM3 timer siden

    Simon is lile your dad but more honest

  72. sᴏғᴛʏsᴜɢᴀʀ

    sᴏғᴛʏsᴜɢᴀʀ3 timer siden

    The comments that, the female judges made are SOOO irrelevant 🙄

  73. Ashish Singh Sisodia

    Ashish Singh Sisodia3 timer siden

    Love u from India...paji cha Gaye tusi

  74. Sparky

    Sparky3 timer siden

    the ninth one reminded me of Napolion Dynamite

  75. Faze Dope

    Faze Dope3 timer siden

    I’m glad one of them has a and apartment

  76. Consuelo Castro

    Consuelo Castro4 timer siden

    Whit are? 2020...beautiful 👏👏👏❤!!!

  77. thequeensjester

    thequeensjester4 timer siden

    I wish I was Jeff Bezos rich. There wouldn't be any homelessness in this country. fuck this is awesome, yet sad.

  78. annabelle valak

    annabelle valak4 timer siden

    i think Zhavia should win cause her voice is like a enchanted flower sweet i wish she could win saaaaadddd

  79. Chimene Djousse

    Chimene Djousse4 timer siden

    We have to support our kids no matter what

  80. Chimene Djousse

    Chimene Djousse4 timer siden

    I hope his mon saw this

  81. dizzyplays123 x

    dizzyplays123 x4 timer siden

    Anyone British here

  82. Time master

    Time master4 timer siden

    When all my hope is lost and I feel I no longer have anyone ... Videos like this touches my soul and reconfirms that I'm not alone... Go visit/talk/forgive/get something nice for the ppl u love no matter what split u apart ... In this life they are a part of your family....

  83. Raggo

    Raggo4 timer siden

    Wow! Open tuning, flamenco, percussion on a classical piece! Can it become any better? No! :D

  84. Roy Johansen

    Roy Johansen4 timer siden

    Angelina fans check out the AGT channels . now It also is removed from Got Talent Global ??? You can still find her song on NO-gos and 120 + songs she have done from she was 7 years old 😊❤️❤️❤️

  85. James Leonard

    James Leonard4 timer siden

    Waste of time

  86. Clock World

    Clock World4 timer siden

    Her at 11: crying in happiness cause she got Simon cowls water Me at 11: crying cause I think the monster will get me once I’ve turns the light off in my bedroom running to my bed

  87. Giiing Ging

    Giiing Ging4 timer siden

    When he sang Simon just thought : I forgot to feed my dogs 🐕

  88. Esther Gonzales

    Esther Gonzales4 timer siden

    Wow i loved the first contestant he sang so beautiful loved his voice I hope he made till the end he was very talented. And the 2nd contestant Alonzo Jones it broke my heart when he said he was homeless I wanted to squeeze thru my screen so I could go give him a big hug and tell him everything was going to be alright that he was going to be famous!! Loved his dance he was so good I also hope he made it to the top including the first contestant they deserved it. Those two were my favorites.

  89. elie Saliba

    elie Saliba4 timer siden


  90. Erbakan Fasya

    Erbakan Fasya4 timer siden

    I like she style ❤️❤️❤️

  91. mb crandell

    mb crandell4 timer siden


  92. Tawfiq Maktabi

    Tawfiq Maktabi4 timer siden

    حقا رائعة ذو الشعر الطويل الأشقر يا الإلهي 💙🔥✌️

  93. Queen Marie

    Queen Marie4 timer siden


  94. Nora Olson

    Nora Olson4 timer siden

    Her voice is great to me I love her 🥺😍🥰

  95. Koblavi Mensah

    Koblavi Mensah4 timer siden

    Wooooow wooooow!! What a voice!!

  96. Ryan Grimshaw

    Ryan Grimshaw4 timer siden

    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooòoooooòooooooooòooooooooooòooooooooooooòoooooooooooooooòooookoooooooookkkkooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooioiookkiokkkokoooooooooooooooooooooooooookkkkkkpooooooooooooo I didn't mean to do the k's,p's and I but I did meen to put the wow acawooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiioioooooooooooooooioooooooooooooooooooooooow

  97. Lyn Jones

    Lyn Jones4 timer siden

    Did not agree with Howie they were elegant and sophisticated as Alesha said they cannot be compared to V. Unbeatable totally different styles im really disappointed in Howie it seems there is no room for anything other than back flips and fast moving dance such a shame xx not impressed with Simon either!!!

  98. Juliet Nwatarali

    Juliet Nwatarali4 timer siden

    This is real amazing talent, as long as there is life there is always hope!

  99. Lashea Arrington

    Lashea Arrington5 timer siden

    If Simon said it's the real deal then all that matters I think he did awesome ♥️ as well