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We Made Star Wars R-Rated
Someone Shot our new TV!
360° Camera on a Racing Drone!
We Made Home Alone R-Rated
We Made Marvel R-Rated

We Made Marvel R-Rated

4 måneder siden



4 måneder siden

We Fixed John Wick's Gun FX
We Built a REAL Guillotine!
This Camera Changes Everything!
Electric Skateboard Jousting
Paint Drying in Slow Motion
Slow Mo Ice & Fire @ 1000fps
10 Vlogs in 10 Minutes!

10 Vlogs in 10 Minutes!

9 måneder siden

This E-Bike Will Run on BLOOD
Man vs Flood

Man vs Flood

10 måneder siden

We Made a Deal with Logan Paul
Chopstick Hands for 24hrs

Chopstick Hands for 24hrs

10 måneder siden

  1. Burton Williams

    Burton Williams13 minutter siden


  2. Strawbérry Milk

    Strawbérry Milk20 minutter siden

    I was really young when Lawnmower Man came out. It scared the poops out of me so bad, I couldn't watch it again until I was much older. He was horrific in the VR world!

  3. Abhi Reddy

    Abhi Reddy38 minutter siden CAN U REACT TO THIS

  4. Mr. Banana

    Mr. Banana39 minutter siden

    Ya and the basketball doesn’t look real til it’s a foot away from the hoop

  5. Sammy Jack

    Sammy Jack42 minutter siden

    You should do a stuntmen reacts on Christmas chronicles car chase scene

  6. pako 1

    pako 144 minutter siden

    Donnie Yen impersonator challenge?

  7. armagedonbruiser PS4

    armagedonbruiser PS446 minutter siden


  8. PIE Files of the Paranormal

    PIE Files of the Paranormal47 minutter siden

    You guys will pull a my dad (almost cut off leg by chainsaw recoil and shoot these fingers into the on next to the pinky ✌️so be careful nailguns and chainsaws are a nono I’ll add when he gets hit by a circ...... HE FICKING HAS I SAW IT THE I gotta go be careful don’t lose a limb

  9. Никита Шеховцов

    Никита Шеховцов50 minutter siden

    Dismantle russian superhero movies GUARDIANS(2017), especially look at a bear with a machine gun.

  10. SunsetStars

    SunsetStars52 minutter siden

    Ghost Rider?

  11. Daniel Garcia

    Daniel Garcia54 minutter siden

    Can you react to the CGI Helicopters in Skyfall at the 80 min mark? I can't believe they used CGI helicopters, they look so out of place and, for me, ruin that whole part of the movie. They put a train through a tunnel, but CGI'd the heli's...... doesn't make sense

  12. Black GRF

    Black GRF56 minutter siden

    please do a reaction on kengan ashura

  13. Daryl Walmsley

    Daryl WalmsleyTime siden


  14. freakbag556

    freakbag556Time siden

    The golden boy? Oh you mean my nightmare stalker.

  15. Castor

    CastorTime siden

    I wanna hear what you think of Disney's Star Wars.

  16. Rusty XVX

    Rusty XVXTime siden

    Idk van damme for the splits

  17. oscar broberg

    oscar brobergTime siden

    Would love to see your take on the Daemons and polar bears in His Dark Materials, would be cool to see a comparison with the Golden Compass as well!

  18. Stephen Marcotte

    Stephen MarcotteTime siden

    Wren an app called stovi video editor is stealing your content from your video were you made fire appear in your hand and one more video

  19. PIE Files of the Paranormal

    PIE Files of the ParanormalTime siden


  20. Marshal Entertainments

    Marshal EntertainmentsTime siden

    Imagine RED sending few of their monsters for giveaways as they are using the RED cameras...

  21. Jess Hart

    Jess HartTime siden

    No. He is the One.

  22. ガイ・フェルナルニ

    ガイ・フェルナルニTime siden

    Jed E

  23. Brussel Sprout

    Brussel SproutTime siden

    An app called Stovi is promoting itself on tik tok by saying that their app can do the effects that wren had in his videos

  24. Brayden Dixon

    Brayden DixonTime siden

    can you guys pleeassee do the incredible hulk 2008 version the vinal fight scene between the hulk and abmonation

  25. Dallas Wayne

    Dallas WayneTime siden

    A cool but maybe simple scene is the first chair scene in Total Recall (2012). The camera does some pretty cool slingshot movements around the room.

