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Måned siden

We Made Star Wars R-Rated
Someone Shot our new TV!

Someone Shot our new TV!

4 måneder siden

360° Camera on a Racing Drone!
We Made Home Alone R-Rated
We Made Marvel R-Rated

We Made Marvel R-Rated

8 måneder siden



8 måneder siden

We Fixed John Wick's Gun FX
We Built a REAL Guillotine!
Cmike Says Goodbye After 5 Years
This Camera Changes Everything!
  1. Luke Bailey

    Luke Bailey54 minutter siden

    React to the CG in the Harry Potter Films Compare Dobby from the 2nd film to Dobby in the last films The Knight Bus Wand Fights etc

  2. SaltyMantis266

    SaltyMantis26658 minutter siden

    Where is my pan?!

  3. Malia McLaughlin

    Malia McLaughlin59 minutter siden

    The title is misleading.

  4. quirijn du bois

    quirijn du boisTime siden


  5. Agaaz Khan

    Agaaz KhanTime siden

    React to your own CGI

  6. Lifeagain2123

    Lifeagain2123Time siden

    Click bait. Sucked ass.

  7. NotyouraverageFish

    NotyouraverageFishTime siden

    You guys should check out the astartes short videos here on YT!

  8. Jacob Barnes

    Jacob BarnesTime siden

    Could you do a movie breakdown of 1914 and bloodshot?

  9. DekaBit

    DekaBitTime siden

    im also scared of spider... and once me and my friend did a sleep over.. they freaking glued Spiders all around the house and on the ceiling one really realistic... i cant believe i actually survived that nightmare

  10. Isaac Thomas

    Isaac ThomasTime siden

    Where’s Niko’s dream gun?


    WPE GAMINGTime siden

    10:25 it's tollywood

  12. shiva limbu

    shiva limbuTime siden

    Make in crime story jacket movie

  13. KevCraft

    KevCraftTime siden

    The giant penny says "In Dog We Trust"


    ASHOK BHUYANTime siden

    these are old films

  15. senthi kumar

    senthi kumarTime siden

    Hi guys can you please explain which effects n technology are used in tamil movie ABURVA SAGOTHARARGAL and MICHAEL MADHANA KAMARAJAN both are actor kamalhassan movies released before 90's


    MYSTIC KNIGHT 23Time siden

    Do vfx for avatar or Star Trek 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  17. PoHiEnSiGh ErTiGyVe

    PoHiEnSiGh ErTiGyVeTime siden

    React to: Man falls down the stairs forever! Video

  18. KanishK Choudhary

    KanishK ChoudharyTime siden

    This is tollywood not Bollywood lol😂😂

  19. barry muldano

    barry muldanoTime siden

    They aren't 50 caliber guns they're are 16"/50 caliber barrels. Very different thing.

  20. Rahul Raut

    Rahul RautTime siden

    Two cameras day

  21. amitha vikram

    amitha vikramTime siden

    Thanks for watching india

  22. minglefrog

    minglefrogTime siden

    Guys, this is IMPORTANT. There's a company called Dreamz who is using Corridor's SUPERMAN GOPRO video, thumbs up so they can see!

  23. gamer dude 6000

    gamer dude 6000Time siden

    What happens when you pop the water ball

  24. Warrant Division

    Warrant DivisionTime siden

    Charred Jar Binks FTW!!!!

  25. Edgarcito _04

    Edgarcito _04Time siden

    React to The Boys 2019 the serie

  26. Alexy Rajeev

    Alexy RajeevTime siden

    Ambala lol 🤣🤣🤣 stay calm and sing... Ambala ambala ambala 😂😂😂

  27. Andre Lemon

    Andre LemonTime siden

    How about annalise short fan film Astartes?

  28. Noel Herbert

    Noel HerbertTime siden

    They've got to breakdown all the fight and chase scenes from the Jason Bourne series!

  29. SpiritOfObama

    SpiritOfObama2 timer siden

    @Tea Garía Villa no one reply look at the number

  30. The Virtual Machine

    The Virtual Machine2 timer siden

    check out the VFX of the movie '2.0'

  31. —FizlyDaBear—

    —FizlyDaBear—2 timer siden

    Is it just me or does Clint look a bit like Gordon Freeman

  32. Mr. Anus

    Mr. Anus2 timer siden

    The long fight scene from Luke Cage, where he's moving through the Gangsters holdout. Love this series btw.

  33. galani urvish

    galani urvish2 timer siden

    dumbest film industry = BOLLYWOOD

  34. Akhil Akhi

    Akhil Akhi2 timer siden

    Show us some of ur works and lets see!!

