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I FINALLY got a new phone!!
How to Hack a Tesla Key Card!
  1. Hannah Kunstler

    Hannah Kunstler10 sekunder siden

    Umm sir I don't think you're supposed to do that

  2. AZRubs

    AZRubsMinutt siden

    This guy is so at peace with the world and I love it, so chill. It’s almost unhuman to not scream into the mic.

  3. sleepy cookie

    sleepy cookie8 minutter siden

    Snapped in half and *died* lmao I died how he said that so calm

  4. Sandy BoleYT

    Sandy BoleYT10 minutter siden

    I'm surprised that apple hasn't found a way to kill the phone if a back glass replacement is attempted

  5. Little King

    Little King11 minutter siden


  6. Cronos Br

    Cronos Br14 minutter siden

    Nojo desse cara

  7. Olga Smirnova

    Olga Smirnova16 minutter siden

    I just broke my 100% apple charger and I’m trying to find the best of brand one.

  8. Gavin Phillips

    Gavin Phillips21 minutt siden

    this is epic

  9. Emmanuel Suarez

    Emmanuel Suarez21 minutt siden

    Fuck you

  10. Falney

    Falney27 minutter siden

    I dont think I would want to use a Jerry Rigged Elevator if I am being completely honest.

  11. Lester G

    Lester G29 minutter siden

    Escobar fold 1?

  12. knownasgeeks

    knownasgeeks30 minutter siden

    What u should do is open the cracks. Yes u used a razor blade and slightly open the top. That's not enough to get it into the cracks. Also you didnt clean any glass bits from inside the crack. What u need to do is get a real sharp blade maybe precision blades used by doctors open up the cracks a bit more wide, clean the cracks then apply the liquid.

  13. KUZI

    KUZI32 minutter siden

    Wait can someone explain to me why JerryRigEverything’s name is Zack, and not Jerry?

  14. MadThay21

    MadThay2139 minutter siden

    Me watching with a Nintendo switch...

  15. DaveLake22

    DaveLake2239 minutter siden

    Each time he says sapphire, take a shot.

  16. Victor Sanchez

    Victor Sanchez42 minutter siden

    Level 10 damage to mice with a gun

  17. Dripings

    Dripings48 minutter siden

    This n*gga really put a lighter on that

  18. Adan Clemente

    Adan Clemente49 minutter siden

    It scratches at a level 3.

  19. Josh Fenton

    Josh Fenton51 minutt siden

    “Multifunctional” - wrong. “Light Amplification by SIMULATION of...” wrong. And I’m out.

  20. JBI JBI

    JBI JBI51 minutt siden

    iPhone only?

  21. Stale Potato

    Stale Potato53 minutter siden

    so the 4xl snapped, what abt the pixel 4 regular?

  22. allen

    allen56 minutter siden

    Zelda is actually non binary- it’s canon I swear

  23. Jo Pad

    Jo PadTime siden


  24. Bryson Williams

    Bryson WilliamsTime siden

    5:09 Hey you got both with the OnePlus 7

  25. Don C

    Don CTime siden

    Poor phone. Landed on the hands of a gadget serial killer. GG liltte S8.

  26. ThisIsntMe IsItYou

    ThisIsntMe IsItYouTime siden


  27. Arlo de Haan

    Arlo de HaanTime siden

    The creepy smile in the back panel refelction, that you see when he is ripping it off, combined with his monotone voice, make me think he is just a little bit psycho..

  28. Alex St.Onge

    Alex St.OngeTime siden

    I would actually prefer to buy this laser machine rather than hand over 600 to Apple for a repair.


    FAHIM SHAHRIARTime siden

    Your voice makes me doing hallucination. Loved it Jerry ❤️

  30. Decqowlan

    DecqowlanTime siden

    The drone kinda looks likes Jerry

  31. Hello I have now arrived

    Hello I have now arrivedTime siden

    His voice is making me sleepy 😂💀

  32. Cordyceps Fungi

    Cordyceps FungiTime siden

    Was that a pikman :)?

  33. GuiihKatt

    GuiihKattTime siden

    Me: I'm going to get this ipad I'm going to get it The man in the video: let's start pencil, scratch behind

  34. public909marsYT

    public909marsYTTime siden


  35. Julian Prado

    Julian PradoTime siden

    Did this get patched yet??

