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Drew Gooden
Drew Gooden

i am the only person who makes videos

I'm Disappointed

I'm Disappointed

Måned siden

I Auditioned For Kidz Bop
Leaving the YouTube Bubble
Overwhelmed by Choice

Overwhelmed by Choice

3 måneder siden

Losing Your Relatability

Losing Your Relatability

5 måneder siden

Arrested for Clout

Arrested for Clout

6 måneder siden

Is SNL Even Funny?

Is SNL Even Funny?

10 måneder siden

Stuff Nobody Says
Top 10 Top 10 Lists
Good cop/Bad cop

Good cop/Bad cop

3 år siden

The King of Vape

The King of Vape

3 år siden

  1. Funda

    FundaDag siden

    i’m on the toilet and the intro scared me

  2. gamer smuzie

    gamer smuzieDag siden

    Well I guess vine snares people together

  3. C I T Y S O L

    C I T Y S O LDag siden

    That 70’s show is gold. Best sitcom ever created, and makes “friends” pure shit

  4. Marte H

    Marte HDag siden

    And the cars and stuff are all cool and stuff too

  5. Tomas Russo

    Tomas RussoDag siden

    You know what they say: sex sells 🤷🏽‍♂️

  6. Hello There

    Hello ThereDag siden

    The office was the show I turned off after My name is Earl. And it’ll always be that show. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. gamer smuzie

    gamer smuzieDag siden

    Olsen twins now: I wish I had feelings

  8. toamouse

    toamouseDag siden

    I have no problem with people using glasses for fashion. Even though I have no idea why because it looks stupid. But...please tell me what the difference is between riding in a wheelchair without need because you think it looks cool, and wearing glasses without need because you think it looks cool.

  9. Tom Farrier

    Tom FarrierDag siden

    Was I the only one who liked death note

  10. soulknife20

    soulknife20Dag siden

    I think this yahoo was married to Jeff Goldblum's ex? That's who has brain cancer. That sounds right.

  11. TwentyOneFrens

    TwentyOneFrensDag siden

    I hate myself more than anything else :)

  12. Miriam Halpern

    Miriam HalpernDag siden

    Why that tik tok dude gotta do my guy Grant Gustin (the flash) like that 😖

  13. Erik Leith

    Erik LeithDag siden

    Yo if that was my mom I would smash no cap

  14. Marc Kamer

    Marc KamerDag siden

    Never liked this guy or even gave a shit about his stupid face and now i know why. Thanks.

  15. rise & shine

    rise & shineDag siden

    the video he linked to log*an and ja*e in the description i-

  16. tranquility base hotel & casino

    tranquility base hotel & casinoDag siden

    her and gabbie hanna have the exact same attitude to criticism. made for each other.

  17. Aurora Galore

    Aurora GaloreDag siden

    Why am I rewatching this for the 4th time even though I have no investment in the Olsen twins?! 😂🙌🏻

  18. Jackson Ell

    Jackson EllDag siden

    I spent 2800 on my parents card as a kid On dragon vale

  19. Media Man

    Media ManDag siden

    Bro, you've made a new subscriber out of me. I am definitely in agreement with every point you've made. As a POC, sure, it's groundbreaking to see this, but I can also dislike something without worrying about being labeled a "hater" or a "misogynist."

  20. Superdwarf

    SuperdwarfDag siden

    Drew plays the guitar! Awesome! Who knew.

  21. Perfect Protagonist

    Perfect ProtagonistDag siden

    16:17 What does NYFW mean?

  22. heath

    heathDag siden

    how does her show have 100% on rotten tomatoes

  23. Ariel Szalkowski

    Ariel SzalkowskiDag siden

    I think the thing that makes me the most angry about the Paul brothers is that literally no famous people have ever come from my area..... except them (and Lebron). They make Northeast Ohio look like crap.