  26. MagicalCheerios

    MagicalCheeriosTime siden

    REACT TO FBE LIL MIKAYLA, OR JUST TO HER The uncanny valley was so bad

  27. Lucas Santilli

    Lucas SantilliTime siden

    A year later I'm here asking who got the job... Anyone?

  28. Lotus

    LotusTime siden

    Lmao just fashion some grabber on a pruner pole and don't break your back falling.

  29. lizard LTD

    lizard LTDTime siden

    11:39 did you use blender? Don't you use cinema 4d?

  30. Collin Hagerty

    Collin HagertyTime siden

    Please take a look at the music video Through Glass from Stone Sour.

  31. PIE Files of the Paranormal

    PIE Files of the Paranormal2 timer siden

    How to train your freindon

  32. T. Crown

    T. Crown2 timer siden

    the 11:46 montage is wonderful

  33. nicola lazzaro

    nicola lazzaro2 timer siden

    Pirates of the carribean Van helsing ( werewolf trasformation , final fight, village fight) Necropolis

  34. Rohan Asudani

    Rohan Asudani2 timer siden

    React to the bollywood movie Half-Girlfriend where 'Bill Gates' made an 'appearance' 😂

  35. hunterswine

    hunterswine2 timer siden


  36. Jackie McCourt

    Jackie McCourt2 timer siden

    Can you please make Harry Potter rated r

  37. Lyndi Wittmann

    Lyndi Wittmann2 timer siden

    The boar doesn't have enough weight to him when he interacts with the ground, that drives me insane. It's the biggest giveaway for me now that they're doing fur and skin so well.

  38. STR4NG3R

    STR4NG3R2 timer siden

    I watched lawnmowerman when it came out and found it groundbreaking in the FX, but still dwarfed by Jurassic Park, which I also watched when it came out.

  39. Pot Ate Toe

    Pot Ate Toe2 timer siden

    You are far from being as good as ctrl+shift+face

  40. mattronimus

    mattronimus2 timer siden hit a rock like the ones in the background.

  41. Miggle XP

    Miggle XP2 timer siden

    Shin Godzilla, Godzilla (2014) and Godzilla king of monsters

  42. Vincent

    Vincent2 timer siden

    Theoretical physicists believe that there are at least 11 different dimensions in existence, and that there are multi verse alternate reality, many universes all existing within the same space and time. Yet, these universes are all invisible and do not interact with one another. So there are many different versions of you. How is this possible? Well, if matter is mostly empty space, and every atom is vibrating in sync with every other atom in our reality, and an alternate Universes atoms are vibrating at a completely different frequency different then our reality, then because both are composed of mostly empty space, then they would both appear invisible to the other, and since they are existing within completely different frequencies in the spectrum, they do not interfere with each other. This is considered a very real possibility by theoretical physicists. So what is my point? Well, according to Elon Musk, we are most likely living inside of a simulation, a Matrix like reality inside of a computer from a more advanced civilization. So in a computer hard drive, you can have 2 video games written onto the same disk, hell you can have thousands of video games all written onto the same disk, and no game is aware of any other games existence, within the same space that their reality is founded on. And if this hard drive is organic, then there is a possibility that a character from 1 reality can cross over to another reality within the same organic hard drive. And if that character has more detail, more abilities and follows different laws of physics, then it doesn't have to obay the rules of our simulation, then to us it would appear as supernatural or magical creature, like a ghost, a vampire, an angel or a god. My point is this, if we are living in a simulation, then outer space doesn't actually exist, and NASA is studying simulated dots above the clouds, and they might not even be suns like they tell us in school. They might all have it completely wrong. The Earth isn't round or flat, it just doesn't exist at all. If it's all a simulation, then anything is possible. So why would you make fun of someone for wanting to believe something that you disagree with about how our reality is, when the whole time you are both wrong. It isn't round or flat, it's not even real. There is no space, it's just a giant Christmas light simulation, there is no iron molten core at the center of the Earth, there is actually nothing down there, and there is nothing above our heads, just Christmas lights. The question is inside of a simulation what's easier to render, a round Earth or a flat Earth? Which of the 2 takes up more computer processing power? Because whichever is easier to render in real time, is most likely the simulated shape of the Earth.

