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Late Night with Seth Meyers
Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Mt. Joy: Strangers

Mt. Joy: Strangers

Måned siden

  1. Karen Seeley

    Karen SeeleyTime siden

    YOU take that medication, Trump.

  2. Ginger Cookie

    Ginger CookieTime siden

    Camera readiness is consistent, if inconsequential.

  3. Daniel Stoica

    Daniel StoicaTime siden

    Riffing on the April joke . . . It will magically go away April 31. What April only has 30 days? Who knew? I meant April 2021.

  4. Truth Teller

    Truth TellerTime siden

    Reason why Trump’s been testing negative is because they are not swabbing the right orifice. Because he always talks from his behind.

  5. Joseph Mannino

    Joseph ManninoTime siden

    Moron! You don't get rolled to the juicing room for eating an Everlasting Gobstopper! Sheesh, know your meta!

  6. black bird

    black birdTime siden

    The old 'bowling ball on the head' ploy from Home Alone, , well that's clever!

  7. #TrumpTheLyingInsaneFascistBigot

    #TrumpTheLyingInsaneFascistBigotTime siden

    18:08. It's more likely that Kushner's lunch looks like the toadstool described by Stormy Daniels!!!

  8. Sim Jtuder

    Sim JtuderTime siden

    s-head & pence....demonstrating “catch me, eff me”...

  9. rojeezee

    rojeezeeTime siden

    15:12 is the absolutely creepiest way I’ve ever heard anyone pronounce a pharmaceutical.

  10. tomasito292

    tomasito292Time siden

    Here in Puerto Rico cases are going up and it is 90 degrees outside. Trump is a fucking moran, imbecile dumb ass racist that has no sense of reality.

  11. CGpnc 818

    CGpnc 818Time siden

    He must be pushing that drug cause he gonna get a big paycheck. Corrupt president.

  12. Inaiz Wrote This

    Inaiz Wrote ThisTime siden

    I've heard that medication can make you go blind, but I think his supporters already are.

  13. Karen Seeley

    Karen SeeleyTime siden

    Trump is jealous that Pence was able to outlie him.

  14. Lindsey Haas

    Lindsey HaasTime siden

    HIs high voice is so ominous and noxious. It's really scary. You're right Seth Meyers - he's a quack.

  15. Lorenzo Vazquez

    Lorenzo VazquezTime siden

    You are the problem with this country, Seth Meyers. All you have done in the amount of time i deemed fit to watch your video is spread hate and misinformation. Oh wow, Seth Meyers attacking the president again. The act's old and you look like a tool.

  16. Centurion K

    Centurion KTime siden

    Trump is not that stupid ,folks. He threw Pence under the bus just to show the reporters that Pence is way worse than him. Lol

  17. Aleks Lokhmutov

    Aleks LokhmutovTime siden

    Covid-19 is not the name of the virus. Vaccine is not the cure. Simple masks do provide a degree of protection to you, as well as to others. This is not funny, just really irresponsible.

  18. Allera71

    Allera71Time siden

    MC Hammer Kushner! 🎼🎤🎵Can’t touch this!🎵🎼

  19. Antahvasin

    AntahvasinTime siden

    Such cringe, very sexist. Great job.

  20. Bj White

    Bj WhiteTime siden

    Can we use it on you and your stupid family first. What have you got to lose. Certainly not brain cells, cause you don't have any. So Again What Have You (tRump) Go To Lose?

  21. IXDJ3XI

    IXDJ3XITime siden

    notice how he never talks about dementia joe biden? thats because him and all the other late night hosts and fake news networks like cnn, msnbc ect. are getting paid by the demoRATS to constantly bash trump to brainwash everybody to think trump is so horrible and not to vote for him and i guess its working at least in this comment section cause all you morons beleive the bullshit and lies that come out of their mouths. if you dont beleive me then give me any reason why dementia joe would be doing a better job with this pandemic and how he would be a better president than trump....

  22. C Mare V

    C Mare VTime siden

    Great dodgers

  23. ericlaudiabasilea

    ericlaudiabasileaTime siden

    2:25 fiere... je veux te rendre fière....

  24. L. Baughman

    L. BaughmanTime siden

    I love the writers!!!!! Big 6ft distance hug and virtual sloppy kisses! Cheers and confetti’s 🎉 Thank you✌️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  25. Praetor_Fenix420

    Praetor_Fenix420Time siden

    Seth, you are defender of democracy.

