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The Response

The Response

4 måneder siden

  1. ApilashTV

    ApilashTV56 minutter siden

    we all know Gib will fck him up

  2. icantchooseaname

    icantchooseanameTime siden

    I really enjoyed this, thank you.

  3. Fatalpath

    FatalpathTime siden

    Dont you fucking dare talk about food reviews without discussing Reviewbrah. Sort yourselves out you messes

  4. Nathan Cull

    Nathan CullTime siden

    18:58 clocked the subtle “always the same” office reference

  5. Cjahx __

    Cjahx __Time siden

    James Charle's favorite burger has to be the Impossible Whopper

  6. Abd Chi

    Abd Chi2 timer siden

    He's gonna be happy because of that last minute win against Chelsea

  7. Jolise Mulder

    Jolise Mulder3 timer siden

    Omg I love Laurence's laugh😂

  8. Kloppite

    Kloppite3 timer siden

    What a prick!

  9. Thomas Caldicott

    Thomas Caldicott4 timer siden

    Top guy! 👍🏻

  10. Sarah L

    Sarah L5 timer siden

    "clearly dyed his hair blue" :P

  11. SWJ 8991

    SWJ 89915 timer siden

    One word springs to mind when I hear Statman Dave talk... *Asbergers*


    DOMINICK5 timer siden

    Don't fight someone who is desperate JAKE is desperate so you are saying too different things.!!


    DOMINICK5 timer siden

    U.K loses a PRINCE gains a ARAB .great deal guys.!

  14. R K

    R K6 timer siden

    Nasty fucker, not impressed.

  15. TNT-Nitrogen

    TNT-Nitrogen6 timer siden

    At least Steven won 8 quid

  16. Gripsy

    Gripsy6 timer siden

    MY WIFE'S!

  17. S M

    S M7 timer siden

    Bro.....get off the selfish train...they will all crash

  18. Philp Ttofari

    Philp Ttofari7 timer siden

    Death in the midst of life.

  19. Gage Cloete

    Gage Cloete7 timer siden

    3:55 thank me later

  20. TheAdamHawkTTV

    TheAdamHawkTTV8 timer siden

    The never ending budget of raid shadow legends. Ffs

  21. boef bart

    boef bart9 timer siden

    watched this back clearly a reaction on the previous podcast i would like to see a podcast with brodi when you guys aren't stressed.

  22. water sheep

    water sheep9 timer siden

    Why is this so dim

  23. Irshad Zamir

    Irshad Zamir9 timer siden

    Federer the definition of class

  24. Ben Pickett

    Ben Pickett9 timer siden

    Really don't get all this hatred for the monarchy

  25. Thor Odinson

    Thor Odinson10 timer siden

    Van dijk is classy

  26. Tara Fitzpatrick

    Tara Fitzpatrick10 timer siden

    Is that Dean from 442oons

  27. Adrienne Paige

    Adrienne Paige10 timer siden

    “these are learned actions they haven’t done this before” having your child go missing is not a learned action, uncontrollable sadness, anger, guilt come with the territory comparing it to going to someone’s funeral is ludicrous

  28. Adrienne Paige

    Adrienne Paige10 timer siden

    so it’s clear where guy in the stripes stands lmao

  29. FataL

    FataL10 timer siden

    His memory is insane, wow

  30. CeruleanMisty

    CeruleanMisty11 timer siden

    So misguided about your comments re the Bezos divorce. Read some common law judgements eves v eves grant v edwards gissing v gissing lloyds v rosset I could go on!

  31. X Roach

    X Roach11 timer siden

    Khabib is not ‘my boy’. The reason why most people in the comments r routing for him is cuz of how Conor had disrespected and underestimated Khabib so much that it became personal.

  32. X Roach

    X Roach11 timer siden

    “I will smash ur boy”

  33. l

    l11 timer siden

    What did the old man say to him

  34. Isa Guerreiro

    Isa Guerreiro12 timer siden

    Stay strong man

  35. John Thomas

    John Thomas12 timer siden

    Biggest Quesion: Why you dad in Epstein Book

  36. Garbagecan69

    Garbagecan6913 timer siden

    I’ve watched this about 7373463672 times it’s more entertaining than the actual press conference.