  35. Arkie Barkie

    Arkie Barkie2 timer siden

    That's actually him and never noticed

  36. Aaaa Haelp

    Aaaa Haelp2 timer siden

    I can imagine going to see a serious WWI documentary and getting a musical about seagulls

  37. Scuba Steve

    Scuba Steve2 timer siden

    Yall should review the 1959 ben hur movie and a roman guard was run over by a chariot in the circus maximus that wasn't supposed to

  38. The Computer

    The Computer2 timer siden

    yes I know it's late but you should do star wars that when the death star gets blow up and put little sceams and blood or what ever

  39. MjolnirMarkV

    MjolnirMarkV2 timer siden

    For the next VFX Artists React, do Resident Evil: Afterlife specifically, 11:30-11:45 where the pair of Alice clones jump down a shaft. Mila Jovovich's face is poorly pasted on to the stuntperson's heads and looks hilarious

  40. coolguyhino92

    coolguyhino922 timer siden

    Yea. Sure. Not like Erika is one of the most beautiful people, like, ever. Right?

  41. Benji Riley

    Benji Riley2 timer siden

    I just realized Zoe Saldana is in the two most grossing films of all time

  42. Mohammad bin ashraf

    Mohammad bin ashraf2 timer siden

    when i see a picture i think it is on my skin and going into my ear

  43. Studio 322

    Studio 3222 timer siden

    "There is clipping on the glove"... oh nooo!

  44. Sir Deadpool

    Sir Deadpool2 timer siden

    I seriously thought That couch intro was from a movie scene

  45. Shadow The Great

    Shadow The Great2 timer siden

    Astartes part 5

  46. arhino1d

    arhino1d2 timer siden

    Nikobaby xD


    MAHIR ASIF2 timer siden

    Man they work more harder than what i thought

  48. Stas

    Stas2 timer siden

    You should do Hardcore Henry- a Russian action movie shot in first person. It’s pretty wild

  49. Máté Nyujtó

    Máté Nyujtó2 timer siden

    Did you guys see the 'T-34' movie (i know the film is not english, but it has a subtitle), If not, can you check out how reailistic the tank fights was in the movie? I think it was mind blowingly good. Keep doing what your doing!!

  50. Anup H.

    Anup H.2 timer siden

    that break down of the yen and li fight scene is great...always thought it was really interesting to make it short but the dream version long so her explanation makes so much sense.

  51. Filippo Righetti

    Filippo Righetti2 timer siden

  52. Filippo Righetti

    Filippo Righetti2 timer siden

  53. dwalta7

    dwalta72 timer siden

    Okay, Lawnmower Man. I remember thinking the effects were good, for what it was. He wasn’t trying to be a person in the real world with a digital body. He was in a digital realm at the level that a digital realm would be in the very early nineties. So for the movie it worked. However, at the time I wasn’t into this movie or computer effects because it just didn’t matter to me, I was happy with the old way of suspending reality during effects shots of movies. The effects in this movie reminded me of this video that played in a loop at my local Radio Shack. It was a digital film where you were flying through this virtual world with spirals and colors and landscapes that were computer generated. I’m sure people that were high or really into computers thought it was awesome.

  54. The Arts of Save

    The Arts of Save2 timer siden

    Please do a reaction to Van Helsing 2004 movie !! Thank’s from Rome !!

  55. Lance Joven Oreta

    Lance Joven Oreta2 timer siden

    11:44 look at Nick's armpits

  56. Kristofer Dahl

    Kristofer Dahl2 timer siden

    I'll put the request here again for you guys: ED-209 test failure scene, overlaid with a CG ED209 that looks better then the stopmotion model!

  57. Dat_Guy34

    Dat_Guy342 timer siden

    fortnite chapter 2 season 2 foreshadowing... talking of midas.

  58. Nalín Prem Rajaram

    Nalín Prem Rajaram2 timer siden

    Could you look through the captain america: civil war coolest fight scenes pls?

  59. Tasman River

    Tasman River2 timer siden

    I’m sorry to say but it’s really unrealistic in the first place to even see the muzzle flash over And over especially with an automatic gun

  60. Deepika Bhutyal

    Deepika Bhutyal2 timer siden

    Hey guys please make a video on Bollywood blockbuster war(2019) please please

  61. MrHendrix17

    MrHendrix172 timer siden

    "I know Jackie Chan cites Buster Keaton as one of his inspirations" Shows shot of Harold Lloyd

  62. Kevin Myrick

    Kevin Myrick2 timer siden

    You should do the "epic" battle between the military and tomatoes in Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and the last battle in rambo last blood

  63. 765 lb squat

    765 lb squat2 timer siden

    Why does she sound like she has been pounding cock down her throat 10 hrs a day for years? What a whore

  64. Hyrum Silva

    Hyrum Silva3 timer siden

    The final fight in Ong Bak 2 please!

  65. SOoRAj

    SOoRAj3 timer siden

    most awaited video

  66. Dr. Smashforce

    Dr. Smashforce3 timer siden

    Please react to deadpool

  67. TheUltim8 Apple

    TheUltim8 Apple3 timer siden

    Get a bunch of stuntmen to react to the dudesons and johnny knoxville and them. Its not hollywood but the stunts they do are legit hits.