  43. Trees Astin

    Trees Astin2 timer siden

    The opening scene from season 3 episode 1 of stranger things

  44. Miguel Rodriguez

    Miguel Rodriguez2 timer siden

    Revisit the bad cgi in the captain America the first avenger!

  45. Buggs Justice

    Buggs Justice2 timer siden


  46. Eli Owens

    Eli Owens2 timer siden

    Could you guys do the first Jumanji please?

  47. James Copeland

    James Copeland2 timer siden

    Hollow Man!

  48. Bretonc7

    Bretonc72 timer siden

    Every movie, every VFX artist goes under rated and people have no idea..... Sad....... Why do we not see best VFX artists at the awards??

  49. Edgar

    Edgar2 timer siden

    does he impersonate Ben Stiller, too? 😂 not a fan of TC, but this was fun to watch.

  50. Osama Ned

    Osama Ned2 timer siden


  51. Retro Millennials

    Retro Millennials2 timer siden

    Honestly speaking, I enjoyed "The Lawnmower Man" back when it came out. I was a child when it came out and recall it being a bit spooky in concept at the time. Totally forgot that Pierce Brosnan was the star. Wow.

  52. Aegis Enforcer

    Aegis Enforcer2 timer siden

    Tron Legacy, please... Please, react to Tron Legacy...

  53. Nikbrickk [B's Gaming]

    Nikbrickk [B's Gaming]2 timer siden

    ahaahaa the chopper drive by got me.


    POCKET LINT2 timer siden

    do a review of beast wars XD

  55. Ethan Hewson

    Ethan Hewson3 timer siden

    Have you done any scenes from the lord of the rings or the hobbit? I couldn't find it in the series

  56. Andy Martello

    Andy Martello3 timer siden

    Really waiting for a reaction to The Irishman

  57. Brent Lockhart

    Brent Lockhart3 timer siden

    do some TV shows like REBOOT and beast wars

  58. Himanshu Balani

    Himanshu Balani3 timer siden

    Do VFX artists react to Ant Man and Wasp's Wasp "Blade Runner" scene. Please it's going over my head.

  59. Ethan Hewson

    Ethan Hewson3 timer siden

    yay ANDREW!!!

  60. duncan rmi

    duncan rmi3 timer siden

    niko, you should explain how those weller TCP soldering irons work.... the thing that switches the element on & off to control the temperature is a switch on a spring down the centre of the element, & the switch is held on by a magnet in the end of the tip. when the iron heats up & passes the magnet's "curie point", the magnet lets go & the element cools down. after a while, the magnet is strong enough to switch it back on again. the genius of this idea is being able to get different tips that operate at different temperatures, depending how strong of a magnet they're fitted with. but why does the laptop need 19.5V?

  61. Michael Espina

    Michael Espina3 timer siden

    Regarding Lawnmower Man, The VFX was representing what was achievable in virtual reality at the time. It is not a representation of realism or great VFX. At the time, virtual reality engines were only able to do so much and were limited when it came to visuals.

  62. Skizane

    Skizane3 timer siden

    CORRIDOR GUYS! Please check out a movie from the 90's called Dark City. You won't regret it. :-)

  63. ChunkNorbis

    ChunkNorbis3 timer siden

    Sounded like they said “is that Johnny sins” at 12:55

  64. boatboys productions

    boatboys productions3 timer siden

    at the time 3.12 jake sade mine 10 push ups boi he sed he had my gun

  65. Beck

    Beck3 timer siden

    Tron 1982 lightcycle battle scene.

  66. J.r.L

    J.r.L3 timer siden


  67. Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel Rodriguez3 timer siden

    Are nick and niko really brothers?

  68. Mike Choe

    Mike Choe3 timer siden

    Why does Jarret look like a mix between Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters

  69. Jason Smith

    Jason Smith3 timer siden

    Probably should work in movies, their cgi is more convincing.

