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We Made Star Wars R-Rated
Someone Shot our new TV!

Someone Shot our new TV!

2 måneder siden

360° Camera on a Racing Drone!
We Made Home Alone R-Rated
We Made Marvel R-Rated

We Made Marvel R-Rated

5 måneder siden



6 måneder siden

We Fixed John Wick's Gun FX
We Built a REAL Guillotine!
This Camera Changes Everything!
Electric Skateboard Jousting
Paint Drying in Slow Motion
Slow Mo Ice & Fire @ 1000fps
  1. Ujjwal Gupta

    Ujjwal GuptaDag siden

    Go for krish 3

  2. Ruturaj Ugavekar

    Ruturaj UgavekarDag siden

    Robot 2.0

  3. Ruturaj Ugavekar

    Ruturaj UgavekarDag siden


  4. Tushar Gajmal

    Tushar GajmalDag siden


  5. Phani Suraj

    Phani SurajDag siden

    Check Bollywood movie SAAHO ( Baahubali hero's Film) for amazing VFX, CGI & Action scenes. Check out the trailer of the film once you will understand

  6. Justice League

    Justice LeagueDag siden

    Why there is less definition in the scenes in Bollywood movies as compared to Hollywood movies?

  7. I Back The Blue NYPD

    I Back The Blue NYPDDag siden

    They vibin doh

  8. C- Zan

    C- ZanDag siden

    React to 2.O Bollywood movie

  9. Nilesh

    NileshDag siden

    Check out Red Chillies VFX channel on NO-gos for more information about zero movie.

  10. Mr. Akbarov

    Mr. AkbarovDag siden

    The guy's name from the movie "Zero" is SHAKHRUKHAN . He is one of the best actors of Bollywood.

  11. RK Surya

    RK SuryaDag siden

    Hey guys lets see 2.o movie and bahubali 1&2 these are great pls react 😊

  12. Hmingthansanga Vangchhia

    Hmingthansanga VangchhiaDag siden

    Indians don't grow up

  13. Nacho ftw

    Nacho ftwDag siden

    Have you guys done ET visual effects?




  15. Tair

    TairDag siden

    Starship troopers? I mean those were awesome in those times.

  16. Tair

    TairDag siden

    Starship troopers? I mean those were awesome in those times.

  17. Jason Lee

    Jason LeeDag siden

    Hold on I have a question, when they did the blood spit scene, did they cut out a frame so the blood would be out immediately?


    MYTH АJЕИТ7МDag siden

    I got reminded of that Archer guy in NO-gos who could've easily done this while proving that this is impossible.

  19. HarriDan

    HarriDanDag siden

    credit goes to Bollywood.. not Kollywood (Aambala) & Tollywood (Magadheera).. hahah..

  20. Sahil Karki

    Sahil KarkiDag siden

    Ra one

  21. Anshul Jain

    Anshul JainDag siden

    Watch the movie tarzen the wonder car

  22. gwiglife

    gwiglifeDag siden

    Hello there! Love what you do. Please, consider studying The Core (2003). CGI are... Interesting.

  23. D C

    D CDag siden


  24. satish nair

    satish nairDag siden

    You must react to makhi climax fight.its about a fly saving it's lover(an actual girl).

  25. FBN776

    FBN776Dag siden

    wtf there is shots that are cooler than this!!!!!!!

  26. MoZ10 Vlogz

    MoZ10 VlogzDag siden

    He is shahrukh khan in movie Zero , he is the best in world , he own that company , so it will be the best class

  27. Izzat Amin

    Izzat AminDag siden

    React to KungFu Hustle!

  28. Dead X

    Dead XDag siden

    Why didn't you guys reacted on *Makhi (eega)*

  29. Vamsi Sai charan

    Vamsi Sai charanDag siden

    Robo 2.0

  30. Muzahir Abbas

    Muzahir AbbasDag siden

    I want more Bollywood

  31. leena bijoy

    leena bijoyDag siden

    React to the vfx in Godzilla Mera sathi, Vfx frm the new witcher show & the one cut action scene from Zombie land double tap

  32. hagitheduelist

    hagitheduelistDag siden

    Now I understand why Clint hasnt watch a lot of popular movies!

