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  1. Jim Crawley

    Jim CrawleyDag siden

    Stunning work by everyone involved: nurses, doctors (including retired returners), cleaners, undertakers, the army, and not forgetting those involved from Channel 4 News. Compassionately exposing the stark reality of this terrible plague. Forever grateful. To life!

  2. GrandmasterDHB

    GrandmasterDHBDag siden

    clear guide worked well with for sharing.

  3. victoriaremmons

    victoriaremmonsDag siden

    Him calling it the flu is bothering me. It’s not the fucking flu!

  4. mohanprasad acharya

    mohanprasad acharyaDag siden

    Just one great example of just one virus can hit the world busiest nd colour can be funeral place so love nature 😍😍😍

  5. chris toey

    chris toeyDag siden

    Wow everyone should see this interview. I think the people that aren’t taking this whole situation seriously would probably have their minds changed.

  6. Obama Prizm

    Obama PrizmDag siden

    NK Government: Everybody else in other countries are poor. Also NK: This is what the Australian Prime Minister wears.

  7. Michelle Misir

    Michelle MisirDag siden


  8. Andy Chua

    Andy ChuaDag siden

    For power and greed, humans make things cmplicated.

  9. TheTebhes

    TheTebhesDag siden

    Milo: I pursuit truth not feelings. Feminist: So what you’re saying is women's feelings are worthless.

  10. Anna Märsch

    Anna MärschDag siden

    Excellent interview. Thank you very much. I am crying , thank you for your work.

  11. Jhon Doe

    Jhon DoeDag siden

    Long lives collectivism 😅North Korea heven on earth🤣

  12. jency mathew

    jency mathewDag siden

    I'm surprised that there wasn't any bombing at the place

  13. jimin is my BOO

    jimin is my BOODag siden

    He went from “we are doing a great job” to “they can’t handle the dead bodies” GREAT

  14. Matthew Lavertue

    Matthew LavertueDag siden

    I am in the US watching this, and by far this Doctor has been the most forthcoming, God Bless him and all of his staff, and all our great Health Workers thank you for being their. May God keep you all safe.

  15. 11 k

    11 kDag siden

    I'm afraid but the nation that is handling the covid-19 best is Taiwan, not S.K. The results are telling you.

  16. daniel alcobia

    daniel alcobiaDag siden

    Children are not less likely to get it , they less likely to have serious side effects to it . Truth is uk has not taken the best precautions, and they been very neglectful with not testing and not put a lockdown soon enough , it's a joke that they hoping that heard immunity is the solution ( for anyone who disagrees with that , we would have to ha e over 40 million people infected , and that could mean 2 million people dying from this horrible virus .) But at the same time we have had a lot less deaths than other European countries such a spain France Italy.. At the end of the day it's all about money for them , have u heard of any rich , celebrity or famous dying ?? Dont think so , wonder why ??? They putting money ahead of lives

  17. Weet Bix

    Weet BixDag siden

    Funny how independent reporters are videoing ambulances doing nothing and hospitals and tents empty. This is a dummy!!!! Wake up neferious times are here!

  18. Dario Diez

    Dario DiezDag siden

    What i am worry about how people in America vote for this guy ,, people can’t see the he lie all the time? is like a machine of lies!!!

  19. Avenging Demon

    Avenging DemonDag siden

    They are a idiots.

  20. Raven Reyes PTZ

    Raven Reyes PTZDag siden

    Fake news. He called emergency with only 1 American death, Obama waited till a thousand died before calling one . Your lies is why Trump will win again . He never at any stage called the virus a hoax

  21. Walter Grimm

    Walter GrimmDag siden

    dumbo nation is going to vote him again

  22. Sheetal Shelke

    Sheetal ShelkeDag siden

    The world at a standstill .... uncertain of tomorrow!

  23. Gurmeet Singh

    Gurmeet SinghDag siden

    Highly dedicated, truly compassionate and optimistic Dr Hepburn. May god bless him. Surprised to see those dislikes. May be they dislike the situation we are facing today.

  24. J Pweek

    J PweekDag siden

    The argument for more stringent lockdowns always boils down to "everyone else is doing it". These same people will ask their kids "If billy jumped down the well would you follow him?" No, but you would.