  26. Matthew Lindsay

    Matthew LindsayTime siden

    I really appreciate the honest people in this, trump not being one of them. The con job is working well...

  27. Henry R.

    Henry R.Time siden

    Such a fucking clown show.

  28. noirettebeauty

    noirettebeautyTime siden

    Who fed that tiger a covid+ person

  29. OuPoot999

    OuPoot999Time siden

    Harry Potter lives in Seth's cupboard.

  30. F L

    F LTime siden

    Who's doing his hair? Looks like his dog has licked it.

  31. Erin O'Neal

    Erin O'NealTime siden

    Botox nine year old. Ohh myy lord ..He really just actually laughed. Creepy dude

  32. Philip Robinson

    Philip RobinsonTime siden

    All those jokes about the asteroid, and not a mention of the asteroid on April 29th

  33. Robin Laurita

    Robin LauritaTime siden

    Tracy, you are the "Goat"!

  34. Doug Schaufele

    Doug SchaufeleTime siden

    Trump is desperate to come up with this cure because then he can claim it was all his idea and get re-elected.

  35. Brian C. Welch

    Brian C. WelchTime siden

    HAHHAHAHAHA.... 'richest country on earth'... That's the best joke Seth has had in a while: Cumulative FY20 Deficit through February 2020: $625 billion Debt Held by the Public at the End of February 2020: $17.4 trillion Total U.S. consumer debt is at $13.86 trillion HAHAHA yeah, USA be swimmin' in cash

  36. GB Games

    GB GamesTime siden

    Fake news! It was the bubble gum, not the gobstopper that required juicing!

  37. Stephane Brissette

    Stephane BrissetteTime siden

    I am sure glad I am Canadian. 🇨🇦 is giving 2000$ a month to every citizen that lost their jobs due to covid-19 and we have free healthcare. 🇨🇦 is also helping all businesses that are affected by it too. 🇨🇦#️⃣1️⃣

  38. bethgalactica c

    bethgalactica cTime siden

    I can't understand Pence with Trump's left ball in his mouth. Not that he actually has anything to say.

  39. Dominic Hutchison

    Dominic HutchisonTime siden

    I dont like that bill gated said "basically" the whole world

  40. Scott N

    Scott NTime siden

  41. iiWNMii

    iiWNMiiTime siden

    We have found ther Tri-Force of late night.

  42. Tanguy Vranckx

    Tanguy VranckxTime siden

    Draughty attic.

  43. Wes Philips

    Wes PhilipsTime siden

    Don’t creep up on a creeper! Lol

  44. Robin Laurita

    Robin LauritaTime siden

    Flipper socks?????? Hysterical!!!!!!

  45. Cathy Warner

    Cathy WarnerTime siden

    and no prices what the hell one guy got charged a bill for $9,000 but he was told that because he wasn't a priority they could not process his test to tell him if he had coronavirus so he got billed $9,000 for being at a hospital and didn't even get a test done like come on for real

  46. Tagger

    TaggerTime siden

    Seth talks like the President is watching this, Trump ego is freaking big, and wont watch this.. This show is to low for him to watch..

  47. #TrumpTheLyingInsaneFascistBigot

    #TrumpTheLyingInsaneFascistBigotTime siden

    14:40. #TrumpTheInsaneTraitorCriminalRacistLyingFascistRapistBigotPedophile is a Hydroxy Moron!!!!!

  48. Francine S

    Francine STime siden

    At least Trump is number 1 at something he did on his own and that’s“NUMBER OF CASES” in the 🌎!!!

  49. GIGO

    GIGOTime siden

    The tiny meatballs joke was gold.

  50. Pano 360

    Pano 360Time siden

    Wow. Imagine if Obama or Clinton (or even Bush!) had bragged that members of their cabinets don’t ever answer questions - implying that not only is it good not to answer questions but also that they don’t actually have an answer. Must be nice to have that much space to be that arrogant. I read a lot of news and this is the first I’m hearing of it. That’s how crazy the news cycle is right now.

  51. Devin Doherty

    Devin DohertyTime siden

    Elizabeth Warren is a fake progressive. If she cared at all about the progressive cause she would have dropped from the race before super Tuesday and endorsed Bernie. When Trump wins a second term, part of the blame will be on you and your fake indigenous ass.