  24. Razor's neck

    Razor's neckDag siden

    I feel bad for him :( he just wants to have kids but he never found the perfect companion and he is now in his midlife crisis. This is too sad

  25. very good youtube channel trust me

    very good youtube channel trust meDag siden

    Ahh yes, I do suffer from back

  26. ღ broken nightcore ღ

    ღ broken nightcore ღDag siden

    Skip to 2020 where tiktok and vine 2 (byte) where theyre both doomed cause of each other

  27. Nithin Srivatsa

    Nithin SrivatsaDag siden

    5:38 "You just need a vision and a fanbase." No shit, Sherlock. If I already had that, what the fuck do I need you bottom feeders for?

  28. Marshmallow Clouds

    Marshmallow CloudsDag siden

    Wasnt this a few years after ww II? Maybe that’s why

  29. Chandrashekhar Rao

    Chandrashekhar RaoDag siden

    HEY GUY...

  30. Reg Eric

    Reg EricDag siden

    I hae a better typing solution: Don't. And pay a good salary to the waitress.

  31. Charles Malenfant

    Charles MalenfantDag siden

    hey guy

  32. Janni

    JanniDag siden

    ((2x +10)/2 -x) OR (x+5) -x = 5

  33. chrisia siamjen paler

    chrisia siamjen palerDag siden

    have u seen pewds thumbnails😂

  34. Dinky Boilerplate

    Dinky BoilerplateDag siden

    Money beats soul - the doors is really the best way to describe music artists suing each other

  35. Al

    AlDag siden

    I feel like this guy has never had sex in his life

  36. Ombre Nightcores

    Ombre NightcoresDag siden

    I was waiting for Danny to be the mom


    SNUFF STUFFDag siden

    Finding out you are into math rock and seeing you tap tap tapping away made my entire week.

  38. Boop Beep

    Boop BeepDag siden

    Beep boop

  39. ridespirals

    ridespiralsDag siden

    finally someone sticking up for Kyle. Kyle is a genius and it's a crime how unused he is. I hope he has a good career after SNL

  40. brianna-your-skating-instructor

    brianna-your-skating-instructorDag siden

    i didn’t realize that this was drew channel and i was thinking, “wow this guy really sounds like drew gooden”

  41. jeanbchoi

    jeanbchoiDag siden

    I like this video so you know I like this video

  42. Vinay Naidu

    Vinay NaiduDag siden

    Lilly just isn't funny. Plain and simple. She's just being shoe-horned into everyone's entertainment.

  43. Mallk238

    Mallk238Dag siden

    I gotta admit i was expecting this video to be more about the moral issues of parents taking advantage of their kids for money, but instead it was just about the plot holes of a family’s home video (which sure does not have the best message, but it felt like you focused way to much on how obviously fake it was for the message to be the main point)

  44. John Gossett

    John GossettDag siden

    SNL sucks!!!

  45. ruski muejek

    ruski muejekDag siden

    Jake Paul is such a douche lol

  46. Becca Black

    Becca BlackDag siden

    Amy Schumers jokes are stale like her pussy

  47. ihave lilsis

    ihave lilsisDag siden

    I’ve litterally watched 2 vids and I already love Drew’s vids

  48. That kid Outside

    That kid OutsideDag siden

    The first guy looks like Lucas from FBE

  49. FanFicnic

    FanFicnicDag siden

    OH JEEZ these fing guys. My coworker asked me to look into the bros bcuz her daughter wanted to go to a concert and she didn’t know if it was appropriate. So I had to subject myself to like an hour of these chucklefucks.

  50. SnaggyTV

    SnaggyTVDag siden

    Is he holding a fake WBC belt? I know that shits bigger

  51. ivanchai

    ivanchaiDag siden

    i tried to watch this video so many times and just couldn't because of how gross the movie is. i think this is my fifth go

  52. bunnyblood

    bunnybloodDag siden


  53. Mathias Kanuck

    Mathias KanuckDag siden

    3:05 Man!!! Its just so frustrating having to stay at a 5 star hotel with room service!!! UGGGHHH!!!!

  54. FanFicnic

    FanFicnicDag siden

    “No thank you. My tummy’s full.”