  25. Richard James Rogers

    Richard James RogersDag siden

    Another possible explanation is that it’s too difficult to impose lockdown in places like Malmo.

  26. 321heso

    321hesoDag siden

    first downplay the corona virus .... and then play the crisis manager. you all slept ..... the republicans and the democrats.

  27. Themba Mabona

    Themba MabonaDag siden

    Will B. Johnson be sent to jail for criminally negligent manslaughter? Very obviously should be.

  28. Tommy Peace

    Tommy PeaceDag siden

    I dont know how he has the nerve to defend Israel's war crimes.. a nation of baby killers with no shame.

  29. liefhebber179

    liefhebber179Dag siden

    UK will be a shitshow, the new Spain.

  30. pam morrigan

    pam morriganDag siden


  31. Christopher Rutherford

    Christopher RutherfordDag siden

    Multi generational households are not the only reason. Darker skin produces less vitamin d which is important for the immune system

  32. EnjoySoundTV

    EnjoySoundTVDag siden

    newww facts

  33. DeeJay1210

    DeeJay1210Dag siden

    Should have locked the ENTIRE country down immediately back in Feburary, government have messed around far too much and have let people take the pi$$. An event such as this shows us what human beings are really capable of.... good and bad. God bless all who are suffering with the virus and loss of loved ones 😢❤

  34. terry hughes

    terry hughesDag siden

    Surely "what's next for the UK" can be summed up in far less time than this self-indulgent 45 mins

  35. TheLyricsGuy

    TheLyricsGuyDag siden

    This situation has 100% confirmed that Trump supporters are completely delusional. To still hold the belief that this man is even remotely fit to be the President, given how he has handled this crisis, is pure insanity.

  36. I scream fitness

    I scream fitnessDag siden


  37. ทอมมี่

    ทอมมี่Dag siden

    Channel 4 when this is over I will fully expose you for your campaign of fear you have put on the people of the UK. Lies after lies I will expose you for what you are.


    NITESH NAIKDag siden

    TIK TIK DAY1 TIK TIK DAY2 We never thought this would happen boom ^K confirmed cases 373 Deaths and counting

  39. Mar doce

    Mar doceDag siden

    Don't get me wrong but its because there are more asians there and they don't wash!

  40. Jason Yu

    Jason YuDag siden

    And Boris Johnson is the PM and Got Brexit Done🧠

  41. Allan M

    Allan MDag siden


  42. John Gregson

    John GregsonDag siden

    It was overwhelmed last year your cuts and incompetence have put more lives at risk instead of morgues try prevention, we are doing our bit but we are let down by you

  43. Donna Sweeney

    Donna SweeneyDag siden

    This man should be paid a whole lot of money to live his life as well as he can , coming out like he has gives hope for others , Thank you Mr Richard Kerr

  44. Tshiamo M

    Tshiamo MDag siden

    This was so painful to watch 😭

  45. Your Neighbour

    Your NeighbourDag siden

    WARNING Anarchists suddenly at loss, world already at chaos before next feel good protest.

  46. Anon yMous

    Anon yMousDag siden

    That old man couldn't have fought for the Nazis, he's got a hook nose!

  47. Christopher Robbins

    Christopher RobbinsDag siden

    hero doctor. God bless him.

  48. rongan lee

    rongan leeDag siden

    Gothem lost it's way. New York lost it's way.

  49. Helene Schoeck

    Helene SchoeckDag siden

    It's a very, very sad part in the history of the United States. Not the Corona Virus is killing your country, its your leadership. Greetings from Germany. Stay healthy

  50. 1378natalie

    1378natalieDag siden

    Don’t play god when your not, we don’t want to die!

  51. Tara Kent

    Tara KentDag siden

    I am very impressed with both the reporter and the physician they both seem genuinely heartfelt in this interview. 💗💗💗

  52. Luis Arredondo

    Luis ArredondoDag siden

    Trump “ Do not panic” it will go away when you die yeah

  53. Ben D.

    Ben D.Dag siden


  54. Luis Arredondo

    Luis ArredondoDag siden

    Dump supporters maybe chocking and dying from this pathogen 🦠 and still say: “Ahhh ahh He is doing a great job, ahh I give a 10... ahhhhh💀”

  55. Luke T

    Luke TDag siden

    “This is not a major threat to the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States should be worried about right now,” Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, January 21.

