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I FINALLY got a new phone!!
  1. Angel y que wa

    Angel y que wa11 timer siden

    Yo tuviera ese celular y lo cuidaria mas que a mi wn

  2. Junky228

    Junky22811 timer siden

    The greatest mystery still not revealed.....are there little foam balls inside the speaker?!?

  3. Graham Zemke

    Graham Zemke11 timer siden

    Almost as good as a Nokia

  4. Hayden Ferry

    Hayden Ferry11 timer siden

    its kind of pointless tho whats the point of glass if it id covered by plastic?

  5. warrior gamer

    warrior gamer11 timer siden

    Can you give me a phone

  6. dosetti

    dosetti11 timer siden

    Im still using op3, one tough phone!

  7. Zastro

    Zastro12 timer siden

    its tri-force from legend of zelda

  8. alert kri

    alert kri12 timer siden

    You look like Jonny snis


    THE BR CHANEL12 timer siden

    Givway hp Sony xz pliss

  10. Fredi Septian

    Fredi Septian12 timer siden

    Bullet test and skip the bacot 03:09

  11. Zastro

    Zastro12 timer siden

    does anyone acknowledge he technically just ripped 300 dollars in this and 200 dollars on the lite version


    GARI GARI12 timer siden

    Super bro

  13. Andrematomer

    Andrematomer12 timer siden

    11:10 I'm sure that's a lot more than 4 pixels

  14. niNja el pro

    niNja el pro12 timer siden

    Eri ma agueonao

  15. Scott

    Scott12 timer siden

    Why hasn't her legs not atrophied by now?

  16. Hyvää Syntymäpäivä

    Hyvää Syntymäpäivä12 timer siden


  17. Labyu Selp

    Labyu Selp12 timer siden

    I wonder how fast its interner

  18. Kamy 8 library friend

    Kamy 8 library friend12 timer siden

    Start working on those robotic legs for her!!! You can do it!! We believe in you!!!

  19. Give Aways are A lie. no one ever gets nothing

    Give Aways are A lie. no one ever gets nothing12 timer siden

    damn i cant imagine what this must be like. having to go through so much , just to go get some ice cream. god bless her.

  20. IDontHaveaNameOk12

    IDontHaveaNameOk1212 timer siden

    Can u give me some phones?

  21. Keito Mekachiku

    Keito Mekachiku12 timer siden

    what he's scratching is actually the coating, not the glass itself

  22. IDontHaveaNameOk12

    IDontHaveaNameOk1212 timer siden

    If u just want to damages some of phones i cant buy just give em to me

  23. Ocotlan URBINA RODRiGUEZ

    Ocotlan URBINA RODRiGUEZ12 timer siden

    Esyas loco pas aun pico de dinero paca y si se rompe

  24. sijiurankar urankar

    sijiurankar urankar12 timer siden

    He is Mad , if you people doing the same thing on any expensive thing you will get the same result then how can he say its cheapest

  25. Smoken Joe

    Smoken Joe12 timer siden

    I think Cambry would be much happier with a Harley engine in her custom 3 wheeler!!


    HATIBIDADARI12 timer siden

    Gua tunggu yang udh tempered glass aja lahh. Z flip yg sekarang istilah nya buat paksa blom ada teknologi tempered glass lengkung akhirnya pake layar kek jaman dulu. Neken kek plastik

  27. MaAd ScoPz

    MaAd ScoPz12 timer siden

    i smiled the whole time

  28. Fudhail Iyyad

    Fudhail Iyyad12 timer siden

    U just make ozon more tinner

  29. Basit Khan

    Basit Khan12 timer siden

    And I’ll see you around !!🌝

  30. Peanut Mule

    Peanut Mule12 timer siden

    Just shows how little Samsung cares about it’s customers.

  31. Kamy 8 library friend

    Kamy 8 library friend12 timer siden

    Cambryrider! Travelchair! Your doing Great ! Breath taking! Keep moving forward! Make it so she can back her chair in to it & give her chair a lift up.

  32. Nathan Eberhardt

    Nathan Eberhardt12 timer siden

    5:37 made me like

  33. Sneaky Snake

    Sneaky Snake12 timer siden

    I Don’t like people that destroy things because it gets view, anyone can do that, but I guess in that case it useful considering is a new type of technology with the downside we most know of.

