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  1. DiscoParachute

    DiscoParachute9 sekunder siden

    Certainly came a long way from your PKA 195 appearance!

  2. MisterAnderson91

    MisterAnderson912 minutter siden

    Seriously, who uses the right shift key. Probably the same animals who use their right thumb for the space bar.

  3. ajddavid452

    ajddavid4524 minutter siden

    0:10 what does "IYKWIM" mean?

  4. David Butcher

    David Butcher5 minutter siden

    I watched this on my laptop Pentium N3540 Cinebench Multi score 155 tell me who needs more than that

  5. Nororlol 4life

    Nororlol 4life5 minutter siden

    Can someone make a meme out of the thumbnail?

  6. superwolf95

    superwolf9510 minutter siden

    i can't stop thinking that we recently bought a Thinkpad X1 Yoga which is both a capable computer and a comfy tablet when needed, i'd like a better windows 10 tablet mode support but that's not fault of the computer, so far it's been great as both... but yeah, they should give the iPad pro better ads

  7. DrunkyDarwin

    DrunkyDarwin11 minutter siden

    Is the right shift key mainly used by right handed people?

  8. John Randy Bibat

    John Randy Bibat13 minutter siden

    Hey, MrBeast it is you?

  9. Winter Bear

    Winter Bear14 minutter siden

    bro you type at 80 wpm, the right shift key is hot garbage

  10. Bilal Patel

    Bilal Patel15 minutter siden

    What next? Touch ID comes back on the iPhone!

  11. snow

    snow15 minutter siden

    Hi, can I actually use my 2400 Mhz DDR4 RAM into my motherboard that says the supporting speed is 2667 - 4133 Mhz? Please help!

  12. ProCroissantGamer Dk

    ProCroissantGamer Dk16 minutter siden

    Where is Mac Pro rewiew???

  13. jnk mal

    jnk mal17 minutter siden

    so, the lite is basically a psp. nope. why would they take away the coolest features for the sake of an inch? nope nope nope.

  14. DiscoParachute

    DiscoParachute17 minutter siden

    I love how this is Linus' most viewed video

  15. Yu-Kai Ni

    Yu-Kai Ni20 minutter siden

    she's my spirit animal

  16. Carlos David

    Carlos David22 minutter siden

    part 2 pleeasee

  17. Oni Mashou

    Oni Mashou24 minutter siden

    Where is HDR?

  18. hugo Helm

    hugo Helm24 minutter siden

    I got mine from office depot for 114$

  19. Марио Стоилов

    Марио Стоилов25 minutter siden

    Holy sh*t guys, do you really play with that low sensitivity of the mouse?

  20. Pranav Patel

    Pranav Patel27 minutter siden

    what was the thing about frying the mobo? did he plug the cable in wrong? i wanna know so i can avoid that

  21. RNDR

    RNDR27 minutter siden

    I'm good, just build a desktop

  22. JuanK Feijoó

    JuanK Feijoó27 minutter siden

    LINUS nobody usesthe right shift key I bet is a very small group of people that does, so.. that design is not really stupid

  23. Alminambo

    Alminambo29 minutter siden

    ...Before ROG Phone 2 😝

  24. Just Jenson

    Just Jenson32 minutter siden

    Razer was the device that was free

  25. 二コラスエバンズ

    二コラスエバンズ32 minutter siden

    the end of this video was so disappointing

  26. Erplane

    Erplane33 minutter siden

    I've been touch typing for roughly 16 years, and you mean to tell me keyboards have had right shift keys this entire time? I just use the one on the left and I bet whoever made that design decision does too.

  27. Aidan Cooper Ross

    Aidan Cooper Ross33 minutter siden

    0:33 I see Linus has got his ducks in a row.

  28. Da40kOrks

    Da40kOrks35 minutter siden

    I would expect a very similar video when the 3990X hits..

  29. Aaron Higgs

    Aaron Higgs35 minutter siden

    Lol I'm glad this was in my recommended

  30. Mr. Jordan

    Mr. Jordan36 minutter siden

    Way too many things for one Session for Grandpa, i don't think you remember anything in a few days after that

  31. Alireza Nadali

    Alireza Nadali36 minutter siden

    I mean Lenovo Yoga C940 15" is better and cheaper, why would you pay Razer tax?

  32. Antti Linno

    Antti Linno36 minutter siden

    This system is a dongle :D Use it with a real machine.

  33. Dylan

    Dylan36 minutter siden

    14:18 ‘apolagies’

  34. WingedParasite0 Gaming

    WingedParasite0 Gaming37 minutter siden

    I'm a gentleman 😉

  35. Sai Srikar K

    Sai Srikar K38 minutter siden

    I wish she was my sister

  36. Mr. Jordan

    Mr. Jordan40 minutter siden

    6 dollar for one movie only for renting is way too expensive way too expensive... And I wonder, how in the world could it be that in 2019 you still have to pay more to get a movie or Show in HD quality that is insane. This should be normal

  37. TheMotivator

    TheMotivator44 minutter siden

    I've got a dual Xeon server with 12 hyperthreaded cores and 144 GB RAM for my Minecraft server, but my residential internet would probably be saturated long before my server reached user capacity.

  38. connnorl

    connnorl44 minutter siden

    I play competitive csgo, i recently swapped out my 60Hz monitor for a 144Hz Monitor, I didn't get better so to speak but my experience playing the game was nicer

  39. Graham, King of the Britons!

    Graham, King of the Britons!44 minutter siden

    Don't worry Linus, apple will have a 14" macbook pro for you soon :)

  40. TheGandorX

    TheGandorX46 minutter siden

    When u use a kitchen knife to open boxes, I propose you dont use for cooking anymore.