  55. Alex Rey

    Alex ReyDag siden

    14:00 he looks like a gnome

  56. Swdbs h Lmiyd

    Swdbs h LmiydDag siden

    The only reason I watched snl was for Andy Samberg.

  57. MooN

    MooNDag siden

    Can anyone explain to me the legality of this ? beacause this look quite a lot like crime xd

  58. QueenMomo

    QueenMomoDag siden

    He’s married yet I feel like he actually hasn’t been married for 4 years but is lying to the press about it. He also creeps me out which is why I haven’t watched any of the fast and furious movies after I realised he was in them

  59. Fancy Ender

    Fancy EnderDag siden

    That should've been "i smell like piss and i smell like jizz"

  60. Clitbake

    ClitbakeDag siden

    Just tell her to make 2.02M cupcakes.

  61. Joel Miller

    Joel MillerDag siden

    Did team 1000 cum?

  62. Show With No Name

    Show With No NameDag siden

    According to Gabbie Hanna, you ruined the chance of Lilly ever watching this because you started with "this show is bad."

  63. Valserp

    ValserpDag siden

    Hah... Tom Petty -- not petty at all!

  64. YumMy Relish

    YumMy RelishDag siden

    This video reminds me of rami

  65. Angus Miller

    Angus MillerDag siden

    Why does Jake Paul talk like someone trying to say the same thing as someone else at the same time without knowing what they're going to say next

  66. 34gtrskyline1

    34gtrskyline1Dag siden

    Instead of banging on in a rather high and mighty fashion about Jake Paul's scam just for the likes, why don't you actually do something positive for your video and report the scam to the relevant authorities as I'm sure he's breaking numerous laws. Or are you just interested in making money from your fans, through your advertisers? *Sound familiar?

  67. HolyPaalooza

    HolyPaaloozaDag siden

    So he’s basically stolen a lot of people’s money ?

  68. DickSneezeMcgee

    DickSneezeMcgeeDag siden

    Yo ronald reagan 2020

  69. Saleh Hashmi

    Saleh HashmiDag siden

    the reason she has terrible writers cuz it very likely is that she has hired people who she already knew to be her writers... giving them the network money and not having any cost to herself. And she is immigrant Canadian all she cares abt is money. She is like that cuz of her background. Money is what migrants have always wanted. If anybody heard of WeWork the CEO did the same thing hiring family members and using investment money to pay those members half million dollar salaries with no job titles or responsibilities. Lilly found out that network tv can pay more money with consistency that's why she moved on to that. See every move she does. you'll see all she wants are bigger bucks. Writers is also the easiest jobto get into where you can keep getting check after your work had been done.... royalty

  70. googlewolly

    googlewollyDag siden

    Lol he coulda fked her, but he took her to a rodeo instead.

  71. Basirah Halid

    Basirah HalidDag siden

    So he’s basically just a Dan Lok from Ohio.

  72. brainiac1595

    brainiac1595Dag siden

    Can't stop staring at the ceiling titty

  73. iman k

    iman kDag siden

    ? /sue sylvester

  74. - s a r a h b -

    - s a r a h b -Dag siden

    1:18 dot what 😳😳😳😳

  75. Bray Sain

    Bray SainDag siden

    Drew :I’m loving it Me: he is working at McDonald’s

  76. Anti Tseries

    Anti TseriesDag siden

    I reported him for racism

  77. Frogge

    FroggeDag siden

    I didn't check the description for the transition music at first so I lowkey lost my shit when I heard Dance Gavin Dance in there

  78. ii Strxberri Jxn ii

    ii Strxberri Jxn iiDag siden

    The fact that their 2 year old child has a bigger closet than my room is already enough to make me realise how selfish their kids are going to be

  79. Allison Hemmer

    Allison Hemmer2 dager siden

    You have never sounded more like John Mulaney than when you said “Babies don’t have secrets”

  80. Maya Kern

    Maya Kern2 dager siden

    Thank you! I hated the fact that everyone just acted like Jake is a good person after ignorant and biased Shane made a documentary...