  34. Sky the cat

    Sky the cat12 timer siden

    But my a50 back is glass

  35. Aromal SS

    Aromal SS12 timer siden

    Those who need rigs to unbox and teardown the MI MIX ALPHA thumbs-up here

  36. Bread?!?! B r e a d .

    Bread?!?! B r e a d .12 timer siden

    *Destroying phones won't do anymore*

  37. James pratt

    James pratt12 timer siden

    if it had bluetooth or a headphone jack it would be kinda cool to own and use

  38. Frank P.

    Frank P.12 timer siden

    That noise it makes when scratching the sides drives me crazy

  39. haru tora

    haru tora12 timer siden

    Whay i don't see fan inside the phone ???

  40. Amanda Gardner

    Amanda Gardner12 timer siden

    not sure why this came up on my recommended list but it's an awesome story and build

  41. papi biker harripom

    papi biker harripom12 timer siden

    Noma me lo ubieras regalado 😭😭

  42. girly potatoe

    girly potatoe12 timer siden

    Me at 6:00 AM watching this but trying not to wake everyone up: Jerry drawing art on the tablet: *SCREEEECH*

  43. David Hollenshead

    David Hollenshead12 timer siden

    This was like a Tesla Commercial, and not even a fair comparison of hand control cars. The best cars for paraplegics that I have worked on were mid-sized GM two door sedans, because a folding chair fits behind the from seat & they are very reliable. Taking a wheel chair apart is a pain, but it is easy to fold one up and shove it behind the drivers seat, at least for most drivers. Some may need a rope and pulley for lifting the weight of the wheel-chair into the car. As for the hand controls, pre-airbag cars are best, as there are a number of simple, durable & affordable hand controls that can be easily installed... [What would be best is designing a model of car for paraplegic drivers as then major improvements can be made, such as having the hand-controls connected directly to the master cylinder, losing the seat behind the driver so that it can accommodate many wheel-chair types. etc. etc...]

  44. Mohammed AL-Daly

    Mohammed AL-Daly12 timer siden

    galaxy z flip is like: wtf is going on!!

  45. Noah The fan collector

    Noah The fan collector12 timer siden

    this shows that a disability cannot stop a person from doing stuff

  46. Oscar Tan

    Oscar Tan12 timer siden

    I got a purple add at the beginning of the video

  47. Kaleb Murillo

    Kaleb Murillo12 timer siden

    Most extreme and expensive way to test if bullet proof glass works.

  48. CGR Etylocb

    CGR Etylocb12 timer siden

    is the 2nd one bill cipher

  49. Jevon Sims

    Jevon Sims12 timer siden

    After all that we find out the battery is from Xiaomi. Huawei probably paid less than $3.00 per battery after buying in bulk .

  50. amekanasai

    amekanasai12 timer siden

    In material science, "glass" is any non-crystalline, amorphous solid. An amorphous solid that exhibits a glass transition is called a glass. Technically, a polymer (plastic) that is below it glass transition temperature (Tg) is a in a "glass" (glassy) state. Anything above is in a "rubber" (rubbery) state. By this technical, non-everyday definition, I believe most plastics can be called a "glass". So there you have it.

  51. zundermuffin

    zundermuffin12 timer siden

    Mr clean had a son?

  52. Toan Ho

    Toan Ho12 timer siden

    I would have bought a 1 story house

  53. hunter hammond

    hunter hammond12 timer siden

    It’s a magazine not a clip

  54. Toan Ho

    Toan Ho12 timer siden

    add a trailer and ramp to your car. to get on and off

  55. andybaldman

    andybaldman12 timer siden

    Gotta get those trappings of American life, so you can look like everyone else.

  56. 撈芙搖滾

    撈芙搖滾12 timer siden

    I do really think this bike needs a seat belt~

  57. Pankaj Gupta

    Pankaj Gupta12 timer siden

    What do you do with this after the review??

  58. Danny H

    Danny H12 timer siden

    You didn't find x, you found a phone telling you to find x. You should give that phone to your math teacher

  59. LouganB R

    LouganB R12 timer siden

    2:30 - What

  60. Kevin Lavoie

    Kevin Lavoie12 timer siden

    Remove all the ribbon cables like little Legos

  61. Rupert Steffler

    Rupert Steffler12 timer siden

    God damn it you finally chose a phone with no headphone jack... hoped you'd always advocate for such an essential feature that's being eliminated for profit.

  62. Drake

    Drake12 timer siden

    Hella NPR like

  63. wilson Leyer

    wilson Leyer12 timer siden

    Si eres de América, sabes que también te duele ver esto Nieguenmelo

  64. MadDog Gaming

    MadDog Gaming12 timer siden

    Man I should buy this guy some cut proof gloves. I get antsy every time I see him using his box cutter.

  65. Bhavesh Chavan

    Bhavesh Chavan12 timer siden

    1:40 that's a black hole Bending space and time.