  41. Anon Anon

    Anon Anon48 minutter siden

    5:04 I disagree. Normal SD Cards are still the standard for most DLSR cameras.

  42. Chrisimplayer

    Chrisimplayer48 minutter siden

    my monitor has 2500 nit brightness.

  43. Rory Bjorkman

    Rory Bjorkman49 minutter siden

    Dear Santa....

  44. 陈北宗

    陈北宗49 minutter siden

    I think this return to user feedback comes from kicking out that ex-Burberry exec and let Jony back in steering.

  45. DigitalSparky

    DigitalSparky49 minutter siden

    I just had a look at the apple site in Australia and specced up the maximum upgrades... the bloody thing came out to just under $81k AUD... I can buy 2 x EPYX dual cpu 2TB ram systems for that... Obviously I'm not going to, coz there's no way I have that sort of cash, and even if I did, I'd only get one EPYX just for poops and giggles. But damn. how the heck does apple think people will drop 80k on a system like that. just the tower...

  46. AcidDaBomb

    AcidDaBomb50 minutter siden

    I like the HP Omen the best out of all the builds.

  47. Jindra Vysocký

    Jindra Vysocký52 minutter siden

    I like how the background music almost can't be heard. Really. It's very distracting when the music is louder

  48. Jered Glover

    Jered Glover57 minutter siden

    they dont bench the systems etc anymore to contribute to the scores ?

  49. Nicholas Josey

    Nicholas Josey57 minutter siden

    the headphones in the thumbnail make linus look kind o like a cyberman from doctor who

  50. 12 13

    12 1357 minutter siden

    6 years pog

  51. The Womfox

    The Womfox57 minutter siden

    home invasion In the beginning

  52. Curios. Cat

    Curios. Cat58 minutter siden

    It's great to see a smile on his face when the magic of modern technologies make our live so convenient

  53. YungDepressed

    YungDepressed59 minutter siden

    Where do we find DMS's playlist?

  54. DriftTek

    DriftTekTime siden

    Idk. I understand this is smaller, but I'd rather just get the blade 15. More power for less money.

  55. TheSheepersGame

    TheSheepersGameTime siden

    One of the games I remember in Win95 was Hexen95. Nostalgia seeing a Win95 pc/laptop again.

  56. Anirudh

    AnirudhTime siden

    I want Android Studio on it...

  57. Zee Smootz

    Zee SmootzTime siden

    5:00 DB

  58. Mick B

    Mick BTime siden

    Every British high school had these computers in their IT rooms :D

  59. Ivan

    IvanTime siden

    How the hell did you get Asus Aura sync work?

  60. Adam Melton

    Adam MeltonTime siden

    I enjoyed the part where Linus signed away his privacy to the Chinese spy TV.

  61. John Crower Doe

    John Crower DoeTime siden

    If it's still restricted to "Store" apps, it's still WinRT, not full Windows. Unlike the full Windows that was available for other chips in previous decades.

  62. Alex Luna

    Alex LunaTime siden

    Never wanted bluetooth audio in the first place personally. Never seen anybody put wireless over wired anything. (God bless wired option for pro controller) as for the drift, never had any in the lite. definetly had drift (two sets) on the mainline until i got the hori joycons

  63. Administrator

    AdministratorTime siden

    Yeah! Weasels and Chickens! That'll show them, brother!

  64. Negdo Kavc

    Negdo KavcTime siden

    "It just works!", "customization" and "reliability" you have to be kidding.

  65. DaveSimonH

    DaveSimonHTime siden

    $1900+ or £1800 for a laptop with a 1650, yikes. You really do pay for the 'thin & light' aspect with performance.

  66. wisKEnya

    wisKEnyaTime siden

    why dotn you giveaway some of you old laptops

  67. rollmeister

    rollmeisterTime siden

    Dont give a crap about security updates. NAT router blocks unrequested connections anyway.

  68. Aruminoi Vincere

    Aruminoi VincereTime siden

    To be fair, you'd look good going down on someone in a wig. A lot of people would, and those baby fingers make me think of chicken fingers.

  69. Karthik Zygor

    Karthik ZygorTime siden

    Me: hope hope hope....!!! Brain: Nope......!!!! U have lost #ROGRigReboot19 So even this....!!! 😒

  70. TheMotivator

    TheMotivatorTime siden

    You could run a Spigot server for multithreaded performance.

  71. The AmericanFook

    The AmericanFookTime siden

    LTT hoodie. Great for shoplifting and looking good doing it

  72. Emil Vloggame

    Emil VloggameTime siden

    My has xeon 5620 2.6ghz with 367gb hard drive and 12gb of ram on windows server2003 but it shit as hell It has a hidden drive but I can find them by making shortcut

  73. Mehul Gujrani

    Mehul GujraniTime siden

    Waiting for cheese grater videooooo

  74. Chips Master

    Chips MasterTime siden

    Razer is like the abusive spouse who always ditches Linus but Linus always takes him back

  75. RedsRuby

    RedsRubyTime siden

    But you need to charge the watch

  76. Atheist Oreo

    Atheist OreoTime siden

    anyone knows what linus said while he was muted?

  77. Zac and Tom productions

    Zac and Tom productionsTime siden

    Who watched this video and the Read more

  78. Juan Pablo Villalpa

    Juan Pablo VillalpaTime siden

    Who is the badass that drives a brz on red TE37

  79. HeyItsTerry

    HeyItsTerryTime siden


  80. Muumipahpa

    MuumipahpaTime siden

    Imagine having to clean the dust from inside of that.

  81. RL LaserCache

    RL LaserCacheTime siden

    i use right shift for minecraft cheat menus

  82. Shubham Manna

    Shubham MannaTime siden

    How does it feel when you buy a gaming laptop and find its better successor at $50 less price just 4 months later ☹️.