  36. Wouter van Dijk

    Wouter van DijkTime siden

    I used to disassemble my Nokia phones all the time, when I was younger

  37. Revoked

    RevokedTime siden


  38. King Sungkar

    King SungkarTime siden

    Request huawei mate 30 pro durability test @jerryrigeverything

  39. François GDD

    François GDDTime siden

    Très belle vidéo

  40. Michelle D

    Michelle DTime siden

    I had a Nokia 1100. I'm not sure how I initially broke it but I decided I should take it apart and lost a screw or two

  41. Gabriel Alvarado

    Gabriel AlvaradoTime siden

    really i thought x=5

  42. Marky Mark

    Marky MarkTime siden

    Besides me who else would be extremely excited to see Jerry take apart the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha? 😍

  43. Rice Dogg

    Rice DoggTime siden

    I had an S9 before I got my XS this January and There was something that looked like a dust build up or something inside the phone or something. It looked like a splatter that was slightly darker than the phone's screen, a bit like the blue light filter.

  44. Jay Stanley

    Jay StanleyTime siden

    Name it after her. I would love for you and I to get together and market this. I think a lot of people would love to have that kind of freedom.

  45. benjamin rude

    benjamin rudeTime siden

    This idiot just ruined a phone worth 10,000-15,000 for the 8b version

  46. vladuslaw

    vladuslawTime siden

    even this TV frame is thinner than the iphone XR

  47. Fraggot

    FraggotTime siden

    Mine broke after 3 drops the top 1/4 broke on the 2nd waist level drop

  48. RSH21

    RSH21Time siden

    Clear edition would not be awesome. Clear devices are ugly as fuck

  49. Stacey Hendy

    Stacey HendyTime siden

    How could you brake a new Samsung s10 note plus s pen so stupid of you

  50. CashMachine 2

    CashMachine 2Time siden

    Still waiting for that NoPhone tear down video

  51. AmazingDork777

    AmazingDork777Time siden

    I’m pissed to watch this because this dude spends 300$ just to burn it and scratch it

  52. Borisi

    BorisiTime siden

    All I have to do now is get a laser...

  53. mjpete27

    mjpete27Time siden

    Damn totally jealous! I been in a chair for over 30 years, I seen a few powered chairs but nothing as cool as this!! WOW!!!

  54. A Ontiveros

    A Ontiveros2 timer siden

    Way better than unbox therapy and his rip off skin.

  55. John Merik

    John Merik2 timer siden

    Jerry tries to teardown his arm if it has gorilla glass and effective cooling copper pad.

  56. Gerard O'Mahony

    Gerard O'Mahony2 timer siden

    Just here to amaze myself once again that this shit is legal in America. To think that a law passed in the late 1700s during the time of cowboys and indians is stiil in place in 2019? You lot are off yer nut 🤣

  57. Martin Whyte

    Martin Whyte2 timer siden

    Sega tear down? I guess Jerry got bored

  58. Woohoowi The Blue Yoshi

    Woohoowi The Blue Yoshi2 timer siden

    F a e k e U no r e p a i r

  59. pohmakas33

    pohmakas332 timer siden

    Zach/Jerry/Agent47 whatever your name is, love your videos

  60. tcandan1

    tcandan12 timer siden

    the pixel 4's camera was leaked earlier than the iPhone 11 Pro was made so apple would't copy google. apple copied google xd

  61. Hana S

    Hana S2 timer siden

    Is Jerry Seth Everman’s twin?

  62. Phiz

    Phiz2 timer siden

    Interesting. In Oregon where I live, workers are hired to operate gas pumps for you. They recommend you don't get out of your car to operate the pumps. All of my out-of-state friends think its ridiculous. But I see the value of it after watching this video.

  63. Raul Eduardo Martinez-Cruz

    Raul Eduardo Martinez-Cruz2 timer siden

    regards I have an apple watch 4 with a week of use fell and the display glass broke. Do you know someone who can redo it? I don't have the tools to do it, if you know of someone who can do what you do in the video, I'll thank you

  64. Lawi Vlog

    Lawi Vlog2 timer siden

    I hope you giveaway iPhone 11promax this Xmas 🙏🏻🙏🏻soon .. I will got it 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  65. Alucard

    Alucard2 timer siden

    Why get one if these if you can have a Samsung a50 for only £35 more

  66. Filip NAGY

    Filip NAGY2 timer siden

    Why would someone buy this

  67. Sprite Cranberry

    Sprite Cranberry2 timer siden

    He’s so good he decided to use a starbucks straw

  68. Ron Jermey

    Ron Jermey2 timer siden

    Cookie dough

  69. Anamation Guy

    Anamation Guy2 timer siden

    Do a studio tour

  70. CamDaChamp21

    CamDaChamp212 timer siden

    I didn’t watch the whole this I really wanted a switch for Christmas lol and he just breaks his