  37. Lu-Tang

    Lu-Tang13 timer siden

    That while bit with the birthday present was just beautiful, two mates, just pure love for each other, it was nice

  38. Tina Kos

    Tina Kos13 timer siden

    They killed her because she did not obey...They seem like cold parents without emotions, empathy, love...It looks like they dont care that she is missing...maybe they sold her to pedos because she is so sweet with big eyes and innocent...Everything is possible...they dont convince me, all is fake, tears...I dont believe them, that is my opinion

  39. David Pall

    David Pall13 timer siden

    finally some gratitude from TG

  40. Lu-Tang

    Lu-Tang15 timer siden

    God I forgot how much of a wanker deji was when this 'beef' happened Love True news and True Geordie

  41. Shantel Fullerton

    Shantel Fullerton15 timer siden

    You'll watch it with ScreenVariety Tv. So go on and check it! It's good place for you I think. You will watch there all season games.


    ALTAIR GAMING TECH16 timer siden

    Never seen hypocrites like these before

  43. Justin Adams

    Justin Adams17 timer siden

    Funny watching this video back months later seeing how things have turned out in the season so far. 😂

  44. Kathryn V.

    Kathryn V.17 timer siden

    The only way I would have sex with James Charles is if he paid me, and that’s not happening, so no.


    ALTAIR GAMING TECH17 timer siden

    Lol he thinks Kevin Lee is better than Khabib

  46. booseyhey

    booseyhey17 timer siden

    Did he try to dodge the question about what happened to the people on the aeroplanes at (40:13) and (46:51) and (50:59)? Even David has the politician's shrewdness as it would be detrimental to book sales if he admitted he doesn't know what happened the passengers.

  47. Zephoraa

    Zephoraa18 timer siden

    Anyone know what the song in the intro to this video is called? cheers x

  48. GaryTaz Carroll

    GaryTaz Carroll19 timer siden

    Neil 👹💥💥💥Sneaky Rodent 🥊🥊🥊😡Undercover Wanker👹💥💥💥

  49. David Moles

    David Moles19 timer siden

    Get off your fucking phone while interviewing! Fuck!

  50. Bee

    Bee19 timer siden

    Missing children and rh negative bloodlines? What was Madelines bloodtype?

  51. booseyhey

    booseyhey19 timer siden

    I love the centipede analogy (06:23)

  52. Sean

    Sean20 timer siden

    You should try get Corey Taylor from slipknot on your podcast

  53. Mal Hal

    Mal Hal22 timer siden

    Laurence is a true bell end - very annoying and condensing with a stupid fake posh voice.

  54. william couldry

    william couldry22 timer siden

    6:36 ‘doomsday’ music from doctor who!

  55. Johanes Albrechtsen

    Johanes Albrechtsen23 timer siden

    The McCann's drugged Maddie who then died in the flat DAyS BEFORE she was reported "taken". Of course, they are guilty. They hid the body very well and have then profitted from her death. The cadaver dogs were right and the Portugese Police AND Supreme Court still have NOT cleared the McCann's (2020). Richard Hall's documentary is EXCELLENT and includes the "Embedded Confession" (Statement Analysis) by Peter Hyatt. How could a Mom whose daughter is "missing" refuse to answer over 40 police questions?!? Their timeline doesn't even come close to adding up...Maddie died DAYS BEFORE she was reported "taken" (Yes, I had to write that twice!) Justice for Maddie. Her parents know exactly what happened to her and where her body is hidden.

  56. Corner Back

    Corner Back23 timer siden

    Deji should fight Jay

  57. Shabnam Rafique

    Shabnam Rafique23 timer siden

    could you guys cover Unlawful Killing?

  58. Liverpool 6 times

    Liverpool 6 times23 timer siden

    Mental bastard

  59. GB3770

    GB377023 timer siden

    Carry on Geordie - you can be Europe's Joe Rogan...

  60. Rossco

    Rossco23 timer siden

    You claim to have grown up in the scheme and yet you cannot comprehend how the police could be trying to fit someone up?

  61. Tom Johnson

    Tom Johnson23 timer siden

    I sense ignorance from dan

  62. Rossco

    Rossco23 timer siden

    There's a massive difference between being questioned because you've found a body and being questioned because you're under suspicion. There's a reason why lawyers tell you to give no comment interviews.

  63. Ellis Taylor

    Ellis Taylor23 timer siden

    6:40 that voice crack hahaha

  64. Interschtellar

    InterschtellarDag siden

    He can be rich, ripped, get all the chicks etc.. but he’ll always be 5”8

  65. Tom Linney

    Tom LinneyDag siden


  66. Isaac Cooper

    Isaac CooperDag siden

    Yes NO-gos. Randomly recommend this to me then.

  67. Icelandic Cubicle

    Icelandic CubicleDag siden

    Love you Brian, you did nothing wrong to deserve so much hate and I'm glad to see you're doing better now. You and the boys are some of the best content creators on this plataform. Be well :).