  52. Wilmo Mee

    Wilmo MeeTime siden


  53. Bj White

    Bj WhiteTime siden

    There will be a lot of debt(death) I mean what the HELL. Will somebody get this IDIOT President a 'speech therapist' and a dictionary. And lastly a 4th grader to show him how to use it.

  54. luvmibratt

    luvmibrattTime siden

    Grocery stores are a breeding ground for the Rona

  55. Ryan V

    Ryan VTime siden

    I highly doubt rTump would take something experimental with bad side effects, he just wants more people to buy the drug he’s vested in to.

  56. Karen Seeley

    Karen SeeleyTime siden

    Acosta using the words, "thinking" and "evolved" in a sentence related to Trump. LOL.

  57. Allera71

    Allera71Time siden

    What do you have to lose? He said that during the presidential election. I know what the Americans lost and what they are still losing.

  58. spadada

    spadadaTime siden

    Please never leave us again!

  59. dave

    daveTime siden

    it's attic storage space my grandmothers old ass house has one so yeah Seth bought a 200 year old house instead of having a new one built shame on you Seth we construction types need spoiled rich types like you buying new houses but your wife (I bet) wanted some "hIsToRiCaL TowNhOuSe" thanks Seth thanks

  60. Robin Laurita

    Robin LauritaTime siden

    Tracey, you brother are anything but stupid!!!!!!

  61. KittySnicker

    KittySnickerTime siden

    I think Trish Regan suffered sex discrimination when she was terminated. Why did they fire her but not Hannity?? They used her as a sacrificial lamb! I think she should sue. And to be fair to the President, his statements regarding the virus going away in April were merely aspirational. He always said things like “I hope” and “hopefully.” And I’m not a fan of his but I’m just being fair.

  62. Fitzgerald Providence

    Fitzgerald ProvidenceTime siden

    since there is a shortage of ventilators could respirators be used to help people breath?

  63. Bert Dahlman

    Bert DahlmanTime siden

    Hey Trump supporters you're Dear leader is pushing that wonderful strong pill go out and get it and take handfuls of it and lets see what happens. Come on you know Trump wouldn't lie to the American people.

  64. Patrick

    PatrickTime siden

    So is this why I hear so much chatter about Bill Gates being evil, he had the audacity to talk with science and reality in mind? Gates has done more for humans than any living person, change my mind. President Jigsaw gave me a nice sensible chuckle. =)

  65. Mark G

    Mark GTime siden

    He's drunk as hell...................

  66. KaT DM

    KaT DMTime siden

    It's either full of something boring like blankets and board games...The real question now is has Seth read " The Thorn Birds" or has he just seen the show?

  67. Darla Leight

    Darla LeightTime siden

    Late night with Seth Meyers be careful 😷

  68. Frank Benham

    Frank BenhamTime siden

    That's a dope ass slanted ceiling Seth

  69. Logan

    LoganTime siden

    To be fair, hydroxychloroquine is showing some promising signs in preliminary tests when paired with another drug. However, if people die from this, Trump is a mass murderer.

  70. Cathy Warner

    Cathy WarnerTime siden

    And we know that's true because they have EMAILS AND records of him talking about this VIRUS and he was being INFORMED and he had all these meetings about it and HE STILL DID NOTHING

  71. Justa Clapper

    Justa ClapperTime siden

    12:25 president: uh oh....MOMMY Mike can you tell the mean man why I said No. Pence: why sure dear. Now the president, who is standing right beside me, is going to use me as a puppet because he might accidentally let it slip that we are trying to financially ruin poor people. So that they either TRY to get the virus or commit suicide because they have nothing to offer. President: whew thank God for answering that question. I would have totally screwed up anyway .

  72. whitney willie

    whitney willieTime siden


  73. Robin Laurita

    Robin LauritaTime siden

    We love you Tracy!!!!!!

  74. Joe Shopper

    Joe ShopperTime siden

    Man! I can't wait until Easter! I'm going to run out and lick all the toilet seats in Akron!

  75. Erin Carr

    Erin CarrTime siden

    How many people got that Dos joke lol

  76. Cathy Warner

    Cathy WarnerTime siden

    he knew about this virus back in October he knew it was coming to America he did nothing because he ignored it because of Jared kushner

  77. Erma Trout

    Erma TroutTime siden

    Trump 20/20. You people jealousy for our president is destroying your brain.