  56. C M

    C MDag siden

    Channel 4 lying again. You Fake News Assholes.

  57. Imam Bagwan

    Imam BagwanDag siden

    Saale makkar log hindu Muslim ke liye jhagad the hai lekin ye kisiko dikhayi nahi deta...

  58. Kevin Agee

    Kevin AgeeDag siden

    Why would you name something that long? That is beyond silly

  59. Jochen Stacker

    Jochen StackerDag siden

    The incoherent ramblings of a man with syphilitic dementia.

  60. Jacob Stockberger

    Jacob StockbergerDag siden

    What's sad is that they give better information and and smarter on this matter than America

  61. Fenella Featherstone

    Fenella FeatherstoneDag siden

    Amazing man with sincere commitment. thank you.

  62. Sierra Fox

    Sierra FoxDag siden

    Whats with the dummy at 2 mins 40 odd?

  63. Themba Mabona

    Themba MabonaDag siden

    ....sometimes all it takes is a global pandemic to find out who is truly stupid/reckless and who is not. Even in your own circle of acquaintances.

  64. Armina Sangma

    Armina SangmaDag siden

    Please dont touch coffin otherwise corona virus will get from coffin

  65. Shadae Yanique

    Shadae YaniqueDag siden

    Thank you doc

  66. Gap

    GapDag siden

    Basically what the Europeans thought when they saw what happened in China, they thought they were special until they weren't. Their hubris reflected in the piles of dead bodies.

  67. DeeJay1210

    DeeJay1210Dag siden

    Just think how bad its getting now, and how long have we in the U.K been on lockdown upto yet? A few weeks? And people are tiring of it all ready. We should have locked down FULLY back in Feburary ! I just prey that the few people who are not taking this seriously will WAKE UP and stop putting the rest of us at risk (not just those selfishly panic buying, not staying clean and not following social distancing rules but also the people with REDICULOUS conspiricy theroies who are spreading bullsh1t faster than covid-19 is spreading). ROLL YOUR SLEEVES UP AND GET ON WITH IT, WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS, ONLY GO OUT IF ABSOLUTLEY NEEDED AND OBSERVE SOCIAL DISTANCING. If we dont start behaving like proper human beings there maybe just ONE idiot that, after lockdown is lifted and we think we`re all in the clear, starts this whole thing off again. USE YOUR COMMON SENCE ,YOUR BRAIN AND STAY ALIVE ! -

  68. Armina Sangma

    Armina SangmaDag siden

    America Spain Brazil govts asked Indian Prime Minister to supply Anti Malaria drugs Italy must ask and talk with Modi prime minister of India

  69. Robert Jensen

    Robert JensenDag siden

    Blood and guts flying through the sky, or it didn’t happen.

  70. cmmndrblu

    cmmndrbluDag siden

    UK will surpass 30k dead before slowing

  71. typ pit

    typ pitDag siden

    i dreamed to visit those cities empty.

  72. Armina Sangma

    Armina SangmaDag siden

    Italy govt please talk with Indian Prime Minister Modi to Supply Hydozychlroquine and anti HIV drugs from India Indian medines is good to give to patients corona virus

  73. U4Eye

    U4EyeDag siden

    USA Leads Testing of the Virus thus we have more Cases but we also have a lowest % of deaths.

  74. unmarkedX

    unmarkedXDag siden

    The initial segment of this program is dangerous . It is the return of the Herd immunity fallacy. YOU LOCK DOWN till a vaccine, it’s not that hard . STFU , exercise at home , homeschool and online - school your kids . If you re doing vital work you’re already at work . 90% of the people claiming they can’t work from home are just Too lazy , undisciplined or inflexible . And businesses who are unable to adjust deserve the hit they take . This transition to online transactions and automation was always coming . This will be good for the businesses who can adjusts for ether deserve to benefit