  33. Praveen kumar

    Praveen kumarDag siden

    Ambala Ambala Ambala 😂😂😂

  34. Gurkirat Singh

    Gurkirat SinghDag siden

    You must cheak out war and sahoo both are bollywoos movies

  35. Perry Perry

    Perry PerryDag siden

    The great Wall

  36. rakesh rawat

    rakesh rawatDag siden

    React on Rocky handsome movie of John Abraham

  37. versace_savace

    versace_savaceDag siden

    As good as the VFX clips are, the stuntman series is why I'm subscribed.



    Once again. Ambala is not a bollywood movie. It s Kollywood. Never mind😂😂

  39. Vaibhav Gupta

    Vaibhav GuptaDag siden

    The world's worst movies ever!

  40. Pankaj Jasoria

    Pankaj JasoriaDag siden

    Boss: we need million view. Team: No problems. Team: Add INDIA. Love the work.

  41. Pandi kumar

    Pandi kumarDag siden

    React FAN movie vfx

  42. Adriana Paz

    Adriana PazDag siden

    That sound at the beginning of the video

  43. Syed Ehtesham

    Syed EhteshamDag siden

    Bro watch

  44. joeymendesdacosta

    joeymendesdacostaDag siden

    instead of hiring an actor with dwarfism, they made VFX artists suffer, for every single shot.

  45. Mr. Ahmad

    Mr. AhmadDag siden

    4:34 what's the plan??😂😂😂

  46. Mike

    MikeDag siden

    Can you guys react to movie GUNDALA ?

  47. Afzal G

    Afzal GDag siden

    Try reviewing ' I '. That's the title.

  48. ainz ooal gown

    ainz ooal gownDag siden

    Zero is really good

  49. Direkin

    DirekinDag siden

    That couch intro and sponsor spot. Haha! Perfect!

  50. alshaair kids

    alshaair kidsDag siden

    i'm really really a big fan of editing and you guys are really so inspirational keep it up

  51. Andrew

    AndrewDag siden

    Msot of France actually gets the force fed liver from Hungary where it is not banned.

  52. Garvit Ghai

    Garvit GhaiDag siden

    I really didn't understand anything

  53. Hari Haran

    Hari HaranDag siden

    Probably break the VFX down in this song.

  54. Trinquity

    TrinquityDag siden

    Order 66 pizzas

  55. Sahil Aziz Mohammed

    Sahil Aziz MohammedDag siden

    Wat kind of movies you guys watch 😂

  56. Dhruv Sarker

    Dhruv SarkerDag siden

    You guys should do Jaani Dushman Ek Anokhi Kahani!!!!!!

  57. handssecrets

    handssecretsDag siden

    *Dude! How can you miss 'Robot 2.0'!!!??? It is way better than Ambala!*

  58. Alex Buck

    Alex BuckDag siden

    Would love to see Bong Joon-Ho’s The Host and Snowpiercer on one of these videos.

  59. ProMontréal

    ProMontréalDag siden

    VFX Artists React to ORPHAN BLACK Clone Scenes

  60. Abrar Khan

    Abrar KhanDag siden

    You should review on kgf movie

  61. Jeremy Maahs

    Jeremy MaahsDag siden

    This had my favorite sponsored segment. It was short, sweet and to the point and genuinely interesting to watch!

  62. sAhAn SaSankA

    sAhAn SaSankADag siden

    Both intro and outro had me ROLLING😂😂😂😂

  63. jayp knee

    jayp kneeDag siden

    Do the “one take” scene from terminator salvation in the beginning of the movie. It starts where we see a dead terry crews

  64. Eltutmis Nayar

    Eltutmis NayarDag siden

    Ambala is a tollywood movie Not a Bollywood....

  65. Dat Boiii

    Dat BoiiiDag siden

    REACT TO MOWGLI ON NETFLIX the first shot is terrible cgi but everything after that is great I just want y’all to see e really bad one 😂😂

  66. IKnowGunFu

    IKnowGunFuDag siden

    Vaas : *did i ever tell you the definition of insanity?* Also Vaas : *show bollywood movie action scene*

  67. mrawan power1

    mrawan power1Dag siden

    4:55 This shot literally every scene in spartacus series very bad CGI and of course low budget for work from starz production company . Please make a review for this series



    They are diffrent people

  69. Jay Golmei

    Jay GolmeiDag siden

    1:10... There's Something Shiny Flying On The Upper Left Of The Video, Stopping Abruptly... Very Strange...

  70. pirabhav mahesh

    pirabhav maheshDag siden

    This is vishal. A actor of kollywood and head of kollywood actor's association.