  78. SnakesN sparklers

    SnakesN sparklersTime siden

    Peddling a drug that hasn’t been proven to help with the CoronaVirus because he and others have money invested in the French pharmaceutical company that makes it, Sanofi. People with lupus need this medication, you don’t.

  79. Roel Wieers

    Roel WieersTime siden

    Did Trump specify it would go away in april 2020 ?

  80. Deee S

    Deee STime siden

    Hey SNL, bring Tracy back for a Brian Fellows /Tiger King skit!

  81. Cathy Warner

    Cathy WarnerTime siden


  82. Gerb McNuggets

    Gerb McNuggetsTime siden

    Blobfish with glasses offends me.

  83. Dwayne Shaw

    Dwayne ShawTime siden

    Seems pretty obvious to me that Trump spent a few months minimizing the danger to prop up the stock market. Then someone he believes told him he wouldn't be blamed for an economic crash due to a pandemic, but would be blamed for a poor response to the virus - and could claim credit when the economy improves after the pandemic - so Trump shifted gears (as well as a self- serving buffoon can). Also, I think there's some extreme manipulative bullshit going on with these projections of at least 100,000 - 200,000 deaths In the USA over the next few weeks. I know the US has done the worst job and been hit the hardest. Even so, where in the world are there mortality numbers anywhere close to these projections? Seems like a scheme to grossly exaggerate the numbers so they can claim a false victory later.

  84. Doc Atheist

    Doc AtheistTime siden

    Instant involuntary AWWWWW at the dog!

  85. Ghislaine deFeligonde

    Ghislaine deFeligondeTime siden

    Iceland has 300 000 people. That is a bit easier to handle than New York. South Korea is slightly more relevant as an example.

  86. Johnny Scott

    Johnny ScottTime siden

    Seriously tho, CAN WE RIOT NOW!?

  87. Billy Crutchfield

    Billy CrutchfieldTime siden

    Jared Kushner looks like a Sissy Boy that should be doing Drag shows at a Gay Bar Lip sinking to dance music as he is dancing on stage LOL .. Not that there is anything wrong with that Hehe

  88. Alan Roberts

    Alan RobertsTime siden

    At least trump and the rest of the repugnican congressmen are consistently aligned with the dark side. Greedy, shortsighted, religious, backward socially, non empathic, selfish, self centered. Which party do these adjectives mostly apply to??? Democrates or repugnicans?

  89. Lex Apocalypse

    Lex ApocalypseTime siden

    Margaret is such a fun lady

  90. Carol Duffner

    Carol DuffnerTime siden

    Seth in the Attic is Emmy Worthy. This is Great 👍🏻🙏🏻💙

  91. Evocati Media

    Evocati MediaTime siden

    I think listening to recordings of Grima Wormtongue for an hour would be enjoyable compared to listening to a certain orange troll.

  92. Managing Editor

    Managing EditorTime siden

    I live in Australia. We had cases here in our Summer. In tropical Australia where I live, it is hitting 90 degrees F regularly and we have cases. Warm weather does not make it just go away. It has already proved it survives in Summer; just check the Southern Hemisphere. Or is that to difficult for an entire presidential administration?

  93. Mégane Sergerie

    Mégane SergerieTime siden

    « je veux vous faire... you know, proud. » Seth, on dit en français: « Je veux vous rendre fière » 😉

  94. dodekaedius

    dodekaediusTime siden

    my main question about Trump: Why hasn't the CIA "reacted" to it? They exist to keep damage away from the US

  95. MixMastrKno1

    MixMastrKno1Time siden

    Why does it feel like everything our Government does is mostly trying to Kill us... Not so much to help us... 70 days of letting the Corona Virus get out of hand before heeding Actual Professionals Warnings.. Suspicious And F'n Rediculous.

  96. bobeagle007

    bobeagle007Time siden

    Just watching The Simpsons and it dawned on me, Trump is Diamond Joe Quimby, mayor of Springfield. Lol

  97. Vaguely Vegan

    Vaguely VeganTime siden

    It'll go away... until it comes back. Trump Virus is here to stay

  98. kommiebastards

    kommiebastardsTime siden

    This is what happens when a frat boy runs the Whitehouse like a frat house

  99. Justa Clapper

    Justa ClapperTime siden

    I like gremlins so I like that joke

  100. Bj White

    Bj WhiteTime siden

    No your dumb ass said it (Coronavirus) would go away in April. tRump now says (someone said it would go away in April) duffus😁😁