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I Auditioned For Kidz Bop
Leaving the YouTube Bubble
Overwhelmed by Choice
Losing Your Relatability

Losing Your Relatability

3 måneder siden

Arrested for Clout

Arrested for Clout

5 måneder siden

Is SNL Even Funny?

Is SNL Even Funny?

8 måneder siden

Sequels That Aren't Sequels
Stuff Nobody Says

Stuff Nobody Says

10 måneder siden

Top 10 Top 10 Lists
Good cop/Bad cop

Good cop/Bad cop

2 år siden

The King of Vape

The King of Vape

3 år siden

  1. sgt. goy

    sgt. goy2 minutter siden

    Vin diesel creeps me the fuck out.

  2. Suraj Kumar

    Suraj Kumar3 minutter siden

    Man ..you are Soo jealous of her .. Work harder one day you may be as successful as her ......sorry for this mean comment 😉

  3. gushiiko

    gushiiko6 minutter siden

    Fuck you idiot.

  4. Chromso

    Chromso6 minutter siden


  5. CancerGrly19

    CancerGrly198 minutter siden

    The best one I saw was called The Spirit of Christmas. It quite literally is a movie about a business woman who is unlucky in love (as they always are) going to a town to appraise an Inn in small town Vermont. Of course she finds love but the dude is quite literally a ghost. At the end of the movie you end up with more questions than answers. Like can she have children, what about their “physical relationship,” or can he leave the Inn. The worst part is that multiple people saw the idea of the movie (or script) and were like yep woman will watch and love this. And it turns out a lot of women do lol...it says nothing positive about us lol.

  6. Farhan Paan

    Farhan Paan9 minutter siden

    I don’t subscribe to you, and just found out through NO-gos recommendations, and this full video feels cringing.

  7. Milsani Virgo

    Milsani Virgo10 minutter siden

    ᴛʜᴇsᴇ ᴀʀᴇ ғᴀᴄᴛs

  8. Dino Spumoni

    Dino Spumoni12 minutter siden

    Holy shit this is one of the funniest videos you've ever made. I was laughing through the entire thing. Every joke was A+.

  9. Iamarobotbanana4

    Iamarobotbanana415 minutter siden

    It really pains me that her last name isn't Clause


    SEAH HONG-I BRYAN16 minutter siden

    [if you are interested in my life] photography telegram: t.me/prawnproductions instagram: @shotsbyseah instagram.com/shotsbyseah/ facebook: prawn productions facebook.com/shotsbyseah/ youtube: prawn productions no-gos.info/tv-JCXzM6uJ9Pieqj3PV9Xkcg twitter: @shotsbyseah twitter.com/shotsbyseah

  11. Ass Whole

    Ass Whole16 minutter siden

    Never heard of this bitch until this video came up in my recommended.

  12. Victoria Theophanous

    Victoria Theophanous24 minutter siden

    9:24 literally how I dance 🤣🤣🕺

  13. ink bringer

    ink bringer24 minutter siden

    A few mins into the video I realized I had seen this video a long time ago...and continued watching. No regerts

  14. mustard

    mustard30 minutter siden

    I work in a kindergarten and at a university. I refuse to work in between because teens are terrible.

  15. Chadwick Borawski

    Chadwick Borawski31 minutt siden

    Comeom Drew....What am I supposed to finally see????

  16. Mrs. Arthur Morgan

    Mrs. Arthur Morgan34 minutter siden

    They DO realize it makes them unlikable, but they don't care and/or dismiss it as "haters."

  17. Mrs. Arthur Morgan

    Mrs. Arthur Morgan38 minutter siden

    I've absolutely never watched any of these channels. The only time I ever hear about such channels is on videos like this, but then I'll forget them. I count it a blessing.

  18. Mrs. Arthur Morgan

    Mrs. Arthur Morgan41 minutt siden

    There are WAY funnier and better qualified women of color who would absolutely kill it with the opportunity she was given. The irony is that the jokes seem like they were written by an old white man, like an old white man's impression of what women of color are like and how they think. Just awful.