  68. Hritik Jain

    Hritik Jain3 timer siden

    I need that bass tune

  69. Noah Mcguigan

    Noah Mcguigan3 timer siden

    They should react to the telltale walking dead videogame seasons one and two VFX

  70. DJ DarkGift

    DJ DarkGift3 timer siden

    Someone Needs To Do A "Viewers React To Overpriced Apparel" Video. I think that the worst line you can add in there is that the store is stocked back up, obviously, you're doing runs of merch so anyone with a half a brain can do a little research to see what the unit cost of that stuff is. I get it that you have to keep the lights on and shit but isn't that what your business charges actual FX customers for? Hell, I'd love to pick up the $25 beanie, especially now that summer is just around the corner. I think it would be cheaper to just clip the logo and get a shirt printed from Custom Ink. Someone has to be the voice of the out of work and barely scraping by public sector. LMFAO. Just #MyThreeCents. Hope ya'll are hanging in there and staying safe. As usual, my comments are always more sarcastic in thought and meant to help others crack a smile. Another great vid as usual, love the ones lately with Amy, She Rocks.

  71. jo Salim

    jo Salim3 timer siden

    Is it still trend in 2015 movie? ,, seeing that unbelieveable scene,, yeah , i talked about police chillin on the car 10.28


    SURAJ SOLANKI3 timer siden

    Reaction on ryan reynolds's & jake gyllenhaal's LIFE 2017 MOVIE

  73. Mostafizur Rahman Alif

    Mostafizur Rahman Alif3 timer siden

    You are talking too fast

  74. Jeevan Patnaik

    Jeevan Patnaik3 timer siden

    Hey guys... Can you react to Fan movie this movie, Sharukh khan acts both as Sharukh Khan and also as Sharukh Khan's fan

  75. SamsOn YT

    SamsOn YT3 timer siden

    Love death robots

  76. Dave Handelman

    Dave Handelman3 timer siden

    That Carrie derpfake is SOOOOO MUCH BETTER!!!

  77. SK Venom

    SK Venom3 timer siden

    South movies very funny 🤣

  78. retro gaming in 21st century

    retro gaming in 21st century3 timer siden

    bruh silo has a glock on a drone

  79. Soumalya Ghosh

    Soumalya Ghosh3 timer siden

    In the next bollywood react video you guys should react to the film 2.0

  80. Gurunathan Govindhan

    Gurunathan Govindhan3 timer siden

    Looking for more vfx artists react, though its shut down!!!! Try doing it more on Indian films!

  81. Charlene Sutton

    Charlene Sutton3 timer siden

    Do the kingsman secret service g the church fight is gonna be weird

  82. Glenn Hasle

    Glenn Hasle3 timer siden

    SO MANY CUTS in theese clips tumbs down, sorry dude

  83. moulay hicham enaouaoui

    moulay hicham enaouaoui3 timer siden

    who cread the after effcet is that him zak king

  84. Gilo Grant

    Gilo Grant3 timer siden

    Legend will never die ,2pac is a legend.

  85. sumit darwade

    sumit darwade3 timer siden

    You should check alter channel on NO-gos ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  86. beedsj roiue

    beedsj roiue3 timer siden

    Amy should be a recurring character who comes in and just murders everyone on set. In a skit of course.

  87. SneakyShrub34

    SneakyShrub343 timer siden

    What about 1 trillio-

  88. Aditya Verma

    Aditya Verma3 timer siden

    Please react to indian ramayan 1985

  89. Galaxy Gamer

    Galaxy Gamer3 timer siden

    The campaign intro animaton from "Titanfall 2" it looks really nice, but im curious on how it's done.

  90. Vinodh Arun Kumar Rajamani

    Vinodh Arun Kumar Rajamani3 timer siden

    Please do one on Apoorva Sagodharargal.. That film was made way back in 1989



    🔥🔥🔥🔥 🥇🥇🥇trending🥇🥇🥇 1:54 ❤💕💕 👇 👇 👇🔥

  92. satriyowicak

    satriyowicak3 timer siden

    Wow that handgun is awesome in full auto mode, also with unlimited magz

  93. sakurafan771

    sakurafan7713 timer siden

    Lol, I love when this girl is the guess.

  94. Rooshan chhetri

    Rooshan chhetri3 timer siden

    overacting ka 50 ruppe kat

  95. Naga Manikandan Venkatajalapathy

    Naga Manikandan Venkatajalapathy3 timer siden

    Do Aslan's death scene from the First Narnia

  96. stainedname

    stainedname3 timer siden

    that trick is called a Coleman on longboarding. usually, there are slide gloves though.

  97. Oystobix

    Oystobix3 timer siden

    Scene Suggestion: I know you did the Gandalf vs Balrog scene, but can you please do it whilst they are falling and fighting through Moria please!

  98. Patrick Long

    Patrick Long3 timer siden

    Once upon a time in hollywood Fury road mad max Maximum overdrive Shaft

  99. Noah Clauß

    Noah Clauß3 timer siden

    Watch the SlowMowGuys! They did it.

  100. Insaf Ali

    Insaf Ali4 timer siden

    And foolish Atheists said that all such incredible things happened by itself and they follow the law of physics by itself because a brainfull humans doesn't follow the law in the presence of police and judge so how a brainless subatomic particles will follow the law of physics by itself there is must me a power who controls these law and made these laws And that creator is Allah only