  75. Bex p

    Bex pDag siden

    Amazing man

  76. FacemasksCovid 19

    FacemasksCovid 19Dag siden for reusable masks shipped to your door in 3-5 days

  77. FacemasksCovid 19

    FacemasksCovid 19Dag siden for reusable masks shipped to your door in 3-5 days

  78. Gerardo

    GerardoDag siden

    An introverts paradise

  79. tony s

    tony sDag siden

    You need to look at other cou tries like india and learn how to control ! Pure negligence UK , m baffled you still dont take any measures

  80. royath justin

    royath justinDag siden

    This is man made concrete jungle

  81. Janisha B.

    Janisha B.Dag siden

    Also in many places in Europe tents were set up and emergency equipment was provided. This is part of the usual emergency plan when a danger is declared. So far, all tents in our German-speaking countries are empty without exception, because there is no danger of this magnitude. Most hospitals have short-time work because there is simply nothing going on. If the tents in our country will not be filled up with dolls as shown here in the video, they will remain empty.

  82. Itamar Matheys

    Itamar MatheysDag siden

    Why there is a doll connected wye there is a place for her and not for a real uman?

  83. Todd Cott

    Todd CottDag siden

    From all Americans that have died , one at the top is missing.

  84. Men Nation Podcast

    Men Nation PodcastDag siden

    Jordan Peterson is next

  85. Keep It Real

    Keep It RealDag siden

    A lot of testing was not being done because they didn't have enough tests more testing means higher numbers so they won't know exactly when it peaks because of the lack of testing till now , I know people who think they've had this virus some way before Christmas some after Christmas, they will only know exact answers when the get tests to see who's had it then , who has it Now and who has not has the Virus, By that time most of us could have had it and passed it off as a cold or flu because we hadn't been tested because of lack of testing from the get go .

  86. Men Nation Podcast

    Men Nation PodcastDag siden

    False flag

  87. Sharon Kour

    Sharon KourDag siden

    I agree So wat do we take if we stay home if we hv no medicine its very scary? Especialy if we cnt get through to a doctor.



    2:47 why is that a mannequin fake news is seriously a problem these days.

  89. Just A Oak Tree Pic

    Just A Oak Tree PicDag siden

    Sweden is fucking retarded

  90. Monica Campbell

    Monica CampbellDag siden

    It takes great courage to come forward. I'm so proud of him! 💖 The information that he has may help other kids from getting abused. I believe God is using him to bring awareness to others. Who knows what plans God has for this sweet man. I feel like he's shining a light of hope in the darkness. God bless him!🙏💖🙏💖🙏

  91. HNS S

    HNS SDag siden

    there might be cover up at in Dec 2019 but at that time who in the world have the knowledge and experience to know what this virus was? Even after China locked down the whole country for a month your president still said it was just a BIG FLU!!!

  92. Cyr Media

    Cyr MediaDag siden

    Ya he acted just like every other western country, you are just singling him out for political attack, The Uk was going to let the virus go around thinking that was safe then they changed their minds, you leftists will reap what you sow someday

  93. Tlili Mohammed

    Tlili MohammedDag siden

    The worst fucking part is that they stopped making the second season of the Witcher

  94. Bernadette Brown

    Bernadette BrownDag siden

    Thank you for all that you and your team are doing for your care , your compassion and your advice to help save lives will help so many people. Please take great care and stay safe Berni in Scotland

  95. Gábor Bánkuti

    Gábor BánkutiDag siden

    The government is 70-75% supported in this! European Parliament is the dictator ! Hunexit ! now

  96. Anulackk

    AnulackkDag siden

    worst time to have president like that

  97. Eternal Extrapolations

    Eternal ExtrapolationsDag siden

    23:34 This is a mannequin. A dummy. A plastic pretend body. Put it on HD and pause. Read the sign in the background. CH4 knows what the footage is. Did they tell you in the report it wasn't a real person? Why not, do you wonder? Presslike if you cansee this message. 👍

  98. R R

    R RDag siden

    Swedish people are either foolhardy or foolhardy. For this iniquity, they will pay.. eventually.

  99. ceylonin

    ceyloninDag siden

    And he got away with it all. He should be buried in the dumpster, where he belongs

  100. Grapevine 1987

    Grapevine 1987Dag siden

    Meanwhile, people in Detroit are still killing each other and commiting other crimes, hanging out in big groups, etc.