  68. Jon D

    Jon DDag siden

    Casually doing 4 plates for reps 😨

  69. Luke Haworth

    Luke HaworthDag siden

    fuck me bro this and your billy moore podcast have been the best ones i have ever watched and the first time i've subscribed to these sort of shows. Fury is the peoples champ stipe vs fury would be one the history books

  70. Anthony Dowling

    Anthony DowlingDag siden

    Epstein did not kill himself .

  71. Liam C

    Liam CDag siden

    How come Eddie gets emotional at 39:00? Never noticed that before.

  72. Ameer hamza Purewal

    Ameer hamza PurewalDag siden

    Chicken got roast. 🤣

  73. David Pall

    David PallDag siden

    Don't get me wrong i really love everything their doing but i didn't like how all of them sucked logan off. I think TG knows Jj longer than logan. But again i love everything their doing. A bit disappointed with this one

  74. Gareth Rumsey

    Gareth RumseyDag siden

    Big big respect to you fella! Ignore the negativity, embrace everything that’s positive, keep your good memories with what you started as and where you are now, your journey, the cars which pretty much all of us would like to just drive let alone own and keep smashing it with the true geordie and the kick off channels 👏🏻🤙🏻

  75. Scar

    ScarDag siden

    This shows how much of a coward he is, punching old men who can't defend themselves

  76. Luke Haworth

    Luke HaworthDag siden

    I looked forward to this movie and bought it straight away it was definitely a hell of a story. That teacher he mentioned in wandsworth is a hero imagine if we established a more positive penal system where we helped whoever wanted to allow us True Geordie watching prison shows gives you absolutely no perspective on what it's like to be trapped there for years it's a fucking mad house. Weird flex bro especially when you are talking to a hardened criminal.

  77. 0ne el crapo

    0ne el crapoDag siden

    some one took her that's it

  78. Haaris Waqas

    Haaris WaqasDag siden

    Lol out talking the opponent doesn't really mean anything.. Khabib did the smashing. I'm a Conor fan too but this guy's commentary on this is cringe af.

  79. TheRealSmoothGamer 3664

    TheRealSmoothGamer 3664Dag siden

    Anyone notice they played JJ’s song “Pull up” as background music?

  80. Anthony Dowling

    Anthony DowlingDag siden

    The Thai experience was good for him overall i think .Having lived in Thailand myself i am interested in seeing his Movie .

  81. Vbastard

    VbastardDag siden

    how many erms

  82. Geena Rage

    Geena RageDag siden

    talking about Deji’s dog and laughing is just disgusting

  83. PandaSlaysU

    PandaSlaysUDag siden

    What microphone did you guys use

  84. Saul Savelis

    Saul SavelisDag siden

    2:16:00 you do not need other frequencies since you know only very small part of what is going on and you have to get info from somewhere since you cannot directly participate in myriads simultaneous events in myriads different places

  85. Social Chelsea

    Social ChelseaDag siden

    He came to speak to our school today, his story is incredible

  86. Irshad Zamir

    Irshad ZamirDag siden

    Kane wishes he could tie lewandowskis shoe laces

  87. Will Thweatt

    Will ThweattDag siden

    Vuj rapping Pop Smoke is a vibe

  88. Gaz Tab

    Gaz TabDag siden

    TLDR about the Fall of True Geordie ?

  89. Jess Millieee

    Jess MillieeeDag siden

    So much time and love for this video ❤️ & to the people who punch people when they are down and get satisfaction from it...🖕🏻

  90. Nevez

    NevezDag siden

    Video starts at 3:56

  91. Kyle Quinton

    Kyle QuintonDag siden

    i love this and i love Conor Mcgregor you did a amazing job and video

  92. Hahah Haha

    Hahah HahaDag siden

    Dirty scouse rat

  93. Ionisation

    IonisationDag siden


  94. MD M8

    MD M8Dag siden

    Ninja was never the best at fortnite just the most popular even to this day he would get stomped by most comp players

  95. Marie Just Marie

    Marie Just MarieDag siden

    Bears in bearsuits.

  96. David Edwards

    David EdwardsDag siden

    1.54 I'm a student doing primary education at university and thats not sociology

  97. TheWizardOfOsborne

    TheWizardOfOsborneDag siden

    These guys are huge. Can’t expect them to have gas tanks like the 155ers.

  98. Mark Spark

    Mark SparkDag siden

    11.11 Boris

  99. Conor Mclarnon

    Conor MclarnonDag siden

    Get him on again this was a great podcast just the perfect length but loads more to talk about like more about his personal life great vid 👍👍

  100. doliio volay

    doliio volayDag siden

    "Do You Think Deji Just Sits At Home And Just Goes. What Have I...... The Dogs Dead". Laurence Mckenna--2020