  71. shania gamer

    shania gamer2 timer siden

    Are you crazy

  72. munkaaaa

    munkaaaa2 timer siden

    this really got me interested, the projector would actually make for an excellent tool for my job (presenting stuff on the spot to random industry people)

  73. Sprass Pirahsass

    Sprass Pirahsass3 timer siden

    I too wish I had a SEM in my home :,(

  74. Abades

    Abades3 timer siden

    1:35 Must BE XD

  75. molokodreams1

    molokodreams13 timer siden

    Spigen make my phone look brand new despite grimacing falls

  76. Miss MidNight :V

    Miss MidNight :V3 timer siden

    Excuse me sir but NOBODY on their right mind would scratch their phone with a knife or set it on fire Neither would close it the wrong side Just saying...

  77. Ower_patterns James

    Ower_patterns James3 timer siden

    Looking at him tearing down a iPhone I realize......that people do waste money

  78. Keith Kogane

    Keith Kogane3 timer siden

    What's the point of the home button and camera if you can't see what you're doing

  79. Casual Man

    Casual Man3 timer siden

    Cybertruck... when a RAM 1500 Big Horn under-compensates Cybertruck... when the female customer does't matter or even exist Cybertruck... when Walter White decides to sell his Pontiac Aztec Cybertruck... when you're the loud guy at the party and laugh at your own jokes Cybertruck... when you have an oversupply of Brillo pads Cybertruck... cuz you've always wanted a DeLorean pick-up truck

  80. Aries Q

    Aries Q3 timer siden

    my Nokia 3310 was all transparent including the mid panel and battery...


    Alcreate.pl3 timer siden

    Actually, you could do asmr

  82. kenani x

    kenani x3 timer siden

    how on earth is that a 2019 model? it looks exactly like something they’d come out with from like 8 years ago

  83. rene stevenson

    rene stevenson3 timer siden

    He needs to stop buying iPhones anddestroying them

  84. Ben Newton

    Ben Newton3 timer siden

    Wouldn’t surprise me is if that all the dislikes are from apple phone employees/manufacturers.

  85. Shakira Smith

    Shakira Smith3 timer siden

    And u broke it shame on ur soul

  86. Cloud Sipper

    Cloud Sipper3 timer siden

    2:50 still throwing shade at apple huh jerry 💀

  87. TheHolyBEAN

    TheHolyBEAN3 timer siden

    This man is scary me

  88. erins lost cookie

    erins lost cookie3 timer siden

    razor blade: hey im gonna destroy you black glass: *uno reverse card*

  89. Alexander Alvarez

    Alexander Alvarez3 timer siden

    Jerry what else can't you do wow. This is by far one of your best videos. How you guys met?

  90. anmarbukhari1

    anmarbukhari13 timer siden

    2010 OLED 2019 QLED 2020 ULED

  91. Baxter And Toby

    Baxter And Toby3 timer siden

    After a few hour the display will go back to normal with a little flashing I dropped my touch 7 and the same lines came up but the next day the screen is just doing this tiny flash

  92. brandonplayz79 2

    brandonplayz79 23 timer siden

    its bent... tesla models are better then that crap.

  93. TTV_SM1L3R

    TTV_SM1L3R3 timer siden

    Your car is not a boat. Tesla Cybertruck - hold my charger

  94. Faisal Khan

    Faisal Khan3 timer siden

    Did she just show her middle finger 0:39 😂😂

  95. Jack_Wolf

    Jack_Wolf3 timer siden

    Quite sad that it wasn’t available in the UK

  96. Riley Turner

    Riley Turner3 timer siden

    Thanks heaps. Super helpful!

  97. Igor M

    Igor M3 timer siden

    absolute useless crap, Samsung, I've bought 3 TVs from you and hate the company beyond belief.. all three are glitchy crap. There's almost no 4K content, never mind 8K. Also, update your crappy software more than once.

  98. Uniporg

    Uniporg3 timer siden

    where can i get the transparent phone case

  99. Randy

    Randy3 timer siden

    Fail watch, its worth about 29.99 in my opinion. Thats Canadian dollars in talkin

  100. Mine-X

    Mine-X3 timer siden

    My phone dont like to see that, BECAUSE MY PHONE IS REDMI NOTE 7