  66. andybaldman

    andybaldman12 timer siden

    *An entire house made of particleboard. The cheapest construction possible.*

  67. Bharath Raj

    Bharath Raj12 timer siden

    Redmi note 8 video has already been start to video

  68. Rupert Steffler

    Rupert Steffler12 timer siden

    That jingle is hilarious but the best part is the big breath she takes at the very end. Good thing they kept the mic on for that haha

  69. Noe Robles

    Noe Robles12 timer siden

    Bro your a god

  70. Anne Frances Kellogg

    Anne Frances Kellogg12 timer siden

    “Scratches at a level 6, and deeper groves at a level 7.”

  71. slothypunk

    slothypunk12 timer siden

    Is she just recently paralyzed? I asked because paralyzed person most likely than not will have an atrophy in the leg region, and her leg is just as big, if not bigger, than normal walking person

  72. Alesha Abdoola

    Alesha Abdoola12 timer siden

    Me: Police! I lost my phone!! Police: what colour is it? Me: you the back colour of a CD?

  73. OmegaRejectz

    OmegaRejectz12 timer siden

    Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself. 👏

  74. derpy unicorn

    derpy unicorn12 timer siden

    imagine playing snake on this thing

  75. MaAd ScoPz

    MaAd ScoPz12 timer siden

    Shes beautiful J. Ive been watching your vids for a while and today i subbed. Keep putting out great content.

  76. Najea Hmed

    Najea Hmed13 timer siden

    I need the phoene

  77. Why Can't I Also

    Why Can't I Also13 timer siden

    Not sure what you plan on doing with this Phone you beat up but send it to me if you have no use for it and thinking about trashing it

  78. Canido

    Canido13 timer siden

    my GOD, you destroy everything, and you're bald! and everyone arond you is bald! subscribed

  79. Roward D' Kilabot

    Roward D' Kilabot13 timer siden

    Its to expenssive phone but no have external card

  80. Trevor DeHart

    Trevor DeHart13 timer siden

    I cant even tell u how many iphone 7+ I had apple at&t kept sending broken refurbished ones literally had like 8

  81. Boxy

    Boxy13 timer siden

    i dont know?

  82. Connor The Skater Boi

    Connor The Skater Boi13 timer siden

    we all hard as hell until jerryfrigeverything comes in with a lighter 0:12

  83. Ilyas G

    Ilyas G13 timer siden

    I hate when the oleophobic coating evaporates. No actually. Touching it wears it down, and if you peel the screen protector off a phone that hasn’t ever had it removed, there’s a clear difference in the amount of fingerprints. Most ppl don’t care but it kills my ocd. I might have to replace the whole screen oh no...

  84. Sisi B.

    Sisi B.13 timer siden

    Is he using a smartphone in making videos and not a camera? @5:07

  85. Kirea Boi

    Kirea Boi13 timer siden

    Why is it banned

  86. JadenBrossGamin Playz

    JadenBrossGamin Playz13 timer siden

    You sound and look like agent 47 from hit man lol

  87. Reaper YT

    Reaper YT13 timer siden

    Dude look like tyler1 with his life together

  88. Rhyen Wilson

    Rhyen Wilson13 timer siden

    *_song plays_* *jerry rig starts inspecting phone*

  89. GrayGuh

    GrayGuh13 timer siden

    Sonic (2020)

  90. Random Person

    Random Person13 timer siden

    When is the teardown

  91. Shiloh Amah

    Shiloh Amah13 timer siden

    Is this real? Like does it actually exist?

  92. GhostShipSupreme

    GhostShipSupreme13 timer siden

    So wait... you’re telling me the glass isn’t just to let the wireless charger work?

  93. Koustubh Jain

    Koustubh Jain13 timer siden

    Zack needs to make a true saphire "*water proof*" phone for himself

  94. Jonas Plett

    Jonas Plett13 timer siden

    1:26 heh I’ve watched this video like 5 time and this is the first time I saw that

  95. カダージュKadaj

    カダージュKadaj13 timer siden

    Apple: Removes home button and headphone jack Huawei: Volume buttons and Security

  96. 1K Subz without Videos

    1K Subz without Videos13 timer siden

    Jerry rig is ugly

  97. man350z

    man350z13 timer siden

    At 4:05 was the stupidious thing I've every seen, the weight of that board, if it had hit her head, might have killed her. Hope you got the viewers you wanted with that stunt.

  98. aphasaris

    aphasaris13 timer siden

    Heart breaker

  99. Sequoia X Martinez

    Sequoia X Martinez13 timer siden

    1:29 I’m crying...

  100. Tiến Lê Hữu

    Tiến Lê Hữu13 timer siden