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  1. Clipzz Jay

    Clipzz JayDag siden

    Does anybody consider subscribing to me and NLE CHOPPA the best rapper ever everybody spread the walk em down challenge and tell everybody how good and talented nle choppa is

  2. Gorilla Gang VDKBABY

    Gorilla Gang VDKBABYDag siden


  3. Jaryl James

    Jaryl JamesDag siden

    Sound like NLE Youngboy lmao

  4. Mykel Parker

    Mykel ParkerDag siden

    Fuck NBA young boy nle you the best

  5. D4RK BL4D3

    D4RK BL4D3Dag siden

    Best collab I never knew this would happen

  6. Mykel Parker

    Mykel ParkerDag siden

    Choppa you is my biggest fan

  7. Mykel Parker

    Mykel ParkerDag siden

    NLE CHOPPA want shotta flow 5

  8. serious saitama

    serious saitamaDag siden

    its a good sign when u start dancing nle moves when this song comes on

  9. Spice Village

    Spice VillageDag siden

    Kis kis ko support chahye...... Ap mera channel subscribe ap ka channel subscribe krn ga....😀😀😀😀😀😀 Lets start who wants support I make cooking recipes daily

  10. king dre

    king dreDag siden


  11. Myla Savyy

    Myla SavyyDag siden


  12. Renard Jemerson Sr

    Renard Jemerson SrDag siden

    He did not say no homo he gay now

  13. Dante' 317

    Dante' 317Dag siden

    Da baby < NLE

  14. chrisss _p_r

    chrisss _p_rDag siden

    i wish 2k put the whole song 😤

  15. Sinaka W

    Sinaka WDag siden

    Can anyone here tell me how does one f+ck with his d+ck out? I mean... what else are you f+cking with bruh?

  16. antonio chapman

    antonio chapmanDag siden

    Can I get a iPhone 11 can I get 30 more iPhones 11 can I get a Lamborghini can I get $3,000 please can I get my sister Ryan iPhone 11 can I get a Ferrari can I get Gucci Target Louis can I get all the Jordans in the world I want a mansion I want $300 and 3000 more I want $1,000 and I want iPhone charger I got a PS4 can I get $3,000 I'm making a list can I get oh meme another Lamborghini can I get a Ferrari can I get another iPhone 11 for the old people can I get it another iPhone 11 cuz I feel bad for my sister's flat tow her bottle ugly yeah and Pakistan McDonald's can I get some Wendy's and can I get all the food and some drinks snacks and everything

  17. meepwillboy plays roblox

    meepwillboy plays robloxDag siden

    Nle song is dope

  18. Gabriella Hinson

    Gabriella HinsonDag siden

    roddy rapped for 24 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats it

  19. BrU h

    BrU hDag siden

    Walk em down

  20. Andreea Galiu

    Andreea GaliuDag siden


  21. Camakazi

    CamakaziDag siden

    When has Choppa and Roddy ever disappointed?

  22. CGthugahh

    CGthugahhDag siden

    Guys did you know listen close when the song starts it says I wish everything i will be gold and that’s Midas on fornite

  23. Alexandra D

    Alexandra DDag siden

    Roddy Rich just had a 0:25 seconds verse

  24. chad wick

    chad wickDag siden

    Weird words Koolade pickel So many bullies can be bruse a dog

  25. G R

    G RDag siden

    I deadass thought it was Rich The Kid

  26. Komang Cika

    Komang CikaDag siden

    when he said "yeah,yeah,yeah" i felt that

  27. Nehemiah Jones

    Nehemiah JonesDag siden

    He’s not 16 I think he is still 16 but he’s 17

  28. Mariah

    MariahDag siden

    Some of u people in these comments can just shut the fuck up and just let the people libe dammm

  29. ACE wavy

    ACE wavyDag siden

    can u shout out my YT im a biggazz fan bro plz

  30. Quiana Lyles

    Quiana LylesDag siden

    My fav if yours is famous hoes but I listen to this waaaay more times

  31. Sonic TV

    Sonic TVDag siden

    1:05 - 1:10 how can I relate that?

  32. CrxwnMe-

    CrxwnMe-Dag siden

    Yo sub to me

  33. C Milli

    C MilliDag siden

    New Visual on my channel 🔥OUTNOW

  34. humayun khan

    humayun khanDag siden

    🔥🔥🔥video plz

  35. Domiyon Banks

    Domiyon BanksDag siden

    My cousin has a crush on you

  36. Jamari Barnhill

    Jamari BarnhillDag siden

    But like the part when he froze nle choppa

  37. Jamari Barnhill

    Jamari BarnhillDag siden

    Walk em down 😂😈😈😈

  38. Damn Bro, Thats Deep

    Damn Bro, Thats DeepDag siden

    0:05 When Pacman realize the Ghost ambushed him

  39. Aziz Taher

    Aziz TaherDag siden

    Part 1 was better Like if u agree

  40. Callum Jones

    Callum JonesDag siden

    I hope this hits top 10 it's fire

  41. MortyNotR1ck

    MortyNotR1ckDag siden

    The people jumping in the pool need an award🤧

  42. Martin A

    Martin ADag siden

    NLE CHOPPA is doing his this forreal 💯he getting better and better everytime but this video and song went in💯🤝this shit going to blow up it already at 19M in 2 weeks 👌

  43. I am Noob

    I am NoobDag siden

    Tory lanez stole your flow

  44. funny583 nest

    funny583 nestDag siden

    is he hoover or grape st

  45. JulieTheCuteGirl juju

    JulieTheCuteGirl jujuDag siden

    Theu be playing your song on to lox when I'm meep city I be putting in nle choppa

  46. GAME Master641

    GAME Master641Dag siden


  47. Brianca Broussard

    Brianca BroussardDag siden

    When your. Girl break up with. You

  48. Keey Scott

    Keey ScottDag siden

    I l u dreds

  49. Gangester Boi

    Gangester BoiDag siden

    Hopefully TikTok dosent ruin this amazing song My fav part was post it in front of a child

  50. Kloutyy

    KloutyyDag siden

    0:28 when the Flintstone vitamins kick in

  51. Jonathan Diaz

    Jonathan DiazDag siden

    Por qué se te caen los pantalones?

  52. Brianca Broussard

    Brianca BroussardDag siden

    How he gonna miss with a BM?

  53. Braden MarceauOlayinka

    Braden MarceauOlayinkaDag siden

    In case you were curious Roddy Ricch’s entire part is about 22 seconds

  54. Brendan Maffei

    Brendan MaffeiDag siden

    I can’t lie this song is so fire and so is the music video

  55. Dearina becton

    Dearina bectonDag siden

    My favorite song on me

  56. whos got trixs

    whos got trixsDag siden


  57. Nichole Bartman

    Nichole BartmanDag siden

    why he lookin like a young travis scott

  58. Frosted Tokisuto

    Frosted TokisutoDag siden

    I am the only one who noticed but Roddy really short next to Choppa lol.

  59. Gume Rodriguez

    Gume RodriguezDag siden

    Dumbest fakest stuff I heard in my life dislike

  60. Oxton Blaze

    Oxton BlazeDag siden

    Next song should be with Drake

  61. AntiSmiteGaming209

    AntiSmiteGaming209Dag siden

    When the school shooter killed everybody:

  62. Cameron Artry

    Cameron ArtryDag siden

    i can imagine NLE eating the mic in the studio for this song