  70. HysteriCool

    HysteriCool3 timer siden


  71. Alexander Ph

    Alexander Ph3 timer siden

    the 1 shot WW1 movie 1917!!

  72. ᓍᕵ

    ᓍᕵ3 timer siden

    Pams labyrinth

  73. NoFacedGoldfish

    NoFacedGoldfish3 timer siden

    2:32... "He touched me..."

  74. Tony Mota

    Tony Mota3 timer siden

    I wanna see an obi-wan-kenobi impersonation battle

  75. Jayvee Tino

    Jayvee Tino3 timer siden

    CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS "Superman Vs. Superman"

  76. CrunchyFrog

    CrunchyFrog3 timer siden

    I was in university in the 1990s when 'The Lawnmower Man' came out. I didn't watch it in theaters in 1992 though, I discovered it in a video rental store (remember VHS video tapes?) some years later in the mid-90s and because I'm a Cyberpunk fan, I rented it. Well... the movie was a pile of crap even back then. Both the writing and the effects. Even in the context of 1990s-level CGI and video games, it was cringy. 'The Lawnmower Man' was just one of a whole wave of "Virtual Reality/Cyberspace"-themed B-list movies that came out a decade after 'TRON' (1982) which were all forgettable. They rode on the hype of the first wave of "omg virtual reality l33t!" at a time when the first clunky Virtual Reality booth and helmets appeared at video game fairs (like the Essen SPIEL games trade fair here in Germany) as a kind of novel arcade game, but the majority of people had only vaguely heard of "the Internet". But why Lawnmower Man got funding for not just a movie sequel but also two video game sequels, I will never understand. The 'Matrix' trilogy finally put the Virtual Reality subgenre of Cyberpunk into the mainstream. In contrast to it, Cyberpunk movies like Ridley Scott's 'Blade Runner' (1982) on the one hand, Paul Verhoeven's brilliant 'RoboCop' (1987), and the original 'Ghost in the Shell' (1995) anime movie and its TV series and sequels, each practically defined their respective dystopian subgenres of Cyberpunk that did not focus on virtual cyberspace. A criminally underrated Cyberpunk movie, IMO, is 'Johnny Mnemonic' (1995); back then it got flamed a lot, mostly by rabid fanboys of the novels, but the movie nailed the "streetrunner mercenary in an urban sprawl" Cyberpunk atmosphere that spawned pen-n-paper RPGs _Shadowrun_ and _Cyberpunk 2020_ . A brilliant VR-Cyberpunk movie from the 1990s was the French/Italien 'Nirvana' (1997) starring Christopher Lambert from _Highlander_ fame, but sadly it seems to be almost unknown because it wasn't a Hollywood production. And probably one of the most bizarre Cyberpunk movies was David Cronenberg's 'eXistenZ' (1999) starring Jude Law; I would define its subgenre as "Biotech-Cyberpunk", but it does not focus on genetic modifications of people but on organic tech neuro-interfaces.

  77. J. G. Goedtke

    J. G. Goedtke3 timer siden

    0:25 Cool! You guys are from Minnesota? I can say from my personal experience that it is indeed a great state... Minnesota needs a strong film community to go with it's thriving theater and music sectors.

  78. Captain Crunch

    Captain Crunch4 timer siden

    Lawnmower man was super cool when it came out, the plot was bizarre but the effects looked neat.

  79. koth

    koth4 timer siden

    Look at the dinosaur VFX in The Tree of Life

  80. Fish _

    Fish _4 timer siden

    had to watch lord of war for a class, and this intro burned into my memory

  81. Aman Naikwar

    Aman Naikwar4 timer siden

    Please review music video CGI, eg: Travis Scott's Sicko mode.

  82. Tedd Ove Andersen

    Tedd Ove Andersen4 timer siden

    Lawnmover man was scary when it was out....... but i was young back then too :P

  83. Abbey Duffel

    Abbey Duffel4 timer siden

    Sharkboy and Lavagirl has near criminal level CGI

  84. koth

    koth4 timer siden

    Look at The Irishman VFX

  85. Direkin

    Direkin4 timer siden

    I remember The Lawnmower Man when it came out. I recall thinking even back then that the CG was quite terrible.