  71. Silverblade416

    Silverblade416Dag siden

    Have you reacted to the Japanese movie 'Re:Born"? By Yoji Shimomura? It was also EPIC. . . It was the first time I saw Tak Sakaguchi. . .

  72. Suhas Reddy

    Suhas ReddyDag siden

    Simha, dhammu, vinaya vidheya Rama, Jaya janaki nayaka. All the four movies are from tollywood

  73. 6Hell6oopz6

    6Hell6oopz6Dag siden

    Check out bollywood movie E.K. Villain. Classic.

  74. Sebastian Allerdings

    Sebastian AllerdingsDag siden

    Whats the name of the Instrument he plays in the end

  75. Haz3

    Haz3Dag siden

    God, what a intro x'D ahahahahaha

  76. kiran gaikwad

    kiran gaikwadDag siden

    you should definitely check out RA. ONE movie's VFX. I think is pretty guys might like it.

  77. norse fenrir

    norse fenrirDag siden

    Never appreciated Zero before. Good job SRK and co.

  78. Vikramadityasingh rajpurohit

    Vikramadityasingh rajpurohitDag siden

    Dj nd lucky the racer tollywood movie make reaction on these movies too

  79. Entaint Gamer

    Entaint GamerDag siden

    Bro the another Bollywood movie name : "Aadhavan (ஆதவன்)" you can react to that movie plz

  80. Jack. .arthuR

    Jack. .arthuRDag siden

    The always swear look alike Bill Gates..

  81. Mridul bora

    Mridul boraDag siden

    It is tollywood nd bollywood

  82. Macho Pizza

    Macho PizzaDag siden

    Wait, why is there a clip from the Swedish comedy movie "Kopps" when you talk about bad Bollywood movies 😂😂😂 Btw, Kopps is hilarious imo 🥺

  83. Rusty Jamar

    Rusty JamarDag siden

    "zero" LOOK AT HER HANDS , when shes holding him

  84. Jacce Mains

    Jacce MainsDag siden

    Another great episode! Can't get enough of these :D Iram seems like a really cool guy!


    MYTH АJЕИТ7МDag siden

    If I had been there. I would've laughed loud af at the first millisecond.

  86. Selfish Sopnil

    Selfish SopnilDag siden

    That's why I told you to see the SRK's "Zero" (in your previous Bollywood episode Comment section). Actually Red Chilli VFX Team works great on VFX. They tottally shrinks the Boby size, and the real short guy was for just a reffence. There is no Boady double..

  87. David Skinner

    David SkinnerDag siden

    Paused the video just to comment on how absolutely baller that intro was, and like all the people who also thought it was 👌👌

  88. Two Pancakes

    Two PancakesDag siden

    Hey you guys should check out mission mangal. They actually did a nice job with it

  89. #Ami_ARIJIT

    #Ami_ARIJITDag siden

    check out ”aravinda sametha” intro fight scene. your head will get distorted guys

  90. Leroy pereira

    Leroy pereiraDag siden

    we need KGF kannada movie in next bollywood episode

  91. Adrian S

    Adrian SDag siden

    React to Harry Potter effects


    NADEEM KHANDag siden

    Next VFX artist react ( Krrish 3)


    MYTH АJЕИТ7МDag siden

    They: What should the thumbnail to our video be? Me: Oh! Check out the video by Corridor Crew titled, "How to brainwash your Friends!".

  94. Night Raid

    Night RaidDag siden

    React to Robot 2.0

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    blaser 1240Dag siden

    do KGF chapter 1 for next bollywood episode

  96. SuspiciousStuff

    SuspiciousStuffDag siden

    You see Zero is movie having SRK as actor and his own company has to work on their own boss' VFX shot so... Uk... They had to work tf outta them, i am really amazed really really amazed how much work went into that movie. Usually Bollywood doesn't need much vfx thats why you don't see much VFX intensive movies. Indians like drama and romance more than other genre so bad vfx will not be a problem as long as story is ok and vfx shows what its supposed to show. Doesn't need to be that good.

  97. Ramdhan IXII

    Ramdhan IXIIDag siden

    please react to fist of legend fight scene for the next stuntmen react 🙏🙏


    ANSH NAIKDag siden

    The ladies in ambala were his mother in laws

  99. Akram khan

    Akram khanDag siden

    Zero actor is Shah Rukh Khan.. Sec richest actor in the world