  19. BeefIntoCake

    BeefIntoCake44 minutter siden

    "yeah.....see ya later"

  20. CancerGrly19

    CancerGrly1944 minutter siden

    I absolutely suffer from this as well, and have the exact same Netflix and streaming habits. Basically anything more than one choice is too much for me. It’s nice to know the name for it (other than indecisiveness) because when I talk about it to one of hippy friends says it’s because I’m a Libra or have Libra in me or whatever lol.

  21. CancerGrly19

    CancerGrly1948 minutter siden

    I’d love if there was a follow up to this about what you think of the current cast. For some reason I’ve found myself loving the reoccurring workout sketches (Soul Cycle and Barry’s Bootcamp). Awesome video!!

  22. ink bringer

    ink bringer53 minutter siden

    THIS IS SO UNRELATED BUT DREW I CAUGHT THAT 1 SECOND OF DANCE GAVIN DANCE. I PRAISE YOUR TASTE Edit: If you were curious at 9:19 that guitar is definitely DGD's Care.

  23. BeefIntoCake

    BeefIntoCake58 minutter siden

    never heard of you. but this is a good video. I subscribed and wil look at some of your older material. I hope you upload more like this.

  24. Karson Lusi

    Karson LusiTime siden


  25. Kain Monds

    Kain MondsTime siden

    Honestly I think she’s trying so hard not to mess up that she just ends up trying to go over the top

  26. Steven Farrugia

    Steven FarrugiaTime siden

    That town by the side of the highway idea sounds really good I might just steal it

  27. poopoopeepee

    poopoopeepeeTime siden

    I actually watched the life size bear movie shit when I was a child and I actually liked it XD

  28. Outlaw97

    Outlaw97Time siden

    17:33 Just watch it and thank me later coz im dead 😂

  29. Alex Suarez

    Alex SuarezTime siden

    Using this logic wouldn’t all magicians be con artists?

  30. TheSixFootSixExperience

    TheSixFootSixExperienceTime siden

    A year and a half later and this article is still up with Drew’s beautiful mug up on it

  31. Liz P

    Liz PTime siden

    Love how the blond asmr guy asked for consent before "kissing" you😂😂

  32. partisan

    partisanTime siden

    Drews bagle technique seems like a dude thats done with life but loves his morning news breakfast segment job.

  33. ChristiIna Jolie

    ChristiIna JolieTime siden

    This is like an acting out of a Hooked App story

  34. Sydney Hendricks

    Sydney HendricksTime siden

    “Remember ‘Bad Day,’ from-“ Me: Alvin and the Chipmunks “American Idol.” Me: Oh okay :/

  35. christmastiger

    christmastigerTime siden

    I didn't realize you were trying to sound like John Mulaney and Scott Aukerman intentionally...

  36. Kyle Kilpatrick

    Kyle KilpatrickTime siden

    You MUST check out "Beverly Hills Christmas"

  37. Vid Prasad

    Vid PrasadTime siden

    The way he said “Out me bum” had me dying

  38. ChristiIna Jolie

    ChristiIna JolieTime siden

    Their eyes match their shirt and jacket respectively

  39. burninghotpan

    burninghotpanTime siden

    “kidzbop debuted in 2001, and it was the second worst thing to happen that year” my fucking brain, forgetting that 9/11 was an event that happened: lol what was the worst? my birth?

  40. r sk

    r sk2 timer siden

    Talentless ABCD..

  41. Paula Lara

    Paula Lara2 timer siden

    "Ladies if you wanna have a boyfriend don't forget you gotta have skin!" 😂☠️I'm dead

  42. Jade Ebring

    Jade Ebring2 timer siden

    You guys are literally the same person

  43. useless

    useless2 timer siden

    what's with this movie and hot dogs

  44. Gabe Steinberg

    Gabe Steinberg2 timer siden

    As a straight white man, it is your goddamn RESPONSIBILITY to call out non-white and non-penis bullshit. It certainly is “your place”, because no one else is doing anything constructive.

  45. Oliver Bacon

    Oliver Bacon2 timer siden

    Nah, it’s just shitty memes. You can’t judge today memes just by one shitty instagram page.