  86. Annabella Amalfitano

    Annabella Amalfitano4 timer siden


  87. Cloakelectronics

    Cloakelectronics4 timer siden

    100% Awesome!! We Want more!!!!!

  88. Spoon Lord

    Spoon Lord4 timer siden

    If you guys wanna go a little international, theres a big brother show to power rangers in japan called "kamen rider" there's A LOT of seasons and a lot bad cgi whenever theres a big monster fight. I'd like to see it get some recognition of it in the west

  89. Jonathan Hernandez

    Jonathan Hernandez4 timer siden

    I saw Lawnmower Man on VHS when I was a kid, you young whippersnappers. The FX were not good at that time per se, but then VR was a new wonky idea that was hard to visualize and depict. I think it was meant to be dreamlike but also futuristic and "cyber"

  90. Cody Vibbart

    Cody Vibbart4 timer siden

    Hollow Man.. Hollow Man..Hollow Man

  91. AlolanVulpix

    AlolanVulpix4 timer siden

    Question: how does a like a 2 millimeter bullet explode a head?

  92. Lukas Muler

    Lukas Muler4 timer siden

    Lol you simply cannot take indians seriously

  93. popeye697

    popeye6974 timer siden

    Lawnmower man was cutting edge when it came out. I used to love the virtual world they created for the movie. Looks pretty terrible now though.

  94. Grayson Timm

    Grayson Timm4 timer siden

    Battle of Hoth!!! Empire strikes back

  95. Allison Mann

    Allison Mann4 timer siden

    Godzilla '98 finally getting the credit it deserves!

  96. Vincent

    Vincent4 timer siden

    I can't believe you guys sold out to Paramount pictures to say that the special effects for Gemini Man looks good. Are you blind? Or did you just get paid? It looks completely fake! I couldn't get into the movie, because it felt like an uncanny valley cartoon. They should put young Will in the movie Cats, at least they belong in the same uncanny Universe. Let's start off with the lighting, young Will is glowing, in the dark scenes. And his skin is way to smooth, a lot smoother that the French Prince of Bellaire. The movements looked completely fake. There was nothing believable about the fight scene in the catacombs dungeon. There was no Dragons! And why the hell, was young Will always sad and about to cry? His eyebrows were stuck in sad mode, like a scared little puppy looking for him Mommie. Young Will in real life jokes around even when he's serious. This CGI Will had no personality. Terminator 2 had more of a personality. They should have just used deep fake Technology and put 100 million dollars into that instead, they could have sold their new deep fake technology. Then it would have looked a lot more real, and they would have made a lot more money. Instead they lost $80 million dollars and only made $50 million back out of $130 million that they spent. Or did they really spent that much, or did they pocket that much money? The director for Gemini Man and the Hulk, he tries to do things, when the Technology isn't ready for it yet. Maybe that was his only real goal. It wasn't to make money, it was to make something revolutionary. Well Sir, mission failed. It looks fake af! I expected more from Will Smith, after he took 2Pacs girl. Quick Question? Why does old Will Smity look like he's going to cry in all his new movies now? Ever since he did Handcock, which by the way is a perverted ass name. Hand cock. But anyways, in that movie, he was depressed, then he made in the persuit of happiness, and in that movie he was depressed. So now he's depressed in all his movies? Why??? Bro, just stop acting of you're going to be depressed all the damn time. Do you ever laugh, joke around and be happy anymore in your movies?

  97. Geordan Lemon

    Geordan Lemon4 timer siden

    7:20 *MICROWAVE* Oh, he's out

  98. JerseyRick77

    JerseyRick774 timer siden

    Please react to Battle Los Angeles. I know a lot of people didn't like it but I love this movie!!

  99. Shrapnel Gaming

    Shrapnel Gaming4 timer siden

    That’s crazy. Just the other day I was watching this movie and I had to pause it because I thought I recognized Nick in that scene. Same with the little mummies. I thought that’s what Nick would look like impersonating a lemur. Cool.