  81. Minerva A

    Minerva A2 dager siden

    He talks like Jake Paul

  82. Xx Vicentemb xX

    Xx Vicentemb xX2 dager siden

    1:32 florida

  83. Subnauticafan 234

    Subnauticafan 2342 dager siden

    Hi everyone

  84. A dumbass bisexual

    A dumbass bisexual2 dager siden

    Ayyyyyy October gang

  85. Nikolaj Engborg

    Nikolaj Engborg2 dager siden

    This weekend I wanted to be as productive as possible so I spent it watching every video you’ve got and now I’m bored. Can I please have some more?

  86. clem fandango

    clem fandango2 dager siden

    why did i get a weird daily grace sex before marriage ad on this lmao

  87. Corkie Cork

    Corkie Cork2 dager siden

    Do yanks not have some kind of foil or plastic glued on top of your ice cream tubs?

  88. VikerMen

    VikerMen2 dager siden

    I think that one other reason that it seems more political is cause it's really focused on one person/party right now. Throughout history they made fun of both sides of the aisle, but since 2016 it's kinda been beating the dead elephant.

  89. Rutherford is the best

    Rutherford is the best2 dager siden

    Uuaah aaaw gemmee uh smooch. * S L U R P * * S L U R P I E *

  90. Count Otto Von Husen

    Count Otto Von Husen2 dager siden

    Yeah, the American office is probably the funniest in my opinion

  91. abysmal-dood yes I'm sure I entered name correctly

    abysmal-dood yes I'm sure I entered name correctly2 dager siden

    It's a slow acting poison

  92. Evan Chapman

    Evan Chapman2 dager siden

    Guy looking like eggman but his mustache is tits and he's 60

  93. AnomalyINC

    AnomalyINC2 dager siden

    You have good cheekbones for a reptilian. How attached are they to your skin? Do you use any ointment or nutrient solution? I use a hominid-derived vitamin paste seven times a day, but my simian face-facsimile keeps degenerating into an inexact protoprimate. I have contacted the Hissh'qutari representative for my sector (G79-T515-visra) but she informed me that most mammalian facsimiles fail within 15 days of gestation for any user not in the Chordata-classification. As a Cephalopoda of the Mollusca phylum, I would have to upgrade to a class 6 remote bioform substitute in order to even pass as a hominid! I am between my first job and unemployment right now, so I don't have the cash to shell out for that dubious luxury. Apologies in advance if I am mistaken regarding your reptilian nature. I understand how touchy the subject has become since the breaking of Condition A-Jones, and I would not want to incur the wrath of this world's culturally dominant species. If you are a born hominid, and not one produced in one of our biovats, I must congratulate you on your striking features! As mentioned previously, I am on the market for new features myself, and should you tire of yours you can reach me through the nearest Synaptic Booth. My password is the screaming of 17 terrified children.

  94. Opaque Motives

    Opaque Motives2 dager siden

    So.. there's a high likely hood that even my dumpster fire of a website, is most likely not as bad as I think.

  95. Team Ataraxia

    Team Ataraxia2 dager siden

    Didn't see sleeping lessons coming, glad somebody else has heard that before

  96. Anodyne

    Anodyne2 dager siden

    i like your shirt

  97. Malfunkshun

    Malfunkshun2 dager siden

    hopfully this year you will growa beard or at least some facial hair

  98. Mystical Rainbow

    Mystical Rainbow2 dager siden

    Yeah, 100% John Mulaney vibes.

  99. akash murthy

    akash murthy2 dager siden

    The key difference between the previous content and the talk show is the editing in NO-gos videos. All her NO-gos videos are edited with short clips of 5-10 seconds and assembled together. She can't speak for continuously 20 seconds and hold the attention of the audience. Success does impoverish you in some way. She needs good writers.

  100. Gabrielle

    Gabrielle2 dager siden

    Everyone else: "that ad break was hilarious" Me: Am I a big stinker or a little stinker?! 😵