  46. Paula Lara

    Paula Lara2 timer siden

    Lol I listen to some kidz bop and I'm 23. I just don't like cussing 😣. But this was very funny

  47. nawel tahraoui

    nawel tahraoui2 timer siden

    "Their first album premiered in 2001, the second worst thing to happen that year." my jaw dropped i-

  48. spqce_wonuu

    spqce_wonuu2 timer siden

    Shes the kind of person who thinks knock knock jokes are legitimately funny

  49. Fony Terguson

    Fony Terguson2 timer siden

    Cringe vincel

  50. Isobel G

    Isobel G2 timer siden

    Understanding Japanese and reading the subtitles at the same time is an incredibly bizarre experience

  51. Belicia Martinez

    Belicia Martinez2 timer siden

    and the cars and stuff are cool and stuff too

  52. Liz P

    Liz P2 timer siden

    It took me longer than I'd like to admit to realize you had a "Full House" behind you😕

  53. ComiXProvider FTW_02

    ComiXProvider FTW_022 timer siden

    "Haha fuckin' nerd." Drew, 2019

  54. Cassandra C.

    Cassandra C.2 timer siden

    You should react to Camp Unplug no-gos.info/video/uciqkJ2nlJpxlHk.html

  55. Cosette DeMille

    Cosette DeMille2 timer siden

    brooooo im dying

  56. E

    E2 timer siden

    I paused it at 8:10 cause I got distracted and then when I went to unpause it.. I was very confused by the pause image. Lolol

  57. C H

    C H2 timer siden

    Nice Kia Soul. Does it give u more soul?

  58. Drakonus

    Drakonus2 timer siden

    Somehow I don't care about both of these shows, cause I've never watched and never will be.

  59. _ esby _

    _ esby _2 timer siden

    That intro killed me

  60. Jack Bandit

    Jack Bandit2 timer siden

    1:16 this kind of shit just catches me completely off guard and it's so funny. I dunno how he comes up with this, there is legitimate talent here, in these just very, very dumb statements. edit: 12:20 omg again.

  61. Ebbizken

    Ebbizken2 timer siden

    Good night I am going to stop and drink drink and water drink drink and eat hot water water hot dog water drink drink and water eat and have drinks quickly zero to you speak English please stop and stop at my mom stop at the store to stop at the stop sign in the water and then stop bye

  62. Hailee

    Hailee3 timer siden

    I experienced analysis paralysis when I walked into a Baskin Robin’s once

  63. Sarah Kate Gentry

    Sarah Kate Gentry3 timer siden

    I’ve watched this video over the course of this year 10 times. Please. Another bad xmas movie review

  64. Emily Sires

    Emily Sires3 timer siden

    11:34 Is Drew just subtly showing off his wife's amazing butt or something

  65. Yhur Hurt

    Yhur Hurt3 timer siden

    8:21 it's like two entirely different chicks. wow


    KFC_LUVR_4EVA3 timer siden

    i need a kfc life hack

  67. cloudbloom

    cloudbloom3 timer siden

    In Living Color > SNL

  68. RustyGaming

    RustyGaming3 timer siden

    Drew: Nobody says "I miss jail" My uncle: I miss jail

  69. Harlethan

    Harlethan3 timer siden

    I used to believe that LuxuryPrank's Child Predator videos were real and now I feel really dumb.

  70. chanapatata

    chanapatata3 timer siden

    I accidentally clicked subscribe. got 2 christmas now.

  71. Claire Wee

    Claire Wee3 timer siden

    and the cars and stuff are all cool and stuff too

  72. MagentaApex

    MagentaApex3 timer siden

    I literally have that “town by the highway” idea in my phone

  73. Yooran

    Yooran3 timer siden

    My birth month number is 5 so it was kinda funny to me that I ended with the number I started with even though I knew it was bullshit

  74. Emilia Modrusan

    Emilia Modrusan3 timer siden

    Now I get why Kurtis got a Gooby tat 😂😂

  75. Dusty Honey

    Dusty Honey3 timer siden

    He doesn’t realize that he’s a NO-gosr.

  76. sully frost

    sully frost3 timer siden

    Lily: "So, we have a special guest; and he wanted me to call him out by this. Introducing, 'JOKER"

  77. Bernie Mayton

    Bernie Mayton3 timer siden

    She has never been funny. The only reason she is successful is because she is mildly attractive.

  78. ƤƠƦƘ ƤƖЄ

    ƤƠƦƘ ƤƖЄ3 timer siden

    The YMCA one was great.

  79. Paigey Pop

    Paigey Pop3 timer siden

    she used to remind me of liza koshy but now i know how different they are... _liza koshy is actually funny_

  80. Googles Special cousin

    Googles Special cousin3 timer siden

    This 40 year old :1.begs people to fuck him 2.has crashed 11(13 now I think) Mercedes-Benz(worse than Chinese stereotypes) 3.flexes As hard as possible4.faked buying a house(stock image)5.he’s a fucking maniac (that smile)6.racist (if your non-Caucasian your not a person to him)7.apparently he’s cool(if he’s cool I’m gonna off my self)8.he has the mentality of a 3 year old(Planes! They exist)9.he’s flexing about his apartment(yay he can see casinos):

  81. Etherlight _

    Etherlight _3 timer siden

    Holy shit! I've been watching his video for to long now and I didn't realize he was the "Road Work" vine guy!🤣

  82. ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ

    ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ3 timer siden

    Ok a. Most of these are downright hilarious, and b., nice toilet paper collection

  83. Tara Fisher

    Tara Fisher3 timer siden

    Im sorry but i get the girl with glasses... im sick of people making it a thing to "make them feel better about themselves...by hiding behind glasses, i look cute bc people fetish this." Fuck off. I dont want to wear them. "Ohhh get contacts". ..BITCH I CANT AFFORD IT. fetish culture bullshit.

  84. Soul Mechanics

    Soul Mechanics3 timer siden

    That movie was awesome. 😊

  85. Emma Button

    Emma Button3 timer siden

    Me: pauses video to do the math Me: *unpause* “why the fuck is there math. These are all just math” Me, an engineer: 😶

  86. Harley James Music

    Harley James Music3 timer siden

    I watch this video once a week

  87. 22dallas1

    22dallas13 timer siden

    I found Waldo

  88. appleknees

    appleknees3 timer siden

    i enjoy knitting to the sounds of you complaining, its cool my bunny kinda likes you

  89. Yorp Slorg

    Yorp Slorg3 timer siden

    We’re the hell was the drums coming from in the guitar scene

  90. lae328

    lae3283 timer siden

    I really hope Lilly see this video. Because it's not a hate video, it's just constructive criticism.

  91. RC-2527 Gamma

    RC-2527 Gamma3 timer siden

    How did he know I’m wearing pants? I need NordVPN to protect me!

  92. WhatistheMatrix?

    WhatistheMatrix?3 timer siden

    Drew, this video was soooooooo creative and comedic. Laughing my ass off.

  93. Ruslan Valiullin

    Ruslan Valiullin3 timer siden

    So, he dated a bunch of suicidal phycho criminal lesbians? Wtf is his life?

  94. Samanta Mackare

    Samanta Mackare4 timer siden

    Isn’t Martha the main character? So why is it called TREVOR and the virgin, if Martha is the main character. It should be Martha and the .... something.

  95. Jet Ray Studios

    Jet Ray Studios4 timer siden

    Uhhhh why cant I lose my phone!

  96. sean larson

    sean larson4 timer siden

    Just wanted to say I respect the “care” instrumental transition. Gg.

  97. redbullninja11

    redbullninja114 timer siden

    i like trains

  98. Shahrooz Shadbakht

    Shahrooz Shadbakht4 timer siden

    It’s simple: it’s mostly not funny, like 20-40% funny at best.

  99. Miro Hristov

    Miro Hristov4 timer siden

    A7 17:23 you said "Ok, Boomer meme" and it triggered my Google Home to tell me what a meme is: "According to Wikipedia a meme is an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person withing a culture" Hilarious!

  100. diana romero

    diana romero4 timer siden

    i love drew but when he makes comments about how he doesn't talk about politics he sounds like a privileged white man ://